Minotaur TG

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  1. A young man named Manny had rigged together a pretty impressive costume of his favorite Greek mythological beast: the mighty Minotaur. He used buffalo fur from his uncle’s ranch as a means to make himself look more beastly. The head was a paper-mache crafted piece with red LEDs rigged into the eyes to give them a menacing look. Manny had made a cutout on the neck to peer out and see where he was going.
  3. As he posed for a photo with another guest dressed as a gladiator, Emmi’s speech had just finished up. The man dressed as a gladiator had let out a yell as his body twisted and changed, armor and leather merging with each other into each other, eventually turning into a greek woman.
  5. Stepping back a bit, Manny had to blink a few times at what he saw, unaware his eyesight had become much different. As he opened his mouth to ask if the person was alright, Manny noticed the head of the minotaur’s mouth opened instead. He quickly shut his mouth and tried it again with the same result.
  7. While trying not to have a panic attack, more changes became apparent on his changing body. The most noticeable was his bare chest began to feel like it was swelling and pushing outwards. Tufts of fur that had been attached to his neck had quickly grown down to cover his new assets from prying eyes. The rest of his body took on a more thick, curvy form as his fur covered his lower half as it altered to it’s feminine counterparts.
  9. “Mina! Is that you? I can’t believe you actually made it!” the former gladiator cheered, noticing her monster friend standing a few feet away.
  11. “Oh my Poseidon! Phoebe you’re here too!” Mina the Minotaur said in excitement, all thoughts and worries fading into the distance.
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