Terribad Trixie Transformation [garbage, complete]

Sep 13th, 2012
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  1. ohgodwhydidiwritethis
  3. >You are Sethisto, operator of autists anonymous website Equestria Daily
  4. >It's evening, designated clopping hour. The only light in the room is the blue glow emanating from your cumstained monitor
  5. >A figurine of a cerulean unicorn in a hat and cape sits next to your keyboard
  6. >Episode 6, Boast Busters, you've fapped to it it more times than you can count
  7. >You stare at the unicorn on your screen, her face contorted in a smug expression and the contours of her delicious flank emphasized by the cape on her back
  8. >Your own face is screwed up in concentration as you stroke your tiny rod, and your pasty white ass is firmly glued to your computer chair
  9. "Oh fuck Trixie, you great and powerful bitch, make Sethy cum!"
  10. >You reach up with your free hand and raise the volume of your speakers, just in time to hear Trixie's gloriously bitchy voice
  11. >"Ooh. What's the matter? Afraid you'll get a hair out of place in that "rat's nest" you call a mane?"
  12. >This insult is all it takes to push you over the edge
  13. >Suddenly your monitor is more cum than pixels, and the Trixie doll gets a full load to the face
  14. >You scream out in pleasure, perhaps a bit too loud, but it wouldn't have been the first time your neighbors heard you
  15. >Climax doesn't last long, it's only been a couple hours since your last session with Trixie
  16. >Nonetheless, you reach for the wipes you keep next to your computer and get ready to clean up
  17. >Suddenly you hear a knock at the door
  18. >Fuck
  19. >*CAN'T YOU SEE MY DICK IS IN MY HAND* you think to yourself as you hastily wipe everything off and put your pants back on
  21. >You rush to the door and pull it open
  22. >...fucking nothing
  23. "Goddamn internet and their dox"
  24. >You're about to close the door again when you hear a sound below you
  25. >You look down
  26. >There's a small cardboard shipping box on your doormat
  27. >A package at this hour? You certainly haven't ordered anything, your poor-ass couldn't afford it
  28. >Who would even send you a package? Your parents hate you and as far as you can tell you don't have any friends
  29. >Whatever, free shit is free shit
  30. >You take the package and bring it back to your room, putting it down on your bed
  31. >It's late and you're tired, so you don't give a shit about being careful with the thing
  32. >You rip into the package until it splits open
  33. >What appears to be plush falls onto your bed
  34. >It's a pony
  35. >It's blue
  36. >It's wearing a wizard's hat and cape
  37. >It's got a smug look on its face
  39. >You try to contain your joy and your jizz as you grab the thing and pull it into a hug, silently thanking whoever sent you this package from the gods
  41. >Speaking of whoever sent this thing, who the fuck DID send this thing?
  42. >You look around for a note on the bed
  43. >You check the box for shipping information
  44. >Survey returns fuck-all, captain!
  46. >You turn the Trixie plush over in your hands, admiring the attention to detail
  47. >Suddenly you get a thought and turn it over to look at its flank
  48. >No hole in the back, damn
  49. >You'll just have to make your own later
  50. >You find yourself yawning, how late is it anyway?
  51. >12:00am
  52. "Goddammit, I've got to be awake in the morning so I can post all that shitty fanfiction to EQD"
  53. >You go back to your computer one final time
  54. >You post a saucy picture of Trixie with no title and no caption on EQD, trollface.jpg
  55. >You grab your new waifu plush and get into bed, stroking her elegantly stitched mane
  56. >As you drift off to sleep, you begin a wonderful dream
  57. >You're Trixie, and you're acting out Boast Busters
  58. >At the end of the episode you somehow end up in an orgy instead of fleeing
  59. >SCORE
  60. >This is the best fucking day ever
  62. >It's morning
  63. >The bright Arizona sun billows in through the window curtains
  64. >Your eyes slowly begin to open, you still remember that incredible dream of last night
  65. >As your vision comes into focus you notice the Trixie plush staring back at you on the other side of the bed
  66. "Mornin' beautiful, miss me?"
  67. >You pull her closer and bring your mouth to her face (not the real thing but hell, beats imagining everything)
  68. >This display of man and pony doll lip-locking continues for a few minutes, until you realize you have other shit to do
  69. >At least it's summer
  70. "I'll be back later"
  71. >You walk into the bathroom and debate wether or not to shower
  72. >Nah, not like you'll actually be leaving the house anytime soon
  73. >You brush your teeth and apply deodorant in an attempt to remain at least somewhat hygenic
  74. >Even reclusive neckbearded horsefuckers have standards ya know
  75. >Your eyes are still sensitive to light at first, but over time your view of yourself in the mirror becomes clearer
  76. >...why the fuck are your eyes purple
  77. >You look back at the Trixie doll on your bed, its purple eyes staring back and its expression just as smug as always
  78. >You inspect yourself for any more weirdness, but notice nothing
  79. "Guess I'll check WebMD or something"
  80. >You walk over to your computer wearing a shirt and underwear but no pants, time to get posting
  82. >You post the same shit as always: shitty fanfics, shitty dubstep, questionable pictures of ponies
  83. >Soon it's clopping hour again
  84. >Only this time you have your new friend to help you out
  85. >You turn the lights out and bring the plush over to the computer, making all the necessary preparations
  86. >You smile and turn your plush over, preparing to make a hole in the back...
  87. >...but there's already one there
  88. >What the fuck? That wasn't there last night! You may have been tired but you remember that much for certain!
  89. "No point in biting the hand that feeds you I suppose"
  90. >You bring the hole down onto your cock
  93. >You climax far earlier than you thought possible, filling the insides of the hole with your man gravy
  94. >You SWEAR you heard the plush moan in Trixie's unmistakable voice, probably just your imagination
  95. >Fuck this thing is amazing
  96. >You clean it out and collapse into bed
  97. >You're suddenly really tired from your Trixie abuse
  98. >You drift off to sleep and into another dream, again becoming Trixie, but this time performing a magic show in Canterlot
  99. >Followed up with a lesbian princest threesome
  100. >Hot damn brain, you're the best
  102. >Wake up again
  103. >Same shit as yesterday, only this time you shower
  104. >You climb out of the shower and dry yourself off
  105. >You look into the mirror and wipe off some of the mist with your hand
  106. >...your hair is slightly blue, and you can notice a few light blue streaks
  107. "What the FU-"
  108. >Your voice is slightly higher than you remember, you bring your hand up and stop yourself mid-sentence in disbelief
  109. >You stare into the mirror open mouthed for a few minutes, before ultimately deciding to wait and see what happens
  110. >Strange that a Trixie plush appears and then suddenly all this weird shit starts happening
  111. >Maybe you're turning into a pony or something, heh
  112. >You chuckle to yourself at the idea, you're probably just getting a fever and hallucinating or something
  113. >Come to think of it that plush you fucked could've been sent from anywhere, and from anyone. It could've been carrying something.
  114. >Might be a good time to visit the doctor, but for now you just want to post ponies
  115. >Your stomach rumbles
  116. >Haven't been eating much have you? Time for an inventory check.
  117. >You open your pantry and your fridge
  118. >Getting really close to empty
  119. >Well shit, time for a grocery run
  120. >You grab your Trixie plush, deciding to bring her along for the car ride (why the hell not really)
  121. >You drop your keys going out the door, stupid fucking fingers
  122. >You drop them again getting in the car, goddamn what's wrong with you today?
  124. >You arrive at the grocery store, leaving Trixie behind in the car
  125. >Odd enough that you brought her here to begin with, you don't want to look like a complete manchild carrying her around the store
  126. >You walk in and grab a basket, probably best not to spend too much on this trip
  127. >As you walk passed the fruit and vegetable aisle they catch your eye
  128. >You're practically fucking drooling, so many delicious apples, oranges, tomatoes, and carrots
  129. >You have no idea what's come over you, but there's no way you're going to pass this up
  130. >You fill your basket with bag after bag of vegetables, not leaving much room for anything else
  131. >Gotta go pick up some meat and bread, make myself a sandwich or something
  132. >You walk towards the meat section, but the moment the stench of it hits your nose you recoil
  135. >You plug your nose and walk to the next isle, bread and pasta
  136. >You fill the top of your basket with wheat bread, this is gonna make a great fuckin' sandwich
  137. >You spy the pasta
  138. >Hell, may as well grab some for later, this could be a good dinner
  139. >There's no room in the basket, fuck
  140. >You think for a moment before grabbing two boxes of spaghetti and place one in each pocket
  142. >That should do it
  143. >You make your way to the registers
  144. >Apparently the store's been filling up while you were browsing, it's become pretty crowded
  145. >Shitshitshit gotta get there fast
  146. >You pick up the pace
  147. >You trip over yourself a bit for whatever reason, why are you so clumsy today?
  148. >You sprint a bit before catching your leg on someone's cart and falling to the ground, spilling most of your groceries
  149. >Normally you'd apologize and be on your way, but for whatever reason you feel REALLY bitchy right now
  151. >Fuck what
  152. >FUCK WHAT
  155. >A crowd begins to gather, the guy you tripped over is still taken-aback from your outburst
  156. >You step backwards a bit to gather your groceries
  157. >You trip BACKWARDS over yourself
  158. >The spaghetti boxes fall from your pockets and break open on the floor
  159. >Spaghetti fucking everywhere
  160. >You stammer slightly as you crouch and resume picking things up
  161. >Eyes are everywhere, all staring at you as if you're some sort of circus animal
  162. >You want nothing more than to be out of here right now
  163. >As if listening to your mental pleas, a reddish glow appears just above your forehead
  164. >The fuck?
  165. >Suddenly the room explodes with light, you can't see a goddamn thing
  166. >The fuck?!
  167. >You find yourself outside of your car with your basket of groceries
  168. >You have no idea what just happened but you're not going to question it
  169. >You get in your car and drive away, but not before dropping your keys again
  171. >You're driving home
  172. >You glance at your Trixie plush with every opportunity
  173. >Has its expression gotten even more smug?
  174. >Why did you feel compelled to bring it with you to the store?
  176. >There's definitely something wrong with you
  177. >Yeah you've got to get to a doctor before whatever this is gets worse
  178. >You pull up back at your townhouse
  179. >Sun's going down, what time was it when you went to the store anyway?
  180. >Goddamn you've lost track of everything
  181. >Somehow you don't feel like clopping, even though this is normally when you'd do it
  182. >Nor do you feel like using the Trixie plush
  183. >Hell, you just want to get to bed or something
  184. >You get back in your house and start putting the fruits and vegetables you recovered in the fridge
  185. >Through one of the bags, you notice an absolutely delicious looking red apple
  188. >You rip open the bag and grab the fruit, feverishly raising it to your mouth to take a bite
  190. >You can't tell if it's a particularly good apple or if your sense of taste is all screwed up
  191. >Either way it's the best apple you've ever tasted
  192. >You almost reach in to take another, but the apple was actually pretty filling and at this point you're really tired
  193. >You grab Trixie again and take her back to your bed
  194. >You give her a quick hug before climbing under the covers and drifting off
  196. >You're dreaming again, still Trixie
  197. >This time you're alone in your wagon, it's night time
  198. >You feel incredibly horny for some reason
  199. >There's this fire between your legs that you won't be able to shake on your own
  200. >You try anyway
  201. >No matter how hard you try it's still there
  202. >You need a stallion, you need SOMEONE or SOMETHING to stick it in you
  203. >Suddenly you lurch awake in your bed
  204. >What a fucking strange dream
  205. >It's still night, you suppose that makes sense considering you went to sleep early
  206. >You begin to climb out of bed, only to realize that your legs don't quite reach the ground
  207. >What the fuck?
  208. >You jump down to the floor
  212. >You stumble forward and land on all fours, but somehow this feels completely natural
  213. >You try to bring a hand to your head, but you're missing your fingers...
  214. >In fact, your whole arm is covered in cerulean fur
  215. >Oh god
  216. >You run to the bathroom, still on all fours
  217. >You're too short to reach the mirror, so you jump up and put your arms (front legs?) on the counter
  218. >You look in the mirror, your pupils shrink, and what you see makes you let out an unusually high-pitched scream
  220. >Standing right there in the mirror is Trixie
  221. >Your mouth is agape
  222. >You wave an arm
  223. >Trixie waves an arm
  224. >You look around
  225. >Trixie looks around
  226. >You are Trixie
  227. >And your loins are burning something awful
  228. >You're pretty much dripping on the floor, but you try to ignore this as you continue flipping out
  230. >Oh no
  231. >Why are you speaking in the third person
  232. >Why did you refer to yourself as Trixie
  233. >You think for a second
  234. >THE PLUSH
  235. >You run back over to your bed
  236. >The plush is gone
  237. >You look more
  238. >It's literally nowhere
  239. >All this searching is making you tired
  240. >You're becoming more and more aware of the fire between your legs
  241. >Your leg is soaked in marejuice, you can't go on like this
  242. >You want nothing more than for some stallion to mount you and rut you silly
  243. >Unfortunately for you there aren't any around
  244. >Without even thinking, your horn lights up and the nearest nearest somewhat-phallic object you have comes darting towards you
  245. >TV remote? Good enough
  246. >If it weren't for the burning between your legs you'd be amazed that you can perform magic
  247. >No such fucks are given
  248. >You try to no avail to pleasure yourself with the remote, your forehoof rubbing at your loins simultaneously
  249. >This isn't working, you NEED a stallion
  250. >Your mind races, you remember the nearest farm to you has horses
  251. >A few miles away, but you're prepared to run many times further for delicious horse cock
  252. >You race towards the door without a second thought and magic it open, slamming it shut behind you in your lustful rage
  254. tobe continued?
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