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Oct 23rd, 2018
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  1. (2018/9/12) [0.0.1] [Crap organizing]
  3. - Organized all files related to MLR (character profiles, squads, quests, dialog)
  4. - MLR: Added dialog to borrow money from traders. You can't trade with the trader you own him money unless if you pay off your debt + %50 interest
  5. - MLR: updated (unlock map routes) script, unlock routes dialog no longer show you every hidden route available. Only the ones you can reach from discovered maps.
  6. - Unlock map routes dialog will disappear if all routes are discovered/unlocked
  7. - Choosing Azazel mode in new game will unlock all routes, this has been done to prevent cases of possessing someone in a blocked map.
  8. - Fixed an issue with Loner guide (Zaton) not showing dialog to travel to Yanov Station
  9. - Fixed dialog for Mercenary guide (Zaton)
  10. - MLR: Added new dialog for many traders to buy extra equipment, the player can buy a set of items at once (medical / food / ammo) if he has a hight rank
  11. - Fixed direction of map travel markers for Deserted Hospital
  13. (2018/9/13) [0.0.2] [Money managment]
  15. - Looted money will no longer appear as news. Instead, its an item that can be looted from corpses
  16. - Amount of looted money varies between npcs/ranks
  17. - Using it will add the money to player's wallet
  18. - "Old Coins" are usable, the player will earn few rubles
  19. - Removed "Loot money on corpse" option, it became an integerated feature
  20. - Removed the sound effect that plays upon using any booster
  21. - Replaced "item properties" sound effect with quieter one
  23. (2018/9/14) [0.0.3] [Tasks]
  25. - Bounty tasks will show info (name, faction, location) about targets before accepting them
  26. - Bounty tasks can show up to 3 different targets
  27. - Bounty tasks won't target npcs in few specific areas (CNPP, Generators, Pripyat, Radar)
  28. - Fixed a case where "Assault on Enemy Territory" tasks fail right after taking them
  29. - Fixed bugged Arena dialog that keep rewarding the player with infinite rewards
  31. (2018/9/14) [0.0.4]
  33. - Fixed a case where knives don't degradate upon looting all mutant parts
  34. - Fixed a crash related to reputation messages
  36. (2018/9/14) [0.0.5]
  38. - Box of Matches can be bought from barkeepers instead of local traders
  39. - Fixed a case where crows might prevent the actor from fast traveling #_#
  40. - Fixed a crash related to Azazel mode (fail to generate proper outfit)
  41. - Azazel mode will give a fitting outfit for the possessed npc
  42. - Reverted a stupid change to parse_conditionlist which caused quests to crash the game
  44. 2018/9/15) [0.0.6]
  46. - Fixed a case with dropping tents getting deployed.
  47. - Fixed a typo in Meeker's dialog that prevents you from acquiring Merc SEVA
  48. - Fixed some weapon upgrades related to Handeling showing negative values
  49. - Radios around the zone will play tracks from Zone FM channel synchronously
  50. - Updated Binoculars icon to be more fitting
  51. - Fixed a crash related to sleeping
  52. - Fixed readings of missing sky-boxes textures
  53. - Fixed a lot of issues and typos with outfits and their upgrades (Credit goes to Just Monika, koray79, Namelesswonder )
  55. (2018/9/17) [0.0.7]
  57. - Fixed an exploit related to wallet
  58. - Money taken from corpses will be automatically added to actor's wallet
  59. - Fixed a crash related to map transitions
  61. (2018/9/20) [0.0.8]
  63. - Engine: Added new class (backpacks), increase the carry weight upon equipping
  64. - Engine: New dynamic slots (knife, binoculars, detectors, grenades, backpacks)
  65. - Engine: Hold CTRL and double-click stacked items to move the whole sack
  66. - Massive changes to alife scripts, should solve alot of spawn-related errors and improve squads behaviour in general
  67. - The player will recieve 2 F1 Grenades in the 7th Arena fight
  68. - Fixed condition lists for few dynamic quests
  69. - Fixed crashes related to MLR and Hip quests
  70. - Fixed cases of finding old repair toolkits in stashes
  71. - Fixed cases of finding Black Spray artefact on cats
  72. - Fixed crashes related to starting dialog with special characters in Agroprom
  73. - Fixed an exploit with getting infinte stashes from corpses
  74. - Fixed fetch quests with misleading names of items
  75. - PDAs can be used to unlock stashe locations, this ability has been removed from Personal Notes
  76. - Hunter's Kit acts as a backpack. Equiping it will give carry weight and a chance of looting bonus mutant parts
  77. - Updated R1 shaders (for DX8) in an attempt to fix wierd colors on burnt fuzz anomalies
  78. - Organized item configs (all can be found in configs/items folder)
  80. (2018/9/20) [0.0.9]
  82. - Fixed a crash related to xr_camper
  84. (2018/9/20) [0.0.10]
  86. - Fixed a crash related to task (search for missing stalker)
  87. - Fixed a crash related to Hunter's Kit
  88. - Fixed a mistake that made all map routes unlocked by default
  89. - The door at Sid's bunker will be opened by default, a temporary fix until i figure out what the hell is wrong with this stupid door.
  91. (2018/9/21) [0.0.11]
  93. - Fixed a crash upon using PDA (Contacts tab)
  94. - Fixed a crash related to xr_motivator (fast travel crash)
  95. - Fixed a case of unlocked map markers appear on the player
  97. (2018/9/22) [0.0.12]
  99. - Fixed a case where backpacks are getting equipped right after loading
  100. - Fixed an issue with psy-field and phantoms coming from Brain Scorcher and Miracle Machine
  101. - Fixed cases of quests failing immediately after accepting them
  102. - Fixed a crash related to bind.item (happens upon entering some areas such as Aprogrom Underground)
  103. - Reduced stamina loss coming from equipment
  104. - More adjusts to alife and ai scripts
  106. (2018/9/23) [0.0.13]
  108. - Companions will catch up with the player by a running animation when they are far away
  109. - Fixed a crash related to companions (move to spot)
  110. - Fixed bugged companion dialog upon loading saves
  111. - Fixed a case where suppressors disappear after detaching them by using (suppressor toggle) bind
  113. (2018/9/27) [0.1.0] [Warfare]
  115. - Added new optional mode (Warfare), can be toggled from new game menu. Not compatible with Story mode.
  116. - Warfare: Updated alot of scripts to support the new mode
  117. - Warfare: Added support for special characters from MLR
  118. - Added new map markers for traders and bartenders to distinguish them from other special characters with different rules
  119. - Warfare: Added new squads for warfare (bartenders and medics), they can fill jobs of dead charaters with similar rules in captured locations
  120. - "Doc" smart terrain is switched off to prevent other mutants/stalkers from reaching it
  121. - Unfuck mode activated: reverted many scripts to their older form to stop all related errors
  123. (2018/9/27) [0.1.1] [Warfare]
  125. - Fixed crash related to (non_task_companions)
  127. (2018/9/28) [0.1.2]
  129. - Guide Job has been updated: the player will no longer need to have or pay money back for failing. He will lose rep upon canceling the task, and will get half the reward after reaching the distination too late.
  130. - Fixed a crash related to loading menu
  131. - Bunker doors in Jupiter and Yantar will work individually, this should revolve problems regarding npcs stucking between them
  132. - New small flickering light effect for flashlights
  133. - Squads will try not to visit Meadow, this is a temp solution to stop the errors flooding in the log
  134. - Fixed a crash related to "load last save" option
  135. - "AI die in anomalies" option has been removed. Sorry guys, but i had enough with issues coming from it.
  136. - Reduced power_loss even further for equipments.
  138. (2018/9/28) [0.1.3]
  140. - Fixed a crash related to Guide Job
  141. - Added more support for warfare scripts (Updated names of squads and smarts)
  143. 2018/10/2) [0.2.0] [Disguise system] (experimental)
  145. - Updated the disguise system with a whole new script.
  146. - Your disguise is detemined by your general equipment and behaviour, and affected by NPCs memory, awareness and other details.
  147. - In disguise mode, a small bar will appear on the HUD to detemine the "suspicion" level coming from surrounding NPCs. When it gets fully red, you get exposed.
  148. - All disguise factors are controllable in-game (extra options). Technical values are controllable through a small config (configs\plugins\disguise.ltx)
  149. - DoctorX Questlines are now added as an optional mode in the new game menu, you have the freedom to enable/disable it upon starting a new game.
  150. - Fixed a crash related to skinning mutants while Hunter's Kit is equiped
  151. - Fixed a case with "Unload All Weapons" button giving glitched ammo
  152. - Fixed wrong quests dialog for Barkeeper
  153. - Fixed a case of outfits and helmets dropping in full conditions due to a shitty script.
  155. (2018/10/3) [0.2.1]
  157. - Fixed a crash related to turning into a bandit
  158. - Reduced the amount of data saving for disguse.script
  159. - Updated few lines in disguise script as an attempt to fix crashes related to relations
  160. - Fixed a case of outfits and helmets dropping in full conditions (credit goes to tdef)
  162. (2018/10/3) [0.2.2]
  164. - Updated achievements script, and fixed all broken achievements.
  165. - Changed "Mechanized Warfare" achievement reward: Bonus items used in repairs are more effective.
  166. - Added pics to achievements articles in the Encyclopedia
  167. - Moved the shitload of Fast Travel and Backpack Travel options into (Extra Options Menu). They have their own tab.
  168. - Disabled (Debug Autosave) option for being pointless
  169. - Moved (Weapon Degradation) option to (Progression) options menu
  170. - Changed the crosshair into a small white dot (by Akinaro)
  172. (2018/10/3) []
  174. - Fixed shit
  176. (2018/10/3) []
  178. - Fixed shit: The Sequal
  179. (an attempt to get rid of game relations checking in disguise scrip)
  181. (2018/10/3) [0.2.3]
  183. - Restored location discovery, with better script and less hooks (disabled in Warfare)
  184. - Added new special weapon (TOZ-34 "Bull"), Nimble sells it (created by Akinaro)
  185. - Fixed issue with unlocked notes and recipes not being saved.
  186. - Added new high-tier zombie type (blind), aimed for underground levels (created by Akinaro)
  187. - Fixed a case with "Unload All Weapons" button giving glitched ammo from knives (by tdef)
  188. - Fixed few handlers with debug menu
  189. - Fixed an issue with displaying smart terrains in Debug mode
  191. (2018/10/3) [0.2.4]
  193. - Fixed a major problem with nighvisions caused by missing (device_torch)
  194. - Replaced all 3 nighvisions with their CoP variants
  195. - Added the FAMAS to the game, can be bought from Freedom trader
  196. - Fixed a case with G3 not being able to fire regular 7.62x51 AP rounds
  197. - Added supressor hud model for the FN57 (changed the supressor used from the gemtech to the sil_57)
  198. - Restored the Pathfinder suit in Clear Sky trader's profile
  200. (2018/10/4) [0.2.5]
  202. - Fixed a typo in axr_keybind that caused many issues
  203. - More isolation for warfare scripts to prevent them from interefering with other modes.
  205. (2018/10/10) [0.3.0] [Quests]
  207. - Added new 3 dynamic quests, given by common npcs:
  208. 1. Deliver important packages from stalkers to their friends in far locations (all factions except monolith)
  209. 2. Take measurements of anomolous fields using a special device (ecologists, clear sky)
  210. 3. Search and find the missing squad, report back with your findings to their friends (all factions except monolith)
  212. - Fixed a crash happens on changing your faction
  213. - Removed duplicated ammo sections in weapons files (by tdef)
  215. (2018/10/12) [0.3.1] [Details UI]
  217. - Added a new item action (details), shows all details regarding the selected item in a pop-up window
  218. - Details can be about: condition, ammo, attachments, components, compatible repair kits, upgrades, upgrade parts etc...
  220. 2018/10/13) [0.3.2] [Alpha Squads]
  222. - Added alpha squads:
  223. - on high ranks or really bad repuation, your enemies will put a bounty on your head.
  224. - every while and then, one of the enemy factions will send an elite squad to hunt you down.
  225. - Fixed missing disassembly and details options on outfits
  226. - Fixed Mison scope
  228. (2018/10/15) [0.3.3]
  230. - The "RF Receiver" device from (find the missing squad) quests is a general-use detector now
  231. - You can set up the radio frequency with M1 and M2 buttons while helding the detector (pistol off)
  232. - RF transmitters are set around the zone by many stalkers for various purposes. With the right frequencies, this device might come in handy for catching signals and tracing RF sources.
  233. - Fixed a small mistake in alpha_squads script
  234. - Added backpacks to traders profiles (credit to wushiroll)
  235. - Fixed a case where the game freeze upon choosing "Advanced" tab in debug menu (by tdef)
  237. (2018/10/20) [0.4.0] [Devices]
  239. - Reworked the battery system as the following:
  240. - Removed UPD, all devices will work independently based on their own power
  241. - The power left in devices and batteries is represented by condition bar.
  242. - Drag and drop batteries on a device to put them in
  243. - You can extract batteries from a device by (unpack batteries) option
  244. - All devices have their own power consumption, set in their configs
  245. - Better batteries variants have been removed, they no longer have a purpose (along with empty ones)
  247. - Updated the Geiger counter as the following:
  248. - GC is a detector class now with its own model (made by Akinaro)
  249. - Using it will show the radiation value on the HUD (above health bar)
  250. - GC has 3 modes: Active (show current values only when held) - Contineous (show current values always as long as its in inventory) - Toggle (show value upon pressing a keybind as long as its in inventory)
  252. - Added new inventory slots: PDA and bolt
  253. - Added new 2 PDAs, better PDAs have better GPS module that can show nearby npcs with better range
  254. - Remove GPS Tracker, it no longer has a purpose
  255. - Added new 3 types of head lamp (come with Nightvisions), outfit upgrades with nightvision will be removed later
  256. - Hold the torch button button to see the power left in the attached head lamp
  257. - Press "SHIFT + torch " to detach it, no need to rely on Hand Flashlights for this
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