Raine's Lingerie Incident Part 2 (lewd version)

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  1. >Part 1:
  2. >The theater was nice
  3. >It was a comedic recreation of the wolf attack on Edinmire
  4. >The best part was when giant black fist came out of the sky and struck "Brutus" to the ground
  5. >The shear size of the fist was hilarious
  6. >Especially considering Reni's true size
  7. >Despite Red and Raine not knowing the original event, they enjoyed the play nonetheless
  8. >It started at six in the evening, and ended at roughly around seven at night
  9. >The pair ate dinner at a restaurant that had a lovely view of the sea
  10. >But despite all the lovely and wondrous things they had witnessed that night
  11. >One thing still ruled their minds
  12. >The pink lingerie
  13. >Raine had accidentally ruined the surprise the morning before
  14. >Not that Red cared, he had gotten a teaser, nothing more, now he wanted the rest
  15. >Raine was more than willing to give him the "full show"
  16. >After quickly making their way to her room
  17. >Raine told her lover to cover his eyes while she "freshened up"
  18. >She had an extra surprise for him
  19. >Pink socks and gloves
  20. >After changing into her wolf form and donning the clothes, she slipped back into the room
  21. >Red was laying face down on the bed wearing nothing but his boxers
  22. >Raine was a little nervous, the last time she showed anyone this clothing was by accident
  23. >...
  24. >And when her brain was at 3% functionality
  25. >She could only whisper out for him to open his eyes
  26. >He ungraciously rolled over with a confident grin on his face
  27. >Only to be ruined by a strand of drool that leaked out of his lips
  28. >Even though Raine had instinctively covered her crotch with her tail, the look was stunning to Red
  29. >The socks and gloves really brought the whole outfit together
  30. >After shaking himself out of the daze, he patted the part of the mattress in front of him
  31. >She attempted a sultry walk over to the bed
  32. >But it came out as an awkwardly shy trot
  33. >The moment she came in range of of his arms, she was swooped up onto the bed
  34. >Raine couldn't help but giggle and blush at a sudden assault of petting and fur rubbing
  35. >Red pressed himself against Raine's body with a hungry embrace
  36. >His hands ran through her thick winter fluff, only slowing once he reached the lingerie
  37. >Letting his hands feel the silky materiel for all its worth
  38. >Raine loved to be given such affections
  39. >Despite it still being somewhat alien to her, the feeling of being pat and rubbed while having fur was heavenly for her
  40. >Red's dexterous and clawless fingers could press deep and fast into her... fluff
  41. >His hands weren't the only part giving her body loving affection
  42. >What started as kisses pressed into and through the tuft of fur just  above her breasts, had started traveling north
  43. >He slowly made his way up, first to her collar, then her neck, and then under her chin
  44. >All before finding her panting mouth and pressing his lips to hers
  45. >They realized just how badly the other needed it once their tongues started desperately dancing with each other
  46. >Despite Raine having a much bigger canine tongue, Red's was still the stronger of the the two
  47. >While his hands started rubbing through the fluff on her butt, their tongues couldn't help slip deep into the other's mouth
  48. >Her tongue was long, and could reach further into the warmth of his maw
  49. >While he didn't have quite as long of a tongue, his human lips allowed him to seal their kiss properly, locking in the wet embrace in its entirety
  50. >While their make out got more and more heated, so did their crotches
  51. >Assisted by Red's groping, they had subconsciously began rubbing their bits together through their undergarments
  52. >It was getting quite hot for the two of them
  53. >Red was the first to notice the sudden dampness pressing through his boxers, she was far more than just wet
  54. >As much as he didn't want the kiss to end, he knew he had to sacrifice a little to gain a lot
  55. >After pulling their mouths apart and letting Raine's long tongue flop out of his mouth,Red immediately buried his into her bra opening
  56. >His hands snaked their way up her silk covered sides until they firmly groped her breasts
  57. >Even with the covering, they still were sensitive and quite receptive to his touch
  58. >As he did this, Raine rested her chin on the top of his nestled head, she couldn't help but let out a soft moan at his affection
  59. >She especially couldn't hide her slightly excited smile when she felt herself being softly lied on her back
  60. >The first kisses were placed on the fabric covering the second pair of nips, a slight tease to prepare her for what came next
  61. >What was next wasn't another kiss, but a full on suckle, she barely managed to stifle a loud and wet moan at the sudden jolts coming from her second pair
  62. >And then then her third
  63. >Then her fourth
  64. >And finally Red placed a kiss against the thin layer of cloth separating his lips from hers
  65. >A couple strands of her fluids connected his still close lips to her panties, she needed it bad
  66. >... But waiting just a little longer wouldn't hurt her
  67. >Instead of diving in, he gave the outline of her petals another kiss before beginning his tongue massage
  68. >She let out happy yips every time his tongue smoothed the wet silk against her inner folds
  69. >And she practically wanted to howl once he suckled her clit through the now saturated undergarments
  70. >Had her tail not been pinned underneath her, it would have wiggled off of her butt from all the loving affection she was receiving
  71. >She wanted to give some of it back, even though her choice of clothes were supposed to treat him, she still felt a need to reciprocate the pleasure he was giving her
  72. >And she had a decent idea on how
  73. >She grabbed him by the bangs and gently pulled his now face to hers, pulling his body up over hers as well
  74. >She gave him a shy smile and wiggled two pink gloved fingers in between the bottom of her breasts
  75. >Even Red blushed at that idea... and he loved it
  76. >After pulling off his semi damp boxers and letting his pre-covered manhood flop out and smoosh into Raine's navel fluff
  77. >He shifting his hips up until his cock was positioned just below her bra-smooshed breasts, he let out a breath of air
  78. >The first thrust was a slow and lubing hump
  79. >The second was much bolder
  80. >The third was met with a long and affectionate lick from Raine, he couldn't help but shudder at the feeling, it was still an exotic feeling to him
  81. >And it wasn't the only one, his slow and passionate thrusts were only contained by his desire to make his love enjoy that night as much as he did
  82. >Though, Raine didn't quite help with that plan, she placed her muzzle right where his tip poked through her breasts
  83. >The tip pieced through the opening of her breasts and right into Red's favorite spot of her mouth
  84. >It was his turn to start emitting moans of pleasure
  85. >He managed to stop himself just on the edge, Raine noticed this as she could feel his head throb in between her canines
  86. >Carefully she opened her maw and let his head bob out, though two fuzzy problems remained
  87. >She could just let him cum on her face, she'd never admit it, but she secretly adored having his "marks of affection" on her body
  88. >But tonight, she wanted all of it where it belonged
  89. >In her hot and needy womb
  90. >So instead she reached behind herself and unfastened the bra holding her breasts to his member and let the fabric go slack
  91. >He picked the piece of silk up and gently tossed to the side, freeing both his dick and his head from any premature reactions
  92. >They both knew what they wanted next
  93. >And after shifting to a much more even position, Red began slowly rubbing his shaft against the still covered lips
  94. >Raine couldn't stand waiting much more, so she let a hand slip down to push part of her panties to the side
  95. >She reveled a VERY excited pussy, her lips were wet and puffy, and begging to be relieved
  96. >Red wasted no time pressing his well lubricated head into her
  97. >Even if it was "just the tip," she gasped and quickly wrapped her gloved hands around his back
  98. >Her socked covered legs slowly snaked their way over his slightly gyrating hips
  99. >Once they were finally in place, he took it as the go ahead to start slowly thrusting
  100. >With each inch that made its way inside of her, the more she melted against him
  101. >She couldn't help that her wolf form was so receptive to this kind of activity
  102. >Her walls clenched down tight on him as he filled her out
  103. >And for a couple of seconds they both rested there, just to enjoy being as close as they physically could be
  104. >And once they had enough, Red begun his thrusting once more
  105. >His balls gently plapped at her anus every time he bottomed out deep inside her
  106. >His head placing a gentle kiss against her cervix's lips all the while
  107. >Raine loved every second of it, he loved to give it to her deep, but even she could tell this was much more than usual
  108. >Each time he bottomed out, Raine let out a high pitched squeak of joy
  109. >It only encouraged her lover to speed up just a little bit, much to her delight
  110. >Drool had started leaking out of her mouth and onto his shoulder as she began to loose herself in the ecstasy
  111. >Her tail slipped out from under her and wrapped around his leg
  112. >Red knew she was close, so he lifted his head up and pressed a sloppy kiss onto her dog-like lips
  113. >She wished she would have lasted a little longer than she did
  114. >Her orgasm washed over her with out relent, her wolf side completely took over as she let a small howl loose into the air
  115. >Her silk covered legs pressed his hips as deep into her as they could
  116. >It was unbearable for the human, the feeling of her cumming pussy pushed Red over the edge
  117. >With a low moan he came thick ropes directly into her womb, painting the inside of her uterus white with his love
  118. >His balls pulsed as he drained himself of all he could into her
  119. >They could only collapse into the bed after such a vigorous session
  120. >The pair enjoyed their afterglow with a loving embrace
  121. >Red was laying on top of Raine while she slowly rubbed his back
  122. >She said she like the feeling of him still being inside her a little while after their lovemaking
  123. >And he was more than happy to oblige
  124. >Raine could feel the sleep creep towards her
  125. >"Hey Red?"
  126. >"Hmm?"
  127. >"I... could you make sure I don't walk outta here without getting dressed?"
  128. >"Heh, sure... and Raine"
  129. >"Yeah?"
  130. >"I love yooou~"
  131. >"I love you too."
  132. -Aimbot.exe
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