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May 11th, 2018
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  1. We are the dream wanderer, we spawn in the dream realm, not much is known about us or how'd we end up there, neither it is important to the story
  2. The goal of the dream wanderer, at first at least, is to escape the place, and the green skull (also known as murray) is the one assisting in the escape
  3. After defeating the guardian in Bio's level and jumping into the portal, we get teleported to another dream fortress, one that is in the middle of absorbing an attack from the nightmare coalition
  4. The nightmare coalition captures the dream wanderer and strips him of his stuff, including murray
  5. The nightmare coalition attempts to experiment on the mysterious dream wanderer, part of it that involves sawing him, but something malfunctions
  6. The dream wanderer takes the slice hammer, finds murray and escapes the prison of the skull
  7. They then get teleported to the frozen cave, and are once again attacked along the way
  8. The nightmare coalition follows them and from here it's understandable that the dream wanderer has two types of enemies chasing him down
  9. Murray informs the dream wanderer about the nightmare coalition in brief detail, about them being against the dream servants and the masters and the war between them
  10. Later on, the dream wanderer and murray meet up with the red skull who works for the master, and attempts to kill murray and trap the dream wanderer
  11. The red skull is also the brother of murray
  12. He attempts to kill them due to the crimes they've commited and for awakening the old war between the dream servants and the nightmare coalition
  13. We kill the red skull, hop through a portal
  14. In Pan's level, we place murray onto a skull altar so that he may unlock a barrier, and the altar is unpure and corrupts murray, and we have to find clean water to purify him with
  15. The dream wanderer sets out to find clean water, but the water is poisonous, so he aggravates one of the master's skulls in the area in order to use that skull to purify the poisonous water
  16. Once done, he purifies murray, who senses more skulls and power conduits and leads the dream wanderer to it
  17. There, we meet the second skull, Stefan, with a snarky and silly attitude
  18. He works for the master, but after his small army being wiped out easily by the dream wanderer, he surrenders and pleads for mercy
  19. He decides that he is tired of working for the master, and wishes to accompany the dream wanderer, in return of more magical power
  20. After a short moment of doubt, the dream wanderer and murray agree, and stefan proceeds to explain the way to hurt the masters - which is to destroy the power conduits giving them powers over their minions
  21. The dream wanderer sets out to destroy those power conduits, but before they manage to proceed, the nightmare coalition already manages to destroy the conduits themselves and gain control over the master's minions
  22. With the nightmare coalition now in control of the master's servants, they attempt to kill the dream wanderer, and the trio has to come up with a new plan
  23. After a detailed explanation of the past of the realm, we learn of the dream weavers, powerful warriors who'd protect the dream realm from the nightmare coalition
  24. But in the end they were all wiped out, except for one which stefan manages to sense and teleports the dream wanderer and murray to
  25. As they teleport out, the nightmare coalition troops inform a person which we do know who he is, and is only referred to as "Unknown Voice", but he can be presumed to be a higher-up at the nightmare coalition, that the dream wanderer and murray escaped
  26. They suggest of sending in more troops to find them, but Mr. Big Dude commands them not to, saying he will tend to this matter himself
  27. In Koda's level, the trio meets up with the dreamweaver, who is revealed to be frozen in a master's prison cell build
  28. The dreamweaver insists that there is absolutely no way to release him, but what the dream wanderer can do is absorb the dreamweaver's almighty power
  29. However, that would require sacrificing both skulls to get enough energy to do so
  30. The dream wanderer places both skulls in their altars, and proceeds to merge with the dreamweaver
  31. In the middle of the process, at the Dream Wanderer's weak moment, Mr. Big Dude arrives and captures him
  32. Unluckily for Mr. Big Dude however, a dream warrior from a higher realm stops him from taking the dream wanderer, and snatches the dream wanderer himself, and transports him to what is known as the "Heaven Realm"
  33. That however helps Mr. Big Dude detect the location of the heaven realm, and he quickly swarms in the mind-controlled master's servants to re-capture the dream wanderer from there
  34. Jesus this is longer than I expected
  35. deletThis2
  36. The dream wanderer spawns in the heaven realm, and the dream warrior informs him of what he must now do
  37. He informs him that the dream wanderer has come far and with the last dreamweaver's power, he is the only being able to do damage to the master
  38. noam 2000 - 04/25/2018
  39. He must now travel to the nightmare realm to confront the master
  40. DeVo★stator's life is bullied - 04/25/2018
  41. basically to sum it up, the last 3 levels are in the nightmare realm
  42. noam 2000 - 04/25/2018
  43. He is of course still being chased by Mr. Big Dude, who fails to capture the dream wanderer in the heaven realm, and is most likely going to follow him into the nightmare realm
  44. Thanadrax - 04/25/2018
  45. please pin plot
  46. DeVo★stator's life is bullied - 04/25/2018
  47. so most important things to note:
  49. - we need to reveal who that Mr. Big Dude will be
  50. - we need to learn more about the nightmare realm
  51. - in the end we need to face the master which I will refer to as the Nightmare Lord for now
  52. fits him kinda better
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