MMORPGs I have played

Aug 5th, 2018
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  1. MMORPGs I (coldreactive / iyeru) Have Played:
  3. -- Fiesta Online
  4. Complete and utter cash grab basically. All cash shop items were timed, and a lot of pay to "guarantee" stuff (IE: strengthening armor/weapons to +1 and further.) Mount food to keep them working, etc.
  6. -- Trickster Online
  7. An okay game, but it didn't last long. Isometric 2D.
  9. -- Ragnarok Online
  10. Isometric 2.5D / 3D Hybrid. It's an okay game, but I just couldn't get into the tile system. I always missed enemies as they moved into another tile (even before aggro'ing them sometimes.)
  12. -- Ragnarok Online 2
  13. A mess really. Game has heavy end-game grind, and the first new story content basically requires you to be with party members for the next open world area. It really puts off people from completing the game fully. Game was originally going to be a pay to play much like the original, and a completely different world than what it is now. Once more, its cash shop was filled with items that help "guarantee" things, and boost your EXP Rate, etc.
  15. -- World of Warcraft
  16. Forced Faction PvP. I don't care for PvP. I want to visit the other faction's areas as my chosen faction, etc.
  18. -- Guild Wars 2
  19. The initial base game story feels like it was rushed. Cannot replay the actual game content for Living World Season 1 even though you can for living world season 2 and further via solo instances/etc. Game's agony system via Fractals is annoying and tedious. Story suddenly slows to a near-halt when you reach Heart of Thorns and becomes more well-paced. Heart of Thorns requires grinding out abilities / etc. rather than levels to progress, and can become more like end-game grind than just progressing story. No finite tanking system, only three aggro skills exist in the game. Can be confusing for people coming from other MMORPGs.
  21. -- The Elder Scrolls Online
  22. No Market Board system, requires you to go to guild stalls to buy/sell items. You have to be part of that guild to sell items. Otherwise, you just have to use trade chat to buy/sell. In addition, the party matching system leaves something to be desired. Skill trees allow for a lot of customization, but only specific builds are truly accepted by the community for certain things. The cost to reset skills is immense, and you had better be able to make a lot of money by being part of a guild and selling stuff. Story is nicely paced and easy to follow however.
  24. -- Asda Story / 2
  25. Heavy Cash Shop usage. Game doesn't like solo players. Basically non-existent story. Asda Story 2 is just Asda Story re-made to be "easier" and more pleasing to look at.
  27. -- Perfect World International
  28. Amazing Character Customization. Standard Tab-Target MMORPG. Heavy Emphasis on using Cash shop items to make sure things don't fail / etc. You can drop items on death at a very, very low percentage. Extremely expensive cash shop items (IE: Phoenix and Hercules venomancer minions.) Warsoul (Level 75 with stats for level 140) Weapons are worth an equivalent of over 5,000 USD. Open World PvP is a gankfest and camp fest. Play PvE servers only if you want to play it.
  30. -- Forsaken World
  31. Not that great of a game, and a spiritual successor to Perfect World International. Extremely finite character creation. (According to the Publisher, they had copyright issues with the character creator and thus couldn't use it in Forsaken World.) Game doesn't bring anything new to the table besides class aesthetics and whatnot. The western servers have a permanent 2x EXP Boost enabled because the western publisher doesn't think people can handle the original EXP payouts of the game.
  33. -- Neverwinter Online (Perfect World)
  34. Nice visuals, okay character customization, and "Okay" combat. The game leaves something to be desired, and heavy emphasis on getting you to buy stuff from the cash shop.
  36. -- Any and all X-Legend Games (Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom, etc.)
  37. Cash grabs basically. Developer can chuck these out like hotcakes with only a year or two of development. Story in them is spotty at best, extremely limited character customization, heavy emphasis on cash shop items to get you to progress faster and whatnot. No market system, trading/stalls only.
  39. -- WildStar
  40. Great humor, nice visuals, fluid animations, etc. Nice soundtrack, somewhat okay storyline. Game has Faction PvP like World of Warcraft, didn't play it past the free time. Party matching leaves something to be desired.
  42. -- Black Desert Online
  43. Forced PvP (regardless of your concent or not) in Battle Zones (Red areas on the map) these move without warning. Immediate "no thanks."
  45. -- ArcheAge
  46. Heavy PvP and trade focus. Instant give up due to a fair bit of trading routes going through PvP enabled zones/etc. Ocean is full PvP via boat battles. Heavy Cash Shop Handedness.
  48. -- Wonderland Online
  49. Turn-based Lufia / Grandia Ring-Menu styled combat. Isometric 2D MMORPG. Heavy Cash Shop Emphasis. Developer stole CGs from Hentai games and re-colored them so no one could tell. No market system, trading/stalls only.
  51. -- Angels Online
  52. Isometric 2D MMORPG. Heavy Cash SHop Emphasis. Trading / Stalls only (no market system.)
  54. -- TERA
  55. Great visuals, Action combat. Okay music. Okay character customization. Dungeons leave something to be desired. Game's crafting system was made more grindy and difficulty with the catalyst materials they added soon after free to play started. The starting area had 1/3 of its content removed and some story cut-scenes were lost as a result (making the initial story hard to follow.) A lot of quest streamlining occurred to make the game less lively.
  57. -- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn / Heavensward / Stormblood
  58. A great MMORPG. Semi-Limited customization features, great visuals, amazing soundtrack. Great boss and dungeon mechanics in comparison to most other MMORPGs. Uses the standard Tank, Healer and DPS trifecta of roles. Tab-Target targeting. Great controller support.
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