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Changelog for /hgg/ mod

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  1. This is a mod of a mod of Corruption of Champions. Started by CoCAnon and OtherDev, then somewhat taken over by OtherCoCAnon. Extra technowizardry by aimozg.
  2. This is based on the last version of Kitteh's Revamp mod, so you're not losing any content.
  3. Found a bug somewhere? Go to /hgg/ over at 8ch or /dgg/ over at 4chan and tell me about it.
  4. Builds marked as (dev) are basically "I have no QA and I must test". There's definitely bugs in those versions(As opposed to regular ones, who only probably have bugs), but I need people to play it anyway so I can squash them.
  6. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#F!St0HiaTC!oNQs48SWTDvmDBLHWZuHHA
  8. Cheat Sheet(because sometimes OtherCoCAnon is sadistic): https://pastebin.com/LLk3FgKF
  11. Not my fault. Browsers have dropped support for flash.
  12. *Get the official one at https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html. Click the "Download the Flash Player projector" link. Don't pick the debugger version if you just intend to play normally; there's quite a lot of debug tracing in the code and that may slow down performance a bit.
  13. *Alternatively, you can actually play this on Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. Weird, but it works. It's a bit
  14. unresponsive, though.
  17. 1.3.17:
  18. *From Mothman:
  19.     Bathgirl talk scene
  20.     Faerie Shouldra dickception
  21.     Amarok bad end variations
  22.     Vapula Rebecc threesome
  23.     Ifris Muscle worship
  24.     Added placeable images
  25.     Added several sprites
  26.     Added several tooltips (partial thanks to that anon, and everyone else who workshopped them)
  27.     Updated credits to present
  28.     Made companion gifts no longer boot you back to camp
  29.     Disabled the mimic encounter
  30.     Various small fixes
  31. *Updated button graphics to be a fair bit higher quality.
  32. *Fixed issues related to the inventory bugging out and adding NOTHING items.(Koraeli)
  33. *Akbal is no longer an anthro, no matter what. Seems like one scene was still holding on to the old Akbal.
  34. *Random fixes for stuff reported in the thread.
  37. *Fixed a few issues related to ascension.
  39. 1.3.16:
  40. From Mothman:
  41. *Added Minerva leave/cuddle scenes, added Rebecc menu option, added Fera low-T/E scenes, added male hellmouth lick, added Izumi hug/watersports, added kitsune titfuck, added Kiha fingering/tribbing, added goblin snuff, added Shouldra appearance/masturbation/blowjob/talk, added Dullahan rimming, added Sanura pawfuck, added Aiko fix, added kitsune drinking, added sky shooting, added Izma kids playing, added Kid A fighting a tigershark, fixed minor typos
  42. From Koraeli:
  43.     * A new one-time encounter is available in the glacial rift, written by a wombat.
  44.     * You can find Whitney's horse stables by exploring the farm, scenes by Satan and Anonymous.
  45. Changes:
  46.     * Reorganised some menus, particularly for the inventory, camp, and cabin. Be sure to thoroughly test the new storage system, stolen (and improved slightly) from the Endless Journey mod.
  47.     * In addition to the overhauled storage system, you now start with 4 storage slots even without a chest.
  48.     * Corrected the imp feminisation scene; the first draft was used by mistake instead of the final version.
  49.     * Changed mentions of puberty in Trap Oil and an Uma conversation to work better with child champions.
  50.     * Balls can now be described as "tiny" (size < 0.5).
  51.     * New parser tag, [skinshort], which is the same as [skin] but without the adjective or tone.
  52.     * Numerous typo/formatting fixes.
  53.     * Scene credits (previously displayed in the bottom left corner for specific scenes) are removed. They were too inconsistently-done to be useful, and you can already see detailed credits from the main menu.
  54.     * Mundane Champion achievement now checks spells known instead of magic used.
  55.     * Basilisk resistance is still -5 max speed (if you don't have basilisk/cockatrice eyes), but will no longer reduce your max speed below 100.
  56.     * Button images improved slightly, and most other images reduced in filesize (the actual difference in swf size should be negligible though).
  57.     * (from UEE) Transparent legs and the Incorporeal perk are now separate. Transparent legs still require the perk, but you can now get rid of transparent legs with hummus even if the perk is permanent. Ectoplasm will make them transparent again.
  58. Bug fixes:
  59.     * Duplicate perks are no longer possible.
  60.     * Added combat cleanup after the final victory for Phylla.
  61.     * Buying from Oswald now works properly if you manage to get there on day 0.
  62.     * timeAware statuses are now properly unregistered if you no longer have the status.
  63.     * When first meeting Marble, small champions now have the option to walk away without groping her cowtits.
  64.     * The Vapula fight will no longer disable your bow permanently.
  65.     * The debuff from Izumi's pipe smoke should work properly now. Also removed the hourly duration spam, you'll only get a notice when it wears off.
  67. *Several new scenes and corrections implemented by Mothman. Includes Faerie scenes, Phouka scenes, Amily cooking lessons and apparently a scene involving Fera and Marae.
  69. 1.3.15:
  70. *More fixes and QC. Helia, Gwynn, consumables and others have received a few tweaks to readability.
  71. *You can apparently kill Rebecc now. I'd say don't do it, but hey. Mothman's work.
  72. *The player can feminize imps if they happen to have a succubi's milk when defeating them. Jingo's work.
  73. *Improved perk selection menu, made by devs in CoC mod discord. Should improve readability and make it clearer as to what you need to get what perks, and should also make it easier to plan ahead for future levels.
  74. *Mouse semen should be easier to get for players doing Nephila's content. I believe there's a new mouse slave option to get that specifically.
  75. *Telly's Toys and Treats is in, a new shop in the Bazaar.
  78. 1.3.14:
  79. *A metric load of fixes, both in code and text. Not all of the QA documents have been implemented yet, but the Corrupted Witches, Dullahan, Tamani and other assorted characters and scenes have been worked on.
  80. *Liddelium and content surrounding it should now be complete. As usual for the past few months, it's not my work.
  86. 1.3.13:
  87. *Added a 48 hour cooldown to Sharpshooter encounters.
  88. *A metric load of fixes from myself and Koraeli, too many for me to list right now.
  90. 1.3.12:
  91. *Drastically toned down the chance for the sharpshooter to appear. You have to really try and not cum for a few days to see her.
  92. *Fixed bug where button 9 wouldn't display in a post-fight loot screen.
  93. *Hellhounds should have a proper codex entry and a proper intro scene.
  94. *Made disarming a bit more uniform to hopefully fix any issues with bonus stats not applying after rearming(in case of disarming enemies like the Drider).
  97. 1.3.11:
  98. *Fixed sharpshooter showing up below level 14, having goblin assassin victory scenes on defeat(yeah) and tweaked the loss text when she uses the smoke bomb to be more fitting.
  100. 1.3.10:
  101. *Fixed damage issue with double attack.
  102. *Imp Lords and above should get their old scenes back, along with more regular imp scenes.
  104. 1.3.9:
  105. *Players with cocks should be able to encounter a Goblin Sharpshooter in the forest, deepwoods, swamp and desert. Beat her for a chance to get the Blunderbuss, which is a weapon that's been in the files for a long time. Her encounter rate scales up based on how many hours it has been since you orgasmed, so keep that in mind if you really want that weapon.
  106. *Fixes to the Black Knight fight, the Sentinels fight and the Hellmouth fight.
  107. *More typo fixes here and there.
  110. *Tentacle Beasts are now a possible target for the Eel parasite.
  111. *Enemies have a three turn cooldown on Distance/Approach abilities(this doesn't apply to abilities that have movement as an additional effect).
  112. *Quite a few minor fixes to scenes here and there.
  113. *All imps should get all defeat scenes available now.
  116. *Fixed minimum lust being doubled.
  118. 1.3.8:
  119. *Fixed Revelation status effect screwing with your INT.
  120. * You can now override automatic gender calculation. Option in the appearance menu.
  121. * Transformation resistance can be enabled and disabled from the perk menu, so you aren't permanently locked out of transformation bad ends.
  122. * Hold shift while clicking the levelup button to use all your experience at once, in case you have multiple levels queued up.
  123. * If you have more perk points left after taking a perk, you're returned to the perk selection menu instead of camp, saving a bit of time.
  125. 1.3.7:
  126. *Masteries are now permable.
  127. *Plenty of work on Masteries and their unlockables.
  128. *Several fixes to Aiko's content.
  129. *Alices now have randomized panties.
  130. *High Mountain Phoenix's dual slash can now be parried, making her a bit easier to deal with.
  131. *Living Statue's moves should be more random now.
  132. *A rather massive amount of typo fixes in several scenes.
  133. *The Tailor in Tel'Adre now sells a new set of panties and bra.
  134. *Several items that were missing tooltips now have them.
  136. 1.3.6:
  137. *Merged Nephila's stuff again, more fixes and more available abilities.
  139. Did a tiny balance pass on things.
  140. Divine Wind:
  141. *heal percentage from 15% max HP to 10% max HP
  143. Phoenix Grenadier:
  144. *Lustbang damage from 30 to 23. Lust Resistance is now actually applied.
  145. *Lust res from 85% to 70%
  146. *Bonus HP from 200 to 100
  147. Phoenix Commander:
  148. *Bonus HP from 500 to 450
  149. Phoenix Pyro:
  150. *Bonus HP from 300 to 200
  152. *The minimap and monster views should now get white fonts if you go to night mode, so they're actually visible.
  153. *Cold Blooded should actually work now.
  154. *New conversation topic with Circe.
  155. *Fixing typos here and there.
  157. 1.3.5:
  158. *Fixed broken bad ends against Corrupted Witches. This one was probably old.
  159. *Few fixes for Nephilia content from the author.
  161. 1.3.4
  162. *Dungeon minimap should now be hidden when the player accesses the main menu.
  163. *Reworked the dungeon system used in the Tower of Deception a bit. You should see nothing different.
  164. *Fixed a broken section of the Tower of Deception.
  166. 1.3.3:
  167. *Added failsafe to fix issues with a character in a dungeon moving before you even get there.
  168. *Added a minimap to the bottom corner when the player is in a dungeon. Might be a bit buggy, not sure!
  169. *Merged the Nephila content in. From what I can see, there are new enemies, items, achievements, plenty of smut and even a quest! You can encounter Nephilas(Nephili?) in the Mountain. This should probably be 1.4, but I'm using you all as lab rats to test the sanity of these additions.
  171. Update:
  172. *Forgot about a thing: I moved the player's obligatory sleepy time to 23PM. Sadly, this isn't a preparation for halloween. It's just a thing to accommodate any future night-dwelling encounters.
  174. 1.3.2:
  175. *Fixed broken Femininity check for Androgyny perk.
  176. *Circe's King/Concubine and the Fetish Zealot's loss scene create temporary cocks/vaginas. It's all a dream, after all.
  177. *Katherine's blowjob scene when entering Tel'Adre while she's working changes if she has a cock or not.
  180. 1.3.1:
  181. *Fixed ascension point cost requirement for age change. Purchasing the option should unlock it permanently, instead of requiring you to have 10 points to use it afterwards(without actually consuming it).
  182. *Changing the spell stored on a charged Arian's Talisman works now.
  183. *Helia's minotaur ordeal will now only start after you completed her quest AND she's actually in your camp.
  184. *Fixed a broken Drider scene for players without a vagina.
  185. *Fixed broken corruption requirements for talking down the Sand Mother.
  186. *Fixed broken Punishment scene with the Naughty Nun's Habit.
  188. 1.3:
  189. *Koraeli's implementation of Akbal's quest is coded in, along with his mastery system. This should be more developed in the future.
  190. *A few fixes here and there. It's been too long for me to remember.
  193. *Did a few tweaks on the distance system. Monsters will not attempt to distance themselves from the player unless they feel like they're in a disadvantage. The "advantage" counter is a bit rudimentary, but includes:
  194.     >Current health
  195.     >Current lust
  196.     >Roughly how many hits it would take for the player to defeat them
  197.     >Level difference
  198. So you can expect a same-level enemy to not bother distancing unless they're losing a fight, though a lower level enemy might be more interested in doing it. This only applies to the monster distancing itself; Since there's a clear tactical advantage in the player being distanced, monsters will attempt to close the gap as normal(assuming they have primarily melee moves).
  201. *Fixed missing shields on load.
  202. *Fixed item duplication glitch if the player unequipped the item they had the first time they loaded the save in the previous version.
  203. *Fixed potential infinite loop for players losing by lust and having worms against the Hellmouth, Behemoth and Volcanic Golem.
  205. 1.2.12:
  206. *Sorry for dying, and sorry in advance for any bugs.
  207. *Reestructured a good chunk of the save/load system to allow for "freeform" items that can be altered and carry any number of extra stats. It isn't in this build, but I can make a weapon improvement system that is much more expandable now.
  208. *Hellmouth added to the game! As usual, I'm not certain of how hard she is(or isn't) for her area. My test characters are all quite screwed up due to repeated testing by now, so I'm not sure.
  209. *Tweaked some Drider AI in an attempt to make her more aggressive.
  210. *From the anon that wrote the Dullahan cuddle scene, you can now have a one-time date with her after some Circe shenanigans. There's a lot more where this came from, but he asked for some feedback first.
  213. *Fixed crash on ascension.
  216. *Sorry for disappearing. Vacation is over and there's a fuckton of work to be done.
  217. *Half finished reworking bonus stats.
  218. *Refactored several things and probably fixed some bugs in the process.
  219. *Fixed invisible monster stats in the second and third phases of Lethice's fight.
  220. *More derived statistics summaries in the player stats page.
  221. *Fixed ascension causing perks to apply twice.
  222. *Other bugs were fixed but I kinda wanna sleep
  225. *Added a brief scene when a player returns to the Dullahan after her encounter with Circe.
  226. *Fixes to a possible crash when using Long Haul and visiting the Bog.
  227. *The player stats info page now has links for several of the derived statistics, showing all the current bonuses affecting it.
  228. *Added missing scene for killing the Omnibus Overseer with the Beautiful Sword.
  231. *Fixed bug with Unhindered resulting in dodge being NaN, negative infinity, or positive infinity.
  232. *Continued rework of derived statistics.
  235. *Some of the jewelry should display modded stats in a more uniform way. This is just a result of the rework I tinkered with today.
  236. *Fixed some typos here and there.
  237. *I believe Ceraph has been purged of all/most of her many bugs.
  238. *New watersports scene for players with cocks and Amily.
  239. *New game mode: Long Haul. When exploring, you may run into several encounters before heading back to camp, instead of one.
  240. *Purified mino cum should no longer increase your addiction.
  241. *Debug menu for setting ears should no longer set horns instead.
  242. *Added button to actually refuse buying the nun's habit from Greta.
  245. *New silly mode scene and achievement for those who perform the impossible. Circe might even comment on it.
  246. *Flamegrit Shield now displays the heal amount.
  247. *Flamegrit Shield effect buffed a bit.
  248. *Fixed some issues with the Dullahan caused by previous fixes. I love coding.
  249. *Dullahan no longer has telekinetic regular attacks.
  253. *Small tweak to remove some weirdness in the new scene.
  254. *Removed Tank 3 perk from perk selection. As usual, whoever had it gets to keep it(and it has an effect now).
  255. *Counter perk no longer remains after ascension reset.
  256. *Gray spells and Circe's new spells no longer remain after ascension reset.
  257. *Tweaked Nameless Horror's attack pattern as an attempt to avoid a bug. Maybe it worked.
  258. *Immovable enemies are easier to run away from. Your character may just be that slow, though.
  262. *More Circe fixes!
  263. *A kind anon has made a variant of a new Dullahan scene for players without cocks.
  264. *Started a sneaky rework on derived statistics for players and monsters(like dodge chance, crit chance, etc). As usual, you shouldn't see any difference.
  267. *Circe fixes.
  270. *More fixes for Circe, exploration options and rewards.
  271. *Fixes for the Counter ability.
  274. *Fixed issues with Circe's tiered conversations and rewards.
  275. *Removed overlapping texts on main menu UI.
  278. *Fixed broken sprites in Loppe's scenes.
  281. *Removed infinite recursion loop in Brigid's fight. Quite the slip.
  284. *Circe's timer should work correctly.
  285. *Circe's talk on the Gargoyle should now appear if you've talked to it more than once.
  286. *Fixed broken button for Circe's talk on Dominika.
  289. *Fixed broken buttons for some of Circe's scenes.
  290. *Some typo fixes in assorted scenes.
  291. *Fixed broken condition for Circe's conversation options when talking about the Manor.
  293. 1.2.11:
  294. *New character added to the Volcanic Crag, Circe! She will exchange any particularly interesting stores you might have for unique spells and trinkets.
  295. *Beautiful Sword now properly changes its description based on the level of the sword.
  296. *Counter ability won't work against distant or flying enemies, though you can still enter the stance.
  297. *Reduced the chance for an enemy to distance itself.
  298. *All Kitsunes have received the Spellcasting Affinity and Enlightened Ninetails perks.
  299. *New sprites for several character, anonymous work.
  300. *Removed debug text for some of Izma's scenes.
  301. *Fixed several weird things in Aiko's scenes. There might be more, though.
  302. *Fixed several typos in several scenes, including the Factory, Dullahan, Cultists and the Tower of Deception.
  303. *Removed the Cultist Nun from the game. Her habit can now be found as an uncommon drop from regular fetish cultists, or from Greta at the Bazaar.
  304. *Attempted to fix an issue with Ceraph and fetish removal. Might be definitive.
  305. *Fixed several broken chance-to-hit formulas for certain physical specials.
  307. This is merely an initial implementation for Circe. She's already the biggest single chunk of writing I've ever done for the game(Dullahan + Manor might be bigger together) clocking in at around 20k words, but there's still a few things I want to do with her. A sparring option will probably be next. With that in mind, though, there may be some broken scenes. It was just too much for me to test individually.
  310. *Tweaked the scene where the player character tells Helia MinosRBad to be a bit more active.
  311. *Fixed broken teases if the player doesn't have a vagina.
  312. *Fixed multi stage fights breaking the monster status display.
  313. *Fixed the second stage of Lethice's fight having perma-flying demons.
  314. *Fixed player restoring fatigue when chasing enemies.
  315. *Fixed flying monsters bothering to move at all.
  318. *Cum Witches now have the Speedy Recovery and Spellcasting Affinity perks.
  319. *Sand Witch mobs now don't stand around doing fuck all.
  320. *The Sand Mother has Spellcasting Affinity and Controlled Breathing.
  321. *A variety of fixes that Koraeli cooked up.
  324. *Small fix to make enemies' distance preferences actually logical.
  325. *Backstab now deals damage by single attack calculation, instead of going by the player's current attack option.
  326. *Shield Rack should now enable the stash button.
  327. *Endless Flurry should reset between fights to 1, and not 0.
  328. *Probably fixed a bug that might cause a crash if the player loses to an enemy.
  329. *From the previous version, but undocumented: Whips now have an unique ability - Whip Trip! Useable whenever an enemy attempts to distance himself. High chance to trip an enemy, preventing their movement, debuffing speed and preventing movement for the next round.
  332. *Monster waits should now properly recover fatigue instead of wasting it.
  333. *Phoenix Commander's Inspire should now actually cost fatigue.
  334. *Enemies with empty action lists should now still be able to move into a more ideal position. This fixes the issue with the Bazaar Gatekeeper.
  335. *Fixed Bazaar Gatekeeper not really following through with his Uber attack.
  336. *Fixed 'Goblin Blow' on Lynette's scene causing a brain zap and immediately skipping to the menu again.
  339. *Improved Endurance 2 now gives +10 fatigue as it should. I thought about removing it from the perk list, but it's a harmless enough perk, whatever.
  340. *Fixed infinite fight loop issue if a multi enemy fight ended with only one enemy.
  341. *Removed option to disable monster stats, since it broke shit.
  342. *Enemies should be able to wait, if they're fatigued and have a decent amount of moves that need some.
  344. I think we're getting to the end of the post-big-version-shitstorm, which means I can start it all over again.
  347. *AoE abilities should all work normally again.
  348. *Added tiny text tweak for when monsters take action outside of their turns.
  351. *For those with the Improved Self Control 2 perk, it now works properly. For those without, I removed it from the selection list. Just thought it was a bit boring and redundant.
  352. *Fixed Harpy Queen fight having some phoenix corpses.
  353. *Fixed Lolipop crashing the game for characters with no vaginas.
  356. *Backstab damage boosted by 50%.
  357. *Endless Flurry doesn't have a cooldown.
  358. *Phoenix Commander's Inspire ability costs 15 fatigue.
  359. *Fixed attacks always having a 20% accuracy penalty.
  360. *Fixed variable DR displays in player info.
  361. *Tweaked the chance for an enemy to attempt a move down a bit.
  364. *Fixed broken lust draft requirement in chameleon girl fight. Hopefully.
  365. *Fixed game crashing after defeating enemies. Hopefully for good.
  368. *Fixed Ascension Reset not properly resetting enemies.
  369. *Fixed crash when fighting a single enemy after multi enemy fights.
  371. 1.2.10(dev):
  372. *Range system is implemented. The player and enemy can now shift between distant and melee ranges, with available moves being appropriately changed. Currently, flying is not available to the player and only available to one enemy(Lethice), but it's in the works.
  374. *New level up Perk: Opportunist! Deliver an automatic counterattack whenever an enemy attempts to leave melee range and you don't give
  375. chase.
  376. *New level up Perk: Sever Tendons! Grants a 25% chance that a regular attack will decrease the target's speed and strength by 5.
  377. *New TF Perk: Bloodhound! Grants a +10% accuracy and critical chance and +20% movement chance bonus against bleeding targets. Get it by having a wolf face and chewing on some wolf peppers.
  379. *New weapon ability for daggers: Backstab! Gain extra dodge and skip your turn. At the end of the turn, if you were not hit, counter attack with an armor piercing backstab with extra damage.
  380. *New weapon ability for one handed weapons: Endless Flurry! Attack once for 50% damage. Subsequent uses of Endless Flurry increases the number of attacks by one, up to a maximum of 5.
  381. *New weapon ability for spears: Grand Thrust! Useable only when Distant. Close the gap between you and the enemy with a massive thrust that deals bonus damage and completely ignores armor!
  382. *New weapon ability for large weapons: Arc of Retribution! Charge an attack and skip your turn. At the end of the turn, release your attack and deal damage proportional to all the damage taken this turn.
  384. *Aiko, an unique kitsune NPC from Revamp, has been merged. She can be found in the Deepwoods.
  385. *Several fixes and tweaks.
  387. All perks and new abilities are not final, and can be tweaked with the proper feedback. Same goes for the monster AI: They might be too willing to distance themselves, or not enough. If things are too annoying or if you have any pointers, be sure to give me some ideas.
  388. Some enemies might also act in a nonsensical way due to me not remembering about them when updating AIs to the new system. Keep your eyes open for the many possible bugs.
  391. *Koraeli coded in some of Satan's submissions, and he/she/it was kind enough to lock it behind an options menu toggle. Jesus help us all.
  392.     Keep in mind these submissions are some Paraphore tier stuff. It's no joke.
  393. *More detailed defurring from Koraeli.
  394. *Fixed some broken monster abilities that did nothing.
  395. *Items in debug menu are now populated automatically, meaning everything from the mod will show up there, now and forevially.
  399. *More fixes and tweaks from Koraeli.
  400. *You can now tell Helia minos r bad without joining in the fuck.
  402. 1.2.9:
  403. *No-fur mode is here! Another massive contribution from Koraeli. Enable or disable at any time in the options menu.
  404. *Alices are now rarer.
  405. *Amily's herm route rewritten by Satan.
  406. *You can now kill the Behemoth, if you hate him that much. Satanic work.
  407. *You can now enable or disable the special game modifications at any time in the options menu.
  408. *For 10 ascension points, you can unlock an age change menu during ascension.
  409. *Tweaked combat text to make it clearer you can click stat boxes to change targets in multi enemy fights.
  410. *Tweaked tooltip on Rathazul's cure button to make it clearer you need two of certain ingredients.
  413. Go to /hgg/ on 8chan for feedback on bugs and such. If you have an idea for a scene, make a document or something with the details(and the script preferably already written) and post it on the thread. While I have written some smut for the mod, it's mostly minor stuff and definitely not my forte.
  414. I feel like it's hard to write this stuff without personal, uh, inspiration, so if you want something added, try writing the scene yourself, or at least a part of it.
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