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  1. LEGAL: SCP-5002 is a 4-foot-tall, 5,000-pound man-eating spider that has been surgically removed from a deceased ███████ █████
  2. MILITARY: SCP-5002 is a 2.7 m tall, silver-gray-green, five meter tall, 5.5 meter tall, three meter tall, and three meter
  3. MONSTERS: SCP-5002 is a large, black bear-like creature, approximately 2.5 meters in length and 5 meters tall. SCP-5002 is capable of being killed
  4. POLITICS: SCP-5002 is a black, humanoid entity with the exact same form and appearance as SCP-5001-1, with the exception that it possesses a more humanoid form
  5. RELIGION: SCP-5002 is a large, silver, four foot, elephant-sized lioness. SCP-5002, at the time of entry to SCP-500, was
  6. SCIENCE: SCP-5002 is a 3D printed model of the Earth. Its main body is composed of multiple layers of metal parts, which are all connected by a mesh mesh.
  7. SPACE: SCP-5002 is a small, round, spherical construct, in which the surface of the object is covered by an extremely thick, black, frosting. The surface of
  8. TECHNOLOGY: SCP-5002 is a human male, approximately the age of ██ years, with a skin tone of ██%, with a darkening of the facial hair and the
  9. CLICKBAIT: SCP-5002 is an anomalous black object made of a translucent, metallic material apparently composed of an unknown material. SCP-5002 appears to be composed of three separate
  10. NON-CLICKBAIT: SCP-5002 is a humanoid male in his mid-twenties, wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, and gloves with blue and white striped stitching. It also
  11. POSITIVE: SCP-5002 is a female Caucasian rabbit. The rabbit is approximately 20% of the size of a normal human. SCP-5002 possesses an average height of approximately 1
  12. NEGATIVE: SCP-5002 is a human male, approximately 18 years of age, with a dark complexion and a small amount of black in his hair. SCP-5002 has not
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