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Changelog for /hgg/ mod

BelshazzarII Mar 18th, 2017 (edited) 323,929 Never
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  1. This is a mod of a mod of Corruption of Champions. Started by CoCAnon and OtherDev, then somewhat taken over by OtherCoCAnon. Extra technowizardry by aimozg, current active development mostly done by Koraeli and Mothman.
  3. Found a bug somewhere? Go to /hgg/ over at the current bunker or /dgg/ over at 4chan and tell me about it.
  4. Builds marked as (dev) are basically "I have no QA and I must test". There's definitely bugs in those versions(As opposed to regular ones, who only probably have bugs), but I need people to play it anyway so we can squash them.
  6. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#F!St0HiaTC!oNQs48SWTDvmDBLHWZuHHA
  8. Cheat Sheet(because sometimes OtherCoCAnon is sadistic): https://pastebin.com/LLk3FgKF
  11. Not my fault. Browsers have dropped support for flash.
  12. *Get the official one at https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html. Click the "Download the Flash Player projector" link. Don't pick the debugger version if you just intend to play normally; there's quite a lot of debug tracing in the code and that may slow down performance a bit.
  13. *Alternatively, you can actually play this on Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. Weird, but it works. It's a bit
  14. unresponsive, though.
  16. 1.6.2 (6/1/20):
  17. Additions:
  18.     Mothman
  19.         * Added hellmouth ear fuck (written by Satan).
  20.         * Added kill/lash/scare options to teaching the frog girl a lesson (written by Satan).
  21.         * Added Alice Shouldra possession (written by 2hufag).
  22.         * Added a lesbian version of the day ten parent dream (written by an anon).
  24. Changes:
  25.     Koraeli
  26.         * Stunning a monster now prevents them from moving.
  27.         * Nerfed bleed stacking for both the player and monsters. Bleeding now uses the damage of the strongest bleed effect plus 10% of any others. Previously it simply added them all together, so the Light Rail Avenger could make an enemy bleed for 100% of max health after just one turn, if you were especially lucky.
  28.         * Further nerfed the Light Rail Avenger's bleeding.
  29.         * Removed the special names that give custom characters on character creation. They served very little purpose and were just a lazy cash-grab by Fenoxo, and have become more and more broken over the years.
  30.     Mothman
  31.         * Removed the Ingnam prologue.
  32.         * Removed the Black Cock.
  33.         * Removed Anzu.
  34.         * Removed the lizan rogue.
  35.         * Removed the higher level imp variants (lord, warlord, and overlord).
  36.         * Removed two terrible Kitteh watersports scenes (the river prank and pissing out literally all of the alcohol in your system in one go).
  37.         * Removed manticore/dragonne racial scores.
  38.         * Changed NoFur to be on by default.
  39.         * Added slight corruption gain to plague rat and alraune scenes.
  40.     OCA
  41.         * Changed Resolute to allow the player to ignore stuns at the cost of stamina instead of granting complete immunity to them.
  43. Fixes:
  44.     Koraeli
  45.         * Post-turn effects like summoned scimitars no longer break things when there are no enemies left to hit.
  46.         * Alices now give the correct amount of lust instead of always 15.
  47.         * Regen stat display has been fixed and improved.
  48.         * Approach/distance tooltips now show 100% chance in cases where the opponent can't or won't move.
  49.         * Bow attacks once again display the damage dealt.
  50.         * Fixed stun chances for tail slam, shield bash, and gore.
  51.     Mothman
  52.         * Text fixes.
  53.     OCA
  54.         * Fixed gnoll cock appearance blurbs.
  55.         * Fixed infinite fight loop against Nameless Horror.
  56.     WaywardWombat
  57.         * Remained committed to sprucing up his waifu's text.
  58.         * Changed cheer dress price to 200.
  60. Dev Stuff:
  61.     Mothman
  62.         * Deleted Joy/Izmael's files, though they were already disabled and also you couldn't access them.
  63.         * Removed some unused grimdark mode code.
  64.         * Added isUnarmed to player.
  65.     OCA
  66.         * Added the 'Stun Immune' perk so monsters can get the old Resolute effect if needed.
  68. (5/25/20):
  69. Changes:
  70.     OCA
  71.         * Changed Paladin history description to be more in line with other history perks and to give more detail on how it functions.
  73. Fixes:
  74.     Koraeli
  75.         * Debug wand is no longer consumed on use in debug mode.
  76.         * Fixed a bug when leaving the settings menu after backing out of character creation.
  77.         * Drinking Amily's milk now restores a minimum of 5 hunger. It previously gave 0 if she was lactating due to giving birth but hadn't otherwise had her lactation boosted.
  78.         * Text fixes.
  79.     Mothman
  80.         * Fixed Marble's addiction tracking.
  81.     OCA
  82.         * Fixed blank initial room in the Desert Cave.
  84. Dev Stuff:
  85.     OCA
  86.         * Renamed some sprites for easier sorting.
  87.         * Removed 16 bit Kid A sprite that was actually just a copy of the 8 bit one.
  89. (5/17/20):
  90. Fixes:
  91.     Koraeli
  92.         * Fixed startup when there are no saves.
  94. 1.6.1 (5/17/20):
  95. Additions:
  96.     Koraeli
  97.         * The preloaded Continue button has been improved to work with any kind of save, and now has the option to turn it off.
  98.             - File saves can now be loaded automatically on clicking Continue, by default checking the location the swf is in and then any "Saves" subfolder. You can enter a custom location in the options menu.
  99.             - If your most recent save was to a file and autoloading fails, it will simply bring up the file browser instead so you can pick the file to load.
  100.             - The "Off" options applies to both slots and files, the continue button will just start out disabled like in previous versions.
  101.             - When preloading is enabled, the tooltip will tell you the slot or the name of the save.
  102.     Mothman
  103.         * Added Rebecc bath oral (written by Satan).
  104.         * Added gargoyle washing.
  105.         * Added plague rat liddellium forced TF (writing assistance from Satan).
  106.         * Added a dominant tigershark daughter play option.
  107.     OCA
  108.         * Added Gnoll Spot, a new Gnoll TF item (written by MissBlackThorne).
  109.         * Added some simple lines to the Dullahan whenever you're between scenes while talking to her.
  110.         * Added a one-time longer description of the player going underground in the Manor.
  112. Changes:
  113.     Koraeli
  114.         * The full stone theme, previously provided as an example of custom themes, has been fully added to the game.
  115.         * Terrestrial Fire spells have been cleaned up a bit. The changes are mostly just cosmetic, but there are some balance adjustments and other notable changes:
  116.             - Quake's stun chance/duration has been reduced. For the targeted enemy, it's still the same on the initial cast (100% chance of stun through the next turn), but for the aftershocks and for the other enemies in multifights, the chance is reduced and the stun only lasts for the current turn.
  117.             - The hidden spell's accuracy has been reduced, and its stun duration has been lowered by 1.
  118.             - The "???" button will now be clearer and more informative after casting the hidden spell once, and will disappear forever once you cast the final spell, instead of remaining until you get the achievement. The achievement will be hinted at in the tooltip of the final spell instead, after you've cast it once.
  119.         * The "move all" toggle in the storage menu is now saved, it will no longer reset to off when you start a new session.
  120.         * The "No" and "Yes" buttons when deleting saves, confirming quicksaves, and accepting or rejecting Benoit's hairpin have all been switched to have "Yes" first, to be more consistent with the rest of the game.
  121.         * Removed the "Export" option after defeating Lethice. It's safe to say that CoC2 will never include the option to import saves from this mod.
  122.         * Items no longer remain in your inventory after consuming/equipping in debug mode. It's unnecessary now that you can spawn any item and duplicate them easily, so it just causes problems.
  123.         * Crit bonuses on weapons and from the Blademaster perk now only apply to attacks/abilities that use weapons.
  124.         * Summoned scimitar attacks have been moved to the end of the player's turn instead of after the monster's turn. They've also had their additional flavor text reenabled, as long as there's only one scimitar so it doesn't get too spammy.
  125.     Mothman
  126.         * Implemented another of Chronicler's fixes pastes (https://pastebin.com/Zz04d7s2).
  127.         * Marble's affection and addiction are now capped at 100.
  128.         * Helspawn's surprise scene has some minor lust/time changes.
  129.         * Some companion lines in SwimInStream have been rewritten.
  130.     OCA
  131.         * Manor enemies renamed to be less blatant in their references. I'm sorry, Wayne June.
  132.         * Several perks now have descriptions on the hover tooltip when enemies have them.
  133.         * Pointless dungeon navigation button tooltips removed.
  134.         * Changed the logic for the Cursed Dagger drop in the Manor. It will appear wherever you defeated the Jester first.
  136. Fixes:
  137.     Koraeli
  138.         * Fixed a bug that made escaping have a 100% success chance. Also made your escape chance properly check every enemy in multifights, and use the most difficult one to escape from.
  139.         * Fixed several player and enemy attacks which had their checks reversed so that the attack would hit when it was meant to miss and miss when it was meant to hit.
  140.             - Monster attacks affected include all plague rat attacks, Amily's darts, Sand Witch's stones, Minotaur King's battleaxe, unsealed Akbal's swoop.
  141.             - Player attacks affected include Grand Thrust, Whip Trip, Vine Trip, summoned scimitar attacks.
  142.         * Shouldra's appearance as a follower now has variations for her loli version.
  143.         * Improved handling of items when acquiring alraune vines, so you'll no longer lose some by mistake if your inventory is full and multiple items are unequipped.
  144.         * Abilities that hit all enemies will now be more consistent about ignoring the ones that are already dead.
  145.         * Fixed an error in the deep cave that would cause room descriptions to not appear after fights, among other things.
  146.         * The scene builder in the debug menu will no longer display "Enter text here" underneath the current text if you leave and come back.
  147.         * The button for the Blind spell will be disabled if all active enemies are blinded already, instead of only checking your current target.
  148.         * Unclosed parser tags will now display an error, instead of the entire passage being silently eaten by the parser.
  149.         * An Izumi scene now has a better understanding of what average dick sizes are.
  150.         * Various text fixes.
  151.     Mothman
  152.         * Fixed the plague rat bear gifting scene being inaccessible.
  153.         * Fixed monsters being able to react to a few player actions during time stop.
  154.         * Fixed Rathazul's appearance letting you get camp scenes too early.
  155.         * Text fixes.
  156.     OCA
  157.         * Implemented Chronicler's Manor and Dullahan fixes (https://pastebin.com/raw/DN7P7704).
  158.     WaywardWombat
  159.         * Fixed a large number of grammar issues in Giacomo's content.
  161. Dev Stuff:
  162.     Koraeli
  163.         * Input boxes and dropdown menus are now far simpler to use, with a set of standard functions in CoC and BaseContent to manipulate them instead of having to set a bunch of properties manually.
  164.             - clearOutput automatically resets the input/dropdown boxes, clearing any event listeners. The contents are preserved though, so you can still retrieve it after a clearOutput.
  165.             - genericNamePrompt() will create a standard input box for character names, positioned right after the text. You can optionally pass a string to it to pre-fill the box.
  166.             - promptInput(optionsObject) will create an input box with custom settings, falling back to standard defaults for any option left unspecified. For example, promptInput({maxChars:4, restrict:"0-9"}) will create an input box just below the text that only accepts numbers up to 10 digits.
  167.             - getInput() gets the contents of the input box.
  168.             - setInput() changes the contents of the input box, then dispatches a change event.
  169.             - clearInput() clears the contents of the input box, then dispatches a change event.
  170.             - hideInput() removes the box from the display, but doesn't alter the contents or any settings. It also returns the current contents.
  171.             - resetInput() removes the box and resets it to default values. It returns the current contents before clearing them.
  172.             - onInputChanged(func) adds an event listener that calls func() when the input box changes.
  173.             - genericDropdown(defaultLabel, itemArray) creates a standard dropdown menu just below the text (and to the right of the input box, if the input box is already displayed) with the specified items and default label. Both arguments are optional, if you want to populate the menu later.
  174.             - promptComboBox(optionsObject) will create a dropdown menu with custom settings, falling back to standard defaults for unspecified options.
  175.             - onDropdownSelect(function) attaches an event listener to select events for the standard dropdown menu, so the specified function will be called whenever something is selected from the menu.
  176.             - getDropdown(property) returns the specified property of the currently selected item in the standard dropdown menu. If no property is specified, it returns the data property, if a data property exists. If there's no data property, it gets the label. If no label, it just returns the entire item. This order is subject to change, it may be better to just return the full item if no property is specified, or simply always return the full item since you can just do getDropdown().property.
  177.             - Existing input/dropdown boxes have been updated to use these standard functions.
  178.         * Added inventory.takeItems(itemArray, nextAction, overrideAbandon, display) to get multiple items at once, and intelligently handle the possibility of having to make room for more than one thing. Arguments are mostly the same as takeItem() except that the first argument is an array of items instead of an item, and there's no source.
  179.         * Added inventory.takeItemNoNext(), which is the same as takeItem() with the same arguments, but calls nextAction directly (if your inventory isn't full) without having to click Next.
  180.         * Added combatAbilities.allMonsters(func) to more easily and consistently make attacks hit all enemies. For each remaining monster, targets the monster and calls func(), then sets your target back to its original value when finished.
  181.         * Added combatAbilities.randomMonster(func) to more easily and consistently target a random enemy. Targets a random monster and calls func(), then sets your target back to its original value when finished.
  182.         * Added combat.getActiveEnemies() to get an array of enemies that aren't defeated.
  183.         * Added combatAbilities.doFireDamage(damage, boost) to automatically handle all the special considerations for fire damage, and made all current fire attacks go through it. The "boost" argument (default true) determines whether or not Raging Inferno is incremented/displayed, since some attacks (particularly AoE attacks) require it to be handled elsewhere.
  184.         * Added infernoDisplay() and removed the text output from calcInfernoMod() and boostInferno(). Also removed the boosting from calcInfernoMod(), so all three are now distinct with no overlap in functionality.
  185.         * Added parser tags for easier handling of plural monsters. [monster.s] returns nothing if the monster is plural or 's' if not, [monster.is] returns 'are' if the monster is plural or 'is' if not. So you can do "[Themonster] [monster.is] blinded as [monster.he] stare[monster.s] at the sun." to get a sentence that works for both plural and singular enemies without messy and harder-to-read conditionals.
  186.         * Monsters now have a "possessive" variable that does stuff automatically and can be overridden and I'm too sleepy to describe this, but you can use the new [themonster's] parser tag to use it, or [monster.possessive] to get just the possessive.
  187.         * Added a new option to BonusDerivedStats, critCWeapon (boostsWeaponCritChance() to add it on perks and things), for critical bonuses that only apply to weapon-based attacks. These are no longer included in creature.getBaseCritChance(), and instead are checked with creature.getMeleeCritBonus().
  188.         * Changed combat.performAttack and combat.performRegularAttack to return true if attacking can continue (to the remaining hits in a multiattack), false if further attacks are prevented. It was previously the reverse.
  189.         * Each CombatAbility now tracks how many times it's been used, and the uses are saved in CombatAbilities. To facilitate this and for consistency, all abilities (including attack, tease, fantasize, wait, distance, approach, vine trip, whip trip) are now located in CombatAbilities and included in the allAbilities vector. You can see the counts in ability tooltips if debug mode is enabled, first the ability's own value and then the value saved in CombatAbilities. These two values should be the same, unless the use count is 0 in which case the saved value is probably undefined.
  190.         * Added creature.lustPercentBetween(min, max) to determine if the creature's lust percentage is between the two values (inclusive). Max can be omitted, in which case it's the same as "lust100 >= min". This is not currently used and I may in fact not have any need for it at all, but I committed it so it's there.
  191.         * Changed/improved some button management functions in Output (also accessible through BaseContent).
  192.             - Added disableButton(arg). Accepts either a button index (int) or button name (string) as an argument, and returns the disabled button.
  193.             - Changed removeButton() to return the removed button.
  194.             - Changed button() to accept button names.
  195.             - Added getEmptyButtons(). Returns an array of empty button indexes. Optional argument for the max index to consider.
  196.             - Changed menuIsEmpty() to also accept an optional maxPos argument.
  197.     Mothman
  198.         * Marble's affection and addiction now use getters/setters.
  199.     OCA
  200.         * Circe's flags are now toggled with bitwise operations instead of simple addition/subtraction. Should be more resilient to bugs.
  201.         * Brutal Blows and Sever Tendons are now status effects that can be applied by enemies if they have the appropriate perks.
  202.         * Armor modifiers added as Bonus Stats.
  203.         * IsSheathed added as a function for cocks.
  204.     Oxdeception
  205.         * Fixed various compiler warnings.
  206.         * Pulled EngineCore and EventParser out of includes into their own classes.
  208. 1.6 (3/24/20):
  209. Additions:
  210.     Koraeli
  211.         * Added a new option to the debug menu, Save Edit. This will allow you to edit things that use the new save system instead of flags.
  212.         * Added the ability to bring up the options menu directly with a keybind ("O" by default).
  213.     Oxdeception
  214.         * Created the interface for the new Save Edit feature.
  215.         * Added an option to have a keybind overlay display on the buttons.
  217. Changes:
  218.     Koraeli
  219.         * Rent-an-Alice scene will use your largest cock that fits if you have one, instead of always your largest.
  220.     Mothman
  221.         * Implemented Chronicler's 9th Miscellaneous Fixes paste.
  222.         * Disabled the Perversion starting perk.
  223.         * Moved Sylvia's Dolores talk to after the first child event.
  224.         * Prevented getting the vagrant cats encounter repeatedly after leaving it.
  225.     OCA
  226.         * Ported the Old Manor to the new dungeon system.
  227.         * Ported the Desert Cave to the new dungeon system.
  228.         * Added an exit corridor to every exit tile in dungeons using the new system.
  229.         * Tweaked Manor and Codex journal entries to use sub headers instead of headers (or nothing, in the case of the manor).
  230.         * Moved an Old Manor related achievement to the next menu to prevent it from having the text box all to itself.
  231.         * The Abyssal Shard can now be abandoned if your inventory is full. This returns it to where you found it.
  232.     Oxdeception
  233.         * The Continue button on the main menu will now remember your last save that was saved to a slot, even if the game was closed. This feature does not work when saving to file due to Flash limitations.
  234.     Wayward Wombat
  235.         * More Marielle tweaks. Please pray for his never-ending autism.
  236. Fixes:
  237.     Koraeli
  238.         * Various minor text fixes.
  239.         * Fixed history check on ascension.
  240.         * Fixed Nieve parsing on the melting scene.
  241.         * Fixed some less obvious Urta references.
  242.         * Fixed the range check on the attack you perform when entering Counter Stance.
  243.         * Fixed genital check for Vapula strapon scene.
  244.         * Fixed thickness reduction for Protein Shake.
  245.         * Removed unusable masturbation button (and usable meditation button along with it) from all dungeons except Lethice's. It was added to other dungeons by mistake a while back.
  246.         * Masturbating in Lethice's dungeon will no longer mention your cabin.
  247.         * Zetaz will no longer just stand there taunting you without fighting back.
  248.         * The history function has never worked, so the keybind for it is now gone.
  249.         * Fixed hundreds of missing articles in sex requirement tooltips ("This scene requires you to have cock").
  250.         * Minotaur axes will no longer be in a superposition of broken and not broken.
  251.         * Nieve will no longer play with null children.
  252.         * Jean-Claude's attacks will no longer ignore stun and everything else.
  253.     Mothman
  254.         * Fixed the moth cave Sleep Over option missing some text.
  255.         * Text Fixes.
  256.     OCA
  257.         * Fixed dungeon minimap cutting off more to the right than the left.
  258.         * Re-enabled Sand Mother combat AI, she won't just punch you anymore.
  259.         * Fixed a bug that caused all south corridor icons to be placed in wrong positions, making them invisible.
  260.         * Removed the errant Desk and Pages buttons from the journals in the Old Manor.
  261.         * Were you to somehow get two Abyssal Shards, using it again shouldn't lock you in an endless loop of horror anymore.
  263. Dev stuff:
  264.     Koraeli
  265.         * Changed how some saveContent is stored to make it work better for SelfDebug. It's been months, so I don't remember what all that includes.
  266.         * Reworked how Telly's chats are stored.
  267.         * Added Utils.bits2Array to convert a bit array (integer) to a proper array of Booleans.
  268.         * Added Measurements.inchOrCentimetre(), basically the same as the existing inchesOrCentimetres() but not plural.
  270. (2/16/20):
  271. Changes:
  272.     Mothman
  273.         * Disabled the Erlking's sex option for genderless characters.
  274.         * Running away is now calculated based on the fastest current opponent, rather than the one you're targeting.
  275. Fixes:
  276.     Koraeli
  277.         * Fixed Hardcore mode text appearing on top of other options in the settings menu.
  278.         * Minor text fixes.
  279.     Mothman
  280.         * Text Fixes.
  282. Dev Stuff:
  283.     Mothman
  284.         * Made significant changes to the Run Away code. Moved the logic and success/fail text into Monster and individual cases into their own combat files. Monsters should now override runCheck for special reactions.
  286. 1.5.6 (2/09/20):
  287. Additions:
  288.     Mothman
  289.         * Added some salamander firewater rewrites (written by Yuribot).
  291. Changes:
  292.     Koraeli
  293.         * Because there were a lot of problems with the min lust calculations that made min lust buggy and unpredictable, min lust has been entirely reworked.
  294.             - If you have only one min lust modifier, it's just applied normally.
  295.             - If you have more than one, soft caps are applied. The first 20 points are unmodified, then everything is reduced by 10% up to 40, then reduced by another 10% until 60, and so on for every 20 points.
  296.             - As an example, 40 unmodified min lust is reduced to 38, 60 becomes 54, 100 becomes 84, 125 becomes 100. The final result is rounded.
  297.             - The Cold Blooded perk is applied after soft caps.
  298.             - There are also things that change the upper and lower bounds on your min lust. A worm infestation, for example, won't let your min lust drop below 50, and Cold Blooded won't let your min lust go above (MaxLust - 20). These caps are applied at the very end after everything else, and only the strongest effect of each type is used.
  299.         * Made some breastfeeding scenes satisfy your hunger. If you find any more that don't, point them out.
  300.         * Reworked and simplified the automatic gender determination. The end result is pretty similar though, so you probably won't see any differences. You can still override it by choosing your gender from the appearance page.
  301.         * You're now told how much health you gained when you level up.
  302.     OCA
  303.         * Changed default text on the debug menu's scene tester.
  304.     Mothman
  305.         * Fera's Milking Twat perk now restricts tightness to normal.
  307. Fixes:
  308.     Koraeli
  309.         * Fixed some typos and parsing errors.
  310.         * Removed some PC dialogue from milk slave scenes.
  311.         * Actually made permanent masteries save, unlike the last idiot who tried to fix them.
  312.         * Non-channeling staff attacks are no longer counted as magic, along with some related cleanup.
  313.         * Correctly prevented the level-up arrow from showing due to unspent perk points.
  314.         * Restored age modifiers to stat growth and minimum libido (these were lost by mistake a couple years ago). As a reminder, children gain (and lose) stats faster, and elders slower.
  315.         * Removed the 15 starting corruption that Revamp added, since corruption doesn't exist outside of Mareth.
  316.     OCA
  317.         * Fixed New Game button asking for confirmation even when no save was loaded.
  318.     Mothman
  319.         * Text Fixes.
  321. Dev Stuff:
  322.     Koraeli
  323.         * Added Weapon.isChanneling() to check whether a weapon can and should currently use staff channeling.
  324.         * A few notes related to the above, since things were rather mixed up:
  325.             - Weapon.isStaff() checks whether or not the weapon is of the "staff" type. It may or may not allow channeling.
  326.             - Weapon.isMagicStaff() checks whether or not a weapon can work with staff channeling. It may or may not be of the "staff" weapon type, and the player may or may not actually have the staff channeling perk.
  327.             - Weapon.isChanneling() checks for isMagicStaff() and the presence of the staff channeling perk.
  328.         * Greatly improved num2Text (and its variations). Previously, it only worked for numbers from 0 to 10. Now it works for numbers from -999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 to 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999. You could technically go higher than that, but you'd get things like "one thousand sextillion" and you're likely to get wrong numbers back.
  329.         * num2Text2 renamed to num2TextOrdinal.
  330.         * Added Creature.hasBalls().
  331.         * Added Creature.countBonusStat() and Creature.countBonusStatMultiplicative(), for checking how many bonus stats you have rather than getting the values.
  333. (2/03/20):
  334. Fixes:
  335.     Koraeli
  336.         * Fixed a few typos and parser issues.
  337.     Mothman
  338.         * Rizza root and an Isabella sex scene now properly restore hunger.
  339.         * Text Fixes.
  341. 1.5.5 (1/26/20):
  342. Additions:
  343.     Mothman
  344.         * Added kissing Kiha (written by 2hufag).
  345.         * Added sleeping with Kiha at night (written by 2hufag).
  346.         * Added the option to hold onto Dolores's summoning book instead of taking it forever.
  347.         * Added having a play marriage with your harpy daughter.
  349. Changes:
  350.     Koraeli
  351.         * The dragon shell shield can now absorb goblin potion attacks.
  352.     Mothman
  353.         * Implemented Chronicler's latest fixes.
  354.         * Moved Venus to the Boat.
  355.         * The New Game button is now hidden in dungeons.
  356.         * The Weapon Mastery perk has been renamed to Heavy Impact to reduce confusion.
  357.         * Removed the debug pane (the thing with the inferior test input).
  358.         * Added tooltips to the Phouka TF sex options.
  359.         * Made the Lustserker perk unlock immediately upon meeting the conditions.
  360.         * Made Taurinium give you a horse tail when changing your lower body to a horse's if you had no tail already.
  361.         * Made declining to corrupt the farm for the moment put you in the regular farm menu.
  362. Fixes:
  363.     Koraeli
  364.         * The attack button is fixed and will once again update during fights, and won't claim you need to reload on turn 1.
  365.         * The body part editor in the debug menu no longer incorrectly includes buttons from the appearance page.
  366.         * Fixed a bug that caused saves to fail to load. If you were getting a message like "Failed to load save. The file may be corrupt" when loading, the save might work fine now.
  367.     Mothman
  368.         * Fixed double spaces before damage indicators. If you still see any, feel free to report them.
  369.         * Prevented accepting frog eggs when you're already pregnant.
  370.         * Fixed the vagina hammer being Marble's.
  371.         * Fixed a Vapula scene not knocking up the player.
  372.         * Fixed Amily's Reject Furry option not unlocking a Defur option.  
  373.         * Text Fixes.
  375. Dev Stuff:
  376.     Koraeli
  377.         * Nearly all CombatAbility properties now accept functions as values, which will be called to retrieve the final value.
  378.     Mothman
  379.         * Deleted FetishCultist.bak.
  380.         * Put Amily fur checks through a new function, amilyFurry.
  381.         * Changed Marielle's commission tracking to use two variables (by adding commissionTime).
  382.         * Changed Jojo's post-rape forgiveness tracking to use two Booleans.
  383.         * Removed some unused perks.
  385. 1.5.4 (1/20/20):
  386. Additions:
  387.     Koraeli
  388.         * Added Rubi anal exhibitionism (written by Yuribot).
  389.         * Added taking sweets from strangers in Tel'Adre (written by Mothman).
  391. Changes:
  392.     Koraeli
  393.         * Hummus now respects your age when fixing your height.
  394.         * Elders now get appropriate benefits for paladin history on character creation.
  395.         * Player vaginal virginity (permanent, not just the virginity of a specific vagina) is now tracked.
  396.         * Made default skindesc for wool consistent with other skin types.
  397.     Mothman
  398.         * Sleeping camp blurbs now start appearing at midnight.
  399.         * Standardized wakeup times a bit.
  400.     Oxdeception
  401.         * Added a small deadzone for button dragging in mobile (so that you can see tooltips if you don't intend to move it).
  402.     Wayward Wombat
  403.         * More autistic Marielle changes.
  405. Fixes:
  406.     Koraeli
  407.         * Fixed Rubi and Hellmouth saving.
  408.         * Fixed a bunch of broken parsing in cockatrice scenes.
  409.         * Fixed a couple broken hasVagina checks in the farm and Sweet Gossamer.
  410.         * Fixed Rubi's fur (if he/she has fur) being described as pink instead of white in his/her appearance.
  411.     Oxdeception
  412.         * Fix to sillymode inventory button bouncing breaking the game.
  414. Dev Stuff:
  415.     Koraeli
  416.         * Abstracted flags for helspawn and bathgirl names behind getters/setters.
  417.     Mothman
  418.         * Deleted ComfortableUnderclothes for real.
  420. 1.5.3 (1/15/20):
  421. Fixes:
  422.     Oxdeception:
  423.         * Fixed item dragging removing items on save load.
  425. 1.5.2 (1/14/20):
  426. Additions:
  427.     Mothman
  428.         * Added nightly sleeping with Izma (written by Satan).
  430. Changes:
  431.     Mothman
  432.         * Changed some Dullahan text to account for the player not knowing of the elders' betrayal.
  434. Fixes:
  435.     Mothman
  436.         * Fixed the Dullahan turning down sex softlocking the game.
  437.         * Fixed some parser errors in moth stuff.
  438.         * Fixed goblin assassins letting you "dodge" healing potions.
  439.         * Fixed some missing Mitzi orgasms.
  440.     Koraeli
  441.         * Item dragging temporarily disabled until it can be fixed properly.
  442.         * Helspawn can no longer grow up without combat training. If she already managed to do so, you'll get the scene even after she's grown up.
  443.         * Certain variations of a Femoit scene were checking horn type instead of ear type, they should now work properly.
  445. Dev stuff:
  446.     Koraeli
  447.         * Misc code cleanup
  449. 1.5.1 (1/12/20):
  450. Additions:
  451.     Mothman
  452.         * Added Rubi buying child PCs a treat from the bakery (written by Yuribot).
  453.         * Added cuddling Izma (written by Satan).
  454.         * Added sillymode faerie healing (written by Satan).
  455.         * Added your shark daughter giving you a blowjob (written by Satan).
  456.         * Added Jojo tentatively forgiving you after you've raped him (written by Satan).
  457.         * Added kitsune shrine donation (written by 2hufag).
  458.         * Added pregnant Amily riding you (written by 2hufag).
  459.         * Added a cock option to the Alice Get Intimate menu.
  460.         * Added a moth campfire scene accessible after hikkiquest.
  461.         * Added a Dolores Just Chat option about food.
  462.     Oxdeception
  463.         * Added the ability to click and drag items between inventory and stash slots.
  465. Changes:
  466.     Mothman
  467.         * Implemented yet another of Chronicler's fixes pastes.
  468.         * Jojo's appearance and camp rape scenes have been rewritten (by Satan).
  469.         * Added a tooltip to the goblin womb fuck option.
  470.         * You can now properly lactate with flat breasts.
  471.         * Reverted Hellfire to doing both physical and lust damage. More changes may come to make it more in line with the original idea.
  472.     Wayward Wombat
  473.         * Changed some of his stupid gay text all on his own, gold star.
  475. Fixes:
  476.     Koraeli
  477.         * Alice encounters should now always use a random Alice instead of sometimes getting the skin and hair of the last monster.
  478.     Mothman
  479.         * Holli is now tallied as a follower (so she unlocks the menu by herself).
  480.         * Fixed the first time lolipop text repeating after age changes.
  481.         * Fixed a large number of spacing issues with damage numbers.
  482.         * Fixed some checks for flat breasts that didn't account for fractional values.
  483.         * Fixed a bug that sometimes made the Phouka's Ride Faerie option not properly flush text, but that piece of shit is still an absolute mess that probably has further problems.
  484.         * The Dullahan's sex button is properly disabled after a failed attempt.
  485.         * Text fixes.
  486.     OCA
  487.         * Fixed second floor of Anzu's dungeon having wrong movement buttons.
  488.         * Fixed Arc of Retribution not actually preventing blocking, parrying or dodging.
  489.         * Removed duplicated line when disabled by a Sentinel.
  490.     Oxdeception
  491.         * Fixed the scrollbar not scrolling properly.
  492.         * Fixed certain elements not updating immediately when the window is resized.
  493.         * Removed a stray line at the top of the storage screen.
  495. Dev Stuff:
  496.     Mothman
  497.         * Added a 'DickVaginal' orgasm type, which gives the player a dick orgasm if they have one and a vaginal one if they don't.
  498.         * Removed the nephila sprites which were no longer being used.
  499.         * Moved Clara.psd to the Sources folder.
  500.     Oxdeception
  501.         * Added the SearchBar and TextWithHint components.
  503. (12/22/2019):
  504. Changes:
  505.     Mothman
  506.         * Removed a silly mode meme from the Scorpion fight.
  508. Fixes:
  509.     Mothman
  510.         * Fixed one of Marielle's scenes not taking up time.
  511.         * Fixed some of Marielle's scenes not properly calling functions.
  513. (12/22/2019):
  514. Fixes:
  515.     OCA
  516.         * Fixed unfinished content being accessible. Whoops.
  518. 1.5 (12/19/2019):
  519. Additions:
  520.     Mothman
  521.         * Added Marielle!
  522.             - Your new bog wife!
  523.             - Sells a wide variety of new clothes and undergarments.
  524.             - Has over 140k words of text.
  525.             - Is pretty gay.
  526.         * As a corollary to the above, there's now a use for moth silk (and an extra option in Hikkiquest).
  527.         * Added a schoolgirl outfit as a fetish cultist drop.
  529. Changes:
  530.     Mothman
  531.         * The bonus stats summary now uses title case.
  532.         * Removed the automatic space after damage numbers, so if that causes an issue somewhere, let us know.
  533.         * Vapula's sex menu is disabled if you don't have enough lust.
  534.         * Dryad score is now displayed in the info screen.
  535.         * Rathazul now takes less time to present you with a certain solution that you should absolutely keep asking about, and the wording for that has changed slightly as well.
  536.         * The level up arrow no longer sticks around if you only have unspent perk points.
  537.         * Removed imp encounters from the lake.
  538.         * Rewrote some sections of the salon.
  539.         * Vapula's entire sex menu is now disabled if you don't have sufficient lust.
  540.     OCA
  541.         * Implemented (most of) a Chronicler fixes paste.
  542.         * Added a confirmation when the player attempts to create a new game while having a save loaded.
  543.         * Moved Dullahan encounter to the last couple hours of the day, and made it so she's only encounterable once per day.
  544.         * Made the Dullahan counter damage be affected by her stats, instead of being a flat (randomized) number.
  545.         * Being 'retarded' (Bimbo, Bro, or Futa Faculties) now reduces max intelligence by 40.
  546.     Oxdeception
  547.         * Made the input window for the scene builder in the debug menu movable/resizable and added parser toggling.
  549. Fixes:
  550.     Koraeli
  551.         * Permed masteries are now saved.
  552.         * Permed masteries now cost what they should.
  553.         * Fixed minotaur addiction with addictions disabled.
  554.         * Button images from themes are now in the proper order.
  555.         * Fixed some text issues in dark themes.
  556.         * Your last-used theme should now load properly when theme autoloading is disabled.
  557.         * Fixed difficulty display when loading saves.
  558.         * Fixed attack AI for the sentinels in the wizard's tower, they'll now have the correct delay between their seals.
  559.         * Enabling/disabling parasites from the in-game worms scene will now always save the settings.
  560.         * Multiparagraph speech no longer italicises the opening quotation mark.
  561.     Mothman
  562.         * Re-fixed Owca.
  563.         * Re-enabled some Vanilla Izma sex scenes for when you turn down the camp offer (remember to thank Kitteh for your lack of shark).
  564.         * Fixed being unable to ask Ceraph to remove your exhibitionism fetish.
  565.         * Made root legs actually change leg count.
  566.         * Fixed Rathazul's debimbo offer sticking you in a loop.
  567.         * Fixed Helia's threesomes not going back to her sex menu and not ending combat.
  568.         * Fixed the missing Leave button in Lethice's Keep.
  569.         * Text fixes.
  570.     OCA
  571.         * Fixed broken scene ending when facing the Dullahan after being rude to her.
  572.         * Fixed "You" character being displayed in the UI after attempting to load from file and cancelling.
  573.         * Fixed Kitsune 'Shove Her' scene not working for female or genderless characters.
  574.         * Made Hummanus and Super Hummanus reset eye count whenever eyes would be reset.
  575.         * Fixed Oasis demons 'Talk' option skipping straight to a sex scene instead of the actual 'talk' scene.
  576.         * Text Fixes.
  577.     Oxdeception
  578.         * Fixed panes jumping 1 px when scrolling.
  580. Dev Stuff:
  581.     Mothman
  582.         * Changed image names to camel case (and standardized some of them).
  583.         * Removed the unused grimdark mode stuff.
  584.         * A lot of small, miscellaneous code cleanup.
  585.     OCA
  586.         * Created CombatAttackBuilder to simplify how monster attacks are defined and executed.
  587.         * Refactored monster reaction functions to take any number of arguments.
  588.         * Renamed KihaFollower to KihaFollowerScene.
  589.         * Moved the flag part of the mf function from Creature to Player and changed some stray uses of mf with monsters.
  591. (09/22/2019)
  592. Fixes:
  593.     Mothman
  594.         * Fixed certain measurements being handled improperly.
  595.         * Fixed Marble's trigger for talking about you beating pure Marae.
  596.         * Enabled an erroneously unused confirmation prompt for giving Marble ProBova.
  597.         * Comforting Marble after being addicted now properly delays withdrawal.
  598.         * Fixed some inconsistencies with how NoFur ProBova Marble was treated. If you want fur, you get fur, and they can sort out the rest in your final judgement.
  600. 1.4.15 (09/20/2019)
  601. Additions:
  602.     Mothman
  603.         * Added sapphic lovemaking with Kid A (written by Yuribot).
  604.         * Added a dream when you're in withdrawal from Marble's milk (written by Yuribot).
  605.         * Added a dream when you're being fluffed by tails(written by Yuribot).
  606.         * Added fishing with Callu.
  607.         * Added admiring the imp skulls on your wall.
  608.     Patche
  609.         * Added an indicator for the latest save.
  611. Changes:
  612.     Koraeli
  613.         * Adjusted goblin racial score so getting pointy ears as a loli doesn't automatically make you a goblin. Goblin-coloured skin is more important now.
  614.     Mothman
  615.         * Chilly Smith Changes
  616.             - Re-enabled the talk option.
  617.             - No longer sells inquisitor's gear or the indecent steel armor.
  618.             - Decent number of small text changes.
  619.         * Changed race names to lowercase. If you see one still capitalized, feel free to report it.
  620.         * Updated the main menu icon (Chronicler's work).
  621.         * Changed the mobile app icons (Chronicler's work).
  623. Fixes:
  624.     Klorpa
  625.         * Text Fixes.
  626.     Koraeli
  627.         * Fixed problems with underwear on ascension.
  628.         * Gnolls no longer use melee attacks from a distance.
  629.         * Can no longer do the intro twice when you have every history perk.
  630.         * The infested chameleon girl no longer thinks you have nephila when you don't.
  631.     Mothman
  632.         * Fixed Owca's first encounter.
  633.         * Prevented the dream intro displaying if you had no dreams unlocked.
  634.         * Text fixes.
  636. Dev Stuff:
  637.     Mothman
  638.         * A lot of small, miscellaneous code cleanup.
  640. 1.4.14 (09/01/2019)
  641. Additions:
  642.     Mothman
  643.         * Added Rebecc sprite.
  644. Changes:
  645.     Mothman
  646.         * Changed Amily No Fur sprite (Chronicler's work).
  647.     Koraeli
  648.         * Removed the SFW option until it's actually finished
  649. Fixes:
  650.     Mothman
  651.         * Preventing tucking in kids that don't exist.
  652.         * Text Fixes.
  653.     Koraeli
  654.         * Fixed theme autoloading, addiction toggle, and furry toggle
  655.         * Fixed Kath tubetop talk
  658. (08/25/2019)
  659. Changes
  660.     Mothman
  661.         * Added a border to the search bar. And hopefully didn't break it in the process.
  662.         * Updated the text for the drake's heart acquisition.
  663. Fixes
  664.     Mothman
  665.         * Fixed Sylvia's pregnancy checks causing scenes not to play.
  666.     Koraeli
  667.         * Fixed the 4th-10th inventory slots being emptied on loading.
  668.         * Fixed theme autoloading.
  670. 1.4.13 (08/24/2019)
  671. Additions:
  672.     Mothman
  673.         * Added Rent-An-Alice (written by Yuribot)
  674.             - Requires not having the Alice codex.
  675.             - Has lewd/innocent versions.
  676.             - Has a whole lot of text.
  677.         * Added putting the kitsune statue in your camp (written by Yuribot).
  678.         * Added phoenix faceriding (written by Yuribot).
  679.         * Added rocking one of your harpy daughters to sleep (written by 2hufag).
  680.         * Added Helia lust fuck (requires heat/rut).
  681.         * Added Izma cunnilingus.
  682.         * Added talking to Sylvia about Dolores.
  683.         * Added Helspawn headpats.
  684.         * Added Alice asphyxiation.
  685.         * Added asking Ceraph to rape you.
  686.         * Added flying around with Sylvia and Dolores.
  687.         * Added a variation where Kid A tells Marble to fuck off at high confidence.
  688.         * Added taking Helspawn out fishing.
  689.     Oxdeception
  690.         * Added a search bar to the credits and options menus.
  692. Changes:
  693.     Koraeli
  694.         * Completely overhauled the settings menu. Settings are now clearly divided between global (apply to all saves, are only saved and loaded globally) and local (apply to a specific character, are saved and loaded with that character, can't normally be set if a character isn't loaded). Some options have been moved around and some defaults have changed as a result, and some of your old settings may be lost as a result of changing to the new system. Any custom keybindings will definitely be lost. Revisiting the settings menu and getting everything set up how you want it is highly recommended. Going back and forth between the new version and old versions is not recommended, and is likely to reset all your settings.
  695.         * There was a tragic accident while reworking the settings, and unfortunately, SFW mode was heavily injured. I expect it to be back and better than ever in the next release, however.
  696.     Mothman
  697.         * Changed the name of the Worms toggle to Parasites and made the scene in the mountains more clearly communicate this.
  698.         * The cum witch's bukakke attack hits half as much but does twice the damage (to reduce the message spam).
  699.         * Reduced and capped mastery gain against the training dummy.
  700.         * Disrespect the Bushido code at your own peril.
  701.     OCA
  702.         * Light Rail Avenger is a two hander now in order to balance it a bit.
  704. Fixes:
  705.     Koraeli
  706.         * Tower shield's strength check is working again.
  707.         * Saving and loading no longer gives you a phantom 4th item slot that immediately disappears.
  708.         * Fixed some tooltips incorrectly informing you that you're lacking genitals or lust.
  709.         * Storage button images no longer change constantly.
  710.         * Fixed up salon beard menu.
  711.     Mothman
  712.         * Fixed sub and dom Holli's sex menus being swapped.
  713.         * Fixed Sylvia's dom spend time option sticking you in a loop.
  714.         * Fixed the female corrupted witch bad end.
  715.         * Fixed the lusty maiden's armor titfuck scene not working.
  716.         * Text Fixes.
  717.     OCA
  718.         * Tweaked the Dullahan's first phase to properly use gender neutral pronouns.
  719.         * Slightly tweaked the entrance to the Factory to only show the first room's description when the player actually enters it.
  720.         * Fixed situations where a parry or a dodge from an enemy would result in doing 1 damage instead of the proper description.
  722. Dev Stuff:
  723.     Koraeli
  724.         * Added Utils.recursiveLoad(), which copies the values of any common properties from one object to another, unless that common property is itself an object with properties, in which case those subproperties are copied if shared, and so on. Example: You have source.data.prop={a:true,b:true} and destination.data.prop={b:false}. With recursiveLoad(source, destination), each level is checked for common properties, so source.data.prop.b is copied but not source.data.prop.a
  725.     Mothman
  726.         * Added knockUpChance to PregancyStore and refactored existing impregnation checks.
  727.         * Moved several things into virilityQ and made it return an int.
  728.         * Moved some hardcoded item drops out of Combat.
  729.         * Added setLoot to Monster as a way to avoid accessing drop directly.
  730.         * Removed a bunch of unused files, including the (empty) demon soldier files, the dryad files, Tracking, the counters stuff, CharView, TestContent, and the entire test directory.
  731.         * Removed addDisabledButton (just use addButtonDisabled).
  732.         * Removed the global variable temp. You didn't misread that.
  734. 1.4.12 (08/02/2019)
  735. Additions:
  736.     Mothman
  737.         * HikkiQuest is here.
  738.             - Continuation of Dolores's storyline.
  739.             - Bring her to various locales to meet other NPCs.
  740.             - Features writing by OCA (the Circe bit) and Wombat (the bit you can't get yet).
  741.             - Help your daughter achieve the dream you'll never be able to—leaving her house.
  742.         * Added Helspawn waking you up with a surprise (written by Yuribot, generous code help provided by Koraeli and Ox).
  743.         * Added an Aiko appearance (written by Yuribot).
  744.         * Added a Dullahan appearance (written/plagiarized by Chronicler).
  745.         * Added teaching your sharkgirl daughters about the birds and the bees.
  746.         * Added getting a massage from female rubi (written by Yuribot).
  747.     OCA
  748.         * Added options to turn down Circe's wine offer.
  750. Changes:
  751.     Koraeli
  752.         * Being infested with Nephila while you have eels, or vice versa, will kill the existing infestation.
  753.         * Non-reset ascension once again removes all perks other than level-up and permed perks.
  754.     Mothman
  755.         * Removed the sillymode bad end blurbs at Chronicler's behest.
  756.         * Changed all references to Izma's color as orange to red/red-orange.
  757.         * Changed some non-camp NPCs to the new menu format, including Sylvia, Dolores, Minerva, Aiko, the Dullahan, and the gargoyle.
  758.         * Aiko no longer has an obnoxious in-game corruption toggle.
  759.         * Monster sidebar names are now in title case.
  761. Fixes:
  762.     Koraeli
  763.         * All of Rathazul's crafting should give him XP now, and more than buying things.
  764.         * Minerva's purification potion now requires and consumes the correct ingredients.
  765.         * Giving birth to a pumpkin seed with a full inventory now allows you to make room for it.
  766.         * Fixed a few issues related to ascension.
  767.     Mothman
  768.         * Fixed the Phoeoeonixs button overwriting the stair button in Hel's dungeon.
  769.         * Fixed text not displaying properly for Helia's sleep options.
  770.         * You can no longer fight Holli with Jojo if you corrupt him after you obtain her (which resulted in you breaking spacetime and creating a second, pure Jojo).
  771.         * Fixed Aiko's low affection and corrupt menus being swapped.
  772.         * Fixed Aiko always gaining corruption from sex if you have corruption tolerance.
  773.         * Fixed Alice panties always defaulting to white.
  774.         * Fixed some racial perk messages repeating if you have them permed (you can't perm them anymore, but for compatibility).
  775.         * Text Fixes.
  776.     OCA
  777.         * Fixed losing in the factory locking you out of it in NG+.
  778.         * Fixed locked door descriptions inside the factory.
  780. Dev Stuff:
  781.     Koraeli
  782.         * Creature.createStatusEffect() no longer creates duplicates, if you already have the status it does nothing and returns the existing one. createStatusEffectAllowDuplicates() has the old functionality.
  783.     Mothman
  784.         * Added a [hairshort] parser, which returns just a single noun for the player's hair.
  785.         * Aiko's corruption now uses getters/setters.
  786.         * Added hasUnpermedPerk, which checks both if the player has it and if they've permed it through ascension.
  787.     OCA
  788.         * Added functions to set evade/speed/flexibility/misdirection and block/parry/counter all at once.
  789.         * Added hideIf to CoCButton. It hides a button if the condition is true.
  791. (07/19/2019)
  792. Changes:
  793.     Mothman:
  794.         * You can only tuck in one dragon-kid a night.
  795. Fixes:
  796.     Mothman:
  797.         * Re-enabled Circe's first encounter.
  798.         * Fixed Amily's gift clothes menu.
  799.         * Arian's cock size is no longer treated as 36 when it's actually 0.
  800.         * You cannot race imaginary horses.
  801.         * Fixed several options in the factory not bringing up navigation buttons.
  802.         * Text fixes.
  803.     OCA:
  804.         * Text fixes.
  805. Dev Stuff:
  806.     OCA:
  807.         * Dungeon connectivity maps can be created by string instead of numbers, making them more readable.
  809. 1.4.11 (07/16/2019)
  810. Additions:
  811.     Koraeli
  812.         * Custom themes are now an option. See https://pastebin.com/pzYsFeL3 for details. Downloads can be found in the main download folder.
  813.     Mothman
  814.         * Added a large number of small companion options to fill out menus:
  815.             - Rathazul appearance, talks, and offer blurbs.
  816.             - Latex Goo-Girl appearance and talks.
  817.             - Ceraph appearance and talks (magic talk written by Chronicler).
  818.             - Holli appearance and talks.
  819.             - Izma spar.
  820.             - Sophie talks.
  821.             - Milk slave talks (for mid-tier and small breasts).
  822.             - Kid A Appearance
  823.             - Arian Appearance (written by Lesbianon).
  824.         * Added the plague rat to replace the imp lord (written by Satan).
  825.         * Added some harpy daughter stuff (written by Satan):
  826.             - Headpats
  827.             - Cuddling
  828.             - Flying
  829.             - Cunnylicking
  830.         * Added racing Kelly's kids (written by Yuribot).
  831.         * Added tucking in one of Ember's kids.
  832.         * Added encountering Whitney fighting a gnoll in the plains (written by Satan).
  833.         * You can let the incubus drider and minotaur king go instead of killing them.
  834.     OCA
  835.         * Added several Circe scenes:
  836.             - Greetings
  837.             - Goodbyes
  838.             - Wine drinking
  840. Changes:
  841.     Chronicler
  842.         * Revamped the stone theme.
  843.     Koraeli
  844.         * Loading saves from a file is no longer limited to the directory the swf is in, you can load from anywhere.
  845.         * Entering the options menu now brings you to the page you were last on.
  846.         * Champions with long names will no longer overflow the sidebar.
  847.         * Various slight UI changes that probably nobody will notice. Some of the changes in this release might have changed existing text backgrounds, so they might need to switch them in the interface options.
  848.         * Akbal defeat menu cleaned up, and he can now be raped if you win with damage.
  849.     Mothman
  850.         * Made Chronicler's widespread follower menu changes. Stuff should be a lot more organized and straightforward now.
  851.         * Implemented Chronicler's fourth miscellaneous stuff paste.
  852.         * Removed the gem cost from dedicking Izma on NG+ and messed with some related corruption mechanics.
  853.         * Eating faeries now restores hunger.
  854.         * Standardized some corruption stat values for enemies.
  856. Fixes:
  857.     Klorpa
  858.         * Text fixes.
  859.     Koraeli
  860.         * Imp rape and gargoyle "use her" for female PCs will now properly take virginity.
  861.         * Several instances of broken dialogue fixed.
  862.         * Rathazul's shop menu tooltips now show prices.
  863.     Mothman
  864.         * Enabled slutspawn kissing.
  865.         * Fixed a bug that was preventing you from getting the pacifism fetish from Ceraph at camp.
  866.         * The training dummy can no longer move or drop global loot.
  867.         * You can't spar Valeria while wearing her any more.
  868.         * Fixed Kiha's firebreathing with kids options being switched.
  869.         * Fixed the nav buttons not working in Lethice's Keep.
  870.         * Text fixes (if I even need to write that).
  871.     OCA
  872.         * Fixes to the new minimap (mainly proper centering).
  873.         * The spiked gauntlets now properly stun instead of causing bleed.
  874.         * Fixes to Deep Cave.
  875.         * Several fixes to button tooltip text.
  877. Dev stuff:
  878.     Koraeli
  879.         * Save files now include a version tag (for example "hgg").
  880.         * SelfSaver now allows for both local (per-save) and global saving.
  881.         * addLimitedButton(slotArray, <usualButtonArguments>) allows you to add a button to the first available position in an array of positions.
  882.         * addRowButton(row, <usualButtonArguments>) and addColButton(column, <usualButtonArguments>) added as shortcuts, which call addLimitedButton with the slots for the specified row or column. Rows and columns are counted starting from 0.
  883.     Mothman
  884.         * Fixed issues with case-sensitivity, so you can build on Linux again.
  885.         * Removed FetishManager.as and refactored fetishes (thanks to Koraeli for solutions).
  886.         * Added setStairButtons for making buttons to go between floors in dungeons.
  887.         * Added an optional parameter to cleanupAfterCombat that allows you to ignore the standard consequences for losing.
  888.     OCA
  889.         * Converted factory to the new dungeon system.
  890.         * Significantly expanded CombatAttackBuilder.
  891.         * Renamed CombatAttackData to CombatRangeData.
  893. And remember to align your chakras.
  894. https://thebuddhistcentre.com/buddhism
  896. (06/23/2019)
  897. Changes:
  898.     Koraeli
  899.         * Drastically improved startup time. If you aren't using an image pack, make sure Image Pack in the interface options is turned off, otherwise loading a save or starting a new game will take a few seconds (once per session).
  900.     Mothman
  901.         * Izmael was incredibly broken, not to mention terrible in general, so he's been disabled for the moment (if you even knew he existed).
  903. Fixes:
  904.     Koraeli
  905.         * Various Nieve fixes.
  906.     Mothman
  907.         * A couple of checks for the Nieve playing stuff.
  909. (06/22/2019)
  910. Fixes:
  911.     Koraeli
  912.         * Fixed Nieve parsers.
  914. 1.4.10 (06/22/2019)
  915. Additions:
  916.     Koraeli
  917.         * Nieve has been overhauled and slightly expanded.
  918.             - You can now make a child-sized snowman for loli/shota Nieve. If you've already built Nieve, you'll be given the choice next time Nieve's Tear activates.
  919.             - Added a number of talk scenes (most written by Mothman, one by Koraeli).
  920.             - Added female Nieve strapon scene (written by Mothman).
  921.             - Nieve can now guard your camp.
  922.         * Coal can rarely be found in the mountains (scene written by Chronicler).
  923.     Mothman
  924.         * Added hellmouth ambush (written by Satan).
  925.         * Added generic kitsune victory scene (written by Yuribot).
  926.         * Added Nieve playing with your camp kids (written by Satan).
  927.         * Added asking Holli to regrow corrupt glades (written by Yuribot).
  928.         * Added sprites:
  929.             - Goblin shaman (edited by an anon/Chronicler)
  930.             - Vapula (edited by angeranon/Chronicler)
  931.             - Loli Garg (created by angeranon, edited by Chronicler)
  932.             - Mrs. Coffee (edited by Chronicler)
  934. Changes:
  935.     Koraeli
  936.         * Normal attacks have less generic messages now. The current lines are just placeholders, better and more weapon-specific attack messages will hopefully be coming soon.
  937.         * The Huntsman's Cane has been buffed slightly, it won't break from attacking too much and the lust/corruption resistance has been improved.
  938.         * The "A Christmas Carol" perk, which enables Christmas events year-round, now also allows Nieve to be in your camp any time of year. This is intended to be a temporary solution, just until someone writes a proper way of allowing her to stay (maybe with ice magic for example).
  939.         * The quest that gives the Christmas Carol perk now has a more forgiving time limit and can be properly completed any time of year (though the encounters are rare outside of Christmastime).
  940.         * Item spawning in the debug menu is more convenient, you now stay on the same page with no "Next" button after spawning an item.
  941.     Mothman
  942.         * Button font updated again (there were a few things missing).
  943.     OCA
  944.         * Amily's Nurse Roleplay scene doesn't require lust any more.
  946. Fixes:
  947.     Klorpa
  948.         * Fixed a large number of typos and the like.
  949.     Koraeli
  950.         * Fixed perk/mastery perming options on ascension.
  951.         * Didn't actually fix that one text bug, that would be absurd, but possibly prevented it from happening in many cases. For now.
  952.         * Leaving Kid A no longer sends you to the storage menu.
  953.         * Made inventory button labelling outside of the actual inventory menu (the pawn shop for example) more consistent.
  954.     Mothman
  955.         * Added the actual button for looking at an Ember egg.
  956.         * Fixed a bug where eggs would infinitely hatch.
  957.         * Fext Tixes.
  958.     OCA
  959.         * Tweaked a couple typos in the Dullahan's scenes.
  960.         * Some pedantic typo fixes in Shouldra and Corrupted Witch's scenes.
  962. Dev stuff:
  963.     Koraeli
  964.         * Registered parser tags can now be multiple words, don't have to return strings, and can be used in parser conditionals.
  965.         * New function in Player, hasItemAnywhere(ItemType). Returns true if the item exists in the inventory or storage (other functions only check inventory).
  966.     OCA
  967.         * Moved some dungeon sprites around.
  969. 1.4.9 (06/11/2019):
  970. Additions:
  971.     Moth
  972.         * Added Ember egg hatching and breatfeeding (written by Yuribot).
  973.         * Added Alice headpats (written by Lesbianon).
  974.         * Added sand witch arouse overwhelm option (written by Satan).
  975.         * Added Izumi lifting contest.
  976.         * Added Whitney walking in on your horsefucking if you have high fatigue (written by Satan).
  977.         * Added dreaming of Sylvia at high dom.
  978.         * Added ripping your anemone cock off without requirements (written by Satan).
  980. Changes:
  981.     Moth
  982.         * Removed the faint text backdrop from the map background (thanks, anon).
  983.         * Replaced the button font (thanks, Ox).
  984.     OCA
  985.         * Increased the size of the mini map a bit.
  986.         * REMOVED THE RED SQUARE
  988. Bug fixes:
  989.     Koraeli
  990.         * Various typo fixes.
  991.         * Storage duplication no longer stays enabled if you turn off debug mode.
  992.         * Fixed Amily size caps.
  993.         * Top menu buttons now all have headers.
  994.         * Aiko fix.
  995.         * Silly mode line in Dullahan cuddling actually requires silly mode now.
  996.     Moth
  997.         * Fixed a bug that made vine armor TFs repeat.
  998.         * Fixed a bug with the abyssal shard that caused its normal use to not work.
  999.         * Fixed something consuming two slimy cloths.
  1000.         * Fixed being unable to stop sleeping with Helspawn.
  1001.         * Text fixes.
  1002.     OCA
  1003.         * Fixed broken spell reactions from the Doppelganger.
  1004.         * Fixed the Volcanic Golem's HP not being properly set when fleeing.
  1005.         * Probably fixed the Beautiful Sword not being properly removed when you're corrupted.
  1006.         * Fixed Omnibus' Gift not being properly added.
  1011. (05/26/2019):
  1012. Bug fixes:
  1013.     Koraeli
  1014.         * Fixed parsing.
  1015.     Moth
  1016.         * Did nothing.
  1018. Dev stuff:
  1019.     OCA
  1020.         * Reformatted most of the code.
  1023. (05/26/2019):
  1024. Bug fixes:
  1025.     Koraeli
  1026.         * Ability buttons no longer break everything when they're disabled.
  1027.         * Hundreds of typo fixes, more than making up for all the text I probably just broke.
  1029. (05/26/2019):
  1030. Additions:
  1031.     Mothman
  1032.         * Added Hellmouth 69 (written by Lesbianon).
  1033.         * Added Alice (mostly) yuri options (written by Lesbianon).
  1034.     Koraeli
  1035.         * Debug options added to the storage menu.
  1037. Changes:
  1038.     Koraeli
  1039.         * Minotaur cum can no longer be purchased from the salon before proper payment.
  1040.         * A semen payment only covers one free item from the salon, any additional items will cost gems.
  1041.         * The Thanksgiving pig is less annoying.
  1043. Fixes:
  1044.     Mothman
  1045.         * Lethice no longer has balls.
  1046.     OCA
  1047.         *Fixed certain status effects reapplying on load, causing them to stack.
  1048.     Koraeli
  1049.         * Various Rathazul fixes.
  1050.         * Rubi item-giving menus fixed.
  1052. Dev stuff:
  1053.     Koraeli
  1054.         * New function in Player, hasItemArrayAny. Same as hasItemArray but returns true if you meet any of the requirements instead of all requirements.
  1055.         * New function in Output, buttonCount. Returns the number of visible buttons.
  1057. (05/21/2019):
  1058. Fixes:
  1059.     * Rathazul is back from his vacation, sorry for the wait.
  1060.     * A handful of writing corrections
  1062. (05/21/2019):
  1063. Fixes:
  1064.     * The build actually includes all the things it should this time.
  1065.     * A couple of text fixes.
  1067. 1.4.8 (05/21/2019):
  1068. Additions:
  1069.     Mothman
  1070.         * Added text for leaving the bee (by the first anon, didn't get around to doing anything with the second one).
  1071.         * Added Ember tribbing.
  1072.         * Added Helia/Ember threesome.
  1073.         * Added Arian female morning sex.
  1074.         * Added fucking a teddybear.
  1075.         * Added a sapphic demonstration for your tigershark daughters (written by Yuribot).
  1076.         * Added gifting Rathazul a teddybear (written by Satan).
  1077.         * Added sleeping descriptions for companions (written by Satan).
  1078.         * Added Kitsune lust draft faceriding.
  1079.         * Added touching fluffy tails.
  1080.         * Added Sylvia teasing.
  1081.         * Added Edryn kid encounter.
  1082.         * Added moth cave reading.
  1083.         * Added Amarok female loss rewrite and watersports facefuck loss and that was a request so I'm not ashamed of myself.
  1084.         * Added Amily kids camp visit.
  1085.     OCA
  1086.         * Insects are gross, and Circe agrees.
  1088. Changes:
  1089.     Koraeli
  1090.         * The stat-up menu now shows buttons for all stats, with unavailable options being disabled instead of hidden.
  1091.         * You can now shift-click in the stat-up menu to add/subtract all stat points at once.
  1092.         * Edryn no longer spoils the huge super-secret plot twist in the Tel'Adre intro for children.
  1093.         * Rathazul completely overhauled. The most noticeable change will be that he only offers to sell/make/do something for you one time, instead of spamming you with a list of offers every time you visit him. Once an offer has been made, it will be permanently visible in his shop/crafting pages from then on even if you don't meet the requirements currently.
  1094.         * Purity philters and numbing oils are now more expensive and take more experience for Rathazul to make.
  1095.     Mothman
  1096.         * Chronicler bitched the Lethicite Armor out of existence.
  1097.         * Tweaked some Aiko dialogue if you haven't met Kelt (thanks, Yuribot).
  1098.         * Implemented Chronicler's fixes paste.
  1099.     OCA
  1100.         * Divine Wind now does 75% of the healing Heal does.  
  1101.         * Wither now does 60% of healing as damage, instead of 50%.
  1102.         * Soulburst now adds 50% of your pre-soulburst spell mod per cast, instead of doubling spellmod exponentially.
  1104. Fixes:
  1105.     Koraeli
  1106.         * Fixed some issues with the Alice fox scene.
  1107.         * Corruption tolerance now lets you have sex with hellhounds, instead of preventing it.
  1108.         * Bow mastery's fatigue reduction works correctly now.
  1109.         * Added missing Reddit spacing.
  1110.         * Item tooltips and headers added or fixed in various places.
  1111.         * Some typo fixes.
  1112.         * Many, many cases of single linebreaks have been corrected to paragraph breaks.
  1113.         * Corrected horrible lies in Resolute description.
  1114.     Mothman
  1115.         * Fixed some bugs related to status effects that fucked with stats.
  1116.         * Fixed urtaquest fucking with items.
  1117.         * Text fixes (conditional parsers in particular).
  1118.     OCA
  1119.         * Tweaks to some Secretarial Succubus scenes.
  1120.         * Fixed a bug where the Lizan Rogue would permanently(instead of temporarily) reduce your toughness and increase your sensitivity, except he just commented it out like a lazy piece of shit, so I removed it, and he probably won't even read this.
  1121.         * Typo fixes in the Tower, Manor, Helia, Dullahan and Helspawn scenes.
  1122.         * Fixed damage calculations for several enemies.
  1123.         * Fixed Lethice only being reachable when flying if you *couldn't* fly.
  1124.         * A long forgotten Marble sex scene should be accessible after 5 years.
  1125.         * Lethice gained a new old move that was in her file for 5 years but was never used.
  1127. Dev Stuff:
  1128.     Koraeli
  1129.         * Tons of improvements to [pg].
  1130.             - If you want longer breaks, you can use [pg+], or [pg++], or [pg++++++++++++] if you really need to. Each + adds an additional line. Similarly, you can use - to remove a line, so [pg-] gives a single linebreak.
  1131.             - [pg] is now ignored by the parser when it's the first text to be displayed, so you don't end up with empty lines at the top of the screen.
  1132.             - [pg] is also ignored when there are multiple [pg] in a row. Unless the new [pg] is larger than the previous, in which case it will add the difference.
  1133.             - The above two changes mean that you can always put a [pg] at the beginning of a paragraph without worrying about what other text might display (or not display) before it.
  1134.         * Stole and expanded on ButtonData and ButtonDataList. Any buttons you add to the menu are automatically added to a global ButtonDataList, including any addNextButtons that overflow the menu. Overflowing menus won't actually be changed into multi-page menus until you call setExitButton or buttons.submenu.
  1135.         * Added setExitButton(name, function, position, sort), which creates a back/leave button and generates a multi-page menu if necessary. All arguments are optional, with defaults being "Leave", camp.returnToCampUseOneHour, 14, and false, respectively. So a standard "go back to camp" button could be done with just setExitButton(), or leaving a shop submenu might be setExitButton("Back", shopMainMenu). You can string button functions to this as with addButton, for example setExitButton().hint("tooltip").disableIf(condition)
  1136.         * CoCButton, ItemType, and ItemSlot now have functions to generate ButtonData.
  1137.         * ItemType and ItemSlot have tooltipText and tooltipHeader functions, so inventory/shops/whatever else doesn't need to handle the formatting every time.
  1138.         * All outputTexts are currently a single line. This sometimes makes them a massive wall of text; I'll be fixing that later, splitting them into multiple outputTexts based on paragraph breaks, but some complex outputTexts can't safely be split automatically so some will remain huge for now.
  1139.         * Converted all double (or or more) spaces in outputTexts to single spaces. Except any that are split up, for example by parsing or multiple outputTexts.
  1140.         * Converted most newlines in outputTexts to [pg].
  1141.         * Parser conditionals now optionally accept a new syntax: [if (condition) {outputIfTrue|outputIfFalse}]. Anything outside the parentheses or braces will be ignored. The old syntax still works, at least for now: [if (condition)outputIfTrue|outputIfFalse]
  1142.         * New function in Output, menuIsEmpty(). Simply returns true if there are no buttons displayed.
  1143.         * New function in Utils, countMatches(match:String, target:String). This will count the number of instances of "match" within "target", for example countMatches("a", "an example") returns 2.
  1144.         * New function in Player, hasItemArray(items:Array, quantities:Array = null). Returns true if you have everything in an array of ItemTypes, with an optional array of matching quantities (default quantity is 1). For example, player.hasItemArray([consumables.LACTAID, consumables.P_LBOVA], [5]) will check that you have at least 5 Lactaids and 1 purified LaBova.
  1145.     OCA
  1146.         * Converted Deep Cave to use the Tower of Deception's system.
  1149. 1.4.7 (05/06/2019):
  1150. Additions:
  1151.     Mothman
  1152.         * Added Arian, Callu, Holli, and Izumi sprites (thanks, spriteanon).
  1153.         * Added Slutspawn sex (written by Yuribot).
  1154.         * Added sleeping with Helspawn (written by Lesbianon).
  1155.         * Expanded sleeping with Helia and added sleeping with both salamanders at once.
  1156.         * Added a training dummy you can build at camp (written by Wombat).
  1158. Changes:
  1159.     Mothman
  1160.         * Minimum sensitivity is now 5 for child PCs.
  1161.         * Spacing should (hopefully) a bit more consistent on wait/sleep screens. These are a bit of a bitch to find, though, so if anything's weird, please mention it.
  1162.     OCA
  1163.         * Omnibus' Gift now gives 35 minimum lust.
  1165. Bug Fixes:
  1166.     Koraeli
  1167.         * Insane game-wide typo sweep, Americanisation, and consistentification. Thousands of fixes, the majority courtesy of klorpa.
  1168.         * Fixed a lot of broken parsing, non-italic dialogue, random quotation marks, extra spaces, single newlines, and a bunch of minor issues.
  1169.     Mothman
  1170.         * Actually enabled the mothyakodon (the conversation button for it wouldn't show up previously).
  1171.         * Fixed not being able to build the wall if you have enough fatigue.
  1172.         * Fixed rubber balls not working right in combat.
  1173.         * Finally finished weeding my fucking garden. If the dryad isn't gone this time, I don't know what will become of me.
  1174.         * Various text errors.
  1175.     OCA
  1176.         * Minor moth tweaks.
  1177.         * Removed corner texts for now.
  1178.         * Applied anti aliasing to some images... again.
  1180. Dev stuff:
  1181.     Koraeli
  1182.         * CorruptedSandWitch classes changed to CorruptedWitch
  1183.         * TamainsDaughtersScene -> TamanisDaughtersScene
  1184.         * monster.pronoun1/2/3 parser tags replaced with the much clearer monster.he/him/his.
  1185.         * The parser handles [pg] more intelligently, detecting when it's inside dialogue and adding the necessary quotes, so [dpg] is no   longer needed. Not yet implemented: checking for existing text on the screen and doing nothing if there is none yet.
  1186.         * [i:] and [say:] are also smarter, with nested italics (italics inside italics, like [say: I'm [i:really] tired.]) will be handled automatically with the inner italics being reversed.
  1187.         * There are new start and end tags for formatting: [saystart], [b/u/istart], [sayend], [b/u/iend]. These allow you to use the parser for formatting/dialogue that's split over multiple outputTexts, where a complete [say:] isn't an option. The bold/underline/italic tag works the same as [b/u/i:], in that you can use any combination of b, u, and i: [bustart], [ubistart], [istart], etc.
  1188.         * Parser formatting ([say:] and [b/u/i:]) now ignore any spaces following the colon, so you can do [i:text] or [i: text], whichever you prefer.
  1189.         * Temporary parser tags are an option now, syntax is registerTag(tag, output), or game.parser.registerTag in classes that don't extend BaseContent. Output can either be a string or a function. registerTag("kidname", "Ashley") for example will allow you to use [kidname] in the scene, which will be replaced with "Ashley". Temporary tags are cleared in playerMenu (usually that means when returning to camp).
  1190.         * Invalid parser conditionals now show an error message.
  1191.     OCA
  1192.         * Fixed some internal variables so they actually do what they're supposed to, even though they're not used as of now.
  1194. (04/26/2019):
  1195. Fixes:
  1196.     * Fixed Akbal showing up at the kitsune manor after his quest is done.
  1197.     * Fixed Helspawn naming not properly prompting you again.
  1198.     * Fixed dungeon buttons again.
  1199.     * Actually updated the version number this time.
  1200.     * Tentative fix to icon minimaps having borked scaling.
  1201.     * Fixed possible crash when leaving a kitsune alone after a fight.
  1203. (04/25/2019):
  1204. *Fixed dungeon buttons not being cleared after leaving dungeons.
  1206. 1.4.6 (04/25/2019):
  1207. From moth:
  1208. Additions:
  1209.     * Added the Bog Temple (written by Wombat).
  1210.         - A nice spot for a quick breather.
  1211.         - Ominously empty for the moment.
  1212.     * Added Mothyakodon (requires talking to Sylvia about daughterfucking).
  1213.     * Added Helspawn playing options (playing catch, and a campfire).
  1214.     * Added reading to Helspawn (written by Yuribot).
  1215.     * Added two new Sylvia talk options.
  1216.     * Added pulling off spider legs (written by Satan).
  1217.     * Added finding an ebonbloom.
  1218.     * Added that variation to Dolores's headpatting I promised so long ago.
  1219.     * Added various sprites:
  1220.         - Aunt Nancy
  1221.         - Dickless Ceraph
  1222.         - Niamh
  1223.         - Sheila
  1224. Changes:
  1225.     (These were all Chronicler's brainchildren. Thank him for your prettier UI.)
  1226.     * Button text should now automatically scale down in length when too long. Fair warning that it looks bad when there's too much text and it's scaled down too far.
  1227.     * Removed the awful transparent square in the obsidian background.
  1228.     * Replaced the stat change arrows.
  1229.     * Miscellaneous menu changes.
  1230.     * Changed a bunch of button names.
  1231.     * Item tooltips have changed.
  1232.     * The dungeon movement buttons are now redder (if you're able to see that).
  1233.     * Disabled character viewer until it actually works (except this one was me).
  1234. Bug fixes:
  1235.     * Properly removed dryads.
  1236.     * Fixed time increases in dungeons (and some other places) not working right.
  1237.     * Fixed a bug that was resetting certain things on quicksave (thanks to Koraeli and Ox for solving this one).
  1238.     * Probably other stuff that I'm forgetting.
  1239.     * Typos
  1241. From Koraeli:
  1242. Changes:
  1243.     * Shota thieves in Ingnam are now weaker than adult thieves.
  1244.     * Imps appear at the lake after Marae is corrupted, instead of after NG+.
  1245. Bug fixes:
  1246.     * Nephila stuff is now unlocked when it says it is.
  1248. From OCA:
  1249. Changes:
  1250.     *Reworked how the new dungeon maps are drawn. Sadly, this currently only applies to the Tower of Deception.
  1251.     *Subtle interface updates. The UI as a whole should be crisper.
  1252.     *Nerfed the Lethicite Crystal a bit.
  1253.     *Added back button to Circe's sex menu.
  1254.     *Reduced the duration of the Withering Touch debuff to 2x your spellpower instead of 3x. Adjusted the conversion(heal to damage) to 33% instead of 50%.
  1255.     *Made the Summoned Scimitar's text less verbose to reduce the clusterfuck when many of them are summoned.
  1256.     *Items with max stack of 1 won't display the stack amount.
  1257.     *Added a few sprites
  1258.     *Definitely forgot something
  1259. Fixes:
  1260.     *Few fixes to room layout and descriptions in the Manor.
  1261.     *Fixed some wonkiness with health/lust bar animations on monsters if you're playing too quickly.
  1262.     *Fixed a few inconsistencies with Circe and her scene with the Dullahan.
  1264.     Also, if you like empty mazes, then enable debug mode, go to camp->test stuff->test new dungeon to get a random example.
  1265.     If you like pointless(but infinite) weapon upgrades, then go to test stuff->give me shiny stuff to pimp your weapon. Even your fists, somehow.
  1267. 1.4.5 (04/03/2019):
  1268. From moth:
  1269. Additions
  1270.     * Added Alice nursing.
  1271.     * Added pranking Helspawn with Shouldra.
  1272.     * Added Tamani faceriding followup.
  1273.     * Added Akky bear gifting and harpy harassment.
  1274.     * Added gifting Telly a Drake's Heart.
  1275.     * Added malnourished masturbation.
  1276.     * Added hellmouth watersports.
  1277.     * Added tigershark dick size bullying.
  1278.     * Added Kiha children firebreathing.
  1279.     * Added parsers for vaginal wetness and ears.
  1280. Changes
  1281.     * Another batch of Chronicler fixes.
  1282.     * Made the lower right main menu button into a quit button.
  1283.     * Continuing my em dash crusade, this time fixing Helia's.
  1284.     * Implemented Yuribot's changes to Aiko's talk options.
  1285. Bug fixes:
  1286.     * Fixed anemone spam (again).
  1288. (03/28/2019):
  1289.     * A bunch of stupid parser mistakes.
  1290.     * A couple kitten typo fixes.
  1291.     * Nothing more.
  1293. 1.4.4 (03/27/2019):
  1294. From Moth:
  1295. Additions:
  1296.     * Added the Tel'Adre Kittens encounter (random event that occurs from 17:00–20:00).
  1297.     * Added gifting Kiha a Drake's Heart.
  1298.     * Added talking to Valeria while wearing her.
  1299.     * Added Alice womb deepthroat.
  1300.     * Added the Gwynn no sex option.
  1301.     * Added kid Helspawn bathing.
  1302. Changes:
  1303.     * Removed first time Jojo sex along with the rest.
  1304.     * Slightly nerfed vine grab, more changes potentially to come.
  1305.     * Made Exgartuan sillymode.
  1306.     * Implemented a batch of Chronicler's miscellaneous corrections.
  1307.     * Changed all instances of "grey" to "gray."
  1308.     * Changed all instances of "fairy/fey" to "faerie/fae."
  1309.     * Typo fixes, as always.
  1310. Bug Fixes:
  1311.     * Fixed enemy damage type not resetting (causing you to gain fatigue for everything when wearing the vine armor).
  1312.     * Fixed the vine grab ability not costing fatigue.
  1314. From Koraeli:
  1315. Bug fixes:
  1316.     * Leaving Ember's egg now puts you at the camp menu instead of inventory.
  1317.     * The game now correctly tells you to look for the egg under camp actions instead of key items.
  1318.     * Double attacks no longer increase your base damage.
  1319.     * Pumpkin seeds will no longer trigger Halloween dreams or some other things. Actual events, like the phouka one, are still unlocked.
  1320.     * Items with menus, such as hair dye, now work correctly in combat.
  1321.     * Added error checking to Sylvia to hopefully track down an annoying bug.
  1323. (03/21/2019):
  1324. * Fixed some parser issues/typos/naga hatecrimes.
  1325. * Terrestrial Fire self-damage is now properly fire damage.
  1326. * Armor name should now return "gear" for the vines.
  1327. * Fixed a certain semi-spoilery conversation.
  1328. * Fixed taking Valeria.
  1329. * Fixed the BVA's high chance being left on.
  1330. * Made a certain timer start a bit later.
  1332. 1.4.3 (03/20/2019):
  1333. Mothman:
  1334. * Added the Black Velvet Alraune (written by Satan, combat done by Koraeli).
  1335.     -Replacement for the corrupt dryad enemy
  1336.     -Found in the swamp
  1337.     -Associated armor/miniquest
  1338.     -Very goth
  1339. * Added yuri Dolores stuff (just the first time and a single repeatable scene for the moment).
  1340. * Added Helspawn footjob.
  1341. * Posthumously added 2hu's Rubi additions.
  1342. * Added helspawn imbibing a hearty anemone broth.
  1343. * Added Hellmouth cuddling.
  1344. * Added Izma Anal.
  1345. * Added some miscellaneous moth things:
  1346.     -Sylvia camp stalking
  1347.     -Dolores sneaking question
  1348.     -Dolores second magic conversation
  1349.     -Sylvia neglect message
  1350. * Your prayers have been answered, and Helia has been purified.
  1351. * Disabled Priscilla for the moment.
  1352. * Disabled corrupting Minerva, which was only 1.5 scenes and shouldn't have been enabled in the first place.
  1353. * Added sex button functions (internal change, don't worry about it).
  1354. * Various typos fixed.
  1356. Koraeli:
  1357. Changes:
  1358.     * Global drops like rings and easter eggs will no longer override other drops.
  1359. Bug fixes:
  1360.     * Fixed several problems with success chance calculations for taking distance or approaching.
  1362. (03/11/2019):
  1363. *Fixed a couple things with the dullahan. Amazing how I manage to fuck her up after so many years.
  1364. *Unhindered now ignores the extra defense from Agility in its calculations, so you can stack speed without worrying about losing the bonus.
  1365. *Changed several ability checks to use a random number generator from 0 to 99 instead of 0 to 98.
  1367. 1.4.2 (02/26/2019):
  1368. Mothman:
  1369. The game is now slightly Tellier.
  1370. Addendum: a whole lot Tellier. Added the chats, gifts, and misc. scenes Satan wrote
  1371. Added Vapula force-lick and vaginal
  1372. Added Sophie female sex denial
  1373. Added faerie honey feeding
  1374. Added Helspawn facesitting and the yuri variation for the lovemaking scene
  1375. Added Shouldra blurb
  1376. Added manor wine revamp
  1377. Added the library help option
  1378. Sillymoded the original Helspawn sex scene until it's rewritten or a replacement is made
  1379. Fixed a bug that was making Sylvia's tapestry not change. You can just look at it again if you'd already done it more than a week previously, and it works normally otherwise.
  1380. Capitalized some things for a certain marsupial
  1381. Typos & bugs fixed
  1383. Koraeli:
  1384.     * You can now get Kid A without first having an anemone cock if your corruption is under 10. This is a temporary solution until somebody rewrites the "birth" scene to allow an actual choice.
  1385.     * Ghoul disabled.
  1386.     * Helspawn no longer calls you by name in her sex scenes, along with some other Helspawn fixes.
  1387.     * The masturbate/meditate/flagellate button has been fixed up a little.
  1388.     * (for coders) Button tooltips now go through the parser.
  1389. Bug fixes:
  1390.     * You can once again add notes to save files.
  1391.     * The cabin in the glacial rift can no longer be encountered more than once.
  1392.     * Goo girls fixed.
  1393.     * Broken dialogue fixed in several places.
  1396. 1.4.1 (02/20/2019):
  1397. More Mothman.
  1398. *Fixed the Moth Cave being disabled (sorry)
  1399. *Added the Alice mating press for that one anon
  1400. *Added helspawn piggyback riding and kissing
  1401. *Added hellmouth lesbian hairjob variation
  1402. *Added 2hufag's Amily ring-gifting and sleeping scenes
  1403. *Fixed 200 goddamn em dashes in Amily's file
  1404. *Some other small typo fixes and such
  1406. 1.4 (02/19/2019):
  1407. Mothman continues to impress! Koraeli also continues to help a lot, and OCA occasionally looks at the thread.
  1408. *Added Sylvia!
  1409.    -Found in the Bog
  1410.    -Can bring you to her home at 100 affection
  1411.    -Can give you a daughter, Dolores, with Helspawn-like progression
  1412. *Added small les variation to the Ifris muscle scene
  1413. *Small change to Rathazul's menu
  1414. *Fixed some minor stuff
  1415. *Various tooltips in various places
  1416. *You should only get herm children now if you or the other parent is a herm(mostly Koraeli)
  1417. *Disabled blackfire
  1418. *Disabled pure Jojo sex
  1419. *Disabled obtaining Joy (people who have her will keep her)
  1420. Those were disabled due to quality issues.
  1421. *Disabled Isabella cowgirl babies
  1422. *Added several new parser tags(mostly an internal change)
  1423. * Ivory succubus disabled, due to lack of content and lack of quality. To preempt complaints: There was seriously nothing here. A brief, two-paragraph "sex scene" (calling it a "scene" at all is being generous) on victory that requires a cock, and even less on defeat/submission. The entirety of the succubus's content doesn't even add up to the length of one real scene.
  1424. * Altered chances of Alice/fox scene.
  1425. * Spellcasting in Akbal events and Alice fox scene now ignore fatigue and lust, due to being rare or one-time events.
  1426. * Improved storage interface.
  1427. Bug fixes:
  1428. * Fixed the superfluous "next" button on leaving the bee girl encounter.
  1429. * Fixed several cases where you had no chance to make room when picking up an item with a full inventory.
  1430. * Leaving Holli's menu now takes you back to the camp menu instead of your inventory.
  1431. * Various minor bug/typo fixes.
  1433. and most importantly:
  1434. *The door to the boss in the Tower of Deception won't open just from asking about it.
  1437. 1.3.17 (01/28/2019):
  1438. *From Mothman:
  1439.     Bathgirl talk scene
  1440.     Faerie Shouldra dickception
  1441.     Amarok bad end variations
  1442.     Vapula Rebecc threesome
  1443.     Ifris Muscle worship
  1444.     Added placeable images
  1445.     Added several sprites
  1446.     Added several tooltips (partial thanks to that anon, and everyone else who workshopped them)
  1447.     Updated credits to present
  1448.     Made companion gifts no longer boot you back to camp
  1449.     Disabled the mimic encounter
  1450.     Various small fixes
  1451. *Updated button graphics to be a fair bit higher quality.
  1452. *Fixed issues related to the inventory bugging out and adding NOTHING items.(Koraeli)
  1453. *Akbal is no longer an anthro, no matter what. Seems like one scene was still holding on to the old Akbal.
  1454. *Random fixes for stuff reported in the thread.
  1456. (01/16/2019):
  1457. *Fixed a few issues related to ascension.
  1459. 1.3.16 (01/13/2019):
  1460. From Mothman:
  1461. *Added Minerva leave/cuddle scenes, added Rebecc menu option, added Fera low-T/E scenes, added male hellmouth lick, added Izumi hug/watersports, added kitsune titfuck, added Kiha fingering/tribbing, added goblin snuff, added Shouldra appearance/masturbation/blowjob/talk, added Dullahan rimming, added Sanura pawfuck, added Aiko fix, added kitsune drinking, added sky shooting, added Izma kids playing, added Kid A fighting a tigershark, fixed minor typos
  1462. From Koraeli:
  1463.     * A new one-time encounter is available in the glacial rift, written by a wombat.
  1464.     * You can find Whitney's horse stables by exploring the farm, scenes by Satan and Anonymous.
  1465. Changes:
  1466.     * Reorganised some menus, particularly for the inventory, camp, and cabin. Be sure to thoroughly test the new storage system, stolen (and improved slightly) from the Endless Journey mod.
  1467.     * In addition to the overhauled storage system, you now start with 4 storage slots even without a chest.
  1468.     * Corrected the imp feminisation scene; the first draft was used by mistake instead of the final version.
  1469.     * Changed mentions of puberty in Trap Oil and an Uma conversation to work better with child champions.
  1470.     * Balls can now be described as "tiny" (size < 0.5).
  1471.     * New parser tag, [skinshort], which is the same as [skin] but without the adjective or tone.
  1472.     * Numerous typo/formatting fixes.
  1473.     * Scene credits (previously displayed in the bottom left corner for specific scenes) are removed. They were too inconsistently-done to be useful, and you can already see detailed credits from the main menu.
  1474.     * Mundane Champion achievement now checks spells known instead of magic used.
  1475.     * Basilisk resistance is still -5 max speed (if you don't have basilisk/cockatrice eyes), but will no longer reduce your max speed below 100.
  1476.     * Button images improved slightly, and most other images reduced in filesize (the actual difference in swf size should be negligible though).
  1477.     * (from UEE) Transparent legs and the Incorporeal perk are now separate. Transparent legs still require the perk, but you can now get rid of transparent legs with hummus even if the perk is permanent. Ectoplasm will make them transparent again.
  1478. Bug fixes:
  1479.     * Duplicate perks are no longer possible.
  1480.     * Added combat cleanup after the final victory for Phylla.
  1481.     * Buying from Oswald now works properly if you manage to get there on day 0.
  1482.     * timeAware statuses are now properly unregistered if you no longer have the status.
  1483.     * When first meeting Marble, small champions now have the option to walk away without groping her cowtits.
  1484.     * The Vapula fight will no longer disable your bow permanently.
  1485.     * The debuff from Izumi's pipe smoke should work properly now. Also removed the hourly duration spam, you'll only get a notice when it wears off.
  1487. *Several new scenes and corrections implemented by Mothman. Includes Faerie scenes, Phouka scenes, Amily cooking lessons and apparently a scene involving Fera and Marae.
  1489. 1.3.15 (12/30/2018):
  1490. *More fixes and QC. Helia, Gwynn, consumables and others have received a few tweaks to readability.
  1491. *You can apparently kill Rebecc now. I'd say don't do it, but hey. Mothman's work.
  1492. *The player can feminize imps if they happen to have a succubi's milk when defeating them. Jingo's work.
  1493. *Improved perk selection menu, made by devs in CoC mod discord. Should improve readability and make it clearer as to what you need to get what perks, and should also make it easier to plan ahead for future levels.
  1494. *Mouse semen should be easier to get for players doing Nephila's content. I believe there's a new mouse slave option to get that specifically.
  1495. *Telly's Toys and Treats is in, a new shop in the Bazaar.
  1498. 1.3.14 (12/15/2018):
  1499. *A metric load of fixes, both in code and text. Not all of the QA documents have been implemented yet, but the Corrupted Witches, Dullahan, Tamani and other assorted characters and scenes have been worked on.
  1500. *Liddelium and content surrounding it should now be complete. As usual for the past few months, it's not my work.
  1502. (12/02/2018):
  1506. 1.3.13 (12/02/2018):
  1507. *Added a 48 hour cooldown to Sharpshooter encounters.
  1508. *A metric load of fixes from myself and Koraeli, too many for me to list right now.
  1510. 1.3.12 (11/30/2018):
  1511. *Drastically toned down the chance for the sharpshooter to appear. You have to really try and not cum for a few days to see her.
  1512. *Fixed bug where button 9 wouldn't display in a post-fight loot screen.
  1513. *Hellhounds should have a proper codex entry and a proper intro scene.
  1514. *Made disarming a bit more uniform to hopefully fix any issues with bonus stats not applying after rearming(in case of disarming enemies like the Drider).
  1517. 1.3.11 (11/25/2018):
  1518. *Fixed sharpshooter showing up below level 14, having goblin assassin victory scenes on defeat(yeah) and tweaked the loss text when she uses the smoke bomb to be more fitting.
  1520. 1.3.10 (11/25/2018):
  1521. *Fixed damage issue with double attack.
  1522. *Imp Lords and above should get their old scenes back, along with more regular imp scenes.
  1524. 1.3.9 (11/25/2018):
  1525. *Players with cocks should be able to encounter a Goblin Sharpshooter in the forest, deepwoods, swamp and desert. Beat her for a chance to get the Blunderbuss, which is a weapon that's been in the files for a long time. Her encounter rate scales up based on how many hours it has been since you orgasmed, so keep that in mind if you really want that weapon.
  1526. *Fixes to the Black Knight fight, the Sentinels fight and the Hellmouth fight.
  1527. *More typo fixes here and there.
  1529. (11/20/2018):
  1530. *Tentacle Beasts are now a possible target for the Eel parasite.
  1531. *Enemies have a three turn cooldown on Distance/Approach abilities(this doesn't apply to abilities that have movement as an additional effect).
  1532. *Quite a few minor fixes to scenes here and there.
  1533. *All imps should get all defeat scenes available now.
  1535. (11/16/2018):
  1536. *Fixed minimum lust being doubled.
  1538. 1.3.8 (11/13/2018):
  1539. *Fixed Revelation status effect screwing with your INT.
  1540. * You can now override automatic gender calculation. Option in the appearance menu.
  1541. * Transformation resistance can be enabled and disabled from the perk menu, so you aren't permanently locked out of transformation bad ends.
  1542. * Hold shift while clicking the levelup button to use all your experience at once, in case you have multiple levels queued up.
  1543. * If you have more perk points left after taking a perk, you're returned to the perk selection menu instead of camp, saving a bit of time.
  1545. 1.3.7 (11/11/2018):
  1546. *Masteries are now permable.
  1547. *Plenty of work on Masteries and their unlockables.
  1548. *Several fixes to Aiko's content.
  1549. *Alices now have randomized panties.
  1550. *High Mountain Phoenix's dual slash can now be parried, making her a bit easier to deal with.
  1551. *Living Statue's moves should be more random now.
  1552. *A rather massive amount of typo fixes in several scenes.
  1553. *The Tailor in Tel'Adre now sells a new set of panties and bra.
  1554. *Several items that were missing tooltips now have them.
  1556. 1.3.6 (11/09/2018):
  1557. *Merged Nephila's stuff again, more fixes and more available abilities.
  1559. Did a tiny balance pass on things.
  1560. Divine Wind:
  1561. *heal percentage from 15% max HP to 10% max HP
  1563. Phoenix Grenadier:
  1564. *Lustbang damage from 30 to 23. Lust Resistance is now actually applied.
  1565. *Lust res from 85% to 70%
  1566. *Bonus HP from 200 to 100
  1567. Phoenix Commander:
  1568. *Bonus HP from 500 to 450
  1569. Phoenix Pyro:
  1570. *Bonus HP from 300 to 200
  1572. *The minimap and monster views should now get white fonts if you go to night mode, so they're actually visible.
  1573. *Cold Blooded should actually work now.
  1574. *New conversation topic with Circe.
  1575. *Fixing typos here and there.
  1577. 1.3.5 (11/03/2018):
  1578. *Fixed broken bad ends against Corrupted Witches. This one was probably old.
  1579. *Few fixes for Nephilia content from the author.
  1581. 1.3.4 (10/30/2018):
  1582. *Dungeon minimap should now be hidden when the player accesses the main menu.
  1583. *Reworked the dungeon system used in the Tower of Deception a bit. You should see nothing different.
  1584. *Fixed a broken section of the Tower of Deception.
  1586. 1.3.3 (10/29/2018):
  1587. *Added failsafe to fix issues with a character in a dungeon moving before you even get there.
  1588. *Added a minimap to the bottom corner when the player is in a dungeon. Might be a bit buggy, not sure!
  1589. *Merged the Nephila content in. From what I can see, there are new enemies, items, achievements, plenty of smut and even a quest! You can encounter Nephilas(Nephili?) in the Mountain. This should probably be 1.4, but I'm using you all as lab rats to test the sanity of these additions.
  1591. Update:
  1592. *Forgot about a thing: I moved the player's obligatory sleepy time to 23PM. Sadly, this isn't a preparation for halloween. It's just a thing to accommodate any future night-dwelling encounters.
  1594. 1.3.2 (10/23/2018):
  1595. *Fixed broken Femininity check for Androgyny perk.
  1596. *Circe's King/Concubine and the Fetish Zealot's loss scene create temporary cocks/vaginas. It's all a dream, after all.
  1597. *Katherine's blowjob scene when entering Tel'Adre while she's working changes if she has a cock or not.
  1600. 1.3.1 (10/11/2018):
  1601. *Fixed ascension point cost requirement for age change. Purchasing the option should unlock it permanently, instead of requiring you to have 10 points to use it afterwards(without actually consuming it).
  1602. *Changing the spell stored on a charged Arian's Talisman works now.
  1603. *Helia's minotaur ordeal will now only start after you completed her quest AND she's actually in your camp.
  1604. *Fixed a broken Drider scene for players without a vagina.
  1605. *Fixed broken corruption requirements for talking down the Sand Mother.
  1606. *Fixed broken Punishment scene with the Naughty Nun's Habit.
  1608. 1.3 (10/09/2018):
  1609. *Koraeli's implementation of Akbal's quest is coded in, along with his mastery system. This should be more developed in the future.
  1610. *A few fixes here and there. It's been too long for me to remember.
  1612. (09/02/2018):
  1613. *Did a few tweaks on the distance system. Monsters will not attempt to distance themselves from the player unless they feel like they're in a disadvantage. The "advantage" counter is a bit rudimentary, but includes:
  1614.     >Current health
  1615.     >Current lust
  1616.     >Roughly how many hits it would take for the player to defeat them
  1617.     >Level difference
  1618. So you can expect a same-level enemy to not bother distancing unless they're losing a fight, though a lower level enemy might be more interested in doing it. This only applies to the monster distancing itself; Since there's a clear tactical advantage in the player being distanced, monsters will attempt to close the gap as normal(assuming they have primarily melee moves).
  1620. (08/23/2018):
  1621. *Fixed missing shields on load.
  1622. *Fixed item duplication glitch if the player unequipped the item they had the first time they loaded the save in the previous version.
  1623. *Fixed potential infinite loop for players losing by lust and having worms against the Hellmouth, Behemoth and Volcanic Golem.
  1625. 1.2.12 (08/21/2018):
  1626. *Sorry for dying, and sorry in advance for any bugs.
  1627. *Reestructured a good chunk of the save/load system to allow for "freeform" items that can be altered and carry any number of extra stats. It isn't in this build, but I can make a weapon improvement system that is much more expandable now.
  1628. *Hellmouth added to the game! As usual, I'm not certain of how hard she is(or isn't) for her area. My test characters are all quite screwed up due to repeated testing by now, so I'm not sure.
  1629. *Tweaked some Drider AI in an attempt to make her more aggressive.
  1630. *From the anon that wrote the Dullahan cuddle scene, you can now have a one-time date with her after some Circe shenanigans. There's a lot more where this came from, but he asked for some feedback first.
  1632. (07/28/2018):
  1633. *Fixed crash on ascension.
  1635. (07/26/2018):
  1636. *Sorry for disappearing. Vacation is over and there's a fuckton of work to be done.
  1637. *Half finished reworking bonus stats.
  1638. *Refactored several things and probably fixed some bugs in the process.
  1639. *Fixed invisible monster stats in the second and third phases of Lethice's fight.
  1640. *More derived statistics summaries in the player stats page.
  1641. *Fixed ascension causing perks to apply twice.
  1642. *Other bugs were fixed but I kinda wanna sleep
  1644. (07/14/2018):
  1645. *Added a brief scene when a player returns to the Dullahan after her encounter with Circe.
  1646. *Fixes to a possible crash when using Long Haul and visiting the Bog.
  1647. *The player stats info page now has links for several of the derived statistics, showing all the current bonuses affecting it.
  1648. *Added missing scene for killing the Omnibus Overseer with the Beautiful Sword.
  1650. (07/13/2018):
  1651. *Fixed bug with Unhindered resulting in dodge being NaN, negative infinity, or positive infinity.
  1652. *Continued rework of derived statistics.
  1654. (07/13/2018):
  1655. *Some of the jewelry should display modded stats in a more uniform way. This is just a result of the rework I tinkered with today.
  1656. *Fixed some typos here and there.
  1657. *I believe Ceraph has been purged of all/most of her many bugs.
  1658. *New watersports scene for players with cocks and Amily.
  1659. *New game mode: Long Haul. When exploring, you may run into several encounters before heading back to camp, instead of one.
  1660. *Purified mino cum should no longer increase your addiction.
  1661. *Debug menu for setting ears should no longer set horns instead.
  1662. *Added button to actually refuse buying the nun's habit from Greta.
  1664. (07/11/2018):
  1665. *New silly mode scene and achievement for those who perform the impossible. Circe might even comment on it.
  1666. *Flamegrit Shield now displays the heal amount.
  1667. *Flamegrit Shield effect buffed a bit.
  1668. *Fixed some issues with the Dullahan caused by previous fixes. I love coding.
  1669. *Dullahan no longer has telekinetic regular attacks.
  1672. (07/11/2018):
  1673. *Small tweak to remove some weirdness in the new scene.
  1674. *Removed Tank 3 perk from perk selection. As usual, whoever had it gets to keep it(and it has an effect now).
  1675. *Counter perk no longer remains after ascension reset.
  1676. *Gray spells and Circe's new spells no longer remain after ascension reset.
  1677. *Tweaked Nameless Horror's attack pattern as an attempt to avoid a bug. Maybe it worked.
  1678. *Immovable enemies are easier to run away from. Your character may just be that slow, though.
  1681. (07/11/2018):
  1682. *More Circe fixes!
  1683. *A kind anon has made a variant of a new Dullahan scene for players without cocks.
  1684. *Started a sneaky rework on derived statistics for players and monsters(like dodge chance, crit chance, etc). As usual, you shouldn't see any difference.
  1686. (07/10/2018):
  1687. *Circe fixes.
  1689. (07/10/2018):
  1690. *More fixes for Circe, exploration options and rewards.
  1691. *Fixes for the Counter ability.
  1693. (07/10/2018):
  1694. *Fixed issues with Circe's tiered conversations and rewards.
  1695. *Removed overlapping texts on main menu UI.
  1697. (07/10/2018):
  1698. *Fixed broken sprites in Loppe's scenes.
  1700. (07/10/2018):
  1701. *Removed infinite recursion loop in Brigid's fight. Quite the slip.
  1703. (07/10/2018):
  1704. *Circe's timer should work correctly.
  1705. *Circe's talk on the Gargoyle should now appear if you've talked to it more than once.
  1706. *Fixed broken button for Circe's talk on Dominika.
  1708. (07/10/2018):
  1709. *Fixed broken buttons for some of Circe's scenes.
  1710. *Some typo fixes in assorted scenes.
  1711. *Fixed broken condition for Circe's conversation options when talking about the Manor.
  1713. 1.2.11 (07/09/2018):
  1714. *New character added to the Volcanic Crag, Circe! She will exchange any particularly interesting stores you might have for unique spells and trinkets.
  1715. *Beautiful Sword now properly changes its description based on the level of the sword.
  1716. *Counter ability won't work against distant or flying enemies, though you can still enter the stance.
  1717. *Reduced the chance for an enemy to distance itself.
  1718. *All Kitsunes have received the Spellcasting Affinity and Enlightened Ninetails perks.
  1719. *New sprites for several character, anonymous work.
  1720. *Removed debug text for some of Izma's scenes.
  1721. *Fixed several weird things in Aiko's scenes. There might be more, though.
  1722. *Fixed several typos in several scenes, including the Factory, Dullahan, Cultists and the Tower of Deception.
  1723. *Removed the Cultist Nun from the game. Her habit can now be found as an uncommon drop from regular fetish cultists, or from Greta at the Bazaar.
  1724. *Attempted to fix an issue with Ceraph and fetish removal. Might be definitive.
  1725. *Fixed several broken chance-to-hit formulas for certain physical specials.
  1727. This is merely an initial implementation for Circe. She's already the biggest single chunk of writing I've ever done for the game(Dullahan + Manor might be bigger together) clocking in at around 20k words, but there's still a few things I want to do with her. A sparring option will probably be next. With that in mind, though, there may be some broken scenes. It was just too much for me to test individually.
  1729. (06/30/2018):
  1730. *Tweaked the scene where the player character tells Helia MinosRBad to be a bit more active.
  1731. *Fixed broken teases if the player doesn't have a vagina.
  1732. *Fixed multi stage fights breaking the monster status display.
  1733. *Fixed the second stage of Lethice's fight having perma-flying demons.
  1734. *Fixed player restoring fatigue when chasing enemies.
  1735. *Fixed flying monsters bothering to move at all.
  1737. (06/25/2018):
  1738. *Cum Witches now have the Speedy Recovery and Spellcasting Affinity perks.
  1739. *Sand Witch mobs now don't stand around doing fuck all.
  1740. *The Sand Mother has Spellcasting Affinity and Controlled Breathing.
  1741. *A variety of fixes that Koraeli cooked up.
  1743. (06/23/2018):
  1744. *Small fix to make enemies' distance preferences actually logical.
  1745. *Backstab now deals damage by single attack calculation, instead of going by the player's current attack option.
  1746. *Shield Rack should now enable the stash button.
  1747. *Endless Flurry should reset between fights to 1, and not 0.
  1748. *Probably fixed a bug that might cause a crash if the player loses to an enemy.
  1749. *From the previous version, but undocumented: Whips now have an unique ability - Whip Trip! Useable whenever an enemy attempts to distance himself. High chance to trip an enemy, preventing their movement, debuffing speed and preventing movement for the next round.
  1751. (06/23/2018):
  1752. *Monster waits should now properly recover fatigue instead of wasting it.
  1753. *Phoenix Commander's Inspire should now actually cost fatigue.
  1754. *Enemies with empty action lists should now still be able to move into a more ideal position. This fixes the issue with the Bazaar Gatekeeper.
  1755. *Fixed Bazaar Gatekeeper not really following through with his Uber attack.
  1756. *Fixed 'Goblin Blow' on Lynette's scene causing a brain zap and immediately skipping to the menu again.
  1758. (06/22/2018):
  1759. *Improved Endurance 2 now gives +10 fatigue as it should. I thought about removing it from the perk list, but it's a harmless enough perk, whatever.
  1760. *Fixed infinite fight loop issue if a multi enemy fight ended with only one enemy.
  1761. *Removed option to disable monster stats, since it broke shit.
  1762. *Enemies should be able to wait, if they're fatigued and have a decent amount of moves that need some.
  1764. I think we're getting to the end of the post-big-version-shitstorm, which means I can start it all over again.
  1766. (06/21/2018):
  1767. *AoE abilities should all work normally again.
  1768. *Added tiny text tweak for when monsters take action outside of their turns.
  1770. (06/19/2018):
  1771. *For those with the Improved Self Control 2 perk, it now works properly. For those without, I removed it from the selection list. Just thought it was a bit boring and redundant.
  1772. *Fixed Harpy Queen fight having some phoenix corpses.
  1773. *Fixed Lolipop crashing the game for characters with no vaginas.
  1775. (06/19/2018):
  1776. *Backstab damage boosted by 50%.
  1777. *Endless Flurry doesn't have a cooldown.
  1778. *Phoenix Commander's Inspire ability costs 15 fatigue.
  1779. *Fixed attacks always having a 20% accuracy penalty.
  1780. *Fixed variable DR displays in player info.
  1781. *Tweaked the chance for an enemy to attempt a move down a bit.
  1783.,dev) (06/18/2018):
  1784. *Fixed broken lust draft requirement in chameleon girl fight. Hopefully.
  1785. *Fixed game crashing after defeating enemies. Hopefully for good.
  1787. (06/17/2018):
  1788. *Fixed Ascension Reset not properly resetting enemies.
  1789. *Fixed crash when fighting a single enemy after multi enemy fights.
  1791. 1.2.10(dev) (06/17/2018):
  1792. *Range system is implemented. The player and enemy can now shift between distant and melee ranges, with available moves being appropriately changed. Currently, flying is not available to the player and only available to one enemy(Lethice), but it's in the works.
  1794. *New level up Perk: Opportunist! Deliver an automatic counterattack whenever an enemy attempts to leave melee range and you don't give
  1795. chase.
  1796. *New level up Perk: Sever Tendons! Grants a 25% chance that a regular attack will decrease the target's speed and strength by 5.
  1797. *New TF Perk: Bloodhound! Grants a +10% accuracy and critical chance and +20% movement chance bonus against bleeding targets. Get it by having a wolf face and chewing on some wolf peppers.
  1799. *New weapon ability for daggers: Backstab! Gain extra dodge and skip your turn. At the end of the turn, if you were not hit, counter attack with an armor piercing backstab with extra damage.
  1800. *New weapon ability for one handed weapons: Endless Flurry! Attack once for 50% damage. Subsequent uses of Endless Flurry increases the number of attacks by one, up to a maximum of 5.
  1801. *New weapon ability for spears: Grand Thrust! Useable only when Distant. Close the gap between you and the enemy with a massive thrust that deals bonus damage and completely ignores armor!
  1802. *New weapon ability for large weapons: Arc of Retribution! Charge an attack and skip your turn. At the end of the turn, release your attack and deal damage proportional to all the damage taken this turn.
  1804. *Aiko, an unique kitsune NPC from Revamp, has been merged. She can be found in the Deepwoods.
  1805. *Several fixes and tweaks.
  1807. All perks and new abilities are not final, and can be tweaked with the proper feedback. Same goes for the monster AI: They might be too willing to distance themselves, or not enough. If things are too annoying or if you have any pointers, be sure to give me some ideas.
  1808. Some enemies might also act in a nonsensical way due to me not remembering about them when updating AIs to the new system. Keep your eyes open for the many possible bugs.
  1810. (06/06/2018):
  1811. *Koraeli coded in some of Satan's submissions, and he/she/it was kind enough to lock it behind an options menu toggle. Jesus help us all.
  1812.     Keep in mind these submissions are some Paraphore tier stuff. It's no joke.
  1813. *More detailed defurring from Koraeli.
  1814. *Fixed some broken monster abilities that did nothing.
  1815. *Items in debug menu are now populated automatically, meaning everything from the mod will show up there, now and forevially.
  1818. (05/27/2018):
  1819. *More fixes and tweaks from Koraeli.
  1820. *You can now tell Helia minos r bad without joining in the fuck.
  1822. 1.2.9 (05/18/2018):
  1823. *No-fur mode is here! Another massive contribution from Koraeli. Enable or disable at any time in the options menu.
  1824. *Alices are now rarer.
  1825. *Amily's herm route rewritten by Satan.
  1826. *You can now kill the Behemoth, if you hate him that much. Satanic work.
  1827. *You can now enable or disable the special game modifications at any time in the options menu.
  1828. *For 10 ascension points, you can unlock an age change menu during ascension.
  1829. *Tweaked combat text to make it clearer you can click stat boxes to change targets in multi enemy fights.
  1830. *Tweaked tooltip on Rathazul's cure button to make it clearer you need two of certain ingredients.
  1833. *Removed targeting buttons in multi enemy fights, to make space for any more combat buttons that might exist in the future.
  1834.     -Player can now target enemies by clicking on their stats box. The same targeting restrictions from before apply here.
  1835. *Fixed one naughty nun masturbation scene not being available.
  1836. *Updated version number in game because I'd forgotten about it for a good month or two.
  1837. *From previous patch, but undocumented: obsidian shards are no longer encounterable.
  1840. *Cum Witch scenes should work correctly now.
  1843. *Fixed crash or freeze when viewing or equipping weapons without perks.
  1845. 1.2.8:
  1846. *New character: A loli succubus, Alice! Written by Satan itself, coded by another. Thanks to both!
  1847. *Archery has received a whole lot of new perks to boost its effectiveness and make it a reliable archetype on its own.
  1848. *Paladins will now continue to get lust reduction from demon killings after 50 kills.
  1849. *Paladin perk description updated to tell exactly how much extra damage you're getting.
  1850. *New Perk: Enraging Frustration! Get a 10% cumulative damage bonus for every missed attack. On a hit, the bonus is reset.
  1851. *Reworked weapon perk system to work on a series of tags, instead of limiting it to one perk per weapon.
  1852.     >By consequence, most bladed weapons, small or large, are now tagged as Sharp, and will benefit from Blademaster.
  1853. *Player can now march on to the mountains and face the two minotaurs that fuck Helia, if you got a bad end on the Cuckening quest.
  1854. *Several demon kill scenes were updated to have a bit more flair, courtesy of Satan itself.
  1855. *New clothing: Naughty Nun's Habit! Written by MissBlackthorne, somewhat hijacked by me once I got motivated.
  1856.     >Similar to the Lusty Maiden's Armor, this will unlock a new sex scene for enemies with dongs over 10 inches. It will also unlock a few new masturbation scenes.
  1857.     >Get it by going to the Lake during the morning and meeting a friendly nun.
  1858.     >I plan on developing this a bit in the future. I had fun writing stuff for it.
  1859. *Kitsune Vision is a bit more varied.
  1863. *Made the correct change to Paladin to make the previous fix work.
  1864. *Paladins can now talk to Jojo about their history, as with the other history perks.
  1867. *Paladin's corruption cap is now affected positively by Corruption Tolerance, instead of negatively.
  1870. *Fixed Paladin's Flagellate scene not skipping time.
  1871. *Fixed Dullahan's cuddling scene being broken for exclusively female genitalia.
  1874. *Midnight Rapier can now be bought during NG+ onwards if you choose to reset.
  1875. *Ceraph now exists after the first piercing.
  1876. *New History: Paladin. Gives the player 15% lust resistance and +1% damage per imp or demon killed, up to +50%. The player can no longer masturbate. Killing demons zeroes lust. If you ever go over 25 corruption, then the damage bonus is gone and you lose 25% damage, permanently!
  1879. *Cucked players should no longer lose Helia permanently.
  1880. *Reworked a bit of the logic on how the entire quest work. I knew it wasn't going to work the first time.
  1883. *Actually set up the "MinosRBad" flag properly.
  1884. *Foxfire now scales with enemy corruption, instead of scaling inversely.
  1885. *Rathazul will now shut up about Marble.
  1888. *Minotaur encounter in camp should no longer happen if you've promised Helia you'll satisfy her.
  1889. *Fixed triggers for certain events in Helia's "quest", along with texts.
  1890. *You can now tell Helia to change her method of satisfying her addiction in her camp menu. If you're completely cucked, however, the option won't appear.
  1893. *Fixed deepwoods not being accessible.
  1894. *Children will no longer get fatigue cost penalties from magical abilities.
  1897. *Merged with Revamp, which is akin to say I dealt with the devil and didn't even read the contract. Shit may be broken in places where it makes no sense.
  1898. *Minotaur Lord should actually do stuff now.
  1899. *As an April Fool's treat, the Kitsune Gift now has a chance to give you a special reward for one day. It's a 1/14th chance, though. Not my fault, the item is just cluttered with possibilities.
  1900. *Fixed a text bug on one of Helspawn's scenes.
  1901. *Initial implementation(requiring testing) of Helia's "cuckening" quest. There's a decent amount of variables involved and despite what I thought, my week wasn't exactly free so I couldn't test it all.
  1902. The basic layout is that after completing her dungeon, you'll get a night time encounter with a minotaur in your camp that starts the 'quest' off. While most of the basic layout should be working, there's still some content to implement. I also want to edit some scenes to account for the player's situation with Helia(Cuck or Stud), so it's a WIP. As an example, though, the blowjob scene with her will change if her addiction is at 40% or more and you're her stud.
  1904. 1.2.7(dev):
  1905. *Ceraph should be reasonably easier to encounter if you have one piercing.
  1906. *Heal can no longer be cast at maximum fatigue.
  1907. *Several fixes on several enemies, too many to list.
  1908. *Massive rework of the AI framework, affecting almost all of the monsters in the game. Some of them have unique enough AI functions that adapting them was a bit complicated, so they're untouched for now. In the end, around 93 enemies were altered and adapted to this new system. While the framework is setup, it hasn't been built upon yet. Soon.
  1909.     >Most monsters abilities now have a fatigue cost, which is affected by any perks he may have. Currently, the only enemy that has a fatigue-altering perk is Lethice, but I'll change that soon.
  1910.     >An old change that is only now starting to take effect: Monsters have their own spell modifier. Currently, the Imp Warlord has the Mage perk. The Imp Overlord has the Mage and Archmage perks.
  1912. A basic overview of this AI framework, and what can be done in the future:
  1913. The main objective of this rework was to increase creative space when designing enemies. For this purpose, I've added the foundation for a "Distance" system, where the player and the enemy can shift between melee, distant or flying to avoid enemy attacks or prepare for more powerful ones.
  1914.     >All enemy abilities and moves are now classified into one of these ranges:
  1915.         Melee: Only hits nearby enemies. Most regular attacks fall into this category.
  1916.         Ranged: Hits nearby, flying and distant enemies. Most magical attacks are ranged.
  1917.         Melee(flying): Unique to creatures with wings and unique cases(long range tentacle lashes, for example). Can hit flying and distant enemies.
  1918.         Melee(Charging): Hits distant enemies and removes the distance between them.
  1919.         Self: Targets self.
  1920.         Tease: Teasing attack, so it hits at all ranges.
  1921.     >Additionally, they're classified between Magical and Physical, with some exceptions.
  1923. For the player, this means:
  1924.     >It's now possible to create abilities that silence the enemy instead of it being an enemy-only ability. Abilities that increase enemy fatigue costs are also possible, while previously they would be useless(as very few enemies used fatigue then).
  1925.     >It's also possible to create abilities that "move" the player around. A distant or flying player may be able to hit an enemy with ranged weapons or spells, while an enemy with melee only abilities will have to spend his turns approaching again to be able to attack. There can also be abilities that deal more damage at a certain range, or defensive abilities that block one specific type/range of ability. More depth!
  1927. For the enemy, this means:
  1928.     >Dynamic insertion of spells and abilities to enemies, as well as a dynamic alteration of their priorities depending on the player. Maybe Overlords could randomly get the Shell ability at higher Ascension levels, for example. If the monster detects the player doesn't have wings and a lower spell power modifier, he may prefer to move back and attack at range(if he has ranged abilities) to exploit that.
  1930. The main point of this change was really the same as with the multi enemy fights; to add another layer of complexity to some encounters so they're a bit more memorable, as well as opening up possibilities for perks, weapons and abilities that do more than just "do x% more damage".
  1932. With all that said, however, thoroughly testing ~90 enemies is a bit insane for me, so I'm hoping people will give it a shot and make sure things are working half-correctly. Before I work on this foundation to realize its potential, I'll focus a bit more on some submissions people have sent to me in the past weeks.
  1935. *All Fera's Boon perks now transfer between ascensions, not just a few of them.
  1936. *Fixed Light Rail Avenger's special attack being broken.
  1937. *25% more work done on the AI rework.
  1940. *Probably fixed issues with permable perks in ascension.
  1941. *Went through Minerva's code and put a fine comb through it, looking for broken tags. Not sure if I completely fixed it, but I did find a few.
  1942. *Started a rather massive rework of enemy AI. I'm currently 25% or so done, having reworked ~30 of the ~120 monsters in the game. If you see enemies actually using fatigue when they attack, that's one that I have reworked. This rework aims to consolidate enemy AI and ability execution so they can be more easily affected and played with in the future. This will allow for abilities that increase fatigue consumption, that silence one type of ability for the enemy(magical or physical) or maybe even a range system where the player/monster can be at a distance and not be hit by melee attacks. We'll see.
  1943.     Also, as I'm going through each enemy class, I'm also tweaking their damage to be, for the most part, based on their actual stats. This is so that any abilities the player has that alters enemy stats actually have some effect.
  1946. *Added a blowjob scene for the Amarok, courtesy of an anon.
  1947. *Added a scene where you can gift Ember a Drake's Heart flower at max affection, courtesy of an anon.
  1948. *Fixed monster stats not updating. I'm not sure when I removed that line of code, or why.
  1951. *A metric ton of fixes, tweaks, readability rewrites and tooltip additions, thanks to a 4 month old pull request I didn't see. Neat!
  1952. *Amarok is no longer herm.
  1953. *Fixed Hellfire perk not granting hellfire attack.
  1956. *Fixed fatigue requirement for ability usage not being affected by fatigue reducing perks(even though the cost was)
  1957. *Merged Stadler76's changes to name boxes, making them a bit easier to read(perk listing and character creation)
  1958. *Fixed Might being disabled if you knew how to cast it instead of being disabled when the effect is active.
  1959. *Fixed Might not ending the player's turn when cast.
  1962. *Tweaked abyssal shard use text to be a bit clearer. Time window associated with it was changed to be one hour earlier, too, making it easier to trigger.
  1963. *Fixed hidden boss' stat change ability being affected by the player's max stats. It should now allow for stats as high as 300 for the duration of the effect.
  1964. *Removed unnecessary line on hidden boss' game over scene.
  1965. *Fixed fatigue reducing effects being applied twice.
  1966. *Slightly reduced the width of the monster's stat panel. Will continue to work on this to make it more compact, but readable.
  1970. *Fixed Amily being described as having DD-cup breasts even at minimum breast size.
  1971. *Fixed broken Blackfire spell.
  1972. *Fixed misplaced [cock] parser tag in Andy's smoking scene.
  1973. *Fixed broken armor piercing abilities dealing thousands of damage.
  1976. *Fixed HP immortality on player.
  1977. *Fixed broken perk listing on level up.
  1980. *Fixed broken bow hit chance calculation.
  1981. *Fixed bee venom not restoring stats when it runs out.
  1982. *Fixed broken bad end in factory(tension).
  1983. *Fixed broken bad end in Deep Cave(encapsulation pod).
  1984. *Merged with Revamp. Main change that I could see is that the settings pane was reworked a bit.
  1985. *Fixed Goblin Elder's attacks applying damage multipliers twice.
  1986. *Made Parasite Eel compulsions a bit more descriptive. They also turn from submissive to dominant if you have the Parasite Queen perk.
  1987. *Two new gameplay modifiers:
  1988.     >Take a Breather: Abilities have cooldowns.
  1989.     >Regular Training: Enemies are scaled to your level. Keep in mind that despite being the same level, a lvl 30 Imp is much weaker than a lvl 30 Imp Overlord.
  1991. - Download again if you downloaded it before February 11 1:40 UTC-3:
  1992. *Fixed Fireball ability requiring dragonfire perk.
  1993. *Fixed damage resistance calculation being reverted, which resulted in players with no DR being invincible Jesus christ how does this get past me
  1994. *Changed character creation to use Kitteh's settings panels at difficulty selection, making it a bit cleaner and intuitive.
  1995. *Broke OtherCoCAnon mode into two different modifiers, selectable even outside of Debug mode:
  1996.  >Temptation: Player may not be able to resist having sex with monsters. Chance scales with lust and sexual preference.
  1997.  >Creeping Taint: Player gains corruption per hour unless a cure is found.
  1998. I intend on adding more modifiers for the future, hopefully making new playthroughs a bit more interesting. If you have any suggestions post them in 4chan or 8chan.
  2001. *Fixed bee girl broken scene.
  2002. *Fixed black bar in monster stats view during multi enemy fights.
  2003. *Went through all enemies and made sure they all used player.reducedamage for damage calculation. This means that difficulty modifiers, defensive perks and other things are properly applied on all moves that damage the player now, instead of only base damage resistance. The list is a bit too extensive to bother, and includes pretty much every monster that isn't mine or late Revamp.
  2006. *A dev from Xianxia figured out there's a much better solution for dynamically sized tooltips. I took it and replaced it. Tooltip sizes should fit more neatly with the text.
  2007. *Weapons with perks should display more elaborate descriptions. "Wizard's Focus: 80%" should turn into "Increases your spell effect modifier by x%", for example.
  2008. *Fixed tail whip being accessible no matter what parts you have. That's what happens when your test character has a tail.
  2011. *Fixed double attack applying no matter what.
  2012. *Fixed repetitive dullahan counter activation message.
  2013. *Fixed dullahan counter activation attack being a double attack.
  2014. *Removed animation for monster panel popping up. If that doesn't solve the issue with image packs, then I'll have to fry my brain to figure out a solution.
  2017. *Merged with Revamp. There should now be a new Ferret Fruit at the bakery, with accompanying Ferret TF, along with some new clothes at the tailor.
  2018. *Tweaked some text line breaks and hit chance displays to accommodate number of attacks higher than 2.
  2019. *Fixed some possibly wrong hit chance displays.
  2022. *Fixed amily buttfuck scene being nonexistent if you had a huge dong. Merge issues, fun!
  2025. *More work on combat logic, to make the code a bit less cluttered and easier to work with in the future, and opening up opportunities for new types of abilities.
  2026. *Fixed some ugly things in the dullahan's combat.
  2027. *Fixed leech being classified as black magic, and just plain not doing anything.
  2028. *Increased animation speed for monster stats panel. A temporary semi-solution for the issue with image packs.
  2029. *Buffed Reap a bit, though I'm not sure it needed it.
  2032. *Fixed absolutely bizarre dong out of nowhere on new dullahan scene. Seriously, what the fuck.
  2035. *Fixed Reap being weird if you miss.
  2036. *Fixed new parser tags I've added not working correctly.
  2037. *Some minor tweaks to the new Dullahan scene.
  2040. *New scene for the dullahan, for those that completed her quest and have some kind of genitals. No taurs though, because I'm not the only one annoyed by their existence. Written by CerebralCortex over at the Xianxia mod discord(which is more like a Revamp/Xianxia/hgg mod discord.)
  2041. *Made a framework for abilities to be added to the player and executed. Should make it easier to create and manage them, overall.
  2042. *As a way to test it, I've added a new Dullahan's Scythe specific ability: Reap. Deal massive, partially armor piercing damage to a target, but take massive damage if it fails to defeat your target. Useable once per fight.
  2043. *The Blunderbuss received a perk: Scattering. It causes any miss to still deal partial damage. There aren't many dodgy enemies in the game, but they may exist one day.
  2044. *Reworked the dodge/parry/block system a bit, just to make it easier to expand in the future.
  2045. *Increased the armor cap for Unhindered to trigger. Should make it work until I manage a better solution.
  2046. *Small fixes to random things that I forgot to log.
  2049. *Fixed Dullahan's BJ scene not causing an orgasm.
  2050. *Fixed broken UIs in several different situations.
  2051. *Fixed insanely powerful bleed procs on the player.
  2052. *Added more information to combat tooltips.
  2055. *Did a bit of a rework on the combat UI. Enemy stats and names will appear on a side bar just like the player's. The bar will only be there during combat, so the text view isn't squeezed all the time.
  2056. Placing your mouse over an enemy's stats will reveal info about the enemy(more if you have the Awareness perk). The main text view will still display more verbose enemy statuses, like the lust descriptions and such.
  2058. As with all more substantial reworks, I could use(and actually need) feedback on this.
  2059. *Tweaked Ceraph's encounter being repetitive if you're pierced. This is not necessarily a fix to reported issues, because the issues were, oddly enough, intended. I'll have to think a bit about how to rework this encounter.
  2062. *Dragons apparently got one more OP ability. 'scool.
  2063. *Fixes here and there, including the jewelry box bug.
  2065. 1.2.6:
  2066. *A month of code tweaks and UI changes from Revamp, pretty neat stuff. In other words, merge issues are imminent.
  2069. *Fixed infinite healing if you have regeneration perks and no items in your inventory.
  2070. *Fixed several broken skintone tags.
  2071. *Probably fixed broken Callu scenes.
  2074. *Fixed broken kitsunes.
  2077. *Just fixing some stuff in the Salon, mostly related to text cleanup and child beards.
  2080. *More ear/horn related fixes, across mutations and descriptions.
  2083. *Fixed weird ear/horn related description issues.
  2084. *Fixed bugged monster initializing for enemies like the Cockatrice and Basilisk.
  2087. *Probably fixed issue where the last part of the Tower of Deception was not accessible.
  2090. *Fixed Edryn's child scene not popping up in Tel'Adre's intro.
  2091. *Fixed broken menu in Yara's piercing studio.
  2094. *Fixed save errors.
  2097. *Fixed Raging Inferno stacking forever. Boosted Raging Inferno to have a visible effect sooner. OP? Maybe, let's see.
  2098. *Fixed Amily's Buttfuck scene being gone after a nice merging.
  2100. This version also implements massive refactorings from Revamp. A metric fuckload of things, from body parts to dungeon maps, were reworked. This means that something somewhere is probably broken. I've spent about 30 minutes merging, 1h30m making sure the merged mess compiles and 30m fixing small things afterwards. There's most likely more time to be spent still.
  2103. *Fixed a couple potential sources of blank screens during fights.
  2104. *Fixed being able to use magic specials while webbed during the Kiha spider horde fight.
  2106. 1.2.5:
  2107. *New watersports scene for Urta, if you're lovers.
  2108. *New watersports scene for the Gargoyle.
  2109. *New child scenes for the Sand Witches.
  2112. *Fixed text going bold in Lethice's fight, and going italic in Owca's Tavern.
  2114. 1.2.4:
  2115. *Lolipop shouldn't bold the world anymore.
  2116. *Bunch of fixes from Revamp.
  2117. In one month I'll either be dead or free to work on stuff again. Not sure what I'll do, though.
  2120. *Kelt's scenes should now play correctly.
  2121. *Soulburst should now bring your current health down if it ends up being higher than your max health.
  2124. Apparently, but not the end of things.
  2125. *Fixed ascension permery menu not working correctly if you had more than 12 or so perks to perm.
  2126. *Fixed Mysticality perk not working correctly.
  2129. *Might spell should be working correctly.
  2130. Is this the end of the current merge nightmare?
  2133. *Hopefully fixed all remaining issues with gobbos.
  2136. *Fixed issues related to goblin encounters not working.
  2139. *Probably fixed issue that caused the save menu to cry about something.
  2142. *Fixed broken disabled buttons.
  2143. *Slew of HTML(broken tags) fixes from Revamp.
  2144. *Bunch of assorted fixes from Revamp.
  2147. *Probably fixed meditate button appearing when it shouldn't.
  2148. *Probably fixed blank screen in Secretarial Succubus fights.
  2149. *Fixed broken disabled buttons in goblin fights.
  2152. *Adapted aimozg's status effect rework. Please give it a try so we can find bugs.
  2153. *Added sprites for the Dullahan and Corrupted Witches. Made by me, so please complain until it gets better.
  2154. *Probably some fixes I don't remember.
  2157. *Added a "catch-all" solution for broken html tags that should work decently well. Broken tags shouldn't last beyond the scene they exist in.
  2158. *Added option in Interface to disable and enable charviewer. It is now disabled by default.
  2159. *New watersport scenes should have proper requirements and effects.
  2161. 1.2.3:
  2162. *Added three watersports scenes, courtesy of an Anon. One for defeating goblins, one for imps, and one for masturbation if you have a sufficiently long cock or cat Flexibility. It requires the watersports fetish on, of course.
  2163. *Fixed Anemone Sting never hitting. It keeps fucking happening.
  2164. *Shota & Loli scenes for gobbos should now trigger for higher tier gobbos.
  2165. *Fixed some more instances of old damage formulas being used.
  2166. *Warhammer given 30% armor penetration.
  2167. *Spear's armor penetration reduced from 80% to 40%.
  2168. *Vala given Evade perk.
  2169. *Reworked other half of "constrict" abilities. Again, if nothing changed, that's great.
  2170. *Updated perk description on Unhindered to show it works based on armor def, instead of being completely naked.
  2174. *Fixed bite never hitting and doing thousands of damage.
  2175. *Minotaur Axe given +5 damage, -10 accuracy.
  2176. *Mace given 40% armor penetration.
  2177. *Blunderbuss Ammo from 12 to 2. Given +15 accuracy.
  2178. *Flintlock given +10 accuracy.
  2183. *Tiny autism fixes: Xmas elf should now cause you to orgasm 10-20 times instead of just once. Having sex with the secretarial succubus should make 2 hours pass.
  2184. *Increased chance to find the Ornate Chest from 0.04 to 0.1.
  2185. *Fixed broken Izma kids scene.
  2186. *Fixed broken vagina description if your libido is too high.
  2187. *Added chance-to-hit displays for most abilities, physical ones included.
  2188. *Reworked one half of "constrict" abilities from enemies, to make code a little bit less messy. If you don't see anything different, then that's great.
  2191. Long day.
  2192. *Hopefully fixed my dyslexia causing probabilities on regular attacks to be inverted.
  2194. 1.2.2:
  2195. *Fixed Tower riddle being... wrong.
  2196. *Fixed Raging Inferno not working... again. The damage on the UI should accurately display the bonus if you use a related spell.
  2197. *Added to-hit displays to most magical abilities. Physical abilities coming soon.
  2198. *Fixed chance to hit calculations. This should be rather invisible, really; previously, you had a 1% chance to dodge at 0% chance to dodge and a 99% chance to hit at 100% chance to hit.
  2200. 1.2.1:
  2201. *Fixed a few bugs relating to multi enemy fights and enemies that ignore(but are not immune to) lust.
  2202. *Changed one mechanic in a new fight to better support lust builds, and tweaked a description to be more clear.
  2204. Enemies that ignore lust can still be teased. This is to prevent them from being defeated when their lust is capped, but still allow spells that benefit from high lust(like both variations of Foxfire) to be powered. They may also be debuffed when their lust is high, like the Dullahan having a lower chance to counter at high lust.
  2207. 1.2 - We Are the Flame:
  2208. *New dungeon: The Tower of Deception! Find it by luck in the Volcanic Crag or increase your chances by buying a map from Benoit, which appears after the player is level 20.
  2209.     >New weapon: Flameheart Spear: Has high armor penetration, and deals more damage the closer the user is to death.
  2210.     >New shield: Flamegrit Shield: Has high block chance, and heals the user every turn based on how many followers and lovers the player has. Slaves are not counted.
  2211.     >New ring: Flamespirit Ring: Adds massive spell power bonuses, but doubles the costs of spells.
  2212.     >New ability: Soulburst: The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long. Using this ability doubles your spell power, but halves your health and removes all damage resistance. It can be cast more than once, to amplify the effect exponentially.
  2214. *Probably fixed a bug where beating enemies in multi-enemy fights in "mixed" ways(lust and HP) would cause stuff to break. Probably.
  2215. *You can now set Spellsword and Battlemage on and off in the player menu, much like Double Attack.
  2219. *You can probably kill Ceraph again.
  2221. 1.1.12:
  2222. *Very lucky people playing in silly mode and using the boat may find a weapon forged for a great warrior.
  2223. *Enemies can now block using the same formula as the player, if they have a shield.
  2224. >Currently, Isabella, the Goblin Warrior and the Goblin Queen can block.
  2225. *Perks were added where they made sense:
  2226. >Izma, Helia, Imp Overlord can parry.
  2227. >Goblin Assassin, Helia, Kiha have Evade.
  2228. >Akbal has Unhindered.
  2229. >Kiha has Blind Immune, and her accuracy will not be altered by the status effect.
  2230. *Any enemy buffed through these perk additions have received increased XP rewards.
  2231. *Went through several enemies and made sure that their physical attacks, special or otherwise, conformed(and will conform) to any relevant dodge/parry/block perks the player might have now, or in the future. The list of enemies altered is extensive, and includes:
  2232.   >Chameleon Girl(and her Infested variant)
  2233.   >Spider Mob
  2234.   >Bee Girl
  2235.   >Tentacle Beast
  2236.   >Gnoll
  2237.   >Gnoll Spear Thrower
  2238.   >Corrupted Drider
  2239.   >Satyr
  2240.   >Spider Morphs(plural, all of them)
  2241.   >Imp Horde(Deep Cave)
  2242.   >Ceraph
  2243.   >Helia
  2244.   >Isabella
  2245.   >Izma
  2246.   >Kiha
  2247.   >Marble
  2248.   >Shouldra
  2249.   >Sophie
  2250. This is in addition to several other enemies altered in the previous update, and several others I forgot to document.
  2251. *Several(too many to bother listing) enemies received alteration to their damage calculations to properly account for player damage resistance. Previously, they used the rudimentary rand(player.tou + player.armorDef), and as such did not take into account several perks and conditions.
  2252. *Double attack's second hit penalty reduced to 20% instead of 30%.
  2253. *Waiting will now give you a 10% extra chance to dodge for the turn it's used.
  2255. never happened)
  2256. *Reworked stuns. They should be more consistent overall when applied.
  2257. *Did some work on firearm logic to make it more consistent. The Blunderbuss should actually use ammo, for example.
  2258. *Fixed possible bug with firearms that would cause Double Attack to not be consistent.
  2259. *You can now "shoot & approach" if wielding a staff with the Staff Channelling perk.
  2260. *Fixed possible error if using items while in multi enemy fights.
  2261. *Fixed Doppelganger being really weird.
  2262. *Beautiful Sword now displays its special "damage growth" perk.
  2263. *Fixed small UI error in the Beautiful Sword description.
  2264. *Completely reworked how dodging and hitting works. This is a work in progress, and I'm up for feedback on this(please).
  2265.     >Every creature(player included) has a 95% base hit chance.
  2266.     >Every creature has a chance to dodge equal to speed/10.
  2267.     >Enemies now benefit from the Evade, Unhindered and Parry perks. The Lizan Rogue had Evade perk, for example, and it did nothing!
  2268.     >Unhindered now just checks if the player's(or enemy's) armor has a defense of 0, instead of requiring the player to be naked. May set this a bit higher(2-5) to encompass some other low-defense armors.
  2269.     >For most attacks, hit chance is simply attackerHitChance - defenderDodgeChance.
  2270.     >Double Attack's second attack now has a -30% hit chance.
  2271.     >Being blinded means a -30% hit chance as well.
  2272.     >Being Focused(from Test Resolve) boosts accuracy by 10%. Being Irrational lowers it by 10%. Masochistic lowers dodge and block chance by 10%.
  2273.     >Several enemy abilities did not account for Parry, Blindness or other evasion perks. I haven't gone through all of them yet, but a bunch of them now will have lower chances to hit in those circumstances.
  2274. *Chance to hit with regular attacks will now be displayed in the UI. If double attacking, the second hit's chance will also be displayed. Will add the same for spells and physical specials later.
  2275. *Did some work on how dungeons work. This wasn't retroactive, so nothing weird should be happening in older dungeons(Manor included). So if there's anything wrong, tell me.
  2277. This change to hit chances means that it's a lot easier to make a weapon, spell or accessory that boosts accuracy, or a weapon that deals massive damage but makes it hard to hit something. Enemies may now get a niche of being low HP, hard to hit foes.
  2278. Although enemies can now benefit from these perks, most of them don't have them. So if you think an enemy should be parrying, or dodging more, tell me, so we can even the playing field a bit.
  2280. As with every other rework, I'm 100% open to suggestions about balance, especially talking about Double Attack hit chances(always a problem).
  2283. *Fixed Spell Effect Modifier not multiplying Whitefire damage properly. This ended up being a bit of a buff to the original as the base damage is now multiplied too instead of just the intelligence-based damage.
  2286. *You can now trade Minotaur Cum and Behemoth Cum(3) to Corrupted Witches in exchange for a Gray Magic book. Currently, these books may teach you two spells:
  2287. >Leech: Heals the player for a percentage of damage dealt with every strike for 4 turns.
  2288. >Telekinetic Blast: Deals high physical damage with a chance of stunning the target for the turn it's used.
  2289. These spells get up to 30% stronger the closer you are to exactly half of your lust. Any more or less than that and the spell loses power.
  2290. These spells were available for a while, I just never got around to adding them in the way I wanted.
  2293. *Foxfire and Corrupted Foxfire now explain their additional effects in their descriptions.
  2294. *Changed "armor modifier" to "armor penetration" in weapon tooltip. Easier to understand.
  2295. *Shark girls now may cause bleed in their normal attacks.
  2296. *Having a goo-type skin makes you immune to bleed.
  2297. *Fixed some broken italics tags.
  2298. *Fixed broken Shouldra * Exgartuan scene.
  2299. *The Spellblade now has a different effect: It boosts Charge Weapon and Leech by 50%.
  2300. *Fixed some possible instances of descriptions being too long for tooltips, leading to parts of it being hidden.
  2303. *Fixed a few instances where lust resistance was being applied twice.
  2306. *Character viewer is now available in debug mode, courtesy of aimozg(technowizardry) and Liadri(spritework). Not complete yet, but give it a try.
  2307. *Some fixes here and there. Didn't keep proper track of them.
  2308. *Restored a few of Izma's children scenes to their original "lewd" format.
  2309. *Added 12 new Izma children scenes, based on the old docs. More to come later. I could use some testing on these, as there may be a few typos here and here.
  2312. *Probably fixed mismatching descriptions on mimic encounters.
  2313. *Ghoulified ghoul should now be a proper ghoul when he's a ghoul.
  2314. *Reduced appearance rate of Corrupted Glades in the Deepwoods(halved).
  2315. *Drastically increased chance of finding Izma in the lake(from 0.2 to 1, the standard).
  2316. *Increased chance of finding Callu in the lake(from 0.2 to 0.5).
  2319. *Fixed excessively big storage capacities.
  2320. *Fixed "remove curse" option after fighting the Omnibus being broken when playing OtherCoCAnon mode
  2321. *New Perk: Awareness, no level requirement and only 5 intelligence requirement. Allows you to see the opponent's armor value and Corruption.
  2324. *Fixed broken italics in one of Tamani's scenes.
  2325. *Fixed some sneaky bugs in several abilities. Mostly related to enemies getting a martyrdom move before combat ends even if they had 0 HP/max lust when you finish your move.
  2326. *Pretty much all abilities and attacks should now have a displayed damage range when selecting the ability. This takes most factors that could alter damage into account, so you can know what's the most effective move to use. Some abilities have slightly changed descriptions to make their effects more obvious and quantifiable.
  2327. *Finding the Kitsune Shrine should be a bit easier depending on how many fox jewels you have in your inventory. Before, the chance was obscenely low, something like 3%.
  2328. *Corrupted Witches should be a bit more resilient, and have a bit higher level. They're still not excessively threatening if you have decent lust resistance, though.
  2329. *Having a pheromone-injecting anemone cock prevents you from losing the Fap Arena. You won't necessarily win, though.
  2333. *Saves previously affected by bugged stashes should now be fixed.
  2334. *Fixed broken italics in Sophie incest scenes.
  2336. 1.1.11:
  2337. *Revamp of the way the UI works. aimozg's work. Aside from a fancier health bar, you shouldn't notice anything different. I'm just glad most of the UI stuff can be changed through code instead of needing expensive proprietary software.
  2338. *Should(keyword here) have fixed bugs related to chest stash not working properly after Ascension with the Reset setting on. Keep in mind your chest, backpack and storage racks are supposed to be kept even after a reset Ascension, so give me a shout if things don't work properly.
  2340. Some recent code changes have borked my mobile builds. Will attempt to solve.
  2343. fixed bug if player knows all spells and tries to learn from Dominika. Mostly caused because of Blackfire. She still won't teach Blackfire, but she shouldn't be broken now.
  2344. *Fixed Wellspring of Lust not doing anything.
  2345. *Fixed some lust attacks not ignoring resistance. This might, in turn, make attacks that should ignore lust resistance not do so, but I can't really think of any, so whatever, will have to put a fine comb through this later.
  2346. *Fixed Ram Stun(didn't even know this was a thing) not displaying damage correctly, incorrectly increasing turn counter and screwing up combat logic in general.
  2347. *Fixed wrong message being displayed when you don't have enough ebonblooms to craft jackets or robes(it said you needed 8, you actually need 10.)
  2348. *Fixed Raging Inferno only proccing every other turn instead of every turn.
  2351. *Using functions for chance in the encounter API seems to default it to either 1 or 0, no idea why. So I decided to make the chicken harpy encounter chance 2(as long as you have at least one ovi elixir). Keep in mind the "base" chance is 1.
  2354. *Fixed broken exhibitionism scene when defeating goo girls.
  2357. *Attempted to fix some wonky flag checking in Jojo's rape scene.
  2360. *Fixed bugged second encounter with Fera if you failed to "revive" her in your first try. Failing will now reset the encounter completely, meaning you'll need to eat 4 more seeds to get another attempt.
  2363. *Attempted to fix the age-old bug that would cause Jojo to talk to you for the first time as if he met you before. I don't know exactly what caused the bug, but I have a hunch.
  2364. *Fixed text in Tel'Adre not being cleared properly.
  2367. *Fixed horned hornless ghouls.
  2370. *Fixed massive amounts of lust gain when attacking.
  2372. 1.1.10:
  2373. *Just bringing everything up to date with Revamp. From taking a quick look at the thread and my own opinion on things, I decided not to add the change that removes stat cap bonuses from transformations. I think the opinion that transformations shouldn't affect combat is a valid one(that I don't share), but removing stat caps doesn't do much about that; there's still a plethora of perks and abilities that a pure human doesn't get access to.
  2375. In my opinion, having the player transform his character because he wants to become more powerful is an extension of the whole "corruption" theme affecting the player(and not the player character) naturally, a nice bit of possible RP, something I really enjoy.
  2378. *Female victories on tentacle beasts should have a proper chance of impregnation.
  2380. 1.1.9:
  2381. *Added a way to get the Fera halloween encounter outside of halloween time. The player must consume a certain number of pumpkin seeds; 4 for the first encounter and 4 more for the second.
  2382. Pumpkin seeds may be acquired by:
  2383. >Fucking flowers in the corrupted glade and having large(250+ should be enough) cum volume.
  2384. >Getting impregnated by plant-y things. This includes Tentacle Beasts, Corrupted Glade Vines and yourself, if you have a tentacle cock and a pussy. Keep in mind that the seed won't be acquired if you don't have a slot in your inventory when you do "birth" the seed; I'll have to find a way to fix this.
  2386. *Added a way to get the Turkey Thanksgiving encounter outside of Thanksgiving time. The player must have at least fifteen food items in his chest(not inventory) when waiting at camp. Food items include:
  2387. Black Cat Beer, Cum Bread, Cupcake, Fish Fillet, Frothy Beer, God's Mead, Hard Biscuit, Izma's Milk, Marble's Milk, Prison Bread, Phouka Whiskey, Pro Mead, Pure Peach, Sheep's Milk, Trail Mix, Bee's Honey, Boar Truffle, Bulby Pepper, Canine Pepper, Double Pepper, Fox Berry, Ferret Fruit, Goblin Ale, Hummus, Imp Food, Kanga Fruit, Knotty Pepper, Mouse Cocoa, Pig Truffle, Pure Honey, Purple Fruit, Salamander Firewater, Satyr Wine, Whisker Fruit, Wolf Pepper, all types of eggs, Pumpkin Seed...
  2389. And probably more.
  2392. *Fixed dungeon maps being really weird.
  2395. *Revamp additions:
  2396.     You can now press H to view text history. If you're loading an existing save, you need to go to settings>controls and bind it. Default is H.
  2397.     Sprites can be added in the same way images are, meaning there's no need for expensive software to do it. Neat!
  2400. *Fixed Ceraph not removing fetishes in her follower/slave menu.
  2403. *Fixed Ghoul description bug.
  2404. *Fixed Lethicite Staff crafting being bugged.
  2407. *Fixed an issue with the Phoenix Platoon fight.
  2410. *Probably fixed Ceraph's Urta roleplay scene being broken.
  2411. *Probably fixed beard menu on Salon being broken.
  2412. I say probably because it's 4AM and I hate going to sleep with bugs around, so I didn't test it thoroughly.
  2415. *Fixed text not being cleared in certain locations.
  2416. *Fixed Dullahan giving you an infinite amount of scythes.
  2419. *the Kaiju/Big Turtle Lady is now set to only appear after 5PM.
  2420. *Fixed Dullahan counter chance.
  2423. *Some extra sprites, a new shop in the Bizarre Bazaar with a couple new weapons and armor, all Revamp stuff.
  2424. *New Black Spell: Blackfire. As a "game designer", I'm not sure I agree with the idea of the "black" side getting what's essentially a more powerful version of Whitefire, but I'm keeping my promise of keeping the mod up to date with Revamp.
  2427. *One new male/herm Amarok victory sex scene, and a few new Amarok loss scenes, courtesy of anon.
  2430. *Hopefully actually fixed exploration now.
  2433. *Fixed exploration being borked thanks to excellent merging software.
  2436. *Fixed a few issues with Ceraph scenes. Also, she's now a bit easier to find if you're ready for sex(>=33 lust).
  2437. *I think some new sprites were added by the Revamp folks. I think I saw a Cum Witch one, but not sure about others. I can't say for sure, can't open the sprite files.
  2440. *Fixed a couple of shota/loli scenes not triggering.
  2443. *Fixed Lumi not enhancing a Fox Jewel.
  2444. *Adjusted encounter rates in the Desert to decrease the chance of finding nothing and increase the chance of finding the Wanderer encounter(Succubi Delight).
  2447. *Koraeli's age changes are in! You can now pick between child, teenager, adult and elder in character creation. Plenty of stat changes all around, but generally speaking, children and teenagers have tougher early game but level up faster, adult is same as before, and Elder has stronger perks but slower leveling.
  2448. *Fixed wonky corruption tolerance checking in an Akbal scene.
  2449. *With 100 libido and 50 or higher minimum lust, you can show Loppe you're even more of a lust monster than she is, applicable in both scenes where she penetrates you. It's just something I wrote in 30m while browsing through the code.
  2452. *Added new goblin loss scene for shotas, written by an Anon.
  2453. *Added Revamp's Lethicite Staff crafting back, since I can't work on the expansion right now and it isn't fair that /hgg/ mod players get to lose from that. Rathazul will help you out, if you want it.
  2454. Lusty kitsune wizards rejoice!
  2455. *Corrupted FoxFire now deals extra damage the higher a target's lust, up to 50% more at max lust(though that's a bit pointless then).
  2456. *Foxfire now drains health the higher a target's lust, up to 60% health drain(based on dealt damage) at max lust.
  2457. If that's too OP, be sure to tell me.
  2460. *Fixed bug where a Mimic encounter would never continue to a fight. Pressing the button to start a fight would just keep stacking "Knocked Back" status effects, making other fights affected by it.
  2461. >If you are affected by this bug, please enable debug mode, go to the camp menu, "Test Stuff" and click the KnockedBack button to purge every instance of that status effect from your character.
  2463. 1.1.8:
  2464. *Nothing much on my end.
  2465. *New encounter on the Desert, Revamp work: the Ghoul!
  2468. *Fixed bug where target buttons would vanish.
  2471. *Nerfed Vapula's fight a bit. Just rebalancing as I receive feedback.
  2474. *Shifted all mod flags 300 "slots" forward, to give Revamp some space to grow without conflicts. If you're loading a save, you should get a pop up to fix it. If your save is from Revamp, just click the "Revamp" button.
  2475. *You can no longer fool the beautiful sword into thinking Ceraph is dead by roleplay beheading her(hardcore RP for sure).
  2476. *Slightly nerfed the Phoenix Platoon, the Bone General and the Nameless Horror.
  2477. *A few typo fixes, probably.
  2480. *Fixed trap oil crashing the game when player character had several breast rows.
  2481. *Fixed Arian's Lust talisman not doing anything.
  2482. Those two bugs were very, very fucking old.
  2485. *Fixed issues with Imp Gang encounter.
  2488. *Button to leave the Absolute Nothingness should now work.
  2489. *The Nameless Horror doesn't start the fight with his stacking move anymore.
  2492. *Fixed bugged out Lethice and Minotaur King fights.
  2493. *Hopefully fixed Bone General AI so that he isn't too narcissistic(he'll no longer guard himself).
  2494. *Fixed awful typo in the Skeleton Horde description.
  2496. If you ever get a bug where your targeting buttons disappear for no reason, please tell me the details of the situation/send me your save over at the /hgg/ thread.
  2499. After some nerfing, I've added the Phoenix Platoon multi enemy fight to Hel's dungeon. I've beaten it with a lvl 16 character using standard equipment(chainmail, flintlock, wooden buckler, ring of power) after a few tries, so a lvl 20 character should have no trouble with it.
  2500. *Fixed typo on some ring description. Don't even remember what it was, really.
  2501. *Fixed bug where, if one enemy landed a crit, all others following it would too.
  2504. *You can now win multi enemy fights purely by lust. Previously, enemies would be turned into punching bags when hitting max lust, but Ceraph's piercings are a thing...
  2506. With this, I believe all the major bugs and quirks from the last major update are ironed out, so I spent some time making new stuff. Which leads to:
  2508. *Enable debug menu and go to the Camp Actions menu. There's a "test stuff" button there. Click that. Click the first button afterwards to initiate a new multi enemy fight: The Phoenix Platoon! Be lvl 20 or so before trying this test fight. I could use some overall feedback on this before I replace the original fight with it. And if you get vaporized by the nameless horror when beating this debug fight, it's intended. Believe me, there's a reason for it.
  2509.     Also, there's a puzzle in the test menu, which I'll probably use in the future. The lower "P" follows the movements of the upper "P", which you control. You have to guide the lower P to X, but the room layout is different between the two Ps.
  2512. *Ceraph fight fixes. Hopefully we're getting to the end of bug squashing and I can move forward to adding stuff instead.
  2513. *Tweaked the text on some abilities and removed some instances of perks and other conditions applying twice when considering damage calculation.
  2514. *Rathazul apparently got some new oils to paint your body with. I think you need to grind his XP by buying other oils, though. It's a Revamp addition.
  2518. *Another batch of fixes for corrupted witches.
  2519. *Tiny typo fix.
  2522. Three hotfixes in one day? Why not?
  2523. *Fixed typo on combat menu.
  2524. *Fixed typo on one dream scene.
  2525. *Fixed blank screen when sleeping.
  2528. Hotfix to solve issues of infinite recursion when in the first turn of a multi enemy fight.
  2529. *New encounter added to the Glacial Rift, a Revamp addition. Also comes with a new TF!
  2532. *Shittons of fixes to several fights, mostly regarding grapples.
  2534. *Fixed bug where picking the "nightmare" option during the Nameless Horror's game over while being refashioned and/or Ephraim'd would cause those changes to stay forever. For those who suffered this bug and have no previous save, please use CoCEd or Minerva to change your stats back.
  2536. *Fixed bug where defeating the Nameless Horror while Ephraim'd or Refashioned would crash the game.
  2537. *The Nameless Horror now resists bleed a bit, to prevent him from just exploding from a single proc.
  2538. *Nerfed damage on Refashioned.
  2539. *The Abyssal Shard is now more clear on what you use it for.
  2540. *The Absolute Nothingness is now less random. If you read carefully, there's a logical path to follow.
  2541. *Player can leave the Absolute Nothingness(and return) right before the final room. Use this to save and prepare yourself fully.
  2542. *Enough INT will allow your offensive magic damage to partially bypass Nothingness. This does include Magic Bolt!
  2543. *Under the hood changes to how stats are modified by monsters, status effects and such. Should be easier to do stuff like create equipment that boosts stats now, for example.
  2544. *The Nameless Horror now executes his stacking damage attack every 5 turns instead of every 3 turns.
  2545. *Fixed bug where passing a Revelation proc, entering a menu and going back would cause you to lose a turn.
  2547. *Game now displays current turn.
  2548. *Test Resolve does not cost a turn to activate.
  2550. 1.1.7(dev) - Playing with fire update:
  2552. *Buffed armor across the board! There were barely any enemies that had any noticeable armor at all, meaning that perks that decreased armor or weapons that ignored armor were pretty much worthless(or at least the armor ignore was).
  2553. The only two enemies where armor was relevant were added by this mod, the Bone General with 60% and the Volcanic Golem with a whopping 300%(which caps out at 80%), so I felt this was necessary to make things a bit more interesting.
  2555. Bee Girl: 9 -> 18
  2556. Valkyrie: 17 -> 40
  2557. Yeti: 3 -> 15
  2558. Phoenix: 26 -> 35
  2559. Phoenix Platoon: 20 -> 50
  2560. Goblin Elder: 24 -> 50
  2561. Goblin Warrior: 12 -> 30
  2562. Imp Overlord: 20 -> 40
  2563. Imp Warlord: 17 -> 25
  2564. Mimic(wooden chest): 10 -> 20
  2565. Mimic(stone): 25 -> 70
  2566. Priscilla: 24 -> 50
  2568. *Brutal Blows reduces armor by 25% multiplicatively instead of 10% additively.
  2570. *The bleeding effect from Izma's gauntlets no longer requires the enemy to have less than 10 armor.
  2572. *Bleed effects(from enemies and the player) stack!
  2574. *Fixed bug where bleed effects on the player would never run out.
  2576. *The Bite ability now causes bleeding! Shark girls don't have this yet, but they'll sharpen their fangs soon.
  2578. *Fixed Potent Pregnancy decreasing stats upon deactivation(hopefully)
  2580. *All skeletons are now immune to bleed and poison. Same for the Living Statue and the Volcanic Golem.
  2582. *Tweaked Manor puzzle to be a bit more clear.
  2584. *The Bone General is now immune to constrict(added Juggernaut perk).
  2586. *The Volcanic Golem lost his automatic lava-counter when attacked with melee weapons when I made a change a couple patches ago. He got better and got it back.
  2588. *Fixed several instances where an ability's failure message(due to, for example, not enough fatigue) would cause status effects to update despite it not being a new round.
  2590. *A big chunk of fixes for the Corrupted Witches. Thanks anon for pointing out there were issues there at all, which caused me to find a torrent of seven month old bugs. Feedback is important!
  2592. *Reworked multi enemy fight mechanic(and a chunk of overall combat logic) from the ground up. Took a fair bit of work, but the positive side is that I can now make multi enemy fights of any combination with a single command.
  2593. A Necromancer and three Bone Generals, one Lethice and three Minotaur Kings, Four Volcanic Golems, it's all possible, very easily.
  2594. This new system also removes all the weird issues the previous one had, like mutually exclusive status effects(no two enemies could be stunned at the same time, for example) and general stat fuckery being very wrong and busted.
  2596. *To account for this new system, a few abilities now have an AoE effect, meaning they hit all enemies in a fight simultaneously. Currently, they are:
  2597. Dragon Breath.
  2598. Blind.
  2599. Illusion.
  2600. Parasite Musk.
  2602. If you believe an ability should be AoE, tell me.
  2604. *Reworked weapon "on hit" mechanics from the ground up. You shouldn't notice any difference, but it's now much easier to add effects like lust damage, bleed or stun to a weapon when creating it.
  2606. *Vapula has been reworked into a multi enemy fight. It's a simple one, though. Vapula is an unique enemy with a slightly stronger attack, and her horde is a pack of 10 demons that alternate between weak lust attacks and weak regular attacks.
  2608. *The Imp Gang has been reworked into a multi enemy fight. It's one Imp Lord(and all the AI that brings) and one group of 4 imps with weak regular attacks.
  2610. These "groups" work like the Skeleton Horde: the lower their HP, the fewer attacks they perform per round. If these encounters are too easy or too hard compared with their previous versions, feel free to shit all over it over at the thread.
  2613. I'll probably change some other fights to have multiple enemies in the future, but this is enough for now. I'll have fun with the Phoenix Platoon, for example.
  2615. This update may not look like it, but it's pretty massive in its changes. If you notice any bug(most likely a blank screen after an action) during combat, single enemy or otherwise, tell me. I just cannot test all the fights by myself. There are most definitely bugs around, but the only way they can be fixed is if people tell me about them.
  2620. *Several fixes to the Amily bulging scenes, thanks anon for pointing the bugs out
  2621. *Fixed Manor not being available if it was your only encountered dungeon.
  2625. *Shotas and lolis get an unique intro to Tel'Adre.
  2626. *The Corruption Tolerance perk can be disabled in the perk menu at any time.
  2629. *Fixed bug that actually made you stack levels on the Beautiful Sword infinitely.
  2632. *Fixed more holes in Corruption Tolerance, thanks anon for pointing them out.
  2633. *Fixed bug that allowed you to stack levels on the Beautiful Sword infinitely.
  2634. *Fixed bug in damage reduction calculation. Whoops.
  2635. *Under the hood changes on how attacks functions. If you don't notice anything, that's great. This is what's giving this hotfix the 'dev' tag.
  2637. *Ranged weapons no longer benefit from Lunging Attacks or Brutal Blows.
  2638. *Lunging Attacks now reduces enemy armor by 25% instead of 50%.
  2639. *Blunderbuss: Deals more damage(16->22), but effectively increases enemy armor.
  2640. *Crossbow: ignores 30% of enemy armor.
  2641. *Flintlock: ignores 30% of enemy armor.
  2642. *Also, a while ago I made ranged weapons scale off of your speed and intelligence instead of strength. Made sense to me!
  2644. Note that most enemies have pathetic amounts of armor, so these changes means very little until I go tweak encounters to make armor actually mean something.
  2647. 1.1.6:
  2648. *Fixed a few broken damage indicators caused by some internal changes. If you see any instances of damage in combat being shown twice, tell me.
  2650. *Corruption tolerance now allows you to enjoy the corrupted glade's fruits with low corruption.
  2652. *Two new short conversation scenes for the Dullahan, detailing the aftermath of her quest a bit.
  2654. *Player can now kill the Dullahan. She's tougher when cornered though, watch out! (This powers the beautiful sword.)
  2656. *By being more relaxed after her quest is complete, the Dullahan might(67% chance) accept having sex without having to spar first.
  2658. *New dullahan sex scene for those with several(4+) tentacle cocks.
  2660. *New dullahan sex scene for cock wielders.
  2663. *Damage on the Gore ability scales with your height and thickness. Might be OP, let's see.
  2665. *Fixed several issues with Lumi's Machine.
  2667. 1.1.5:
  2668. *You can survive the Dullahan's rape(when you attempt to rape her) with insane toughness, libido and a lot of health.
  2670. *Stats screen now shows your attack damage, after all calculations.
  2672. *When switching weapons, you'll see the difference in damage, both base and when modified by perks.
  2674. *Large weapons now get a proper boost in effective strength.
  2676. *Each weapon now as an unique Armor Modifier, which is, logically, a multiplier on the enemy's armor. With this, comes a few balance tweaks:
  2677. Jeweled Rapier: Armor Ignore removed, now ignores 30% of armor.
  2678. Raphael's Rapier: Armor Ignore removed, now ignores 30% of armor.
  2679. Wizard's Staff: Armor Ignore removed, now ignores 50% of armor(with Staff Channeling)
  2680. Eldritch Staff: Armor Ignore removed, now ignores 70% of armor(with Staff Channeling)
  2681. Spear: Armor Ignore removed, now ignores 80% of armor.
  2683. *Patched a few holes where the perk Corruption Tolerance should apply, but did not. Could use more tips on this, it's hard to manually check all of them.
  2686. 1.1.4:
  2687. *Assorted fixes and tweaks on Revamp content, by Revamp folks.
  2690. 1.1.3:
  2691. *Fixed small error in male Corrupted Sand Witch scenes.
  2693. *"shota" and "loli" will replace "male" and "female" on the character description page, if the player is both a loli/shota and another race that isn't a dog morph or a cat morph(those have unique names to account for that).
  2695. 1.1.2:
  2696. *Fixed bug with the Lethicite Crystal fight.
  2698. *Fixed some descriptions in the dungeon.
  2700. 1.1.1:
  2701. *Tweaked a dungeon mechanic to be less obtuse.
  2703. *Reduced the number of spars required to unlock the Dullahan's ability from 5 to 3, and to unlock the dungeon from 6 to 4.
  2705. *Tweaked more Helspawn scenes.
  2707. 1.1 - Shadow Out of Spooks update:
  2708. *New dungeon added! Beat the Dullahan a sixth time in sparring for her to talk to you about a horrible terror lurking beneath Mareth. Recommended level: 20+
  2710. *New weapons:
  2711.     >Dullahan's Scythe: Obscene damage, but drains your health with each swing.
  2712.     >Cursed Dagger: High damage(for a dagger), increases crit chance and crit damage, but reduces your health by 25% when equipped.
  2714. *New Magic Special:
  2715.     >Test Resolve: Subject your mind to horrible truths and put it to the test. May grant you a combat long buff... or a terrible debuff.
  2717. *New Perks:
  2718.     >Mystic Learnings: Increases spell effect multiplier. Attainable in the new dungeon.
  2719.     >Revelation: Increases chance of a good effect when using Test Resolve. Attainable by defeating a certain enemy in the dungeon... after the dungeon is done.
  2721. *Multi enemy fights! The new dungeon features two fights where you fight several enemies with different AIs and health bars. Choose your priorities correctly or you'll be crushed!
  2723. *Lumi just acquired a new goblin contraption. It allows you to make more specific and efficient use of GroPlus and Reducto.
  2725. *Changes to Helspawn dialogue to address the player as "Daddy" and "Mommy".
  2727. *A bunch of fixes and such by aimozg.
  2729. The scope of this update is evidently bigger than anything else I've done before. Because of that, balance issues and bugs are to be expected. Please complain about shit in the 8ch /hgg/ thread, or in related threads in 4chan's /d/. Sometimes I show up there, invisible.
  2733. *Fixed broken fights when ascension was set to reset(please, for real this time?)
  2734. *Re-added Martiality perk to the Ascension perk list.
  2735. *Fixed vaginal capacity being irrelevant to whether or not the player was stretched afterwards.
  2737. 1.0.8(dev)
  2738. *Fixed broken fights when ascension was set to reset.
  2739. *The dagger now has a +crit chance/-crit damage effect.
  2740. *Fixed second encounter Marae "prank" not working(aimozg)
  2741. *Fixed Ceraph being unreachable(aimozg)
  2742. *Fixed beautiful sword disappearing(aimozg)
  2743. A ton of other changes and fixes by aimozg. Most of those are under the hood stuff.
  2746. *Fixed broken Phoenix encounter scene.
  2747. *Fixed Counter Stance activation causing enemies to attack multiple times.
  2748. *Fixed Golem Armor being classified as clothing.
  2749. *Lowered the damage threshold required to instantly shatter the Golem's Shimmering Shield a bit. Hopefully it isn't too easy. I'm autistic for numbers, give me feedback!
  2750. *Fixed(probably) blank screen when the Obsidian Golem Armor activates.
  2751. *Fixed embarrassin' typo in one of the dullahan scenes.
  2752. *Fixed a couple broken skills, thanks anon for pointing it out
  2754. 1.0.7:
  2755. *Counter now deals a weak attack on activation.
  2756. *New scene for the Dullahan if you have the Demonic Strap-On.
  2757. *Removed redundancy on character description if you're a loli or shota based race.
  2758. *Lolis and Shotas start with 0 corruption.
  2759. *Increased max shota and loli height to 58 inches.
  2760. *Restored Ascension Settings option in gameplay menu.
  2762. 1.0.6(dev):
  2763. *Fixed jojo being unreachable.
  2764. *Arousing Aura will no longer arouse lust-immune enemies.
  2765. *Ring descriptions fixed!(aimozg did that, probably).
  2766. *More under the hood changes on how exploration works.
  2767. *The chance for Oswald to sell dragon scales is now much lower.
  2768. *Talk to the dullahan while in debug mode to try out a demo of a new fight! I could use feedback on this in general, both in difficulty and any bugs you may find.
  2769. *Uniball is now more lenient; the "trap pouch" can be bigger.
  2772. *(finally) Fixed bug where enslaving Vapula would soft lock your game.
  2773. *Fixed issues with goblin intro, again.
  2774. *Changed math for double attack hit chance. Could still use feedback on whether this is too harsh or not.
  2775. *Minor tweak to Arousing Aura's display text.
  2776. This build has in-progress changes to how exploration works, aimozg's work. You shouldn't find any issues while exploring, but if you do, tell us.
  2779. *New scene for lolis when beating Imps.
  2780. *Fixed shotas not getting the unique Goblin intro.
  2781. *Fixed(?) a millenia-old bug where Tamani would tease you without a text showing up.
  2783. 1.0.5:
  2784. *New ability: Counter Stance. Gives a speed proportional chance to block an enemy's regular attack and counter it for a half damage attack. Works no matter how many regular attacks you take in a turn! Get it from the Dullahan, by beating her five times in sparring and having 90 or more speed.
  2785. *You can now set your hair length at character creation.
  2786. *New body types when creating a character: Shota and Loli.
  2787. *New scene for lolis when beating Goblins.
  2788. *Slightly altered scenes in Ingnam for lolis and shotas.
  2789. *Capped the double attack accuracy penalty.
  2792. *Fixed Corrupted Witch scene "Too big fuck" being available even if you had no cocks, and a typo.
  2793. *Fixed double attack accuracy penalty applying even if you weren't double attacking.
  2795. 1.0.4:
  2796. *Minotaurs now grant twice as much "food" for parasites, if they hunger for it.
  2797. *Added dream if you have more than three eel parasites.
  2798. *Added new perk, acquired when you have five or more eel parasites. It allows you to sacrifice a parasite for combat-long boosts to strength, speed and endurance.
  2799. *Eel parasites now require only two feedings before reproducing.
  2800. *Revamp addition: Mino Mutual, Written by Foxxit, edited by Shylok Vakarian, Coded by KiefKeith
  2801. *Attacking with a large weapon now gives you a 1.2x bonus to strength for the purposes of calculating damage. It still caps at 60 with Double Attack.
  2802. *The second attack in Double Attack now has a substantial accuracy decrease. Might be too much, we'll see.
  2803. *Dullahan's lust regen is now more visible to the player.
  2804. *Removed annoying "an hour passes" messages every time you do anything while having the Eel Parasite.
  2805. *Imp cum hunger will now be properly shown in the stats page(Eel parasite).
  2806. *Jojo's cum now satisfies mouse cum hunger
  2810. man):
  2811. *Amily's "make something up" scene with Holli now works.
  2813. 1.0.3:
  2814. *Added two new masturbation scenes, thanks Anon
  2816. *Minor tweak on Pablo's text
  2818. *Minor edit on Hellhound description, more may be done later
  2820. *Fixed unaccessible Dullahan scene
  2822. *Masturbation doesn't increase corruption in OtherCoCAnon mode. Instead, it slowly decreases stats.
  2826. 1.0.2:
  2827. *Fixed minor issue with Hel fight.
  2829. *You're not booted back to camp when jogging or lifting weights anymore. You go to the main gym menu instead. Should make grinding the gym less fucking annoying.
  2831. *Fixed issues with status effects not wearing off after battles.
  2833. If you see this happening, tell me, because the logic for removing status effects is not nearly as good as I thought it was
  2837. *Fixed Joy scene bug
  2839. *Fixed bug where Ceraph would vanish if you told her to go herm
  2842. 1.0.1:
  2843. *Fixed issue with image packs not working
  2845. *Fixed issue with unreachable Lottie
  2848. 1.0.0:
  2849. *Added new encounter: Meet it after 19:00 in the deepwoods. It's not a beginner's fight though, so flee if you must!
  2851. *Edited Beautiful Sword: Weaker early on, but gets progressively stronger as you smite evil from the land. May actually be obscenely strong if you're a completionist. Will still burn you if you try to wield it at higher corruption. If you try to wield it at very high corruption, the sword will fight you!
  2853. *Player can now kill Ceraph.
  2855. *Player can now kill Kiha(whyyyy)
  2857. *Player can now kill Vapula.
  2859. *New scene for female players that are near barren(less than 5 fertility) and use trap oil.
  2861. *Added new difficulty option, OtherCoCAnon mode(original!). Enable debug before starting a new game to get the option. Currently only makes corruption harder to prevent, but it's just the beginning.
  2863. *Fixes Ceraph's scenes that were broken due to wrong fetish requirements.
  2865. *Fixes goblin score clashing with loli score.
  2868. Pre 1.0.0:
  2869. *New Helspawn scenes
  2871. *New Amily scene for those with gargantuan dongs
  2873. *New Ceraph scenes
  2875. *New male parasite, along with a new perk and ability
  2877. *nNew female parasite
  2878. (both acquired in the bog. Neither of them ruin relationships like the worms do.)
  2880. *New perk for bows, acquired by using it a few times
  2882. *New boss-like encounter in the Volcanic Crag, along with new, special armor
  2884. *New enemy encounter in the volcanic crag, along with two new perks and a new, short pregnancy
  2886. *Two Ascension modes. One resets your character and only lets you keep your permed and ascended perks. The other is the standard one.
  2888. *Exploration bug fix
  2890. *Ability to convince (pure)Amily to stay in your camp if you have Holli in there.
  2892. *New scene if you lose to a green slime and you're a goo girl
  2894. *New scene if you do the Fap Arena and you have the parasite in a certain state
  2896. *Nome other convenience stuff, like a button to always fail stealing marae's lethicite
  2899. Go to /hgg/ on the current bunker for feedback on bugs and such. If you have an idea for a scene, make a document or something with the details(and the script preferably already written) and post it on the thread.
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