Escape from Helheim

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  1.         Rasped breaths and hurried footsteps came from the pair in their desperate desire to escape from this small town they had called home. Neighbors chased them with torches and weapons, the town armory emptied of it's muskets to aide in killing the mother and her child. A vice grip kept the child from falling behind her parent, a knowing fear in the yellow eyes of the elder fox. Her two silver ears shifted on top of her head to try and make sense of the noisy mobs attempting to track them, knowing just where to go due to prior experience fleeing such scenarios. She was rusty, and the blood red haired child she kept pulling along slowed her down. The child gasped for breath behind the guardian, only one tail compared to her mother's pair. The mother stopped them in a dark alleyway, looking around and judging them to be safe before kneeling down and pulling her child into a tight embrace to stifle the sound of her rasped voice.
  2.         "Do not speak Hasu." The mother whispered with panic, keeping the young fox silent with a hand gently running down her from her ears to her back through the long red hair. The sounds of shouting grew closer as they rested, the one called Hasu being comforted the whole while.
  3.         Silver ears perked up at an unexpected noise at the exit of the alleyway. The yellow eyes of the mother looked up and saw the eyes of a were-wolf among the silhouette of the seasoned huntress she knew all too well. The fox stood up with her child still in her arms, knowing she was spotted by the skilled marks-woman. No shot rung out even as she turned and ran for the other exit of the alleyway, but the silver haired fox knew she was not safe. The echoing bang of the musket being fired came from behind, a whizzing ball of metal hitting the back of her leg. A sharp cry came from the victim as she tumbled to the ground, clutching her child to keep her safe. She only let go of the red fox when she tried to stand up, nearly falling over again as the wound served to slow her to a crawl. Hasu could only look up at her mother that looked between the alleyway, the wolf calling for help at the other end, and around them for some place to hide the child. Desperation turned to resignation after a short few moments, and the silver fox looked down at her child with a tearful frown. Her clawed hand lowered onto the scared child's head, solemn rub  back and forth between her ears having none of the usual vigor.
  4.         "Hasu, you know where the rice wine storehouse is don't you?" The mother asked with a soft voice. The child nodded to answer, staying silent as she had been told. "Run there and don't come out until it's safe. I'll be fine, I just need to lead them away. We'll meet again if you get out of here and survive... even if it takes a long time."
  5.         Hasu could see through the words, moonlight reflecting off the tears streaming down from her mother's face. But she nodded, knowing why she was being sent off on her own. Without waiting to be told, the red haired child ran away from her mother and towards the storehouse down the road. She did not look back and kept running, lucky enough to not get spotted by the time she slipped into the secure building through one of the windows. She settled there in an empty barrel, it's strong scent of soaked in sake burning at her nose as she sniffled and curled her tail around her cold legs. There, Hasu let out her tears while listening for danger.
  6.         Musket fire echoed through the town's streets.
  8.         The bad memory was broken from Yuhyeol's mind as her pointed blood red ears heard the loud clank of her lock-up cell being opened. One of the ears still retained some of the shredding damage of a shotgun, scarred beyond even her healing. The closed right eye and the scar that resembled fire trailing towards the side of her face was the worse victim of that incident. Nine red tails uncurled from around the kumiho as she sat and then stood up off the bed, eye leering out at whoever it may be exposing light to her dark cell.
  9.         On the other side of the heavy steel bars stood that which would command respect, good or bad, from most monsters. Distinct horns curled like a mountain goat's and snow white hair floating like a trail of smoke behind the frail looking body of the lilim Hela, her ivory wings drooping extra low towards the ground by her tail and the end of the thick black robe that draped her body in warmth. The eyes, half open and with dark bags under them, looked right back at Yuhyeol's piercing gaze without a flinch.
  10.         "You certainly are not the white haired barbarian that threw me in here such a time ago. What might be your name?" Yuhyeol inquired, moving over to the bars to look down at the slightly shorter lilim.
  11.         "I am Hela. Please don't insult my sister Freya, you gave her a lot of trouble all those months ago. It was a pain coming up with something to deal with your strength too..." Hela couldn't help but grumble, petting the back of her head with one hand. "I'd appreciate if you could behave better. You'll get time off your sentence for good behavior if you do."
  12.         Yuhyeol sighed in response. "So, I only get out of this hole in the wall should I give you my word I shall avoid further... annoyances to you and get a collar stuck on my neck?"
  13.         "If you want to put it like that, I suppose." Hela sighed, stroking the back of her head again and keeping her hand there after. "It'll go around the base of your tails though. It'll only take care of most of the magic flowing from them, but it'll be enough... I don't wish to leave you exposed, we can't stop every fight. Try not to start them though... and don't take them too far."
  14.         Yuhyeol took a minute to consider the lilim's offer. To weigh the options against each other, and consider the options of each. She came to a decision soon and answered the lilim's proposal.
  15.         "I accept, it will do me no good to remain in this cell. I may miss the privacy, but nothing here is truly private with your eye watching."
  16.         Hela let out a hum, the floating eye-like magic device that floated in the center of the vast chamber looking towards the scene for a moment before passing on to watch other activity. As Yuhyeol turned to present the base of her tails to Hela, the lilim reached into her sleeve to pull out the metal ring with magic runes carved along it's length. She moved the metal ring through the tails as if it were an illusion, metal becoming solid once in place. With a simple motion of her fingers, the ring began to shrink down until it formed a snug fit that would not be removed. Yuhyeol turned back around to look down at Hela, the lilim staring at her for a short time before nodding.
  17.         "Looks like it works... take her to her new cell Marja." Hela instructed the large minotaur beside her, a heavy snort coming from the glaring bovine woman. The lilim opened the cell herself with a lazy wave of her hand, the fox inside showing annoyance on her face.
  18.         "New cell?"
  19.         "You're being moved down to a new one... you'll have a cell-mate this time. I think you might get along... we needed your old one cleared for incoming prisoners ..." Hela explained, sighing and stroking the back of her head again when she recalled that she shouldn't share so much. "Behave yourself."
  20.         With her task done, Hela vanished like a wisp of smoke. Yuhyeol scowled at her luck, but started to walk when the minotaur pushed her along in order to get her own job done faster. Marja said nothing the whole way, and Yuhyeol did not bother to attempt to care. The path led up the spiral winding around the bottom half of the vast underground spiral, stairways providing faster travel between floors for guards and prisoners alike. It didn't take more than a minute for the fox to be shown to her new accommodations, shoved in without care by the minotaur before the heavy hooves stomped away to find some food and beer to calm her after the hard day of work.
  21.         Yuhyeol scowled and glared at the minotaur's back before looking into the cell that was now her home. Her things were placed on the top bunk already, and the faint smell of blood greeted her nose with a delightful tingle amidst the usual steel smell of their surroundings. The fox's gaze looked through the rest of the cell, spotting a book-case lined with old tomes and novels from end to end on each shelf with the topmost carrying a row of CDs in their cases ranging from classical to opera. The desk beside it housed painting supplies she could smell in the drawers from where she stood, and a CD player plugged into a speaker that produced a soft violin aria. Beside the desk sat a box that appeared to contain a game set, including chess and other strategy games within it's polished wooden confines.
  22.         Yuhyeol's yellow eyes found her cell-mate at the right side of the cell, sitting with a canvas in front of her much like the collection in the corner behind her. The woman sat with her paints on a tray and a brush in her hand with utmost focus, at first appearing human until one could see her crimson colored eyes. Fiery red hair fell behind her in loose curls, reaching down to her lower back at it's very tip. She wore the same orange jumpsuit over her pale form as any other prisoner, almost not hiding her prodigious chest and plump hips under it's loose fabric. Long legs told Yuhyeol the woman was taller than she was, and the smell told her that she was not alive. Along with the scent of blood, she deduced her new cell-mate was a vampire. Said vampire's focus remained locked onto the painting she was working on, not even noticing the other presence in the open doorway of the cell.
  23.         Yuhyeol grew curious what was drawing such great focus from the painter that she didn't even notice her and all her tails entering. To satisfy herself she moved slow around the room to come up behind the vampire and look at what it was being put on the canvas.  The portrait of a young woman with a thin frame and straight red hair was having the finishing touches being meticulously put down on it, some sort of celtic dress being worn by the crimson eyed subject. The skill put into the painting almost got a reaction to appear on her face. The vampire set her paintbrush down and inspected the piece.
  24.         "What do you think?" The vampire asked with a mature voice fit for her looks, leaning back in her chair. Yuhyeol glanced at the woman with mild surprise before looking at the painting.
  25.         "The lighting in the left shoulder appears to be too bright. Fix it and it may be a great piece to hang in a hallway." Yuhyeol answered honestly.
  26.         "I see, I'll fix that then. Thank you. What may your name be?" The vampire asked, standing from her seat and turning to face Yuhyeol. The kumiho had to look up a bit, as the vampire stood a head taller than her without the height of her ears taken into account.
  27.         "Did they not tell you my name when they moved my belongings to this cell?" Yuhyeol sighed, crossing her arms as a small scowl appeared on her face. A small grin appeared on the vampires face in response.
  28.         "Yes, but a proper greeting involves telling me yourself. I suppose I should introduce myself first." The vampire chuckled, still smiling down at her new cell-mate. "I am Boudicca Feidlimid. Now, what might your name be?"
  29.         Yuhyeol blinked a couple times, surprised by the manners of the vampire before her. She answered to avoid being rude, not feeling the usual annoyance of other people from the one in front of her.
  30.         "Yuhyeol Aejong. It is not the name I was given at birth, but it has become what I am known by." The kumiho replied, watching as Boudicca retrieved the chair from the desk and placed it by the bars of the cell, facing towards the back of the canvas.
  31.         "It is good to meet you Ms.Aejong. If I may impose, would you like a portrait? I shall paint you in attire besides  the horrid garments they dress us with here, of course. We may speak with each other if you wish." Boudicca offered, waiting by the chair she placed. Yuhyeol stared at her for a few moments before sighing and approaching the chair, trading places with the vampire who returned to her seat and put a fresh canvas on the stand. Yuhyeol sat on the chair with mild interest, only seeking something to do to alleviate her boredom. She crossed her arms and crossed one leg over the other, a pose that made Boudicca frown in displeasure.
  32.         "Could you not pick a different pose? I wish to capture a good side of you, and I do not mean you should hide the right side of your face."
  33.         "Must I? This chair is not the most comfortable to be doing awkward poses upon." Yuhyeol frowned back at the vampire. "Which sort of pose would you prefer I take for your painting?"
  34.         "Something of your choice, natural to you. It is not often I have a live subject, I wish to capture your presence within this work of mine. Meeting you in person is far more enlightening than reading that book that has recently come out about you. It was listed as fiction however." Boudicca chuckled, amused by the last point. Yuhyeol kept frowning at Boudicca before another sigh escaped her, uncrossing her arms to put one elbow on the back of the chair to prop her head up as she leaned to one side, other arm resting in her lap as the tails sat behind the angled chair. Boudicca nodded and began to sketch the outline with her pencil once Yuhyeol had chosen her pose.
  35.         "So that avian girl did in fact write a book about me. No matter, I suppose. What sort of things did it proclaim I have done? I do not trust it to be accurate."
  36.         "I have no frame of reference for it, you would need to tell me yourself. Any book would likely show you in a light that did not shine exactly that way. That makes hearing of it from you in person all the more valuable." Boudicca mused.
  37.         "I am able to somewhat enjoy your presence, so it may prove more interesting for me to hear of your history." Yuhyeol tried to deflect the topic, the dreaming memory she had woken from still fresh and painful in her mind. Boudicca could read the small hint of emotion that bled through the stoic face of the kumiho, adjusting the sketch to add it in.
  38.         "I shall avoid giving you a detailed life story, it does not seem your attention will hold if I attempt to. I was the ruler of an undead region, taking care of a fiefdom for the wight above me in the royal chain. They did not approve of my personal habits come the new age, as blood thirst like mine could not be tolerated. In this case thirst refers to it's literal definition, as I governed well and without causing conflict. No vampire drains a poor soul to death like I had found joy doing in these times." Boudicca admitted.
  39.         Yuhyeol stayed silent for a moment, surprised by the statement even if it did not show. After letting the information settle, the kumiho gained a small smile and spoke.
  40.         "Tell me, what sort of man did you prefer? I have had a craving for those that try to build their muscles by taking in plenty of protein. Though, I target a different part of the body for my desire." Yuhyeol asked, it becoming Boudicca's turn to pause in her surprise.
  41.         "The ones that have made a habit of drinking fine wine were my favorite. They were common at the time I was locked away. I have been in this place for some time now, ninety two of my nearly five hundred years. I have been getting nothing but blood packets to eat since I was thrown into this pit. They will not allow visits due to why I was put in here, for good reason. It does lack any warmth to it."
  42.         "I've had to suffer my own cravings being deluded by that foul medicine they add into my food. It tastes worse than even the foulest liver I have had to eat to keep from starving when I was a younger fox. I do miss the days where I would stalk a fine meal down and play with them for days at a time. Fear adds a fine accent to the meal." Yuhyeol complained, sighing afterwards.
  43.         "What did you do in order to be locked up in this depressing place? A few killings would not anger the people so much to send you here." Boudicca inquired, eyes locked on the sketch as she inspected it.
  44.         "Mass murder. About forty. No men in that figure, I merely chased down and killed some impudent people that had tried to kill me. They ruined the fun I was having within some gang I took over, but they were a fine replacement to alleviate my boredom." Yuhyeol explained, "Some of it may have been my anger and sorrow, thinking I had lost my daughter. Though, it was thanks to that I found her again."
  45.         Boudicca looked up to notice the scowl appear on Yuhyeol's face, the kumiho going quiet as she stared down at the ground in dissatisfaction. She decided to leave it alone, able to read what sort of odd situation it may be. Yuhyeol ran her hand along the scar on her face during that quiet moment.
  46.         "I have the outline done, how about we go get some dinner? I'll let you have some of my blood pouch." Boudicca offered, setting the pencil down with the other supplies before standing with the used paint tray to rinse it in their sink, not wanting the paint to dry.
  47.         "After hearing what a glutton you tend to be with your meals, I do not think that is a wise offer for me to take." Yuhyeol responded, standing from the chair.
  48.         "It shall be but a taste to help you perk up. Surely you miss the taste of it after so long without, even if it is not of the best quality it shall still grant you some sense of satisfaction I hope." Boudicca smiled, leading the way out of the cell. Yuhyeol sighed and moved over to the canvas to peek at the sketch, seeing the near realistic if rough likeness of herself in the pencil work of the vampire down to the curve of her hip and size of her modest chest. The jumpsuit was nowhere to be seen, a flowing evening dress sketched in instead. Satisfied, the kumiho moved to catch up with the vampire.
  49.         The walk up towards the cafeteria let Yuhyeol see how the others in the prison reacted to her and the vampire, a couple making way for them while others kept a close eye on the pair. Yuhyeol ignored them and spent her time focusing on Boudicca herself. The blood drinker's walk lent itself to a march, her long legs forcing the fox to increase her pace to keep up.
  50.         "Why did you get put in here anyways? The specific incident." Yuhyeol asked in her curiosity, the vampire taking her place in short cafeteria line in front of the fox.
  51.         "War crimes, to be brief. There were many charges, but all were linked to my habits as it were. It seems using prisoners of war to feed is considered a breach of that new code, but it was likely a plan by the undead aristocracy. I suppose I cannot blame them." Boudicca chuckled, accepting the blood pouch before leaving. Yuhyeol received her pig liver and rice meal, the scent of the medicine mixed into the sauce and rice making her grimace. She followed the vampire to an empty table and sat down on the other side, using the provided chopsticks to begin eating. She paused when the vampire across from her squirted a bit of the cold blood onto the rice, looking up at Boudicca who started drinking the rest like a juice pouch.
  52.         "Thank you. It might mask that sour filth." Yuhyeol sighed, another small smile coming to her face. "Tell me, that painting you were working on before mine. She bore a resemblance to you. You have a daughter I assume?"
  53.         "Yes, that would be Saria. She is my only daughter, my lovers never lasted long even if I restrained myself." Boudicca answered, taking the tube she was sucking as a straw out of her mouth to answer. "She has been quite true to the image of a dhampir, she never quite forgave me for her never being able to meet her father. I do not hold it against her, I can understand her sentiment."
  54.         Yuhyeol couldn't help but reminisce while eating the bloody food. The red condiment did help mask the taste she despised within, allowing her to almost enjoy the meal if it had been cooked properly. The liver strips were well done and the rice was dry, making it hard to gather using chopsticks.
  55.         "My own daughter, Sonia, is a bit troublesome as well. I adore her beyond anything else in this world, but she cannot accept the truth of being a kumiho. She actually believes coexisting is possible." Yuhyeol sighed, "But I do have a grand-daughter now. I would like to meet her before she has a chance to grow up, if it were possible."
  56.         "A grand-daughter would be nice to have. Though, I do doubt I would be able to see my own as well. What is the father of her child like?" Boudicca inquired, unaware of the sensitivity of the topic. Yuhyeol stood up abruptly, table shaking as she slammed her hand down onto the metal.
  57.         "He is a foul piece of feculence that has poisoned my child's mind and made her complacent! I would have ended him had I not hesitated upon the sight of his rifle, I felt the beating of his heart with my fingertips! If I have another chance I shall do far worse than force information out of him!" The kumiho snarled, rage in her one good eye.
  58.         "Calm down, you do not wish to cause a scene or draw attention to yourself. Sit and take some deep breaths." Boudicca pleaded, Yuhyeol growling for a few moments before seating herself and running a hand along her scar once more.
  59.         "Forgive me for my outburst... I do hold quite the grudge against that man, even if I do cherish my daughter and her own daughter. I do not wish to speak of him further than that, unless it is to determine a fitting punishment." Yuhyeol sighed, breath shaking as her sharp gaze kept low and to the table between them. Boudicca sighed in relief when it had passed.
  60.         "Do not worry about it, I shall avoid the topic from this point henceforth as curious as I am. Let us finish our meal and return to our cell, I will groom those tails if it shall calm you down. If not, there is always a game of chess or another in my collection to play."
  61.         Yuhyeol took one more deep breath and picked up her chopsticks again, looking up at Boudicca after taking a few more bites of her food. Her face was calmer and a bit apologetic as she responded to the offer.
  62.         "I'll indulge you, it does get tiring brushing your own tails after a time."
  63.         "That is why I had servants to clean my wings." Boudicca chuckled.
  64.         "Wings?"
  66.         Pleading mewls echoed within the chamber,  source being the emperor sized bed in the center of a large bedroom. Satin blankets wrinkled under the source, a pale skinned lilim with a thin frame and soft curves squirming under the gentle caresses of her husband. Blindfold locked away her vision, and soft leather shackles chained her wrists to the leather collar fixed onto her neck with a mere six inches of chain connecting them. The strong, rough hands of the husband moved along her nude body as it sweat with excitement and leaked from her wanting pussy to the satin sheets beneath. Her arms, legs, torso, and even tail all felt his attentions despite the pleading tone of their partner.
  67.         "Bartholameu, p-please..."
  68.         "Please what Hela?"
  69.         The lilim whined and squirmed her legs, one of the hands running up her inner thigh towards the aching entrance. The skilled fingers avoided no more than a slight brush against it, producing a gasp as Hela's body writhed with need and clenched on nothingness inside her.
  70.         "I need you... inside! Please!"
  71.         His hands moved up along Hela's hips and along her sides, making her sensitive body shiver from the tingling sensation the mere stroke of his hands caused. After reaching her armpits, they headed back down her prone body with deliberate slowness, ignoring the lilim's short breathed words to tease her ever further. Hela caught her breath once the hands were removed upon reaching the outer thighs, leading her to not know where would be touched next.
  72.         Bartholomeu leaned in to kiss Freya's collarbone next, making her jump in surprise. More tender kisses followed, heading down her heaving chest and bare stomach. The legs were next, her husband lavishing her inner thighs with the tender touches while spreading the legs wider. Hela did not fight, hoping that next she would be given the relief she craved from her tormenter. His touch disappeared another time, though she could feel movement in the mattress beneath them. Hela tugged at her bondage, a futile effort to get her hands to between the desperate grinding of her thighs.
  73.         "Please fuck me!"
  74.         His hand patted her head once she had spoken, giving her hope that the 'ordeal' was over. It was confirmed when Bartholomeu spread her legs open once more and moved his own nude form towards his wife, stopping just short of penetrating her. Time was taken to rub his tip up and down her soaked slit, further agonizing the lilim beneath. Feeling enough was enough, he finally thrust up into Hela all at once and joined their hips together.
  75.         A gasp and shaking ran through her body, clamping down around the large, stiff rod lodged unmoving within her as an instant orgasm rushed through her body. The pair remained still until the wave subsided before he began to move, at the limit of his own patience. Bartholomeu's hips managed to keep from simply  rutting with his partner, even as his hands took their place at her hips. Despite the slow pace, happy moans came from Hela. Her legs wrapped around Bartholomeu's hips to lock him in place and keep her pleasure from escaping, her tail wrapping around his thigh for the same purpose. It spurred him along, increasing the rapidness of his thrusts as his own pleasure overtook him. Despite his efforts to hold it back, the first mighty shot went off and was joined with another gasping orgasm from the lilim once she felt the seed rushing her womb.
  76.         Once the heavy breathing slowed and the pair had caught their breath, Bartholomeu pulled back to let his half erect member escape from the nirvana of his wife's body. Hela's chest heaved beneath him as the thick seed he had poured into her plugged and filled her. He was erect once more and abandoned any notion of restraint. Bartholomeu moved upon the bound lilim with his overflowing lust, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder before stabbing back inside the messy hole. Hela let out a delighted moan, more following as her partner rutted with her body as it turned onto it's side to allow him to do what he pleased.
  77.         The animalistic rutting continued for hours, the sight of Hela's body and the energy surrounding them keeping Bartholomeu from stopping for more than a few seconds with each climax. Though it could likely go without ceasing for days as they were, Bartholomeu finally stopped himself. He laid down on the sheets next to Hela, pulling the twitching mess of a woman into his gentle embrace. With one hand he turned her face up towards his own and gave her a tender kiss before letting her rest, though the affectionate motion got Hela back from her daze and to her senses. She pushed her face up against his firm chest, not minding the moistness of sweat or it's smell.
  78.         "I guess it's almost time for the swap then, isn't it?" Hela asked, her husband stroking the back of her head with one hand.
  79.         "Almost, we have some time though. We'll be able to wash up before your sister arrives."
  80.         Hela didn't respond, relaxing in the moment and enjoying the affections of her lover. Something still troubled her, rising up out of the back of her head and nagging her conscience.
  81.         "Bartholomeu, do you recall that woman I mentioned today?"
  82.         "That kumiho, yes. What about her darling?"
  83.         Hela hesitated, before speaking honestly with her husband with knowledge it would remain secret between them.
  84.         "Do you think I was too lenient? My sister threw her into lock-up herself, and I let her out early. I even matched her with someone she might become friends with. I do try to make prisoners here comfortable, many stay for centuries. I do not want to think I took favoritism with her." Hela asked, the worry showing. "My sister has shown a dislike for her as well. My decision may not appeal to her own sense of justice."
  85.         Bartholomeu sighed, thinking carefully about the question. His hand kept stroking the back of her head without thought, as they focused on the situation.
  86.         "No, you restrained her strength now so there was no need to keep her locked away from others for longer. You do meddle like this with prisoners from time to time, I am sure Freya will get over some momentary favoritism."
  87.         The words of comfort calmed Hela, letting her relax in his arms while the heat generated within their bodies cooled away. Hela nor Bartholomeu did not speak, fine with sharing the afterglow. All good things come to an end eventually, and the husband sat up to remove the blindfold and bindings from Hela. Sudden light made her squint for a moment, before she turned to Bartholomeu and gave him a long kiss she kept in place with her hands on the back of his head, fingers running through the short black hair. Once she released, they washed up with some haste in their private bathroom before redressing in their usual clothing. Thick clothing for Hela, and casual t-shirt and jeans combo for Bartholomeu.
  88.         Hela and her husband left their room and moved into their living area, a large round room made into a doughnut shape with the lowered center that had been made into the entertainment area. A ring of pillows on the edges allowed for lounging to watch the television at one end of the lowered part. The kitchen area was put to one side on the heightened part of the room, another door leading to Freya and her husband's bedroom with the last doorway connecting their living space with the warden's office.  As the couple entered the room, a fiery entrance transported two figures into the room with the first pair.
  89.         The sneering form of Freya scanned the room and found her shorter sister, iridescent white hair cut boyishly short on top of her head where the forward curved horns sat. She was clad in a battle skirt more akin to a valkyrie than a white winged lilim such as herself, battle damage still singed and cut into it despite her own lack of injury. Seeing her sister, Freya tossed the bag she had been carrying with her aside and jumped up in front of her in one leap. Two heads taller, Freya had to look down past her armored chest at Hela as a hand was placed on her ample hip.
  90.         "Fighting right until you need to leave... you could do with some better planning skills Freya. I can still smell the brimstone on you." Hela complained, an armored gauntlet ruffling the floating locks of hair.
  91.         "Not gonna happen! I'll change later, after we've got the swap all done. Take the things to our room Odie!"
  92.         The tired, well built man in armor that had come with her sighed, picking up the discarded bag and heading for their bedroom door. The blonde haired man nodded at Bartholomeu as he passed. Hela moved out from under the heavy hand and for the office doorway, Freya frowning and heading for the same place. Her longer legs and faster pace let her pass her sister and head through first, closing it behind her instead of waiting for Hela. The shorter lilim flicked a finger through the air to open it again to pass through, pausing to smile back at her husband.
  93.         "It shouldn't take long. About an hour darling, like always."
  94.         Hela closed the door behind her, turning to look at the other lilim who was already lounging in the warden's chair. Her boots were placed on top of the desk while the chair itself complained of the armor's weight while the warrior leaned back. Hela did not bother complaining, she knew her sister's disposition and lack of manners all too well. Without saying a word, she headed towards the other end of the room and raised a hand towards the far wall. An ornate series of runes lit up as they detected magic, one of the runic names put into the center unlit. Only when the lilim motioned with her hand did a corner of the name light up, spreading through the rest at a slow rate while Hela turned away and towards Freya.
  95.         "Why does this always take so long anyway?" Freya asked, flipping through the papers that had been prepared for her with the barest of interest.
  96.         "You've asked that question before and keep forgetting the answer..." Hela sighed, walking over to the desk to stand in front of it. "It's a big, complicated magitek device that needs to remain running or the whole island falls into the ocean. That's as simple as I can say it..."
  97.         "Uh huh." Freya responded, Hela sighing again and bearing with it. She was used to her sister not paying attention to her, but she couldn't get anyone besides her to sacrifice valuable time doing something other than fucking to work. The warrior lilim got to the end of the papers before scowling and looking up at Hela with a mild glare.
  98.         "You let that fox out of lock-up? Why?"
  99.         "I came up with a device that restrained her strength. She'll not be a danger to anyone as long as nobody antagonizes her. The only one that might try would be..." Hela trailed off, not wanting to name her sister.
  100.         "Me, right? I'm not so convinced of that. She still has fight in her. Call it my intuition if you want, but leaving her alone is going to lead to trouble."
  101.         "Then just watch her. Push her into a corner and she'll have to bite." Hela warned her sister, staring her down as the pair traded mild glares. Freya broke hers first and raised two hands in a shrug.
  102.         "Fine. I won't do anything unless something funny happens."
  103.         "Good..."
  104.         Freya went back to reviewing the papers, looking through the new arrivals list next. She made note of the date having passed two days before, and looked up at Hela again to ask her questions once every one of them had been checked.
  105.         "You have all the restraints put on these arrivals?"
  106.         "Of course." Hela answered, frown persisting.
  107.         "Even for the chimaera? Haven't had to hold one of those before, right?... Illegal arms seller, huh?"
  108.         "All that is needed is a collar for the dragon breath and strength, wing seals, and a ring to keep the snake mouth closed." Hela explained, sitting in one of the chairs facing the warden's desk to relax a bit more.
  109.         "Great! Can always count on you for that stuff!" Freya grinned at her sister, putting the last of the papers aside and relaxing with her. A glance at the wall at the far end showed her that the process was only a quarter done by then, going along at a snail's pace. "Haven't you ever thought about making that thing faster? Gotta be some upgrade to the magitek you can do after seven hundred years."
  110.         "I've considered it, but it would require shutting the prison down. There hasn't been a chance, since only we can contain certain species..." Hela sighed, rubbing the back of her head in her bit of shame. "Any minor upgrades that do not require shutting the system down would be far too miniscule to make a difference... Besides, this is the only chance we get to visit..."
  111.         Freya stared for a moment, not sure how to respond to the last comment. She grumbled and looked away from Hela, feeling her own bit of shame. The pair remained silent for a short time until Hela spoke.
  112.         "Odie seemed a bit... down... you've been treating him alright, haven't you?" Hela inquired in her curiosity, breaking the silence.
  113.         "He's just depressed because he hasn't beaten me recently or something like that." Freya chuckled, grin appearing on her face again. "Once he's gotten a rest here he'll come up with a dozen new stratagems and it'll be my turn to lose."
  114.         "If you say so..."
  115.         "You should join in on some of those fights when you get to Folkvangr! You should have combat practice in case things get out of hand here!" Freya suggested, only getting a scowl from her sister.
  116.         "This place isn't a war zone... I'd rather they feel comfortable here than treat the inmates like enemies. If something happens, sleeping spells is enough to handle it. You could use some more practical magic training yourself..." Hela sighed, scowl remaining when the comment only made Freya burst out into laughter.
  117.         "If there is a problem, I'll beat em down! That's my way, always will be." Freya smirked. "Besides, someone has to make them afraid of causing trouble. If it's you all the time they'd take advantage of that hospitality... haven't we had this conversation before though?"
  118.         "Many times..." Hela mumbled, forgetting about it a second later. "I'll be fine just resting. I don't get much sleep here, watching things all the time... do be cautious, I don't have evidence but there may be something going on..."
  119.         "Something? Anything in specific?" Freya frowned at the vagueness, trusting her sister's judgement despite that.
  120.         "I'm not sure... but, something..."
  122.         Silence and darkness filled the chasm that formed the prison complex, the only light coming from the floating stone eye fixed in the center of the grand space. Even this light was dimmed to a meager glow to allow prisoners to sleep, nocturnal guards posted at stations around the spiraling complex. There was only one thing out of place in the silence, someone blending into the shadows to avoid wandering gazes.
  123.         Yuhyeol opened her good eye, looking right down at the woman standing in the dark of her and Boudicca's cell. Tall and lanky, with a puny chest and thin hips connected to powerful thighs, the woman just grinned up at the grouchy kumiho. Yuhyeol sat up with a bemused scowl in the top bunk, eye adjusting to the low light to look the woman over more carefully. Pointed ears led her to believe an elf, but the smell of the woman along with the long, very thin spaded tail told her otherwise. The blue guard uniform on her form confused the fox in her freshly awoken state almost as much as her appearance in the cell where the door was meant to be locked, and still appeared to be.
  124.         "Well, what business do you have in here?" Yuhyeol asked, turning her legs off the edge of the bed while staring down at the kunoichi below.  Despite restraining her voice, a stirring came from the bottom bunk as Boudicca sat up and looked at the guard in the cell with them. Her attention shifted to the two nude feet dangling in front of her, causing the vampire to reach for them and tickle one. Yuhyeol jumped back in her bed in surprise, back thumping against the wall as Boudicca giggled at the kumiho's expense.
  125.         "Who is this Yuhi?" Boudicca asked, Yuhyeol caught off guard by the odd familiarity the vampire was having with her. She shifted back into position, keeping her feet up away from the vampire below.
  126.         "I just asked that... Yuhi?"
  127.         "It's easier to say, and I find it cute." Boudicca teased, Yuhyeol frowning a bit in her discomfort.
  128.         "I don't mean to interrupt..." The kunoichi interjected, fair face exposed along with her black hime cut hair tied into a long braid behind her. "But I have a question for you Yuhyeol Aejong. Do you recall the Yatagarasu clan?"
  129.         The fox's attention was caught and turned entirely onto the stealthy succubus, the light of the eye passing like a spotlight at an angle that was a few inches short of picking up the intruder's feet.
  130.         "Of course. You helped me to escape to the west from the mist continent... have you come to ask a favor?" Yuhyeol asked, keeping her face serious as she stood her nine tails up behind her like a large fan to frame her cross legged body.
  131.         "On the contrary. You aided immensely in achieving our hired task of stopping that force. In fact, you are held in high regard among the clan." The kunoichi explained, lowering herself down on one knee to bow to the fox above her. "So, it is us that will be doing you a favor this time."
  132.         "And what do you have in mind?" Yuhyeol asked, noticing the kunoichi looking down at the cellmate. "You can tell her just as well, I place a good amount of trust in her despite the short time we've spent together. What may I address you as?"
  133.         "Shade. Address me as Shade." The Kunoichi stated and stood, relaxing her stance a bit. "Helheim is the second most secure prison in the world, the most secure that does not carry out executions. The entire complex is kept behind ten feet of steel on all sides, and only one elevater shaft into and out of the prison that can be sealed shut behind magically shielded barriers. At all times it remains within a demon realm generated by a gigantic magitek device designed and constructed by Hela herself. This device absorbs all demonic energy cast out by monsters, rendering any and all magic inert." Shade started to divulge, Yuhyeol paying close attention to the valuable information. "Magical restraints keep powers and abilities that may aid in escape, or will prove a danger to other inmates, rendered useless. The only one that retains their magic is the lord of the realm, who provides the power to the magitek to keep Helheim in the sky and commands it's functions. To avoid shutdown, it drains their mana automatically as long as they remain within the realm whether they be conscious or not. This is why the lilim Hela and Freya trade places once a month, taking turns watching the prison and recharging in the demon realm Folkvangr where warriors fight and fuck to their heart's content."
  134.         "I get the theme, the prison isn't a place one can break out of. Get to the point." Yuhyeol growled in annoyance, having watched as Shade wandered the room to inspect their surroundings. Boudicca remained silent, her crimson eyes watching the violet ones of the stealthy infiltrator to try and judge her true motive. Shade grew a grin and moved back towards the pair, eyes focused on Yuhyeol.
  135.         "It all depends on whether you trust my clan's word, and if you choose to take the offer. We can repay you once you are released if that is what you wish." Shade started, taking a breath before putting on a confident face. "The offer is freedom from this place. I have a plan."
  137.         Morning began with all lights turning on at once and a loud blaring signaling the opening of all cell doors. The suddeness of the wakeup call startled Yuhyeol awake, the lazy yawn from Boudicca on the bottom bunk showed not nearly as much annoyance as the grumbling kumiho on top. The fluffy tailed one rolled over and covered her face with the blanket, but a different noise attracted the motions of her ears.
  138.         "INSPECTION! GET OUT OF BED YOU MAGGOTS! ANYONE NOT STANDING IN FRONT OF THEIR CELL IS GOING TO NEED TO CLEAN THE SHOWERS WITH A PIXIE'S SCRUB BRUSH!!" Freya bellowed, walking down the spiral pathway of the prison. Yuhyeol forced herself out of the blankets and down to the floor, walking barefoot behind Boudicca out of the barred cell to stand in front and wait for the lilim to make her rounds
  139.         The yelling lilim was dressed in a white women's business suit with matching pants, black undershirt, and white tie. That the fox could see as she marched downhill, stopping to trade glares once she reached their cell. The spade tail whipped behind her as Freya approached. Yuhyeol returned the glare, not flinching  or breaking eye contact even when the taller lilim stepped in front of her and looked down her nose.
  140.         "Don't have anything you shouldn't in there, do you fleabag?" Freya asked with venom in her voice. Boudicca watched from her spot, worried over her friend's temper as Yuhyeol's tails twitched from the rather mild insult.
  141.         "No maam." Yuhyeol replied. Freya didn't back away, leaning her face in closer to intensify her glare.
  142.         "Really now? I suppose I should take your word for it, since you only got put in there yesterday."
  143.         Yuhyeol didn't say anything, lilim and kumiho staring each other down in silence for a long, tense minute while Boudicca tried not to sweat beside them. Eventually Freya tired of the stare-down, turning away to resume her inspections.
  144.         "Stay out of trouble you mange ridden vermin. It'll be boring knocking you around a second time."
  145.         Yuhyeol growled at the taunt, daggers stabbing from her eyes and directed at the back of the lilim. A pat on the head confused her for a second before she saw Boudicca was the one doing it, scowling at her instead with a far softer expression.
  146.         "Try not to allow her to get underneath your skin. Or become an itch in your tail, if that is more accurate. Lets just get some food and get you cleaned up." Boudicca smiled down at the grumpy kumiho. "You get pretty bad bedhead, don't you?"
  147.         "Only when I cannot get the proper shampoo. The cheap concoction they give us here has made brushing it down a chore beyond what it was before." Yuhyeol grumbled, more due to Boudicca feeling one of her ears. "Could you stop that?"
  148.         "Very well." Boudicca grinned, leading the way up towards the cafeteria. "Did you know our neighbor is a chimaera? I saw her leaving once Freya passed her by. She was rather tall, had to be seven feet."
  149.         "I could hardly care who our neighbors are. The only thing I am concerned with is figuring out how to beat you at chess. If we were to play shogi I would put you into your place." Yuhyeol huffed, getting into the line for their food behind Boudicca. The vampire couldn't help but giggle at her friend, resisting her urge to pat the kumiho's head another time lest she would actually annoy her. Once the pair got their breakfast, they moved to an empty table to sit and begin eating. Boudicca made sure to give the fox's rice a squirt from her blood packet before starting to suck down her own meal.
  150.         "I may indulge you. There is little else to do after all. Besides the exercise room, recreation rooms, and library. Frankly they're all filled with little gangs that claim the area unless a guard is about, it's not worth the boher. They do not even get signal for the televisions, it is only the same pre-recorded content repeated endlessly." Boudicca chuckled. "The library does not fit my tastes either."
  151.         "I do not believe it would have many good-"
  152.         Yuhyeol stopped talking when she saw someone approaching their table from her peripheral vision, looking towards them with a sharp glare to try and make them leave. The seven foot tall monster didn't pay attention to the warning, hooves clopping on the hard floor as she approached and sat down at the table herself. The weight dropping down made the table shake a bit, the new arrival setting her own tray down and out of her claws. The right side was covered in white fur, the claws retracted and hardly noticable in the surprisingly dexterous paw. The left arm was covered in silver scale, with a clawed dragon hand picking up the fork for the chimaera's breakfast of eggs, sausage, and toast. The visible skin of her neck and face were dark brown, contrasting with the short white hair on top of her head with small round lion ears sticking out below the large black and ivory horns curling above her head. Her form boasted a chest well proportioned for her advanced height and hips wide enough for the strong thighs that supported it. Mismatched blue and red eyes looked at Boudicca, the muzzled silver scaled snake of a tail moving up to look at Yuhyeol instead.
  153.         "Do you mind? We would like to enjoy our food alone." The kumiho growled, trying to look past the snake. It moved back in her way, blocking her glare and trading it's own.
  154.         "It would be nice if you would allow us some privacy. Yuhi here isn't... a people person." Boudicca added, frowning once the chimaera leaned towards her and put on a subtely smug face.
  155.         "Privacy, eh? We're neighbors, we already hear a lot of what the other is doing. Especially when it's so quiet in the middle of night... I'm a light sleeper, all it takes to wake me up is a light thump against the wall to wake me up." The chimaera hummed, cutting and eating half of a sausage in one bite with her sharply toothed mouth. "You hear interesting things when nobody thinks anyone is listening. Especially with sensitive ears like mine."
  156.         Boudicca gained concern on her honest face, Yuhyeol giving up looking away from the snake with the metal ring around it's head as it's tongue flicked out and touched her nose. She kept her glare, hiding her own worry much easier than her cellmate.
  157.         "I suppose if one were to hear such things at an abnormal hour they may merely be dreaming. One can hear strange voices and interpret them in all sorts of ways... are you snickering?"
  158.         "N-no." The chimaera denied, clearing her throat to get back on topic. "Now, if one were to hear such things they would be interested in helping with all-" She paused, clenching the dragon claw into a fist before opening the claw once more. "-of their power."
  159.         Boudicca looked towards Yuhyeol, not wanting to go against her decision since the fox was the one the plan was made for. The kumiho looked up at the strong face of the chimaera once the snake moved to the side as the chimaera's attention turned to the shortest woman. Yuhyeol considered it carefully, knowing full well what might happen if she were to deny the eavesdropper her chance to escape.
  160.         "The one that heard such things should keep quiet about them, if they wish to enjoy the bounty." Yuhyeol conceded, sighing in defeat. She couldn't be too depressed about it, the idea of having near dragon strength and possible dragon's fire on their side very appealing to her.
  161.         "Excellent! I am sooo glad to hear that! I apologize for Lucia, she is rather subtle in her manner of speaking but we agreed to allow her to present the idea due to the secretive nature of it!" Chirped the chimaera, catching Yuhyeol off guard with the boundless cheer that exuded from the now smiling face that warmed the space around them. The snake tail moved out of sight, pouting and hiding. "My name is Rei, this is Tia-" She raised the dragon arm, "-And this is Bast." She pointed to the lion ears, confusing the kumiho further.
  162.         Boudicca sighed, but could not help gain a smile. She set the empty blood pouch down on the table and leaned back in her seat, noticing Yuhyeol's confusion. "She's a chimaera Yuhi. She's got four personalities, like most of her kind." She explained in brief.
  163.         "I see..." Yuhyeol hummed, using intuition to guess which belonged to which name. She stayed silent when she noticed the chimaera's face change expression again, looking annoyed as she looked into empty space.
  164.         "What are you doing Rei, we already did what we came here for. We don't need to stay here any longer with these lesser species."
  165.         "Nonsense, they're both nice ladies! Well, they are both in here for their own reasons but it's all relative Tia."
  166.         "I just want to get back to the exercise room and have a run, can we get the fuck over there?"
  167.         "I might want to talk with them a bit too..."
  168.         "See, Lucia wants to speak with them too! We never get to speak with anyone else here, we can exercise anytime. I would like to a least borrow one of Boudicca's books."
  169.         "Like those books can teach us anything new. Our collection is far superior to that meager pile."
  170.         "That collection of ours was confiscated though..."
  171.         "Be quiet Lucia, Rei and I are speaking!"
  172.         "Can we at least get my damn afternoon nap today?"
  173.         "You can nap anytime while we're awake though..."
  174.         "No, she just pretends to sleep and tries to make us think she isn't watching what we're doing. She's a bit of a silly kitty like that."
  175.         "I'm a damn lion!"
  176.         Yuhyeol just stared at the odd self conversation with bemusement, becoming annoyed at an increasing rate. She shifted around the curved seat of the round table to move closer to Boudicca and leave the chimaera alone, taking her food with her as the composite creature's conversation got increasingly heated with itself.
  177.         "So, do you know anything about that woman we were told to recruit?" Yuhyeol asked, hoping the vampire had some sort of clue who it was.
  178.         "She gets in fights a lot... that's all I really know, she's in lock-up most of the time." The vampire explained, thinking hard to try and recall exactly what their subject looked like. "I think she's a black wyvern?"
  180.         A heavy lock-up cell door clunked as it unlocked, the large minotaur guard opening the cell staying out of the way while opening it up. A deep, rumbling growl came from inside the dark room as a black figure stomped out, pitch black scales covering the wyvern's dragonic legs, wings, and tail. Four golden horns adorned her head, poking through the short black hair. The larger pair on top of her scalp curved back behind her, the smaller pair coming out of the side of her doing the same around the side of her head. Her wings were kept shut through the use of metal rings wrapped around the limbs, the three clawed 'hands' at the joint left free. Viviana's tail slapped against the door as she passed, the end of the armored length wrapped in a tough foam material to keep the deadly blade inside locked away. Tanned skin was hidden inside the usual orange jumpsuit, sleeves removed. Golden eyes leered at the minotaur behind her before Viviana moved away on her own with no words traded.
  181.         Growling continued to come out of the wyvern as she made her way towards her cell, intent on getting fresh clothing and a shower. Groups made way for the angry dragonoid as no other prisoner wished to get in her way without a very good reason.  Viviana remained unobstructed up to the point she reaches her cell and got the change of clothes in her claws, turning to see a busty vampiress standing by the doorway of her cell with a friendly smile. One of the golden eyes twitched as they saw the large chest barely hidden by the loose fabric, her own b-cups barely noticeable in her own jumpsuit. Viviana said nothing and headed straight, Boudicca making room to let her out before following the shorter woman.
  182.         "So you're Viviana. You are a tad... smaller than I imagined. I am Boudicca Feidlimid. It's a pleasu-"
  183.         "Fuck off!"
  184.         Boudicca was startled for a moment by the crude language, regaining her composure a mere moment later. Viviana kept heading for the showers, deeper growl coming from her throat as the vampire stayed in the corner of her eyes. She started to walk faster, toned body almost able to escape from the longer legs of her pursuer.
  185.         "My, are you always in this sort of mood? I would have imagined you would have gotten quite a bit of rest before being released. I've been waiting eight days just to speak with you, could you not give me your ear?" Boudicca asked. Viviana ignored her as completely as she could, moving into the showers and starting to strip herself down. The visible mucles and abs of her torso were revealed before she headed into the tiled room, vampire following right behind with her own clothing removed.
  186.         "Well, I suppose you are not complaining. I merely wish to give a proposal." Boudicca sighed, stepping into the shower stall beside the wyvern who turned the water's heat onto the hottest option. The hard scaled woman gave a dissatisfied noise with the steaming hot water, not even looking at the vampire beside her.
  187.         "Were you to give me and my cell-mate some assistance, we would be sure to give you something you must desire. I cannot go into much detail, however your help in this matter is of the utmost importance." The vampire offered, grinning when the wyvern looked over at her. Viviana glared, scratching at the metal collar around her neck as if she desired to breath her fire onto the annoyance.
  188.         "I don't give a flying fuck about who you are or what you want, just piss off and leave me alone!" Viviana spat, growling louder and returning to washing her body with her large soapy loufa. Boudicca sighed in disappointment, not sure what they would do next. Only when she looked up another time did she see Yuhyeol in the nude and leaning on the door of the wyvern's shower cubicle.
  189.         "Grumpy, are we? That is unbecoming of a 'noble' creature such as you. Perhaps you're not really a dragon after all? You do look more like a lizard without your wings." Yuhyeol goaded, keeping a straight face as Viviana turned around in anger. "You are... smaller than I imagined."
  190.         "You wanna die?" Viviana seethed, venom coming out with her words as she snarled at the equally sharp toothed kumiho. Boudicca perked up, seeing a chance.
  191.         "Maybe. If we win, you'll do what we say. If we lose, we leave you alone. Neither of us admits anything to the warden or guards." The vampire offered, stretching her limbs out. "Unless you do not believe you can take us?"
  192.         Viviana cast her glare and growl at both of them, considering it for a moment before the smug look on Yuhyeol's face made her snap. The wyvern jumped over the stall's door, landing on the tile outside before she swung the long tail around at the fox. Yuhyeol hopped up onto the edge of the stall, balancing on the metal in a crouch while trading eye daggers with Viviana.
  193.         "Fine, I need to blow off some fuckin' steam anyways! I'll take you both at once, how's that as a handicap?!" Viviana roared. Boudicca stepped out of her stall as others in the large room took notice, some taking watch at the entrance while others began making bets to one side.
  194.         Viviana didn't wait any longer, lunging at Boudicca. The wyvern swiped her right claw at the vampire, giving Boudicca enough time to move out of the way before the strike tore through the metal of the stall door behind her. A knee struck the back of the wyvern's head, doing little more than making her flinch before swinging the claws around at the kumiho as she landed on the wet tile. Yuhyeol protected her body with her arms, sliding backwards several feet from the force knocking her back. Viviana began to charge her next, tail being grabbed by Boudicca to swing the shorter monster around and in the other direction. Dragonic claws dug into the wet tile to stop the wyvern's motion, Viviana pausing when she noticed no injuries on the kumiho's limbs. She checked her claws, seeing the blood still on them to confirm she had hit.
  195.         In that moment of distraction Yuhyeol used her speed to reach the opponent and thrust her knee up into her chin, grabbing the horns to throw her down into it. The heavy crack almost stunned the wyvern, but a claw thrust out with a snarl accompanying it as if the dragon hadn't been hit at all. Yuhyeol dodged to the side, thrusting a palm into the wyvern's nose with a loud impact noise echoing in the showers. Viviana was forced back by the impact, Boudicca taking over once room was made.
  196.         The vampire slid into the wyvern, kicking out her legs before flipping over to swing her elbow into the opponent's collarbone. From her own wince it seemed to hurt her more due to the hardness of the bone, but she succeeded in digging the corner into her opponent's shoulder and grab the one wing to pull it up behind the wyvern's back. Viviana growled and swiped her tail into Boudicca's back, breaking the hold before slamming her claw down into the ground to trap Boudicca's hand underneath it. Somehow, she didn't manage to stab the hand with the three sharp weapons. Boudicca cringed from the pain, but had somehow avoided breaking any bones.
  197.         "The fuck?! I know I slashed you, where's the wounds?!" Viviana snapped, glaring up at Yuhyeol. The kumiho tried to figure out how to attack next in the quiet moment, answering despite her busy thoughts.
  198.         "You haven't read much about Kumiho, have you?"
  199.         Viviana spat at the answer, gripping Boudicca's hand in her claws as she tore the tiles out of the ground with it. With her sudden standing motion, the wyvern flung the vampire at the other opponent using an underhand toss. Yuhyeol was forced to catch Boudicca, the large chest landing right on her face. She couldn't see as Viviana followed that up by charging, ramming the pair and pushing them into the stone wall at the end of the showers with as much force as she could manage. The wind got knocked out of both the fox and the vampire, Boudicca struck away to the side by the heavy dragon tail that followed up the initial attack. Yuhyeol recovered just in time to avoid the claws slashing and stabbing at her, only her natural reflexes letting her avoid the close range flurry.
  200.         Boudicca stood up once the daze in her head disappeared, turning back towards the fight. Yuhyeol tried to counter the strong blows, her palm thrusts having little effect on the enraged wyven that kept her against the wall. She caught the two claws one after the other and tried to push the wyvern back, hissing when it was turned back on her and she got her arms pinned up beside her head while the growling Viviana grinned in assumed victory. Yuhyeol growled back, reaching her mouth forward and grabbing onto one of the horns with her teeth. Neither bone nor teeth could manage to do damage to each other, but the fox did manage to turn the wyvern's head to keep her from seeing what the vampire was up to.
  201.         Boudicca hooked one of her arms around the wyvern's chest, rolling her over one of her hips to force her off the kumiho and into the ground with enough force to crack yet more tiles. The hollers of the crowds egged them on, Boudicca dropping down and pulling both the wyvern's wings up behind her back before she could get up. Yuhyeol moved in to try and restrain the tail, but the strong limb threw her off with ease before swinging back around and slapping Boudicca off Viviana's back.
  202.         Yuhyeol scowled and charged once more, reaching the wyvern before Viviana could return to her feet. Grabbing the tail, the kumiho summoned all her strength and flung the wyvern up into the air. The wyvern slammed into the hard ceiling before she could realise what was going on, falling back down the twenty feet quick. Boudicca took her cue to rush in, jumping up and dropping knee first into Viviana's chin to trap the horns into the tile, thin later of concrete and steel beneath making a loud cracking noise.
  203.         Viviana dropped onto her back, more annoyed than anything as she attempted to get up. Only she couldn't. She tried to swing her body up again, but the ground held her horns firm. Another angry growl came from her, the wyvern not wanting to admit the collar had taken enough strength to keep her from escaping such an awkward position on her back with her horns stuck. Viviana reached back and tried to gain purchase on the tile, claws having nothing to grab onto. Her foot claws couldn't do anything to help, the tail equally useless now.
  204.         "Oi! Oi oi oi!! Get me the fuck out of here!!" Viviana roared, snarling when she saw Boudicca and Yuhyeol look down at her from above. Despite her struggling, there was nothing she could do. The fox gave the same mild scowl she always seemed to wear, Boudicca looking far more relieved the fight was over.
  205.         "Should you admit defeat we shall help. It would be quite an embarassing thing should the guards find the damage and you stuck there, would it not? The only one that did damage to the showers was you after all,  we can make the excuse of trying to stop you from throwing a tantrum." Boudicca smiled down at the horned woman. Viviana glared up at them, more annoyed that the two had already decided it was over. She couldn't think of any way to get free herself however, it taking tremendous mental effort to force her words out.
  206.         "F-fine, I give up! You two win! Now get me out of here!" Viviana grumbled, not moving as Yuhyeol crouched down above her. The kumiho grabbed onto the horns and pulled up with all the strength she had left, ten agonizing seconds passing before the horns broke free. Viviana stood up and scowled at the pair, the worst hurt thing on her being the wyvern's pride. "If I didn't have this collar I would have won."
  207.         "Of course. That's why I won't challenge you to a rematch when it's off." Yuhyeol agreed, looking around as the crowd dissipated once the bets were paid out. "Nothing either of us could do against your full dragon form."
  208.         Viviana frowned a bit less, looking at Yuhyeol with just a bit less hate due to her comment. "Well, least you're not gloating about this. What the fuck is a kumiho anyways?" Viviana asked, "Far as I can tell you're just a really really really really really old fox."
  209.         "Did you need that many 'very's?" Yuhyeol asked, sighing and answering the actual question next. "I'm a literal man-eater, and the magic of my tails makes my body stronger. It also gives me very quick healing, I suppose Freya's restraint didn't hold that back. That's it in brief... and I am only three hundred years old, the tails signify how many livers I've eaten."
  210.         Viviana snickered, and then laughed. Yuhyeol gave her a small glare, the wyvern moving away to get herself dried and dressed. The other two followed along, Viviana seeming to tolerate their presence now.
  211.         "That would explain why you can fight hand to hand and not get destroyed by me. I know a vampire can take it, but no damn fox dares to go hand to hand like that. What's this thing you want me to do anyways?" Viviana asked, gripping the towel with her claws to dry her body off. "You two beat me, so I doubt you want me ta beat someone down."
  212.         "We'll be needing your wings." Yuhyeol put it bluntly, "And if you want a fight, play nice and you should get your fill in when things start."
  213.         "Shoulda just said that in the first place." Viviana grinned.
  214.         "Would it really have helped?" Yuhyeol sighed, crossing her arms.
  215.         "Not a fucking chance!"
  217.         Another boring night of patrolling the dark corridors of the prison were all the male guard had to look forward to that night, having to spend another six hours among the unnerving hum of the magitek. Only his flashlight lit the steel corridors, the dark saving what power in the system that it could. His boots made light clanging noises with each step that echoed through the complex, no other soul around to hear them for all he knew. His patrol's uneventfulness ended when he saw a faint glow from down one corridor. The guard's attention was grabbed. Desperate for anything to alleviate his boredom, he increased his pace and changed course for the anomoly.
  218.         Turning the corner, the guard saw one of the heavy doorways opened with a dim orange light leaking out. He took a moment to try and remember what part of the machine was in the room but his thoughts ended when he felt two small, soft breasts press into his back. Two long, thin arms moved around his body, one stroking at his chest as the other reached down for his crotch.
  219.         "So someone finally came, I was thinking nobody would bite." Whispered a soft voice, hot breath blowing past his ear as the guard tried to form words with the hand stroking his pants.
  220.         "This is a restricted a-area!" He blabbered out. The hand stroking his chest moved up as womanly hips pushed up against his lower body, a wire thin but strong tail winding itself around the two as a finger was pushed onto his lips.
  221.         "That makes it more exciting, doesn't it? Why not enjoy yourself?" The soft voice tempted him. A giggle escaped the woman of equal height behind him, her hand feeling the stiff erection in the man's pants. She did not wait for any answer, unzipping him before fishing out the dick contained within his clothing. The hand on his lips removed itself, stroking his cheek as the other took hold of the firm rod and began to stroke with a smooth, bare hand.
  222.         "You like it? You like having some unknown woman do this to you?" The soft voice asked, the man only able to mutter out a 'yes' as the mere handjob robbed his coherence due to the skill of the stroker. Another happy giggle came from the woman as she began nibbling at his ear and increased the pace, the free hand running along specific nerves to increase the pleasure. "You're such a pervert~"
  223.         He groaned and tried to hold back, but the strokes intensified at just the right time to make him explode. Heavy streams of his semen shot out into her waiting hand, not missing a drop as the other wringed every drop out of the orgasm it could. Once finished, the tail unwound from around them and he was allowed to drop to the floor. He saw her standing above his head, barely able to see up her skirt at the pantyless, shaved cunt beneath the black stockings as she stood above his head and licked her hand clean of his cum.
  224.         "A strong scent, you've been saving up for a while. I guess you don't have a girlfriend then. Good, I won't feel guilty fucking your brains out." She grinned, the faint light filtering down the corridor revealing her tall, thin form and pointed ears. A long thing tail twitched behind her, black hime cut hair tied into an ass length braid behind the woman. Her exact features were hidden by the low light level, shadows keeping all but her eyes hidden. A drop of excitement dripped down onto his face as he stared up at the seductress. With immediate fervor his erection returned, though his legs didn't listen to him.
  225.         "Hmmmm, that's a good reaction. Do you want me to play with you a bit more then?" The woman asked, giggling down at the guard. Once she saw a nod she stepped forward and sat down on his chest before leaning back to take the weight off him by planting her hands on the ground behind her. Using only her feet and nimble toes, the pants were removed and smooth stockings met with the pained erection. His hands reached up and around her, grabbing the uniform covered breasts as the feet teased and stroked him below. His hands kneaded and squeezed the soft mounds aggressively as his libido only got higher, the woman's grin growing along with it. She used one hand to start removing her clothing while continuing to work the dick with her feet, wrapping her toes around it as her heels ran along his sensitive places.  By the time she was nude from the waist up, she felt the second shot coming. With immediate motion, she swung forward and kissed the tip to suck in all he let out, his hands grabbing at her round ass as pleasured groans escaped him. She sat up and savored the taste for a minute, allowing him to push her skirt up and rub his fingers along her pussy.
  226.         "Can't get enough, can you? What will I do with you, such a perverted man." She asked, standing off of him and discarding the skirt. She kept her stockings on, and let a mock squeal out as the fevered man stood and pushed her up against the cold steel wall. Heavy breaths hit her ear and a rock hard rod nestled between her ass  cheeks. The guard reached down and tore the stockings, not bothering to check which hole he was poking at before pushing into her already lubed ass. Breath escaped from her as she was hilted in one stroke, body shaking in delight afterwards. The guard pounded up into her, pressing her harder against the wall with each thrust. Not missing a beat, she squeezed down on the rough pounding to enjoy the experience even further. He kept moving his hips in a fast rythym and boundless stamina, hands holding her hands up against the wall firmly. With the last thrust, the guard pushed her up the wall and filled the rear hole with an ever larger amount than the first two rounds had gotten from him.
  227.         The pair took a moment to rest as they were, woman twitching from her own pleasure still impaled on his dick. Once he caught his breath, he started round four by pulling the woman off the wall and pushing her to the ground. Mounting from behind, he found her pussy and thrust inside in an equally rough manner as logic left his mind and a smug grin grew on the woman's face.
  228.         "I think you're t-trying too hard, though that's cute in it's own way~" She giggled, moaning with delight from the rough treatment. His hot breath panted onto her head as his hands dug into her hips, keeping them in place as wet slaps echoed in the hall. She groaned in pleasure, eyes rolling up a bit before she glanced back and licked her lips. Internal muscles began to squeeze and wring the dick inside of her, loud moan escaping her partner as it forced the fifth orgasm out of him. Once it  passed, he dropped down onto his back to try and recover. A weight dropped onto his lap, a delicate hand stroking his length back to full mast. Looking up, he saw the hungry face of the woman staring back at his.
  229.         "Oh no, we're not done yet. You have so much more to enjoy tonight." She whispered, lifting her hips to position her hips above the dick. A groan of complaint came from him before she dropped down, spearing herself on the overworked dick as the guard underneath her pleaded for rest. She did not move her hips, but the muscles inside worked overtime to milk the dick for all it was worth as pathetic groans and grunts came from the guard. Once he reached number ten, he passed out and was released from the sexual torment.
  230.         Finished, Shade stood and redressed herself as the cum she had taken from the intruder was absorbed into her body. Back in her clothing, the kunoichi walked back into the room lit by the electric lamp that had been providing the meager source oflight. A large shadow of a short, busty gazer in a simple black blouse and jean shorts combo shifted along with the eye stalks looking around at the glowing white runes lining the magically charged material that made up the walls and pillars, a black cylindrical stone as tall as a telephone pole and twice as thick sat in the center with runes winding their way around it's length. Her skin was red, with some splotches of black where her natural slime had started to sweat out. The gazer looked back at Shade with her main eye, unamused by the distractions outside.
  231.         "Couldn't you have just used your kunoichi nerve pinch on him Akari?" The gazer asked, turning back to examining the runes cut into the black pillar. Her hands held a notebook, flipping to the next page to copy down more symbols in a frenzy.
  232.         "I just wanted a snack is all. Don't be a spoilsport Christiana. Besides, this way they won't be as suspicious, it'll seem like it was just a random hook-up. They'll notice him being gone when he doesn't come back to the surveillance room for a check-in though, do you have everything you need?" Shade asked, glancing over the gazer's shoulder at the markings, a thick layer of papers flipped over the top with similar sketches.
  233.         "Just finished. It wouldn't take so long if these were common magic symbols, but it's all nordic runes. Nobody uses them anymore. It's like trying to figure out a different operating system's code on a computer. Bad analogy... It'll be tough, but I'll be able to do the bare minimum we need by the time limit." Christiana explained with her bemused voice, closing the drawing pad and sighing. "It might be old, but Hela made a tough system to crack."
  234.         "Of course, magic is her specialty. Lets get out of here, you must be exhausted. Try not to fall asleep in the IT office tomorrow." Shade teased, leading the way out with Christiana following. The gazer looked at the man on the floor, waist sticky and covered in mixed spunk and semen.
  235.         "Could have let me have a turn..." She sighed, closing the door before the pair headed away. "Maybe next time?"
  237.         Young legs rushed through the bamboo in their frantic terror, small plants scratching at the exposed skin as branches grabbed at frayed clothing. The child gasped for breath, howls piercing through the dense forest behind her where large shadows pursued her. Her ears pivoted and followed the movement of the hunters, trying to shake the expert trackers from her tail by darting in a different direction towards the noise of running water.
  238.         A snarl next to her made the hairs of her tail stand on end before she was pounced by one of the furious beings, her small claws flying at the face of her attacker. A wolfish whine of pain and she was released, tumbling downhill before catching her footing again. Her small body screamed for rest, legs begged for relief from the pain, lungs burned while her throat grew hoarse from ragged breath.
  239.         The thrashing of plants closed in on her, Hasu daring to look back to see three dark shadows rushing for her. Two moved to cut off her escape to the sides as the much larger one in the middle hung back to catch her once the trap was sprung, not able to keep up with the pace with the hounds. Hasu looked back in front, waiting until the pair to her sides moved a bit ahead to grab a stalk of bamboo and turn as swift as she could. With all effort she could muster, she rushed past the confused wolf and towards the noise of water. A pair of huge claws grazed her skin and shredded her ragged robe, a cry of pain torn from the fox as she tumbled out of the bamboo to the edge of a rocky, steaming stream. With tears in her eyes she forced herself up in a scramble, the pain numbing the fatigue already rampant. Her terror turned far more mortal upon reaching the edge of the cliff the stream led to.
  240.         Seeing only a drop into a steaming, misty place Hasu turned to find a different way out. Three wolves growled and snarled, the women's eyes almost glowing in the moonless night. The much larger, striped owner of the claws glared death down at the small kumiho in front of them. She did not bother to speak while approaching their victim, the fox looking around for any path that was not cut off. Any route she could take had sharp teeth of wolf women guarding it, no mercy coming from any of the three. Hasu looked up at the tiger in front, watching as a claw was raised up. She took in a breath and closed her eyes before leaping backwards, tiger gasping and lunging in an attempt to catch the kumiho before she vanished into the mist and steam.
  241.         Hasu kept her eyes shut tight, waiting for her head to hit a stone or branch. She fell for what felt like an eternity, short life flashing past her before she hit the river of hot water. Strength was gone from her body, limp in the current that dragged her downstream. Her head came above water to let her body gasp for air, hands grasping at the wet stones in a futile last effort she had no energy to commit. The river shifted into a series of rapids, knocking her against stones and dragging her below the surface at random. Her body gave up along with her, letting itself float with the raging water. Somehow she remained concious, even as she moved over a wide waterfall.
  242.         Yae let out a yelp when she felt something fall on her head, more from surprise than actual pain. The huge oni red oni's wrinkled face scowled as she stood in the waterfall, stepping out from the falling water while rubbing her head of long and wild white hair. She spotted the fox that had struck her, sinking into the pool of hot water below.
  243.         "Shit!" She uttered, rushing down and scooping up the child up to her twelve foot form. Hasu coughed and sputtered, water escaping her lungs as the oni gently patted her back to help the poor fox. Yae walked through the water, it never coming above her muscled stomach at even the deepest part, reaching the side of the pool to sit and grab one of the huge towels meant for herself.
  244.         "Where did you come from little one? There are no villages upstream." The oni asked, rubbing the fox in her hands dry as Hasu struggled to even see what was going on. All she saw was the huge, warm bodied figure caring for her above through her nearly closed eyes. Yae noticed the bleeding only from the blood on the white cloth. She stood and turned towards the massive temple behind, taking in a deep breath before releasing a shout.
  245.         "WAKE UP! I NEED A HEALER HERE!!" Yae bellowed, voice echoing through the grounds. She carried Hasu with care, looking down with a worried expression at the dying fox. She forced a smile to try and help Hasu hold on. "Don't worry. You're safe now child."
  247.         Yuhyeol groaned as she awoke from the vivid memory, the dream leaving her temporarily dazed. She forgot why she could only see from one eye and did not recognize her surroundings in her dreary state. She would have reacted with fright if not for the comforting arms holding onto her, and hand stroking her hair. The kumiho closed her eye to return to sleep before reality caught up, making it snap open again. She  pushed away from the one next to her, eye wide as she bumped herself back against the wall by the foot of the bed.
  248.         Boudicca stared back with a bit of surprise herself, sitting up at the head of the bed and chuckling at the surprised fox while Yuhyeol's mind processed what was going on. After a few moments of awkward staring, Yuhyeol was the one that spoke first.
  249.         "Wh-what are you doing in my bed?!"
  250.         Boudicca giggled, taking amusement in the normally stoic kumiho showing so much emotion. She did not take too much time to enjoy it, answering her friend carefully.
  251.         "You were having a nightmare. Tossing and turning, sweating a cold sweat, muttering nonesense. I tried to wake you, but you would not be roused from it. So I tried the only thing I could think of to calm you, and it just happens that it worked." The vampire explained, holding her hands up while proving her innocence. "My Saria sometimes needed me to comfort her during the night, so I thought of it like that. Not what you might think in a place like this."
  252.         Yuhyeol blinked a few times, confused by the last comment. She tried to wrap her mind around it, ignoring the buzz of the cell doors being opened remotely.
  253.         "What do you mean by... what I might think?" The fox asked, relaxing into a cross legged position. She scowled at the vampire, though Boudicca couldn't help but giggle at the younger being.
  254.         "Well, what I mean is-"
  255.         "Are you two lezzing out in here?" Asked a white haired chimaera, Bast taking control of the body walking right into the pair's prison cell. It snapped in Yuhyeol's mind what Boudicca had meant, ears standing up straight as she glared at the aloof chimaera.
  256.         "No we were not!" She blurted, turning to face the wall to leave the fan of tails between her and the others. Bast just sighed, scratching at her side with one of her claws as the vampire crept up behind the kumiho.
  257.         "Riiight. You guys okay if I borrow that book on reddie here for Rei? You finished editing it, or whatever you were doing with it, didn't you foxie?" Bast asked, a large yawn escaping her mouth which the lion part of the chimaera made no effort to cover.
  258.         "My name is Yuhyeol!" The kumiho snapped, turning her head to glare at the composite monster. She couldn't see Boudicca creeping up behind her due to the one closed eye, the vampire taking the chance to pounce on the tails. Yuhyeol jumped in surprise, fingers running through the silky fur and making their owner shudder as the sensitive nerves were stimulated. She tried to get away, but was stuck in the corner while her tails were molested at Boudicca's leisure.
  259.         "You are far too high strung Yuhi! Go ahead Bast, it's on the table there. Yuhi finished the edits  yesterday, I gave it a read last night." Boudicca smiled warmly down at her. Bast nodded, and turned to walk over to the desk as a short wyvern popped in through the door.
  260.         "Yooo!! Good morning gir- are you two lezzing out in here? I can go get breakfast and come back if ya want." Viviana asked, Yuhyeol glaring down at the black scaled woman while Boudicca had a hearty laugh.
  261.         "No, I am just teasing her. I would not try it, Yuhi can scratch pretty hard if you were to go about it the wrong way." Boudicca warned the visitor, pulling Yuhyeol into a hug while the fox grumbled and growled.
  262.         "I can feel my dignity being drained away... why are you here anyways, it's better if we do not interact." Yuhyeol grumbled, pushing her way out of Boudicca's arms and accepting the fate of getting her tails stroked and finger combed.
  263.         "That's boring, I got nothing to do in this place! I can't even fight anyone without getting tossed into lock-up!... how long are you two going to be up there, it's breakfast time." Viviana asked, looking at the bored looking chimaera in the cell near them. "Who the heck is she?"
  264.         "That would be Bast. There are four other names, but it would be better if you are introduced to them as they appear." Boudicca explained, smile stuck to her face as she got her way with the grumpy fox's silky tails.
  265.         "Those girls are still asleep. Cia is kind of half awake back there." Bast mentioned, glancing back at the slumberous serpent that served as her tail. She looked back ahead and down at Viviana, book in claw before she stopped in her tracks and stared. Viviana blinked back, frowning a bit when she expected the question about to come.
  266.         "You're kind of... small for a wyvern, aren't you?"
  267.         "Fuck you!" Viviana snarled, looking up towards the other pair as the retort glanced off the lion personality without any impact. "Cmon, lets get something to eat!"
  268.         Yuhyeol turned her piercing gaze down at Viviana, silencing the wyvern as the chimaera exited the cell. Viviana stared backed in surprise, eventually avoiding the gaze from the kumiho. Only then did Yuhyeol speak.
  269.         "We will do as we please, our habits are not at your whim. If you are hungry, go get your own meal. You are a bother as it is."
  270.         "Don't be so hard on her, I think she just wants to make friends." Boudicca pointed out, Viviana still unnerved by the staredown the fox had struck her with. "Some food will do you good, you get grouchy when you are famished."
  271.         "Very well..." Yuhyeol sighed, pausing and looking to one side when a pair of guards approached. She expected them to enter their cell, but instead they moved into their neighbor's space to fetch the chimaera. All three exited with the two herding Bast away from her cell. Yuhyeol paid it no more mind, looking back at Boudicca. "Can you let me down the ladder now? The shelf is in the way here."
  272.         "I'm not done yet." Boudicca grinned. Yuhyeol sighed and leaned forward to bump her head into the wall in front of her as she accepted her fate. Fingers ran through her tails, straightening out the fur after the night of tossing and turning their owner had gone through. Both stayed silent even as Viviana wandered off without a word to get her breakfast. Just as Yuhyeol was about to fall asleep once more, Boudicca disturbed her with a question.
  273.         "What was that dream about anyways? I have a hard time imagining anything that would scare you."
  274.         "I'd rather not talk about it. It was more like a memory, from a long long time ago." Yuhyeol sighed, keeping her forehead against the steel wall. "Another one. Keep having them."
  275.         "Hmmm? Come to think of it, I had the same sort of dreams when I first arrived here." Boudicca pondered. "Perhaps it's something Hela installed. It seems like her sort of angle and might have been rather original to have people relive their past once more when this place was new. I have been here for such a time it caught up ages ago however."
  276.         Yuhyeol hummed in response, still waiting for the vampire to finish tidying her tails up with the nimble fingers. A brush was produced in Boudicca's hand to repeat the process, going through the kumiho's tails at a careful pace.
  277.         "There is something that has been bothering my mind for a time after you have mentioned it. It has to do with your son in law, so if you do not want me to ask it I shall forget the subject." Boudicca broke the silence, brush remaining in motion to keep her friend calm. Yuhyeol just let out an annoyed sigh, keeping her eyes closed.
  278.         "Go ahead and ask it."
  279.         "Well, you mentioned that you were able to feel his heartbeat upon your fingertip. Such a wound would cause him to suffocate, or likely bleed out far faster than help would arrive. How did he survive?" Boudicca inquired. Yuhyeol had to think back to remember exactly how, recalling something mentioned at her trial about the subject. After digging for what it was for a minute she answered the vampire's inquiry.
  280.         "Kumiho blood transfusion from my daughter. That doctor that wrote that book about me developed it on a theory. It seems the healing ability of kumiho will carry over in our blood even if it should leave our body."
  281.         "Is that so? I would not likely have guessed that. The book made no mention of such a procedure, so I take it she wished to focus on your story entirely. It is amusing how much she got wrong, or was that just you being embarrassed of yourself?" Boudicca teased, dropping the brush and reaching up for the kumiho's head. Yuhyeol jumped when she felt the fingers playing with her ears, but grumbled in defeat since she was still somewhat trapped.
  282.         "This is far more embarrassing than anything she had written in that book of hers."
  285.         "GAAAAAAAH!! It's so boring here!! The whole place is so well put together there isn't anything for IT people to do but tell wurms how to open doors!" Christiana complained, the red skinned gazer gulping down a fourth of a mug of beer before setting it down and belching. "Least I have time for side projects."
  286.         Noise of the bar drowned out their words, a nearby group of howling dog, wolf, and hellhound girls seated at another table doing most of the work muffling out what the gazer and kunoichi were saying. Akari listened even as her friend rambled on about the small annoyances of her day, glad to just enjoy the cheap sake that the bar managed to keep in stock.
  287.         "Yknow what's most annoyin? I'm doing all this stuff, planting little surprises for the party, and you're not doing anything!" Christiana scowled. "I know you have something else planned, would be nice if you told me at least. I don't even know who we're springing yet."
  288.         "Keeping information on a need to know basis is basic. I'm keeping tabs on all the invited parties. I already know a chimaera has muscled in on it, so I'm watching her extra carefully. There is that lens you're wearing as well. That will help." Akari explained, gazer looking surprised before checking her own face with a couple of her eyestalks.
  289.         "Is it noticeable? I used a contact lens as a base."
  290.         "Not at all, I merely saw you carving the runes into it with that needle." The kunoichi teased. Christiana pouted, her eyestalks returning to looking around the room for anyone staring at them.
  291.         "I haven't tested it yet, but either way it won't work that well since it's a forged prison tool. I'll only be able to plant suggestions, not full blown hypnosis."
  292.         "That will be more than helpful enough. It's subtle."
  293.         "If you say so. You're the brains behind this surprise party, so just tell me how to prepare for it." Christiana sighed, drinking down the rest of the beer in her mug before setting the empty glass down on the table again. "I can't meet any prisoners unless their restraints start malfunctioning, but that never happens. Hela designs them too well, even personalizes for each prisoner. Freaking genius."
  294.         The pair went silent as a fresh glass of beer was brought for the gazer, who waited until the waitress had left to speak again.
  295.         "This place really surprised me. I expected it to be barebones and rugged, but it's almost like a small city of five hundred guards and other staff to operate everything else on top of this floating rock. The rooms are comfortable too. It's a bit intimidating to think it's all powered by a lilim. You sure this isn't a suicide mission?"
  296.         "It might be. But this is something I'm ready to die for." Akari replied, far more serious than she was before. Christiana frowned, drinking another large helping of her amber drink before asking her question.
  297.         "Why is that?"
  298.         Akari sighed and glanced around them, making sure nobody was listening so she could speak freely. Once she felt it was safe, the kunoichi took a moment to figure out how to explain it.
  299.         "It's more of a personal 'surprise party' this time. You wouldn't guess it, but I'm actually ninety three. Succubus types age rather well." Akari chuckled, amused with Christiana's surprised look. "It was during fox purge in the mist valley about seventy years ago. The army carrying it out was closing in on the last refuge on the continent for eastern kitsune, so my clan was tasked with stopping the slaughter. At that time the clan was at risk of dying out, so even a young trainee like me was drafted to the effort. Naturally, we aimed for the general. A straight forward assasination with little chance of survival."
  300.         "Sounds like it was easy enough. In and out. What was so hard about it?"
  301.         "About a thousand seasoned soldiers trained to resist mental charms and illusions. Sort of like this situation, where my magic is uesless. Getting any amount of kunoichi that deep into an enemy encampment without detection was hard enough, getting out once the general was dead was the suicidal part." Akari explained. "But when we arrived, it was a bloodbath. Not one of the people in the general's tent was alive. In the center of it was... I suppose telling you would not hurt, if you are found out this whole mission fails anyways. An eight tailed fox, with blood red fur and piercing yellow eyes. Her name is Yuhyeol Aejong. We had the oppportunity to use her to draw the army away from the city, wear them out as they sought out the fox for blind revenge. It was not like we threw her to the hounds, we helped her escape and survive ourselves. It was by fortune's whim we were credited for it. That saved our village. Requests came pouring in, and though we struggled to complete the load we prospered."
  302.         Christiana waited for Akari to continue while the kunoichi took a break to sip her sake, eventually speaking with mild interest. "Alright, that's all good and all that. But I don't see how it's THIS personal if you were the only one to come do this."
  303.         "If more than one were to come here, it would have taken years to plant us all in this place without rousing suspician. Besides, there is something more. She saved me from an untimely death during those frantic days. It is likely she recognized my scent, and decided to trust me purely on that." Akari explained, glancing to the side when she noticed someone enter. A blonde, well built man wearing casual clothing that went right to the bar to sit in an uncrowded area to have some drinks and ease the obvious frustration expressed through his posture. "Enough of that, we have another task to take care of. Can that lens plant suggestions in incubi?"
  304.         "Not a chance. It's a bit complicated to explain, but the tools of the prison were only designed to work on demonic energy. Spirit energy wasn't in the designs." Christiana scowled, looking at the man with almost all her eyes. "What do you have in mind anyways?"
  305.         "To occupy the lilim with her favorite activity. You said it yourself, spirit energy works here." Akari stood from her seat and approached Odie, long haired man already on his second drink. Christiana frowned, staying where she was for a moment before grumbling and standing up to follow. The pair sat down on either side of the lilim's husband, Akari attracting his attention when she spoke. "Another round for all three of us, on me."
  306.         Odie looked at the lanky woman with a bit of confusion but forgot about it once the new drink arrived for him. He drank it down all at once, sphere of ice all that remained in his empty glasses. The gazer to his left ignored him as he did her, just wanting to eavesdrop on what Akari was planning.
  307.         "Thanks for the drink."
  308.         "It's no problem, you look frustrated. Having trouble with Freya?"
  309.         Odie scowled and leered at Akari, who just sipped her drink from the drinking bowl she had been provided with. He didn't answer, so Akari spoke instead.
  310.         "She's a slave driver, even if she means well. But I doubt that is what is frustrating you. Rumor  has it you have not beaten her in combat in a while."
  311.         "Really now? You don't say." Odie snorted, waving a hand to ask for a fresh drink.
  312.         "It is merely a rumor, though if it were true I would recommend a change of tactics."
  313.         Odie looked back over at the kunoichi, stern eyes sizing her up. After a long few moments, he looked back at his drink and sipped at it instead of just drowning his tension.
  314.         "What sort of change in tactics? Someone like me would have tried every battle tactic avaliable to him."
  315.         "This tactic is more outside the box than field tactics. In this place you and your wife are still able to spare, though she is restrained by the heavy consumption of her mana whilst you are free to use your spirit energy in full. She cannot regain her energy here, so if you were to battle her repeatedly it would be possible to wear her down into defeat eventually." Akari explained. The incubus beside her hummed, actualy taking the time to consider the proposal. After a long few minutes of silence, he waved down the bartender.
  316.         "Their drinks are on me tonight, I'm going to go sober up." He declared, standing from his stool and finishing what bit he had left in his latest glass. Akari grinned at her success, Odie not saying anything else as he walked through the bar and out the door once more. Christiana laughed to herself, looking over at her kunoichi friend in her amusement.
  317.         "He really was that easy to trick? I don't see what this accomplishes, but if it keeps Freya off my back I'll be very happy with it!" The gazer smirked. Akari giggled, smirking herself.
  318.         "He is not the brightest of bulbs, and probably took a few too many knocks to the head from dragons and whatnot. If you point him in a direction and say attack, he is liable to do just that. But we did get free drinks all night for it. Shall we forget about how we shall regret it in the morning and indulge?" Akari suggested, Christiana giving a big toothy grin.
  319.         "Hell yeah! Hey, get us something meaty to eat barkeep! Your pick!"
  320.         Akari smiled, but moved back to their table with her new drinks to avoid losing the spot. Christiana noticed and followed with a big grin still plastered to her face due to her good fortune.
  321.         "Oh, before I forget. The next part of the surprise party needs getting done in about a week. That should give you time to somehow manage it." Akari mentioned, grabbing the gazer's full attention. "It'll be a bit of... mischief."
  323.         She took plodding steps on her black stone legs. There was no purpose behiind the slow motion of the lava golem besides keeping her body mobile, her internal heat kept at a simmer. If she ceased her walking for too long she would become unable to move until help arrived. Stone grinded against stone while her limbs moved, orange jumpsuit covering the hard black material.
  324.         The golem's pace increased beyond it's crawl, a bit at a time. Even the hazy minded woman did not notice until the heat of her body made other prisoners move away from her while she remained on her set path. The floor beneath her feet began to smoke where the golem had stepped, attracting the attention of an ogre and amazon guard. The pair left their station and approached from behind, recoiling from the heat coming off of her before the amazon stepped closer.
  325.         "Prisoner, halt!"
  326.         The lava golem stopped, looking back at them with a dreary look as the amazon put a hand on the stone woman's shoulder. Skin sizzled and forced the trained fighter to pull back, wincing in pain. The ogre scowled, shielding her face from the heat. The golem's slow wits were stoked, mind working on why they were not touching her as they normally would. She lifted a hand up, ignoring the orders barked to her, to stare at the limb. The black stone cracked apart and melted, molten rock coming back to the surface with her internal flames rekindled. She hardly knew why or cared, one track mind realizing she was back to her normal self as orange cloth burst into flames to reveal her glowing hot form. Both guards swore and retreated, running for an alarm to sound it as quick as their feet could carry them.
  327.         A small, happy laugh came out of her, semiliquid body chasing off prisoners and guards alike as fires lit themselves anywhere near her. Molten form returned, the golem looked straight to the center of the spiral where the path out was shortest and began to walk. The ground melted underneath her plodding pace, concrete burning as steel below melted. A swipe of her hand sent molten rock through a gate in her way as alarm sounded and lock-down declared, prisoners rushing back to safe cells away from the center. Guards rushed for fire hoses, quelling flames but unable to stop the glowing hot prisoner from reaching the bottom of the prison. Any stream of water vaporized before it could reach the golem, who ignored anything else but her very simple escape plan. At the lowest point she dropped to her hands and knees and heated up as hot as she could manage. The floor beneath became a blaze, steel melting around her and becoming part of a growing lava pool. The pit grew and spread more flames, overwhelming efforts of the guards and their hoses.
  328.         A flash of white flames came from the center of the giant stone eye floating straight above, armored form of the lilim Freya diving towards the threat. White winged woman let out a loud yell, white colored magic forming around her one handed blade. She struck the center of the pit hard, air spinning around as hot air met cold to form a momentary flame twister. Freya lept back from the volatile pit, the hardened stone turning liquid again amidst the intense heat coming from golem's fire. The lava golem stood out of the pool and turned towards the enemy while scowling in mere annoyance.
  329.         "You interrupted my sparring match. Show me a good time." Freya grinned in her delight. It didn't matter to the one she spoke, golem swinging an oversized hand through the molten stone and steel at her side. A small wave of the hellish material was sent at the almost valkyrie looking warden. Lilim countered with a freezing strike from her blade once again, blocking with her round shield to prevent the hardened but searing hot rocks striking her body afterwards.
  330.         Freya wound her body up without missing a moment, swinging blade wide as she imbued it with  a different kind of spell. Like a directed shockwave her attack blew the wall of black rock she had frozen in front of her forward as rubble, pushing golem backwards in her own pit. Molten woman fell into the material along with the black rock that had struck her. An enraged lava golem came up out of her pit and approached the lilim without thought for strategy. Freya did not recoil or react to the heat, a wide grin stuck to the short haired woman's face.
  331.         Reaching her shorter opponent, the golem raised an arm and sprayed a stream of molten rock at Freya. Golem eyes could not follow the rapid motion, gleaming white opponent seeming to disappear in front of her eyes. It reappeared in front, wide swing of the blade smashing a freezing spell into her heavy body. It forced a backwards step, lava reforming her torso where she had been struck. The shield came next, striking her head with a magic attack similar to the shockwave from before. Her sturdiness helped this time, keeping the golem from tipping over or falling apart from the ground's shaking. The lava golem swung her hands up to pull lava from the pit behind her, splashing past her and towards Freya in front.
  332.         Again the lilim seemed to vanish before the slow attack could hit, reappearing in front again above the molten stone with wings spread wide. Gleaming silver sword glowed with the same cold magic formed around it. Her two handed strike struck the slow golem and slammed the magic into her feet, freezing the molten rock below solid black. Freya leaped back before charging forth, lava golem having no chance to recover before freezing magic followed the blade stabbing into her center. A blast of chilled air blew from the center as the golem froze solid.
  333.         Freya pulled her blade from the still stone form, black rock falling apart and revealing the unmelted sphere of metal that had been planted within. The runes on the orb were all intact, confirmed by Freya once she had sheathed her blade and picked up the specialized restraint to inspect with her unskilled eyes. With their source gone, the fires within the complex were quelled within minutes.
  334.         "Get this all cleaned up!" Freya barked, finished thinking of how to deal with the aftermath, pointing at the nearest guard. "See to it that every bit of the golem is picked up and moved to a freezer! If you're not sure, put it in! I don't know anything about lava golems, she might still be alive! Get the gnome in here to clean up the damage to the concrete afterwards, and get to fixing the fences! Fetch the IT crew, both of them, and have them check every restraint in this place! No prisoner eats until they have their restraints checked! MOVE IT!"
  335.         Orders given, the guards set about doing as ordered like ants under siege. Freya frowned down at the orb in her hands as an afterthought. She found the nearest guard and snapped her fingers to get her attention, tossing the orb to the p'orc.
  336.         "See to it that IT gets that and checks it later. They can sleep before they look at it, it's not as urgent."
  337.         The guard nodded, carrying the orb towards the top of the spiral as quick as she could. With her help no longer needed, Freya vanished in a flash of white flames from the scene. She reappeared in the sparring room. A wide open space carved into another section of stone and armored like the prison that doubled as a mass shelter in case of emergency. She stepped up towards the large man laying in the center of this battle scarred space in his full armor, weapon and shield laying a fair distance away from the crater he lay in. Freya sat down on the armored chest with a foot on either side of his head, sighing down at Odie.
  338.         "That's six losses in a row love. Want to try again tomorrow?" Freya asked, smug grin on her face while she propped it up on her hand, elbow resting on one of her knees. Odie groaned in response, unable to respond. Freya moved a hand down to his helmet, slipping it off before placing a hand against one side of his face. Gentle white light came from underneath as the mans pain was chased away. "Sorry I had to hit you with that big shot, but it was an emergency. Woulda liked going for longer myself."
  339.         Freya stood once she was done healing her husband, stretching her limbs and yawning. Odie stood up behind her, accepting of that days defeat. Lilim stared off into space for a few moments, snapping back to reality soon after.
  340.         "I'm going to have a shower and take a nap. You're wearing me out doing this everyday! I can't complain though." Freya chuckled, turning to look at her husband. Odie picked up his helmet with a grumble, bearing with it since the strategy seemed to be working. Freya moved up and pulled his face down by his chest armor, giving him a strong kiss before releasing him. "Once I've had some sleep I'll take my reward! I want to be rested when I ravage you!"
  341.         "Fine..." Odie grumbled, following Freya on their way out of the sparring room. The doors remained opened behind them to allow cleaning and repair crews to take care of the mess, preoccupied elsewhere for the time being. "Where did you learn that flying kick from anyways?"
  342.         "Huh? Oh, the one I hit you with at the end?... ah! It was from a new arrival in Folkvangr. I think she called it an 'Inazama kick'."
  344.         "Why doesn't Hela hire dwarves to take care of this place is what I wonder..." Christiana grumbled, walking with guard escort to the questioning rooms. "They're a lot better at magitek stuff than anyone else, just hire one of them and this place would never have problems. Not that it does now before this incident." The gazer commented, looking towards the center of the spiral that was still being cleaned up, unable to help admiring the aftermath of her work.
  345.         "F-f-freya doesn't l-like them, h-had some bad history with some d-dwarves! S-something about losing a b-bet and s-some card games!" Chittered the twitchy mouse girl walking beside her, wearing a dirty black t-shirt with oil stained overalls overtop. "A-and dwarves like m-making their own things, th-they just come here sometimes t-to study what H-hela made."
  346.         "What'd they make her do, dance around naked while they filmed it?"
  347.         "I-I'm not sure, b-but it was before v-video cameras... a-all I know is th-that Freya lost most of her h-hair on a bet. Th-that's the rumor why she keeps it s-so short!"
  348.         "That's stupid, she keeps it that short because she's a battle maniac. Long hair would get in her way." Christiana sighed, unable to help a growing curiosity about the small event. "Those dwarves were sly to get  away with tricking a lilim though. Probably sold her a sword that makes squeaky noises with each strike."
  349.         "Th-that would be pretty funny!" The mouse giggled and snickered, unable to stop herself even once they arrived at the front of the inspection line.
  350.         "You gotta cut down on the coffee..." Christiana commented, sighing before she went into one of the rooms built into the side of the prison, a short hallway leading to a doorway on the right wall in the concrete with a heavy steel door. Two guards followed her into the plain room, table made for questioning prisoners with chairs on either side waiting for them. She set her small laptop onto the table before pushing it, guards helping make room and moving the chairs out of the way to get the furniture against the wall. Christiana set a chair in the center of the room and one by her open laptop, bringing up a list of prisoners and the catalog program for restraints.
  351.         "Alright, bring the first one in!" The gazer instructed, not even flinching when a huge ogre was brought in first and was made to sit on the floor. She did a quick check of the collar locked on the ogre's neck, knowing it was fine but making a show for the two guards meant to keep her safe. After less than a minute she finished and called for the next one, checking the prisoner number off on the list.
  352.         The process repeated to the gazer's boredom, yawns frequently escaping her even after someone had fetched her coffee. With each person brought in she did the same, checked the restraints and snuck a brief moment of eye contact with each one.
  353.         When she turned to see who the next prisoner to enter was, Christiana actually gave pause and stared for a moment. Nine blood red tails amassed in a bunch laid beside the chair, their owner sitting sideways with her restraint on display to get the task done and over with. Christiana's curiosity got the better of her. She circled around the chair to the front, looking at the prisoner's number as the rest of her eye stalks looked the red fox with her scarred right eye and scowling disposition over. Her main eye shifted to stare at the scar, unable to help wondering how she got it. After getting a leer from the fox, Christiana moved back behind her to kneel and do the usual show of inspecting. She felt tempted to speak, but resisted as she had refrained with the other prisoners. Once the show of poking and prodding the ring was done the gazer stood and moved to the laptop to confirm her suspicions on the fox's identity.
  354.         "You're done. Next!"
  355.         Yuhyeol sighed and stood, leaving the small windowless room as the sound of the gazer rapidly tapping keys resounded behind her. She moved out of the way of the next person heading in and went straight for the cafeteria at the top of the spiral  to quell her hunger, cursing the medicine for being so weak along with her dislike for it's taste.
  356.         Boudicca joined her friend, having been waiting nearby after her own restraints had been checked. Her hand found it's way right to Yuhyeol's head despite the fox trying to slap it away, fingers scratching at a spot that made all nine tails swish behind her.
  357.         "You really need to cheer up Yuhi. Being so pouty all the time cannot be good for you." Boudicca teased, removing the hand before her friend could really become annoyed with her. Yuhyeol just sighed and ignored it, too hungry to argue with her cellmate. She just got into line and waited for her food, happy vampire right behind her.
  358.         "I do not understand how you can be so joyous in this place. It's a bleak, unnaturally lit cavern that nothing happens in."
  359.         "The cavern part is merely a part of the life I have lived for a long while, sunlight weakens me a  considerable amount. I make my own fun, though I must admit having you around has brought me a lot of enjoyment thus far."
  360.         Yuhyeol kept her scowl and ignored the head pat she received from the vampire behind her, just getting her food before heading to their usual table. She sat and waited for Boudicca to join her to add the usual bit of blood to her rice, picking her chopsticks up to partake once it had been added to mask the sour addition.
  361.         "This medicine hardly works, it only keeps my hunger away for a day at a time. Perhaps they measure it as such. If I were to go off it, I'd probably be overwhelmed by my hunting urges."
  362.         "Hunger? I suppose it may be similar to my own thirst for blood, though I can remain satiated with this cold amount they give me upon each meal. How is it for kumiho?" Boudicca asked. "There was nothing about such things in that tengu's book."
  363.         "That book merely talked about me, or stories as she saw them. Yes, kumiho gain in intense hunger for the livers that help them gain their tails. It can even overtake their minds and force them into the act. As we gain tails we can go for longer between feedings, speaking from experience. This medicine may subdue it, but it lacks the substance to truly replace the nourishment."
  364.         "It sounds quite a bit like bloodlust then. At least the urges associated with them. They have little choice but to provide the full nourishment to me, even if it is a bit stale as far as blood goes."
  365.         Yuhyeol stopped speaking and glared past Boudicca when a blonde haired kakuen woman and a five tailed kistune woman approached. Her piercing gaze making the monkey hesitate to sit at their table. The unusual circumstances had caused a severe lack of places to sit, Boudicca understanding and making room for the pair by moving beside the glaring kumiho. Brown haired kitsune leered back, eyes shifting down to the bloody rice before back at the kumiho. The tension rose, kakuen not having anywhere near the amount of perception required to know it.
  366.         "What kind of sauce is that? Looks like it's spicy!" Monkey asked, grinning wide while staring at the kumiho's food. Yuhyeol kept eating, not breaking her line of gaze.
  367.         "It's blood. She's a dirty kumiho." Kitsune answered, breaking gaze to eat her own food with a bit of  superiority mixed into her frown. "Don't pay attention to that man-eater."
  368.         Yuhyeol ignored the insults, moving her gaze back to her food to increase her eating pace. Boudicca kept out of it herself, already finished sucking her blood pouch empty.
  369.         "Can't even eat in a civilized manner. What, are utinsels new to you?" The kitsune continued, staring down her nose at Yuhyeol. She received no reaction, only antagonizing the brown tailed one onwards. "They must have sent you here out of pity. Why else would they have let something so pathetic continue it's existence? What good are kumiho other than something to hunt? They're murderous maneating vermin, and deserve their tails removed."
  370.         "Hey, leave her alone. She aint botherin us." The kakuen frowned at her friend. Yuhyeol finished her meal and stood up to leave, kitsune scoffing at the request as Yuhyeol turned her back and Boudicca moved to follow her.
  371.         "Fine, fine. I just hope that beast has not bred, we do not need any more of her kind around. Her children would come out hideous."
  372.         Yuhyeol stopped in her tracks, no more than six steps away. Boudicca only noticed a few steps later, turning to see the anger growing on her friends face. The kitsune noticed Yuhyeol's reaction with her keen eyes, common sense ignored in favor of antagonizing the kumiho further.
  373.         "Oh? So you do have vile spawn? They must be as filthy as you are then. Were they not brought in here along with you? They must be out there whoring themselves out to kill anyone stupid enough to think they look attractive."
  374.         The taunting made Yuhyeol teeth grind together as her claws crushed the disposable bowl that her food had been contained in. The sharp tips dug into her hands and drew blood but pain did not distract her from her fury.
  375.         "You should watch what you say." Yuhyeol spoke in a calm voice, barely restraining herself. It did not stop the kitsune, prejudices winning over the voice in the back of her head screaming at her to stop.
  376.         "Your daughters. Are filthy. Lice infested. Gutter living. Whores."
  377.         Boudicca stepped forward and tried to pull Yuhyeol away from the confrontation. As soon as her hand touched the kumiho's back Yuhyeol began to move, swifter than the vampire could react. Yuhyeol lunged for the kitsune, claws aiming for the face and throat. Terror had no time to spread on her would be victim's face by the time she was upon her, but two strong arms swung up from behind the fox's back and under her arms to hook her and pull her away. Yuhyeol let out a furious cry, struggling to get at the kitsune who fell from her seat to the ground. Feet lifted off the ground by the vampire, Yuhyeol was dragged away before she could carry out her intentions.
  378.         "Naneun dangsin-ui mog-eul jjij-eo geoya!! Dangsin-ui kkoli nae byeog-e jungdandoebnida!! Naega dangsin-eul jug-ilgeoya!!" Yuhyeol spat and snarled, unable to free herself from the strong hold despite her flailing. The noise naturally attracted attention, a pair of guards already moving towards them to take care of the situation even as Boudicca removed her friend from the scene.
  379.         "Calm yourself Yuhi! We cannot allow ourselves to be thrown in lock-up at this time." The vampire whispered in an urgent tone, stopping in place but keeping the seething rage of the kumiho contained for the guards. Even the tough looking monsters kept out of range of the kumiho's claws, not wishing to gain a battle scar.
  380.         "Is she trying to start a fight? Uttering threats is already enough for us to give her a warning." The stern centaur guard warned the vampire, assuming the kumiho was too angry to give a coherent response. "Get back to your cell."
  381.         "Right where I was headed, I'm going to give my friend a good talking to about controlling her temper. That fox over there needs to learn some manners as well, if you were to trust my opinion." Boudicca smiled at the guard, glancing at the brown haired fox who had returned to her seat with terror fading from her ghostly pale face. The centaur looked at the kitsune and scowled, letting the were-wolf guard that had approached escort them back to their cell as she headed for the instigater.
  382.         Boudicca walked as quick as she could without saying a word all the way back to their cell, Yuhyeol's anger fading only enough she did not struggle in the hold any further. Once the vampire had carried her friend into their cell, the guard closed and locked the door behind them. Vampire carried kumiho to the far corner before dropping her to her feet, Yuhyeol turning towards the vampire with scowl and furious eye ready to bark angry words before seeing the vampire's own expression glaring back. It silenced her for the moment Boudicca needed to start speaking in a hushed, but exceptionally stern voice.
  383.         "Calm yourself. You're risking the whole plot for some mediocre insults. You are younger than myself but I did not imagine you would have such little self restraint. I know you treasure your daughter and grand-daughter, but it's not worth risking the plan." Boudicca scolded.
  384.         "She deserved it!" Snapped back, tails flairing up behind her on reflex.
  385.         "She did! Even so, you need to control yoursel.! Any misstep and this plan could collapse. Calm yourself, you do not need care what a foul mouthed child smuggler thinks."
  386.         Yuhyeol paused, surprised by the last comment. Anger was distracted by it, curiosity taking over.
  387.         "Child smuggling?"
  388.         "Young human boys. Some places used to pay heaps of gold for them. She had a network that trafficked and produced such... merchandise. Ironic she takes offense to you having to eat men without choice when she enslaved them for profit, do you not think?" The vampire asked. Both remained silent for a long moment, Yuhyeol breaking it with a chuckle. Chuckles between both grew to mild laughter.
  389.         "You may wish to ask a ethicist about that topic, it may have an interesting answer come of it. I apologize for my outburst, I have few outlets for my anger. I tend to become wound up rather tight, making my temper as short and fiery as a hinezumi."
  390.         "I shall have to try and reign it in myself then. As we are trapped anyways, shall we partake in a game of shogi?"  Boudicca offered, holding a hand up to gesture towards the game set sitting neatly on the desk. Yuhyeol sighed, frowning a bit in shame.
  391.         "I think I'd better cool off and get some sleep. My claws are itching and I can't think straight quite yet." She answered, grumbling when she received a hand on top of her head to rub back and forth between her ears. "Stop that."
  392.         "Get some sleep, I'll stay as silent as I can. Do not rest for too long, or you will find yourself awake in the night."
  393.         "I should be fine sleeping with a bit of noise. Even if I do not actually get to a slumber I will calm my anger."
  394.         Yuhyeol headed for the bunk bed, heading up the ladder and laying down on top of her bedding with a 'fump'. Her tails hung off the edge of the bed as she tried to ignore the drone of noise coming from outside their cell, eye closing as she worked on going into a meditative trance. Boudicca watched her settle in, moving only once her friend had stopped shifting in the bed to get comfortable. The vampire went to her painting supplies to set up for another project, taking her time with it.
  395.         Before she could get the paints out, Boudicca heard a tapping on the bars. She turned her attention towards the noise to see a familiar white haired chimaera standing outside, adjusting her restraint collar as best as she could with her dragon claw. Boudicca smiled and walked over to the bars, leaning against them to relax and speak with her friend.
  396.         "Collar not treating you well?"
  397.         "Mouse moved it about a lot and now I cannot get it comfortable again. But that isn't why I am here." Rei answered, claw unable to stop shifting the metal around her neck. "It's about that plan."
  398.         "What about it?" Boudicca asked, tempted to adjust the collar for the chimaera herself. She instead scratched under the snake tail's chin when it came up to greet her, giving it a warm smile.
  399.         "We do not know anything about this plan besides waiting for some signal, and that wyvern being necessary. I am lacking confidence, after considering and seeing the sort of defences this place has." Rei explained, finally removing her claw from the metal restraint. "Have we not gotten any other news on what is going to happen to allow us our freedom?"
  400.         "Nothing at all. You seem awfully hesitant for someone that pushed their way in on it in the first place." Boudicca pointed out, expression changing just a bit while appraising Rei's intentions. "Did seeing Freya fight frighten you? She is certainly strong, but I highly doubt this plan has us fighting such a practiced warrior."
  401.         "Perhaps, it does make us nervous even if Tia would deny it herself. Why do you trust such a secretive plot?"
  402.         "Because Yuhi trusted me enough to let me hear it."
  403.         Rei's words stopped for a moment, the simple reasoning from the experienced vampire catching her off guard. When her wits returned, Rei followed up her questioning on the smiling blood-sucker.
  404.         "Something that simple?"
  405.         "Of course. You know what she's like and she still trusted me."
  406.         "It could be suicide."
  407.         "That may be, but for the first time in decades I have a friend." Boudicca stated plain and simple, confusing the chimaera further. Rei scratched at her hair with her dragon claw, letting out a long breath through her nose.
  408.         "Why does Yuhyeol even trust that kunoichi though?"
  409.         "That's a secret." Boudicca replied, holding her finger up to her lips and staring right at the chimaera's face. Rei flinched but stared back for a few moments, eventually turned away to leave.
  410.         "Very well. I'm going to go to the gym, Bast is getting antsy for some exercise."
  411.         "I get to run now? YES! See you Boudi!"
  412.         Boudicca giggled and waved as Bast ran off, the chimaera heading straight for the exercise room while bounding downhill as fast as she could on her hooves. Only after she left did Boudicca perk up with realization, looking towards her pile of paintings. A sigh escaped her as her crimson eyes were set on the painting she had done for the mish-mashed creature.
  413.         "Guess I'll give it to her next time."
  414.         The vampire turned around, gaze looking at the kumiho sleeping on the top bunk. With a giggle, the vampire crept up as quiet as she could manage to the ladder to climb up top and creep towards her cell-mate. She shifted her weight as gradually onto the semi-stiff mattress to avoid Yuhyeol feeling it, her hands reaching up towards the two pointed ears on the pillow.
  415.         "Don't do it."
  416.         Boudicca paused, giggling before she pounced on top of Yuhyeol anyways and playing with the ears. The kumiho tried to fight the vampire off futiley, her ears remaining under assault, lashing of her tails doing nothing. The vampire got off Yuhyeol after having her fun, even when the kumiho seemed to just be accepting it. She sat with her legs dangling in front of the ladder, leaning back on her hands.
  417.         "Yuhi?"
  418.         "Whaaaaaat?" Yuhyeol groaned, wondering why the plan for sleep was being ignored.
  419.         "I know what men you like to eat, but have you ever been in love?"
  420.         "Don't ask weird questions." Yuhyeol huffed, turning back onto her side to face the wall once more. Boudicca took one of the tails into her lap, petting it to enjoy the silky fur.
  421.         "Is it so odd that you have had feelings for a man?"
  422.         "...No. Even if I were to love a man, it does not mean I can trust them."
  423.         "Why is that?" Boudicca asked, speaking in a calm voice to keep Yuhyeol as mellow as could be managed. "It must have been something very bad to leave such a mark."
  424.         Yuhyeol didn't answer, Boudicca not pushing her on the subject. She just kept stroking the tails, relaxing herself and her friend at the same time. When the kumiho finally did answer, it was in a voice a slight bit weaker than her usual tone.
  425.         "It doesn't matter. How many times have you loved a man more than as food?"
  426.         "Now that is a vexing question. I suppose I can count the man who gave me my dear Saria. There was the one who saved me from that paladin when I was a younger girl. He was a bit old for me though, funnily enough." Boudicca giggled. "I was five and declaring him my husband back then! I'm sure it was adorable to my own parents."
  427.         "What became of that man then?" Yuhyeol asked, happy with the change of subject. "Did he find a different wife?"
  428.         "Actually, no. Seems when even a young vampire claims a man, nobody else will want to touch him. I made good on my word, even if his hair was greyed to salt and pepper by the time I found him again. My, you're making me recall my honeymoon with him." Boudicca giggled almost like a young girl, Yuhyeol rolling her eyes.
  429.         "You never left your castle then? Seems like a comfortable life. I'm a bit envious of that, I've spent much of my life traveling by foot."
  430.         "Not particularly. I was required to lead forces to defend the undead realm many times during those centuries. It is how I learned combat, though I am far better with a long two handed sword than my bare hands. The holds are for knocking over heavily armored opponents. All things said, I am lucky to be alive today were it not for my feeding habits. Allowed me to even survive against a dragon's fury, for at least some time."
  431.         "A shame the money and wealth you had built up was taken from you as you entered this place."
  432.         "Not necessarily. I squirreled away quite a nestegg, and it should remain untouched. Should we succeed there will be a sizeable sum to start any sort of venture we desire or simply retire to some hidden place."
  433.         Yuhyeol stayed silent for a few moments before sitting up and looking to the side at Boudicca, a bit of surprise mixed with her curious expression.
  434.         "...what sort of venture would we even be able to start? I only have experience with the black market, and you are used to running a fiefdom. The only thing I can imagine us forging together is a criminal organization."
  435.         "Well, we should do what we know. What would we call it?"
  436.         "Getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?"
  437.         "I'm an optimist."
  439.         "P-please, mercy!"
  440.         "Does this look like the face of mercy to you?!"
  441.         Freya laughed and pounded down onto the large, prone man below her with more speed and power. Their bed cracked and threatened to splinter under the force of the lilim's hips colliding with husband stuck below her in the traditional amazon position, her modest chest bouncing up and down with equal ferocity. Even the massive incubi dick inside of her did not slow her, only serving to make a bump in her stomach each time she hilted herself and slapped her her toned ass against him. Her hands held tight onto her legs to keep Odie in position while she satiated her lust, man twice her weight unable to fight back against the six foot lilm.
  442.         Odie couldn't hold on any longer, the sheer speed and force combined with Freya's muscle control milking him inside of her unnaturally rippling pussy making the incubus burst. Freya slammed herself down and panted hot breath of sheer satisfaction feeling the abnormal load get blown inside of her, inflating her stomach for a few moments before it was drained away for energy at a ravenous speed. While the brief afterglow passed with the sweaty pair catching their breath, the bed underneath them succumbed and broke apart at one corner. Freya used her wings to catch herself, Odie slipping down to the ground next to her.
  443.         "Great, now I need to fix that. You know I'm not good at restoration spells! Come on, center of the room." Freya sighed, grabbing one of Odie's legs and dragging him away. She headed for the center of the marble floored room, weapons and armor on display on one wall. Odie could do no more than groan, body aching and exhausted, member red from overuse. A knock came to Freya's door just before they reached the spot, Lilim glancing towards the door before recalling what it was about. "Come in! Odie, arch!"
  444.         Christiana yawned wide, her whole mouth of pointed teeth on display despite her trying to hide them behind one of her slender hands. Her red skin was nearly covered in black slime, the same stuff dripping off the bloodshot eyestalks. Her main eye was just the same but with a thick dark ring underneath. In her current state it took her a few moments to realize her boss was naked and sitting with one leg over the other on top of a man's dick as he made an arch by curving backwards on his hands and feet, her tail wrapped around his torso to lock them in. The smell of sex in the room almost overwhelmed her. She tried to avert her gaze but it returned, Freya smirking at the reaction.
  445.         "Don't mind this, I'm a lot busier than usual thanks to this oaf so I'm multitasking. Do you have the report ready?"
  446.         "Ah, yeah." Christiana broke out of her daze, still not able to look away completely. She ripped her main eye from the pair, all but one of her stalks still focused on it. "We checked every restraint as you ordered us to. Beyond a small bit of acceptable wear, there were no other malfunctions with any of them."
  447.         Freya scowled and looked to the side, actually troubled by such seemingly good news. Even Christiana could see the tinge of worry stuck to the lilim in the deep thought she had gone into. Finally, Christiana decided with little fair judgement to speak up again.
  448.         "What's wrong? Were you expecting something?"
  449.         Freya turned back to Christana, shifting on top of her husband to swap the position of her legs. Only now did the gazer realize that she was milking him while staying still, a slight bulge disappearing after a moment as a small orgasm made Odie groan.
  450.         "Don't worry about it, as much as it troubles me that's my job. I'll tell you if I need anything." Freya sighed in frustration. "Just thought there would be something else... make sure to check the orb that did malfunction extra carefully! My sister's toys haven't ever malfunctioned without warning, I'm still treating this as highly suspicious! Just get some good rest first."
  451.         With orders barked at her, Christiana turned and moved to exit as quick as her exhausted body could take her. She paused and glanced back, another thing coming to mind to ask.
  452.         "Say, I heard from the mouse... you don't like dwarves for some reason? What happened?"
  453.         Freya was taken aback by the question, hesitating a bit before respondng to the simple question.
  454.         "Look, I just lost against one arm wrestling ONCE when I was trying to get surtur's sword. Took my hair, though I think I prefer it like this anyways. Is that all?"
  455.         "Y-yeah. I'll get going now." Christiana nodded, turning back around and leaving. Her stalks kept watching the pair until the door closed behind her and she walked with care not to drip her slime on anything on her way to the attached living area of the sisters. Through one door, she was in the warden's office and headed for another door. Moving through that and turning, all her eyes widened at the same time she stopped in her tracks.
  456.         Standing with a guard on each side and in a heavy set of hand and ankle cuffs was a seven foot tall chimaera with white hair, a white furred paw, silver dragon claw, and mismatched red and blue eyes. Christiana moved out of the way, the guards bringing the prisoner in her orange jumpsuit through the office. Christana was too tired despite her mind marking the sighting significant in her sleep deprived state. For now, she headed for her room for some well deserved slumber.
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