Swedish King x Mythological Greek Animal-Riding Soldiers A/B

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  1. [21:49:33] <Kiuru> Anyway, as Gustav was heading to Arche's room with that soup, the door opened, revealing Kiuru who was holding...a jug of water, for some reason. "Oh, Gustav? You're coming in?" She stepped to one side to let Gustav come in with the soup first, subtly nodding in approval.
  2. [21:51:10] <Gustav> "Er yeah, thanks"  He graciously and carefully steps on in, trying not to spill anything
  3. [21:53:40] <Gustav> >Kiuru would still be around the lobby or something once you're done  
  4. [21:53:43] <Gustav> (Yeah, that probably would work better methinks.  I would probably want to ask sisters about it first)
  5. [21:53:43] <Giantree> Like a perfect role reversal, Arche is finally awake by now and looks bored as all hell.  Ariel has actually fallen asleep in her chair, not from 'being Ariel' so much as 'from constantly guarding the room 24/7 with no breaks.'  The little sister doesn't mind because despite being attacked by a teleporting murderer wizard, she doesn't seem especially concerned about teleporting murder wizard attacks inside an inn room.
  6. [21:54:48] <Kiuru> (There were also a bunch of flower vases, and it probably occurs to Gustav that that was what the water jug Kiuru had was for)
  7. [21:55:26] <Gustav> "Aand here we are, another serving of my ma's favorite wyvern noodle soup, just for you!"  He proudly presents it to her
  8. [21:56:30] <Giantree> "Wyv-"  Arche's face grimaces even worse than the purple McDonald's mascot.  She's still weak, but seems to have regained most of her shitposting attitude.  "So it's a wyvern's... noodle?  You actually eat that?  Holy crap that's the grossest thing I've ever heard."
  9. [22:02:51] <Gustav> "What?  No no no, haven't you had basic wyvern noodle soup before?  It's a staple when yer feelin' sick.  I'd have thought you cold-land folks would be all over it, everyone up north 'as it nearly every winter night"  
  10. [22:02:52] <Gustav> "The noodles're just normal noodles, it's the broth and meat chunks that're wyvern.  Not the big mean fightin' ones - that stuff's expensive - I mean the smaller farm ones"
  11. [22:07:47] <Giantree> "Oh.  Wow, who named this thing?"  She warily dissuades her own beliefs that the bowl contains a wyvern penis and tries a bit.  Sips turn into slurrrrrrrrps.  But the loli is still feeling well enough to go tsuntsun mode, at least.  "I-It's okay.  Thanks I guess.  You've done well, maidservant."
  12. [22:08:54] <Gustav> "Well it's got wyvern meat and noodles in it, what else would ya call it?  Ya really don't have it down south, it's the best remedy for a cold after all"
  13. [22:12:15] <Giantree> Slurrrrrrrrrp.  "I dunno, maybe wyvern AND noodle soup?  How many people you think would actually want a wyvern noodle in their mouths- ... Don't answer that."
  14. [22:13:15] <Giantree> "... Okay."  After not long, Archinnon empties the bowl and sets it aside.  "I'm feeling a LOT better.  Any second now I'm gonna be ready to get up and kick ass again."
  15. [22:13:34] <Gustav> How the heck would you even make a noodle out of wyvern anyways?  But he doesn't answer, like she asked
  16. [22:15:08] <Giantree> The only way to answer that question is with another question: How the heck would a wyvern make another wyvern?  Fortunately, neither are asked.  "Thanks for keeping me company I guess."  Her piercing red gaze stares into your soul- no it doesn't, it actually just kind of lazily looks wherever.  "Even though EVERYONE wanted to keep me company.  Sure is hard being popular."
  17. [22:15:24] <Gustav> "That's great to hear, ma's recipe always gives me /tons/ of energy when I'm feelin' down!  But don't try too hard, don' want you getting hurt on accident!"
  18. [22:16:40] <Giantree> "Yeah, yeah.  I'll make you something when I'm up and around.  RPC always repay favors and all that."
  19. [22:17:03] <Gustav> "We're all just worried about ya, wanna make sure you're getting better"
  20. [22:17:23] <Gustav> "Ah, ya don' have to worry about that - unless you /really/ want to"
  21. [22:17:41] <Giantree> "Too bad.  It's gonna happen."  Arche sticks out her tongue and blows raspberries.
  22. [22:18:22] <Giantree> "Well, the others are worried, but you seem SUPER dedicated, like you think you're my brother or something."  She pauses.  "Wait, did it happen?  Did you get hitched with my sister finally?"
  23. [22:18:44] <Gustav> "If you insist, ma'am"
  24. [22:18:52] <Gustav> "Wait what"
  25. [22:19:00] <Gustav> "Uhhhhhhhhh . . ."
  26. [22:19:05] <Giantree> "Yeah, did you propose?"
  27. [22:19:18] <Giantree> "I mean I guess you'd actually be my brother than.  Which would explain it."
  28. [22:22:54] * Gustav is blushing and fidgeting, then suddenly looks surprised and confused "What, why would you think tha-?  We had, uh, some kind of conversation?  I don' really know what happened really."
  29. [22:22:55] <Gustav> "But that 'as nothin' to do with this, I'm just worried about all my teammates well-bein'. . ."
  30. [22:23:28] <Giantree> "Don't know wh-"  Arce narrows her eyes.  "Oh, did she do her usual again?"
  31. [22:24:17] <Giantree> "The thing where she's like 'I was interested in you but you shouldn't get close to me or my family anymore' and then runs off?  Geez, I think that makes you number a dozen."
  32. [22:26:05] <Gustav> "Wait what, really?"  He's getting even more shocked and confused now "There's a dozen guys out there she's been attached to?"   What has this girl been doing?
  33. [22:27:59] <Giantree> "Yeah, she's pretty flirty."  Arcchan just shrugs and explains like it's no big deal.  "She wants to date a guy seriously, but every time she gets close, she gets cold feet and dumps 'em with no warning.  Because she thinks our family's history is a bigger deal than it really is."  A pause.  "Well, maybe it's kinda a big deal, I dunno.  Top secret by the way, if I told you more I'd have to kill you."
  34. [22:29:56] <Gustav> "Yeah, that was really confusing.  She said somethin' about all that, then said she wanted to have strong kids?  Is havin' kids some kinda curse for you?  I was really quite confused"
  35. [22:30:12] <Gustav> "I'd think kids would be a blessin', not a curse"
  36. [22:31:08] <Giantree> "Like I said, secret.  Can't say more."  With a hmph, she crosses her arms and looks away.  ... For about 5 seconds, and then gives up.  "Buuuuuut... it's kind of annoying that she keeps doing that thing, so as long as nobody else's listening I might give a little hint."
  37. [22:31:23] <Giantree> "Okay, fine."  She stares at you.  "Look into my eyes.  Look deep."
  38. [22:32:36] <Gustav> " . . . what, she's got kids already?  You all do?"  He's really ??? right now
  39. [22:32:40] <Giantree> "You are getting veeeeeery sleeeeeeeepy...."  She speaks in a hypnotic tone of voice, without blinking.  "... And now the curse is done.  You're gonna die in 7 days."
  40. [22:32:56] <Giantree> "What a loser, you actually let me curse you.  Wow."
  41. [22:34:57] <Giantree> "... Just kiddin'," she sticks her tongue out again, "but really, it actually is the eyes.  See how they're bright red, brighter than is ever natural?  Ever think about why they're the same color as the dragon in our group?  I'm a thing that's called a uh... 'Branded' or something.  Like.  One of our ancestors got knocked up by a dragon and now are blood's cursed and yadda yadda, so the third kid born to a mom in our bloodline is like, some kinda monster that gets thrown rocks at and bullied in school and all kinda stuff."
  42. [22:34:59] <Giantree> "Source: I did."
  43. [22:35:11] <Giantree> >are
  44. [22:35:12] <Giantree> our even
  45. [22:35:27] <Gustav> "Plz, curses don't work like that.  Everyone knows you gotta tie a chicken up in their yard and write the incantations on their doorframe"
  46. [22:35:30] <Gustav>   " . . . right?"
  47. [22:35:32] <Gustav>  "At the least they'd need some sorta physical catalyst ta work"
  48. [22:35:39] <Gustav> Dang you typing faster than me
  49. [22:36:36] <Giantree> "Yeah."  She looks up at the ceiling.  "It's true, curses ain't real.  But people think they are, y'know?  Anyway, Arry's thing is that she wants to pump out a lot of babies and have so many kids that the curse naturally goes away and our family isn't hated by random people in Acaiah anymore."
  50. [22:36:50] <Giantree> "Which I think is stupid."
  51. [22:37:04] <Giantree> "But I guess she freaks out thinking her kids are gonna be bullied like me and runs away?"
  52. [22:40:08] <Gustav> He peers into her deep red eyes ". . . Really?  A dragon?  That's, that's . . . "
  53. [22:40:14] <Gustav>  "That's kinda AWESOME!  It's like, right outta some heroic tale or something!"
  54. [22:40:17] <Gustav>   "And please, you think people're gonna bully ya over something silly like yer eyes, and not that crazy attitude of yours?"  Gives her a light flick on the forehead as he says it
  55. [22:41:13] <Giantree> She breathes a bit... and almost leaps out of her bed in reply.  "I KNOW, RIGHT?!  Arry's friggin' dumb thinking it's a bad thing.  And guess what, guess what!  After getting hit with that book thing I can smell dragons when they're nearby now!"
  56. [22:42:07] <Giantree> "And my attitude is what makes me me, thank you very much!  Hmph!  If somebody tries to gimme a hard time over that I'll just slice 'em open!"
  57. [22:43:24] <Gustav> "Alright, forget Aryll, let's you and me hook up and save the world with half dragon babies YEAH"  /joke
  58. [22:43:59] <Giantree> yeah good thing you said that or else she would've revealed her secret monster strength, pushed you down, and grown tentacles out of her arms and raped you
  59. [22:44:20] <Giantree> do NOT fuck with a GM who's translating an eroge on the side
  60. [22:44:22] <Gustav> Dragons have tentacles now?
  61. [22:44:36] <Ellamae> who said they couldn't have them
  62. [22:44:39] <Giantree> (^)
  63. [22:44:50] <Gustav> Tentacle noodles
  64. [22:44:55] <Flamy> We're all doomed.
  65. [22:45:07] <Giantree> "Anyway hint's over.  Gimme all your money now."
  66. [22:46:50] <Gustav> "Sorry, I spent the last of it making yer soup.  But really, is that all?  We've got real dragons in our midst, and she's freaked out her kids might have sweet red eyes?"
  67. [22:48:35] <Giantree> "Really, it's that expensive?  Or are you just a cheapo?"  She smugs in your direction.  "But yeah, that's actually it.  You could probably snag some sweet pegasus-riding sisters if you just shoved a ring on her finger, told her that curses aren't real, then pushed her down and had your way with her."
  68. [22:48:42] <Giantree> "She's really vocal about her fantasies, I hear it all the time."
  69. [22:50:34] <Gustav> Whoa lewd, he's definitely blushing bright red at that.  "T-that's kinda, umm, uh . . ."
  70. [22:50:36] <Gustav>  After a moment of that he flicks her forehead again "Hey, you shouldn't be thinkin' like that anyways"
  71. [22:51:01] <Giantree> "I'm mature for my age."  lol
  72. [22:51:33] <Giantree> ... she says while letting out an 'au!' at the flick.
  73. [22:53:33] <Gustav> "Yeah you wish, maybe you'll be in ten years or so"
  74. [22:54:23] <Giantree> "Hmph!  See if I do you any more favors!"
  75. [22:54:54] <Giantree> "Anyway, go away so I can jump out the window and play around in town while Ariel's asleep."
  76. [22:55:14] <Gustav> "Please, you say something like that it means I'll never leave"
  77. [22:55:19] <Giantree> "I'm awake." Ariel responds without skipping a beat- her face is hidden so you can't see it.
  78. [22:55:23] <Giantree> "shit"
  79. [22:55:56] <Giantree> "Well fine, if you're gonna be like that I'll just do the BORING thing and lie back down."
  80. [22:55:57] <Gustav> "Or maybe that was your plan all along?  You really wanna play with Gustav-niichan that much?
  81. [22:55:58] <Giantree> Another raspberry.
  82. [22:56:12] <Giantree> She pulls the covers over her head.
  83. [22:58:38] <Gustav> "Fine, you get yer rest now."  He stands to exit, turns to Ariel "And you keep up the good job"
  84. [22:58:50] <Gustav> "Actually . . ." he stares at Ariel for a moment
  85. [22:59:03] <Giantree> "Heard it all," she looks straight at you and speaks before you can even say anything else.
  86. [22:59:33] <Giantree> "Kid's got a point.  Our middle sis acts like she's so responsible but she's really a big wuss."
  87. [22:59:34] <Gustav> ". . . nah, nevermind.  See you later"  He'll worry about it another time, when Arche isn't awake
  88. [22:59:52] <Gustav> Augh you beat me to typing again
  89. [22:59:55] <Giantree> "Yeah, thought so."  Ariel waves and yawns.
  90. [23:00:11] <Giantree> it's k ariel is a master of not giving a fuck anyway
  91. [23:00:32] <Giantree> You can't tell if the position she moves into means she's going back to sleep or she's just pretending to so that enemy teleporting wizards don't suspect her when she jumps up and attacks them.
  92. [23:00:44] <Kiuru> (both)
  93. [23:00:52] <Gustav> Least our girl's in good hands
  94. [23:01:19] <Giantree> tfw you will never be nearly killed and have a great knight watching over you for weeks
  95. [23:02:00] <Giantree> ... Though, Ariel isn't actually armored, her armor is the sheer lack of caring when she gets hit.  So battles where she fights in melee a lot literally just have her getting injured and not giving a fuck while she bleeds out.
  96. [23:02:15] <Kiuru> solution: classify him as an armored unit and insert armorslaying enemies
  97. [23:02:21] <Kiuru> r-rip?
  98. [23:04:44] <Giantree> So you can go ahead and meet Kiuru, if you want
  99. [23:04:48] <Gustav> Yeah, he exits stage right without another word, gonna chat up Ariel later when Arche isn't around.  Or awake, cause I doubt her sister's leaving anytime soon.
  100. [23:05:09] <Giantree> ... well
  101. [23:05:31] <Kiuru> c u c k ?
  102. [23:05:46] <Giantree> She actually senses this, and follows you out the door.  "Look like you wanna say somethin'."
  103. [23:07:44] <Gustav> "You sure you wanna exit right now?  She did just say she was gonna jump out the window and run off"
  104. [23:10:20] <Giantree> "You think she could really do that in that condition?"  The big sister lets out a tired sigh.  "It's alright.  What is it?"
  105. [23:12:14] <Gustav> "I think she might really try.  Anyways, just wanted to ask what you thought, I guess?  You're right about her sense of responsibility, she's really taken a lot upon herself.  Too much maybe"
  106. [23:13:20] <Giantree> "I mean."  Ariel scratches her head.  "We love each other as siblings as stuff.  But, I guess she kinda doesn't trust us?  Like, she thinks she has to be the one to be responsible and raise a family because we're both goofy slackers.  Or whatever."
  107. [23:14:00] <Gustav> Well she is kinda right about that
  108. [23:14:20] <Giantree> "Arche's right on that one: It's stupid.  And we told her it's stupid.  Not that I think it's a good idea to tell some stranger that we fight all the time, but, if you wanna get involved, whatever."
  109. [23:14:28] <Giantree> you bet she is
  110. [23:15:32] <Gustav> was that "fight *with all the time"
  111. [23:15:52] <Kiuru> fight all the time sounds about right
  112. [23:15:54] <Giantree> no, it was- ^
  113. [23:15:58] <Kiuru> as in they fight amongst themselves
  114. [23:16:05] <Giantree> tell some stranger (you) that we (sisters) fight each other all the time
  115. [23:16:08] <Gustav> Oh ok, I parsed that clause differently
  116. [23:16:10] <Gustav> I see it now
  117. [23:20:56] <Gustav> He chuckles a bit "Hey now, I'd hope I'm not just some stranger anymore.  But alright, I think I understand a bit better now"  
  118. [23:21:01] <Gustav> "Oh, and about that last bit, uh . . ."
  119. [23:21:03] <Gustav> "Is, is that true?"  He's blushing again
  120. [23:23:02] <Giantree> "Which one?  The part where we don't care if you get involved?  Or the part where it's stupid?  Or the part where we're goofy slackers?  Or the part where my sister wants you to penetrate her with your lance?"
  121. [23:23:55] <Gustav> "N-no, what Arche said.  About p-pushing down and fantasies and . . ." aauuuuuuuuu
  122. [23:23:56] <Giantree> "Kinda dense but you don't look like such a bad catch, actually."  Ariel muses.  "I'd be up for some penetrating if she dumps you again."
  123. [23:24:12] <Giantree> "Oh.  Yeah.  She has a notebook she writes it all down in."
  124. [23:24:30] <Giantree> "Third drawer from the top in her room, left side.  Buried under some underwear."
  125. [23:24:48] <Giantree> "She put it there on purpose so people would think twice about trying to steal it and sneak a read."
  126. [23:25:27] <Gustav> [awawawawawa]
  127. [23:25:37] <Giantree> She says it all totally straight-faced by the way.
  128. [23:27:38] <Gustav> "A-and that's what it actually says?"  She knows where it is, so clearly she's read it already.  Probably has regular parties reading it with Arche
  129. [23:28:18] <Giantree> "Asking me?"  A devilish grin envelops her visage.  "Why not ask your own eyes and go look?"
  130. [23:28:44] <Gustav> Hahaha no, even I'm not dense enough to fall for that
  131. [23:28:46] <Gustav> . . .
  132. [23:28:53] <Giantree> or are you
  133. [23:30:05] <Gustav> "What?!  What kind of scoundrel do you think I am?  A sister is one thing, but a guy reading that . . ."
  134. [23:30:08] <Gustav> ". . ."
  135. [23:30:12] <Gustav> ". . ."
  136. [23:30:26] <Gustav> ". . ."
  137. [23:30:30] <Giantree> "My work is done here.  Have fun~"
  138. [23:30:42] <Gustav> Hes' quite embarrassed, but also highly curious now
  139. [23:30:49] <Giantree> She opens the door and stops.  "Oh, hey, she really did jump out the window and run off."
  140. [23:31:26] <Gustav> "Wait, no, don't leave without- wait, she did?!"
  141. [23:31:34] <Gustav> He bursts back in to check, worried
  142. [23:31:50] <Giantree> Arche sits in the bed and stares at you, tilting her head.
  143. [23:32:02] <Giantree> Ariel snorts.  "Hey dude, did you know 'gullible' isn't listed in the dictionary?"
  144. [23:32:22] <Giantree> "Go look it up."
  145. [23:32:56] <Gustav> He gives he a slightly disgruntled look "Please, like I'd fall for that"
  146. [23:33:37] <Gustav> ". . . maybe if I knew what a dictionary was"  he mumbles as he exits with a good-natured huff
  147. [23:33:44] <Giantree> "Okay, don't believe me."  She shrugs and laughs the most silent laugh you've ever not heard.
  148. [23:33:53] <Giantree> And, of course, goes back to guard duty.
  149. [23:34:03] <Giantree> ... If you stay by the door you might be able to hear them both giggling at you.
  150. [23:34:05] <Giantree> ~Girls~
  151. [23:37:24] <Kiuru> So is that /whatever for gustav with the pegs? And time to catch a Kiuru outside its natural habitat?
  152. [23:38:37] <Giantree> yeah that's /A+B
  154. [23:39:39] <Kiuru> I'll wait for Gustav to give a verdict in case he has something elgse to get to now or somethin
  155. [23:39:42] <Kiuru> ...
  156. [23:39:44] <Gustav> yEAH SURE
  157. [23:39:55] <Gustav> I gotta think what I wanna ask about
  158. [23:40:13] <Giantree> yeah i guess he got better advice than i was expecting him to
  159. [23:40:13] <Kiuru> Take your time I still have plenty
  160. [23:40:18] <Gustav> "Why are girls so weird when it comes to relationships"
  161. [23:40:22] <Kiuru> w
  162. [23:40:31] <Giantree> so if he wants peg pootang he can just jam it right in anytime
  163. [23:40:32] <Kiuru> ....
  164. [23:40:42] <Kiuru> that'd be a better question than you probably think it is
  165. [23:40:45] <Gustav> "D-do girls r-really have f-fatasies like that . . .
  166. [23:40:50] <Giantree> WHAT
  167. [23:40:50] <Giantree> HAVE
  168. [23:40:51] <Giantree> I
  169. [23:40:51] <Giantree> DONE
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