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  1. fati: bye love u
  2. Vape: hi ryan
  3. pillows: I LUV U
  4. acp: w0w
  5. acp: she left b4 i could boot
  6. acp: smh
  7. pillows: LEFT B4 U COULD BOOT
  8. pillows: >:(
  9. acp: hey kris
  10. pillows: ANGER
  11. Vape: close enough
  12. pillows: acp wanna join call
  13. caprisun: khris
  14. caprisun: ur bf here
  15. caprisun: david
  16. acp: who in call
  17. Vape: whos
  18. Vape: david
  19. Slaver: c dylan
  20. Slaver: what is this
  21. Slaver: r u high
  22. Vape: :)
  23. caprisun: ..
  24. pillows: it
  25. pillows: me frat capridumb
  26. pillows: Filet
  27. Slaver: capridumb
  28. Slaver: lol
  29. caprisun: ryan save me
  30. Slaver: ryan save me too pls
  31. Slaver: dunno why im here
  32. caprisun: u dnt rmbr khris
  33. caprisun: david
  34. caprisun: from like
  35. caprisun: yr ago
  36. acp: u got apex?
  37. Vape: no
  38. Slaver: i dont even remember anything from 2 months ago
  39. acp: ill join if someone plays apex w me
  40. Vape: bc he never knew my vu name
  41. Slaver: how u gonna expect me to remember a whple yr back
  42. pillows: ddnt fuckin want u anymore
  43. pillows: nvm
  44. caprisun: o
  45. caprisun: same
  46. acp: meg ur so mean now v.v
  47. pillows: ive always been mean
  48. pillows: mayb doesnt help tht u dont talk 2 me anymore
  49. Drot: ^
  50. Drot: if that aint tru
  51. acp: /me kracks knuckles
  52. acp: if you didnt talk to my shit ex
  53. pillows: throwbk 2 old days nicky
  54. acp: maybe i would join more
  55. Drot: when u were nice
  56. Drot: or when u were mean
  57. Drot: megh
  59. pillows: ok acp
  60. pillows: thts fine
  61. acp: imagine bein buddy buddy w someone who starts shit w two of ur close friends
  62. acp: o-o
  63. pillows: mollie know whts wht, i barely talk to annie.
  64. acp: why do u think she stopped coming around meg..
  65. pillows: i even got in between it with fati nd them
  66. pillows: loool
  67. pillows: u kno wht
  68. acp: hm?
  69. pillows: i jus
  70. pillows: dnt care anymore...
  71. acp: you never have
  72. acp: we're imvu ppl
  73. acp: u dnt care ab imvu ppls
  74. pillows: i luv annie nd i will always hoose her over fati
  75. pillows: im srry she doesnt know tht
  76. acp: then why are u talking to kenna..
  77. pillows: but its tRU,PSV77
  78. pillows: IM GONNA SCREAM
  79. acp: scream then
  80. acp: tht shit get me mad
  81. acp: u keep bringin tht thot around
  82. pillows: jus bc i still talk to kenna doesnt mean i dnt luv annie any less?
  83. pillows: like at all?!?!?!?!?!1
  84. pillows: i dnt KEEP BRINGING HER AROUND
  85. acp: it means a lot
  87. acp: even mollie doesnt fuck w her
  88. acp: bc of what she did
  89. pillows: jus do u guys
  90. pillows: like
  91. pillows: it whtever at this point
  92. pillows: im the thirdwheel between annie nd mollie anyways
  93. acp: i dont think so but if thts the case then u did it to ur self
  94. acp: ppl expect u not to talk to people they hate
  95. acp: its kinda two faced to be friends w someone then go talk to their enemies
  96. pillows: it not two faced at all
  97. pillows: bc we dont talk abt anything important
  98. pillows: !!!!
  99. uglygirl: hi everybody
  100. pillows: annies name doesnt EVER!!! get mentioned
  101. Drot: hi
  102. pillows: HI CARMEN
  103. Filet: they didnt like my singing
  104. pillows: :KISSING:
  105. Filet: CRYY
  106. pillows: :COUPLEKISS:
  107. pillows: no im jus gnna watch movie
  108. pillows: bc im fuckin FUCKED ALL THE WAY UP
  109. Frat: It was so bootiful
  110. Frat: <3
  111. pillows: nd im jus not in da mood 2 be mad rn
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