Emp blue

GoldLeej Apr 13th, 2014 80 Never
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  1. <p align="Center"><font face="Vivaldi" size="20"><FONT COLOR="#274b77">E<FONT face="pristina" size="18"><FONT COLOR="#406695">m<FONT COLOR="#5982b4">p<FONT COLOR="#719cd1">r<FONT COLOR="#6b98d4">e<FONT COLOR="#6593d8">s<FONT COLOR="#5e8eda">s<font size="10" face="Arial">.¸¤´¯*☁<FONT COLOR="#274b77">It's like a war inside my mind, feeling unworthy.I feel untrustworthy, I feel alone.It was a sea of emotion, none of it good.<script src=""></script>
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