The Sparkles at Twilight TG

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  1.   Akira Northway sighed heavily as he scanned the near empty halls of the school, keeping his eyes out for both trash and to see how thin the crowd had become.
  3.    “I told them that I didn’t want to be on the day shift, but they just don’t listen,” Akira muttered to himself as he began making his way down the hall.
  5.    The 37-year-old janitor walked down the nearly empty halls as he continue to look for trash careless left by the student body and frown when he saw something on the floor.  He picked up a necklace in the shape of Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark.  Akira studied the item and noticed that the chain wasn’t broken, so he could only figure someone dropped it from their bag in the confusion.
  7.    He stuck the item into his overhauls back pocket figuring he could drop it into the lost and found bin if he walked by it during his shift.  He began walking again, and missed the flash that came from the item due to its location.
  9.   Akira was about to head into another area when he suddenly moaned as he felt the fabric of his uniform press against something.  He looked down and was shocked to see a pair of breasts finishing growing out from his chest.  He gawk as this development only to moan again when he felt his rear pushing out and something around the same area push in.
  11.    Akira did a quick check and confirmed that his but had firmed up and his manhood had been replaced with something completely different.  There was no denying what happening to him, as he legs gave out on him and he sunk to the floor, his leg staying closed at knees.
  13.    “…I’m turning into a girl,” Akira said in a dry voice, and he noticed right away that his voice was slightly higher.
  15.    He breathing began irregular as he watched the changes unfold, almost seeing through his uniform as his body further altered itself.  She watch as her waist pushed out and her hips widened.  Her legs slim down and lost some fat that was starting to form.  She watched as her feet became smaller and a scar she got from her youth disappeared.
  17.    Akira’s breathing become more irregular, to the point of hyperventilating, as the changes moved up to her upper body.  She watched as her beer bully shrunk quickly and smoothed out.  Next her shoulders pushed in and her arms thin out and lost all of it body hair as it fell off and disappeared before it touched anything.  Her hands become smaller and her fingers slightly longer as they lost the extra skin that had formed from her job.
  19.    “Please stop, please stop,” the janitor muttered desperately as she felt the change creeping its way up her throat, and noticed just how much higher her voice has become, adding to her panic.
  21.    Akira’s her heart was beating like raging twister it was a wonder why she hadn’t pressed out for all the stress she was feeling as her neck collapsed inwards.  Her square jaw became more rounded as her lips filled out and her cheekbones rose.  Strangely, her hair was the next thing to change, as it grew slightly and then connected to her bread, which started to grow as well and then popped off and flow to her back.  Finally, her eyes become slightly larger and they lost the thick black bags under them.
  23.   “Why…,” was the only thing that came to Akira’s mind as she felt her body shrunk as she lost nearly 20 years worth of time, and she felt her skin tingle as it change color to a familiar shade of lavender.
  25.    Akira suddenly felt something pulse in her back pocket and took out the necklace.  Her breathing suddenly got caught in her throat as she watched the magical energy jump from the item onto her uniform.  Akira had gone beyond fear at this time, and just watched as the energy was absorbed into her uniform and it began to change.
  27.    The uniform shrunk to fit the now teenage girl and made Akira painfully aware of the alterations to her body.  The pants legs slip at the knees and the lower half merged with her shoes to form knee-high boots.  What remained of her pants quickly changed into a skirt and flare out slightly.  The sleeves of Akira retracted into the shoulders and the shoulders puff out slightly, as the shirt become more like a blouse and bowtie formed as the collar of the shirt closed.
  29.    The transformed was complete when the outfit’s gray coloring changed to a deep purple/light blue combo.
  31.    Akira…Twilight slowly pushed her arms out and looked at the lavender skin.  Slowly, she looked at the rest of her body, and her panic started to return as she realized what happened to her.  Slowly she looked at the necklace and realized it was because of this item that she now currently the Equestria girl version of the beloved character.
  33.    Twilight wasn’t able process everything that happened to her and her brain simply went into shock and locked up on her.  Because of her state she was in, she was unaware that necklace was glowing softly.  The ex-male stayed like this for a long time, unmoving, until the bell rang.
  35.    Twilight was brought of her stupor by sound and suddenly panicked when she saw the hall being crowded by the students.  Without thinking, the flux-Unicorn bolted to her feet and ran in a random direction.  She tried to push past the many student but ran into a punk student who pushed her and she collided with another student.  The student in turned gave the frightened girl a shove and she was sent tumbling to the floor.
  37.    “Please, go away,” Twilight muttered to herself, as she curled into a ball.
  39.    The former man closed her eyes tight and pressed her hands against ear as she tried to drown every single noise around her.  The act did little to help; she could feel the students as they avoided her and hear some wayward words, some which were directed at her.
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