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  1. Soleil-Lutz
  3. C
  5. Lutz: heyhey, Soleil!
  6. Soleil: Ah, Lutz. What do you want?
  7. Lutz: I want Soleil to teach me something.
  8. Soleil: What? If it's something I can do, tell me.
  9. Lutz: The truth is...I'm looking for a bride.
  10. Soleil: Eeeh! Bride for Lutz?!
  11. Lutz: No-no! Not for me! For Michel.
  12. Soleil: Michel...Right, that's Lutz's wyvern. A bride for him?
  13. Lutz: Yes. He's soon will be at that age so I'm searching for a good bride for him.
  14. Soleil: I see...But why me?
  15. Lutz: Because Soleil loves girls, isn't she? So I think you'll recognise a good wyvern girl too.
  16. Soleil: ...But human girls and wyvern girls are completely different.
  17. Lutz: So what, I'm begging you! I don't understand girls at all!
  18. Soleil: If you say so, it can't be helped. But don't get your hopes high.
  19. Lutz: Thank you! Soleil!! I'm indebted to you! Ah, that's good, that's good.
  20. Soleil: ...Tch, that attitude. Don't expect anything!? Whatever. It doesn't hurt to only try.
  22. B
  24. Lutz: Fuh...
  25. Soleil: Ah, Lutz!
  26. Lutz: Soleil...
  27. Soleil: How's this wyvern girl I brought along?
  28. Soleil: Tch...Looks like I'm not getting an answer.
  29. Lutz: Sorry. It escaped again...
  30. Soleil: And this is 7th time!? What the hell is it that bothers him. (What the heck he isn't pleased with)
  31. Lutz: Maybe if he spends more time with other wyverns, he'll be less cautious. And then, his wonderful rage...
  32. Soleil: Ehh!! He goes violent!?
  33. Lutz: Yes. He's obedient in front of me, hovewer, with the only two of them, he...
  34. Soleil: It's wrong to rage at your girl partner...Ok, then, Lutz...Let's do this. Leave Michel to me for the time being.
  35. Lutz: To you? What will you do?
  36. Soleil: I'll teach him how to face girls. Thoroughly.
  37. Lutz: But, what Michel says...
  38. Soleil: Lutz!!
  39. Lutz: Hih! Y-yes! Please help me! (よろしくお願いします but something like 'I look forward to working with you' sounds off. Maybe 'I leave him in your care'?)
  40. Lutz: Soleil is a little scary today...
  41. Soleil: Of course!! Being violent to lady isn't something gentleman should do!
  42. Lutz: S-sorry...
  44. A
  46. Soleil: Lutz!
  47. Lutz: Soleil...
  48. Soleil: How's the wyvern girl I brought the other day? Surely, this time, everything went well?
  49. Lutz: No, of course she ran away...
  50. Soleil: Hm? That's strange. When I looked after Michel, I properly trained him.
  51. Lutz: About that... What exactly Soleil taught to Michel?
  52. Soleil: Eh? What I taught him is how gentleman should face lady...(lit. the manners of gentleman who faces lady)
  53. Lutz: But Michel did nothing but chased after the wyvern girl's ass this time! So she was frigthened and ran away!!
  54. Soleil:E-eh? How odd. Girls are naturally shy, so an assertive approach should...
  55. Lutz: Soleil!
  56. Soleil: Ahahahaha...
  57. Lutz: Don't ahahaha me!
  58. Soleil: Lutz is somewhat scary today...
  59. Lutz: Well! Because Michel became weird!
  60. Lutz: But, with your help, Michel became interested in girls for certain, so I should thank you.
  61. Soleil: said it with such sarcasm.
  62. Lutz: Don't say that. I'm being honest. I have a feeling that another (steady) search will go smoothly. Thank you, Soleil!
  63. Soleil: That's right. Anything straightforward is the best! Searching for a bride or liking a girl!
  65. S
  67. Lutz: Wait. I have something to tell you.
  68. Soleil: Lutz. What happened? Is it about Michel?
  69. Lutz: No, I'm not talking about Michel today.
  70. Soleil: Then, what is it?
  71. Lutz: About...the bride...
  72. Soleil: Bride? Oh, we ARE talking about Michel. Lutz, don't be so impatient. The person should value feelings of their companion in a situation like that...
  73. Lutz: No. It's not about Michel. ...This time, it's about me.
  74. Soleil: About Lutz?
  75. Lutz: Yes. Well...In my case, Soleil is good to be...
  76. Soleil: N!? 'In my situation'?
  77. Lutz: About being my bride...what about it.
  78. Soleil: !! EEh! Bride?? Me?!
  79. Lutz: Well...Am I a little impatient?
  80. Soleil: could say that...
  81. Soleil: So sudden...I'm surprised...
  82. Lutz: So, that't it...Sorry...
  83. Soleil: W-well...But...Bride is a little sudden...shouldn't we become first...
  84. Soleil: I like you too, Lutz. I think it's fun being together with you.
  85. Lutz: Really!? Then, be my girlfriend!
  86. Soleil: It's embarrassing when you say it so bluntly...A, anyways. From there, it's alright to talk about me becoming a bride someday. Because, as I said previously, anything straightforward is the best.
  87. Lutz: Ok, understood. I won't hurry. Let's go out at our pace...So Soleil will like even more. And then, become my bride. I think you'll be great, so I'll try my best!
  88. Soleil: Ahaha, thanks. Right now, really cool. At any rate...fufufu.
  89. Lutz: ?? What's wrong?
  90. Soleil: Well, Lutz...the master found the bride before his wyvern could. (paraphrased )
  91. Lutz: Ah, that's right! Ahahaha...But I think Michel is happy too! Because he is found of you!
  92. Soleil: Is that so? What an honour.
  93. Soleil: So, the two of us and Michel...and Michel's bride, that will be a family of 4! Isn't it good?
  94. Lutz: Yes!! Thanks...!
  100. C
  102. Lutz: *training noises*
  103. Kanna: Ah, Lutz is training! That's so unfair!
  104. Lutz: Kanna? What is unfair?
  105. Kanna: Well, training alone like that, you'll be stronger than me! I want to become strong too! You're terribleterribleterrible!
  106. Lutz: Sure, I'm training to be stronger...but it has nothing to do with Kanna.
  107. Kanna: Even if Lutz thinks like that, but I think leaving someone behind is unacceptable!
  108. Lutz: Then, it's better for Kanna to train too. If you want, let's train together?
  109. Kanna: Eh!? Really!? Suresuresure! I want to train with Lutz!
  110. Lutz: Ahaha! Then, let's do it together! Let's surprise everyone by becoming stronger!
  111. Lutz: I want to be strong...Like my father, the Hero of Justice!
  112. Kanna: I feel you! I want to be strong too. Like my father, whom I love sooo much! So, let's try our very best!
  113. Lutz: Yesyes, that's the spirit! If we train a lot, we'll be just like our fathers!
  114. Kanna: Suresuresure! (えいえいおー!)
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