Interview with Anima Project Studio [CrazyGameCommunity]

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  1. CGC:    First of all, thank you to accepted to partecipate in this interview for the CrazyGameCommunity.
  2.         We're here today with Carlos, the team manager of the Anima Project Studio.
  3.         Hi Carlos!
  5. CARLOS: Hi Davide!
  6.         It is a pleasure ^^
  8. CGC:    So, to begin, how Anima Project Studio borned? And where are you located?
  10. CARLOS: We are located in Valencia, Spain. And about how we were borned…. hehe… it is quite complex. Long story short, we were
  11.         writing and creating RPB books and board games for years, all based in the Anima Beyond Fantasy universo, till one day
  12.         we decided to try do do videogames for ourselves, based on the same universe.
  14. CGC:    We know that Anima Project Studio, before doing videogames, began with a series of books named Anima Beyond Fantasy,
  15.         board games and trading cards.
  16.         What was your ideas for making them and what did you expected at that time?
  18. CARLOS: I just wanted to create fun games and write stories that people would consider interesting. Simply that.
  20. CGC:    If i remember correctly, your team is composed by three members. Was it always like this or you began alone?
  22. CARLOS: I began alone, but just during the time i was writing books. We have been always 3 when we started to work on videgames;
  23.         Sergio Almagro, Miguel Hernández and myself.
  25. CGC:    And about your team now, since is not so big, everyone has a role or you're working together throughout the development in
  26.         all the components of the game?
  28. CARLOS: Yes; I am the game designer and level designer.
  29.         Sergio is the 3D artists and animator
  30.         And Miguel is the programmer.
  32. CGC:    In 2011 you published your first videogame, Anima: Ark of Sinners for Nintendo Wii as a WiiWare.
  33.         Was it difficult to develope, since it was the first time? And what was the response of the public?
  35. CARLOS: In fact, our team didn't develop Anima: Ark of Sinners, but a company that we made to create games of the Anima
  36.         RPG franchise.
  37.         I worked in the project, along with people who knew about videgames much more than I did back then, but to be honest,
  38.         I was quite disapointed of the quality outcome. However, it was a invaluable exprerience that allowed me create my own
  39.         company and develop Anima Gate of Memories.
  41. CGC:    Jumping in time, many years later, in 2016, you published for PC on Steam Anima: Gate of Memories, that came even on PS4,
  42.         Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  43.         Was the release already scheduled also on the consoles and, therefore, you were expecting it, or it was a decision of
  44.         your publisher, BadLand Publishing?
  46. CARLOS: The release in consoles was planned from the very begining. Our objective was to release it in PS4 and One even before
  47.         than in PC.
  48.         The switch version came later, since we wanted to do a great port and it needs more work.
  50. CGC:    You have published even an alternative version of it named Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles that,
  51.         we can say, completes the cycle of that story.
  52.         Was it always been in schedule as a stand-alone game or maybe it started as a Downloadable Content for Gate of Memories?
  54. CARLOS: Nameless Chronicles began its development as a DLC; after all, it is another side of the same story.
  55.         Our plan was to do it much smaller in scale, but we worked and worked on it and we had a game with
  56.         more than 10 hours of gameplay, and therefore, we decided to do it an standalone adventure.
  58. CGC:    Talking about your publisher, BadLand, what is the relationship with them? And why you choose them as your publisher?
  60. CARLOS: We have a good relationship with Badland. They have always treated us like if we were valuable developers for them,
  61.         and that has always make us fell really happy.
  63. CGC:    Now let's focus on the future of Anima Project Studio. Do you have some new games in development or news about the
  64.         Anima franchise?
  66. CARLOS: Hehehe... Yes, in fact we are currently developing our next game, but we don't want to tell too much about it yet.
  67.         Very soon we will do an official anouncement that we hope that all the people who enjoyed the first Gate of Memories will like.
  69. CGC:    Allright, thanks for your time Carlos, it's been a pleasure for us to have talked with you.
  70.         We wish to you and all Anima Project Studio good luck for the future!
  72. CARLOS: Thanks to you!
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