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  1. [quote name="Christen57" post="2130518" timestamp="1432408606"]
  2. [size=5]Hello YuGiOh Fans. I am making this thread to talk about monster cards that are[/size][size=5] broken, why they are broken, and what Konami needs to do to make them less broken rather than banning them. Before I do that[/size] [size=5]I want to assure any moderator or admin who is reading this that this topic does not violate any rules.[/size]
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  5. [size=5]This thread is not an abusive thread and I am not making any hate comments about anyone or any group.[/size]
  6. [size=5]I am not using any inappropriate avatar or signature.[/size]
  7. [size=5]I am not making multiple accounts to get multiple likes.[/size]
  8. [size=5]I am not disclosing other peoples personal information to the public except my own personal information.[/size]
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  10. [size=5]This is not a spam thread.[/size]
  13. [size=5]I am planning to discuss broken spell and traps at a later time on another topic. If you respond to this topic becareful what you post. I know that not everyone will agree with my opinion and I dont expect everyone to agree with my opinion. The last thing I want is some noob to come here and start spamming or posting nonsense or causing a flame war or something an getting my topic locked too quickly.[/size] [size=5]Either way, I expect a good discussion.[/size]
  14. [size=5]Now I will begin my list of 35 monster cards.[/size]
  18. [size=14]1. Superheavy Samurai Warlod Susanowo[/size]
  19. [size=14]Reason this card is broken:  Very powerful level 10 monster. It has 3800 defense and can attack while in defense position. Cards like “Magnum Shield” can make it even more powerful. This card also allows you to use your opponents Spells and Traps in your opponent’s graveyard. If your opponent used a powerful Spell or Trap card like “Monster Reborn”, this card allows you to take that card and use it yourself.[/size]
  20. [size=14]Solution: The best thing to do is make its Spell/Trap stealing effect only useable during your own turn and not during either player’s turn.[/size]
  21. [img=]
  24. [size=14]2. Dark Magician Of Chaos[/size]
  25. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very easy to summon. It allows you to add a free spell card from your graveyard to your hand if it is normal summoned or special summoned. You can recycle powerful Spells like “Raigeki”. It has 2800 atk, and it is a level 8 dark spellcaster-type monster. It can be used in Chaos Decks, Spellbook/Prophecy decks, or it can be splashed into almost any deck.[/size]
  26. [size=14]Solution: Either make it so that it allows both players to recycle a spell from their graveyard instead of just you, or make it so that it allows you recycle a spell from your graveyard and you opponent can add 1 Spell/Trap card from their deck or graveyard to their hand. This should make it less overpowered.[/size]
  27. [img=]
  30. [size=14]3. Apoqliphort Towers / Apoqliphort Skybase[/size]
  31. [size=14]Reason these cards are broken: They are both easy to summon. They are both unaffected by Spell/Traps. They are also unaffected by xyz monsters and non-xyz monsters whos level/rank is level 9/8 lower. Towers weakens special summoned monsters and can make you lose 1 card each turn, though this card makes you choose which card to send to graveyard, some players may use it’s effect to set up their graveyard. Skybase can steal any monster for a turn. The only way to get rid of either of these cards is by negating the summon or destroying by battle.[/size]
  32. [size=14]Solution: Remove “If this card is normal summoned/set it is unaffected by spell/traps and monsters whos level/rank is lower than this cards level” from their effects. This should be more than enough to make them less overpowered.[/size]
  33. [img=][img=]
  36. [size=14]4. Morphing Jar[/size]
  37. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: A very important card in mill decks. Can either mess up hand or set up graveyard. You can use “Book of Moon” to return this card face-down and flip it back face up and use it’s effect again.[/size]
  38. [size=14]Solution: Change it’s flip effect to “Discard all the cards in your hand to draw 5 cards. Then your opponent can discard any number of cards from their hand and draw the same number of cards they discarded”.[/size]
  39. [img=]
  42. [size=14]5. Cyber Stein[/size]
  43. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Special summons almost any fusion monster to the field. Cost is high, but that didn’t stop this card from hitting the banlist.[/size]
  44. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you “pay 5000 life points and special summon 1 fusion monster from your extra deck to the field, and your opponent can special summon 1 monster from their extra deck to their field, and, if that monster was an xyz monster, they can attach 2 monsters from their hand and/or graveyard to that monster as xyz material”[/size]
  45. [img=]
  48. [size=14]6. Thousand-Eyes Restrict[/size]
  49. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was banned because it was easy to summon and can steal any face-up monster. You can activate instant fusion to special summon this card, use its effect, steal a monster, then tribute it for a tribute summon. Later you can also use cards like “Debris Dragon”, and “Limit Reverse” to bring this card back and steal more monsters. You can also use “Phantom of Chaos” to banish this card and treat phantom of chaos as this card and steal another monster. You can use the monster you steal as ‘ammunition’ for cards like “Scrap Dragon”, or “Evocater Chevalier”.[/size]
  50. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that it cannot be summoned by any means other than by fusing the listed fusion materials, and that you cannot use cards like "Beast King Of The Swamps" to substitute any fusion materials. Make it so that it cannot be special summoned from the graveyard.[/size]
  51. [img=]
  54. [size=14]7. Dark Armed Dragon[/size]
  55. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Summoning conditions are easy. Its destruction effect can be spammed repeatedly. If played correctly, you can leave your opponent without any cards. This card is also one of the reasons “Burial from a Different Dimension” is limited to 1, as you can use the latter to return 3 banished monsters. Then you can banish them again and destroy 3 more cards.[/size]
  56. [size=14]Solution: Limit its destruction effect to once per turn. This will prevent its effect from being spammed. Or you can make it so that you banish a dark monster from your hand or your side of the field to pay for the effect instead of your graveyard.[/size]
  57. [img=]
  60. [size=14]8. Victory Dragon[/size]
  61. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: I was not sure if banning this card was a smart idea. It has a very silly effect. It does not seem very broken to me. I think the reason this card was banned was because it led to players getting penalized for ‘un sportsman-like conduct’. Players would often surrender the duel or try to receive a game loss so that they only lose the duel instead of the entire match. This card created a lot of problems and they decided to just ban it.[/size]
  62. [size=14]Solution: Reduce its attack and defense to zero. Also make it so that it cannot attack the turn it is summoned. Reducing its attack and defense to zero makes it so that you have to use cards like “Blustering Winds”, and “Axe of Despair” to increase it attack, which should be enough to make it less overpowered. Make it so that you have have no cards in your hand in order for it to attack and win you the entire match. These disadvantages will make it harder for you to summon and attack with this card, and force you to put more effort into this card if you want to win the entire match in one duel.[/size]
  63. [img=]
  67. [size=14]9. Wind-Up Carrier Zenamaity[/size]
  68. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was mainly banned for causing something called the ‘Wind-Up Loop’ and discarding your opponents entire hand. Though I do not know how the wind up loop accually worked or what other cards were involved.[/size]
  69. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you only special summon a wind-up from your hand and not or deck. Also, make it so that you cannot use its effect the turn it is summoned.[/size]
  70. [img=]
  73. [size=14]10. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/size]
  74. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: It is a splashable level 6 synchro monster. It can clear your field and leave you open for attack. It can be abused in Atlantean decks.[/size]
  75. [size=14]Solution: Either limit its effect to once per turn, or make it so that your opponent can draw 1 card for each card that is returned to the hand by this effect. This will make people less likely to spam its effect.[/size]
  76. [img=]
  79. [size=14]11. Shooting Quasar Dragon[/size]
  80. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Extremely powerful splashable level 12 synchro monster with 4000 attack and defense. Summoning this card is not too hard. It can attack more than once and deal 8000 damage. Can negate any card with no cost. You can make a deck based on this card. It can summon another beatstick with 3300 attack from the extra deck. You can use cards like “Watt Pheasant” and “Interdimensional Matter Transporter” to temporarily remove it from the field and trigger its shooting star dragon summoning effect multiple times. This card is much too perfect and overpowered. You could negate its summon and prevent it from summoning the shooting star dragon, but you would need the right cards at the right time.[/size]
  81. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you cannot attack or activate this monsters effects the turn it is summoned. Make it so that it has to be destroyed by a card effect and sent to the graveyard to special summon the shooting star dragon. Make it so that you have to pay some kind of cost to activate its negation effect (like discarding a card or paying life points) Also, either cut its attack and defense in half, or remove “this cards maximum number of attacks is the number of non-tuner monsters used to summon it” from its effect.[/size]
  82. [img=]
  85. [size=14]12. Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of The End[/size]
  86. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very easy to summon. Very low cost. Clears the entire field and hand. It is like a dark hole and heavy storm combined. Can inflict huge amounts of damage. Can be used to set up graveyard. Very abuseable in Shaddoll decks, Burning Abiyss decks, and other decks that rely on graveyard. Due to its wording, if you summon this card the way it is described, you can later summon it by other means like “Call of the Haunted” and use its effect again.[/size]
  87. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you cannot attack or use this monsters effects the turn it is summon. Change its effect to ‘You can pay 3000 life points; send all cards in your hand and on your side of the field to the graveyard. Then your opponent chooses 1 card in their hand or that they control; Destroy cards in your opponents hand and on their side of the field equal to or less than the number of cards that were sent to your graveyard by this effect, except that chosen card. Then, until the end of the next turn, you cannot add cards from your deck to your hand or special summon monsters’.[/size]
  88. [img=]
  91. [size=14]13. Number 86 Heroic Champion Rhongomyniad[/size]
  92. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Another powerful monster that is easy to summon and hard to get rid of. The more monsters you used to XYZ summon it, the more overpowered it gets. If it runs low on XYZ materials, you can use cards like “Overlay Regen” to replenish its materials. What makes this card broken is that its “unaffected by other cards” while it has 3 or more materials, and while it has 4 or more materials, it blocks you from summoning. Also, It turns out im not the only one who thinks this card is a little overpowered. A youtuber complained about this card. [/size]
  93. [url=][size=14][/size][/url]
  94. [size=14]Once this monster hits the field, you cannot really do much except play defensively and wait for it to run out of materials. Though You would have to wait like 6-10 turns for that to happen, and that is more than enough time for this monster to attack freely and wipe out all your life points. [/size]
  95. [size=14]To see how overpowered this card really was, I decided to use this card in a duel myself. Heres how it went; On my first turn I set a trap card ‘Copy Knight’ and I set ‘Heroic Challenger Extra Sword’. Next my opponent sets a monster and a card. Then on my turn, I flip Extra Sword, and summon ‘Goblindbargh’ from my hand. I activate Copy Knight and summon it as a level 4 warrior monster.  I activate Goblindbargh effect and summon Heroic Challenger Thousand Blades from my hand. I activate the latter effect to discard ‘Heroic Challenger Swordshield’ and summon ‘Heroic Challenger Double Lance’. Now I use all my 5 monsters to summon this monster. Its effect makes it gain 1500 atk so it has 3000 atk. Extra Sword makes it gain additional 1000 atk. Now I had a 4000 atk beatstick who is unaffected by any cards, cannot be destroyed, and blocks my opponent from summoning and making a comeback. [/size]
  96. [size=14]The result of the duel? I totally crushed my opponent by destroying all his cards with this monsters effect and attacking him directly. He could not use any ‘Mirror Force’, ‘Battle Fader’, or ‘Necro Gardna’ to stop me. Another duel with this card and my second opponent surrendered as soon as I summoned it. Then I had someone else use this card in a deck so I could duel them and see what it felt like to be on the receiving end of this cards power. So he manages to get 5 warrior monsters on the field using similar methods that I used to get 5 warriors on the field. He XYZ summons this monster and says that he is going to wipe out all my life points. Luckily I had a set ‘Black Horn of Heaven’ and it saved me from being obliterated. So I made a successful comeback and beat him. So you either negate this cards summon or GET REKTED.[/size]
  97. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you detach materials during each players end phase instead of just your opponents. Remove “Your opponent cannot normal or special summon monsters” from its effect.[/size]
  98. [img=]
  101. [size=14]14. Number 11 Big Eye[/size]
  102. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very powerful, splashable level 7 XYZ monster. Can permanently steal any monster for free. Any deck that uses level 7 monsters or ‘Gagaga Magician’ can use this card. Whats even more stupid is that ‘Change of heart’, ‘Brain Control’, and ‘Snatch Steal’, Cards that can also steal any monster for no real cost, are banned while this card which can also steal any monster for no real cost is running wild at 3.[/size]
  103. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that the monster you steal has its effect negated, and it cannot attack, or be tributed. Make it so that you detach 2 XYZ materials instead of one. Make it so that you only steal a face up attack position monster instead of stealing any monster face up or face down.[/size]
  104. [img=]
  107. [size=14]15. El Shaddoll Construct[/size]
  108. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: The most broken out of all the Shaddoll Fusion monsters. Allows you set up your grave, which can lead to crazy plays like dumping Shaddoll Dragon and destroying a spell or trap or dumping ‘Shaddoll Beast’ and getting a +1. It also replaces itself when destroyed, so you lose no advantage if your opponent manages to get rid of it. You can even activate ‘El Shaddoll Fusion’ and use this card and another Shaddoll monster to fusion summon another ‘El Shaddoll Construct’ while recycling that same spell card and dumping more Shaddolls in the grave. This card generates to much advantages and leads to crazy plays by itself.[/size]
  109. [size=14]Solution: Remove “When this card is summoned you can dump 1 Shaddoll in the grave” and “When this card is sent to grave you can recycle 1 Shaddoll spell or trap” from its effect.[/size]
  110. [img=]
  113. [size=14]16. Makyura the Destructor[/size]
  114. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was mainly banned for allowing you to activate powerful traps the turn they are set. Can either lead to crazy plays or can allow you to use cards like ‘Jar of Greed’, ‘Legacy of yata garasu’, and ‘Reckless greed’ the turn they are set, which led to this card being abused in Exodia decks. This card also allowed you to safely use your traps without having to worry about your opponent destroying them with cards like ‘Mystical Space Typhoon’ or ‘Heavy Storm’.[/size]
  115. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that it has to be destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard to uses its trap effect. Make it so that you can only activate 1 trap during the turn it was activated.[/size]
  116. [img=]
  119. [size=14]17. Ghostrick Skeleton[/size]
  120. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: A very powerful card in ghostrick decks. You can make a deck based on this card. You can slowly banish your opponents entire deck if your opponent does not find a way to get rid of it quickly. You can use cards like “Waboku” to protect this monster from being destroyed by battle and make it harder to get rid of.[/size]
  121. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you send the top cards of your opponents deck to the graveyard equal to the number of ghostrick monsters you have other than this monster instead of banishing face down.[/size]
  122. [img=]
  125. [size=14]18. Elemental Hero Shadow Mist[/size]
  126. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very good effects. Searches any HERO monster when sent to grave by any means. Searches any “Change” quick-play spell card when special summoned. Generates a lot of card advantage and hand advantage.[/size]
  127. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that it has to be destroyed by battle or card effect (but not both) and send to graveyard to use its searching effects.[/size]
  128. [img=]
  131. [size=14]19. Masked Hero Acid / Masked Hero Dark Law[/size]
  132. [size=14]Reason these cards are broken: They both have very good effects. Acid weakens your monsters and easily clears out your backrow with no cost, allowing your opponent to attack you directly without having to worry about any ‘Mirror Force’ or ‘Dimensional Prison’ you may have set. Dark law is a powerful anti-meta card that shuts down Spellbook decks, Shaddoll decks, Yang Zing decks, Burning Abyss decks, and any other decks that rely on the graveyard. It can also mess up Gadget decks, Geargia decks, UA decks, and other decks that rely on searching While ‘Macro Cosmos’, ‘Dimensional Fissure’, and ‘Thunder King Rai Oh’ do the same thing, they are not as broken. They affect both graveyards/players, while Dark law only affects your opponent(s grave) and they are limited to 1 anyways. These fusion monsters turn duels around for no real effort.[/size]
  133. [size=14]Solution: Add of kind of cost for Acid and make acid only destroy 1 spell or trap. Change Dark laws effect so that ‘once per turn, when a card would be sent to your opponents grave; banish it instead’. Make it so that if your opponent searches a card, you send a card from the hand to the grave instead of banishing and it goes to the grave and does not get banished by its first effect.[/size]
  134. [img=][img=]
  137. [size=14]20. Judgment Dragon[/size]
  138. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: An important card in Lightsworn decks. Summon conditions are much too easy. This card is also one of the reasons ‘Painful Choice’ is banned, as you could activate the latter, dump 4-5 lightsworns in the grave, and quickly summon out this card. This card can clear for field for low cost. Its effect can be spammed repeatedly. I was playing a duel once, using a spell counter deck. My ‘Magicial Citadel of Endymion’ had 6 spell counters on it. This guy went out of his way and decided to use up 6000 of his life points to get rid of the spell counters on my field spell card, and used an additional 1000 of his life points to destroy it. He was quickly low on life points and I managed to destroy his monster and finish him off. Like I said, as long as there is no once per turn restrictions, so you can detach all the XYZ materials you want from ‘Number 101 Silent Honor Ark’ or ‘Wind-Up Zenmaines’, but they wont be saved from its repeated destruction.[/size]
  139. [size=14]Solution: Either increase the life point cost, or make it so that the more cards you destroy, the more you pay. Limit its effect to once per turn or once while it is face up on the field. This prevents it from ripping XYZ materials off of Number 101 or Zenmaines with ease.[/size]
  140. [img=]
  143. [size=14]21. Cannon Soldier / Toon Cannon Soldier[/size]
  144. [size=14]Reason these cards are broken: These cards allow easy FTKs and OTKs simply because their damaging effects are not limited to once per turn.[/size]
  145. [size=14]Solution: Limit their effects to once per turn.[/size]
  146. [img=][img=]
  149. [size=14]22. Ultimaya Zolkin[/size]
  150. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: A very good synchro monster with a very good effect. You can make a deck based on this one card. Allows you to summon another powerful dragon from your extra deck with ease. You cannot attack this monster while there is another synchro monster.[/size]
  151. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you can only summon 1 ultimaya zolkin per duel.[/size] [size=5]Make it so that you cannot use its effects the turn it is summoned[/size][size=5].[/size]
  152. [img=]
  155. [size=14]23. Honest[/size]
  156. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very annoying hand trap that can be recycled with “Call of the haunted”. Any deck that uses light monsters can use this card.[/size]
  157. [size=14]Solution: Remove “You can return this card to the hand” from its effect and change its effect to “At the start of either players battle phase, you can banish this card from your hand and target 1 light monster you control and 1 monster your opponent controls; your opponent can add 1 light monster from their deck to their hand, also, if that monster you control battles the monster your opponent controls, your monster gains ATK equal to that monsters ATK until the end of the battle phase. If you use this effect, any damage your opponent takes this turn is halved”.[/size]
  158. [img=]
  161. [size=14]24. Cyber Twin Dragon[/size]
  162. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Leads to easy OTKs unless you have a card than can stop it like “Mirror Force” or “Magic Cylinder”. This card can deal 5600 damage by itself and it is really easy to summon. With the “Limiter Removal” spell card, you can make that 11,200 damage. So this card is one of the reasons Limiter Removal is Limited to 1, or you could use the spell card “Power Bond”. If you use both, you can deal a freaking 22,400 damage.[/size]
  163. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that it cannot attack directly more than once per turn. Make it so that if its current ATK is not 2800, then any damage this card would deal is reduced to 0.[/size]
  164. [img=]
  167. [size=14]25. Destiny Hero Disk Commander[/size]
  168. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was banned due to giving you big hand advantage. It acts like a “Pot Of Greed”. There are many ways to reuse its effect and draw a lot of cards. “Sacred Crane” and “Molten Zombie” also allow you to draw when they are special summoned, but they only let you draw 1. This card lets you draw 2. So you would technically gain hand advantage twice as fast.[/size]
  169. [size=14]Solution: Either limit its drawing effect to once per turn or once per duel, or add some kind of cost for drawing 2 cards or make it allowing your opponent also drawing 2 cards.[/size]
  170. [img=]
  173. [size=14]26. Rescue Cat[/size]
  174. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: It allows you to summon 2 level 3 or lower beast monsters from your deck. The reason this card is banned while “Rascue Rabbit” is limited to 1 is because Rescue Rabbit only lets you summon normal monsters and they must be level 4, while this card can lead to even crazier plays.[/size]
  175. [size=14]Solution: Make it so that you cannot summon other monsters or set any cards the turn you use its effect.[/size]
  176. [size=8][img=][/size]
  179. [size=14]27. Substitoad[/size]
  180. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Allows massive graveyard setup. This card may have also been one of the reasons “Mass Driver” was banned. It is not limited to once per turn. What is even sillier is that you can summon any frog except "Frog the Jam". Why "Frog the Jam" is the only exception is a mystery.[/size] [size=5]Thats like taking "Reinforcement of the Army" and changing its effect so that you can add any warrior except "Armaill"[/size]
  181. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per turn.[/size][size=5] Also I know its a little dumb for me to suggest this but remove "Frog the Jam" [/size][size=5]from its list of exceptions. People should be able to summon any frog they want INCLUDING frog the jam with its effect[/size]. [size=5]How stupid and trollish of Konami to exclude frog the jam even though it is a valid frog monster.[/size] :angry:
  182. [img=]
  185. [size=14]28. Cyber Jar[/size]
  186. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: I was not sure if this card would be broken enough to get banned. Though it was banned because it destroys all monsters and allows you to make a very easy comeback. It could be abused in shaddoll decks. I have dueled people who used this card. Usually they end up helping me more than hurting me as it also allows me to summon level 4 or lower monsters to the field and gain hand advantage too. Though it only depends on what deck the players are using.[/size]
  187. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per duel. Make it so that your opponent chooses what battle positions all revealed monsters are summoned in.[/size]
  188. [img=]
  191. [size=14]29. Morphing Jar 2[/size]
  192. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card is an even more broken version of Cyber Jar. Unlike Cyber Jar, this card cannot be negated by “Stardust Dragon”. It can recycle itself if used correctly. Unlike Cyber Jar, this card can also lead to crazy plays and give you unfair advantage.[/size]
  193. [size=14]Solution: Change its effect to “Send this card to the graveyard and shuffle all monsters on the field into the deck. Then you reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and your opponent special summons all revealed level 4 or lower monsters to your side of the field in face up attack position, face up defense position, or face down. Then your opponent takes the remaining cards and either sends them to the graveyard, banish them, or shuffle them back into your deck (their choice). Then your opponent can special summon monsters from their deck up to the number of monsters they controlled that left the field by this effect face up or face down. When this card resolves, you cannot summon other monsters, set any cards or activate other cards or effects until the end of your next turn”.[/size]
  194. [img=]
  197. [size=14]30. Fishborg Blaster[/size]
  198. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was banned due to having many crazy plays and allowing you to make a lot of easy synchro summons. You can easily reuse it and it could be abused in Atlantean decks.[/size]
  199. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per turn. Make it so that you cannot special summon other monsters the turn you use its effect.[/size]
  200. [img=]
  203. [size=14]31. Trishula Dragon Of The Ice Barrier / Nekroz Of Trishula[/size]
  204. [size=14]Reason these cards are broken: These cards are broken due to being able to mess up your field, hand, and graveyard when they are summoned. Though one of them is banned while the other is at 3, which is really silly. Why Konami banned one and left the other at 3 remains a mystery to me. Might as well ban both of them.[/size]
  205. [size=14]Solution: Add some kind of cost like having your opponent banish 3 of your own cards as well as you banishing 3 of your opponents cards. Or you could make it so that they destroy the cards instead of banishing.[/size]
  206. [img=][img=]
  209. [size=14]32. Magical Scientist[/size]
  210. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was banned due to having crazy plays and leading to really easy XYZ summons of rank 1 to 6.[/size]
  211. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per turn. Make it so that the summoned fusion monster cannot be used as XYZ material.[/size]
  212. [img=]
  215. [size=14]33. Mind Master[/size]
  216. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: This card was banned due to allowing you to make crazy plays and swarm the field with psychic type monsters and lead to a lot of synchro summons and XYZ summons. All for a simple 800 life points.[/size]
  217. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per turn or once per duel. Make it so that you cannot summon from your extra deck or conduct your battle phase the turn you use its effect.[/size]
  218. [img=]
  221. [size=14]34. Exodia The Forbidden One[/size]
  222. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Allows you automatically win the duel simply by having all the other 4 corresponding Exodia pieces in your hand. This card is the reason “Sangan”, “Witch of the Black Forest”, “Pot Of Greed”, “Pot Of Avarice”, and “Sixth Sense” are banned. There have been many debates on whether or not Exodia should be banned. The only reason this is not banned yet is because Exodia decks rely on pure luck and you may or may not get all 5 exodia pieces while your opponent is trying to summon monsters and attack you and wipe out all your life points before you can get all the pieces. The other 4 exodia pieces can be easily searched by “Emissary of the Afterlife”.[/size]
  223. [size=14]Solution: Change its effect to “If you have all 5 exodia pieces in your hand, you can banish this card and all exodia pieces from your hand; Add up to 5 cards from your deck or graveyard to your hand. Then you can gain 20,000 life points. You can only use this effect once per duel”. Better to have a monster with a really broken effect than to have one that automatically wins you the duel.[/size]
  224. [img=]
  227. [size=14]35. Yata Garazu[/size]
  228. [size=14]Reason this card is broken: Very powerful monster with very broken effect. Stops you from drawing a card whenever it attacks. If you don’t have anything to stop it, it can prevent you from making a move for the rest of the duel. This card was banned as early as 2004 and has not come off the banlist since.[/size]
  229. [size=14]Solution: Limit its effect to once per duel. Make it so both players skip their next draw phase instead of just your opponent.[/size]
  230. [img=]
  231. [/quote]
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