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Dusk and Void Became Alive

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Feb 26th, 2012
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  1. Inspired by a work of art far greater than this fic could ever aspire to.
  2. A work of beauty: Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Dusk And Void Became Alive
  3. ---
  4. The sun dipped low as its blinding rays dwindled. The blighted hellscape it illuminated was now long with the shadows left at days death and the waning of the light. Above laboring black clouds hung in columbs which rumbled with the deep unrest of the scarred earth. Their roars were a dull cacaphony that trumpeted the acts of atrocity that were being commited below. All the land was rocky craggs and steep slopes of japped molten glass but for a single plateu among it all. There, nestled among the forest of black ash and rippled glass were two altaers where a trio of figure lay postrated before. they were ponies. Their forms were matted with filth and despair as they stayed silently, awaiting their dark duties to begin.
  5. One was a pegasus, with what must have once been a brilliant scarlet mane, which had lost most of its coat some horrible inferno. She silently wept, the last tufts of her mane and tail swaying with the putrid wind that blew across the bitter land. The colors of her wings and and what remained of her were dulled and dirty, no destinguishable color to be found in her ruined form. Her wings were outstretched as she bowed and the tears streamed down into the dry and dead embers at her hooves.
  6. One was a unicorn, whose horn had been sundered down its middle by some terrible blow. Its gnarled twine spires were blunt and chipped, disgusting fluid running from their base along with blood. No doubt any soul with eyes could tell the would was infected and he would not be long for this world. A he. Yes he was definately a he. His eyes bore the silent resolve of a man facing down death as he stared determinately tward the two altars. His orange coat which was laden thick with dried blood and caked ash was heavy on him, his fetlocks unshorn yet unbillowing in the formiddable winds.
  7. The last was a earth pony, one who must have been once of unparralleled strength now faded into a dim memmory. His body was covered from hind hoof to head in scars of both battle and toil which told the sad tale of his life. He had know indescribable sorrow.He As he kneeled, his iron coat and cobalt blue mane layed untouched by the winds, his face contorted in absolute rage and anguish. Beneath him his limbs were all well toned and showed the profits of a lifetime of soul shattering labor, but one. His front left leg was a broken and ugly thing to behold and no doubt brought him immense pain as he was forced to put weight on it to bow. Blood ran freely from his upper calf, from which protruded the shattered bone he now relied on to stay kneeling.
  8. The earth pony, who stood at the head of the 3, the pegasus to his left and the unicorn to his right let a single wordless sigh escape his lips as a pained whiney before they began. At once the wind died as the sun drifted below the horizon, never to be replaced by the glowing moon. The unicorn muttered in dark and foreboding words a spell which began slowely flowing from his broken horn, down his green mane and teal coat before climbing like a vine across his comrades covering them all in a dull red glow. The pegasus then also began to whisper, reciting the words she must have known from heart as the tears she cried renewed their intensity.
  9. Before them, the first of the stone altars began to come to life. The thick stone slab made of uncut slate placed over a jut of black obsidian glowed a cruel red as it began to hummas well just as if it was reciting with the two ponies. Its surface sparked with bolts of light that flashed light tones of blue before turning red.
  10. As the altar came more alive, the two increased their volume above the near silent reciting. Their words could now be heard. In a more civilised tongue they would be nothing short of insults in the way they were spoken, but in the ragged and broken drawl that was all the two could muster it seemed demonic.
  11. "Summon. Summon. Summon. Create from death, new life. Salvation for all, hope for all. Summon. Summon. Summon. By god blood and unholy dark, be borne from tyranic inferno and hopeful hearts desire. Bring us back the heavens."
  12. They repeated these words in steady but strained tone as the magic overtook them. The pegasus and the unicorn stood, enraptured by the dark call they summoned and let their parts be finished. They spoke their spell over and over as the ritual continued.
  13. When the two had finished their verse for the first time the earth pony then rose. His eyes wore their determination as before and he slowly limped to the first altar. There cruel and dark energies had begun to gather forming a cloak of darkness on the air above it. Raising his ruined leg, he raised it above the edge of the altar within a hairs distance of the black film. It curled around his limb slowly and began to draw even more blood from the wound, enticing it and drawing the thick rivers of blood into itself. And then satied, it withdrew.
  14. The pony again limped back to his place between his kin and recited that which was his calling.
  15. "I create you, my son of despair and hate. I create you, Dusk Shimmer"
  16. He spoke the words as the pain faded from his face. It was replaced in turn by a wicked grin which displaced a madmans joy as the veil became a vortex before him. Bending into itself and draining away like a drop of rain in an thirsty desert. In its wake there was a slumped and shaking form, that of a pony, on the altar. It was still mostly incorporeal, but it was clear it was begging to take the shape it mimicked. As the form arose the others ceased their chorus and watched, eyes full of wonder.
  17. The creature before them was a promised saviour. A shelter for the last of their kind in the hellstorm that fate had given them. As the being stood, slowly and patiently its audience could no longer contain its joy. The pegasus whose eyes were sore with suffering brightened and nearly beamed. "He has come! We have righteousness!" she declared, proud and happy for what may have been the first time in years. The unicorn was now weeping as well, the pain of his head wound returning. And yet he was happy, walking to the pegasus and embracing her in happyness. The two held each other as they marveled at their creation.
  18. Even the hate worn stallion wore a face of genuine happyness as he watched his son walk for the first time. He could not help himself as he laughed quietly, the joy forcing itself from him audibly. Even as he collapsed, on his side, cradling his death blow, he was happy. He laughed as his eyes grew heavy, and the already quiet sound grew duller until it ceased. He was dead.
  19. His freinds noticed, but they did not mourn for him. He had made an impossible journey with them, and died for what he believed and hoped in. What they all hoped in. A new savior to bring their people light.
  20. As the two forgotten lovers embraced and silently watched their saviors creation, they were ignorant to the crime being commited just outside their vision. On the other altar, the darkness hummed and whirred with energy of unspeakable quantity. If the Unicorn had not been so close to death and his horn shattered he would surely have sensed it. But alas they were both in euphoria, and could not see their doom. The veil shifted again, and drained into itself creating a new form to be beheld. An evil thing, a cruel thing.
  21. The air was struck from silence with a low whisper of magic words as if from no where. And they were as such, hollow and full of treachery.
  22. "Summon. Summon. Summon. Create from death, new death. Salvation for none, hope for none. Summon. Summon. Summon. By god blood and unholy dark, be borne from tyranic inferno and cruel hearts desire. Bring us back the Void."
  23. And so the new foal stood upon its altar of pure granite. And upon the slab, in words of most ancient draconic, was the name: Voidson.
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