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  1. Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)
  2. Heroic Male Human
  3. Minimum Bid: 31 GP
  4. Upkeep: 2/Week
  5. Pure Support
  7. Abilities
  9. The Prosecution Is Ready, Your Honor (Pre-Battle, 0 AP) - In spite of standing on the right side of the law, Edgeworth finds himself in the difficult position on opposing those in the right. Edgeworth may detatch himself from his attached mercenary and attach himself instead to a target enemy mercenary. Edgeworth will be considered that mercenary’s Pure Support for the remainder of Wartime. However, Edgeworth’s merc leader is the only one who may declare abilities for Edgeworth and will pay all AP costs for him; only where they are coming from will change. While attached to an enemy mercenary, “ally” and “enemy” in ability descriptions will be considered relative to the mercenary Edgeworth is attached to. This ability cannot be interacted with by any other ability. Edgeworth will rejoin his team during Results.
  11. Tags: Pre-Battle, 0 AP, Targeting, Enemy Target, Pure Support, Attach
  14. Eureka! (Pre-Battle, 0 AP) - Linking pieces of evidence together will always cause the truth to be revealed. Edgeworth may combine the tags of all of the abilities of his attached mercenary, including Pure Support abilities (other than his own). Every ability that Edgeworth’s attached mercenary declares will be considered to have all of the mercenary’s tags active at once for trigger purposes, though the effects of the ability will not change.
  16. Tags: Pre-Battle, 0 AP, Self-Targeting, Tags
  19. “I Object! That Was… Objectionable!” (Pre-Battle, 1 AP) - Edgeworth may object to the use of an ability declared by his attached mercenary with one of the following tags:
  21. Seduction, KO, Transformation, Possession, Kidnapping, Injury, AP Manipulation, Fatigue Manipulation, <Others When We Get More Defined Tags>.
  23. The objection will be sustained, the ability being negated and having its AP cost refunded.
  25. Tags: Pre-Battle, 1 AP, Trigger, Self-Negation
  28. Upgrades
  30. (Ability Upgrade; 5 XP)
  32. -‘Eureka!’ may target and resolve on an enemy mercenary for a 1 AP cost.
  34. (New Abilities; 15 XP)
  36. Pursuit ~ Wanting To Find The Truth (Peacetime, 1 AP) - Edgeworth may leave all the work to his attached mercenary. Edgeworth will give his mercenary an Evidence Counter, having them hold onto it, even if Edgeworth is reattached to another mercenary. Only one Evidence Counter may be generated at a time. An Evidence Counter will only be used if triggering against “Announce The Truth”, with one of the following effects of the counter-holding merc’s leader’s choice:
  38. -If two or more ‘KO’ tags are listed, the triggering mercenary is KO’d. This is considered a self-KO.
  39. -If two or more ‘Seduction’, ‘Kidnapping’, or ‘Possession’ tags are listed (including duplicates), the mercenary will be held for questioning. All of their Pre-Battle abilities will fail to resolve, and they will be 3 minutes late to the match if they are rostered, Start of Battle abilities resolving on and from them at their arrival
  40. -If 20 or more unique tags are listed, the counter-holding mercenary may declare an ability against the triggering mercenary with one of the same tags (other than AP cost, Fatigue, or timing-specific tags), ignoring the AP and Fatigue costs of the ability, or allowing it to be used twice if already declared.
  42. Tags: Peacetime, 1 AP, Counter Generation, Trigger, KO, Delay, Negation, Ability Duplication
  45. Announce The Truth (Pre-Battle, 1 AP) - Edgeworth may only target an enemy mercenary with an Evidence Counter with this ability. Edgeworth’s merc leader may select one ability his attached mercenary has access to, this ability duplicating that ability’s tags for interaction purposes.
  47. Tags: Pre-Battle, 1 AP, Targeting, Enemy Target, Counter Usage
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