depressed blue

ThatCoolblue Feb 20th, 2018 81 Never
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  1. so like. i imagine at some point in the future blue learns to manipulate electricity through his powers of metal and technology and can actually use clouds to his advantage. after some big accident or smth happens that outcasts him from everyone else, his new home is in a castle he built himself in the sky, basically whenever a storm is around because he has enough room to put his castle down on it and it won't dissipate. as such his design changes to accompany his travelling castle. his visor is now pretty much implanted into his body and his clothes are dirty and worn, he wears a long dark cloak to conceal his outfit and uses one of his dual swords as a walking stick. being a former blade, he still fights against injustice/crime whenever he sees fit, but vanishes when any officials get involved or someone tries to hunt him down. he also sometimes goes into small places like bars or places where people are less likely to remember his face simply to get out of his roaming house. any other time he resides on the clouds to enjoy the weather and fly wherever the weather takes him. no one can touch him and he can't touch anyone. and on the offchance people approach his castle, one of the two/three will usually happen;
  3. 1) blue uses the clouds nearby to the castle's advantage, striking down anyone on the same cloud his castle is on if they seek to harm him
  5. 2) he allows whatever group of people inside his castle to either have a look around or give hospitality to, but after a while they mysteriously end up back where they came from, unharmed
  7. and 3) the same as above except if they intend to harm blue, he fights them until they either submit or die somehow. but most of the time blue tries to do the least amount of damage as possible so that they keep their lives
  9. it's weird to describe but like. blue still refuses to harm or mortally wound anyone he doesn't need to. but he will fight if it means protecting himself or others. i don't think there's anything else i can really add to this... this is pretty much the "bad ending" road for blue. fights on and lives until he short circuits or something fatal happens to him. no one remembers him, nobody worries about him. easy as that and the world spins on
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