Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 1

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  1. [13:53:18] <@sophos> A pink, translucent dome surrounds a gaunt, ghoulish manor. It is trimmed with green copper, pockmarked with boarded-up holes and windows, and littered with gargoyles. It's stone is bleached and withered, much like the flora crawling up its sides. At the shield's base consisted of a short, cobblestone wall that rises into an arch at the entrance.
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  4. [14:01:22] <PrettyWreck> PrettyWreck gives the manor a focused stare, taking in the rather ghastly decor and the ominous pink color. Already this is proving to be a hellish trip, one that he had hoped he could have at least done alone. But no. Next to him is a much more enthusiastic filly, almost clinging to his forehoof like a tack or a magnet. In his mind, Pretty complains about the filly following him, spouting some nonsense about honeymoons and romantic
  5. [14:01:22] <PrettyWreck> get-aways and whatnot. Pretty had stopped listening hours ago, and tuned in only just now, when he noticed that they were not alone. He gives a guessing look at the others. "I take it you got an invitation as well?"
  6. [14:03:44] <@sophos> A large, black cloud looms over the manor. Lightning flashes within the pink sphere, but no thunder follows it.
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  9. [14:06:28] <f1r3w4rr10r> Heavy hooffalls are heard as the large bovine makes her way down the road to the gate. Her tight leather barding creaks with every movement. She puts her fancy baseball bat over her shoulder as she regards the others. "Aye"
  10. [14:08:19] Kiwi_Cider trots up beside Mayhem. Cocking his head at the lightning, the young stallion mutters, "Well, that's kinda cool.. I guess."
  11. [14:09:14] <f1r3w4rr10r> "Not as cool as a homerun."
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  13. [14:12:43] <Kiwi_Cider> "Got me there." Kiwi_Cider responds. He begins chewing on the bobby pin protruding partially from his mouth with more vigor, a look of intense concentration on his face.
  14. [14:13:28] <PrettyWreck> Pretty takes a glance at the baseball bat and sneers, turning his attention to Violet_Reverie; "Hey squirt, ready to turn tail and run back to your cousin?"
  15. [14:14:59] Mayhem furrows her brows. "You got a problem, mate?"
  16. [14:15:35] <Violet_Reverie> Violet jumps, torn from her thoughts by her lover's call. "Oh Pretty, I could never abandon you. Especially not in a place like this. I bet there's just hordes of girls inside just waiting to steal you away. Let's take their wallets instead."
  17. [14:16:57] Kiwi_Cider backs away from the minotaur, "Not my fight," he mutters as he attempts to make himself scarce.
  18. [14:17:34] <Ray_> For reasons beyond Stellar Ascent, he enjoyed this gloomy atmosphere quite a lot. It reminded him of junkyards in the night, only with more style.
  19. [14:18:16] <PrettyWreck> There is a quiet sigh and a mutter "Of course..." It is clear that this was not the answer the greaser-youth wanted. Instead, he quips to Mayhem: "Nah, babe, ain't got a problem. Well, not with you." The stallion takes a few steps forward: "Well, let's go then, or are we going to stand here until we die of old age?"
  20. [14:18:29] <Ray_> "Indeed sir, I... 'received' an invitation."
  21. [14:19:33] Mayhem chuckles. "That would take some time, but yeah, let's not miss the party."
  22. [14:20:00] <Ray_> "Yes, I suppose we should enter."
  23. [14:20:26] <@sophos> Another flash lights the sky, and thunder rolls after it. Far overhead, scattered clouds begin leaking droplets of rain that strike against and rund down pink dome.
  24. [14:21:14] <Ray_> "Oh, rain. How delightful." He states happily, taking his first steps through the stone gate.
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  31. [14:25:28] <@sophos> The pink dome buzzes as the Ungulates pass through it. Invitations and wristbands become warm to the touch.
  32. [14:26:19] Mayhem eyes the wristband closely, ready to tear it off.
  33. [14:26:27] <StellarAscent> "Are these objects enchanted? They feel so... warm." He questions with a certain tone of curiosity.
  34. [14:27:18] <Violet_Reverie> Violet stares down at hers, eyeing it carefully. "I'm guessing they dont want us takin' these off, eh?"
  35. [14:27:39] Kiwi_Cider stares at the rain hitting the dome. Noticing he was being left behind, he hurriedly follows along, keeping close to Mayhem.
  36. [14:29:10] <@sophos> Within the dome, various lights within the manor flicker to life. A broken gargoyle lies meters from the entrance, as well as an old-- but well maintained motorwagon and a couple skeletal shrubs.
  37. [14:30:03] <StellarAscent> "This building appears to be ancient." Ascent suggested, taking a look at the wrecked motorwagen.
  38. [14:30:43] <PrettyWreck> Pretty gives a shrug, what little water got on him running down his leather jacket. "Could be. Hell if I know. I'm just happy to get inside and out of the rain." The orange stallion's voice is strained slightly. Noticing the motorwagon the greaser quickly trots over to it, inspecting it closely, giving a short whistle. "Nice model. Wouldn't mind hauling this baby back home."
  39. [14:32:20] Mayhem steps over next to him. "You work on these things?"
  40. [14:32:53] <Violet_Reverie> "Well, we have the room for it, dont we Pretty? Might need to shift my bed over. Or maybe you'll relent on letting me share one?" She pauses for a moment, thinking. "Wait, isnt everything ancient?"
  41. [14:33:57] <StellarAscent> "Good.... point." He credited Violet. Technically speaking, everything was made out of junk and alike.
  42. [14:36:56] <PrettyWreck> "Yep. Been tinkering around these since I was a colt. Mom owns a carage back in Manehattan." Pretty nods to the minotaur. He opts just ignoring Violet, but it never works for long and he knows it.
  43. [14:38:31] <StellarAscent> "Oh, another mechanic? A pleasure to meet you, sir." He displays his delight for Wreck's interest in cars.
  44. [14:39:45] Mayhem nods. "Heh, I'm not really one for the big machines, I prefer more intricate things. And making stuff shiny that isn't supposed to be that way."
  45. [14:41:07] <StellarAscent> "All forms of maintenance are noteworthy I'd say." He tries to encourage Mayhem to not put herself down.
  46. [14:41:34] <Violet_Reverie> Violet shrugs. "Was never much good at getting things to work. Pretty's my fixit pony, I just get into places."
  47. [14:43:57] <Mayhem> "Enough gawking around, let's go inside. I don't want to wait till the shield finally gives out and I get more drenched than I already am."
  48. [14:44:36] <StellarAscent> "An acceptable request." Ascent states, taking his first calm steps towards the entrance.
  49. [14:44:50] <PrettyWreck> Pretty chuckles; "Huh, nice to see some ponies with similar interests. I'm PrettyWreck by the way. Just Pretty to friends though." the stallion walks as he speaks, leaving the motorwagon behind.
  50. [14:45:52] <@sophos> Lightning flashes, throwing stark images of winged creatures across the ground. Thunder rolls acousticly within the dome.
  51. [14:46:28] <StellarAscent> "Stellar Ascent, a pleasure to meet thee, Pretty." He introduced himself completly this time.
  52. [14:47:37] <Violet_Reverie> Violet smirks and quietly ambles into the manor, leaving behind the pink dome and it's ominous foreshadowing.
  53. [14:47:40] Mayhem tips her forehead in a greeting gesture. "The name's Mayhem. Sporting goods sales woman, jeweler and tattoo artist."
  54. [14:49:13] <Kiwi_Cider> "Name's Ace Moonlight," the young stallion says waving a hoof to everyone.
  55. [14:49:14] <@sophos> The front door is a grand, ornate slab of overcarved wood and shaped in an arch. It's locked.
  56. [14:49:41] <Violet_Reverie> Violet pauses. "Did you say... jewelry?" A worried grimace flashes across her face. "Uh... you never sold anything gotten oh nevermind!" She squeaks and darts behind Pretty, gazing out at the foyer.
  57. [14:51:07] <StellarAscent> "Well my my, what a fascinating lot of exotic people. This will certainly be an interesting night of stories if anything." Ascent happily stated his intrigue on learning the stories of all of them.
  58. [14:53:57] <PrettyWreck> Pretty makes a choked sound: "Violet, would you mind looking at the lock?" Hoping to having averted the filly's attention, he whispers to Mayhem: "Never ever mention to her about wedding bands. I can barely keep her away as is."
  59. [14:54:44] Mayhem laughs at the statement. "I'll try to keep it in mind."
  60. [14:55:04] <Violet_Reverie> Violet nods struts up to the door, giving her hindquarters a bit of a shake as she does, and inspects the door. "It's a lock. Huh. Well, I could get /me/ in, but that dont help you guys. Anyone got a key? Or a master key?"
  61. [14:56:36] <StellarAscent> "Negative. Perhabs we should try knocking first? After all, we were " Ascent sort of suggest the obvious.
  62. [14:57:00] <StellarAscent> "invited, right?" Ascent awkwardly finishes his sentene after a brief pause.
  63. [14:57:02] <Mayhem> "What do you mean you could get 'you' in? You just open a door and everyone can use it. Or do you mean teleportation?"
  64. [14:58:01] <Violet_Reverie> Violet tilts her head back and bats her lashes at Mayhem. "A lady never reveals her secrets on the first date. And since I'm betrothed to Pretty here, I guess you'll never know, huh?"
  65. [14:58:41] Mayhem leans down to Kiwi_Cider and whispers. "I already don't like that brat."
  66. [14:59:04] <@sophos> An appropriately dark door-knocker is set in the center of the door, and a rope-- possibly a doorbell-- hangs to the right side of it.
  67. [15:00:25] <StellarAscent> Ascent suddenly notices something red-ish on the floor. /me exams the stains.
  68. [15:01:51] <@sophos> The stains are over a decade old, and probably blood.
  69. [15:02:47] Kiwi_Cider shrugs at Mayhem.
  70. [15:03:16] Mayhem looks over to StellarAscent. "What's that on the floor?"
  71. [15:03:50] <Violet_Reverie> Violet peers down at the red beneath her hooves. "Oh. Blood. Awesome." She returns her gaze to the group. "Shall I announce our arrival?"
  72. [15:04:01] <StellarAscent> "Looks like blood, dry and old." He responds to Mayhem's question.
  73. [15:04:19] <PrettyWreck> Pretty sputters as he tries to regain composure: "We're not betrothed, Violet. For the love of...ugh." The stallion frowns and lights a smoke.
  74. [15:04:29] Mayhem examines the patter of the stains
  75. [15:05:16] PrettyWreck examines the rope
  76. [15:05:59] <Violet_Reverie> "You're so silly, Pretty." Violet smiles and leans against the doorframe, eyeing the ringer.
  77. [15:07:42] <@sophos> The rope is thick and made of red and black threads coiled together, ending in a frilly knot. It hangs from a square hole in the wall.
  78. [15:09:10] Kiwi_Cider chews vigorously on the bobby pin in his mouth. "I already don't like this, Mayhem," he says as he examines the doorway.
  79. [15:10:48] <Violet_Reverie> Violet sighs. "Let's just ring the bell, and go on in, yeah? I'm hungry."
  80. [15:12:12] <PrettyWreck> "Yeah... So am I." With that and waiting for no input from others, Pretty pulls the cord with his teeth, giving it a tug.
  81. [15:17:00] <@sophos> A bell tolls as the cord is pulled, and a trapdoor slides open beneath the Ponies.
  82. [15:19:46] Mayhem jumps back a bit. "Holy moly!"
  83. [15:21:48] <@sophos> PrettyWreck and Violet_Reverie fall into the trapdoor, and slide to an unknown destination.
  84. [15:25:13] PrettyWreck feels the earth disappear from under his feet and in a desperate attempt to avoid falling into the trap door hidden underneath, he tries to grab a nearby pillar, but pitifully fails, falling into the pitch black hole and sliding down on his back with Violet...somewhere along the ride.
  85. [15:26:13] <Violet_Reverie> Violet shrieks as her footing vanishes, and grabs on to PrettyWreck for dear life, vanishing into the darkness. "Dont forget to wriiiiiite!"
  86. [15:30:02] Kiwi_Cider gasps. "Well..." he trails off, looking into the abyss.
  87. [15:30:42] <Mayhem> "Do you think we should follow them?"
  88. [15:31:02] <StellarAscent> "Ooooh... it's a raider party. Did not expect them being capeable of... writing." He backbites at the primitive behaviour of raiders.
  89. [15:31:33] <@sophos> The trapdoor creaks shut and, once again, lightning strikes overhead.
  90. [15:31:58] <StellarAscent> "No, Miss Mayhem. I disadvise. Their loss is a shame indeed though..." He almost already starts to layment the likely deaths of Violet and Pretty.
  92. **************
  94. [15:31:41] <@sophos> The two Ponies slide along in complete darkness until they are deposited onto an old life-boat.
  95. [15:33:00] <Violet_Reverie> "Oof" Violet blinks in the dark. "Pretty, you okay?" She asks while blindly feeling around for him.
  96. [15:33:25] PrettyWreck picks himself up from the old life boat: "I'm... kind of in one piece..."
  97. [15:34:20] <@sophos> The room is cold, dark, and musty. Nearby, is a door with a lantern mounted on the wall next to it. It casts long shadows of the nearby stacks of barrels that stretch into the complete darkness. Somewhere in the distance is a sound akin to squeaking.
  98. [15:34:31] <Violet_Reverie> Violet squeals with delight, "Yay! Hold on a sec, okay love?" With that, she concentrates for a moment, conjuring up a small light.
  99. [15:36:48] <PrettyWreck> Pretty rubs his neck and frowns, turning his head around now that they can see better. "Are you alright?"
  100. [15:38:26] <Violet_Reverie> Violet nods, brushing down her dress so it's sitting right. "Pretty sure. Dont think I broke any of my toys, either."
  101. [15:40:42] <PrettyWreck> "Good, maybe we can figure out a way out of here." The stallion takes a few careful steps forward, past the smaller filly.
  102. [15:40:49] <@sophos> More barrels are brought into light, as well as a wagon trailer and a few shelves.
  103. [15:41:26] PrettyWreck examines the shelves
  104. [15:42:01] <Violet_Reverie> Violet peers back up at the chute they fell down, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything
  105. [15:44:04] <@sophos> The shelves are dusty and littered with junk. They may be able to be pushed, but it would take at least two strong backs.
  106. [15:44:21] <PrettyWreck> Pretty gives Violet an encouraging smile: "Well, at least we're inside."
  107. [15:44:48] <@sophos> The shute is nowhere to be found, just bare ceiling.
  108. [15:45:36] <Violet_Reverie> Violet sighs. "Yeah, you're right. Though this isnt what I wanted when I wished for us in a dark room together. Should we try and find some stairs?"
  109. [15:45:36] PrettyWreck examines a lone barrel standing up
  110. [15:46:36] <PrettyWreck> "Yeah, we should, just try to keep an eye out for something useful. Or valuable. Preferably both."
  111. [15:48:22] <Violet_Reverie> "Sounds good to me! You focus on the useful, I'll nab all our shinies."
  112. [15:48:26] <@sophos> The barrel is empty and just big enough for a Pony to hide in.
  113. [15:50:00] <Violet_Reverie> Violet examines the pile of junk next to her.
  114. [15:50:25] PrettyWreck neighs and turns away from the barrel, noticing a corridor and it piques his interest: "Well, at least this place takes us somewhere."
  115. [15:51:56] <@sophos> The enourmous pile of crates, barrels, and sacks goes as high as the ceiling. Squeaking can be heard from somewhere inside it.
  116. [15:54:09] <Violet_Reverie> "Huh. That doesnt seem normal." Grumbling, Violet follows after Pretty, not willing to risk stealing from what could be a nest. "It only takes one bite..." She mutters.
  117. [15:56:12] <PrettyWreck> PrettyWreck turns around the corner and examines the room, his hooves making a heavy clip-clop sound against the stone floor as he walks around.
  118. [16:05:10] PrettyWreck examines the light fixture in the corner
  119. [16:05:45] <Violet_Reverie> Violet patters along beside Pretty, trying to move quietly. Smiling, she walks to the desk and inspects it.
  120. [16:08:51] <@sophos> It's a light fixture, and a desk. Various illegible scrolls are scattered on top of it.
  121. [16:10:36] <@sophos> Broken barrels, a broken table, and a torn rug litter the ground. Next to yet another stack of barrels is a wheelbarrow full of picks.
  122. [16:11:17] Violet_Reverie carefully rummages through the desk, staying ready for any traps or hazards.
  123. [16:12:19] PrettyWreck gives a slightly frustrated sigh, but returns a bit, looking at the cart close by: "You don't suppose there could be something behind this..."
  124. [16:16:29] <@sophos> Violet_Reverie finds more junk and blank paper, as well as a couple spark batteries.
  125. [16:17:31] <Violet_Reverie> "Jackpot!" Violet swiftly slips the batteries into her saddlebag, and trots over to Pretty with a smug grin on her face.
  126. [16:18:19] <@sophos> The cart's wheels seem intact. It could probably be pulled or pushed.
  127. [16:19:53] <PrettyWreck> "Sounds like you found something useful." Pretty smiles a bit, feeling a bit more cheerful.
  128. [16:20:56] <Violet_Reverie> "You bet! Found some spark batteries! You want em?" She proffers the little boxes of zappy magic.
  129. [16:21:13] <PrettyWreck> "Lets split them? One each?"
  130. [16:24:09] PrettyWreck suggests as he pulls the cart just enough for them to slip past.
  131. [16:25:26] <Violet_Reverie> Violet nods and slips one of the batteries into Pretty's stuff as he hauls the cart. She claps, "Such initiative! Such power! I knew I chose right!"
  132. [16:26:17] <@sophos> In pulling the cart, PrettyWreck finds that he has separated himself from Violet_Reverie and the opening that moving the cart created.
  133. [16:27:32] <PrettyWreck> "Cuth the bullchrap Vhiolet..." Pretty mutters with a cart handle in mouth, then spits away the dust: "bleh...! Can you slip and check it? Meanwhile I'll move this cart further!"
  134. [16:28:18] <Violet_Reverie> Violet blinks and frowns at the cart blocking the hall. "Yeah, I'll poke around. I wont go far though!"
  135. [16:29:24] <PrettyWreck> "Yeah, don't wander off!"
  136. [16:29:54] <Violet_Reverie> "As if I'd leave you in this dirty old trap!"
  137. [16:30:37] <@sophos> A pile of junk blocks the way. Perhaps with tools, time, and knee grease it could be removed.
  138. [16:31:05] <PrettyWreck> "And here I hoped..." Pretty mutters quietly, not loud enough for Violet to hear.
  139. [16:34:35] PrettyWreck then slides the cart back where it was and steps out of the way so Violet can push the cart back with her magic.
  140. [16:44:31] <PrettyWreck> "Hey Violet, you can push the cart now!"
  141. [16:47:42] <Violet_Reverie> "Sure thing!" Violet sparks her horn and frowns at the cart, shoving it back into the hallway. How dare it get in their way!
  142. [16:51:21] PrettyWreck sees the cart move forward with a creak, and then slips to the hole it made.
  143. [16:54:46] PrettyWreck looks at the heap of...stuff in front of them and frowns: "Oh. Fuck. Nothing but trash?"
  144. [16:55:33] <Violet_Reverie> "Looks that way. What now?"
  145. [16:56:09] <PrettyWreck> "I really don't... let's take a look at the room with the desk? Maybe we missed something?
  146. [16:56:12] <PrettyWreck> "
  147. [16:57:20] <Violet_Reverie> "Sure! Imma poke around here for a few, see if I can spot somethin'." Violet inspects the area around her for anything useful.
  148. [16:57:39] <@sophos> "Hello," calls a voice. "My name is Benson..." there's a strange, popping sound, "mum. And I will show you upstairs to the dining room if you're ready."
  149. [16:58:38] <Violet_Reverie> Violet blanches, looking up from the trash. "Pretty?! Did you hear that too?"
  150. [16:59:08] PrettyWreck looks around, searching for the voice as well: "Yeah, I did..."
  151. [16:59:57] <@sophos> "Also, I cannot see and am moving based on my memory of the cellar. Would you be so kind as to come to me, and with your invitations at the ready?"
  152. [17:01:10] <Violet_Reverie> "Uhh... Where are we moving to exactly, Mr Voice? This place is kind of cluttered. As in, we're stuck in the heaps of trash."
  153. [17:01:20] <PrettyWreck> "Uh... Sure. Yeah. Where the fuck are you?" Pretty exclaims a bit louder than he usually speaks, but not straight up shouting.
  154. [17:03:33] <PrettyWreck> Taking a few steps back he leaves to the room with the desk
  155. [17:04:32] <Violet_Reverie> Violet shivers and follows, hunkering close to the larger stallion.
  156. [17:05:54] <@sophos> "You should have landed beside the door to the stairwell. If you could navigate back there, I can lead you uptstairs."
  157. [17:06:28] <PrettyWreck> "Alright...
  158. [17:06:33] <PrettyWreck> "
  159. [17:06:48] <Violet_Reverie> Violet sighs at the stupid cart. "Sure. Yeah. We can do that." Grumbling, she mutters to Pretty "Some party..."
  160. [17:07:11] <PrettyWreck> "Yeah... no kidding. Lets just haul this cart back where it was..."
  161. [17:07:44] <PrettyWreck> "Can you still move it?"
  162. [17:07:59] <PrettyWreck> There is a hint of worry in Pretty's voice.
  163. [17:08:49] Violet_Reverie flares her horn again and rolls the cart back into the alcove.
  164. [17:10:35] <@sophos> The cart rolls foreward and there is a sudden clank. "Oof," says the voice.
  165. [17:14:16] <@sophos> A spherical, flying robot with three broken eyes greets the Ponies. "Hello, are you there? Do you have your invitations?"
  166. [17:14:50] <PrettyWreck> Pretty peers from the corner: "Huh. Figures it'd be a robot." With that he makes his way to it, showing the robot his invitation: "Yeah yeah, we're here. Me and my ugh... plus one."
  167. [17:17:12] <@sophos> The robot bobs in the air for a moment and then lets out a ping. "Validated. Come this way. It's just a left, a left, and a left and we'll be upstairs."
  168. [17:18:00] <Violet_Reverie> "A robot hosting a party? Neat!" Violet plods along after her leather clad companion, keeping and eye on the robot. Old things are unpredictable.
  169. [17:19:14] <@sophos> "It should have been explained in the invitation that this is the Baroness Bronco Grimmane's party. This way."
  170. [17:19:31] <PrettyWreck> Pretty follows the robot and walks after it, silent.
  172. ************
  174. [15:33:11] <StellarAscent> Ascent continues to examine the blood stains on the floor.
  175. [15:33:36] <Kiwi_Cider> "Well, let's not make that mistake again." Kiwi_Cider says. He begins to examine the door.
  176. [15:36:03] <@sophos> There doesn't seem to be any more contraptions rigged to the door-knocker or the lock.
  177. [15:36:08] Mayhem sighs and examines the surrounding walls for any weakness to get in.
  178. [15:37:23] Kiwi_Cider shrugs and squeezes past Mayhem to try and open the door.
  179. [15:37:28] <StellarAscent> "A well-concluded advice, Mr. Cider." Ascent comments, golden eyes gazing at the blood that puts him off.
  180. [15:37:45] <@sophos> The walls are ancient but sturdy and sheer. Many gargoyles and the black cloud hang ominously over the roof.
  181. [15:37:47] <StellarAscent> *Moonlight
  182. [15:38:01] <@sophos> The door is locked.
  183. [15:40:02] Kiwi_Cider begins to pick the lock on the door, when he suddenly stops. "Wait... What did you call me?!" Turning to Mayhem hr shouts, "WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM?!"
  184. [15:40:16] <Kiwi_Cider> HE*
  185. [15:40:57] Mayhem raises her eyebrows. "And what are you on about now?"
  186. [15:41:52] <StellarAscent> He looks up at Mr. Moonlight. "Pardon me? I did not mean to offend you. I have a bad memory for names, my most sincere apologies." He apologizes, slightly worried at Moonlight's sudden outburst.
  187. [15:44:01] Kiwi_Cider grumbles and returns to picking the lock.
  188. [15:46:30] <StellarAscent> Since the blood stains don't reveal anything else, Ascent just stands there and looks towards the beautiful night sky. So stormy, so dark... so wild.
  189. [15:47:21] Mayhem looks over Kiwi_Cider's shoulder. "You think you can manage that lock? We could still try to crash the wagon through the door."
  190. [15:49:36] <StellarAscent> "Oh my, what a waste of precious machinery though." Ascent stated his slight disapproval of Mayhem's plan. Well... it was in her name.
  191. [15:50:16] <Kiwi_Cider> "Just... Give me a second.."
  192. [15:51:10] <Mayhem> "Alright, take your time. Dedication to your work is a good thing."
  193. [15:51:38] <StellarAscent> "A wise choice." He credits Mayhem's patience.
  194. [15:54:42] Kiwi_Cider narrows his eyes, and after a click, he smiles. "Told ya," he says as he hoofs the door open.
  195. [15:55:36] <@sophos> The door swings open.
  196. [15:55:36] <StellarAscent> "Congratulations." He well... congragutales Ace.
  197. [15:56:12] <Mayhem> "Nice job, kid." She pats his head.
  198. [15:57:05] Mayhem carefully enters the room and has a look around.
  199. [16:00:04] <Kiwi_Cider> "You're damn right." he mutters as he strolls inside.
  200. [16:00:17] <@sophos> The atrium sports a larger stain on the ground, but is quite tidy and clean. Decorative plants sit in each corner next to a bright lantern. Across from the door is a desk with several items laid neatly on its surface. A round, flying robot with three broken eyes greets the party.
  201. [16:01:50] <Mayhem> "Wow! A still working Mister Hoofy!"
  202. [16:02:53] <@sophos> "Who's there! I didn't hear any knocking! I'll rough you intruders up, I will!" says the robot as it spins it's circular saw at nothing in particular. "Also, where are you?"
  203. [16:03:54] <StellarAscent> "Oh my, such advanced technology!" He gushes about the robot.
  204. [16:04:31] <Mayhem> "Relax Grandpa, we got invites."
  205. [16:06:25] <@sophos> "Wait, are you here for the Baroness' party?" says the robot, lowering its saw. "Excuse me, please present your invitations."
  206. [16:07:21] Mayhem holds out her arm, then hesitates. "How are you going to check them? You don't have any eyes left."
  207. [16:07:56] <StellarAscent> "Of course, sir." Ascent says to the robot, putting out 'his invitation'.
  208. [16:07:57] Kiwi_Cider attempts to hide behind the minotaur.
  209. [16:10:22] <StellarAscent> Ascent examines the bigger stain of blood on the ground.
  210. [16:11:14] <@sophos> The stain is much like the one outside, but bigger.
  211. [16:13:28] <@sophos> The robot's eye's spark and a moment later it makes a pinging noise. "Yes, those are valid invitations. Excuse me esteemed guests, please sign your name in the ledger," it says, pointing in the genearl direction of the desk.
  212. [16:15:02] Mayhem shrugs and moves over to sign.
  213. [16:17:10] Kiwi_Cider follows along.
  214. [16:17:50] <StellarAscent> "But of course." Ascent calmly says, heading over to the desk to sign his name. "Oh, may I ask you a question, Mr... what was your name again, sir?" He asked the Mr. Hoofy.
  215. [16:19:31] GMvana [Hivana@Pony-q7g1ku.tpl8.pnqj.0001.2600.IP] joined the channel.
  216. [16:20:13] GMvana is now known as Kiwi__Cider.
  217. [16:20:13] <@sophos> "My name is Benson..." it begins to say, "mum."
  218. [16:22:50] Kiwi_Cider [Hivana@Pony-mmo2kp.tpl8.pnqj.0001.2600.IP] has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
  219. [16:23:49] <@sophos> Mayhem and Kiwi_Cider find that the ledger's current page already has several names on it. Including: Galeun, Spruce Leaf, Flint Tea, Stilte, and Cheat Sheet.
  220. [16:24:52] Mayhem just signs "Mayhem"
  221. [16:25:37] Kiwi__Cider signs Ace Moonlight.
  222. [16:30:27] <StellarAscent> "Well then Benson, two companions of ours have been caught by a trapdoor in front of the entrance to this lovely mansion. Is their well-being in peril?" He kindly asked the robot butler.
  223. [16:30:48] <StellarAscent> He signs in Stellar Ascent.
  224. [16:33:39] Kiwi__Cider moves around the room, looking for anything useful that isn't nailed down.
  225. [16:34:42] <Mayhem> "So Benson, is there any place new visitors should go to first?"
  226. [16:34:56] <@sophos> Also on the desk, are a pile of newpapers and a phone.
  227. [16:36:27] <@sophos> "One question at a time, please," answers the robot. "And my name is not Benson. It's Benson..." the robot makes a strange, popping sound, "mum."
  228. [16:37:16] Kiwi__Cider examines the newspaper.
  229. [16:37:30] <Mayhem> "You must have defect speech synthesizers."
  230. [16:37:39] <StellarAscent> "Benson 'popping sound' mum? Is that correct. Please then Mayhem, be first." He said patiently
  231. [16:40:34] <@sophos> "Close enough," it says. "I'm afraid the Baroness has a macabre sense of humour. Your companions are in the cellar. I will retrieve them now. If you follow the hall, the last door on the right before the bend is the dining room. The restroom is the first door on the left. I regret I cannot show you there, please excuse me."
  232. [16:44:41] Mayhem nods. "Lets go eat!"
  233. [16:45:03] Mayhem enters the hall.
  234. [16:45:11] Kiwi__Cider shrugs and heads the direction the bot indicated.
  235. [16:45:36] <@sophos> The newspaper reads: Dock Worker Strikes Turn Violent Since the strikes started midsummer of this year, we have seen little to no change in the industry. All but the smallest fishing and trading companies continue their business as usual. Just last week, two more misguided strike organizers-- who wish to remain anonymous-- were diagnosed with Wartime Stress Disorder and sent to the Grimmane Rehabilitation Center.
  236. [16:48:15] <@sophos> "After all we've been through, picketing out here in the cold, pinching bits-- My family and I had to eat my father's old boots last night!" claims one disgruntled worker. "And now we have these scabs coming here, undermining our cause and making money doing it."
  237. [16:48:32] <@sophos> Frustration like this finally bubbled to the surface yesterday when an unidentified employee of Rise N' Son's Freight threw an empty whiskey bottle at her replacement. The actions of the presumably intoxicated mare sparked an all out riot that sank three docked ships and set fire... continued on pg. 18
  238. [16:55:32] <StellarAscent> "Understood, thank you very much." He said his farewells to Benson before following the other two.
  239. [16:55:45] <@sophos> The hallway floor is covered in bright red carpet with yellow trim. It shares the same ornate design as the atrium but not as well lit.
  240. [16:57:09] <StellarAscent> "Oh my... the hygine and glamour of this place is unmatched!" He once again gushed over his surroundings. Such a beautiful mansion.
  241. [16:58:35] Mayhem examines the armor standing in the hallway from afar.
  242. [16:59:01] <Kiwi__Cider> "Nevermind the occasional bloodstain." Kiwi mutters.
  243. [17:00:29] Kiwi__Cider continues along before stopping next to the armor. He turns around and asks Mayhem, "You coming?"
  244. [17:01:02] <@sophos> The armor is of Minotaur design.
  245. [17:01:56] Mayhem raises both her eyebrows as she recognizes what it is. She moves closer and knock on the helmet.
  246. [17:02:31] <StellarAscent> Ascent rolled his eyes at the comment and simply continued to peak into every room, examining all.
  247. [17:04:06] <@sophos> To the right is a grandiose room full of paintings and statues. To the left is what appears to be a public bathroom.
  248. [17:06:47] Kiwi__Cider continues down the hallway.
  249. [17:07:27] <@sophos> The helmet dings like a shoddy bell. It appears to be a real antique.
  250. [17:07:49] Mayhem tries to lift the helmet off and peek inside.
  251. [17:08:30] <@sophos> It's stuck shut, pehaps by rust.
  252. [17:09:31] Mayhem looks a bit disappointed. She then sighs and continues down the hall.
  253. [17:10:41] Kiwi__Cider looks through the last doorway on the right, but is surprised to find a dead end a not a dining room. "Well, that's not right."
  254. [17:13:57] <StellarAscent> "What is the matter, Mr. Moonlight?" He asked the stallion.
  255. [17:16:11] GMvana [] joined the channel.
  256. [17:16:32] GMvana is now known as Kiwi_Cider.
  257. [17:17:14] Kiwi_Cider points a hoof down the dead end hallway.
  258. [17:17:25] Kiwi__Cider [Hivana@Pony-q7g1ku.tpl8.pnqj.0001.2600.IP] has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
  259. [17:18:39] <StellarAscent> "Oh... well..." Ascent examines if the wooden object in front of him is a door.
  260. [17:20:59] <@sophos> It's a door. A locked door.
  261. [17:21:38] Violet_Reverie [BookOfKenzi@Fire.Is.Love.Fire.Is.Life] joined the channel.
  262. [17:22:10] PrettyWreck [] joined the channel.
  263. [17:23:13] <StellarAscent> "A locked door." Ascent says, before trying to knock at it.
  264. [17:24:15] <@sophos> The door swings open. Apparently, despite being locked, it has been kicked open before.
  265. [17:24:54] <StellarAscent> "Uh my, so instable." He says, before shaking his head. "But it appears I have found our suggested place of meeting; the dining room."
  266. [17:25:26] <Mayhem> "I hope they got something good still."
  267. [17:25:33] PrettyWreck walks with Violet: "Well... that took some time."
  268. [17:25:40] <Mayhem> "Oh look, Benson is back."
  269. [17:25:48] <Kiwi_Cider> "Awesome." Kiwi_Cider says, bolting for the nearest chair.
  270. [17:26:50] <StellarAscent> "You mean Benson *weird noises* mum." He corrected her, before looking happily at the emerging two, glad that they are safe.
  271. [17:26:53] Mayhem waits for Benson as she hears PrettyWreck's voice.
  272. [17:28:05] <@sophos> PrettyWreck and Violet_Reverie find themselves in the gallery; a grand, two storey room full of statues and paintings. At the very center of the room is a perfectly preserved, model 36 Posh motorwagon.
  273. [17:28:53] <Violet_Reverie> Violet blinks at her surroundings and flounces towards the sounds of voices. "Cmon' Pretty, we have a party to go to!"
  274. [17:30:37] PrettyWreck walks past the motorwagon, his heart breaking with every step, vowing that he'd return to the motorwagon eventually.
  275. [17:31:38] Mayhem greets PrettyWreck as he comes down the hallway. "You made it!"
  276. [17:32:09] <Violet_Reverie> Violet pauses, looks up, and realizes her light is still going. With an embarrassed frown, she dismisses the sparkling energy and follows Pretty to the group of partygoers.
  277. [17:32:24] <PrettyWreck> "Holy fuck that is the most breathtakingly beautiful fucking motorwagon I've ever seen!! There's no rust anywhere!" Pretty looks longingly at the hallway.
  278. [17:32:52] <Mayhem> "What? Where?"
  279. [17:33:06] <PrettyWreck> "In the hall, don't you have eyes??"
  280. [17:33:23] <StellarAscent> "Oh, a prestine automobile you say? Intriguing!" Ascent commented, excited over the prospect of perfect-condition technology.
  281. [17:33:45] <Mayhem> "What hall do you mean? We just went down this hallway after picking the door and talking to that weird robot."
  282. [17:34:15] <Violet_Reverie> "Dont worry honey, we can always come back to look at it some more." She leans up close to Pretty and whispers, "And if you're good, I'll help ya liberate it back to the garage."
  283. [17:35:57] <PrettyWreck> The look on Pretty's face is one of utter adoration. "There in the grand hall, It is a beauty--" Pretty stops abruptedly, looking at Violet: "Do you have to? Do you really?"
  284. [17:36:51] <Violet_Reverie> Violet blinks innocently. "What, you dont want the car?"
  285. [17:37:56] <PrettyWreck> "... you missed the point, didn't you?"
  286. [17:38:26] <Violet_Reverie> "Probably." Violet yawns and rubs her belly. "So where's this party?"
  287. [17:40:28] <Mayhem> "I guess in here, but we are the only guests. And then there's Benson."
  288. [17:42:45] GMvana [Hivana@Pony-ik32ae.tpl8.pnqj.0001.2600.IP] joined the channel.
  289. [17:45:10] <@sophos> The Dining room is the gaudiest room yet. Wall to wall there are decorative swords, mounted heads of dangerous beasts, and a obtrusively large portrait. The portrait is that of a plump, beautiful, and gray mare with a few gray streaks in her dark mane. At it's center is a dining table covered in red velvet and fine dishes; a candelabra at its center. A fireplace burns at one end of the room, and several doors stand at the other.
  290. [17:48:32] <@sophos> Lightning flashes through the cracks of one door and the low, rumbling thunder follows. The time is: 18:36
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