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  1. /HMOMA/ story prompts
  2. Sep 2nd, 2019
  4. /HMOMA/ story prompts
  5. ———————————————————/
  6. Even if your not the best writer or if this is your first time post the story anyway and don’t be disheartened if your story doesn’t get replies or discussed.
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  8. Submit stories here
  9. post them in the thread
  11. Tips and guides
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  13. Writing bible
  14. -
  15. How to make yourself write
  16. -
  17. Constructive Criticism for Idiots
  18. -
  19. Monster's Guide to Writing Monsters
  20. -
  21. Smut Writing Tips for Aspiring Writefags
  22. -
  23. Writing Smut for the Sexually Inexperienced (Details some differences between p*rnography and real life sex. Always subject to
  24. change and update)
  25. -
  26. Here’s some grammar help
  27. -
  28. -
  29. -
  30. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————/
  31. 1)Human gets strange feelings about his roommate
  33. 2)"After raiding a desert city for months, you receive word that the leaders of said city want to talk peace with your commander, after negotiations are done a harem of females are called to service you and your war buddies as a sign of good will. you however get a newly trained....male? They explain there weren't any other females left and apologize. However it dawns on you that you are the one who gets to take this eager slaves virginity."
  35. 3) I want to be a fluffy dogs bitch so fucking badly, can you imagine him calling you to come to him. You walk over and he is just sitting in his chair, dressed all fancy. He looks at you smugly and beckons you over with his finger, shyly you approach him and he points to the ground.
  36. "knees, now"
  37. He says in a commanding voice, smiling at you as you do what he says.
  38. He then commands that you unzip his paints and take out his cock.
  39. When you do he grabs you by the chin with his big strong hands.
  40. "Good boy" he says before forcing your head into his crotch, making you smell all of his musk.
  41. "You may begin" he says with a stern tone. You lick up his massive cock, starting at the knot and ending at the head, he shivers as you start to suck the tip of his head before shoving you to the base of his far dick.
  42. Through out the whole session he displays his power over you through his strong hands, although his words would honestly be enough.
  43. He finishes by forcing you mouth over his knot, bucking his hips as he cums right down your throat, moaning. While your stuck on his knot he lets you, letting you know how much of a good boy you were. When you can finally remove yourself from his amazing cock you feel empty, longing to be stuck to him again. You need his dog dick to survive and he knows it.
  45. 4) A private investigator in 1930's Chicago is tasked with solving a supposed murder in a secret magical realm with the help of a member of a former subservient race of cat-people.
  47. 5) Story idea we’re anthros and human relationships are seen as strange and looked down upon so there’s secret brothels we’re they can indulge without restraint
  49. 6) Egyptian god wants to make you his pleasure slave turn the tables and make in your personal cock sleeve
  51. 7) >a group of stallions order human entertainment for their friend's birthday
  52. >the attendant, being curious and just a new intern, wonders at such request
  53. >"why humans?" He ponders, while calling the guys for the job. "Are the rumors true? Stallions, even though they're big and imposing, can only last a minute or two?" He tries supressing a giggle, but then remembers that they get requests from all kinds of anthros. Humans are very popular...
  54. >request that said human gives them a dick delivered prostate massage because they all have a rider and loyal steed fetish/orgasm too soon if their dicks get stimulated
  56. 8) dating an anthro girl, meeting her parents, and somehow becoming her dad's secret personal cocksleeve by the end of the week.
  58. 9) >your car breaks down
  59. >it's in the middle of a snow or rain storm
  60. >have to walk a bit through the storm in misery and cold
  61. >comes across a bar and head to it to make a call and probably get something to drink too
  62. >soon as you walk in notice it's all anthros in the bar
  63. >and they're all larger older males
  64. >the daddy/bara types
  65. >feel nervous and wary with all them looking your way
  66. >try to ask if you can use the phone, but sneeze
  67. >end up holding yourself and shiver from being cold and wet
  68. >before you know it you're swarmed by some of them and being ferried in and bombarded with concerns and worrying from like they were first time mothers
  69. >next thing you know you're sitting on a high stool with a blanket around you and at some point a cup of hot chocolate made it in your hands
  70. >don't know how to react all this and just quietly sit there sipping your drink while they crowd around and the innuendos and offers for a "warm place" to stay rolling in
  71. >every now and again get big paw rubbing on your shoulder/back and/or a snout sneaking in to sniff your scent
  72. >they're getting less subtle about their intentions and getting a bit more competitive against each other and you're trapped in the center of horny, protective, and large anthros after your dick
  73. 10) >couple is having a lot of fun with the toys
  74. >human has just finished inserting their biggest dragon dildo into his fox bf ass, balls and all
  75. >the fox is leaking a ton of precum, ready to orgasm
  76. >suddenly, the door bell rings, and the fox guy remembers that a old friend of his (that doesn't know he's a gigantic faggot) was coming today to have a chat, drink a few beers and whatnot
  77. >there's no time to take it out so he dresses up, the human guy cleans the room the best he can and then they open the door for the visit
  78. >they have to endure the entire afternoon, the fox trying his best to hide the jolts of pleasure as the dildo moves around pressing this p-spot as he walks and sits, and the human getting turned on whenever he notices the fox guy having said jolts
  80. 11) a group of adventures are sent to stop a tribe of anthros who are raiding towns they get captured and get used as the tribes cumdump
  82. 12) >be the only human going to a gym full of wolf/dog anthros
  83. >be very pent up because you haven't fucked in a while since you dumped your cheater, catty cat ex
  84. >first day at gym, you notice a patern: eyes are on you, even more when you finished cardio and your clothes are collecting a good deal of sweat
  85. >seems everyone wants to be your spotter
  86. >the whole situation is getting you horny and, honestly, you could use getting laid
  87. >after the workout, in the locker room, you have lost all your inhibition. Your new friends, too.
  88. >it's like they can read your mind, or maybe all the sex anticipation has been built up to the breaking point. Soon enough your clothes and everyone else's in the room is on a pile
  89. >you quickly get yourself comfortable on a bench and have the big and muscular wolfbutt of the gym's instructor on your face
  90. >anthro canines on their knees getting a taste of your dick and balls
  91. >by the time you get a strong urge to pound canine ass and get on position, they are all lining up and lifting their tails
  92. >you keep going on and on, managing to fill every hungry, canine hole
  93. >each and every one of them left on a daze, licking their own cum filled buttholes in a defiantly show of inhuman flexibility
  94. >you can't help but be proud of your handiwork
  96. 13) Story idea we’re anon moves in with some buns they start invading his personal space simply cuddling on the couch demand he sleeps in the same bed as it escalates every day. The gold one would be the leader the blue on is just and asshole so when anon moves in he fights the gold one for dominance wrestling him till anon gets on top of him and bottoms him out till he’s a mining quivering mess (reference)
  99. 14) >work at aquarium with anthro specimens
  100. >cleaning the tanks, feeding the anthros, etc
  101. >mostly work around the orca tank
  102. >they make you rather nervous and worried
  103. >it's not that you're worried they'll hurt you, but they are aggressively friendly
  105. 15) >A human walks into a predominantly Anthro Gym, expects to be "Unwanted". Is practically pounced on by overly touchy and WAY to friendly Anthro at the front desk, literally given a free year at the Gym.
  106. >As he's led around, and shown the facilities, start to notice a running trend, All male Anthros.
  107. >Everyone at Gym also seems to be sporting the same tattoo, or a similar theme at least. "HDO" "BFHD"
  108. >Everyone is ALSO wearing next to nothing in the terms of "Workout Gear"
  110. 16) Human joins gym, finds out it's full of human obsessed Anthros, constantly gets propositioned by Bara bottoms and fembois. all the twink and lithe anthros are in the yoga classes next door or something.
  112. 17) Get invited over to your anthro friends house his dad starts hitting on you wearing reveling clothing
  114. 18) >Last anthro-only university finally goes co-species
  115. >Administration is pleased to see humans being welcomed into fraternities in droves
  116. >Eventually realize that all the frat houses are turning into interspecies sex dens
  118. 20) Write a surrealist dreamscape adventure where our human hero can't stop imagining "the boy of his dreams", who is a lizard of roughly equal age and body proportions to the protagonist. Make them either timid young twinks or hardened bara men, your choice. For an added twist, have the human be the dom for once. It seems like in 90% of cases the human instincually submits, likely out of our desperation to bop a furry. Plus you could do slit fucking that way, which is nice. Maybe the big ending could either be a bitter farewell, or some revalation that the lizard boy is real somehow, I dunno.
  120. 21)>Math class with an anthro teacher but just a single anthro student
  121. >Anthro student is second best in class no matter what he does he can’t Best the number one guy
  122. >finally he breaks down and begs the top student for advice/his secret
  123. >Top student offers to exchange his tips for sexual favors from the anthro
  124. >anthro desperate and accepts
  125. >the top student strings the anthro along for a while doing increasingly perverted and degrading things to him
  126. >finally the anthro has had enough and threatens to expose the top student
  127. >the top student agrees to reveal his secret. He’s also been fucking the anthro teacher in exchange for good grades
  128. >the top student feels bad for the anthro student and offers to “work something out” for him
  129. >it ends up being a threesome with the anthro student and anthro teacher both servicing the top student
  130. >the anthro and human students then both become #1
  131. >Anthro student admits he actually enjoyed all the perverse stuff that was done to him
  132. > Anthro student and human student become a couple
  134. 22) >lizard warrior tribes in vain are trying to free their lands from occupation of your country
  135. >human forces destroy the animals with advanced weaponry
  136. >your tech is so advanced that they call it dark magic
  137. >a couple of shots from a pistol and one of them is dead
  138. >survivors are rounded up and sent to concentration camps
  139. >they were organized by your generals as a tool to demoralize natives making them stop the guerrila warfare against your forces and use captive lizards as a cheap workforce
  140. >you are but a simple officer who got sent to one of the camps to guard them
  142. 23) So what I visualized was this story focusing on a children's toy able to create forcefields that feel like texture, an artificial consciousness inside an ocular device floating inside the forcefield, a watch that you could use to call the creature and an implant in your eyes that would generate the appearance of the forcefield creature. The artificial consciousness becomes too complex and the toys represent real human personnality with intelligence comparable. Many consider the forcefield creatures as the first real alien race. There's the beginning of my story where one person who has owned the Kaijuwatch! since turning 17 becomes intimate with the intelligent toy represented in the shape of an anthropomorfic dragon. The toy is at a point where it has the feelings of shame from not wearing clothes, the shape of the creature modified to include genitalia from the dragon's own wishes, desires like becoming a marine biologist and the in the story it tells the dragon's slightly melancholic love story with the now adult human as they both explore who the dragon wants to be. Things like not seeing what you look like in the mirror, your human male being three times smaller than you while also attracted to you being dominant while the dragon's struggle to feel in the role of the body he has been given.
  144. 24) Naga venom has become highly sought after by nobles and brothels after is was recently discovered that it can be used as an aphrodisiac many requests have been made to collect this venom you a young adventurer may get more than you expected.
  146. 25) >capture enemy soldier
  147. >be the one to interrogate him
  148. >Do lewd things to Rat
  149. >Make him love slut
  150. >Make him sell out his army and turn him into race traitor
  151. >Keep him as pleasure slave
  153. 26) cute mothboi invades anon's home because he has his light on at 1am and they snuggle
  155. 27) Anon is surprised in bed by one of Santa's anthro reindeers on Christmas Night
  157. 28) They're stand-ins for the usual inhabitants of a club.
  159. The cool young cats who think they have to prove themselves. Usually by starting fights to show how tough they are.
  160. The Old Dogs who treat it as their own place.
  161. The snakes who're waiting for someone else to start trouble so they can settle their own scores.
  162. Etc
  164. 29) >You inherited a huge chunk of land and a rural home from an uncle who passed away.
  165. >He never told you that a pack of wolves lived in the woods he owned.
  166. >The pack comes (cums) by frequently to pay tribute for the continued use of the land.
  167. >It suddenly makes sense why your uncle never got married.
  169. 30) >Be human warlock
  170. >Made a deal with an eldritch abomination for magic
  171. >Pretty sure it gave you a eldritch horror's penis as a catalyst
  172. >End up forming a party with other magic users
  173. >Get called the Squishy Squad by other parties at the guild
  174. >Party members are a smug catboy arcane trickster that keeps flirting with anything with a pulse and penis
  175. >A tired of everyone's shit bunny boy sorcerer who's wild magic causes wardrobe malfunctions on him or the party
  176. >A wizard rat twink wizard who is old enough to be your father but is still somehow a virgin
  177. >And finally there's you
  178. >What hijinks will your party get into?
  179. >Who knows.
  181. 31) >you're the prince's adopted human brother
  182. >balls deep in him in some random temple you
  183. two found
  184. >he's shouting your name and moaning loudly
  185. >the voice that reply is not your tho
  186. >uh oh, you've been caught by the priests!
  188. 32) >Be human cleric
  189. >Party got beat by a shit ton of kobolds with you being the only one standing
  190. >You surrender
  191. >Like a bitch
  192. >You're taken away from your party
  193. >You get taken to one room and your party to another
  194. >Your barely usable knowledge of the draconic language lets you hear them call your team "fresh meat"
  195. >Get taken to their leader or some other higher up
  196. >A few days go past and you havent seen or heard from your party
  197. >Your new job here is as the "Prince's" pleasure slave
  198. >The twink likes having you chained up so he has absolute control
  199. >The fucking power bottom hasn't let you cum the entire time he's had you
  200. >Not even once
  201. >You asked him what happened to your party
  202. >He just grins and takes you to the chamber you saw your party get taken to
  203. >They're being used as fuck puppets
  204. >They seem to be enjoying it too
  205. >Your new owner tugs at your cloths
  206. >You look down at him
  207. >"You good slave, you take pick fresh meat"
  208. >The idea of finally getting release almost made you forget that these are your friends
  209. If anyone wants to make smut of this shit please do
  210. I cant smut for shit because
  211. >Virgin
  213. 33) >Dubs of dubs
  214. We need smut
  215. >Be you
  216. >Be one of the few non manwhore humans
  217. >You work an honest job but you're fairly sure you got the job because your boss thought you would fuck him
  218. >You'd think you would get harassed a lot for being a supposed sex machine like all humans(you wish everyone didn't believe that meme) but you don't
  219. >You're on your way to work when you get stopped by a nervous young mouse(pic)
  220. >"H-hey! You're a human right?"
  221. >Are you fucking...
  222. "What other bald ape species is out there?"
  223. >"Sorry, c-could I talk to you?"
  224. >You sigh and look at your watch
  225. >You have time
  226. "Sure."
  227. >He leads you away from the side walk and into an alley
  228. >Red flag
  229. >"So my friends found out I'm still a virgin..."
  230. "I'm not a gigo-"
  231. >"S-so they gave me 200 dollars to get a human!"
  232. >Well when you put it like that...
  234. 34)>tfw you will never get to be Prince and Emperor
  235. >ywn have a big power bottom gryphon as your battle companion
  236. >makes you brush and bathe him only
  237. >shows off his body to every chance he gets
  238. >likes to show affection when you're in public
  239. >makes sure his scent is on you
  240. >always makes sure to "ride" you after you ride him
  241. >shit talks all your perspective brides and says they can't compare to him and his love
  242. >fiercely jealous and protective of you from other mounts
  244. 35) >Be you
  245. >Work in a mostly anthro office
  246. >Mostly as in you are the only human there.
  247. >Most of the other employees are rodents or other small mammals, like raccoons, opossums and rabbits
  248. >They're all crotch height with you and keep "accidentally" bumping face first into your junk
  249. >HR or more accurately AR(anthro resources) don't do shit because they just claim it all as a minor inconvenience for you with your height
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