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  1. #main Routine
  2. print("------------------------------------------------------------------------")
  3. print('''Welcome to password Locker, a place where you can
  4. store all your passwords to easily enter your precious accounts without
  5. hassle.''')
  6. print("------------------------------------------------------------------------")
  8. print('''First lets make an account,''')
  9. first_name = input('''What is your first name?
  10. ''')
  11. print('''----------------------------------''')
  13. sur_name = input('''What is your surname name?
  14. ''')
  15. print('''----------------------------------''')
  16. username = input('''Welcome, {} {}
  17. what would you like your username to be, it should be something
  18. memorable and no longer than ten charecters long
  19. '''.format(first_name, sur_name))
  20. locker_password = input('''Now it's time to setup a password for your locker, It should be between
  21. 4 and 10 charecters long
  22. ''')
  23. print('''{}, is locked in thanks for joining Password Locker'''.format(locker_password)) ```
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