A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Mia Fey TF) Chapter 4

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  1. I yelled out, “It’s time to do some scientific investigating!” I pumped my right fist in the air. This is going to be exciting. Now let’s get started. “…Umm…what do I do?”
  3. I almost forgot, I haven’t got a single lead. I sighed. I decided to go sit on the bench where I first transformed into Maya Fey. “What to do? What to do? Maybe something appeared in my bag without me even realizing it.”
  5. I dug around the bag and found a bottle. It was Luminol and Atroquinine Indicator. “I really don’t think I will be looking for blood anytime soon.” I put it back and dug more. I pulled out another bottle, but it was a bit smaller than the Luminol. It contained Fingerprint Powder. “This could actually come in handy.”
  7. I decided to take my own fingerprints. “While I’m at it, I might as well take the fingerprints of Maya and Trucy.” I transformed into both of them and got fingerprint samples, then changed back into Ema. “Now that that’s done, what to do?”
  9. I pondered for a few seconds. “Maybe I should check the Magatama for prints. That is the only thing I have at the moment.” I used the powder on the necklace and took note of the thumbprints.
  11. “There are some for Maya, some for me as Ema, a couple from Trucy, probably before the gloves appeared in the transformation. Here are some unknown prints. Must be from me before I transformed into Maya. Wait! What do we have here?” while dusting, I found one more pair of thumbprints on the Magatama.
  13. “If there are two unknown pairs of fingerprints on here, someone other than me must’ve held it.” I must sound like some cool scientific investigator. “But wait. There is also the possibility that some random person picked it up before I did. It is highly unlikely, but the possibility is still there. Then there is the more hopeful possibility that this is the person’s thumbprints who owned it and added magic to it.” I must remember this.
  15. I looked around again. There must be something else I can investigate. Wait! Hold the phone. I exclaimed, “The flying ice-cream truck!” That had to be the cause by the same source as the Magatama necklace. They both happened in such short time frames. Maybe whoever was driving it after it landed could help me get closer to figuring out what the deal is with my current situation.
  17. Now that I think about it, the wings are probably invisible right now. If the person behind this were able to turn me into a girl and even give me access to teleporting, that person would keep the ice-cream truck a secret after that incident. Maybe the Luminol would actually help me in this situation. I may have seen no blood, but it should be impossible to get trampled on by a truck and not bleed at all. It must have been the person making the blood invisible for everyone to see.
  19. I can’t believe I am saying this, “Time to go find…Richard.” I will not say his other name since I might sound like some female pervert. I walked through the forest. Hopefully this will get me a lead.
  21. One hour later…
  23. I arrived at Dick’s house. Should I just knock? I closed my eyes for reasons beyond me. If only I hadn’t done that. When I knocked, I got a softer and even pleasant feeling. I open my eyes to see that the door was opened and my small hand hit an older, but beautiful woman in her quite ample breasts.
  25. I quickly stepped back and blushed. “S-sorry about that!” I was probably looking really stupid right now. I was a teenage girl blushing for touching an older woman’s breast. She couldn’t be more than thirty.
  27. She laughed, “Oh that’s quite all right! Are you here to see my son?”
  29. I hesitated. “Uh yes. I am here to see Richard. Is he home at the moment?”
  31. I got an answer I wasn’t hoping for. “Oh! Do you have a crush on my son?”
  33. That got me angry, but before I can say anything, she said, “He’s upstairs in his room. He’s been groaning for the last couple days, but I don’t know why. You can go and visit him.” She smiled at me.
  35. “Oh, thank you!” I slightly bowed and ran upstairs. Now I can hopefully get somewhere.
  37. I was surprised to say the least upon entering his room. It wasn’t what I expected. Not in a bad way, but not in a good way as well. I pictured it to be a skulls and stuff of the like in there. No. It was blank, and when I say blank, I mean almost empty. He had a window, a bed, a desk, and…actually, that was it. His walls weren’t even painted.
  39. When I saw Richard, he actually looked quite healthy. He was in fact groaning that seemed uncharacteristic with how he looked. Maybe some upset stomach? If I am to find blood, I could use the glasses that Ema uses since it helped her in the game. I pulled them from on top my head over my eyes. What I saw was disgusting for a lack of a better word.
  41. His right arm and left leg were both bent in the wrong direction. I took off the glasses and he looked normal again. What the fu*k was I seeing? He was groaning which meant he was still alive thankfully.
  43. I walked up to him and asked, “Wh-what happened to your arm and leg?” I was extremely worried. He might have been a DICK, but no one should be left to die.
  45. He barely opened his eyes and looked at me. He looked like opening his eyes were extremely painful as well. He managed, “Y-you could see my wounds?” I nodded. “Heh…at least I’m not crazy. Could you please…help me?” I nodded again.
  47. How can I help? Wait a minute. That’s easy! “What one sec!” I ran out of his room and into the bathroom. There I changed into Trucy Wright. From outside the room, I said, “Hocus pocus injuries be gone.” I waved the wand and it produced those same sparkles. I peeked through the door and witnessed his limbs heal at an extraordinary speed.
  49. I ran back to the washroom and transformed back into Ema. “Who needs doctors? I can put the entire medical industry into the dirt with this power.” I walked back to his room to be greeted by a smiling Richard.
  51. “How in the world did you do that!?” He was jumping in my face.
  53. “Uh…family secret.” Great excuse their Chug.
  55. “Well thank you so much! Hey, you want to go out some—” Unbeknownst to me was the fact that I was glaring at him to hard that he was fearing for his life…again.
  57. I walked up to him and looked up at his face, “If you ever try to hit on me again. Let’s just say you might end up the same as before, but this time having no one to help you.”
  59. “S-sorry! So is there anything I could do for you? I owe you my life!” This is almost too easy.
  61. “Yeah. I just need to investigate your room for any blood.” I pushed by him and observed his bed. I took out the Luminol and put the glasses back on. I sprayed the bed and found large traces of blood. Then it hit me. I have no way to collect the traces and even if I could, I have no way of analyzing it.
  63. That brought another idea in me. I turned to him. “Can you please give me your right hand?” He nodded. He stretched out his palm and I found traces of blood on it. I took out the Fingerprint Powder and took a sample of his handprint. “Thanks.”
  65. He was now fidgeting. “Um…can I help you with anything else?”
  67. “Nope. That will be all. Thank you for the cooperation.” I started to walk out.
  69. He yelled, “Wait! Will I ever meet you again?”
  71. I grinned, “Yes. You probably will.” In a different body though, but he doesn’t need to know.
  73. I walked past his mom and bowed my head thanking her for having me over. I walked out the door and raised a fist in the air. “Finally! I have my first real lead!”
  75. If my logic is correct, I should be able to find a single ice-cream truck with a bloody handprint that matches his handprint. I whistled while walking, until another thought struck me. If he as lying with his face to the ground, then that means that he couldn’t of touched the bottom of the truck. “God dammit! What do I do now!?”
  77. I was so furious and depressed. My lovely logic trashed with my new tidbit of thoughts. There has to be a way to identify the correct ice-cream truck. But how do I do that? As I wondered, I caught a glimpse of a car pass by and looking at the back gave me an idea. “That’s it! The license plate will tell me which ice-cream truck flew on top of Dick.”
  79. I ran to the police station and was able to talk with the officer I saw at the scene. “That ice-cream truck that flew on Richard, did you see what the license plate said?” I really hope this works.
  81. He looked at me. “For sure! We are to always write down the license plate of any automobile that we think is suspicious.”
  83. Screw my curiosity. “Suspicious of what?”
  85. He laughed. “Sorry, but I can’t disclose that information to you. I also can’t tell you what his license plate is since I would be breaking the rules.”
  87. We will see about that! “I got to go to the washroom.”
  89. “Down the hall on the right.”
  91. “Thank you!” I ran there and locked the door in the stall.
  93. I first transformed back into Maya then into Trucy. From there, I made my magical panties appear and grabbed an Attorney’s badge from it. “Sorry Apollo or Phoenix or whoever.” I went back to being Maya and thought about someone new this time, someone who used to be a fantastic Ace Attorney. It also breaks my heart to do tis since I’m Maya right now, but such is life. I thought about a certain character and my Magatama glowed.
  95. The first to change was my height. Being Maya, I was five feet and one inch tall, but now I grew by about five inches making me about five feet and six inches tall. My face changed next starting with a small beauty mark under my lips. My face greatly matured to that of a young adult. My eyes were about the same color, but a bit more brown. My hair stayed about the same in length and changed color from jet black to brown like my eyes. My body started to get curvier every second starting with my butt. It inflated a bit more along with my hips that widened a bit as well making them stick out more usual. Last, but not least for the physical changes, my breasts got bigger. With each breath I took, they got bigger and after over a full minute, they were the size of DD-cups. “How do woman live with these things?” I said in my new older and mature voice.
  97. For the next changes, I was all prepared for them. I was so happy for them to start since wearing Maya’s clothes were giving me trouble breathing in this new body. The inner layer of my kimono started to change into a lighter shade of black. It also made room outwards in front of my breasts. I always thought that was a bra showing off. I guess I was wrong. Whatever, at least I can breathe better now. The problem is that I didn’t want to show off the cleavage, but I guess it could give me an edge in persuading the officer. The large red ribbon tied around my waist undid and once again tied itself around my neck and it thinned out a bit. My outer vest part of the kimono started to develop a zipper from one of the purple hairclips in my hair and attach itself together to create a new black suit for me. Sadly my breasts were to big to pull the zipper all the way up meaning showing off my cleavage was inevitable. Another one of the purple hair clips shrank and turned yellow when connecting itself to the top of my suit creating a button. My sandals turned white and transformed into a pair of shoes. The small purple hairclip on my head split in half and shrank into two silver earrings and was nicely played in both of my ears. The last thing to change was the bigger hairclip at the bottom of my hair. It stayed purple, but molded into another Magatama necklace, but this time without the pearls.
  99. I could only star at myself in amazement. I was beautiful. I exited the stall and looked at myself in the mirror. “Wow. I look just like Mia Fey. It is depressing for me to turn into who is technically my dead sister.”
  101. I walked out of the office and back to where that police officer was. It was time for him and I to have a little chat. I smiled evilly and even laughed a bit under my breath.
  104. To Be Continued…
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