Kain't Keep Track of All This Shit Happening

May 15th, 2013
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  2. [09:27:14] <Amaryllis> Probably Treno?
  3. [09:27:26] <Carbuncle> WHAT WE DID
  4. [09:27:32] <Carbuncle> WAS WE DICKED AROUND ON THE SUB
  5. [09:27:36] <Carbuncle> POSSIBLY KISSING EACH OTHER
  6. [09:27:37] <Carbuncle> AND THEN
  7. [09:27:42] <Carbuncle> WARPED TO NEW CLEYRA
  8. [09:27:46] <Carbuncle> WHERE AMMY FELL IN A HOLE
  9. [09:27:49] <Carbuncle> AND NAT DERPED AROUND
  10. [09:27:59] <@Kain> Okay, Lenore
  11. [09:27:59] <Carbuncle> WE TIED LENNY UP AND FORCED HER TO COME WITH US
  12. [09:28:03] <@Kain> Where do you start your hunt?
  13. [09:28:05] <Carbuncle> THEN WE WENT TO TRENO?
  14. [09:28:12] <Lenore> Let's start in Treno!
  15. [09:28:25] <Lenore> Because Bishop, Mom, dropping off Blade's stuff, etc~
  16. [09:29:04] * Carbuncle warps to Treno then curls back into catform, sitting on Lenny's shoulder for the ride.
  17. [09:29:23] <@Kain> The setting is Treno, in the dead of night. It's always the dead of night in Treno. A hive of scum and villainy, this place is, its streets running black with grime and pollution, and the blood of those who can't eke out a living in this wretched hellhole.
  18. [09:29:39] <Carbuncle> Not really giving a quarter of a fuck if people are like 'WHOA THAT STRANGE ANIMAL LOOKS LIKE AN EIDOLON IN A BOOK I READ ONCE' or anything.
  19. [09:30:12] <@Kain> Where to first?
  20. [09:30:43] * Lenore first off heads to the Renegade Estate, because fuck if she can remember where Bishop is, might have to bug Dad about that. Off she goes circling around multiple times and then spinning around until it shows up, and then she walks right in~
  21. [09:31:43] <Amaryllis> Of inconsequential note, Ammy would've asked to bring Noah around so he could be audience to her storytelling later, but he's probably off doing something else in Treno for the moment for the sake of narrative convenience.
  22. [09:31:49] <@Kain> You arrive in the midst of people actually sweeping and washing the cobblestone of the street as preparations are made for Treno's yearly fireworks festival on New Years. There's actually quite a bit of activity, this is one of the few things that even the poor get to enjoy. You push your way through crowds, avoiding pickpockets as you head over to the dickass wizard's house.
  23. [09:33:11] <@Kain> Shortly, you arrive at Chateau Renegade, the lights turning on as you enter.
  24. [09:34:02] * Carbuncle quite possibly uses Lenny's breadhead as a scratching post. Maybe.
  25. [09:34:19] * Lenore pops right on in, Nat on shoulder, giving the whole Chateau a "Hey Lenore's baaaaack~ ♥" as she enters, and then heading for Blade's room to check if he's still resting or if he's out and about
  26. [09:34:27] <@Kain>, you don't immediately see Elena as you enter, but Bruno is napping on the couch. Bad behemoth, he's not allowed on the furniture!
  27. [09:34:40] <Amaryllis> Does the hat rack try to take Nat off of Lenore as we walk in?
  28. [09:34:46] * Carbuncle waves to him anyway! Who cares if he's asleep?
  29. [09:34:52] <@Kain> Yes it does!
  30. [09:35:00] <Amaryllis> Yesss.
  31. [09:35:02] <@Kain> Yoink!
  32. [09:35:06] * Carbuncle meows furiously.
  33. [09:35:06] * Lenore would shoo him off, but he's sleeping and waking Bruno suddenly is ALWAYS a bad idea
  34. [09:35:24] * Amaryllis stifles a laugh at Nat's predicament.
  35. [09:35:31] <Carbuncle> 3;-;
  36. [09:35:31] <@Kain> You hear odd grunts and groans from Blade's room as you head that way.
  37. [09:35:42] <@Kain> The door is wedged open juuust a bit.
  38. [09:35:42] * Lenore jumps up and pulls Nat out, scolding the hatrack. "Heeey, can't you tell the difference between a hat and a cat?"
  39. [09:36:02] <Lenore> Once she's over at Blade's room she knocks~
  40. [09:36:04] <Carbuncle> "3It's only one letter..."
  41. [09:36:14] <@Kain> The hatrack doesn't respond. It never responds. Typical hatrack. :C
  42. [09:36:16] * Carbuncle slinks over to Lenny's OTHER shoulder and wraps her tails around herself.
  43. [09:36:24] <@Kain> Alexis: "Come in."
  44. [09:36:49] * Lenore walks in. "Hey~! We're back from Kraken's palace!"
  45. [09:36:55] <Carbuncle> The cat doesn't change back, despite none of these people even knowing what she is probably. Maybe she just forgot?
  46. [09:37:06] <Lenore> "Although it actually isn't his!"
  47. [09:37:48] <Carbuncle> "3It's ours now~ ... Nnnnokay not really. Neat place though."
  48. [09:37:49] <@Kain> The armored woman is standing at Blade's bedside, leaning over him and working furiously on something. Blade is gritting his teeth, and looks over at the door in confusion.
  49. [09:38:04] <Carbuncle> "3By the way, hi!" Pawwave.
  50. [09:38:07] <@Kain> Blade: "What."
  51. [09:38:13] <Amaryllis> "Greetings again." Ammy follows behind the others.
  52. [09:38:33] * Lenore pulls her hat off and starts rummaging for Blade's things. "I blew him up extra extra good for you!"
  53. [09:38:57] <@Kain> Alexis glances over her shoulder, and steps back, bringing the bandages she was holding with her. Seems like she just got through replacing the ones around Blade's waist.
  54. [09:39:18] <@Kain> Blade: "What... So easily?"
  55. [09:39:34] * Carbuncle runs her tails along Lenore's hair. "3Yup, I made her spells even better! It was actually really easy!"
  56. [09:39:40] <@Kain> Blade: "You don't even look hurt... I mean I'm glad, but..."
  57. [09:39:50] <Carbuncle> "3My healing."
  58. [09:39:55] * Carbuncle tailbrush.
  59. [09:40:34] <Amaryllis> "Maliris made the mistake of wielding your sword into battle. I relieved her of it and borrowed it."
  60. [09:40:41] <Amaryllis> "I hope you don't mind."
  61. [09:41:10] <@Kain> Blade: "That must have been the other one I saw with him... As long as you made them pay dearly I'm fine with that."
  62. [09:41:12] * Lenore finally pulls out Blade's Sword, laying it down gently on the nightstand, and then starts rummaging for the shield and Undying Rage. "It wasn't easy, but it helped that we knew ahead of time he was gonna' try to drown us, so we made preparations to make that not work!"
  63. [09:41:24] <@Kain> He sits up, a bit uneasily, then grabs Castrophes, looking over it.
  64. [09:42:01] <@Kain> -s
  65. [09:42:08] <@Kain> Blade: "...If I had just managed to avoid drowning, I wouldn't have lost..."
  66. [09:42:16] <Amaryllis> *Catastrophe? :3
  67. [09:42:17] * Kain is now known as Blade
  68. [09:42:32] <Lenore> ^
  69. [09:42:34] <@Blade> that.
  70. [09:42:58] <Lenore> "Don't worry, it's not like what we did to prevent it was something most people could do! Leviathan owed us a favor, you see..."
  71. [09:43:00] * Carbuncle spreads her tails to the side and yaaaaaaaawns. "3Yeah, yeah, well we didn't and we kicked his ass. Or his... tenta... cles? However that goes."
  72. [09:43:06] <@Blade> Blade: "...The two of you, and your other friend have my thanks for keeping Lena safe." he says to Amaryllis.
  73. [09:43:47] <@Blade> "As well as thanks to all of you for recovering these..." he attempts to push out of bed.
  74. [09:44:23] <@Blade> Alexis: "Sit." she practically orders, and pushes him back into bed.
  75. [09:44:25] * Carbuncle thumps Lenny on the back. "3Donnnn't mention it! I had a mission to do down there too. So, two chocobos with one laser beam!"
  76. [09:44:43] * Lenore jumps a little. "Ah! Blade, don't get out of bed when you're hurt like that!" She runs over to him and is about to push him back when Alexis does it for her~
  77. [09:45:11] <Amaryllis> "You're welcome. It seems your sword was not the only legendary weapon the fiends sought, however."
  78. [09:45:16] <@Blade> Blade grumbles a bit. "I'm fine. This is something magic should have been able to handle days ago, though..."
  79. [09:45:30] <@Blade> He looks up at Nat, then at Ammy.
  80. [09:45:38] <Amaryllis> "Unhealing wounds?"
  81. [09:45:45] * Lenore tilts her head. "Huuuh..."
  82. [09:45:54] <@Blade> "Not exactly... I think I'm just... developing a resistance to white magic."
  83. [09:46:14] <Carbuncle> "3Is that even really a thing?"
  84. [09:46:17] <Carbuncle> ... fuck
  85. [09:46:18] <Amaryllis> (does Ammy know of any connection between this and dark sword shenanigans?)
  86. [09:46:29] <Carbuncle> "3Is that even really a thing?"
  87. [09:46:30] <@Blade> "...I don't know, but it's the only thing that makes sense at this point."
  88. [09:46:34] <@Blade> You don't, Ammy.
  89. [09:46:37] <Lenore> "Hmmmm, well..."
  90. [09:46:52] <Amaryllis> "And the same for potions?"
  91. [09:46:55] <Lenore> "We know someone who might be able to heal you with Green Magic, that's a thing, you know!"
  92. [09:47:14] <Lenore> "...although it's not as fast as White..."
  93. [09:47:24] <@Blade> His eyes narrow. "What the hell is Green... no, no don't bother, actually."
  94. [09:47:24] <Carbuncle> "3I um... don't think healing is what Green Magic does, Lenny..."
  95. [09:47:25] <Lenore> "Regeneration is under Green, isn't it?"
  96. [09:47:29] <Carbuncle> "3... Is it?"
  97. [09:47:48] * Carbuncle shakes her cathead. "3Nnnnnah, that's something I can do. Want me to try it?"
  98. [09:47:49] <Lenore> "...uh...I guess that was more of a guess..."
  99. [09:47:53] <Lenore> 2d6 Truth
  100. [09:47:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Truth: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  101. [09:48:00] <Lenore> (WHOA WHAT)
  102. [09:48:00] <Carbuncle> "3I mean, I guess I AM green..."
  103. [09:48:14] * Carbuncle looks down at her fur, then starts idly licking a paw.
  104. [09:48:32] <Lenore> (ANCIENT TIME)
  105. [09:48:34] <Amaryllis> "Do you know what could have caused this?"
  106. [09:48:39] <Carbuncle> (holy penises batman)
  107. [09:48:44] <@Blade> (Warp, Flare Star, Meteor, or Slowaga)
  108. [09:48:53] <@Blade> *Meteo
  109. [09:49:16] <Amaryllis> "As far as I know, there's nothing within the Dark Sword arts that would cause such an affliction."
  110. [09:49:21] <@Blade> "Not a clue."
  111. [09:50:15] <Carbuncle> "3Oh, I got it! It has to be... being too edgy!" Tails swishing around, she turns to Ammy with a glare. "3Ammy, you better make sure you don't ever get that edgy, okay?"
  112. [09:50:20] <Lenore> ("Hey Blade, I want you to hold onto Ammy's Fire Proof absorb Shadow, right? Anyone got a HOly resist item?")
  113. [09:51:01] <@Blade> (He absorbs fire too)
  114. [09:51:06] <Lenore> (Oh shit)
  115. [09:51:08] <Amaryllis> "Nat, what the hell?" Ammy crosses her arms and looks a little pouty. "I am -not- 'edgy'."
  116. [09:51:10] <Lenore> (oh shit)
  117. [09:51:20] <Lenore> "Nnnnnngh, think...think..."
  118. [09:51:37] <Lenore> "...a-anyone have a Holy resist item? Ummm..."
  119. [09:51:42] <Carbuncle> "3Good, then you'll never be immune to my healing~"
  120. [09:51:44] <Amaryllis> (if it were that easy I'd just have Ammy start stabbing him wtih shadow damage)
  121. [09:51:48] <@Blade> "...What are you planning, Lena?"
  122. [09:52:12] <Lenore> "Something suddenly popped into my head, it's really weird! Um, Brother, what are your magical resistances?"
  123. [09:52:32] <@Blade> "....I'm healed by shadow and fire energy, why?"
  124. [09:52:41] <Carbuncle> "3Holy, holy, holy... uhhh I think that's what I ATTACK with..."
  125. [09:52:47] * Lenore widefaces
  126. [09:53:11] <Lenore> "Ammy Ammy Ammy you have any Holy proof food or anything like that? Or could you make some? Or..." 8D
  127. [09:53:27] <@Blade> "..." Okay, now Blade looks worried.
  128. [09:53:27] <Amaryllis> "I...would need to find the ingredients for that."
  129. [09:53:41] <@Blade> Alexis: "...check the kitchen."
  130. [09:53:57] <Carbuncle> "3T-There's food that makes my attacks not work?" Now Nat looks worried too.
  131. [09:54:06] <Amaryllis> "On hand, I have...oh bloody hell, are you going to explode the entire room trying to heal him with an offensive spell?"
  132. [09:54:08] <Lenore> "We'll be right back really quick!" She starts dragging Ammy to the kitchen
  133. [09:54:40] <@Blade> He looks at Alexis as Lenny drags Ammy out.
  134. [09:54:48] <Amaryllis> "-Never- go into the medical profession, Lenore." Ammy is dragged, this time by a different genki girl in the party for once.
  135. [09:54:51] <@Blade> "...Am I really 'edgy'?"
  136. [09:55:07] <@Blade> Alexis: "I don't think I need to answer that, Blade."
  137. [09:55:39] <Lenore> "I already am, what with Alchemy! So I think it's too late, Ammy~ ☆" She starts raiding cabinets once they get to the kitchen.
  138. [09:56:08] <Amaryllis> "If you really wish to try something like that, I could simply stab him with shadow energy."
  139. [09:56:15] <Amaryllis> "There would be much less in the way of collateral damage."
  140. [09:56:19] <Lenore> "This is way way better!"
  141. [09:56:41] <Carbuncle> "3Long as you're having fun, Lenny~" Tailthump tailthump.
  142. [09:57:01] <@Blade> 1,1Flare Star is a single target spell, what collateral damage?
  143. [09:57:04] <Amaryllis> "At least try to contain the spell to a small area then. Perhaps concentrate it into an item or a weapon? Can you do that?"
  144. [09:57:34] <Amaryllis> (That is a dumb way of thinking about spells and collateral damage and you're dumb D:<)
  145. [09:57:35] <Lenore> "I could have Nat Shell the whole room! And besides, this is a very focused spell, actually!"
  146. [09:58:13] * Amaryllis gives up arguing and looks over the food, trying to identify from her expertise what the holy proof food would be.
  147. [09:58:14] <Carbuncle> "3Yup, 13Pearl Light 3does that! I could Reflect everyone else too maybe..."
  148. [09:58:40] <Carbuncle> 1,1Ruby Juice?
  149. [09:58:46] <Lenore> "Oh! I could bounce it off you, too!"
  150. [09:58:53] <Amaryllis> "Do we want a powerful, apparently multi-elemental? spell reflecting between all of us through the house and Treno?"
  151. [09:58:56] <Carbuncle> "3~"
  152. [09:59:15] <@Blade> Hmm....
  153. [09:59:30] <Carbuncle> "3Well um... okay MAYBE not. At least it'd sure look cool!"
  154. [09:59:49] <Amaryllis> (can I roll cooking so we don't grab the wrong thing and get blown up? :D)
  155. [10:00:15] <Lenore> (Alternatively could I roll Lore: Magic to identify MAGICAL FOOD?)
  156. [10:00:25] <@Blade> You look through the kitchen... this is actually pretty well stocked. Renegade keeps a lot of gourmet ingredients onhand, though you find some questionable things too, like pickled frogs and Qu spices. Either of you go for it!
  157. [10:00:39] <Amaryllis> faith~?
  158. [10:00:44] <Lenore> faith~?
  159. [10:00:54] * Carbuncle has two tails, and whaps both of them with one each.
  160. [10:00:57] <Carbuncle> Tails of Faith.
  161. [10:01:01] <@Blade> There's a distinct lack of spicy things however, except for the one bottle of dead pepper sauce Blade apparently brought with him.
  162. [10:01:04] * Amaryllis puts on her chef's hat as she stands in the center of the kitchen looking over it all from the center of the room.
  163. [10:01:15] * @Blade slaps Cast's shit
  164. [10:01:16] <Amaryllis> -redundancy
  165. [10:01:19] <Lenore> 2d6+5+2 MAGIC LORE
  166. [10:01:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, MAGIC LORE: 15 [2d6=2,6]
  167. [10:01:25] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6+2+2
  168. [10:01:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6+2+2: 21 [2d6=5,6]
  169. [10:01:33] <Carbuncle> you people
  170. [10:02:26] <@Blade> I'm just going to say that's your synth roll. Lenore identifies some angel food cake mix and passes it over to Ammy.
  171. [10:02:44] <Carbuncle> (oh that is clever)
  172. [10:02:50] <Lenore> (^^^)
  173. [10:03:08] <Lenore> "Oh, Ammy, make sure it's not really sweet!"
  174. [10:03:42] <Amaryllis> "What, should I add the dead pepper sauce instead of sugar?" Ammy raises her eyebrow at cake without sweetness.
  175. [10:04:06] * Amaryllis sighs and cuts out part of the sugar measurements.
  176. [10:04:09] <Carbuncle> "3Ooh, a spicy cake? That sounds delicious!"
  177. [10:04:23] <Amaryllis> "And this is why you are not allowed to cook anymore, Nat."
  178. [10:04:25] <Lenore> "Well, I guess a little sweet might work...but...he really dislikes sweet food. But maybe the spice might work, he's really into spicy things!"
  179. [10:04:25] <Carbuncle> Star Ocean fanboys throw tomatoes at the screen.
  180. [10:04:41] <Carbuncle> "3Nnnnnn."
  181. [10:05:16] <Lenore> (I continue to wonder if Raine's mention of "Wouldn't a spicy cake be great!?" in ToS is a reference to SO2)
  182. [10:05:51] <Amaryllis> "I worry that may interfere with the rest of the recipe." Ammy finishes mixing together the batter and sets it into a cake tray.
  183. [10:06:05] <Amaryllis> "In any case, there is much less sugar in this cake than normal."
  184. [10:06:21] <Carbuncle> (What do you mean 2, ALL SOs had spicy cake)
  185. [10:06:29] <@Blade> Not adding the dead pepper sauce?
  186. [10:06:32] <Lenore> (Oh, didn't notice)
  187. [10:07:08] <Carbuncle> 1,1What you should add is ooh la la
  188. [10:07:09] * Lenore continues to annoy Ammy abou tthe sauce
  189. [10:07:21] * Carbuncle continues to join Lenny in such, being giggly about it as usual.
  190. [10:07:27] <Amaryllis> "Fine, fine, I'll pour the bloody sauce on as icing for Blade's slice."
  191. [10:07:37] <Amaryllis> (oh. my. god.)
  192. [10:07:44] <Lenore> "Yay~"
  193. [10:07:47] <Amaryllis> (who has the ooh la la? wait, Ammy has some of it. hm)
  194. [10:07:50] <Carbuncle> "3Yaaay!"
  195. [10:07:51] <Lenore> (I will slap your shit)
  196. [10:07:58] <Lenore> (Lenny does, and she's scared to bring it out)
  197. [10:08:06] <Carbuncle> (... for real though jilted bride's sorrow would work too)
  198. [10:08:11] <Carbuncle> (he's SO edgy it might make him smiley)
  199. [10:08:19] <Carbuncle> (like a pac-man effect)
  200. [10:08:25] <Lenore> (Nono, do Spring Day)
  201. [10:08:30] <Carbuncle> (oh jesus)
  202. [10:08:42] <Carbuncle> (... Let's actually just do none of those things and never speak of it again)
  203. [10:08:45] * Amaryllis briefly considers the hilarity of spiking the cake. She then remembers what Catastrophe did and that it can probably be used without Darkside and still hurt like hell, so she thinks otherwise.
  204. [10:08:56] <Lenore> (...good idea)
  205. [10:09:01] <@Blade> Created three slices of diabetic-friendly angel food cake! And one slice of Spicy Cake!
  206. [10:09:22] <@Blade> ...the slices are each a fourth of the cake.
  207. [10:09:24] <@Blade> how does this work
  208. [10:09:34] <Lenore> (SHURG)
  209. [10:09:52] * Lenore leads Ammy up the stairs with the cake~
  210. [10:09:56] * Amaryllis hurts herself enough without someone wailing on her with a legendary weapon. no need for that. She does contemplate adding a drop of Spring Day into a glass of milk or something though...
  211. [10:10:01] <Amaryllis> Nah.
  212. [10:10:07] * Amaryllis is dragged again. ;_;
  213. [10:10:19] <@Blade> Draaaaaaag. You're dragged back to Blade's room.
  214. [10:10:24] * Carbuncle enjoys her new home on Ammy's shoulder.
  215. [10:10:30] <Amaryllis> (Cait actually ate half the cake while we weren't looking, and the slices are quarters of the remaining half)
  216. [10:10:38] <@Blade> "....but is it a BAD thing." he's still talking with Alexis.
  217. [10:10:48] <Carbuncle> "3Hi!"
  218. [10:10:58] <@Blade> He looks over, raising an eyebrow.
  219. [10:11:12] <Lenore> "We have cake! Made not-very-sweet, just for you! Ammy even had spice topping on the icing!"
  220. [10:11:18] <@Blade> "A... cake."
  221. [10:11:20] <Amaryllis> "Lenore insisted." Ammy hands over the spicy cake with a sigh.
  222. [10:11:23] <@Blade> "A cake."
  223. [10:11:26] <@Blade> "...."
  224. [10:11:35] <Amaryllis> "Are you too edgy for cakes?"
  225. [10:11:37] <@Blade> "Well, as long as you flavored it right I guess I'll give it a shot..."
  226. [10:11:44] <@Blade> He just glares at you for that.
  227. [10:11:51] * Carbuncle yaaaaaawns.
  228. [10:11:59] * Lenore is about to insist on him to eat it but then Ammy says that and she...staaaares...
  229. [10:12:13] <Carbuncle> "3'Sokay, Ammy's cakes are the best! ... I think. I know Ammy's other food is all the best so this is PROBABLY pretty good."
  230. [10:12:44] <@Blade> He takes the cake and reluctantly digs into it with a fork. "..."
  231. [10:12:58] <@Blade> He manages to put it all down after a minute.
  232. [10:13:00] <@Blade> "..."
  233. [10:13:02] <@Blade> "Not bad, I guess."
  234. [10:13:20] <@Blade> "...going to have to put in extra training to burn it off, though."
  235. [10:13:27] * Lenore leans in to Ammy and whispers. "That means he really likes it.
  236. [10:13:35] <Lenore> "Okay!"
  237. [10:13:37] <Lenore> "Now!"
  238. [10:13:38] <Carbuncle> "3So um, what were you gonna do next, Lenny?"
  239. [10:13:46] * Carbuncle perks both tails up.
  240. [10:13:52] * Amaryllis nods.
  241. [10:14:01] <Lenore> "Everyone but me and Nat and Blade should get out of the room, this spell is really focused, I'm pretty sure, but just in case it's best to be safe!"
  242. [10:14:23] <@Blade> Alexis hesitates, but she gets out and watches from beyond the door.
  243. [10:14:25] <Carbuncle> "3Gotcha! Which Light am I gonna use?"
  244. [10:14:31] <Amaryllis> "Should I leave as well?"
  245. [10:14:52] <Lenore> "Yes, just in case! Nat, I want you to use 4Ruby!"
  246. [10:14:53] <@Blade> Alexis: "I believe that is why she said that."
  247. [10:15:11] <Amaryllis> "I could put on my fire-proof armor and eat the cake." Ammy shrugs.
  248. [10:15:23] <Lenore> (God I want to hug Alexis until her head pops off)
  249. [10:16:16] <@Blade> Blade just watches Lenore through all this.
  250. [10:16:18] <Carbuncle> "3On... us or on him? Us, right?"
  251. [10:16:50] * Amaryllis wraps herself in the green fire-proof cloak thing and scoots out of the room anyway.
  252. [10:18:59] * Carbuncle leaps off Lenny's shoulder and does the Ruby Light pose, spinning and stalling in midair! Then... not unlike a Tales spellcaster, stalls in exactly that position while waiting for an answer on who the target.
  253. [10:19:10] <Carbuncle> Holding O/X/A/B/etc depending on which system/version it is.
  254. [10:19:26] * Lenore takes in a deep breath. "Us, of course!" She nods, before closing her eyes and beginning a chant. "Spirits of Heaven, come down to aid me. Spirits of Hell, enact your vengeance. Spirits of Creation, come forth and show the great calamity that created all! Give us a sample of Chaos becoming Order...4,1Flare 0,1Star!" Three explosions boom off of Nat, then ricochet right into
  255. [10:19:27] * Lenore Blade!
  256. [10:19:40] * Carbuncle releases and does just that~
  257. [10:20:22] <Carbuncle> "And Glitter, Like a Star! 4Ruby Light!!"
  258. [10:20:30] <Lenore> I guess I'll roll~.
  259. [10:20:59] <Lenore> 2d6+442 Shadow; 2d6+442 Fire; 2d6+442 Holy and it really doesn't do shit
  260. [10:21:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Shadow: 454 [2d6=6,6]; Fire: 451 [2d6=6,3]; Holy and it really doesn't do shit: 453 [2d6=6,5]
  261. [10:21:33] <Lenore> Oh wait
  262. [10:21:38] <Lenore> it does 26 more because of Focus, right.
  263. [10:21:47] <@Blade> The room fills with an intense burst of light and the room is bathed in the light of a dying star!
  264. [10:22:07] <Lenore> So that's 480, 477, 479
  265. [10:22:15] <@Blade> Blade is rocked with energy, and... his bandages just sort of rip off as his wounds seal up!
  266. [10:22:33] <Carbuncle> (... You know, was Lenny even considering how hard she'd kill her brother if that didn't work?)
  267. [10:23:09] * Lenore teeters and wobbles, trying to catch her breath. "Whoa-oa-oa that was tiring."
  268. [10:23:12] * Carbuncle lands back on Lenny's shoulders and puts on shades. No, really. She makes the illusion of ruby sunglasses over her eyes and watches through them.
  269. [10:22:20] * Amaryllis steps back into the room.
  270. [10:22:39] <@Blade> As the light fades, Blade and his bedsheets are pretty much obliterated, leaving him sitting on his bed in his boxers. He covers himself with a grimace and quickly stands to put his armor on.
  271. [10:23:06] <Lenore> "A-are you feeling better, Blade?"
  272. [10:23:24] <Carbuncle> "3Y'know, we probably could've picked an emptier room to do that in... Oh well~ ♪"
  273. [10:23:24] * Lenore ends up having to lean on the nightstand to not wobble wobble
  274. [10:23:28] <@Blade> "...That was... something else." he says, somewhat stunned, once he's got his modesty back. "...I feel great, actually."
  275. [10:23:50] <Amaryllis> "Lenore, perhaps you should lie down and rest?"
  276. [10:23:58] <@Blade> "That spell... how did you..."
  277. [10:24:28] * Carbuncle turns to face Lenny with concern, despite still being on her shoulder and all. "3Yeah... take it easy. That looked BIG."
  278. [10:24:30] <Amaryllis> "It was that potion, was it not? The 'shenanigans'?"
  279. [10:24:55] <@Blade> (Ametaryllis)
  280. [10:25:14] <Lenore> "I don't know! It just..." breath, pant. "...Popped into my head! That's been happening ever since I had that drink, all these spells start popping into my head and going away and yeah, the Shenanigans, Ammy!" Pant, pant.
  281. [10:25:46] <Amaryllis> (What? Lenore mentioned that before I'm pretty sure)
  282. [10:26:11] <@Blade> "...shenanigans? ...I have a feeling I don't want to know." he puts his ring back on a gauntleted finger, and slings the black shard of Void over his back, before sheathing catastrophe.
  283. [10:26:11] <Amaryllis> (the feeling a connection to the manafont and grabbing random spells shit)
  284. [10:26:45] <@Blade> Alexis: "Blade. Are you sure you feel alright." she asks, frowning.
  285. [10:26:50] <@Blade> ...not that you can see her frown.
  286. [10:27:08] <@Blade> "I'm fine now. ...Thanks, sis."
  287. [10:27:36] <Carbuncle> "3H-Hey, we helped too!" :<
  288. [10:28:30] * Lenore FINALLY finishes panting, her breath coming back to her. "You're welcome, Blade! G-good luck..."
  289. [10:28:42] <Amaryllis> "What shall you do now?"
  290. [10:28:50] * Lenore chugs an Elixir now oh god that drained all of her mental strength.
  291. [10:28:53] <@Blade> He glances at Nat and Ammy, and then mutters a quiet 'thanks' to them too.
  293. [10:29:04] <Carbuncle> NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  294. [10:29:07] <@Blade> You don't have an elixir right now!
  295. [10:29:08] <Lenore> (...*Ether)
  296. [10:29:11] <Carbuncle> "3~"
  297. [10:29:15] <Lenore> (Freudian Slip)
  298. [10:29:27] <Amaryllis> "You're welcome."
  299. [10:29:36] <Carbuncle> (Man, now I'm imagining what would happen if she DID make one and then accidentally drink it without thinking)
  300. [10:29:47] <Amaryllis> (summon the magus sisters in her belly)
  301. [10:29:48] <Carbuncle> "3No problem! We're always happy to help!"
  302. [10:30:09] <Carbuncle> "3Um... by the way, are Laney and Renny still here?"
  303. [10:30:11] <Amaryllis> (it's okay they'll just shrink to bug size and crawl up her throat)
  304. [10:30:12] <@Blade> "I should probably leave before the urge to confront my father again becomes stronger than it is even now. I'm not ready to face him, anyway."
  305. [10:30:31] <Lenore> "Yeah, I wanted to talk to Mom and Dad! They're around, right?"
  306. [10:30:31] * Amaryllis gives Lenore a concerned look at hearing what Blade just said.
  307. [10:31:08] <@Blade> "They're talking in the library or something. I don't know. Old man's been avoiding me this whole time."
  308. [10:31:08] * Carbuncle looks to Ammnore and rolls her eyes a bit. There's not really a gesture to pantomime that signifies 'edgy' otherwise she'd be doing that.
  309. [10:31:09] <Lenore> "...'stronger than it is even now'? W-wow, I think Nat's right about you being 'edgy'..."
  310. [10:31:24] <@Blade> "...W-what?"
  311. [10:31:37] <@Blade> "Come on, Lena, you don't mean that..."
  312. [10:31:49] * Amaryllis stifles a laugh again.
  313. [10:32:02] <Lenore> "...Blade, remember why you got mad at Dad in the first place? It was because Mom left, right?"
  314. [10:32:03] <Carbuncle> "3Oh, it's not like being edgy is bad. I mean think of it this way, if someone ever held an edgy contest you'd win grand prize!"
  315. [10:32:09] <Carbuncle> "3... Whatever that'd be."
  316. [10:32:30] <@Blade> "Probably an edge of some kind."
  317. [10:32:55] <@Blade> He looks over at Lenore. "...."
  318. [10:33:16] <Carbuncle> "3... Yeah, that could end up being something cool." She starts to say 'like a soul' but the meta-gods frown intensely.
  319. [10:33:25] <Amaryllis> "It would be a sword whose edge was forged of the darkest shadow, the hilt ground from the bones of the crafter's dead parents, slain by fallen angels and calling toward the wielder to take vengeance."
  320. [10:33:38] <Carbuncle> "3Exactly."
  321. [10:33:47] <Lenore> "And yet, here Mom and Dad are, together again, Mom went and treated you here, even, she's not gone, they're on good terms, they're even talking together and yet all you can think about is killing Dad when he's making up with Mom!"
  322. [10:33:59] <@Blade> "...I don't know if they are or not."
  323. [10:34:29] <Carbuncle> "3Well," The cat tries to stand on her hind legs and fold her front paws slightly. "3Why don't we just ask 'em?"
  324. [10:34:39] <Lenore> "I didn't fix you so you could go and beat up Dad and possibly get hurt that bad again! I healed you so that you could make up with Dad, and so that we can be a family again!"
  325. [10:34:49] <@Blade> "I... ...Lena..."
  326. [10:34:54] <@Blade> He slumps a bit.
  327. [10:34:56] <Lenore> "...In fact!"
  328. [10:35:04] * Lenore grabs Blade's wrist and drags him off to the library
  329. [10:35:09] <@Blade> "Hey!"
  330. [10:35:42] * Carbuncle hops back on Ammy's shoulder. "3Lenny sure is fun to be around."
  331. [10:35:57] * Amaryllis looks to Alexis and shrugs, then shuffles off after Lenade.
  332. [10:36:01] <Lenore> "We're fixing this right now and if you pull out that blade so help me I will put you back in that bed!"
  333. [10:36:06] <@Blade> He jerks his wrist free from Lenore. "Look, fine, I'll speak with him. Just... just give me a moment, alright?"
  334. [10:36:23] <@Blade> (I actually need to go right now)
  335. [10:36:29] <Lenore> (...oh, okay)
  336. [10:36:47] <Lenore> "...all right, I guess we'll go out for a bit, we had some things we had to look into anyway!"
  337. [10:36:49] <Amaryllis> (okay we can just K-ON for a while)
  338. [10:37:02] <Lenore> "And when I come back we're getting this done with." Glaaaare.
  339. [10:37:15] <Lenore> 2d6+7 Force intimidate >O
  340. [10:37:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Force intimidate >O: 12 [2d6=3,2]
  341. [10:37:22] <Carbuncle> (I actually need to run off too because that place closes at 2... eh that's in 3.5 hours though I can just find a point during the thing with less natfluence)
  342. [10:37:23] <Amaryllis> (roll your negotiate instead)
  343. [10:37:33] <@Blade> Lenore used Glare! It's super effective!
  344. [10:37:42] <Amaryllis> (and wave around my +2 negotiate knife)
  345. [10:37:47] <Amaryllis> (castfrompowergaming)
  346. [10:37:47] <Lenore> 2d6+8 Negotiate for snicks
  347. [10:37:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Negotiate for snicks: 13 [2d6=4,1]
  348. [10:37:50] * Blade is now known as Kain
  349. [10:38:03] <Lenore> "C'mon Nat, Ammy!"
  350. [10:39:09] * Lenore stomps out.
  351. [10:39:13] <Amaryllis> "...Did you really think -I- would turn edgy, Nat?" Ammy speaks up quietly as the three of them exit.
  352. [10:39:21] * Carbuncle giggles. "3I wanna tell Renny thanks for the tiara... but ohh, later!"
  353. [10:39:34] <Lenore> Making big stomps like the Norezilla she is
  354. [10:40:04] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah you bet. If only you could see yourself when fighting, Ammy... It's like, I'm almost more worried about how DARRRRK you come off than the whole hurting-yourself thing." :<
  355. [10:41:11] <Amaryllis> :< "It's shadow energy, of course it shall be dark."
  356. [10:41:41] <Carbuncle> "3Still! I don't think you'd ever get to HIS level. I mean, wooow."
  357. [10:42:00] * Lenore exhales, counting to 10 in her head. "Hoooo...."
  358. [10:42:34] * Carbuncle slides off Ammy's shoulder and WHOMPs on the ground in humanform.
  359. [10:42:38] * Carbuncle is now known as Natty
  360. [10:42:42] <Lenore> "I really shouldn't get angry like that, it's bad! I mean, look what happened when I got angry at Natalie, I almost blew up the whole hotel!" ;_;
  361. [10:43:10] <Natty> "Nnnf." Nat stands up, rubbing her forehead. "Yeah... he deserved it, though!"
  362. [10:43:23] <Natty> "(And this wasn't NEARLY as bad as that time.)" ;-;
  363. [10:44:08] <Amaryllis> "If you would like, I could help you learn meditation and other mental techniques to help with that. Balance and control are what I have most endeavored to learn in my time studying the Dark Sword, after all."
  364. [10:44:13] <Natty> "(I mean really! I met a horrormonster that's been eating my memories whole for years and copying everything I do except in a freaky nightmare way and I STILL think you were tons scarier!)"
  365. [10:44:45] * Lenore nods to Ammy and Nat. "M-maybe I should train like that, yeah..."
  366. [10:45:13] <Lenore> (And then Lenny switched to Dark Knight and became MORE DPS)
  367. [10:45:31] * Natty handhips with a grin. "It's okay though! You're you either way, and I like you-you!"
  368. [10:45:35] <Natty> (AAAAAAA STOP USING THAT TERM)
  369. [10:45:40] <Amaryllis> (mad)
  370. [10:45:45] <Lenore> (Teehee~)
  371. [10:45:58] * Lenore nodnods. "Thanks!"
  372. [10:46:30] <Amaryllis> "Once we are done with all this then, perhaps I shall put together a lesson. After all, I must still repay you for helping with Valerian's home. He finds it very cozy, by the way."
  373. [10:47:21] * Lenore claps her hands together, nodding. "Ah, that's great to hear!"
  374. [10:47:57] <Natty> "Oh yeah... speaking of 'being-you' and all that," Nat nervously puts a hand to her mouth in that uguu nervous animu loli way. "Um... there was something I kinda wanted to ask you guys."
  375. [10:48:13] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  376. [10:48:19] <Lenore> "Hm?"
  377. [10:49:13] * Natty twitches index fingers together. "Uhh, well... what would you think if I started looking different? I mean, not my REAL form or anything, just this one."
  378. [10:49:47] <Amaryllis> "I painted you in an older form, did I not? Like I said, there is someone who might like that one." Ammy grins a little.
  379. [10:50:28] <Natty> "Oh yeah," Nat nods, "He told me. I showed him."
  380. [10:50:54] <Amaryllis> "Oh, did you? What did he think?"
  381. [10:50:56] <Lenore> "Well, if you think that form's better for you, then go for it~!"
  382. [10:51:43] <Lenore> "Be the best you you can be!"
  383. [10:51:49] <Natty> "He still wants me to, yeah. Being little is fun and all..." She :<s then curves it into a grin. "But! Being big'd be good for kicking faces, yeah!"
  384. [10:51:54] * Natty shoots Lenny a thumbs-up.
  385. [10:52:12] <Natty> "So I paid some visits and asked around about it..."
  386. [10:52:34] <Natty> "And like, it turns out it's not a big deal or anything. It's just a thing Eidolons can do. Who knows, maybe I was some kinda master of it before I went amnesiac?"
  387. [10:52:45] <Amaryllis> "Visits? To whom?"
  388. [10:52:56] <Natty> "Sheevy~ Er I mean. Shiva."
  389. [10:53:53] <Natty> "Accordin' to her it's just magic that takes skill and practice."
  390. [10:54:16] <Natty> "So," she grabs Ammy's hand with a :D, "Maybe you'll eventually be able to do it too!"
  391. [10:54:45] <Amaryllis> "I like how I look now just fine, Nat." Ammy smiles back.
  392. [10:55:16] <Natty> "Pff," she narrows her eyes, "For NOW, sure."
  393. [10:55:28] <Amaryllis> "Whatever do you mean by that?"
  394. [10:56:04] <Natty> "But~ If you ever figure it out and I do too, wanna go around disguising ourselves again like I wrote about in my diary? I think it'd be a lot more fun than how my writing made it look if we're ACTUALLY changing forms all the time."
  395. [10:57:48] <Lenore> "It's not hard to change forms, you could just borrow the compact I got from the Magus Sisters~"
  396. [10:58:04] <Natty> "The... what."
  397. [10:58:06] <Amaryllis> "Hmm, perhaps in time, yes. I think I would like to live in a less hectic manner for a time after we are done with this business with the Crystal."
  398. [10:58:37] <Amaryllis> "See the new world in all its glory from the lackadaisical view of an airship instead of on the ground."
  399. [10:59:26] * Natty briefly sticks a tongue out at Ammy. "Yeah! No hurry or anything, we'll have plenty of time once I'm fixed," she looks at the ground for a second, "and my missions finished and all that."
  400. [11:01:11] <Amaryllis> "Plenty of time indeed."
  401. [11:01:33] * Lenore pulls out the compact mirror, popping it open. "Liiiike...this~!" As she gazes into it her skin changes to brown and her eyes turn green...then snap back to gold for some reason.
  402. [11:01:58] <Natty> TABLET PEN ACTIVATED
  403. [11:02:14] <Lenore> And then she changes back, of course~
  404. [11:02:48] <Lenore> Well after going. "You can make changes like this, although I don't think you can change how big or small you are, or anything but your skin and face!"
  405. [11:03:00] <Natty> "Whoa! That really DOES make it easier..." She pauses a minute. "Or.... oh."
  406. [11:03:14] <Natty> "Yeah, go figure."
  407. [11:03:45] <Lenore> "And the scissors I have let you change your hair color and style and length as you please, although I bet your hair is stuck in its color..."
  408. [11:03:55] <Natty> "E-Even if it did! I think I'd want to use MY magic for it anyway. 'Cause if I don't, I'll never get better..."
  409. [11:04:09] <Lenore> "Mmmm, oh well~"
  410. [11:04:18] * Lenore rehats the compact, then~
  411. [11:04:19] * Natty headtilts. "Really? It's not even the same color as my fur!"
  412. [11:04:37] <Natty> "I... actually still have no clue why THIS form is the one I chose, anyway."
  413. [11:04:58] <Natty> "There was probably some reason some long time ago, but that's buried somewhere in the memories I don't have..."
  414. [11:05:04] <Lenore> "Oh, it's not." She shakes her head a bit. "Maybe it is changable, then! And your eyes, too..." She pauses... "Did you already change your eyes?"
  415. [11:05:19] * Natty blinks. "No?"
  416. [11:05:29] <Lenore> "Why are they red, then?"
  417. [11:05:37] <Natty> (HAHAHA OH GOD)
  418. [11:05:48] <Amaryllis> (they aren't, Kain just changed that image, right?)
  419. [11:05:52] * Natty ellipsises and intuits a mirror. "Are... they?"
  420. [11:06:06] <Amaryllis> (I thought it was decided -Mary- had red eyes)
  421. [11:06:08] <Natty> (From WHAT I KNOW OF oh god now I'm paranoid kain PM'd everyone but me with "nat's eyes are actually red now")
  422. [11:06:13] <Natty> (Yeah, Mary's the one with red eyes)
  423. [11:06:19] <Lenore> (Oh no I thought it was for real)
  424. [11:06:21] <Natty> (fuck parenthesising though this is hilarious to me)
  425. [11:06:26] <Lenore> (Sorry I guess I goofed)
  426. [11:06:29] <Natty> (no keep it)
  427. [11:06:36] <Natty> (I'm p. sure she CAN do that anyway)
  428. [11:06:39] <Amaryllis> "What?" Ammy squints.
  429. [11:06:39] <Lenore> (well fine)
  430. [11:07:08] * Natty looks into a reflective surface - which is anything because bunclepowers - after blinking and they're blue. "No they're... not."
  431. [11:07:19] <Natty> BUT THEY SO WERE
  432. [11:07:21] <Lenore> "...maybe I was just seeing things, then!"
  433. [11:07:52] <Lenore> "Maybe I'm still a little gunked up from casting such a taxing spell...need a niiiiice glass of water or something!"
  434. [11:07:56] <Natty> "I know whose are~ Ooh, maybe I should go visit her again!"
  435. [11:08:15] * Natty looks around behind her. "... If she's here that'd be a little freaky, though."
  436. [11:08:19] <Natty> "She's good at stuff like that." :<
  437. [11:08:52] <Lenore> "Hmmm...come to think of it, I remember my brother's eyes being red when we met him at the arena before...but now they're blue! Weird."
  438. [11:09:00] <Lenore> "They always were blue, of course."
  439. [11:09:57] <Natty> "I actually never thought about why mine were blue... or why hers were red. I guess it means more for humans than for us though, huh..."
  440. [11:10:56] <Amaryllis> "Does it? Eye color for most people is merely a matter of birth, very rarely meaning anything more."
  441. [11:12:44] <Natty> "Maybe. And I guess when stuff like that compax exists it's not all that important. I mean, magic! Still..." Nat reaches up and pokes Ammy in the nose, staring up at her tonberrynose. "Yours are like they are because of you being you, right?"
  442. [11:12:51] <Natty> er
  443. [11:12:53] <Natty> tonberryeyes
  444. [11:12:59] <Natty> Tonberries don't even HAVE noses.
  445. [11:13:03] <Natty> ... Do they?
  446. [11:13:18] * Amaryllis nods. "They were hazel before my rebirth, I believe."
  447. [11:13:33] <Amaryllis> "Dark, brown hair as well."
  448. [11:13:43] <Lenore> (chocolate 'nore~. Some stay fine but others hit the floor~)
  449. [11:15:02] <Natty> "Yeah, that sounds like the change was special..." Her finger pokes through Ammy's greenhair a little but then pulls back. "Compared to that mine's just 'felt like it.' See?"
  450. [11:15:47] * Natty claps her hands together. "But it's not a big deal! Thinking about it, red is the same color of my Ruby... if it really WAS like Lenny said it'd be like having 3 eyes, huh?"
  451. [11:15:55] <Natty> -of +as
  452. [11:15:57] <Lenore> "Yeah, I remember seeing that when we did the weird time warp thing and I became a little cutie and you were about my age~"
  453. [11:16:14] <Lenore> "Huuuuuh, weird!"
  454. [11:16:15] <Natty> "Weird... time warp thing?"
  455. [11:16:28] <Natty> "Ohhh, that was when you two were off on your own, right?"
  456. [11:16:37] <Natty> "... I think with someone else too."
  457. [11:16:38] <Lenore> "We saw an ancient Tonberry trial through some kind of thing, yeah!"
  458. [11:16:49] * Natty strains herself to remember Mr. Prickles not being with her own group.
  459. [11:17:27] <Amaryllis> "When we visited Mt. Gulug, yes."
  460. [11:17:56] <Natty> "... Huh. Now I wonder what it WOULD look like if Ammy was little and I was the big one..."
  461. [11:18:04] * Natty stands on her tiptoes, giggling.
  462. [11:18:34] <Natty> "Well! The reason I asked, anyway, is because it's like... something something personality changes?"
  463. [11:19:09] * Amaryllis murmurs a little under her breath, and suddenly she looks a lot shorter, younger, and with dark brown hair and hazel eyes - like she were 15. And next to her is standing an illusionary version of older Nat.
  464. [11:19:33] <Lenore> "Whooooooa!" She claps~
  465. [11:19:36] <Amaryllis> "Like so?" Ammy even illusions her voice into sounding younger.
  466. [11:19:42] <Natty> advanced illusion OP nerf pls
  467. [11:19:51] <Natty> "Uh-huh. Just like that."
  468. [11:20:00] * Natty listens to hear if her VA changed too.
  469. [11:20:10] <Lenore> (Oh shit)
  470. [11:20:38] <Lenore> (I could've asked ammy to shift the Holy component of Flare star to Fire, couldn'tve I?)
  471. [11:20:44] <Amaryllis> (no)
  472. [11:20:55] <Amaryllis> (doesn't work on shadow and holy because *DUST*)
  473. [11:21:06] <Natty> (sodumb)
  474. [11:21:08] <Lenore> (oh. Oh well.)
  475. [11:21:31] <Amaryllis> The illusion older Nat reaches down and grabs the younger Ammy by the hand and starts dragging her off with a "Nnnnnnnn". It's like the illusion is peeling off Ammy where she is, and she's left standing there looking normal as the illusions run off and *poof*
  476. [11:21:33] <Natty> "Geez, Ammy, if YOU can already do that now why didn't you just tell me?" U:G<H
  477. [11:21:39] <Lenore> (Oh, it would've gone to immunity anyway, which makes sense when you think about it)
  478. [11:21:52] <Amaryllis> "Because it is merely an illusion, not a real transformation."
  479. [11:22:08] <Amaryllis> It's a highly exaggerated nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn by the way.
  480. [11:22:12] <Natty> "OKAY FINE I get it! I'd probably always act like me no matter WHAT I looked like."
  481. [11:22:23] * Natty is not amuseoh who am I kidding she's holding back cracking up.
  482. [11:22:30] <Natty> It's funny because that's what she actually sounds like!
  483. [11:24:33] * Amaryllis bows and then straightens up.
  484. [11:24:50] <Amaryllis> "Nnnn."
  485. [11:24:58] * Lenore isn't able to hold back cracking up, so she does, with a few sparks going off of her~
  486. [11:25:08] <Natty> "Mmmm." Her eyes flash red for a second.
  487. [11:25:31] <Amaryllis> "Work hard, Nat. I am sure Cait will appreciate it."
  488. [11:26:24] <Natty> "You bet!" She smiles with a thumbs-up, which turns to face downward and she grins instead. "... Is usually what I'd say, but I think I might just practice and make myself even LITTLER to mess with him."
  489. [11:27:04] <Amaryllis> "Are you sure? It is rather hard to mess with Cait."
  490. [11:27:09] <Lenore> "Isn't there a spell for that? I think I can do that with Transform..."
  491. [11:27:58] <Natty> "Oh... really?" Her smirk gets even more wicked. "Hey, if you can do that, that's an even better idea! That way it's less effort, and we can pretend it was an accident..."
  492. [11:28:18] <Natty> "And then I'll be all, *POOF* just kidding!"
  493. [11:28:20] * Lenore griiins. "Nooot bad, not bad at all~"
  494. [11:28:38] <Natty> "And then I'll push him over and whoop better stop there so anyway!"
  495. [11:29:00] * Natty wipes her drool off. "Um... where were we going next again?"
  496. [11:29:03] * Lenore leaningawayfromnat.jpg
  497. [11:29:05] <Amaryllis> Whoa lewd. Ammy stumbles a bit.
  498. [11:29:12] * Amaryllis coughs.
  499. [11:29:25] <Amaryllis> "Some stories are best not told."
  500. [11:29:30] <Natty> "YUP."
  501. [11:29:39] * Lenore carefully nods.
  502. [11:29:54] <Natty> Even Nat's face is a little red WHOA where did that come from.
  503. [11:31:18] <Amaryllis> "We were planning on searching for the Elixir ingredients, were we not?" Ammy starts again, slowly.
  504. [11:32:29] <Lenore> "Yeah, that's right, were gonna' go to a bar or something, Ammy?"
  505. [11:32:30] <Amaryllis> "Or, if we have some free time, I had planned to take Noah to see me tell some stories at a pub or bar..."
  506. [11:32:35] * Amaryllis nods.
  507. [11:33:36] <Natty> "Aha! If we go get him that means we can try that genius plan we just came up with while we're there~"
  508. [11:34:32] <Lenore> "Ooooooh, that sounds good, yeah~"
  509. [11:35:02] <Natty> "Speakinawhich... when DID you learn that anyway, Lenny?"
  510. [11:35:30] <Lenore> "Uh...I just did! It popped into my head but it actually stuck!"
  511. [11:35:49] <Lenore> "Maybe because I wanted to keep it because it'd make me more like mom?" She tilts her head a little.
  512. [11:36:50] <Natty> "Sounds like a lot of my magic!" Nat gives a sage nod. "Or maybe I just... uh... forgot WHERE I learned them..."
  513. [11:37:00] <Lenore> "And I also figured out how to do Wind from it!" As she says "Wind" some dramatic wind flutters around her, then after she finishes it makes her skirt go up and she hastily pushes it down, blushing.
  515. [11:37:37] <Amaryllis> "Careful with that." Ammy laughs.
  516. [11:37:54] <Lenore> "W-whoops..."
  517. [11:38:23] <Natty> "Whoa! I didn't even know wind magic existed!" She pauses, headtilting. "Er... nevermind, no I did. I was helping Mr. Prickles with something something gem powers earlier..."
  518. [11:38:51] <Natty> "But uh, I dunno if I was supposed to go around telling people about that. He's still pretty... well, y'know."
  519. [11:39:28] * Lenore nods. "He's trying to make it a surprise? That's cool~!"
  520. [11:39:57] * Natty rubs her Ruby. "Maybe he's not! He just seems... scared a lot of the time."
  521. [11:44:03] <Lenore> "So...hmmm..."
  522. [11:44:12] <Lenore> "How did things go with Noah, anyway, Ammy~?"
  523. [11:44:36] * Natty re:smirks. "Oh right~!"
  524. [11:44:49] * Amaryllis trips and barely catches herself from falling over as she walks.
  525. [11:46:27] <Natty> "Still didn't get anywhere?" Nat shoots back a genuine :<. "He's pretty nice, but you two are always so WEIRD around each other... it's just silly!"
  526. [11:46:43] <Natty> "You even said you like each other, what's the problem?"
  527. [11:46:59] <Lenore> "Oh, she did? Whooooooa~"
  528. [11:47:23] <Natty> "Weren't y- ... oh yeah, you weren't? Whoopsies, slipped~"
  529. [11:47:31] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath before going on - but coughs in the middle as Nat mentions hearing that. It takes her a few moments to get that out of her system. "You were bloody lsitening?"
  530. [11:47:57] <Natty> "Yeah, I thought the popcorn-crunching was loud enough to hear through the door actually."
  531. [11:48:02] <Amaryllis> "I closed the door on you when you tried to be all cute and sneak in while invisible for a reason, Nat!"
  532. [11:48:03] <Natty> "~~~~"
  533. [11:48:16] <Natty> "Oh, what's it hurt! We just wanna help anyway!"
  534. [11:48:26] * Natty skips around, occasionally spinning on one leg.
  535. [11:48:36] <Natty> "I wanna see you two be happy, Ammy!"
  536. [11:49:21] <Lenore> "You can't be happy without taking risks, you just gotta' go for it with him~"
  537. [11:49:44] <Amaryllis> "We are happy together. We are quite happy, but that does not mean we need to talk about the intimate details of our relationship, does it?" Ammy sighs,a light shade of pink across her face.
  538. [11:50:07] <Lenore> "Oh. Oh, so you two are at least a couple now, that's great~"
  539. [11:50:20] <Lenore> "Now I need to figure out things on my end...eeeegh..."
  540. [11:50:47] <Natty> "Hnnn? But all you did was..." Her eyes go wide. "Unless..."
  541. [11:50:49] <Amaryllis> "And we did 'get somewhere' Nat, but do you really need to hear about it...?" Ammy trails off.
  542. [11:51:28] * Amaryllis draws her robe tighter around herself.
  543. [11:51:32] * Natty explodes into tildes. "Nope~! But if you really GOT SOMEWHERE why didn't you say something earlier? I mean, I was only making fun of you 'cause you didn't."
  544. [11:51:39] <Natty> "We should throw a party!" :D :D :D :D
  545. [11:51:57] <Natty> "If it's for you then you don't even need to work for it, I'll cook instead!"
  546. [11:51:58] <Amaryllis> "Must we?" Ammy pleads.
  547. [11:52:04] <Lenore> "We should! Oh man Nat do you think you could like, reflect a bunch of lights off a ball or something fo rthat~?"
  548. [11:52:11] <Natty> "YOU BET!"
  549. [11:52:18] <Amaryllis> "No no no. You are not bloody touching a stove or pan or any food."
  550. [11:52:23] <Lenore> "That'd be cool~"
  551. [11:52:29] <Natty> "Nnnnnawww. Okayyy."
  552. [11:52:42] <Lenore> "We should get Elizabeth to cook, she seems to know what she's doing!"
  553. [11:53:13] <Amaryllis> "It was after you woke us up in the dead of night, Nat, if you must know. So uh..." Ammy takes a deep breath before continuing in a mumbly quiet voice. "...I suppose I should actually thank you for doing that..."
  554. [11:53:14] <Natty> "What's wrong? It's not like I've tried it before, have I? I think it'd be cool if I used my forehead to cook stuff..."
  555. [11:53:23] <Natty> Note: SHE HAS TRIED IT BEFORE
  556. [11:53:26] <Natty> IT WAS HORRIBLE
  557. [11:54:29] * Natty shuts up herself and walks over, giving Ammy a light hug. "Well, no problem~ I'm your friend before I'm someone-who-makes-fun-of-you, Ammy."
  558. [11:54:41] <Natty> "So I'm glad for you."
  559. [11:54:51] <Lenore> "In the middle of the night? That sounds like the bessssst time for thiiiiings~"
  560. [11:54:55] <Natty> "... If Catchy starts teasing though I'm not gonna just not do it. Be ready~"
  561. [11:55:17] <Amaryllis> "What do you have left to bloody tease us about?"
  562. [11:55:26] * Natty breezes over and whispers to Lenny, "Oh, you bet it was!"
  563. [11:55:41] * Lenore flushes pink
  564. [11:56:26] <Natty> "By the way if you ever find a lover for real..." whisperwhisperwhisper...
  565. [11:56:44] <Natty> ... Actually all she whispers is 'go to the beach' anyway.
  566. [11:57:29] * Natty pulls back. "Well... I dunno. But I bet he'd come up with something."
  567. [11:57:58] * Lenore nods. "I'll try that, but I think I'll try the thing mom told me first~"
  568. [11:58:19] <Amaryllis> "What -was- that anyway?"
  569. [11:58:27] <Natty> "I mean like... when it's just us you're the one teasing ME." She pouts a little, making fun of herself with an over-the-top "nnnnnnnnnnn." In fact it's SO exaggerated that she squeals a little on accident.
  570. [11:58:55] <Natty> "So we need to have TEASE BATTLES someday. I challenge you!"
  571. [11:59:07] <Lenore> "It's a secret! And besides, like you said, some stories are best left untold~"
  572. [11:59:08] <Amaryllis> "I refuse."
  573. [11:59:24] <Natty> "Nnnohoho, you're just scared you'll lose!"
  574. [11:59:31] * Natty makes tickle hands.
  575. [12:01:06] <Amaryllis> "You and Cait can go find another set of victims, please and thank you."
  576. [12:01:23] <Natty> "Ohhh, I guess we COUUUUULD..."
  577. [12:01:31] <Natty> "But he's the one you gotta convince, not me."
  578. [12:03:17] <Amaryllis> "Of course..."
  579. [12:03:34] <Lenore> "...I don't think anyone can win a battle of wits against Cait, he's pretty crafty!"
  580. [12:03:48] <Amaryllis> "The only winning move is to not play."
  581. [12:04:01] <Natty> "I dunno, I think our plan can prank him just fine if we pull it off right!"
  582. [12:04:57] <Natty> "If we want him to stop teasing Nommy..." Yes she actually picked up portmanteaus no I have no way to justify this "... then we just have to find a couple MORE embarrassing than they are."
  583. [12:05:04] <Natty> "Looking for that could be ADVENTURE."
  584. [12:05:11] <Amaryllis> "...Nommy? Really?"
  585. [12:05:35] <Natty> "Just kinda happened."
  586. [12:05:43] <Lenore> "Whooooooa."
  587. [12:06:11] <Natty> "I started to say Noah and... and that was like, 'Noand'... 'Noammy'... and it just came out as 'Nommy.'"
  589. [12:07:14] <Natty> IT'S SHAPED LIKE A STOP SIGN
  590. [12:07:15] <Amaryllis> "Well, I suppose I don't really mind it as much now that we're together and everyone knows..." Ammy sighs.
  591. [12:07:17] * Natty IS YUKARI YAKUMO
  592. [12:07:29] <Amaryllis> "Shall we stop for some food before continuing?" No we're gonna be more meta about this than that.
  593. [12:07:39] <Natty> Whoa awesome I'll take it
  594. [12:08:00] <Natty> "You sure you don't want me to cook for you?" :< :< :< :<
  595. [12:08:15] <Amaryllis> "Nat. Diary." Ammy holds out a hand.
  596. [12:08:27] * Natty hands it over.
  597. [12:08:39] * Amaryllis flips open to the page about Nat trying to cook fish and hands it back.
  598. [12:08:45] <Natty> "... Oh."
  599. [12:08:56] <Natty> "I..."
  600. [12:08:57] <Natty> Sniff.
  601. [12:09:03] <Lenore> "Heehee~"
  602. [12:09:16] <Natty> "Yyyyyokay let's go."
  603. [12:09:46] <Amaryllis> "It's okay." Ammy puts a hand on Nat's shoulder, and then the three find a restaurant or something? Probably doesn't make sense to go all the way back to Lenore's place after leaving just to use the kitchen.
  604. [12:10:11] <Natty> McMoogle's?
  605. [12:10:13] <Natty> Chocobucks?
  606. [12:10:29] <Natty> whatever WHOOSH
  608. [12:59:39] <@Kain> ANYWAY
  609. [12:59:43] <@Kain> What are we up to now
  610. [13:00:14] <@Kain> You guys snag some lunch from a nice little outdoor diner.
  611. [13:00:52] <Natty> While still making fun of each other and being gooves, no less!
  612. [13:01:07] <@Kain> And after getting your bellies full, what do?
  613. [13:02:04] <Amaryllis> LENORE it is up to you. What ingredients and shit are we going for first?
  614. [13:02:04] <Lenore> To Bishop's! Lenore asks around where Bishop is, since she doesn't remember offhand. Man, that's right, she was gonna' ask dad but then she got sidetracked by ~edgy~
  615. [13:02:10] <Natty> The Drink and apparently the High Arcana after! Though we... should have actually checked for Elena to do the latter. OH WELL.
  616. [13:02:33] * Lenore pauses for a bit first, though
  617. [13:02:47] * Natty slams into Lenny from behind. Of course she was walking in the back.
  618. [13:02:50] * Lenore pulls out the Ooh La La. "I kind of don't wnat to use it, but it helps clear my head..."
  619. [13:03:02] * Lenore siiiiighs and takes a swig of it.
  620. [13:03:12] <Lenore> And then puts it back in her hat if no one else asks
  621. [13:03:32] * Natty 'hmmm's a bit after regaining her bearings but doesn't.
  622. [13:03:39] <@Kain> ★
  623. [13:03:57] <Lenore> 2d6+8+2 Negotiate (which absorbed Inquiry) with Oooh La La bonus~. Also another +2 from Faith if Nat wants to contribute, which is pretty likely, so that's a +12~
  624. [13:03:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Negotiate (which absorbed Inquiry) with Oooh La La bonus~. Also another +2 from Faith if Nat wants to contribute, which is pretty likely, so that's a +12~: 17 [2d6=2,5]
  625. [13:04:15] <Natty> (Yeah that brings me down to 100 MP, so no more faiths unless I ether)
  626. [13:04:57] <Lenore> Oh and I guess she still has the Hand of Tantalus, so she could equip that for another +2 since Acting is no longer a skill so I guess it goes to her signature?
  627. [13:05:27] <Amaryllis> (It'd go to perform as the replacement, right?)
  628. [13:05:36] <Amaryllis> (you can borrow Ammy's knife of +2 negotiate though)
  629. [13:06:00] <Amaryllis> (the hand of tantalus boosts our lower skills typically)
  630. [13:06:13] <Natty> (parentheses)
  631. [13:06:27] <Lenore> (Who knows~. Either way, there's the knife, so I could get a +14 bonus, which amounts to...21~)
  632. [13:06:54] <@Kain> You ask around and easily get directions from guys who take their payment in lewd ogling. You head down the way like you're going to the auction house, but you hang a left into a large mansion. There's a sort of balcony hallway that you walk around, and you end up in a small room where a man in plain clothes sits behind a counter, his back turned and hammering away at some bit of armor or
  633. [13:06:54] <@Kain> another.
  634. [13:07:19] <@Kain> If it weren't for having met him at the Winter Ball in Lindblum, Lenore might not have recognized Mr. Bishop as this unassuming attendant!
  635. [13:07:41] * Lenore walks up to the counter. "Hello again, Mr. Bishop~!"
  636. [13:07:54] * Kain is now known as Bishop
  637. [13:08:40] * @Bishop spins in his chair, pulling a pair of goggles up with a smile. "Hm? Oh, hey. Lenore, wasn't it?" he slides his chair over to the counter. "What brings you to my humble little shop today? Need some synthesis done?"
  638. [13:08:41] * Natty amnesias behind, never having seen this guy. "Hi."
  639. [13:09:45] <Amaryllis> "Greetings." Ammy nods but lets Lenore do the speaking here, glancing around the shop.
  640. [13:10:08] * Natty follows Ammy close. Like JRPG-where-party-members-follow-you-onscreen close.
  641. [13:10:31] <Lenore> "It's not so much that I need synthesis done as it is that I need ingredients to get it done~! I need 'Demon Drink' and 'High Arcana' and I was wondering if you had either or if you knew where to find them!"
  642. [13:10:56] <@Bishop> A number of odds and ends are on display. Women's accessories like earrings and chokers, thief swords, also known as swallows, yellow scarves and custom shoes.
  643. [13:11:43] <Lenore> "I'm trying out making Elixirs on my own, you see~"
  644. [13:11:58] <@Bishop> "Oooh... hm. Welll, I'm all out of High Arcana crystals unfortunately..." Bishop says. "Sounds like you're making Elixirs? I do have some Demon Drinks though, I'll run you two thousand for them."
  645. [13:12:15] <Natty> (HAGGLE HAGGLE HAGGLE)
  646. [13:12:31] <Amaryllis> (mercantile? :D)
  647. [13:12:39] <@Bishop> This is Lenore's challenge~
  648. [13:12:53] <Natty> (I'm p. sure she HAS merc- ... doesn't she?)
  649. [13:12:56] * Lenore nods. "Wow, that's a lot, but I'm sure it's worth every penny, right?" Her eyelashes flutter as she puts her charm to work with a little Negotiate
  650. [13:13:59] <Lenore> 2d6+8+2+2 Since Ammy's letting me borrow the Knife...~ And I guess it'd be another +2 from Faith if Nat's willing to give one, of course I can fork over an Ether for it~
  651. [13:14:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Since Ammy's letting me borrow the Knife...~ And I guess it'd be another +2 from Faith if Nat's willing to give one, of course I can fork over an Ether for it~: 20 [2d6=6,2]
  652. [13:14:14] * Natty dicks around with the stuff on display- she'd have put on a full Serge cosplay and NO NO FAITH I NEED MY MP THIS TIME
  653. [13:14:34] <Natty> ... if not for being so certain that would cause disasters.
  654. [13:14:48] <Natty> ...
  655. [13:14:51] <Natty> okay fine take a faith
  656. [13:14:56] <Lenore> 22!
  657. [13:15:04] * Amaryllis looks over the accessories and scarves and such in the meantime.
  658. [13:16:41] <@Bishop> He considers a bit. "Wellll... it -is- worth it, the stuff is high quality and potent. Buuut I like to encourage customers to come back, too. Tell you what, I'll lose a little on the deal, but I'll let you have the batch for 1600."
  659. [13:17:32] <@Bishop> They seem to just be for display purposes, Ammy, but these are the kind of things he makes. ...there's a list on the wall of some of the items he can tinker to make these. Why the fuck does he need a Needle Fork and a Barbut helmet to make a barette.
  660. [13:17:44] * Lenore nods. "Thanks a bunch~! I'll be sure to come back for fact, actually, you got any Strong Health Infusions or Strong Liquors or anything better? I'll buy some of those so you can still make some profit!"
  661. [13:19:13] <@Bishop> He scratches his head awkwardly. "Sorry, I'm a synthesist, not an alchemy shop. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, and now's one of those times I don't. You might want to try one of the vendors in the northwest canal district."
  662. [13:19:50] <Lenore> "Oh, oh well! I'll be sure to come back, though!" She hands over the 1600 and takes her Demon Drink~
  663. [13:20:09] <Amaryllis> "Are those the only products you'll synthesize?" Ammy nods to the list. "I was hoping to get a locket made, something like..."
  664. [13:20:12] <@Bishop> He gets you out a large, dark-tinted bottle that has a label featuring a Tantarian and an Ash sharing a bottle of booze.
  665. [13:20:23] <@Bishop> "Oh, I do take custom orders."
  666. [13:20:45] * Amaryllis reaches into her bag and gets a sheet of loose paper and a quill. She sketches from memory what Noah's locket looked like, with the materials labeled and all.
  667. [13:20:56] <@Bishop> this is an Ash, by the way.
  668. [13:21:01] * Natty clings to Lenore's arm like some weird toddler tagalong who constantly nags their parents for candy while they're at the store. "So didjya get it, Lenny?"
  669. [13:21:23] <Natty> Do they... want to be the very best?
  670. [13:21:31] <@Bishop> Bishop slides the gil over to his register. "Thanks, Lenore. And let's see..."
  671. [13:21:38] <@Bishop> He studies the sketch.
  672. [13:22:09] * Lenore nods to Nat. "I got it, I got it~"
  673. [13:22:50] <Natty> "Cool!" She just pulls Lenny over while Ammy's having husbando fantasy time. "So what's next?"
  674. [13:23:29] <Lenore> "Well, there's asking my Mom about High Arcana crystals, and then lastly we need Ambrosia Droplets from Burmecia!"
  675. [13:24:15] <Natty> "Ambrosia? Huh... so OUR Ambrosia can't make those?" Headtilt, headshake. "... Nnnnevermind that's silly."
  676. [13:24:50] <Natty> "Well I can always warp you back home if you wanna be lazy... sorta thirsty though."
  677. [13:25:41] <@Bishop> "Enchanted? High quality? I'll need some Magicite Ore, at least three egg-sized gold nuggets, and a Lamia Scale. And about 15,000 gil in labor."
  678. [13:25:47] <Lenore> "Nawwww, we can walk." She puts the Demon Drink in her hat/scrunchie/whatever and pulls out a water bottle to hand to Nat. "Here~"
  679. [13:26:02] <Natty> PFFF
  680. [13:26:11] * Amaryllis looks surprised at the list. "This may take some time then."
  681. [13:26:35] * Natty chugs it anyway, who'd she be to say no?
  682. [13:26:46] <@Bishop> "I take my work pretty seriously. I could do it for less and cheaper, but the end result won't quite be up to the expectations I set for myself."
  683. [13:27:27] <@Bishop> "You can probably get gold nuggets off of cockatrices. They've begun making their nests in the cave east of the city."
  684. [13:27:33] * Amaryllis nods. "I understand. I suppose I shall return when I have those materials then. The name is Amaryllis, by the way." She offers a hand. I don't think he and Ammy have met before, right?
  685. [13:27:46] * Lenore nods as Bishop speaks. "My Dad trusts Mr. Bishop's work, Ammy, so it's definitely worth your time~"
  686. [13:28:28] * @Bishop shakes her hand. "Bishop. Alton Bishop."
  687. [13:29:13] <@Bishop> "Lamias... still snake around Gizamaluke's Grotto I think."
  688. [13:30:14] * Amaryllis notes these down in her journal with a smile. "This just became more of an adventure then. Thank you." She turns to the others. "So, the next ingredient then? Are we returning to your house first, Lenore?"
  689. [13:30:27] <Lenore> "Hyep!"
  690. [13:32:07] <Natty> "I don't feel any magicier..." She squints at the empty bottle. "Guess we'd have to walk anyway." :<
  691. [13:32:55] <@Bishop> "Good luck!"
  692. [13:32:57] <Amaryllis> "Shall we then?"
  693. [13:33:08] * @Bishop scoots away from the counter and back to the armor piece he was working on.
  694. [13:33:20] <Natty> "Thanks!" Nat waves and begins dashing back to Lennyland.
  695. [13:34:44] * Amaryllis shuffles after Nat, not planning on running.
  696. [13:34:49] <Lenore> (Oh that was a hint for an Ether TOTALLY OVER MY HEAD~)
  697. [13:34:57] * Lenore skips along to CHATEAU RENEGADE
  698. [13:36:01] <@Bishop> You get back to the house shortly.
  699. [13:36:13] <@Bishop> Blade is sitting in the living room with Bruno, looking surprisingly cowed.
  700. [13:36:34] <Natty> (what a nore)
  701. [13:37:16] * Natty waves with hands and not paws. Not like anybody ever notices the difference anyway! "Hi!"
  702. [13:38:02] * Bishop is now known as Blade
  703. [13:38:09] * @Blade looks up, confused where the lazy green reflect cat went, but he shrugs.
  704. [13:38:25] <Natty> WORKS
  705. [13:38:26] * Lenore walks in, seriousing up. "So, you ready?"
  706. [13:38:41] <@Blade> ", probably not. But I'll go."
  707. [13:39:38] <Lenore> "Good." She starts walking for the library!
  708. [13:39:59] <@Blade> "Alexis!" he calls across the room. She walks in, looking confused as Blade tosses the sheathed Catastrophe over to her.
  709. [13:40:03] <@Blade> "Hold onto this for a bit."
  710. [13:40:28] <@Blade> "...I don't want to be tempted."
  711. [13:40:35] * @Blade follows Lenore with a frown.
  712. [13:40:59] * Natty nudges Ammy with a 'get a load of this guy' face, stifling a giggle.
  713. [13:42:05] <@Blade> You enter the library, where Elena and Renegade are talking over a couple of glasses of alcohol.
  714. [13:42:07] * Amaryllis waits til Blade passes by and Alexis leaves, then puts on an exaggerated frown and summons up an aura of shadow energy around her.
  715. [13:42:32] <@Blade> Elena: "Because it'd have been -cheating-." she says to him.
  716. [13:42:44] <Amaryllis> Then she dismisses it and follows behind Lenore and the others like a normal person without edgy aura.
  717. [13:43:04] <Lenore> She gives an "Ahem!", clearing her throat, making sure Blade's right behind her.
  718. [13:43:11] <@Blade> Renegade: "Cheating implies rules have been broken. When we gave our vows I remember we only stated we'd love each other and give-"
  719. [13:43:13] * Natty gives ammy a thumbs-up. If this were a setting where emo- and scene-kids were a thing she'd also pantomime wrist-cutting with a reflect or something but nah it isn't.
  720. [13:43:14] <@Blade> They look over.
  721. [13:43:34] <@Blade> Elena: "Hi, Bernie!"
  722. [13:43:47] <@Blade> Renegade: "Well, well. This is a surprise..." the mage stands up.
  723. [13:43:49] * Amaryllis doesn't want to think about cutting anything via reflects. D:
  724. [13:43:57] <Natty> EXACTLY
  725. [13:44:07] * Natty peeks out from behind Ammy, waving.
  726. [13:44:12] <Lenore> "How's it going, Mom, Dad~?"
  727. [13:44:13] <@Blade> Renegade: "Bernie."
  728. [13:44:25] <@Blade> Blade's fist shakes and he looks away. "Father." he says, strained.
  729. [13:45:12] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, we were just discussing why I never slept with anyone else if I didn't think Renny was good in bed. I don't think he really 'gets' marriage..."
  730. [13:45:23] * Amaryllis takes a seat nearby herself, not wanting to be in Lenore's way, and takes out her journal, flipping to a few empty pages.
  731. [13:46:08] <Amaryllis> She begins to write down a transcript of what's being said here, supplemented exaggerated edgy cues for Blade and other additions.
  732. [13:46:08] * Natty does the opposite of what Ammy does, standing near Lenny and getting ready to Protect or Reflect someone when this inevitably breaks into full combat.
  733. [13:46:13] <@Blade> Renegade: "What you do to get physical satisfaction is none of my business, frankly. But I do not believe this is the sort of thing we should be discussing in front of our children."
  734. [13:47:54] * Lenore nods. "It's been awhile since all of us have been in the same room and actually had a conversation together, right~?"
  735. [13:48:13] * Amaryllis scribbles at the top of the page in fancy calligraphic script. "'I Hate You Immortal Dad!', a theatre script." She mutters to herself, "I shall have to send this to Tantalus later."
  736. [13:48:16] <@Blade> Renegade glances over to Ammy and Nat, and nods to Lenore. "Indeed it has, Lena. Come, sit down."
  737. [13:48:39] * Lenore nods and sits down at the table with mom and dad, waiting for Bernie to come over~
  738. [13:48:58] <@Blade> Renegade sits back down, and Blade follows, himself, sitting next to his mother.
  739. [13:49:02] * Natty sits close to Lenny, chair or not. Grr bodyguard cat.
  740. [13:49:23] * Lenore patpats Nat. "Why don't you sit on my shoulder~?"
  741. [13:49:41] <Natty> "Well I'd have t- ..."
  742. [13:49:46] * Natty shrugs. "'Kay!"
  743. [13:50:14] * Natty leaps up in an arc to where she spins in midair and lands as a green cat on Lenny's shoulder, yawning.
  744. [13:50:17] * Natty is now known as Bunky
  745. [13:50:25] <@Blade> Renegade: "It seems my son has decided to grace us with his presence. The heralds spoke of this day... What manner of apocalypse must loom on the horizon?"
  746. [13:50:46] <@Blade> "...I'm here because Lena asked me to speak with you."
  747. [13:50:50] * Lenore tries really hard not to giggle. "I asked him to come with me, is all!"
  748. [13:51:12] <Amaryllis> Oh this is good, Ammy keeps writing, watching the scene.
  749. [13:51:43] <@Blade> Elena: "He's probably here to tell us he's going to get married to that nice girl who lives in her armor!" :D
  750. [13:51:57] <@Blade> "It's... it's not like that, mother! How many times..."
  751. [13:53:41] <Lenore> "Mom, wellllll, it's just that Blade here blamed you leaving on Dad and got really upset about it, like I mentioned to you before, and I wanted to clear the air on everything here!"
  752. [13:54:41] <Lenore> She puts her hands down on the table, folding them, and crosses her legs, sitting prim and proper.
  753. [13:55:12] * Bunky tries to do something similar, but there aren't many ways a cat can do that. So she just starts licking a paw.
  754. [13:55:16] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, but it was totally Renny's fault. He's just so boring sometimes!"
  755. [13:55:43] <@Blade> Renegade: "I can move mountains, part seas, bend the very cosmos to my whim. But I cannot read minds."
  756. [13:55:58] <@Blade> Renegade: "If there was an issue you should have brought it up with me."
  757. [13:56:14] <@Blade> Elena: "I did, you know! Or tried to..." she pouts. "Several times! But you were always busy."
  758. [13:56:14] * Lenore 's smile that she had on cracks a bit and turns into a bit of a grimace, but she straightens herself up. ""
  759. [13:56:39] <Lenore> "It was basically normal relationship problems, right? Like the kind you read about in romance novels?"
  760. [13:56:57] <@Blade> Renegade: "I wouldn't know."
  761. [13:57:24] <@Blade> Elena: "Yeah! I think so."
  762. [13:57:32] <Lenore> "'ve never even read one? A single one? Not gone to a play or anything?" Blinkblink.
  763. [13:58:42] <@Blade> Renegade: "A few times, out of academic curiosity. But the sort of gibberish people seem to write about didn't seem practical or useful, so I quit bothering."
  764. [13:58:58] <@Blade> Renegade: "Vampires in the daylight indeed..."
  765. [13:59:07] * Bunky snickers, covering herself in both tails.
  766. [13:59:13] <Lenore> "Oh that...okay that does sound dumb, I don't blame you."
  767. [13:59:31] <@Blade> Blade is silent, slowly turning the color of a ripe tomato.
  768. [13:59:46] * Amaryllis doesn't want to interrupt, but she makes a note to herself that Renegade might want to know reading minds isn't exactly kosher in marriage either.
  769. [14:00:32] <@Blade> Elena: "I dunno, I kinda liked that one!"
  770. [14:01:32] <Lenore> "But anyway, this was something perfectly normal that had nothing to do with Dad being immortal! Well, okay, technically it did, but it's the kind of thing that happens to plenty of people, even really fun people!"
  771. [14:01:38] <Lenore> "Mom, why did you leave so suddenly anyway?"
  772. [14:01:42] <@Blade> Elena: "Actually, Renny was saying that I should have just slept with other people if I wasn't getting fulfillment from him. Can you believe that? I mean, I'm a fun-loving girl, buuuut not that kind of girl!"
  773. [14:02:13] <@Blade> Elena: "Hmmm... well, I got bored, and adventure called!"
  774. [14:02:20] <Lenore> "You have to have standards somewhere!"
  775. [14:02:28] <@Blade> Elena: "And I knew he'd do a good job bringing you two up! And he did! Kind of!"
  776. [14:02:40] <Lenore> She frowns. "W-well, you could've said good-bye properly, at least."
  777. [14:02:49] <@Blade> Elena: "Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie..."
  778. [14:03:00] <@Blade> Elena: "I guess it just... slipped my mind."
  779. [14:03:34] * Amaryllis looks up from her writing incredulously.
  780. [14:04:02] <Lenore> " uh. Well." Blinkblink. "Mom, you can be pretty thoughtless sometimes." :/
  781. [14:04:17] * Bunky tailthump tailthump.
  782. [14:04:33] <@Blade> Elena: "I actually planned on coming back and visiting often! But it seems like time got away from me... I didn't realize how quickly seven years passed..."
  783. [14:04:43] <@Blade> Elena: "So... sorry." she frowns. :<
  784. [14:04:44] <Lenore> "But what I was going to say is that Blade and I wouldn't have been nearly as bothered by it if you hadn't just left overnight. I mean, we thought you might've died or something!"
  785. [14:05:11] <@Blade> Elena: "Really?"
  786. [14:05:13] <@Blade> Elena D:'s
  787. [14:05:30] <Lenore> "Right, Blade?
  788. [14:05:32] <Lenore> "
  789. [14:05:37] <@Blade> "...."
  790. [14:05:44] <@Blade> Bernie is still silent.
  791. [14:06:27] <@Blade> Elena: "Well... I guess that was really stinky of me. I'm sorry Bernie. I'm sorry, Lena... I won't let that happen again~ ★ Will you two forgive me?"
  792. [14:06:56] <Lenore> "Yeah, it was pretty upsetting. At first we thought you were out on some adventure, then you didn't come back, and we didn't hear anything about you, and....well...yeah."
  793. [14:08:19] <@Blade> "...It hurt, mother. You left and it all went downhill. Of course I forgive you, but it doesn't mean I'll ever forget it. You can't take back the things you do."
  794. [14:09:02] <Lenore> "...yeah. I forgive you, but..." Sniff. "...please don't leave us like that again!"
  795. [14:09:12] <@Blade> "But what upset me more than anything..."
  796. [14:09:19] <@Blade> "Was how he didn't even care."
  797. [14:09:27] <@Blade> He looks straight at Renegade.
  798. [14:10:19] <Lenore> Gulp. Oh boy, here it goes. She starts internally praying this will go well, as there's only so much she can mediate. :/
  799. [14:10:31] <@Blade> Renegade: "Your mother has survived countless dangers despite the odds. I wasn't one bit concerned about her safety, because I knew she would be alright. Everything else only needed my capable hands. Why would I have worried about it?"
  800. [14:11:03] * Bunky silently yawns and prepares Lights in case it gets nasty. Which it seems like it's about to. Here it goes indeed.
  801. [14:11:39] <@Blade> "And how about how we felt?? Not all of us are heartless golems, ticking away at the years with patience and apathy. We were kids whose mother just vanished one day! And you went about business as normal!"
  802. [14:11:40] <Amaryllis> Oh god. Ammy facepalms from over at her seat. She tries to catch Nat's eye between her fingers to exchange a look.
  803. [14:11:57] <Bunky> Nat exchanges a look alright.
  804. [14:13:14] <@Blade> "And speaking of which, what the hell do you even do, anyway? All of your knowledge, your power, what end does it serve?! You do nothing but stand around with your head in a book and your dick in your hand, waiting for new developments to come along and interest you. You ever thought about using your resources for something productive, instead of your own selfish amusement? ...Time has eaten
  805. [14:13:14] <@Blade> away at you, old man. It's left you without empathy for others. That's what I realized all those years ago."
  806. [14:14:06] * Bunky starts to raise a paw but shrinks down for now.
  807. [14:14:44] <@Blade> "That's why I've dedicated myself to find a way to end your life. Because you've grown stagnant. Tainted. You take, and take, and you never give back unless it suits your own interests."
  808. [14:14:54] <@Blade> Renegade: "I see." he says in the most calm, bored fashion.
  809. [14:14:58] * Lenore takes a deeep breath. "...i-if I may."
  810. [14:15:08] <@Blade> They look over at you.
  811. [14:15:13] <Lenore> "I have a question for you, father."
  812. [14:15:20] <@Blade> Renegade: "Go ahead."
  813. [14:15:32] <Lenore> "Have you ever made a spell?"
  814. [14:15:44] <@Blade> Renegade: "...I have not."
  815. [14:16:13] <Lenore> "...oh." She frowns. "I thought you like...had and then couldn't make any more or...something."
  816. [14:17:08] <@Blade> (Actually, wait just a second)
  817. [14:18:19] <@Blade> (Scratch that answer, actually)
  818. [14:18:41] <@Blade> (I got a better idea in mind)
  819. [14:18:49] <@Blade> "...Yes, I made one, long, long ago."
  820. [14:18:53] <@Blade> Renegade:*
  821. [14:19:21] <@Blade> Renegade: "It provides a condition similar to my own, but fleetingly temporary. It was part of my research on myself."
  822. [14:19:30] <@Blade> Renegade: "It is called Auto-Life."
  823. [14:20:17] * Lenore nods. "I see, I see."
  824. [14:20:39] <Lenore> "And you can only make one spell...that's a pretty good one, too!"
  825. [14:21:51] <Lenore> "That's a pretty huge thing to give to the world, something you can only do once and you can't really surpass since you can only do one, right, Blade?"
  826. [14:22:04] <@Blade> "...."
  827. [14:21:16] <@Blade> "I suppose so." he begrudgingly admits. "But one major contribution, in all his years??"
  828. [14:21:38] * Bunky nudges Lenny lightly with a tail pointing up to her tiara. Like hell she's going to speak up herself during THIS shitflinging.
  829. [14:22:00] <Lenore> "There are some things people spend all their lives trying to do, right? And...oh, is there something you want, Nat?"
  830. [14:22:45] <Bunky> WHY "3Well um... I just meant... he can't be that bad of a guy if he went out of his way to help me by making this, right?"
  831. [14:22:57] <@Blade> Renegade glances at the Tiara. "If you must have another example, I provided the eidolon there with a memory retainment device to assist her amnesia." he says to Blade.
  832. [14:23:17] * Bunky gives a small nod. "3I actually came here just to tell him thanks! It's been working great."
  833. [14:23:31] <@Blade> "...Is that so."
  834. [14:23:45] <@Blade> Blade is starting to look a bit defeated.
  835. [14:24:04] <Amaryllis> "It is something we are both deeply thankful for, yes." Ammy speaks up too with some reluctance.
  836. [14:24:27] <Lenore> "Anyway! There are some things people devote their whole lives to, and that one thing is the height of their whole accomplishments! And...well, it's hard to want to do anything big like that again after you've accomplished it, right?"
  837. [14:24:28] <Bunky> "3If anything I just think he has a hard time with feelings and stuff. But that doesn't make him a bad person~" Satisfied, the Buncle shuts up and swishes her tails around, letting Lenore and the others continue.
  838. [14:25:04] <@Blade> Blade: "If I give up on this, then... what have the past years of my life been for...?"
  839. [14:25:08] <@Blade> Renegade: "Let me tell you something."
  840. [14:26:07] <Lenore> "So, what I think is the reason Dad doesn't do because well, he's done the biggest thing he can do, and the world's changed so much since when he did that, right? I mean, all mortals are always working and improving and trying to better themselves, how is he supposed to know how he's supposed to help unless anyone asks!? That's what Nat and Ammy did, after all!"
  841. [14:27:39] * Amaryllis sits back in silence, leaning to one side, her chin resting on her hand.
  842. [14:27:56] <Lenore> She shuts up now to let her dad say his thing
  843. [14:28:06] * Bunky sits still on Lenore's shoulder, tails are still swishing though.
  844. [14:31:34] <@Blade> Renegade: "I do not care if you try to kill me or not. I do not fear death, such as it is. I have lived a satisfying life over several lifetimes for normal mortals, and what awaits me when I finally do find my death is rest and reincarnation. You can think of me what you will. I do not hide anything or deny any accusation. But if the source of your hatred is my lack of good will, I will leave
  845. [14:31:34] <@Blade> my research to you and Lena to do with what you will. Burn it. Spread it for all the world to see, I do not care. If you think you will do the world a favor, so be it. Let the accolades of that fall on your shoulders. I find glory and fame distasteful. But I want the two of you to decide for yourselves. You are my children, and as impatient as I have been with you in learning to be a father,
  846. [14:31:35] <@Blade> I nonetheless do care for both of you. ...and I could not forsee a more fitting death for myself than one by my progeny, anyway."
  847. [14:32:59] <@Blade> Renegade: "All I ask is that you do not upset your sister, or your mother."
  848. [14:33:01] <Lenore> (kainshuku)
  849. [14:33:14] <Bunky> (more like... gain)
  850. [14:34:11] <@Blade> Blade is silent for a moment, thinking.
  851. [14:35:20] * Lenore deflates slightly at this speech, but after that last statement, straightens up, but remains silent.
  852. [14:36:48] <@Blade> "...I'm sorry. I need to think on this more."
  853. [14:36:56] <@Blade> He stands up and starts to head back to his room.
  854. [14:37:08] <@Blade> Elena: "Bernie..."
  855. [14:37:20] * Bunky whaps Lenny on the back lightly.
  856. [14:37:28] <Lenore> "...well, that wasn't perfect, but I think we're starting to resolve everythi- OW!"
  857. [14:37:36] <Bunky> Lightly.
  858. [14:37:49] <Lenore> Shut up it's funnier this way
  859. [14:37:50] <@Blade> Renegade: "Would you have rather me lie to him?"
  860. [14:38:02] <Lenore> "No, I wouldn't."
  861. [14:38:28] <Lenore> "I think this is what I wanted, actually, was for you two to talk and understand each other."
  862. [14:38:33] <@Blade> Renegade: "My own death has been the subject of my fascination for some years now. I would be lying if I said some part of me wasn't eagerly anticipating it."
  863. [14:38:38] <Lenore> "Well, more for him than for you."
  864. [14:39:25] <@Blade> Renegade: "But nonetheless, no hurry."
  865. [14:39:54] * Lenore nods. "I'm okay with you dying if you want it."
  866. [14:40:58] <@Blade> Renegade: "I've also started realizing that... I still have loose ends to tie before I do go to my final rest. I have not been a very good father, even with the best of intentions."
  867. [14:41:12] <@Blade> Elena: "A-and I haven't been a very good mother..." ;-; She's starting to tear up.
  868. [14:41:39] <Lenore> " long as you guys know that...and you want to improve..."
  869. [14:41:49] <Lenore> "That's good enough for me!" Sniff!
  870. [14:41:51] * Amaryllis tries to catch Nat's attention, mouthing 'should we leave?' at her.
  871. [14:41:55] <@Blade> Elena sniffs too.
  872. [14:42:17] * Bunky hops over to Ammy's shoulder and brings a tail to her own mouth, mimicing a 'shh' motion.
  873. [14:43:05] <@Blade> Renegade's face is neutral, as always, but he gets up, surprisingly, and coming to the two of you to awkwardly try a hug. ...It's so awkward, coming from him. He seems a bit uncomfortable.
  874. [14:43:18] * Amaryllis does a semi-cartoony sneaking sequence out of the room along the wall.
  875. [14:43:20] * Bunky whispers, "3Hope she doesn't forget to ask about the thing..."
  876. [14:43:23] * Lenore gladly hugs him~ ;_;
  877. [14:43:33] * Amaryllis nods back.
  878. [14:43:57] <@Blade> Renegade: "...Elena. Let's try again. I'll attempt to listen to you more and address your problems."
  879. [14:44:11] <@Blade> Elena: "...R-really? You mean that?" Sniffffffle....
  880. [14:45:28] <@Blade> Elena: "I'll... I'll try to be more patient and boring for you if t-that's what you like..." ;-; "A-and I'll try not to forget things... and I'll bring up problems when I have them...."
  881. [14:45:44] <Amaryllis> "So uh, where shall we wait?" Ammy says as they exit back downstairs. She looks to Blade's room. Nahh. She looks to the kitchen. Nahhh they just ate. She looks to the...basement, and then she quickly looks to Nat and then away in a way that Nat would recognize as "oh hell no bad idea".
  882. [14:46:16] <Bunky> Nat just tilts her head like 'what's that?' and starts infininudging Ammy to go down there anyway.
  883. [14:46:33] <@Blade> Renegade rolls his eyes. "Perish the thought. Your spirit of adventure was one thing that attracted me. For heaven's sake we don't need a second person like me hanging about."
  884. [14:46:34] * Amaryllis shakes her head.
  885. [14:46:40] * Bunky NUDGES MORE.
  886. [14:46:51] <Lenore> D-d'awwwww
  887. [14:47:03] <Bunky> (quick lenny get out of there before they do it on the table)
  888. [14:47:13] <@Blade> Elena hugs Lenore tight. ;-;
  889. [14:47:18] <@Blade> And then she hugs Renegade.
  890. [14:47:21] * Amaryllis sighs and walks over. "It's just a bloody basement. And it's locked."
  891. [14:47:51] * Bunky holds her tail out like one would hold a key. "3What do you mean 'locked'~?"
  892. [14:48:13] <Lenore> Hughughug or maybe it's ughughugh it's kind of hard to tell Lenore's buried in hugs ♥
  893. [14:48:34] <@Blade> Meanwhile two goofballs hatch a plan to break into Renny's basement.
  894. [14:49:20] <Amaryllis> "Nat, really."
  895. [14:49:47] <Bunky> "3Fiiiine. But when you make that face it's like, you know something I don't." :<
  896. [14:49:47] * UGHerer is now known as Botherer
  897. [14:50:09] <@Blade> Anything else you want to do, Lenore?
  898. [14:50:21] <@Blade> Elena seems to be calming down, wiping her face now.
  900. [14:50:40] <Bunky> "3Do you think she asked about it?"
  901. [14:50:44] <Lenore> "Oh, Mom, um, b-by the way..." Sniff~
  902. [14:50:58] <@Blade> Elena: "Hm...? What is it, sweetie?" sniff.
  903. [14:51:00] * Amaryllis sighs. "Well, there are dangerous and powerful magical artifacts inside."
  904. [14:51:07] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps."
  905. [14:51:10] <Lenore> "I wanted to know where I could find a High Arcana, I'm working on making an Elixir!" Happysniff
  906. [14:51:23] <Bunky> "3Oh well LET'S GO"
  907. [14:51:59] * Bunky dives down toward it but us goofballs aren't the focus of this scene!
  908. [14:52:07] * Amaryllis just sort of shrugs helplessly as Nat dives off.
  909. [14:52:09] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, one of those? Here!" she pulls it out of her bra and hands it over. :D It's a gleaming green jewel that has a blue energy swirling around inside.
  910. [14:52:25] <@Blade> Nat, roll thief~
  911. [14:52:36] * Lenore takes it and stuff it in her hat, blinking. "Mom, i-is your bra like dad and I's hats?"
  912. [14:52:44] <@Blade> Elena: "Mhm, why?"
  913. [14:52:58] <Bunky> 2d6+7 ok I'm actually not goof enough to stack consumables and shit for this though
  914. [14:52:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, ok I'm actually not goof enough to stack consumables and shit for this though: 12 [2d6=4,1]
  915. [14:52:59] <Lenore> "Just curious, maybe I should get one of those someday~"
  916. [14:53:17] <Amaryllis> (phantom destiny phantom destiny phantom destiny)
  917. [14:53:23] <Bunky> (...)
  918. [14:53:25] <Bunky> (FINE)
  919. [14:53:27] <Bunky> 1d6 FINE
  920. [14:53:27] <Lenore> (^^^)
  921. [14:53:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunky, FINE: 1 [1d6=1]
  922. [14:53:30] <Bunky> KNEW IT
  923. [14:53:35] <Lenore> (pfffff)
  924. [14:53:38] <Amaryllis> (Drink dat potion)
  925. [14:53:44] <Amaryllis> (faith yourself)
  926. [14:53:50] <Bunky> (I'd have to detransform for that NO I ALREADY ROLLED IT)
  927. [14:53:54] <@Blade> Elena: "I'll give you this one once you can grow into it! ...You don't look too far off, actually." She squints.
  928. [14:54:14] <Lenore> "E-eh!?" She blushes crimson. "T-thanks!"
  929. [14:54:28] <@Blade> Elena: "Anyway, little Lena is making Elixirs already? I'm so proud! ☆"
  930. [14:54:46] <Lenore> She doesn't mention the Ooh La La, partially because she's hoping if she drinks enough it'll become permanent
  931. [14:54:55] <@Blade> Renegade shifts backwards out of this awkward talk.
  932. [14:55:15] <Lenore> "Mmmmhmmmm! I'll be sure to show you when I finish!"
  933. [14:55:54] <Amaryllis> Renegade, understanding awkwardness? Not asking Lenore what she's been eating for SCIENCE or bringing up the Ooh La La he analyzed himself? Bawww lame.
  934. [14:55:56] <@Blade> Elena nods. "Good luck, then! Did you need anything else, sweetie?"
  935. [14:57:13] <Lenore> "Nope! I think I got everything I wanted out of this, I'll see you later when I have the Ambrosia Droplets to use the atelier, you don't mind, right Dad?"
  936. [14:57:59] <@Blade> Renegade: "Use it as you will."
  937. [14:58:24] <@Blade> Elena: "Good! Now then, Renny and I have a bit of catching up to do~" She grabs Renegade by the arm and starts dragging him off.
  938. [14:58:52] * Lenore blinks, her eyes wide, and then decides to run off to find Ammy and Nat so they can move on~
  939. [14:59:13] <@Blade> A 13 does not do shit to the magical locks on the basement door.
  940. [14:59:15] * Bunky is probs laser beaming shit with ~no sublety~
  941. [14:59:28] <@Blade> Nat's laser beams are being reflected. :C
  942. [14:59:53] <Bunky> At some point she started learning and reflecting the laser beams off herself INTO the door. ... Doesn't do shit for aim though.
  943. [15:00:24] <Bunky> "3Whoaaa, I'm having more fun trying to hit this thing than whatever's inside of it probably would be!"
  944. [15:00:24] * Amaryllis just leans against the wall some distance away, shaking her head with her arms crossed.
  945. [15:02:10] <@Blade> ..... still isn't getting much done, boo.
  946. [15:02:36] <Bunky> This keeps happening until Lenny shows up.
  947. [15:05:39] <@Blade> A short break then~
  948. [15:11:35] <Lenore> AND SHE'S BACK, in which case she finds Nammy trying to break into the basement, her face going into a :/. "I really don't want to be watched by that thing again, thanks, let's not go in there!"
  949. [15:11:54] * Bunky rolls over backwards and streeeeetches out in girlform~
  950. [15:11:58] * Bunky is now known as Nat
  951. [15:12:04] <Nat> "Nuh? What thing?"
  952. [15:12:17] <Amaryllis> "I told you. Dangerous magical artifacts."
  953. [15:12:44] <Nat> "That sounds like more than just any dangerous magical artifact to me." :<
  954. [15:12:51] <Lenore> "There was this thing behind a veil or wahtever from one of Dad's artifacts that went 'I'M WATCHING' at us."
  955. [15:13:20] <Lenore> 2d6+7 Force for scariness impression
  956. [15:13:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Force for scariness impression: 18 [2d6=6,5]
  957. [15:13:25] <Nat> "Is that really any scarier than '4I knew you'd come even though I told you not to?'"
  958. [15:13:44] * Nat quickly shuts up and understands. "O-Okay, maybe."
  959. [15:13:50] <Amaryllis> "What?"
  960. [15:13:55] <Nat> "Nothing."
  961. [15:14:11] * Nat leaps up. "'Kay, let's go then!"
  962. [15:14:15] <Amaryllis> "Who told you that?"
  963. [15:14:20] <Nat> "Nobody~"
  964. [15:14:24] * Nat shhhhhs herself.
  965. [15:15:08] * Amaryllis raises an eyebrow.
  966. [15:15:35] * Nat happily walks backwards up the stairs and to the front door and etc.
  967. [15:15:48] * Lenore uses intuit-Death to give an aura of ominousness and has bits of electricity go off her as she does the impression, then she goes back to normal notscary
  968. [15:16:11] * Nat still thinks madnore is scarier than intentionally-trying-to-be-scarynore!
  969. [15:16:33] * Amaryllis swigs a bit of whiskey as she follows the others out.
  970. [15:16:43] <@Blade> OKAY PRETTIES
  971. [15:16:50] <@Blade> Where to, next?
  972. [15:16:58] <Nat> Blumtime?
  973. [15:17:35] * Nat starts to make the teleportation circle but it fizzles out, making a magic fart noise.
  974. [15:17:44] <Amaryllis> Ammy probably goes and does her storytime somewhere in the midst of all this?
  975. [15:18:47] <Nat> Whatevs, if that's when it happens here Nat waits around and maybe takes a nap or something
  976. [15:18:57] <Nat> .... Or maybe tries to break into the basement again.
  977. [15:19:00] <Nat> EHHH NAH
  978. [15:19:06] <Amaryllis> DRINK THE POTION DAMMIT
  980. [15:19:29] <Nat> MAYBE 20 SESSIONS LATER
  981. [15:20:05] <Nat> Can I get MP back for napping while Ammy storytells? :D
  982. [15:20:15] <@Blade> That's a travel rest~
  983. [15:20:33] <@Blade> +25% MP I think
  984. [15:20:34] <Nat> OH MAN we've never used those rules before have we
  985. [15:20:35] <Amaryllis> Anyway, aren't we headed to Burmecia?
  986. [15:20:38] <Nat> Well it's more than 10!
  987. [15:20:42] <Amaryllis> For the Ambrosia Drops.
  988. [15:20:51] <Nat> So- oh yeah since we didn't need to go to Lindblum after all, guess we are!
  989. [15:21:07] <@Blade> Oh wait, travel is 50% and assumes more than a nap
  990. [15:21:08] <@Blade> oh well
  991. [15:21:11] <@Blade> You get 25% back
  992. [15:21:22] <Nat> 90+65...
  993. [15:21:30] <@Blade> is enough for one teleport!
  994. [15:21:35] <Nat> Alright that's 55 left after warping!
  995. [15:21:37] <Nat> LET'S GO NIGGA
  996. [15:21:53] <Lenore> I could just give you an Ether but OKAY
  997. [15:22:35] <Nat> Eh she was gonna storytell anyway, might as well take advantage!
  998. [15:22:56] <Amaryllis> (oh I probably need to spend some hi-ethers for the illusions used there)
  999. [15:26:06] <@Blade> Okay. You end up in the bright, white-bleached streets of Upper Burmecia, the only part of Burmecia Nat actually remembers going to. The rain clouds hang heavy over the lower city not far from where you are, steam-powered cable cars heading up and down the mountain. The entire city up here screams white and gold and occasionally silver, and there are bells decorating the architecture as far
  1000. [15:26:06] <@Blade> as you can see. The largest bell resides on a grand domed building in the middle of the Upper City.
  1001. [15:27:00] * Nat yawns and stretches, adjusting her hugeribbon. "'Kay! ... Now what?"
  1002. [15:27:01] <Lenore> "Ammy, can I borrow your knife real quick~?"
  1003. [15:27:03] <@Blade> From here you can see the rising spires of the former royal palace in Lower Burmecia.
  1004. [15:27:13] <Nat> (>stabbing rats)
  1005. [15:27:29] <Amaryllis> "My knife? Ah, this one?" She hands over the admiral's knife, still sheathed.
  1006. [15:27:32] <Nat> (It's like you're really a level 1 adventurer!)
  1007. [15:27:54] * Lenore nods. "Allll riiiight...~" She starts going around asking about Ambrosia Drops
  1008. [15:28:05] * Nat provides up to 5 Faiths.
  1009. [15:28:07] <Lenore> 2d6+8+2+2 and another +2 if there's a Faith involved
  1010. [15:28:08] <@Blade> Roll it~
  1011. [15:28:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, and another +2 if there's a Faith involved: 24 [2d6=6,6]
  1012. [15:28:12] <@Blade> Oh snap.
  1013. [15:28:14] <Lenore> Okay so WHOA
  1014. [15:28:16] <Lenore> 26
  1015. [15:28:19] <Lenore> AND A CRIT SUCCESS
  1016. [15:28:35] <Nat> By D&D rules that's 36!
  1017. [15:30:49] <@Blade> You ask around a bit, and you're directed to a large apiary field in the eastern part of the city. Tiny bees swarm around enormous golden flowers, like sunflowers with much larger, droopy buttered petals.
  1018. [15:31:57] <@Blade> You see a few Burmecians wandering about the area without wearing any sort of netsuits or anything, presumably the bees don't sting. A woman hums to herself as she brings a container up to the 'mouth' of a flower and begins draining an amber colored nectar from within.
  1019. [15:32:30] <Nat> A woman or a woRAT?
  1020. [15:32:36] <@Blade> worat!
  1021. [15:32:38] <Nat> ~
  1022. [15:32:59] <Lenore> "Okay, so we just harvest these from the flowers!" She rummages through her chest to pull out an empty potion container and then starts harvesting~
  1023. [15:33:09] <Nat> Nat is not a rat, but rather, a cat. And thus, hangs out in the back, where it's at.
  1024. [15:33:12] <Nat> A poem by Giantree.
  1025. [15:33:24] <@Blade> Oh uh
  1026. [15:33:31] <@Blade> To explain things better
  1027. [15:33:51] <@Blade> it looks like this is a farm for these flowers.
  1028. [15:33:59] <@Blade> One that's maintained by someone.
  1029. [15:34:05] <@Blade> So um, you're going to steal the nectar?
  1030. [15:34:07] <Lenore> Oh. oh. So I can't walk in and take some obvs
  1031. [15:34:09] <Lenore> WOOPS
  1032. [15:34:14] <Nat> *sign*
  1033. [15:34:20] <Nat> Ok so I should roll master thief now HUH?
  1034. [15:34:22] * Lenore looks around for whoever seems to be in charge here~
  1035. [15:34:52] <@Blade> You're not entirely sure who that would be! But as you enter the area, the woman harvesting the nectar smiles and looks over expectantly.
  1036. [15:34:56] <Nat> "Um... how're you supposed to do it, exactly...?"
  1037. [15:35:21] <Lenore> "Hi! I was um...hoping to buy some Nectar, where do I go to...?"
  1038. [15:35:22] <@Blade> It seems there's a sort of siphon on top of the bottle she's holding.
  1039. [15:35:35] * Blade is now known as Amber
  1040. [15:35:56] <Lenore> (Cute.)
  1041. [15:35:58] <Amaryllis> "How curious. What else can this nectar be used for?" Ammy looks around.
  1042. [15:36:06] * Nat sniffs it.
  1043. [15:36:11] <@Amber> "Hello! You're wanting some bottled Ambrosia Drops? The harvest is certainly more bountiful than we'd normally expect in the winter..."
  1044. [15:36:24] <@Amber> It smells very fragrant, fruity. Pleasant.
  1045. [15:36:30] <Lenore> "Hyup, I'm gonna' use it for some synthesis~."
  1046. [15:36:34] <Nat> "Iunno, but it smells good."
  1047. [15:37:04] <Nat> (Calling it now, this is going to be the quest where it's priced at like 10,000,000gil and we have to do some special thing to get it lowered to a reasonable value)
  1048. [15:37:44] <Lenore> (Slowpoke tails~)
  1049. [15:39:54] <@Amber> She seems happy to explain. "Ambrosia Drops are harvested from the Golden Dionysus, a cultivated descendant of the legendary flowers said to carry a much more potent nectar. It can be used for making heavenly elixirs or cooking..."
  1050. [15:40:47] * Lenore patiently waits for things to be explained to Ammy, after all, it's only fair, and hey, if she could cook something with it it'd be pretty cool~
  1051. [15:41:13] <Nat> "Cooking? What kinda cooking?" Nat jumps in between Ammy and Lenny, already salivating a bit.
  1052. [15:41:31] <@Amber> "Actually, there's not much of a demand right now and we've exceeded our expectations. They don't keep in long term storage, so we can probably sell some at a discount if you like~"
  1053. [15:41:32] <Amaryllis> "I have never cooked with it before. What are its usual uses in food?"
  1054. [15:42:08] * Lenore wideface~. "Reeeeally? that's pretty good to hear!"
  1055. [15:42:24] <@Amber> "It's a very sweet, syrupy sort of liquid that can be thinned into a beverage or thickened into a honey."
  1056. [15:43:07] * Nat looks up and starts daydreaming. ... Oh right, she's always daydreaming.
  1057. [15:43:27] <Nat> Maybe the anti-shadowbuncle laser cannon is getting progress made by now!
  1058. [15:43:38] * Amaryllis looks to Nat, then back to Amber. "Sounds worth trying. What's the price?"
  1059. [15:43:39] * @Amber smiles down at Nat. "Does she like treats made with honey?"
  1060. [15:44:28] <Nat> "Oh oh uh. Well, my friend is just the best cook ever, so I like everything~"
  1061. [15:44:32] <@Amber> "At a discount, only 1,000 for a vial enough for a batch of drinks or a meal. It's well worth the price~"
  1062. [15:44:46] <Lenore> "Woooow~"
  1063. [15:45:12] <Nat> (Oops my tropes were inversed; this is the one where it's TOO cheap and you have to find out what's wrong with it when it doesn't work)
  1064. [15:45:19] <Nat> (leading to entire sidequest just for itself)
  1065. [15:45:44] * Amaryllis turns to Lenore. "You need just one vial for the Elixir recipe, correct?"
  1066. [15:46:21] <Lenore> "I do, I kind of want to get more, but you're probably better off getting more than I am~! I'll just get one~"
  1067. [15:46:38] <@Amber> She smiles. "Well if she's the best cook ever, she may want to look into searching for the Wild Dionysus to harvest the true Ambrosia~ It's said to be able to be made into a food worthy of gods!"
  1068. [15:46:59] * Nat turns to Ammy and gives the look of WE HAVE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW.
  1069. [15:47:18] <Lenore> |________________________|
  1070. [15:47:24] <Lenore> \______________________/
  1071. [15:47:29] * Amaryllis looks to Nat again for a moment. "...You just had to give her ideas."
  1072. [15:48:09] <@Amber> She laughs. "Well, finding that legendary flower has been a dream of mine, too..."
  1073. [15:48:37] * Nat spins back around and tilts her head. "So does that mean you don't know if it really exists or not?"
  1074. [15:49:08] <Amaryllis> "I shall take two vials for now then. Enough for a drink and a meal." Ammy fishes around in her bag for the gil. "And I suppose now I shall have to ask you what you know about this flower of legend too."
  1075. [15:49:32] * Lenore forks over the gil right about now~
  1076. [15:49:52] * Nat almost starts swishing her ass around before realizing this is the form without a tail. She quickly stops.
  1077. [15:49:53] <@Amber> "Well... they say it can't even be found in the world anymore. But that's only where people have actually looked, right?"
  1078. [15:50:20] <@Amber> "It's a flower almost as large as a house, containing an entiire pool of golden nectar! Or so they say."
  1079. [15:50:26] <Nat> "So you mean it's in a different world or something?"
  1080. [15:50:44] <@Amber> "Hm? That's a funny idea to have! But sure, I guess!"
  1081. [15:50:46] <Amaryllis> "It means we may find it in the places where the world has begun to grow and change."
  1082. [15:50:54] <Nat> "Ohhh, I get it!"
  1083. [15:51:13] <Amaryllis> "The jungles near Lesetira and Durandal, or the new continent rising out of the sea."
  1084. [15:51:29] <Nat> "I know who I should ask about that~"
  1085. [15:51:36] <Nat> "... But maaaaybe not right now."
  1086. [15:51:45] <@Amber> She tilts her head.
  1087. [15:51:52] * Amaryllis waits to see if Amber's heard of the recent events yet. Probably the jungles, but the second should be new.
  1088. [15:51:54] * Nat gives Amber a thankful gesture. "Thanks a lottabunch!"
  1089. [15:51:56] <@Amber> But she takes the money and begins pouring vials for all of you.
  1090. [15:52:14] <@Amber> "Someone mentioned something like that... wasn't that in a moogle paper?"
  1091. [15:52:34] <@Amber> "...I didn't know continents were rising, though! That sounds strange..."
  1092. [15:53:30] <@Amber> She pats Nat on the head. "You're certainly welcome~"
  1093. [15:53:35] <Nat> "Nn~!"
  1094. [15:54:22] <Lenore> "We
  1095. [15:54:29] <Lenore> 'll let you know if we find out anything about it!"
  1096. [15:54:33] <@Amber> "Remember to stop by Amber Fields if you ever need a delicious addition to your kitchen or atelier!"
  1097. [15:54:44] * Amaryllis nods, satisfied. It means her word will still have cachet when storytelling~ "It is a new and exciting world we live in today. Perhaps you shall see your legendary flower yet...?" Ammy trails off, waiting for a name.
  1098. [15:54:44] <@Amber> She nods. "Thanks!"
  1099. [15:54:49] <Amaryllis> "Are you Amber then?"
  1100. [15:54:55] <@Amber> "That's right~"
  1101. [15:55:01] <Nat> (So I was wrong and it was either tropes #3 or #4, which are 'it fucks up and it turns out the legendary one is the only one that'll work after all' and 'there's nothing actually wrong with it but it was just done this way to introduce more characters and plot elements,' BOOO)
  1102. [15:55:06] <Amaryllis> "Amaryllis." She extends a hand.
  1103. [15:55:20] <@Amber> She takes your hand, shaking it. "Hi!"
  1104. [15:56:07] <Nat> "Ca- I mean, I'm Nat!" She says with a :D not even saying the full name. "Maybe we'll come by again sometime!"
  1105. [15:56:15] <Amaryllis> "I'll send a kupogram if I hear word of this flower, seeing as I will surely be dragged off to find it now." Ammy looks down tiredly at Nat.
  1106. [15:56:39] <Nat> "Oh, it's okay, we COULD always take Lenny to make the thing first..."
  1107. [15:56:44] <@Amber> She nods. "Good luck~"
  1108. [15:56:54] * Nat swings her arms around a bit. "... Unless she thinks we should go look for this too..."
  1109. [15:57:43] <Lenore> "I'm Lena Renegade, nice to meet you, Amber~. ☆" She waves as she leaves~
  1110. [15:57:44] <Amaryllis> "Yes, yes, but I am sure someday I will wake up from a good night's sleep to find you've teleported me onto some sodding airship to the new continent, will I not?"
  1111. [15:58:11] <Nat> "... Well that does sound like something I'd do~"
  1112. [15:58:15] * Amaryllis looks at Nat with a 'don't lie you know you'd do that' look.
  1113. [15:58:21] <@Amber> She waves goodbye to the lot of you.
  1114. [15:59:11] * Nat turns to Lenny to find out where to go next.
  1116. [15:59:35] <Lenore> "Bartime? Or do you want to get right to makin' the Elixir, Ammy? I won't impede your goal, after all~"
  1117. [16:00:09] <Amaryllis> "I know nothing of alchemy, so you may as well start brewing as I hit the bars."
  1118. [16:00:15] <Nat> (.... I'm just going to get Let's Creation!! playing right now)
  1119. [16:00:22] <Amaryllis> "Nat can come find me when you are done?"
  1120. [16:00:31] <Nat> "You still don't want me helping you, right, Ammy? So... nn, yeah, I'll help her."
  1121. [16:00:55] * Nat is sadly. "Good luck, 'kay?"
  1122. [16:01:07] <Lenore> "Okay then, good luck, Ammy!"
  1123. [16:01:25] * Amaryllis looks around to make sure no one's listening. "I am at a crossroads Nat. Surely Kalissa's tales will spread, and I need mine to be mine alone and as strong as possible of their own accord. There shall be other days you can help me, Nat." Ammy gives her a nat on the head.
  1124. [16:01:29] * Lenore tosses Nat and Ether for 50% + 85 MP~
  1125. [16:01:45] <Lenore> (>gives her a nat)
  1126. [16:01:49] <Amaryllis> *pat
  1127. [16:02:01] <@Amber> recursive nats
  1128. [16:02:10] <Nat> Kyau! 130+85=215! 45+215=260/260! Perfect bonus!
  1129. [16:02:24] <Lenore> ~~~~
  1130. [16:02:54] <@Amber> Okay then~
  1131. [16:03:01] <@Amber> Lenore, heading straight back home?
  1132. [16:03:11] <Lenore> Sure thing!
  1133. [16:03:15] <Nat> Pat accepts the nat and portcircles Lenny to the land of potionmaking!
  1134. [16:03:20] <@Amber> VWOOP
  1135. [16:03:31] <Lenore> To Renegade's atelier!
  1136. [16:03:32] <@Amber> Back at Renegade's lab, Lenore has finally got her ingredients together...
  1137. [16:03:46] * Amaryllis goes off for storytelling~
  1138. [16:03:49] <Nat> In fact somehow through the fourth wall she decides 'Patricia' will be her next name if she ever does the disguise thing with Ammy again. Only she'll probably never remember it.
  1139. [16:03:51] <@Amber> And works at the alchemy table! Roll your synth check! No cost, you've already paid for it!
  1140. [16:03:51] * Lenore hops to making it~
  1141. [16:04:03] * Nat Faiths the fuck out of that shit, nigga.
  1142. [16:04:29] <Lenore> 2d6+1d6+6+2+2 The workshop bonus is a +2 right? And spending Phantom Destiny~
  1143. [16:04:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, The workshop bonus is a +2 right? And spending Phantom Destiny~: 21 [2d6=2,6; 1d6=3]
  1144. [16:04:41] <Lenore> DC in the book for an Elixir is 20
  1145. [16:04:55] <@Amber> You mix and you mix...
  1146. [16:04:59] <@Amber> You brew and you bubble~
  1147. [16:05:02] <@Amber> And eventually...
  1148. [16:06:06] <@Amber> You create four potion bottles worth of a rich, red liquid that smells heavenly.
  1149. [16:06:19] <@Amber> Obtained four Elixirs! Tier 7 Consumable, Restores HP and MP 100%
  1150. [16:06:20] <Lenore> (...actually it's 17, it's Megalixer that's 20, huh)
  1151. [16:07:03] <Nat> (I was too late to link Let's Creation!!, ALL IS LOST)
  1152. [16:07:10] * Lenore double checks all her reference books, takes a sip of the liquid to make sure it has the distinctive taste, and nods before pouring it into the 4 bottles. "Done!"
  1153. [16:07:44] <@Amber> (It's okay, I was listening to it already)
  1154. [16:07:44] <Lenore> (BTW, you know what else is DC 20? Scarletite, holy fuck)
  1155. [16:07:54] * Nat was dicking around in her mindworld instead of doing anything productive, and jumps up. "Good job, Lenny!"
  1156. [16:08:27] <Nat> In fact for further amusement she said she was GOING to ask her evil clone if there were any giant golden flowers in the jungle, but has been spaghettiing out. This. Entire. Time.
  1157. [16:08:39] <Lenore> "All right, you know what this means, right, Nat?" Gringrin
  1158. [16:08:51] <Nat> "Y-You're gonna do it right here?"
  1159. [16:09:29] <Lenore> She pauses considering it. "Oh, yeah, you're right, the Sisters and Dad aren't on good terms..."
  1160. [16:09:58] <Nat> "Really? Nnn... Ammy said to get her when we were done, too. I guess she wants to meet 'em too?"
  1161. [16:10:11] <Nat> "'Sides, I can pretty much cast Teleport with my eyes closed now!"
  1162. [16:10:13] <Lenore> "Yeah, that's true too!"
  1163. [16:10:32] <Nat> "In fact I'll do it RIGHT NOW! ... Unless there was anything else you wanted to do here?"
  1164. [16:10:39] <Nat> "(By the way I never did ask about that flower :<)"
  1165. [16:11:06] <Lenore> "(which flower again, the Dionysus?)"
  1166. [16:11:35] <Nat> "(Uh, I think so? I know what'sherface called it that, but I'm already just remembering it as 'that big gold flower that makes good stuff.')"
  1167. [16:12:13] <Lenore> "(well, I dunno' if she knew more about it than she said!)"
  1168. [16:12:59] <Nat> "(Yeah, that's why I was going to go ask Sis about it, you silly! ... I didn't do it though.)"
  1169. [16:13:00] * Amber is now known as Kain
  1170. [16:13:04] <Nat> "(Maybe some other time.)"
  1171. [16:14:17] <Lenore> "Well, whatever, let's go to Ammy~!" There's a freezeframe as Nat starts the teleport~
  1172. [16:14:06] <@Kain> And </>
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