The Dragon Trap (M/M Dragon)

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  1. M/M, Dragon, Human/Anthro on Feral, Intelligent Feral, Size Difference, Oral, Anal, Facesitting, Urethral Penetration, Lots of Cum
  3. >Out on the town, looking for hookups
  4. >In a dragon bar, usually there's a few size difference fetishists in these so it doesn't take much effort
  5. >A beautiful, elegant dragon nervously sits down next to you and stammers out a greeting
  6. >She's amber colored with green eyes. Two sets of horns adorn her head, but otherwise she's perfectly smooth
  7. >Her name is Seireyike, short and simple for dragon
  8. >Usually you can't even pronounce them
  9. >Her scales have a bright sheen to them from careful polishing and excellent health
  10. >She's definitely into you, and can't stop complimenting weird stuff
  11. >"You smell like a freshly washed boar, in a good way of course!"
  12. >"I love how you hold your glass; your hands are so precise"
  13. >Dragons can be so strange
  14. >Whatever, she's super cute with a sexy as fuck body
  15. >Pretty soon you're at her place
  16. >It's a nice abode, very tidy and surprisingly well decorated
  17. >Dragons often live very utilitarian lives
  18. >Anyway
  19. >Both of you are crazy horny so in a flash you're in her bedroom, nude, rubbing down her exceptionally glossy body
  20. >You rub under her neatly folded wing and at your touch it unfurls, then comes down
  21. >The thin leathery material gently brushes along your bare skin as you continue to move backwards with your attention
  22. >Big beautiful wings, a sexy smooth body, a plump tail and thighs, and a super cute face and personality
  23. >How the fuck did you land this?
  24. >Now you're at her rear, and she's planted firmly to the ground
  25. >You lift her tail gingerly, and she stretches her neck around to look at you
  26. >She's really nervous, and fights to say something for a few seconds
  27. >"Are you worried about something?"
  28. >"Ah, n-no, maybe. I've just never done anything like this before"
  29. >First time with a non-dragon, hmm
  30. >"Well I'll be careful, and we can stop at any time okay?"
  31. >She considers it for a moment, then her tail lifts from your hand and her haunches rise
  32. >God damn, what a sight.
  33. >Under her tail is an extraordinarily neat package, with her single horizontal slit planted perfectly among the curves
  34. >You step just underneath her tail
  35. >Bordered on all sides by her tail, thighs and sex, a cozy warmth washes over you and her scent grows strong
  36. >You can hear her heart pounding much quicker than before
  37. >And her legs are quivering slightly
  38. >She's definitely super nervous and trying to keep her composure
  39. >"I'm going to touch you, okay?"
  40. >She replies quickly "I really wantyouto"
  41. >Spaghetti status: Rigatoni. You'll have to work that tension out of her
  42. >You step a little closer to her slit and place your hands to the sides of it
  43. >It's about eight inches wide and the inside edge is glistening wet
  44. >You massage inwards along the edge, and she starts to pulse at your touch, contracting and loosening sporadically
  45. >You work each side with your palms, then carefully push each thumb under the lip
  46. >She seems to nearly suppress jumping as you do so, but before you can draw back she begs you to keep going
  47. >You rotate your hands to get the thumbs in deeper and glide along the slick edge until they meet, then lift her top fold up
  48. >If you weren't hard as diamonds already, you would be now. The sight of a dragon's open vent is breathtaking every time. They're physically enormous, but the delicate, intricate and stretchy design is seemingly built to please anything.
  49. >The heat radiating from her, her scent, and the sight is overpowering. You can't help yourself anymore
  50. >You dive in, using your hands to stretch and massage the entrance while your face is buried in her
  51. >She's huffing and growling, but doesn't say anything.
  52. >She starts bucking against you and the base of her tail is pulling back and forth as her tail swishes around above you
  53. >Cool gusts of air hit your legs and her whole body rises and falls slightly as she softly beats her wings in a rhythm
  54. >It's the best thing in the world, making a dragon feel good like this
  55. >Best taste in the world too. She's producing a ton of fluid and it's starting to soak your whole front
  56. >Her fluid is perfectly slick and viscous, and the taste is bright, tangy and savory. Healthy and clean, and she's a real soaker compared to other dragons you've been with
  57. >You're digging deeper, pushing and suckling when suddenly you hit something unexpected, some kind of hard nub
  58. >Before you can even think "what the fuck is that?" the "nub" pushes back into your mouth and fills it with more deliciously tangy fluid
  59. >You pull back, and the bigger-than-expected nub comes with you
  60. >She's a he
  61. >The cock expands lightning quick once it leaves the entrance and is suddenly about as big as your leg
  62. >"Fuck!"
  63. >You blurted it out with more alarm in your voice than intended.
  64. >"Is everything alright?"
  65. >He stretches his neck around to look back at you
  66. >Well you're retarded. Clearly he thought you knew he was a he, not a she. It never really came up. Fucking hell, is Seireyike a male name? You really need to learn more draconic
  67. >Well it's not like you have a problem with it.
  68. >He's super cute, and you DEFINITELY don't want to make him feel bad by saying anything so let's fucking roll
  69. >"Hah, I was just so into what I was doing I got surprised that's all"
  70. >"It's beautiful"
  71. >He gets all nervous again
  72. >Nailed it
  73. >You step forward and around to get a better look
  74. >His cock has a sharp turn at the base, so while at first it extended straight back, now it's hugging along his belly
  75. >It's a deep textured red color at the base, and gets lighter towards the tip which is a smooth and even light pink.
  76. >He's got to be nearly two feet long, and about ten inches wide at the base
  77. >But there's a strong taper, and the tip is only half an inch across and is made mostly of urethra
  78. >Two inches back, there's a flared gland about an inch wide, then an even increase in diameter and ridge aggressiveness. as it goes towards the base
  79. >You could probably actually take 5-7 inches of this monster
  80. >You must have been taking a while because he cranes his neck down and nudges you with his snout
  81. >"You alright"
  82. >"Yeah, it's just a lot. Uh it's kinda my first time with a male too"
  83. >His eyes widen "You too? That's... Relieving, well, a little bit"
  84. >He continues "So if you want to, touch it, you can. The thing near the tip is really sensitive thought so just be gentle okay?"
  85. >"Sensitive huh?" you say slyly
  86. >"Be gentle unless you want me to jump while you're under there!"
  87. >Warning noted, but you're going to have fun with that flared gland thingy regardless
  88. >He's oozing all over the floor now, you'll have to fix that
  89. >You put a hand underneath his enormous cock behind the flare
  90. >It's hot, and still slick despite your hesitation
  91. >Your other hand ends up on the tip. You massage it gently while rubbing your thumb across the big entrance to the urethra as his clear pre flows from it
  92. >More ideas, maybe for later
  93. >But for now, you plant a kiss on the hole of his tip and start running your hands back and forth
  94. >The kiss quickly turns into full on making out with his tip
  95. >The stimulation is making him gush even more. The slightly sweet and rich tangy flavor is spurting across your tongue a tablespoon at a time, and with every pulse, his cock jumps slightly in your grip
  96. >He's wiggling a bit and growl-huffing like he was before, but now his breath is hot on your back and the deep rumble from his maw is resonating across your skin
  97. >Nobody ever told you how amazing males were
  98. >After a few gulps fro his tap, you pull off and use a few pulses to slicken things up some more across his tip
  99. >At first you stop short of his flare, but then you come right up to it. A few strokes later you run into it with a little pressure, then more and more
  100. >He's making incomprehensible noises and his wings are vibrating
  101. >You keep stroking, more pressure, more, then so much that your hands glide across the gland with a squelch
  102. >He gasps and bucks at you
  103. >Your hands are torn free from him and you narrowly miss getting a dick in your eye
  104. >"Sorry! I'm sorry! It just felt really good"
  105. >So cute
  106. >"It's okay" You chuckle a bit "You warned me and I was asking for it"
  107. >"Can we move to somewhere I can lie down?" you ask
  108. >He freezes solid and his eyes go wide
  109. >"You mean, you want, I'd, are you asking?"
  110. >You reach up and push his jaw closed
  111. >"Yeah, I want to see if I can take you"
  112. >He shakes his head "Oh my, you're so small though. I don't want to hurt you"
  113. >So cute
  114. >"It's okay, I've never been with a male before, but I've used toys about as big as the first few inches of you, and your taper will keep you from going too deep. It'll be fine"
  115. >His eyes are rolling around in his head
  116. >Maybe he needs some encouragement
  117. >"It's okay boy, I want you to fuck me"
  118. >You reach forward and grab his tip, rolling it across your fingers
  119. >"Don't you want to breed me?"
  120. >He closes his eyes and shudders "you're very persuasive"
  121. >"That's because I need a good rut from my big male"
  122. >He groans, seemingly positively, then steps backwards, rotates, and walks over to his bed and steps halfway onto it
  123. >It's about three feet off the ground, which should work pretty well
  124. >You jump up, then scoot towards the edge, but he nudges you back
  125. >"I want to taste you first"
  126. ?He's a little more confident, nice
  127. >You lay back and just relax as he explores you
  128. >First his snout just brushes gingerly across your body. Hot moist air from his sniffing clings to your skin, then cools rapidly when he move on
  129. >"you mostly smell like me now"
  130. >That's fucking hot
  131. >"Well you drenched me in all that pre, so it's not surprising"
  132. >"I really liked your scent though"
  133. >Hnng
  134. >He moves his head to your crotch and his enormous tongue snakes out and across your cock, covering the whole thing with saliva instantly
  135. >You shudder and he draws the tongue down, then back up, before folding behind your cock
  136. >He doesn't seem to have much dexterity with it, but in a way, your cock is wrapped in him
  137. >So you do the logical thing and thrust against it
  138. >His eyes, which were staring into space, lock on you as you fuck his tongue
  139. >Fuck yes, that feels awesome
  140. >You grab his snout for leverage and pick up the pace
  141. >He's got a fierce and focused look on his face. His maw opens wider, showing off his polished and sharp teeth, and his tongue extends a little further to better wrap you
  142. >His lower jaw dips down, and the tip of it hooks under your balls, nestling them against the front of his teeth
  143. >He starts to clench, tightening and loosening around you as you thrust
  144. >You can feel a fire in your belly that's growing to match the heat of his maw
  145. >The pressure and pleasure is building, you were already on a hair trigger from all the foreplay so you won't last much longer
  146. >In the moment though, your restraint feel like it's gone. You know you should stop, but you're still fucking his tongue
  147. >He's determined too, he wants you to get off on his tongue and the thought of doing so is driving you wild
  148. >But suddenly a frame of lucidity enters your mind, and you realize it'll be a lot better getting fucked if you haven't cum
  149. >You push his snout and pull back
  150. >At first he tries to keep going as concern washes over his face, but he quickly releases you
  151. >"What's wrong, did I graze you?"
  152. >"No, no, it's just I was getting close"
  153. >His head tips up and cocks to the side a little
  154. >"That was the idea wasn't it?" He asks
  155. >"Maybe it was your idea, but if you want to make me cum you have to fuck me first"
  156. >That was really fucking gay.
  157. >"For your first time with a male, you're acting pretty gay, anon"
  158. >Dammit
  159. >Whatever, time to double down
  160. >"Your cock is beautiful and your super cute, I don't care how gay I have to be for you to fuck me"
  161. >He sighs "I was hoping I could get you off so I didn't have to"
  162. >"Are you really that worried"
  163. >He waves his head about for a bit, then lowers it onto the bed
  164. >His giant head nuzzles against you, his eyes are anxious
  165. >"It's just, I really like you and you've been so nice to me, and I really really don't want to screw this up"
  166. >You feel his rant isn't over so you give him a minute, and it doesn't take long
  167. >"I've never really... been into other dragons, and I can't pretend to be really tough like other males, so it's been hard you know?"
  168. >"I found out some of you are actually into dragons a while ago, and I started asking about it online. They said that a "vagina" can actually handle it, but it hurts if you put it in the "anus".
  169. >"So when I found out you were male and you only have an anus... I'm just really afraid of hurting you since I can get really aggressive without meaning to and they said it would hurt"
  170. >Wait
  171. >Hold the fuck on
  172. >"Did you just say 'when I found out you were male?'"
  173. >He puts a claw over his head and chirps "Uhhh"
  174. >"Did you think I was female?"
  175. >"Yeah." He meekly replies
  176. >You just start laughing
  177. >He looks horrified but you're having trouble saying anything
  178. >"No- It s ok- not-"
  179. >He just looks away "I'm such an idiot"
  180. >He's getting all sad, which burns away the giggle attack
  181. >I was- trying to say, I'm not laughing at you. I thought you were a girl too."
  182. >"Really!?"
  183. >"Yep, right up into your cock pushed me out of your cloaca"
  184. >"..."
  185. >And it was his turn to laugh
  186. >He starts to heave and chortle in a typical laughing-dragon manner
  187. >Which gets you laughing again too
  188. >We both thought we were getting a fling of straight sex, but instead we got some feels laden gay cock sucking
  189. >But no, really, you're getting this dragon's dick in you
  190. >"So speaking of idiots, you know who else is one? Whoever it was who told you anal sex always hurts"
  191. >"It *can* hurt, but done right it feels really good, seemingly especially for males"
  192. >He considers it for a minute
  193. >"So you definitely want this, huh?"
  194. >You leave the rhetorical question, and just stare at him. He knows the answer
  195. >"okay.."
  196. >"Good, now spin around"
  197. >He's confused by the request, but does so
  198. >You've got a plan for something interesting though
  199. >He retracted fully during that whole exchange, so you need to do something to get both of you back in the mood
  200. >"Okay, now step back and sit on the bed"
  201. >As he does so, you spin yourself around under him so when he sits, his tail is draped down your body and his slit is lined up with your head
  202. >"You love to do the most dangerous things"
  203. >True, but it's hot "Just don't fall backwards and it'll be fine. When you start to erect, pull off"
  204. >And with that he lowers himself onto you
  205. >Hnnng, that warmth and smell
  206. >His tail is pinning you down, but it's not heavy enough to hurt. The smooth underside of it is just comfortably pressing you down onto the firm dragon-duty mattress
  207. >You have both arms free still since he's not pressing down all the way, so you reach up and tenderly but firmly rub along his slit
  208. >It's still wet like crazy. You spread it open for that wonderful view once again
  209. >But he's too high to get at with your mouth still
  210. >"Come on down, all the way, and give me a little while. I'll go totally limp when I'm done, that's your signal to come back up"
  211. >"but-" He starts to object
  212. >"You're a good person and I like you, I know you won't hurt me"
  213. >He leans back fully, and the light is gone. The weight on you grows and all sound is replaced by the quick beat of his heart
  214. >His open slit reaches your mouth and you start to make out with it again
  215. >Your hands don't have much range anymore, but you can still stretch and massage the rim while your mouth focuses on the inside
  216. >He's panting and growling again. The sound of air rushing through his lungs is crystal clear and the reverberations of his growl echo through you
  217. >You work for a while, kissing and sucking while his fluids wash over you, knowing now that fluid is pre from the massive cock within
  218. >But you're running out of air, and slowing down
  219. >Without having to give the signal, he lifts up before falling forward
  220. >He stumbles before catching himself, the twists around and crawls onto the bed, panting, and ends up draped across it on his side
  221. >And having access to air again, you're panting too
  222. >"That felt really good"
  223. >"How do you think it was for me? For a minute, I was in heaven under you"
  224. >He nuzzles the side of your head "I'm glad you had fun, and that you're okay"
  225. >"I knew I would be, I trust you"
  226. >You look him in the eye for a moment, then take the sides of his snout in your hands and kiss it
  227. >He lifts a bit to line the opening of his giant mouth with yours, and you kiss that too
  228. >His tongue pokes out a little and licks across your face
  229. >You do your best to kiss and lick back but are wholly unmatched
  230. >When he draws his tongue back in, you give a final peck at his "lips"
  231. >Then you crawl down his body
  232. >When you get to his legs, you put pressure underneath the top one as if to lift it up
  233. >Of course, it probably weights 100lbs by itself, so you're banking on him helping you out, and he does
  234. >His legs spread, then you get up as it rises and push it over, he plays along with the motion and rolls onto his back
  235. >His neck cranes so his head can see what the hell you're doing just in time as you're lining your rock hard cock up with his slit
  236. >You look right into his hungry eyes and plunge into him
  237. >He's lubed as fuck, and also enormous, so you hilt with no effort, but he tightens when you do and lets out a grunt
  238. >You draw back, and the viscous pre trails between your pelvis and him, then you plunge back in
  239. >He drops his head back and just enjoys the ride while you slap your hips into him and fuck his cockslit as hard as you can
  240. >You won't last long, but you're hoping you won't need to
  241. >Your cock is battering his literal cocksleeve, and he's starting to wriggle.
  242. >His tail is swishing across the bed and his wings are flexing under him
  243. >His neck is stiffening and his legs are kicking the air above you
  244. >Then as expected, you feel something hard poke back against you
  245. >On one thrust, it was subtle, then the next it was obvious.
  246. >You couldn't make a full stroke on the third thrust because his cock glided right by you and the girth of it forced you out
  247. >Again, in a flash, two feet of dragon cock sat before you
  248. >You lean in and hug the base of it, and grind your cock along it
  249. >"You have such a nice cock"
  250. >He doesn't reply, but you're sure he's flattered
  251. >"Are you ready to fuck me?"
  252. >He rolls sideways slowly, knocking you off and putting you on your back
  253. >Then he gets up, steps off the bed, and lines is cock up with it
  254. >"I guess since you fucked me, I have to return the favor"
  255. >Good boy
  256. >You scoot your ass down to the edge of the bed, his cock towers over your whole body
  257. >This is gonna be good
  258. >He draws back a little so the tip is in your face, you reach up and start working the tip to get some of that delicious pre going, although it's already dripping pretty good
  259. >Once the length from the tip to past where you think you can take it is lubed, you give the go ahead
  260. >He draws back fully, and you line him up to your hole
  261. >"I'll tell you what to do, okay? At first, just press forward gently until it's just in"
  262. >He complies, and the narrow tip sinks in
  263. >He's lubed really well, so it doesn't hurt... much. But starting out always does, he doesn't need to know that though
  264. >"Hng, good, now just inch forward"
  265. >He does so, and more of him fills into you
  266. >You can feel the tip pulsing as it squirts pulses of pre
  267. >"Now just thrust gently, I'll tell you if you're going too hard, so feel free to get a rhythm going"
  268. >He grunts in affirmation, and you can tell he's feeling really good already
  269. >He pulls back, and rocks forward a little deeper, then repeats
  270. >He's going really slow, but you're not in a hurry. His cock feels good even at around two inches of depth
  271. >Pretty soon, he's worked himself back to the flare and is pressing it onto you
  272. >It's not especially big, and he's not too deep, so you give the go-ahead to plant it
  273. >He eases forward putting pressure onto it, then draws back all the way for lubrication and presses back in
  274. >This time with a little easing, the flare pops over the rim of your ass
  275. >He stops suddenly and is gasping for air, sensitive indeed
  276. >Once he regains his composure, he starts thrusting again
  277. >"That flare felt fucking incredible. Keep it up, and go a little faster"
  278. >He picks up the pace a bit, and cautiously goes deeper. 3 inches, 4 inches. Every thrust brings something new as he explores deeper inside you
  279. >The flare combined with the natural curve of his cock is grinding against your prostate wonderfully, and his squirts of pre are really making you feel warm
  280. >He's starting to lose himself in it, and is going to harder, the depth rate is picking up
  281. >5, 6, 7. He's getting close to max stretch as his taper rapidly widens
  282. >Just around 8 inches he tries to go deeper and just pushes you backwards with a painful stretch
  283. >"That's maxed out, take it easy"
  284. >He barely does so, the next thrust draws him back half way, then slams to just shy of really hurting like it did before
  285. >What a fucking champ
  286. >"Good boy, now really fuck me, breed me"
  287. >He growls loud and fierce, with a power he hasn't shown before while pulling back, and bucks against you
  288. >A foreclaw pins your shoulder down and he picks up the pace
  289. >His cock is pistoning into you as quickly as a creature as large as he is can move, and now that you're acclimated to it, he's starting to bottom out on your limit without it hurting at all through the pleasure
  290. >And oh is there pleasure in spades. The flare is still knocking your prostate around, but also just the volume of cock going into you is creating intense pressure, then there's the pre constantly pumping into you
  291. >If there's a perfect way to be fucked, this is probably it, and you're on cloud fucking 9.
  292. >His wings are beating hard in a desperate effort to go faster, his throat is issuing a deep growl that shakes you and vibrates his cock in you
  293. >He's big, powerful, and he's got some confidence, or at least he's lust blind
  294. >The meek and careful dragon you knew just minutes ago is going totally feral, and you're the one making him lose it to the pleasure
  295. >Incredible
  296. >He's got to be close, his movement is erratic and his wing beats aren't coordinated with his thrusts
  297. >He's going to cum in you
  298. >His head dips down towards your face, the look in his eye is primal
  299. >The tip of his snout comes closer, and at first you think he's coming in for a kiss, but he goes right past your face to your shoulder
  300. >And nips it with his front teeth
  301. >Seconds later he makes an extremely deep, airy growl and slams home, cumming
  302. >The growl is loud enough to hurt, and he's biting a little harder than comfortable, but that's the price of being bred by a dragon
  303. >He gushes cum into you, more and more
  304. >He hasn't pulled back at all, so the pressure starts to build to an enormous degree
  305. >Pump, pump pump, it just goes on and on until it starts to hurt.
  306. >Still, you endure and he just keeps going
  307. >It's getting pretty painful now, and you're almost ready to say something when his bite softens and he draws back just a few inches, which makes the pain drop considerably
  308. >His expression slackens, and the ferocity melts into the normal, sincere look you're used to
  309. >"Ohhh fuck, what the hell even happened?"
  310. >That's an interesting thing to say
  311. >He pulls back another few inches and cum begins to gush out
  312. >You look down for the first time since he really started to fuck you, and are shocked to see your belly is slightly distended from the cum
  313. >He pulls all the way out with no effort, and a torrent of cum pours out and splats on the floor
  314. >Holy shit
  315. >His cock isn't done though
  316. >Now free, it continues to spurt across your belly and chest
  317. >You're exhausted, but there's two more things to do before resting
  318. >First, you spin around, dizzy and full, and put your face right on that cock tip for a drink
  319. >The pre was much better, but you get a few gulps of the somewhat bitter cream for posterity
  320. >Finally, you have to get off
  321. >"Hey buddy, you okay up there?"
  322. >He takes a moment to even realize you said anything
  323. >"Uhh, what? Yeah I'm just going to be like this until I'm done cumming. You can do whatever..."
  324. >Alright then, male dragons apparently orgasm like a runaway diesel
  325. >You'll just do whatever then, a very specific whatever
  326. >You push his cock back and sideways to get it off the bed, then jump down with it
  327. >He's still standing in the same spot, so his cock is positioned pretty well for this
  328. >You have it pointed down, and it's still pulsing weakly, puddling the floor
  329. >You've got a solution for that
  330. >You take your extremely wet and hard cock, and gingerly push it in the similarly wet dragon cock urethra
  331. >Surprisingly, it fits perfectly. Snug but not tight enough to worry about him being in pain, and he isn't complaining
  332. >So you wrap your arms around his thick cock base and hug it tightly, then pump your cock into his
  333. >For a few seconds he's oblivious, then you hear a low "ooh"
  334. >Dragon approved, you pick up the pace and actually give his cock a solid fuck
  335. >On every draw back a spurt of his cum erupts from the edges, then you plunge back in with a wet squelch and a slap at the bottom
  336. >You're jackhammering his cum hole as quickly as you can, which isn't nearly your best considering how exhausted you are
  337. >You can still feel his cum running from your used ass down your legs
  338. >This is the best night ever
  339. >That familiar pressure is building, and you welcome it
  340. >The relief of an orgasm is exactly what you need
  341. >And his cock is going to give it to you
  342. >He steps forward with you still gripping around his dick and pushes you into the side of the bed, then starts raising and lowering his hips in time with your thrusts
  343. >This guy is awesome
  344. >Fire is crawling out of your balls and cum filled belly, and building on your cock
  345. >And a few thrusts later you feel yourself rise up and crest over the peak
  346. >He drops his hips all the way, pressing you down to the floor until you're totally hilted in him with no way to draw back
  347. >You cum hard, spurting your load into his cock to mix with his own
  348. >Your grip on his cock tightens and you blow into it
  349. >Then finished, you slacken, totally spent in every way
  350. >He lifts up and the built up spurts of cum erupt onto your pelvis, belly, chest and face
  351. >He draws back to survey the damage
  352. >"You look like you had fun"
  353. >He's almost totally clean, but you're covered in him, head to toe on the outside, and all through your colon and stomach on the inside
  354. >You look back at the bed
  355. >Status: Drenched. Probably four or five gallons of cum are soaking into it
  356. >"I feel like I got fucked by a dragon"
  357. >"Ha, let's get you cleaned up"
  358. >You get up and wobble
  359. >"Woah, easy"
  360. >He steps forward and freezes for a moment
  361. >"Is your arm bleeding?"
  362. >He gets closer as you inspect your arm
  363. >It's not your arm, there's just a tiny bit of blood on it from the bite on your shoulder
  364. >It's band-aid level damage, whatever
  365. >But he's seriously distraught over it
  366. >"D-did I do that to you? Oh my god I did! I bit you didn't I?"
  367. >"Ugh that always happens. I get close and start doing dumb stuff, then it all comes back to haunt me later"
  368. >But like, it's literally a scratch
  369. >"Don't worry about it man, do you know how many times I've gotten cut by females when they cum? Like every time."
  370. >He steps alongside you and lowers a wingtip
  371. >"But you trusted me! I'm so, so so sorry. Let's go to the bathroom and take care of that wound"
  372. >>"""wound"""
  373. >You grab it his wingtip, because you really are woozy
  374. >He walks you to the dragon-sized bathroom and dragon-sized shower, then turns on the dragon-sized tap that you'd need a ladder to operate
  375. >"Hey, uh, when I'm done in here could we..."
  376. >He tenses up like you're going to hit him
  377. >"...Like, chill on a couch and watch a movie or something?"
  378. >He flinches, but then softens and just looks blindsided
  379. >"You mean, you want to stay?"
  380. >It must mean a lot to him, he asked the question as if he were kindly asking a bomb to not explode
  381. >"Of course! I didn't know if you wanted me to"
  382. >His wing pulls out of your hand, then goes up and over, wrapping down around you
  383. >It pulls you in tightly and he exclaims "Yes! Yes! I was so worried you'd think differently after you saw me lose it like that, but I shouldn't have. You told me you were fine and you liked me and I should have believed you. I'm going to go get things ready right now!"
  384. >He prances from the room, more delicately than something his size should be able to pull off, tail dancing in the air
  385. >So fucking cute, and it looks like he forgot all about the bite
  386. >You'll just casually just never mention it again
  387. >The rest of the night is just going to be happy cuddling with your new dragon bf
  388. >And you absolutely have to get more of those wing hugs
  390. fin
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