Mar 21st, 2018
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  1. Entombed
  2. Scraps of a doll stored in a great metal body.
  3. Enclosed in steel, she towers over her sisters.
  4. A giant's strength and a child's heart.
  6. ARM 0 MUT 0 ENH 2
  7. Special Skill
  8. Behemoth [Defend/0/Self] Damage 4, negate explosive on attacks made against you for the rest of the round.
  9. "A colossus of steel able to withstand the strongest of blows. Such fortitude makes it easy to forget the child that lies within."
  10. -------
  11. -Overclock [Auto/0/Self] Once per round, +1 to the Support, Hinder, Move, Hinder Move, and Attack of a single maneuver.
  12. "You can push your body beyond its limits to outperform."
  13. -Self-Repair Protocols [Rapid/1/Self] Repair an enhancement reinforcement
  14. "Equipped with systems for self repair, your mechanical parts can fix themselves in combat."
  15. -Lock on Target [Action/1/Self] Pick an enemy, you gain a +1 to all attack checks against them. This bonus cannot go above +2. For area attacks, the bonus only applies to the target you locked onto. You can only lock onto one target at a time.
  16. "Advanced targeting systems built into your machine. Though they take time to work, the effect is worth it."
  17. -Rapid Response System [Rapid/0/Self] Make an attack at rapid timing, paying its AP cost as normal. +1 to the attack check. This can only be declared in response to enemy rapid timing maneuvers.
  18. "Your body's systems let you react quickly to those who try to interrupt you."
  19. -Alpha Strike [Auto/None/Self] +1 damage to attacks when you declare more than one attack maneuver in the same count.
  20. "A classic, and risky, maneuver used by those gifted with great size and great weapons."
  21. -Grappler [Auto/None/Self] Add Grappler Arms part to your Arms
  22. Grappler Arms [Action/3/0] Unarmed 3, if this attack hits, the enemy is grappled. While grappled, the enemy has a -2 to all attack checks unless it is a melee or unarmed attack directed at you. If either target is moved, both move together unless you choose to move away. This ends if you grapple another target, willingly move away from the target, or this part is broken.
  23. "Your shell has been modified with powerful arms uniquely suited for grappling foes."
  24. -Heavy Weapons [Auto/0/Self] Your attacks reduce the value of the first Defend used against them by 1 (to a minimum of 0) . All action checks made by you suffer a -1 to the result.
  25. "Your massive weapons let you crush the enemy's defenses like an egg, unfortunately few things are made to be used by cannon hands and massive claws."
  26. -Challenge [Rapid/0/0-1] Pick a target. For the rest of the round, you gain +1 damage to the next attack against them when they target anyone other than you with an attack maneuver. This can only occur once per count.
  27. "Use your bulk to draw attention to yourself and punish those who would ignore it."
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