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Dec 30th, 2011
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  1. VSC History
  3. The Vinlanders Social club was founded under the names of the Hoosier State Skinheads and the Ohio State skinheads on July 4th 2003 in Knightstown, Indiana. Present at the founding meeting were Nate Sliter, Jason Gall, Brien James, Eric Fairburn, Donald "Popcorn" Weirich, Bryon Widner, Bob Croft, Ryan Spriggs, and Eric Bussetti (please add if i missed anyone)
  5. Within the first year we picked up the Canyon State Skinheads through contacts that Bryon Widner had made several years earlier. We also had a founder member who moved to Missouri and founded the Missouri Confederation of Vinnish Patriots with some long established local skinheads. In picking up these two chapters we decided that the idea of staying semi-local wasn't going to work out, and that we would need a name that covered many regions.
  7. We debated on keeping our regional crew names and following in the steps of the Keystone State Skinheads who were having great success at that time using a regional concept. Under this plan we would loosely affiliate the regional crews under some type of umbrella organization. However, after some debate we decided that other large national crews had suffered some difficulties due their distinct regions taking on strong and separate identities, so wanted a name that would at least encompass all of north America under one banner.
  9. Our theme was always about Vinland from the start, so that part was a given. The rest of the name came by chance when Nate went to a big public event in Northern Indiana and see a bunch of guys wearing "social club" jackets. We felt that in reality this was a good description of what we are. Sort of like a bike or car club with no bikes or cars. Just a bunch of people with a common interest who have chosen to associate with each other for the long term. So somewhere around 2004 we started calling all of our chapters the Vinlanders Social Club and within less than a year almost all mention of the previous regional crews was gone.
  11. 2004 was also the year that we had decided to go down to Nordic Fest as a crew for the first time.
  13. Statement revision
  15. Of his knowledge a man should never boast,
  16. Rather be sparing of speech
  17. When to his house a wiser comes:
  18. Seldom do those who are silent Make mistakes;
  19. mother wit Is ever a faithful friend"
  22. In the year 2007 we felt compelled to make a statement concerning our feelings on the American racialist movement in its current state. Upon leaving that movement, we attempted to define what we do not represent. Now, given the current climate and events we feel it is the best time to present an exact record of what we do represent and hope to accomplish.
  24. Some recognition of the opening quote from the "Havamal" would serve most current social and political activists well. There is usually someone smarter or more experienced who has already walked where you are walking or said what you attempt to say. In light of this knowledge I will only attempt to speak on subjects with which my brothers and myself have specific and somewhat exclusive knowledge. The first and foremost area being the evolution of modern Skinheads in America. Our faith, social opinions, political activism or lack thereof and a host of several other things may seem more relevant at this time, but everything stems from our skinhead beginnings and the bonds of that original subculture.
  26. We created this club from scratch. The shield, motto, and bylaws were drawn up without help or influence from any source other than our own experiences an beliefs. Our motto of fearless, drug free, and pro-American may seem self-explanatory and bland on the surface, however if you really examine that stance in today's culture it really says most of what needs to be said about this club.
  28. Being FEARLESS is something that is rarely sought after, rewarded or respected in the modern era. Courage and aggression are only rewarded or praised when being used in the service of the state. For example the police and members of the military have almost free reign to use force against the enemies of the federal government and they are rewarded and protected in turn. Even if they use this force unjustly at times. At the same time, any acts aggression, courage, or violence in this country by citizens are not only discouraged, but drastically punished by the state. People have been charged with crimes for defending their homes, families and property by the state at an increasing rate in order to discourage normal citizens from using force to protect themselves. Under these conditions, law abiding citizens will always be put in a position where they must live in fear of criminals, illegal aliens, and citizens who do not fear incarceration for committing violence.
  30. This starts in high schools and by the time the average working class, responsible citizen is an adult they have been conditioned to run from any threat and hope that the state will protect them. This is the foundation that allowed "white flight" from blacks in America and now as more and more black people reach the middle class, they too are being driven from their homes by Hispanic immigrants who feel like they have nothing to lose or fear. The government has been successful in creating a system of fear and dependency that forces its most productive and patriotic citizens to constantly give ground to the citizens and even non-citizens who have no regard for the law.
  32. When we say we are fearless we mean it. We will fear no one. Neither criminals nor the state. We will stand our ground and we will pay the consequences if necessary.
  34. Being DRUG FREE is simple enough in theory. However given the staggering amount of casual drug use and all out dependency in this country, it has become quite a controversial and sometimes inhibiting stance. The amount of people who would join a group like the Vinlanders would be multiplied by tens and maybe hundreds if it were not for the anti-drug policy. Our anti-drug policy causes mistrust by huge segments of the population and it is not recognized or respected at all by our enemies. We have faced conflicts and been placed in physical danger over this stance on more than one occasion. Despite these facts, we believe firmly that drugs are such a destructive force that they cannot be allowed within our ranks.
  39. The concept of pro american is a devotion to our nation. It is a deep respect for the men who have fought and died to establish and maintain it. We, as the vinlanders, do not subscribe to the current political regimes, nor do we subscribe to the dualist party rhetoric. In reality, the current political structure is a far cry from the foundation laid by the forefathers of this great nation.
  41. Amongst our members, we know and realize that the freedoms and liberties given to us in the constitution, are there for our wellbeing. They cannot be taken, revised, or misused against us. That is our common ground with the statement "pro-american". That is our common ground, because the foundation of America was built around our rights and freedoms.
  43. Our determination on where we stand politically amongst our members, is a person by person basis. Under this banner, we do share one common interest......duty to our homeland, heritage and families. Our right to believe in that common theme is granted to us by the blood of patriots past.
  47. With many of our enemies, our 2007 statement was met with disregard. Our boldest statements were made then, denouncing the modern racialist stance and beginning to distance ourselves form the common white racialist. Our reasons for doing so were not crafted from fear, nor were they the work of sporadic thought. Our reasons were simply because we do not fit in the generalized mold of america's ridiculous racial movement.
  49. Our experiences as youth, and our continued experiences today, have helped to mold our members into what we are. We chose not to subscribe any longer to the rhetorical banter that many of us widdled our lives away over for so long. We recognized, and re-addressed our unwillingness to support such deconstructive, counter productive elements.
  51. Modern racialists are convinced that the black, jew, and other "lower" races are to blame for our countries misguided fortune. We as Vinlanders recognize that this is false, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of thinking, and realize that the majority of our problems exist by our own creation, as individuals. We understand this fact, and therefore have made it our obligation as Vinlanders to create our futures for ourselves.
  53. Over time, we have learned that "racial survival" is a farce. There is no possibility of "racial survival" without the inclusion of culture, language, and faith. It is the responsibility of a racial group to preserve their cultures and heritage. We embrace this fact and encourage all other racial groups to do the same. With individual support of ones racial identity, conflict would cease, and man could co-exist without the needs to cry supremacy.
  55. Our cultural identity is the single most important factor to our existence and survival. Our dedication to preserving our cultural past is evident in our name and our symbolism. White European history is full of heroes, and we choose to embrace the memories of all of them.
  59. For any who have not received a paper copy.... Here is our rule book.
  61. VSC HANDBOOK 2006
  63. The Vinlanders are a voluntary social fraternity of like-minded men who have chosen to promote a free and noble standard of living in modern day America. We lead by example in the way that we treat each other, and the outside world. By entering into this brotherhood, a man chooses a new family, one that is intended to supersede his previous social ties and be a life-long commitment. Only those willing to make this kind of a commitment should enter into this brotherhood. In addition, due to the growth of the Vinlanders name across different regions, it has become necessary to clarify that the “Vinlanders” is merely a concept, or a sub-culture of like-minded individuals. The organizations (HSS, OSS, CSS, NJS, MCVP, FSS,WSS etc…) of men who make up the Vinlanders as a whole are independent and sometimes operate without the knowledge or approval of any other organization carrying the Vinlanders banner. Just like the 10th amendment of the United States, your local charter is sovereign over the confederation on all matters not necessary to the survival of the whole.
  65. Structure
  67. The structure of the Vinlanders is a combination of several different types of established organizational systems. The organization is broke down into regions which are divided up by the number of members in a given area and the proximity of one area to an existing chapter. Each chapter has a regional organizer or contact person and the club as a whole may use other officers for specific purposes. The club is however, a democracy at its core. Each made member is equal to his brother and regarded above all other people. The members who choose to take extra responsibilities are of no higher rank, but should be respected for the extra effort they put in. For instance, regional organizers should be contacted with all inter-regional business first, when appropriate. This cuts down on potential issues between individual members and provides for a more organized flow of information.
  69. In addition to organizers, a probate’s primary and secondary sponsors are also taking on an additional responsibility for the benefit of the club. Out of respect for the extra effort a sponsor puts into bringing another member into this family, a sponsor should always be made aware of every issue concerning a probate before any other member or even the probate is confronted.
  71. The majority of all major issues will be heard and decisions will be made at the two annual Vinlander meetings. Anyone who does not attend these meeting forfeits their right to impact the topics voted on for that period. Members and probates who do not attend major club events that are announced at least 3 months in advance will also pay a fine equal to the cost of one person attending the event.
  76. Membership
  78. The Vinlanders as a group do not seek to recruit or convert anyone into our lifestyle or belief systems. The people who belong in this brotherhood already act and behave the same as we do. We have just yet to meet them and show them what we are doing.
  80. As we show ourselves to the world and lead by our examples, the right people will come to us and there will be no doubt by either party that they belong. We do not need anymore members to make us feel like a success or to protect ourselves from any threat. We do not intend to change anyone by what we are doing.
  82. With this in mind, we use a system of entry into the organization that had been proven effective by many organizations throughout time. It is a system that uses time as its main component. The most vital aspect of bringing a new person into life long brotherhood is trust. There needs to be a period of time for us to get to know a new person and for them to see us for who we are. We break this period down into two categories:
  84. Official Supporters
  86. As of the annual new years meeting in January of 2006 we have made some changes to the supporter program to include a wider variety of loyal Vinlander supporters in our program. The program has now opened up to include anyone who two members have met and corresponded with for any length of time. Supporters can be male or female as of 2006. The O.S. or “hang around” period for men is a time to get to know the club with little or no pressure or responsibilities. It takes time for us to get to know you and vice versa in order for everyone involved to decide if this club is right for you. Women can only participate in the Vinlander program in the supporter capacity and will carry on separate projects and tasks as supporters, as directed by the club.
  88. All supporters should be registered on the forum at and starting in 2006 a newsletter will be written and donations will be accepted from supporters quarterly.
  91. Probates
  93. The next level of membership into the crew is the probationary member. This is a person we have invested ourselves into, and that we expect to become a member of our brotherhood.
  95. In contrast to an official supporter, a probate is expected to attend every event and function possible. This is the time for a person to prove they are ready for a life-long commitment to this club. A probate will enthusiastically go above and beyond the normal standard of membership for the entire term of their probation. Every sacrifice a probate makes during his probationary period is a badge of honor to be worn when he is a member. To EARN membership into an organization is an experience that cannot be replaced.
  97. A probate is sponsored by two members of his state that must fully vouch for him. His “primary” and “secondary” sponsors are directly responsible for his progress as a probate. A person must obtain the unanimous approval of everyone in his state or chapter to be placed on probation.
  99. After at least a year of probation, a probate will be eligible to become a “made” member.
  101. The Vinlanders regard a member of our brotherhood as a man above all men. We do not revere, imitate, or fear any organization on Earth. If backed into a corner, this brotherhood will take on all challengers to the death. There is no mortal equal to a Vinlander, and in the traditions of our heathen forefathers we will subjugate ourselves to no one.
  103. This is why we say a Vinlander is a “made” member. No matter how strong or confident you were at the beginning of your probationary period, you will be a changed man at the end of it. You will be “made” into a Vinlander. To become a member requires a unanimous vote of the made members in your state with a courtesy call to be made to all regions nationally, with no objections.
  105. New regions which are located in areas designated too far from an established area will be given a 6 month to 1 year probationary period, after which multiple members will receive their patches at one time and then start conducting their crew accordingly. During this time the out-of-area probates will be expected to maintain contact weekly, attend all events, and make two visits to Indiana or Ohio. They must also be sworn in and receive their patches from Indiana or Ohio members.
  107. As of January 2006
  109. To establish a standard of quality in this club we invite every region to set a rigid but reasonable set of goals for probates to achieve during their probationary period. At the January 2006 meeting we agreed on these standards nationally.
  111. 1. All current members and all probates should learn to read and write runes. A set of slightly altered “Vinlandic Runes” are being devised by the club founders, and will be released this year to members.
  113. 2. All probates must obtain a concealed carry permit and drivers license if eligible. If not they need to present proof to their sponsors as to why not.
  115. 3. All probates must weight train and train to fight during their probation period with measurable improvements during their probationary term.
  117. 4. Probates must know and understand the nine noble virtues of the old religion.
  121. Rules and Ethics
  123. The Vinlanders social club was formed by a group of men who hold their personal freedoms in high regard. Therefore, the subject of rules and regulations is one that is taken upon with great consideration and skepticism. While we all understand that rules and a code of ethics are necessary to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the brotherhood, we also understand that too many rules can smother even the best laid concepts. We try to restrict the use of rules as much as possible and we only impose them in situations where the livelihood and well-being of the crew is at stake. Here are a few basic rules that we observe.
  125. - First and foremost, your brothers and the brotherhood come first, before your old friends and associates and before your significant other. The only human beings that would ever come between you and your brothers would be your children and those two things should never be in conflict as long as this club is doing what it should be.
  127. - Never do anything to harm your brothers’ property or jeopardize their livelihood. Some brothers will have situations that call for more discretion than others.
  129. - Never unnecessarily mistreat outsiders that your brothers bring around.
  131. - You never deny membership in this club and never desert a brother or talk negatively about a brother or the crew to an outsider.
  133. - We do not use illegal drugs. Alcohol must be used only in reasonable moderation. Those who drink will not drink during meetings or have more than 3 drinks prior to a meeting. Probates will not drink at club events without permission from a made member. (club events are defined as gatherings of 3 or more members for any reason)
  135. - Unfortunately, brothers’ relationships have been a source of many club-related problems over the years. Therefore we have developed some very specific rules concerning women and relationships. These rules relate to wives and girlfriends. Girlfriends are defined as someone that you have a relationship with and have made it known to your brothers as such. (for those who cannot use judgment in defining a girlfriend, this needs to be someone you live with, have children with, or have been seeing for at least 6 months)
  137. -Never bring your wife or girlfriend to any club event, or even a night out with your brothers unless the event is designated as such.
  139. -Never hit on, sleep with, or behave inappropriately with a brother’s wife or girlfriend. Do not go to a brother’s house when he is not there or put yourself in a position to be alone with a brother’s wife or girlfriend unless it is an emergency.
  141. -When you are out with your brothers, do not leave or focus all of your attention on some girl you just met. (Never ditch your bros for a ho!)
  143. -No underage women.
  145. -We strive to live by the 9 noble virtues of our pagan forefathers which are…
  148. COURAGE
  152. LOYALTY
  153. HONOR
  154. TRUTH
  158. -Your club jacket and all club property are to be treated with the same respect you hold for the club. Your jacket should never be touched or worn by anyone other than a made member. If it is on the back of a chair, no one is to sit in that chair. Your jacket should never touch the ground unless in a fight or being used as a pillow by you. All club related items should be respected and kept private as much as possible. If you ever quit the club or are dismissed, the jacket, as well as all club property returns to the club.
  160. -In our motto it proclaims “fearless, drug-free, and pro-American”. We have already covered drug free in the rules and ethics and now it is time to clarify the other two. When we say “fearless” we mean it. Cowardess in any form will never be accepted amongst the men of our caliber. The founders of this club are world class hooligans and warriors, tried and tested on every front and never slighted. Any tribulation you face at this point will be laughable compared to what we went through to pave the way for this patch to mean what it does. Conduct yourself as a man always.
  162. -As far as the pro-American part goes, we are supporters of the original democratic constitution of the United States, the one that looks after the interests of the people against all forms of tyranny and calls for sovereignty and power of the working class over the elite. Despite the fact that the current government of this country may be corrupt and reprehensible, we respect the sacrifices of our forefathers and we embrace our national heritage.
  166. Here is a consolidated list of the VSC probate requirements and expectations at this time
  168. 1.All probates in an established state will be required to do 12 months of probation minimum. Probates who are starting a new chapter in a new state may be awarded a 6 month informal probation by the council if deemed appropriate.
  170. 2.All probates should have a drivers license and gun permit if eligible.
  172. 3. All probates should read and write runes.
  174. 4.All probates must complete the Vinlander reading requirements in order to understand the philosophies of the club.
  176. 5. Probates must demonstrate a particular knowledge and understanding of Havamal and the 9 noble virtues. These are key to the foundation of our club.
  178. 6. Probates must attend a reasonable amount of meetings and events and must have paid 12 months of 10 dollars per month dues before being made.
  180. 7. All probates need to engage in some form of physical improvement during probation and hopefully membership. Combat sports, weightlifting, paintball, marksmanship etc..
  183. Exceptions will be made when appropriate. We are a family, not a business. See your sponsors for any concerns.
  185. Reading list...
  187. The first three items are mandatory. You can pick the last three from the list of books provided. Read, view, or listen to each item and put your opinions and insight in this forum under your specific probate thread with your name on it.
  189. 1.The Havamal ...
  190. 2.Watch the Zeitgeist movie and addendum on
  191. 3.The Declaration Of Independence ...
  193. Choose any 3 from this list.
  195. The Redneck Manifesto by Jim Goad
  196. My Awakening - by David Duke.
  197. Anything by Rockwell
  198. Rule By Secrecy- by Jim Marrs.
  199. The Art of War - by Sun Tzu.
  200. Any book by Friedrich Nietzsche
  201. Might is Right- by Ragnar Redbeard
  202. Sixteenth century europe 1500-1600 - by Richard Mckenny
  203. Europe. a history- by Norman Davies
  204. European warfare: 1815-2000 - by Jeremy Black
  205. The campaigns of nepoleon- by David Chandler
  206. The crusades: a short history- by Johnathan Riley-smith
  207. A history of pagan europe- by Prudence Jones
  208. Teutonic knights: a military history- by William Urban
  209. 1984- by Orwell
  210. Anything by Pat Buchanan
  211. The Secret Of The Runes- by Guido von List
  212. The Northern Path- by Douglas Dag Rossman
  213. Which way Western Man online..
  214. 48 Laws of Power
  218. Supporter status
  220. Send contact information as well as the contact information of two members, probates, or current supporters of the VSC who will vouch for you to the P.O. box with a 25 dollar donation. Someone associated with the VSC, or a crew that we work with, must have met you in person.
  222. VSC
  223. PO BOX 502693
  224. Indianapolis, Indiana 46250
  226. Supporter status entitles you to access to a private forum, a supporter patch, and information updates on VSC events and news.
  228. New club National P.O Box
  229. VSC
  230. P.O. Box 154
  231. Newark, Ohio 43058
  233. (blank money orders)
  235. Rules for retirement
  236. We left this out of the printed book and the online version posted in the supporters sections because it is somewhats of a negative subject on some levels.
  238. WE had decided years ago when the first member asked to be "retired" that minimum of 2 years service for founding members, and 5 years service for all other members, would have to be met.
  240. The member would have to be in good standing and submit to a 6 month "vacation" period to think it over prior to making the final decision. At that time the member will come to a pre-announced meeting to answer as to why he wants to retire. At which time a date will be set for the member to be honorably retired at a party in his honor. Then, and only then, will the member be honorably retired. ALL OTHER people leaving the membership of this club will be doing so on bad terms.
  242. Anyone leaving on bad terms will not be welcome around the club and really should not be in communication with members of the club as far as im concerned, but I guess since we didnt really write this part out we wll leave it up to everyones personal judgement.
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