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  1. In addition, there is also one of the most important reason fo rbanning tobacco products is the fiancial burden on public and private treasures. According to Protoc(2013), buying tobacco products results in financial losses from diminished labor productivity, and in many countries it makes the poor even poorer. Taking tobacco like Hookah, Cigar, Cigarette, Bidi etc is an expensive habit. In a survey, it is shown that people who take tobacco products spend nearly $2500 per year. Spending money on tobacco products leads to nothing and can hit personal finances. Addicted people buy those tobacco products just to satisfy their addiction. It can be considered a little bit if a person is signle and wasting his money on buying tobacco products just to get satisfied, but a married man or a man having the responsibilities of a family wasting his all money for buying tobacco products may lead his family to streets and also will harm the future of the young people of the family. Also people spending money on buying tobacco products effects the GDP of our country. The economy of Bangladesh is not that stable yet that a person can waste much money on fulfilling his addiction for tobacco. Because of this kind of expenses, a addicted peson’s other areas of life will suffer a lot and lastly it can also lead someone committing crime just to get money for buying tobacco product and fulfill his desire for tobacco.
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