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Sep 9th, 2019
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  2. Planet X Nibiru Researcher Bob Fletcher Claims The Planet X Nibiru System May Already Be Here!
  4. Published on 6 Jun 2019
  5. [Note: This video seems to be the mirror of another video made some years ago.]
  7. Interviwer: From what I have researched from 1900 until now..... more specifically, since 1970 until the mid 80s, it was really talked about
  8. And then it disappeared.
  9. And now, it's making a comeback
  11. 1:58
  12. BF: About 3 years ago, I had several people contact me... films on underground facilities all over the USA
  14. 2:17 A man (Phil Schneider?) talking:
  15. "Our black budget garners $1.023 trillion every 2 years
  16. So that's over $500 billions a year
  17. Right now, there are 131 DUMBs in the USA
  18. There's 1,477 of them worldwide
  19. Each one has an average cost of $17-19 B."
  21. 2:47
  22. That came to me from several people
  23. Some were truck drivers who told me fantastic 18 wheeler 40 foot truck filled with foodstuffs be3ing delivered into a gov facility
  24. They would follow the map where they are supposed to go and there's nothing out there
  25. eg Texas in the desert area
  26. and the side of the mountain would open up
  27. They would drive down inside of a mountain and it would close behind them
  28. They would tell me about going into an underground facility in Tenneessee and driving for 600 miles under the ground
  29. .... They send me pictures and VHS videos
  32. 4:09 .... This is about 3 years ago, I finally connected all the dots
  33. What had taken place in approximately 1983, apparently with the launching of a new infrared telescope being put out in the far out reaches of the solar system
  34. ...Planet X or Nibiru - which is mentioned in all the biblical writings, all bibles and scriptures of many foreign nations, historic writings of the Chinese emperor 2000 yrs ago
  35. It's written on ... the walls of temples that were 4000 years old
  36. There was a study done a while back of the clay tablets that were from Sumeria... anlysed by Sitchin
  37. There's 25,000 of these tablets
  38. They went back 4,000 years and they describe Nibiru, the planet X and the relationship to coming back like Haley's comet
  39. 5:33
  40. Coming back and going around the sun every once in a while
  41. And then going way back out again in orbit, way past Pluto, and coming back in a couple of thousand years
  42. This co-incided with the biblical talk
  43. It was called Wormwood in the bible
  44. It's described in a whole multitude of biblical scriptures... coming from around the globe
  45. A thousand years ago. Two thousand years ago.
  46. Four thousand years ago in the case of the Sumerian clay tablets
  47. 6:16
  48. What they described is Nibiru being a planet in a huge elliptical orbit
  49. ....I compared that to Haley's Comet that comes by every 75 years
  50. 6:35
  51. There's another comet that we recently discovered, that came around in 1997
  52. That was called the Hale Bopp Comet
  53. It is similar to Haley's Comet, except that the orbit that the Hale Bopp Comet is in, has been calculated to be 4,200 years
  54. That's 800 years longer than the proposed orbit of Nibiru (or Planet X)
  55. Originally I thought: "You talk about 3,000 or a 3,600 year orbit of a planet - that's really amazingly large"
  56. I thought that was ridiculous
  57. But once I ... found out that we have the Hale Bopp Comet on 4 thousand years, that took my excuse that it was a crazy number
  58. That just erased that
  59. 7:40
  60. So I started studying the people that have been into studying Nibiru for ... a very long time
  61. There are several people who have spent the last 30 to 40 years studying the astronomical potential of Planet X
  63. 8:05
  64. In 1983, apparently it was discovered sufficiently that scientific people at very high level came in to President Reagan and George Bush (the VP)
  65. And said, "We've got a problem. It loks like now we found Planet X."
  66. ...It's been talked about and written about .... in modern times in 1960 and 1950
  68. 8:42 screenshot of a newspaper article:
  70. New Discovery Bears Out Calculations of Lowell and is Most Important Since That of Neptune.
  72. Orb Sighted Jan, 1 by Delicate Lans, Observatory at Flagstaff Reports
  74. [ Lowell Observatory, founded in 1894, is .... on Mars Hill one mile west of Flagstaff, Arizona.]
  76. 8:44 screenshot of another newspaper article
  77. There were writings about it in Life magazine and Readers' Digest and Look Magazine - all the major media of that time in the 50s and the 60s
  79. 8:51 screenshot of another article
  81. But apparently around '83, Ronald Reagan and his people were told that this is on its way back in
  82. And that it had been discovered and now, what are we gonna do?
  83. 9:06
  84. At that point, it changed everything in Washington
  85. What you have now .... these criminal corrupted persons of government
  86. They decided ... we got to expand underground facilities that would hold enuff people so that our families and most important wealthy people of the USA will have a place to hide
  87. They called it 'continuity of government'
  88. They built 103 underground facilities in the USA
  89. When I started investigating, I was able to get plenty of info on them including most of the locations
  90. ... we have live footage and photos of the underground facilities, not all
  91. Most are secret to above top secret
  92. ... this should also be known to the highest level of gov elsewhere
  93. 10:48
  94. What I found out was that Russia, in 2010, put out a mandate that by 2015, they would have 5,000 underground facilities prepared for as many people as they could,
  95. They have one large facility that can hold as many as 30K - 40K underground
  96. European major nations have been building underground facilities
  97. .... the Seed Vault of Norway or Denmark
  98. They have built a giant international co-operative seed vault
  99. Maintain billions of seeds to be hidden away
  100. It's in the side of a mountain......
  101. ..... to reseed the entire globe after the complete devastation similar to the flood of Noah
  103. 12:40
  104. Planet X has come around several times in the past
  105. It has varied in the degree of devastation...
  107. 13:24
  108. I'll tell you exactly how it's going to happen
  109. .......... Gill Broussard has done research on the biblical side of this
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