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  1. [sub]The Introduction
  3. ¦ Do you have a preferred nickname or alias? We'll refer to you as this during interviews and discussion. [/sub]
  5. [b]Volpe works fine.[/b]
  7. [sub]¦ What are your most commonly used profiles? This is help us better identify who you are, and if we're familiar with you.[/sub]
  8. [b]Volpe, Star Guardian Ahri, Spear[/b]
  9. [sub]¦ How long have you been a member of the League of Legends Inn? Have you taken any prolonged hiatuses or breaks? [/sub]
  10. [b]Not counting the break, over a year and a half. With the 9 month break, two years.[/b]
  11. [sub]¦ How active are you in the League of Legends Inn's community and how well do you know most of the room's users?[/sub]
  12. [b]Fairly active, though sometimes I just read. I know of most users, but try to keep more to myself/people I know lately in terms of actual interaction.
  13. [/b]
  15. [sub]¦ Are you willing to submit your entire character list for scrutiny and review? This is optional.
  16. Your character list will be used to better determine your history in the Inn, and will not be distributed beyond our moderation team.[/sub]
  17. [b]It's pretty much all public anyways, but yeah.[/b]
  19. [sub]¦ Are you willing to use third party programs as a moderator? Examples include Discord, Google Docs, Lightshot, and more. [/sub]
  20. [b]I already use all of these, so I've no issue with it.[/b]
  24. [sub]Experience and Availability
  26. ¦ Have you ever held a moderation position before on a different website or private channel? [/sub]
  27. [b]Yes, several. None on f-list.
  28. [/b]
  29. [sub]¦ Do you have any experience, training, or skills you believe are relevant to this position? [/sub]
  30. [b]The several years moderating around 5 IRC-esque styled chats, with average user range being around 3k, with much stricter rules. Training wise, I've taken courses in conflict resolution, as well as half of a youth work training course. Plus I'm a parent, and toddlers are harder to reason with. In my opinion.[/b]
  32. [sub]¦ How much time do you spend actively on F-List? How much of this active time can you commit to your responsibilities as staff? As a team, we sometimes have scheduled meetings to discuss various policies, punishments, appeals, and more.[/sub]
  33. [b]If actively is chatting overall(Including DMs), several hours a day. If active is chatting specifically in the room, a handful at least. And pretty much all of them, I mostly just chill[/b]
  36. [sub]¦ What days and hours are you typically online and available in Eastern Standard Timezone? What timezone are you for reference? [/sub]
  37. [b]I'm PST, but I'm usually online at least around 1PM est-7AM EST, occasionally for life things, I am on the opposite schedule.[/b]
  41. [sub]The League of Legends Inn
  43. ¦ How familiar are you with the Rules and Guidelines? How familiar are you with past Rules and Guidelines?[/sub]
  44. [b]With the Inn's rules? Fairly, still adjusting. F-lists itself? I've been re-familiarizing myself with them.[/b]
  46. [sub]¦ Why do you want to join the League of Legends Inn as a moderator? Why do you feel you would be a good addition?[/sub]
  47. [b]I sent in a meme request, but opted to send a serious reply. I feel like it could be an interesting experience, and I sincerely wish to help make the Inn a better place. I've come to really think of this place rather fondly, and somehow it matters to me despite being a chatroom.[/b]
  49. [sub]¦ What changes do you feel should be made to the League of Legends Inn? How would you implement them?
  50. [/sub]
  51. [b]I don't really, besides the new mods thing. I feel like the rule changes were really amazing, and I think if the userbase adheres to the adjustments, it'll be "easier" for mods, and more enjoyable for all.[/b]
  52. [sub]¦ If hired, you'll be placed on a trial basis. Pending your performance and activity, you may be removed from staff. Abuse of staff tools may lead to be a permanent ban from the Inn. Do you understand? [/sub]
  53. Understood 100%.
  55. [sub]¦ If hired, would you like to be assigned a mentor? Your mentor would have the final say on your trial period. [/sub]
  56. [b]Actually, yes. I'd highly prefer that, since my experience in the past is somewhat different, given the theme of the chats I was involved in.[/b]
  58. [sub]
  59. ¦ Do you have any form of disciplinary history within the League of Legends Inn? If so, what?[/sub]
  60. [b]I've been warned, I think twice officially(I probably counted wrong), and I've been spoken to for a slap on the wrist a handful of times. [/b]
  62. [sub]¦ If you had any history of disciplinary action, how have you changed or otherwise reformed?[/sub]
  63. [sub]I've started to not engage in the particular topics/discussions/etc that typically got me on the radar, and instead chosen to go to DM's, do something else, or just continue about my business. It's not perfect yet, but I do strongly feel like I'm doing really well.[/sub]
  65. [sub]¦ Do you have any form of disciplinary history on F-List? If so, what? This is optional.[/sub]
  66. [b]I was warned for something, I forget what.[/b]
  67. [sub]¦ If you had any history of disciplinary action, how have you changed or otherwise reformed?[/sub]
  68. [b]I reviewed the rules(Which I keep trying to do.)[/b]
  69. [sub]¦ Which users, if any, do you hold a bias against? Who and why? [/sub]
  70. [b]As of right now? Only one cass and ahri in particular. It's stupid stuff that I try to ignore more now. Oh and Farlight. I just...don't like him.[/b]
  72. [sub]¦ Which users, if any, might hold a bias against you? Who and why? [/sub]
  73. [b]Actually, the same two as above, and I'm not sure of any others, presently. Because in past, I'm certain my aggressive and standoffish/bitchy/instigatory mannerisms did it.[/b]
  77. The Code of Conduct
  78. All private channels are expected to uphold the F-List Code of Conduct. You will be expected to report all infractions.
  79. Below is a chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the Code of Conduct. These are real examples from the Inn's past.
  84. [sub]¦ How long have you been a member of F-List? How familiar are you with the F-List Code of Conduct? [/sub]
  85. [b]Two years, with one 9 month break. I've re familiarized myself with them recently. [/b]
  87. [sub]¦ Two users are having a heated argument about League of Legends, and insulting each other. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  88. [b]Yes, because it's not allowed by the site to intentionally insult any one person, or group in any way shape or form. [/b]
  90. [sub]¦ After the argument, one user announces they are ignoring the other user. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  91. [b]Yes this should be reported. This falls under defamation and harassment.[/b]
  93. [sub]¦ During a discussion, someone says they cannot sees another user's messages because they are on ignore. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  94. [b]The same as above. This is against f-list's rules.[/b]
  96. [sub]¦ Someone has entered the channel as a famous celebrity such as Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Chris Evans, or Chris Pratt. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  97. [b]I believe this is okay provided they are over the age of 18, and have verified profiles on specific websites. Iunno that rule was also kinda weird to read, for me. Maybe I'm just dumb? [/b]
  99. [sub]¦ Someone has entered the channel as a League of Legends streamer such as Tyler1, Dyrus, Sneaky, QtPie, or Kaceytron. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  100. [b]Same as above.[/b]
  102. [sub]¦ A user has you on ignore and is misbehaving. You're the only moderator online. Should you message them? Should you report them? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  103. [b]Ignore evasion is against the site rules, should be handled by another mod cause like...ignore evasion is no.[/b]
  105. [sub]¦ Two users are arguing, and one user calls another a racial slur. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  106. [b]yeah, intentionally insulting people isn't allowed, and in RP hard kinks are to be kept the the appropriate places[/b]
  108. [sub]¦ Someone has entered the channel as [Racial Slur Karma] or Big [Racial Slur] Ekko. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  109. [sub]Again, yes. Hard kinks are to be kept to their right places that allow for it.[/sub]
  111. [sub]¦ Two users are roleplaying as a male Nidalee and Sona in the Inn. Sona moans she love's Nidalee's big [racial slur] cock. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  112. [b]Yes, another situation involving a hard kink.[/b]
  114. [sub]¦ The Inn is discussing Hecarim's burst damage when someone posts an image of a real horse cock. Should this be reported? If so, when and why? [/sub]
  115. [b]This, as far as I know isn't allowed by site rules under the "shocking and harmful content". I think. At least, I'd find it to be so.[/b]
  116. [sub]
  118. Pop Quiz
  119. We understand you may be coming into this unfamiliar with our disciplinary system. That's fine and expected.
  120. We want to understand how you would approach these situations and what punishment they warrant.
  122. All the below examples are based on real incidents that have occurred in the Inn.
  127. 1) Two users have gotten into an argument about in-game mechanics and meta.
  129. User A is commonly in troubled for causing arguments. During this conversation, he has remained uncharacteristically calm and polite. But, early into the argument, User A antagonized the situation by saying "What a scrub" and posting the Kappa eicon.
  131. User B is extremely heated, openly swearing and cursing at User A. User B tells User A to "kys" and walk into traffic.
  132. User B then announces User A isn't worth his time, and he's now being ignored.
  134. User B has never been in trouble before this, and has been a member of the Inn for years. This is very uncharacteristic behavior.
  136. Before you can step in, the situation escalates.
  137. User A claims he was joking.
  138. In response, User B calls him a racial slur.
  141. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  142. [/sub]
  143. Well, first off the racial slur probably tags in two of the site rules, and that's that matter, so I'd imagine it'd go to site staff, but User A would probably be a Room issue and be dealt with via a talking to. And well, both shouldn't be insulting the other
  145. 2) A Yasuo has been in our community for about six months.
  147. During their time in the Inn, they've been publicly warned for multiple small issues. They've participated in two minor arguments and been warned for spamming multiple times. After their most recent warning, they personally message you. They genuinely sorry and apologetic for having caused any issues.
  149. Two months have passed since the warning and apology. Since then, Yasuo hasn't caused any issues.
  151. Today, a Jinx approaches you and claims that Yasuo is harassing her. She explains that they had been discussing a scene when Yasuo offended her. Rather than argue, Jinx put Yasuo on ignore. Jinx had hoped to put the situation behind her. But, instead, Yasuo is harassing her.
  153. The Jinx explains that Yasuo has set a status to try and insult her. And that he's publicly sulking in the Inn.
  156. Upon investigating, you find the following status.
  158. "Do Not Disturb - Playing League. Fuck Jinx"
  160. Looking in the channel, you see a few comments by the Yasuo. He seems to be talking with a friend. While most of them are fine, a single comment catches your attention.
  162. "Jinx is an annoying cunt. Fuck her."
  165. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  167. I'd speak with the Yasuo, given his history I'd remind him that such behavior isn't tolerated by f-list site rules, and neither is the arguing welcome in the Inn. The status itself should be handled by Site Staff.
  169. 3) It is about 4:00AM in the morning on a weekday. The Inn is fairly quiet, with only two people roleplaying.
  171. A Lux is currently roleplaying with an Annie in the channel, with the two of them enjoying a cup of tea and talking on a couch.
  173. In Character, a Rengar begins to taunt and harass the Lux. Calling her too old for tea parties. The Lux ignores the Rengar's comments with a huff and keeps talking to Annie. In response, Rengar calls her a spoiled princess. He recommends knocking her down a few pegs by [insert lewd act.]
  175. The Lux describes herself as ignoring him and focusing on Annie in her next post. Rengar approaches them and gets in Lux's face.
  177. In response, Lux calls Rengar a "Dense Cunt and that she doesn't want to roleplay with his annoying character."
  179. The Rengar promptly stops talking and soon logs out. The Lux puts herself to Do Not Disturb and quits talking in the Inn.
  182. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  183. Both should probably be spoken with, the Rengar more so than the Lux. It's worth mentioning that the Lux could have handled it better, but Rengar was more of the problem. No warnings needed, since this situation didn't tell me he'd done anything else in past.
  186. 4) It's roughly 8:00PM on a Friday night and the Inn is fairly active. Multiple people are currently talking in the channel and enjoying themselves while others are enjoying some casual roleplay.
  188. A single user starts a conversation about the recent Poppy rework. The user explains they preferred her original lore over the new lore, and asks if anyone else agrees. This quickly causes a channel-wide discussion of Poppy and the current direction of League of Legend's lore. The conversation quickly divides the Inn into two camps.
  190. The conversation is a bit heated, but no one has broken any rules.
  192. At worst, there are some passive aggressive comments being exchanged between users. But no one has filed a formal report and the comments are not bad enough to warrant action on their own.
  195. You notice at this point that User A has joined the conversation.
  197. From personal experience, you've noticed User A dislikes Khada Jhin as a character. She absolutely dislikes the character concept and dislikes any Jhin profile that joins the Inn. She's even spoken up about ignoring several of them and has gotten into the habit of randomly throwing salt shakers, squirrels, and acorns at Jhin players roleplaying in the Inn.
  199. User A insults a Jhin by calling them a "stupid, uninteresting preteen wannabe edgelord champion who had no right to judge Poppy."
  201. The Jhin seemingly ignores the comment.
  204. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  206. I'd definitely ask the chat to remember we're here to enjoy ourselves, and that we should move on from the subject, before approaching User A as this behavior is definitely not tolerated.
  208. 5) An user approaches you in Private Message asking if you have a moment. You answer that you do, and ask what they need.
  210. User A explains that they feel another user is actively mocking transgendered individuals inside the Inn and asks for you to step in. Checking the Inn, you find a new character you haven't seen before.
  212. The profile's name is Trans-Jhin-dered.
  214. Upon inspection, it's a transgender profile. The profile was recently created (Less than 24 hours old) and uses a very popular copy/pasta format that several members of the Inn uses. Most of the information is not filled out on the profile. But in the headcanons section, it explains that it is a female to male Jhin and provides other headcanons.
  216. Checking the Inn, Trans-Jhin-dered has been actively talking for the past twenty or so minutes and casually roleplaying at the same time. But you do notice they've made a few puns about their name.
  218. Since you were approached by User A, you've received a few messages from other players.
  220. You're aware that User A is friends with both User B and User C that have approached you. Both User B and User C are calling the profile offensive and ask for you to remove it from the Inn.
  223. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  224. I'd remind all users approaching that while I understand, this profile hasn't technically done anything wrong, and that if they dislike the profile the best way for them to cope is to put said user on ignore.
  227. 6) You've just logged on and the Inn is on fire. No other moderators are currently online and people are excitedly arguing.
  229. It's getting closer to the end of the season, and it looks like people were discussing ranked games. Over eight people are actively involved in the discussion and more seem to be jumping in by the moment. Some people are just discussing the meta while other users are downright flaming one another.
  231. In the four or five minutes you've been online? You've seen the following:
  232. "Calling someone Silver trash who won't climb if they don't learn the basics of the fucking game. "
  233. "You're a stuck up cunt. No wonder why you have no fucking friends."
  234. "With advice like that you're diamond? More like bronze you brain dead monkey [kappa]"
  235. "Are you fucking retarded? Who the hell builds Bloodthirster on Ezreal?"
  236. "Shut up you arrogant bitch!"
  237. "Will you idiots shut the fuck up?"
  238. "At least I don't play a fucking Sona and expect to be unique. HUEHUEHUEHUE you BR cunt."
  240. And it shows no sign of stopping. You already have at least seven or eight people to warn in just five minutes. And you're not even certain who or what started the argument.
  242. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  244. Step one, ask that everyone take a moment to calm down, and that we should all move onto other topics before reading back in the logs to try and figure out that way how everything started. From there, approaching people to get further information on what instigated this, and piece together everything possible from this. Give the appropriate warnings, and watch chat far more closely with a water bucket.
  246. 7) It's roughly 7:00PM on a Friday night and the Inn is fairly active. Multiple people are currently talking in the channel and enjoying themselves while others are enjoying some casual roleplay.
  248. At this point, you notice a few interesting names in the Inn. You do not immediately recognize them, and decide to inspect the profiles.
  251. Machoman Braumy Savage, who seems to be a 70's styled wrestling parody. On the profile is a picture of a professional WWE wrestler with Braum's face photo shopped onto it. The profile has several customs focused around wrestling, drinking, overdoses, and sodomy.
  253. Machoman Braumy Savage has recently kicked down the doors of the Inn, jumped up onto the counter, and screamed "OH YEAH BROTHER." He is currently randomly and violently suplexing other characters, who for the most part are ignoring him or offering small replies. He's posted five or six short sentences in the past ten minutes.
  256. Grunkle Stan, an old man who seems to be from a cartoon show called Gravity Falls. The profile features several pictures of the character and several collapses with additional information. The profile has a variety of custom fetishes, but mainly focused on profiteering, occultism, and something about a Mystery Shack.
  258. Grunkle Stan is currently engaged in an ongoing discussion with others. He seems to be discussing something called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with three other users. After all four of them post the same three squiggly icons in quick succession, they go back to discussing League of Legends.
  261. Speedwagon, a manga character dressed in an outdated three-piece suit and a feathered fedora. On the profile is a single inline with multiple empty collapses. The profile has no custom fetishes or normal fetishes at this time, and is three years old.
  263. The character has made several casual roleplay posts thus far. The character has approached the bar and grabbed a cherry, which he is repeatedly and eagerly licking. The character has made a three or four sentence long post of him licking the cherry with no other interaction with other characters. Afterward, he posted an eicon of a cherry being rapidly licked. Since then, he has posted three other times. One approaching another character while licking a cherry, but went ignored. Another commenting on a picture of Sona being eaten out to which he responded "Rero, rero, rero." The last saying "Speedwagon is afraid of nothing."
  266. Kap Pa, a League of Legends original character and summoner from Ionia. The profile is completely empty except for a single paragraph. "Kap Pa Chino the Summoner hails from Ionia. Despite his brilliant ability on the Summoner's Rift and his amazing placement in the top .01% of Bronze, Kap Pa was struck by a donkey when young. Because of that, he can only say his name while talking."
  268. Kap Pa has only made one post in the Inn. Him walking into the Inn, taking a seat, and saying "Kap Pa."
  271. Certainly Not Blitz, a profile based on the Definitely Not Blitzcrank skin of League of Legends. On the profile is a single inline of the character and a statement that this is a Definitely Not Blitzcrank profile.
  273. At this point, a warning has been issued to the room to rein in the silliness and shitposting.
  275. Certainly Not Blitz has arrived with a flash of lightning in the Inn's doors and walks in. Interecting himself into an ongoing scene, Certainly Not Blitz pats them on the back and sways the discussion to "Totally Normal Human Things." After a few posts, the other participants of the scene goes to private message. Certainly Not Blitz continues to talk in the room and respond with silly IC responses. As this goes on, a notable decline in those participating occurs. The room goes for ten to fifteen users actively chatting to use three or four.
  278. This was an amazing read, but I'd probably poke a couple of these people in PM and politely remind them that while memes and "shitposting" aren't unwelcome, the primary function of the room is to enjoy each others company, roleplay and that disrupting such things goes against the ideals set by the rules and stff.
  281. 8) Two users are currently in the middle of a roleplay as a female Jinx and Vi.
  283. The scenes went from fairly SFW with a few bites and kisses to downright NSFW. They're making fairly small but steady replies to one another, maybe two to five sentences long per post. The scene is focused around BDSM elements with Vi on a leash, and Jinx receiving oral and foot fetishism from Vi.
  285. The Jinx has been humiliating and teasing the Vi, calling her a dirty whore. Mentioning how everyone in the Inn could see "Fat Hands getting off like the dirty pig she is from snorting on Jinx's sweaty, dirty feet."
  287. At this point, a different Vi chimes in. This second Vi calls the first a pathetic loser. The Jinx plays along with it, telling the first Vi what a wimp she is. The two keeps roleplaying for awhile and the second Vi keeps heckling. Making comments about how disgusting feet are, how pitiful that Vi is, and how Jinx could use a taste of her (the second Vi's) dick.
  289. Finally, the two quit roleplaying. After awhile, you notice the Vi deleted her character. The Jinx has set herself to Do Not Disturb and has a status up that says "She hates this site." The second Vi is still chatting away in the room and is now hitting on another character.
  291. No one has messaged you at this point, but you're disturbed by the deletion and message the Jinx.
  293. Jinx explains how the first Vi felt OOCly harassed and how she thought staff didn't do anything to stop the troll. She's mad at the Inn for not stepping in and stopping it.
  295. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  296. I'd definitely speak to the second Vi, as this disruptive and rude behavior definitely isn't healthy for the room, and I'd extend my apologies for not stepping in sooner, and ask that a message be sent to me or any other staff if anything like this occurs. I think that a warning might be in order, but I'd ask other staff for their input.
  299. 9) You've been enjoying a scene and tab over to find the room isn't on fire and everything seems in order.
  301. People are talking and enjoying themselves, but three people are repeatedly and excitedly talking about something. While the majority of the room is discussing League or roleplaying, the three are discussing something unrelated to League of Legends.
  303. They're back and forth with one or two sentence replies laughing and carrying on about a different game and series.
  305. As you go over the logs, you're able to send a clear trend. When these three started talking about this different game, less and less people seemed to contribute to the flow of chat. And it seems the ongoing roleplay has all but stopped, or went to private.
  307. How do you handle this situation? What punishments, if any, do the users involved deserve?
  308. Honestly, I'd probably just remind people it's primarily a league setting and DM's/making your own chat is better if people are actively roleplaying. No warnings needed.
  311. Ending Notes
  313. ¦ Is there anything else you feel we should know about you?
  314. I understand my past reflects poorly on me, and I make no excuses for it. I just want it to be known, I appreciate the efforts staff have gone to when it comes to me, and I've never had a rude or biased feeling conversation with any of them. In turn, I have made a big strong effort to turn over a new leaf and be a better user. Not really about me, but this felt like the place to put that.
  315. ¦ Are there any other questions you feel we should have asked?
  316. Probably what someone would have done as a mod if they were personally being attacked. The closest you get is the Jinx and 2 Vi's example, but even then, I feel like that alone would be an important one, since that is one thing many people struggle with.
  317. Perhaps also, if they felt like "taking a break" from staff, and they saw disruptions, would they willingly get off there other characters(assuming the weren't in the inn) and come deal with it(Assuming they got Noted of the issue, or some such).
  318. ¦ Do you have any questions for us?
  319. Meme: What's your favorite dessert
  320. Serious: How could I better myself as a user, regardless if I get seriously considered, input is valuable to me.
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