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  1. 01[18:44] <Awry> 6The cell, without its tiny silver occupant, is now empty. They key is nestled safely with Kellus, but the matter of being lost in a long series of walkway cells in a vast subterranean cavern at least several miles across is somewhat still of a concern.
  2. 01[18:45] <Awry> 6They stand currently around the open, rusted door of the cell, spread out along the walkway as there is only about four feet of space between the door and a drop to oblivion into the black water and sharp rocks below. Chains scrape in the distance still, somewhere.
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  5. [18:49] <Kael> "Yea.. Kel- Can we come back later again..?"
  6. 06[18:51] * Franco blinks his eyes a few times and sways. . . feeling disoriented
  7. [18:52] <Franco> "Didn't we just get here?"
  8. [18:53] <Kellus> 6Kellus doesn't even bother turning around. "Sure. You can leave. Good luck getting through those doors upstairs, though."6 She kneels down and pokes at Crunch. "You okay?"
  9. [18:53] <Kael> "Yea, and i think we should come back when it''s day, we haven't seen anything living here"
  10. 06[18:54] * Alroth swallows mutely, his senses slowly returning to him, as he looks around again. "L-Leaving does s-sound like a g-good idea..."
  11. [18:54] <CaptainCrunch> "No," 6Crunch said sourly, one hand cupped against his ear. He climbed slowly to his feet and patted his things down to make sure nothing shook loose during the time he was out. 6"My head hurts."
  12. [18:55] <Kellus> "If you lack the faith to continue, leave now."6Kellus stands back up and turns around. "There is nothing here that has even threatened us, if you think about it. The ghost seems to be leading us along."6She holds up the key. "We find cell five." 6She stiffens.
  13. [18:56] <Kael> "Eh, I'm one to think it leeds us to traps"
  14. 06[18:57] * Franco looks at the key strangly. "Leading us? Into a trap is likely!"
  15. [18:57] <Alroth> "T-Traps a-are t-the least of o-our w-worries...."
  16. [18:58] <Kael> "Alroth, what did you see, anyway?"
  17. 01[18:58] <Awry> 6Kellus stands stock still for a few moments --
  18. 01[18:58] <Awry> 6-- and then starts falling backwards, her eyes rolling back in her head.
  19. 01[18:59] <Awry> [Anyone want to try to catch her before she goes off the ledge?]
  20. 06[18:59] * Alroth leaps to catch her, eyes wide.
  21. 06[19:00] * Kael quickly jump to the spot and tries to catch her
  22. 01[19:03] <Awry> 6Alroth barely grabs the lapels of her robes before she goes over.
  23. 06[19:04] * Kael grabs Al's arm instead and helps him pull Kellus up
  24. 01[19:07] <Awry> 6With a bit of slapping or a tad of water, Kellus' eyes open up soon enough.
  25. 06[19:07] * Alroth whines as he finally sits back, taking deep breaths, still shaking.
  26. [19:08] <CaptainCrunch> "What happened?" 6Crunch leaned around Kellus and looked up into eyes, checking for diluation or at least awareness.
  27. [19:08] <Kael> "I didn't expect you to do that, Al,"
  28. [19:09] <Alroth> "W-Well..I c-couldn't j-just let her f-fall..."
  29. [19:10] <Kellus> 6Kellus blinks a few times before sitting up and looking around. "Damnit ghost, don't DO that. You want us to help you, right?"6She's got her dangerous grin on again. She climbs to her feet. "Thank you, Alroth. Now we find cell five."
  30. [19:10] <Alroth> "W-What..?"
  31. [19:10] <Kael> "What cell was this anyway?"
  32. 06[19:11] * Kael says, while looking for a number somewhere
  33. 06[19:11] * Franco looks at Kellus suspiciously. He does not apear to like that look.
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  37. 01[19:13] <Awry> 6To the side of the door, along the abysmally long walkway suspended by chains and natural columns of rocks, there was a small, beaten panel.
  38. 01[19:13] <Awry> 6Upon that panel, inscribed into the metal, was '72-D'.
  39. [19:14] <Alroth> "C-Cell...five...w-would be a w-ways away..."
  40. [19:14] <Kael> "well, do the numbers go up or down in this direction.."
  41. 06[19:14] * Kael looks at an adjacent cell
  42. [19:15] <Kael> "but we can't know what letter that '5' cell is.."
  43. [19:15] <Kellus> 6Kellus dusts herself off and gets to thinking. "It might open a whole section of cells."
  44. 06[19:17] * Franco heads off for one of the bridges and begins to search for room 5
  45. [19:17] <CaptainCrunch> "And with us passing out every five steps, this will take all night!" 6Crunch grabbed his head in frustration then took off after Franco.
  46. [19:18] <Kael> "Franco, i really think i should cross the bridges first.... you don't have /these/ "
  47. 06[19:18] * Alroth stands, but obviously doesn't intend to go first!
  48. 06[19:18] * Kael motions to the grapnels mounting his arms
  49. [19:19] <Kael> "Oh and we need to go left.. left if you facing the cells that is."
  50. [19:20] <Kellus> 6Kellus walks along after Crunch and Franco. "Hm. Just before I lost consciousness, I felt, er, fingers." 6She pauses, realizes how bad that sounds, but continues anyway. "Fingers tracing my jawline."
  51. 06[19:20] * Franco bows to Kael "by all means . . ."
  52. 06[19:21] * Franco smirks at Kellus. "Ghosts got a thang for sweetness over here!"
  53. [19:21] <CaptainCrunch> "These ghosts aren't very creative!" 6Crunch chirped cheerfully. His arms still hurt... 1"If I had invisible fingers, I'd be aiming for a much different body part!"
  54. 06[19:21] * Kael swings his backpack off again, along with his shotgun
  55. [19:21] <Kellus> 6Kellus merely shrugs.
  56. [19:21] <Alroth> "....T-The g-ghost s-sounds...i-inappropria-" He edges away from Crunch.
  57. 06[19:22] * Kael holds them out for which ever person would grab his heavy gear
  58. 06[19:22] * Kael quickly checks his chrone as he does so
  59. [19:22] <CaptainCrunch> "Not as inappropriate as some of the live bodies in this room." 6Crunch turned and wiggled his fingers at Alroth in an 'oOOooooOo' motion.
  60. 01[19:22] <Awry> 6The chrono does not seem to be moving.
  61. [19:23] <Kael> "Feth"
  62. 06[19:23] * Kael exclaims as he shows his chrono to Kellus
  63. 01[19:23] <Awry> [Awareness checks, everyone.]
  64. [19:23] <Kael> "think it's the electronics? or did it actually stop.."
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  67. 03[19:27] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  68. [19:28] <Kellus> 6 Kellus checks his chronometer, before getting out and checking her own. It looks like a pocketwatch.
  69. 06[19:28] * Franco stops in his tracks and stares over the edge of the bridge
  70. 01[19:29] <Awry> 6The pocketwatch seems to be working fine.
  71. 01[19:29] <Awry> 6But in the little spot where it should list the current year, it shows 242.
  72. [19:29] <Kael> "Oh, power cell, better get it recharged, what time is it?"
  73. 01[19:30] <Awry> 6On closer inspection the hands on her chrono are moving much, much too fast. Perhaps at triple-time.
  74. [19:30] <Franco> "I saw something"
  75. [19:30] <Kellus> 6Kellus' head snaps up. "Describe it."
  76. 06[19:30] * Kael quickly slings his shotgun and backpack on "Whad'ya see?"
  77. [19:30] <Alroth> "...I-Is it..d-did it h-have red e-eyes?"
  78. 06[19:30] * Franco points to a bridge below. "Something over there. . . . Shiney"
  79. [19:30] <Alroth> "W-Was it o-on the w-wall!?"
  80. 06[19:31] * Alroth is cowering in his shoes.
  81. [19:31] <Kellus> "Well don't jump off after it or anything stupid like that."6She looks at Crunch for no apparent reason before moving to the edge and carefully looking over.
  82. 01[19:32] <Awry> 6Down below them, where Franco points, is a suspended bridge constrained with half-destroyed religious ornamentation and a mounds of chains and ropes; upon the bridge, far from here, is something that glimmers in the distance.
  83. [19:33] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch raised his rifle and tried pointing the attached flashlight at the spot Franco indicated then edged after Kellus.
  84. [19:33] <Franco> "Room 5?"
  85. 01[19:33] <Awry> 6The shine illuminates the spot where they see the glimmer. There is only a moment of some sort of humanoid figure that reflects the light oddly; and then there is a blur, and nothing.
  86. 06[19:34] * Alroth screams blindly, and turns, promptly attempting to go the -opposite- direction.
  87. [19:34] <Kellus> 6Kellus double-checks her lasgun. "Well, I suppose we have company." 6She also reaches out and grabs onto Alroth's hood.
  88. 06[19:35] * Alroth chokes, and immidiately begins to backtrack, with a long-suffering, pitiful look in his eyes.
  89. 06[19:35] * Kael checks his guns "company, finally, something that can be killed"
  90. [19:35] <CaptainCrunch> "Ah, jeez!" 6Crunch snarled and wildly swept his rifle from side-to-side, trying to catch the creature a second time with the light, but he couldn't spot where the blur had disappeared to. He had to side-step to avoid being run over by the hysteric Alroth.
  91. 06[19:35] * Franco rolls his eyes and grabs alroth, wrestling to pin him down
  92. [19:36] <Kael> "but i'm going to die if i get hit with anything.."
  93. 06[19:36] * Alroth is apparently quite subdued.
  94. 06[19:36] * Kael quickly looks for anything that might be cover
  95. 01[19:37] <Awry> 6There is only silence.
  96. [19:37] <Franco> "Now Alroth, I want you to understand that I know where you are coming from. I used to be a coward too."
  97. [19:38] <Kellus> 6 Kellus shrugs again before turning away. "If the ghost had wanted to kill us, he could have done so by now, quite easily too. Let's go."6 She lets go of Alroth's hood.
  98. 01[19:38] <Awry> 6The only cover there was on the walkway anywhere, were intermittent posts of stone with crumbling aquilas upon them, or the cells themselves.
  99. [19:38] <Alroth> "Y-You d-don't unders-stand! Y-You d-didn't s-see it!" He quivers actively.
  100. 06[19:38] * Franco hand goes to his hip and faster than can be seen, his Percision Hand Cannon Is pointed at Alroth's head.
  101. [19:39] <Kael> "oh and guys.." Kael says through a wisper into his micro bead "wisper into micro beads from now on, it'll be quieter"
  102. [19:39] <Kellus> 6Kellus sighs. "Franco, put the gun down. If you want to shoot anything, shoot more paintings or something."
  103. 01[19:39] <Awry> 6They are, by now, somewhere by cell 50.
  104. [19:39] <Franco> "now, you know what the problem is with cowardice? It makes mistakes happen, and people get into more trouble then they should."
  105. [19:40] <CaptainCrunch> "And think about it, Alroth, look at where we are, we're dead anyway!" 6Crunch glanced at the nearest cell plate. Number 50... they still had a looong way to go.
  106. [19:41] <Franco> "So you really need to cut that out and get over it, otherwise I'm going to shoot your arm off."
  107. 01[19:41] <Awry> [I'm assuming you guys have been walking all this time.]
  108. [19:41] <Kellus> 6Kellus walks up beside Franco and looks at him, then at Alroth. "As much as I'd like to see this happen, there will be no infighting. If there are going to be executions, I will be performing them. Now put the gun down."
  109. 06[19:42] * Franco smiling back at Kellus, maintaing a firm grip on Alroth he says "It worked for me, wouldn't you agree?"
  110. 06[19:42] * Alroth only makes a strained whining noise in his throat, looking desperately afraid now. It's quite possible all of his wits abandoned him once again at this point.
  111. [19:43] <Kellus> 6Kellus sniffs. "You're not him. Last warning: put the gun down." 6Kellus turns to Franco.
  112. [19:43] <CaptainCrunch> "You're still bitter about the arm thing? Didn't I make you a BETTER one?" 6Crunch reached out and thumped the wonky metal that made up Franco's new limb. 1"That's a piece of art!"
  113. 06[19:43] * Franco 's gun returns to his holster as fast as it had apeared from there. "
  114. [19:44] <Franco> "That it did. Best thing that happened to me. I just want to do the poor kid a favor"
  115. 01[19:45] <Awry> 6There is an ear-shattering scream from the ceiling -- a woman, shrieking -- and then a thud on the walkway behind them.
  116. [19:45] <Franco> "Doesn't matter why you wanna shit your pants, it's going to get someone killed. I'm not about to let that be me, or anyone else here."
  117. [19:45] <Kellus> 6Kellus turns and brings her las up.
  118. 06[19:45] * Alroth screams in return, trying to scramble AWAY.
  119. 06[19:46] * Kael grabs alroth before he runs off a clif
  120. [19:46] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch whirled around and pointed his weapon at the dark thud, nearly jerking and pulling the trigger at the same time.
  121. 01[19:54] <Awry> 6The creature Alroth had seen on the ceiling stands upon its legs. It was a human, but long-limbed, naked and gleaming as if oiled, with yellow-black skin and veins snaking through its flesh. Its head, replete with a woman's face, was upside down as opposed to a normal human's; a white forearm and hand stretched out from the screaming black mouth --
  122. 01[19:57] <Awry> 6towards the acolytes, and its horribly jointed arms ended in talons more than fingers. In the middle of its chest, pushing aside its featureless breasts, was a second woman's head, this one upright but with its mouth closed. Whereas the eyes in the topmost head were closed, these were open, glowing red like they were staring into a red-dot laser sight.
  123. [20:02] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch took an uncertain step backwards then without much forethought opened fire on the abomination.
  124. 01[20:08] <~Awry> [Fear 1 test, everyone.]
  125. 01[20:18] <~Awry> 6The mouth of the creature screams, and it steps forward.
  126. 03[20:19] * Awry changes topic to 'kael > creature > franco > crunch > kellus > alroth'
  127. 03[20:21] * ALT-F4 (ALT-F4@6887AC32.8FB9B88B.A5F4D19.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  128. 06[20:24] * Kael steps to the side so he can shoot around the two 'behind' him, and unloads a wall of lead from his auto-shotgun onto this 'should not exist' thing.
  129. 03[20:25] * ALT-F4 is now known as Fenria
  130. 01[20:27] <~Awry> 6The bullets tear through the creature, but there is some strange noise as they do so, like the sound a full-speed hover vehicle made when one blasted past. The creature's figure blurs in certain points, and the shots pass right through it.
  131. 01[20:27] <~Awry> 6They blow into the cell wall behind it, scattering dust and plinging off the cell door.
  132. 02[20:28] * EmoDuck ( Quit (Quit: )
  133. 06[20:28] * Kael stares in almost horrow, /What the fuck is this thing!?!?/
  134. 01[20:30] <~Awry> 6The creature's torso reforms like smoke, and it stretches its face forward, its neck bending unnaturally, sickeningly, until whatever tubes still left in that vomitous throat must now be ruined and rent. The face on the head opens its mouth wide, and fingers on the hand jutting out of it flex --
  135. 01[20:32] <~Awry> 6-- and then the white hand snakes forward with some sibilant hiss to its movement, like it was made from scales instead of skin; out and out it goes, closing the distance to Alroth some meters away like some mutated frog's tongue, except instead of cartilage, the hand was followed by a series of human elbows --
  136. 01[20:32] <~Awry> 6in a complete, markless sleeve of skin, almost like macabre chain links.
  137. 01[20:40] <~Awry> 6The long, whiplike limb grabs the adept between his shoulder and neck -- the fingers sink into his skin, burning cold. He immediately loses his footing as the snake-like series of elbows begins to retract back into the thing's mouth.
  138. 01[20:40] <~Awry> Carrying Alroth with it.
  139. 06[20:44] * Franco gun is instantly pointed at the monster's head. He takes aim as the amunition swiches over and fires. The kick from the PHC is more than he is used to and the shot goes wide."
  140. 01[20:46] <~Awry> 6Still is Alroth dragged towards the monster. The mutation steps forward in horrid anticipation, outstretching its arms for the adept.
  141. [20:47] <CaptainCrunch> 6For a moment, Crunch felt a high pitched bell deep inside his ear drums. His vision blurred, red swirling around white. He didn't know how much time had passed since that... that THING had landed on the floor behind them and his vision cleared, but the next thing he recalled was everything feeling fuzzy and the sight of Alroth being carried away in a trendil of tentacles. <c>
  142. [20:48] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch turned around slowly and aimed his Stormfront at the creature, firing without the clarity or foresight to take aim.
  143. [20:51] <Kellus> 6 Kellus looks down the sight of her weapon, but does not fire. She grits her teeth and stretches out her free hand towards the thing.
  144. 01[20:55] <~Awry> 6The sudden jolt of force makes the creature fall backwards with Alroth skidding closer to it because its head being jerked away. It lets out some hideous noise as it scrabblings weirdly to regain footing and stand once again.
  145. 01[20:55] <~Awry> 6Crunch's shots go over its head as it goes down.
  146. 06[20:58] * Kael quickly takes his shotgun again in both hands, and unleashes yet another wall of lead
  147. 01[21:02] <~Awry> 6Kael's shot is over, the spread flying over the creature instead of into it.
  148. 01[21:04] <~Awry> 6The creature gets to its knees, and the jointed line finally reels Alroth in; the creature raises its talons into the air, intending to bring them down on the adept's face!
  149. 06[21:06] * Franco remains motionless and fires another aimed shot. This time, he notices the laser calibration is off, and the shot falls short
  150. [21:13] <Kellus> 6Kellus lines up the creature, aiming down the sights. She fires!
  151. [21:15] <CaptainCrunch> "At least we can hit this one..." 6Crunch muttered a bit to himself as he lowered onto one knee. He took careful aim and fired another shot, trying to separate the creature from Alroth once again. The shot missed. 1"Damn. Hang in there, new guy!"
  152. 01[21:17] <~Awry> 6The creature's right arm is blown off as a single gunshot goes off, Kellus' eagle eye at the end of the barrel.
  153. 01[21:17] <~Awry> 6The arm spirals down into the darkness, as the creature reels back from Alroth and clutches at its wound.
  154. 06[21:22] * Alroth ,in a panic, raises his pure, unfired Talon Mark III and looses a single shell from the barrel at the thing gripping his neck.
  155. [21:22] <Kellus> 6Kellus doesn't drop her aim, and steps forward slightly, focusing her warp-sense at the now slightly 'armless wobbygong.
  156. 06[21:23] * Kael knows his weapons capacit,y and it is about to run out, mindful of this, he grabs his laspistol in his other hand, ready to fire for after he slings his shotgun, taking one last wall of lead
  157. 01[21:24] <~Awry> 6The bullet impacts the creature's flesh, and *passes through* right in front of Alroth's eyes, its oiled form becoming as smoke before the slug.
  158. 01[21:24] <~Awry> 6The smoke reforms into skin, and the creature once again reaches a now-gorestained hand towards Alroth.
  159. 01[21:28] <~Awry> 6Then, again, it is forced to take a step back -- Kael's shotgun releases a large volume of shells, and gore rains down onto Alroth as they tear into the kneeling thing's body.
  160. 06[21:28] * Kael finishes firing four bullets in as the sounds change frmo bullet booms to the classic clicking of a empty magazine
  161. 01[21:28] <~Awry> 6It's tongue-like appendage falls to the ground, limp and severed.
  162. 01[21:28] <~Awry> 6It clutches at itself, clearly wounded.
  163. 01[21:29] <~Awry> 6And begins to back away.
  164. 01[21:31] <~Awry> 6The creature leaps out from the walkway, scribbling along a length of chain and beginning to climb up with preternatural speed to the safety of the shadows in the hundreds of stalactites and columns above.
  165. [21:33] <Kellus> 6Kellus lowers the gun, looking over at Franco for a second before rushing over to Alroth. "You okay?"
  166. 06[21:34] * Alroth is laying on the ground absolutely quivering....before passing dead out.
  167. 06[21:34] * Kael ejects the drum magazine of his shotgun and removes another, fully loaded, from the inside of his long jacket, switching their place
  168. [21:35] <Kael> "Wonder if anything or anyone else heard us?"
  169. [21:35] <CaptainCrunch> "It's okay, Alroth, it's STILL okay!" 6Crunch yelled reassuringly as he traced the fleeing creature with his eyes and inched around the walkway for an unobstructed view. He let go of his Stormfront, the rifle fell against its carrier strap and swung to the side as the Tech-Priest removed his Armsman 10 and took aim.
  170. [21:36] <Kellus> "Well, they'll meet the same fate. Death and/or dismemberment." 6She gets an arm under Alroth. "Mind giving me a hand?"
  171. 06[21:37] * Kael walks over, and helps Al up
  172. 06[21:41] * Franco remains unmoving. Adjusting the angle of the shot, he compensates mentally for the off calibration and squeezes the trigger one more time
  173. 01[21:42] <~Awry> 6As Franco's shot echoes through the fathomless chamber, the carcass of whatever blasphemous creature it had been fall from the air, silently disappearing into the mist shrouded depths. There was no return sound of the corpse hitting any sort of identifiable water, despite seeing turgid roiling at the bottom of the fall.
  174. 01[21:42] <~Awry> 6Silence.
  175. 01[21:43] <~Awry> [Awareness tests.]
  176. [21:43] <Kellus> 6Kellus looks over Alroth's shoulder."Nice shot."
  177. 06[21:43] * Franco pauses for a moment with his gun out, not believing it to be over so easily
  178. 03[21:44] * Rakiel ( has joined #trainingwheels
  179. 01[21:44] <~Awry> 6Kellus, still adjusting her senses to the warp, fully looks on the thing just for a moment with her sixth sense before it is shot -- it glows with an eerie, pink-purple light, its aura grossly perverted and dripping with corruption.
  180. 01[21:45] <~Awry> 6Her vision darkens visibly as she looks upon it, and the tinge remains in her view even after the thing falls away. She blinks rapidly, trying to get rid of the tint.
  181. [21:47] <Kellus> 6 She lets the lasgun drop on its strap and scrubs at her eyes with her now-free hand. "Ugh."
  182. [21:48] <Kellus> "That might have been one of the inmates."
  183. [21:49] <CaptainCrunch> "That was experimented on?" 6Crunch asked.
  184. 06[21:50] * Alroth manages to just rouse himself, groaning groggily, and looking distinctly unhappy about...EVERYTHING.
  185. [21:51] <Kellus> 6Kellus steadies Alroth on his feet before turning to Crunch. "Experimented? I don't know if this is experimentation. That thing was corrputed so much it burned into my retinas."
  186. 06[21:52] * Alroth grumbles groggily to his companions, "Who'thfuck 's singin' th's early..."
  187. [21:52] <Kael> "What?"
  188. [21:52] <Kellus> "Singing?"
  189. [21:53] <Alroth> "..Y..Y-you guys c-can't..h-hear it?"
  190. [21:53] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch glanced at Alroth for a moment then turned his attention back to Kellus, 1"Well, whatever it is, there's bound to be more and we just made a whole bunch of noise."
  191. [21:53] <Kellus> "No." 6Kellus puts on her listnin' ears anyway.
  192. [21:53] <Alroth> "I-It's not...b-bad singing though...I-it's...kinda n-nice..."
  193. 06[21:54] * Kael wonders for a moment, and tries something he's sure wont work, he flicks on his NVG's switch
  194. 01[21:54] <~Awry> 6As soon as they take a few steps forward, they would hear it.
  195. 06[21:54] * Alroth finds his feet, and begins to follow the sound that reaches him, as if he were a man in the dark, searching for the light.
  196. [21:54] <Kael> "another sign from the ghost?"
  197. 01[21:54] <~Awry> 6Far off. It sounded like it was coming from another walkway.
  198. 06[21:54] * Alroth walks all the same, intent to find a path to this song.
  199. 06[21:55] * Kellus grups her rifle again and heads off towards the sound as well.
  200. [21:55] <Kellus> grips*
  201. 01[21:55] <~Awry> 6Down, to the left, across the great divide on a series of metal plates linked together by links and bolts, faded ecclesiarchal symbols etched into their panels.
  202. 01[21:55] <~Awry> 6That, right there, that cell. There was a faint light from within.
  203. [21:56] <Kellus> 6Kellus heads off towards that cell. If there's light, then there's life. She hopes.
  204. 06[21:56] * Alroth runs over to the cell, trying to pry it open right away.
  205. [21:57] <Fenria> "Hello? Who's there?"
  206. 06[21:57] * Kael stands, hunting rifle ready for something.
  207. [21:57] <Fenria> "Are you real?"
  208. [21:57] <Alroth> "H-Hello!?"
  209. [21:57] <Kellus> 6Kellus blinks. "Of course. I suppose that is a good question, though. Are you?"
  210. 06[21:58] * Fenria steps forward and holds out her hand. "Touch me, if you are not a ghost."
  211. 06[21:58] * Alroth edges over hesitantly, assuming the door is open, and tries to poke Fenria, almost as if fearing she were going to disappear into smoke.
  212. [21:59] <Fenria> "You ARE real! Thank you for breaking the door open.  Truly the Emperor has blessed me today!"
  213. [22:00] <Kellus> 6Kellus examines the woman. "How long have you been down here? Why are you even down here?"
  214. [22:00] <Kael> "WHo'd we have here? Whats your name Miss?"
  215. 06[22:00] * Alroth looks down to his own feet quietly. "S-Still d-debating i-if being in h-here period could b-be considered a b-blessing."
  216. [22:00] <CaptainCrunch> "...uh..." 6Crunch had his weapon raised still, not entirely keen on the idea of shaking hands someone that had apparently been locked away in the dungeon of a haunted, closed down, demonically possessed mental hospital.
  217. 06[22:00] * Kael says, quickly taking off his mask and plugs, trying to use his voice
  218. [22:01] <Kellus> 6Kellus lowers the rifle and moves her light higher up.
  219. [22:01] <Fenria> "I am Sister Militant Fenria.  I came here seeking to bring justice to one responsible for the deaths of nineteen of my Sisters.  I became lost and disoriented and took refuge in this cell."
  220. 01[22:01] <~Awry> 6Fenria stands proudly, surrounded by religious icons and girded by black armor. Her white-blonde hair, cut right below her ears, was almost the same color as her skin. With the obvious iconography and religious symbols hanging about her, as well as the fleur-de-lis on her cheek, it should be obvious what she is --
  221. 01[22:01] <~Awry> 6one of the famous Adepta Sororitas, the Sisters of Battle, Daughters of the Emperor. Now, what the hell was one doing in a place like this?
  222. [22:02] <Alroth> "W-What're you...d-doing here?"
  223. [22:02] <Fenria> "I haven't been able to track the passing of time very well, but I think I've been locked in about a week."
  224. [22:03] <Kellus> "Not long enough to gain corruption from this horrible place, then. Do you require a weapon?"
  225. [22:03] <CaptainCrunch> "You... took refudge in this... dark haunted cell... for a week." 6Crunch said.
  226. 06[22:03] * Kael speaks with his soft and high voice, decieving of what he actually does. "What's your name Dear sister?"
  227. 06[22:03] * Fenria looks to Alroth, and says "I came searching for a man that we owe justice to. But lately I have been singing hymns and reciting scriptures. It seemed to be the only thing that would keep the ghosts away."
  228. [22:04] <Alroth> "W-Who w-were you l-looking for e-exactly?"
  229. [22:04] <Kael> "Ghosts?" Kale says puzzled, looking at the group "we only met /one/ ghost..."
  230. 01[22:05] <~Awry> 6Who's to say it was only one ghost?
  231. 06[22:05] * Kael quickly corrects himself "Nevermind; i speak giberish."
  232. [22:06] <Fenria> "They spoke blasphemies, and laughed, and mocked my faith, but I did not falter.  Would any of you be blessed enough to have food in this dark place?"
  233. [22:06] <CaptainCrunch> "We already figured that out." 6Crunch said flatly.
  234. [22:06] <Kellus> 6Kellus looks at her. Huh. Sororitas. She knew what they were, at least. That's a start.
  235. 06[22:06] * Alroth digs through his backpack in search of a ration bar or the like for the Sister, offering one gladly if he has it.
  236. 06[22:07] * Fenria gathers her gear while Kellus is looking through her backpack. She examines a tin candleholder with a stub left in it, blows it out and drains the wet wax off, and puts it in a pocket as well.
  237. 03[22:08] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@51F5E2A9.CE4B458B.BDF48298.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  238. [22:09] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch wasn't convinced that this thing... woman-thing, wasn't really another illusion, or a monster, or an enemy. What was a Sororitas doing down here, really? Looking for revenge? All by herself? And she had been stuck in that cell for almost a week? It was crazy. And how lucky was it that they found her...
  239. 06[22:09] * Fenria finishes gathering her things. "As I said before, I am Sister Militant Fenria. Who are you?"
  240. [22:09] <Fenria> "And what is your purpose here?"
  241. 02[22:10] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  242. 03[22:10] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  243. [22:10] <Franco> "we are looking for secret lairs"
  244. 06[22:10] * Fenria checks her laspistol to make sure it still has a charge, holsters it, and then racks the bolter, making sure a round is chambered.
  245. [22:11] <Kellus> "Kellus Mallus, mind-cleansed sanctioned psyker. Currently inducted into the Emperor's most holy Inquisition." 6 She gestures to the others. "Kael, Crunch, Franco, Alroth."6 She points each out in turn.
  246. [22:11] <Fenria> "I seek one who may be in this secret lair.  His name is Lecointe.  He is responsible for the death of a world and nineteen of my sisters."  Fenria looks to see if they recognize the name.
  247. [22:11] <Kael> "I'm Kael Melshen, and we are currently under the employment of the inquisition looking for the hideouts of a Particularily evil Magos,"
  248. [22:12] <Franco> "Is he some sort of Tech-Priest?"
  249. [22:12] <Fenria> "Well met, Kellus, Kael, Crunch, Franco, Alroth."
  250. [22:13] <Fenria> "No, he is, or was, a minor noble.  I do not know what the influence of Chaos has made him into."
  251. [22:13] <Alroth> "W-We do n-not know of h-him...o-or at l-least I don't..."
  252. 06[22:13] * Franco turns to pat Alroth on the shoulder. "Hey Alroth, you're not newguy anymore. Cool huh?"
  253. [22:14] <Kellus> 6 Kellus takes off her backpack and digs around in it, displacing a snake and several charge packs. She digs out a cling-wrapped sandwich and re-packs most of her stuff, but the snake's apprently had enough of the backpack. It wraps itself around Kellus' left wrist. "Sandwich?" 6She offers it to Fenria.
  254. 06[22:14] * Fenria takes the sandwich, and thanks Kellus. "Truly the Emperor has blessed this day."
  255. 06[22:14] * Fenria eats the sandvich.
  256. 01[22:15] <~Awry> 6Stomach lining restored! ... but you're still hungry.
  257. [22:15] <CaptainCrunch> 6The overt religious zealousness also put Crunch on edge. 1"So what are we going to do, Kell? Should we take her back topside?"
  258. [22:16] <Fenria> "I will not go back out until I have found this lair, and confronted those within it.  Whether it is Lecointe or not, this place is surely under the influence of
  259. [22:16] <Fenria> Chaos."
  260. 06[22:16] * Franco sighs audibly "Locked Doors, remember?"
  261. [22:16] <Kael> "Are you sure this isn't a false lair?"
  262. 06[22:17] * Franco looks at kael like he must be stupid
  263. 01[22:17] <~Awry> 6There is a loud *PLING* noise.
  264. [22:17] <Fenria> "No, I am not certain.  However, there is no option to do but investigate."
  265. [22:17] <Kellus> 6Kellus grins. "Finally, someone who isn't a total coward."
  266. 01[22:17] <~Awry> 6And the sound of a long chain whispering down and clinging into rock.
  267. 06[22:17] * Fenria looks to the direction of the PLING, looking to see what is causing it.
  268. [22:17] <Kellus> 6She turns towads the noise, bringing her las up.
  269. 06[22:18] * Franco is a cool as a cucumber
  270. 06[22:18] * Alroth whirls, eyes wide open, the fear returning to his body quickly.
  271. [22:19] <Fenria> "Steady!  The Emperor protects the Faithful!"
  272. 01[22:19] <~Awry> 6Ping. Pling! Cling! Chains snap and flail and go down into the chasm. Across the divide, where they had come from, was a small girl. Suffused with a white glow, only Crunch would recognize her from earlier, from the bundle of clothes. She touches the last remaining chains on that side of the bridge, and they split at her fingertips --
  273. [22:19] <Kael> "also, kellus, if i was a total coward i would have killed myself or left a long time ago.."
  274. [22:20] <Kellus> "Don't waste your breath, Sister. I've been trying to convince them of that fact since we entered this place." 6She looks at the girl. Right then.
  275. [22:20] <Alroth> "...Son of a bitch. W-Why do I a-always get screwed o-over by l-little girls?"
  276. 01[22:20] <~Awry> 6-- with a few more touches, the entire bridge gives out, falling down into darkness, chains and posts snapping in short order with half the support. 
  277. [22:20] <Fenria> "Was that the route you entered by?"
  278. 01[22:20] <~Awry> 6The girl looks over at them, points at them, and is gone.
  279. [22:21] <CaptainCrunch> "H-h-hey! Knock it off! Stop! STOP!!!" 6Crunch took off running towards the dangling bridge, like his squeaky protests would do anything. The final chain broke before he closed the distance between the walkway and the structure and fell silently into darkness. Crunch let out a low whine and fell to his knees.
  280. 06[22:21] * Alroth , on a hunch, looks beyond the group towards where the girl was pointing.
  281. 01[22:22] <~Awry> The walkway continues on, into the darkness, where the girl was pointing.
  282. 01[22:22] <~Awry> 6The sister's cell read 42-C.
  283. 03[22:22] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  284. 06[22:23] * Alroth sighs. "I-I'm g-getting o-orders from a l-little g-girl now?" He proceeds with the walking, his top half slumping forward.
  285. 02[22:23] * Kellus (Tarvus@51F5E2A9.CE4B458B.BDF48298.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  286. 03[22:23] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  287. [22:24] <Kael> "no choice but to walk now, is there?
  288. 06[22:24] * Fenria walks over to where the bridge was connected on this side, looking to see if it was totally gone, or if it was hanging down from this side.
  289. 01[22:25] <~Awry> 6Most of the bridge had fallen into the chasm.
  290. 01[22:25] <~Awry> 6What was left was dangling from straps and jingles.
  291. 06[22:27] * Alroth is a'walkin'.
  292. [22:27] <Fenria> "Very well.  The way I entered is still clear."
  293. [22:27] <Kellus> 6Kellus frowns at the gap and at the space where the small child ghost was. "Let's go, then."
  294. [22:28] <Fenria> "If you wish to leave, I will take you there, and I will find something to eat before I return here."
  295. [22:28] <Kellus> "If it's safe, then I see no reason not to."
  296. [22:29] <Fenria> "If you do not wish to leave, that suits me even better."
  297. [22:30] <Kael> "fuck it, whatever happens, im sticking with Kellus, ask me why when shits not hitting fans so hard"
  298. [22:31] <Kellus> 6Kellus grins. "Then it's settled. We continue."
  299. 06[22:31] * Alroth is already and still walking towards where the loli pointed.
  300. 06[22:31] * Fenria follows Alroth.
  301. [22:32] <Kellus> 6 Kellus follows Fenria. Cautiously.
  302. 01[22:32] <~Awry> 6At the very end of the walkway, there is an opened grate, a rusted lock upon it having been busted open. Probably the way Fenria had gotten in.
  303. 01[22:32] <~Awry> 6And they pass solitary confinement cell 5-C.
  304. [22:33] <Kellus> 6Kellus stops. "Hold up, guys. I want to try something."
  305. [22:33] <CaptainCrunch> "H-hey, here's a cell number 5! I found a cell number 5!" 6Crunch called while pointing and hitting the number plate with his flashlight.
  306. 01[22:34] <~Awry> 6There is a knock on the cell at Crunch's excitement.
  307. 01[22:34] <~Awry> 6From the inside.
  308. 06[22:34] * Alroth halts at cell 5, probably beforehand if he noticed it, and jets behind Crunch at the knock.
  309. [22:34] <Kael> "what now?"
  310. 06[22:34] * Alroth meatshields are awesome by the way.
  311. [22:35] <Kellus> 6She thinks about it for a second. "And Sister." 6 She walks over to the cell, takes out the key (displacing Pelé to around her neck) and stops when she hears the knock.
  312. 06[22:35] * Alroth whispers to Kellus from where he is. "Don't open it!"
  313. [22:35] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch kept his gun up and tried not to break Alroth's nose with his elbow as he violently flinched away from the door, 1"...probably another 'lost' sister..."
  314. [22:36] <Kellus> "Did you venture down here alone, Sister?"
  315. 06[22:36] * Kael just has his laspistol out, with his other hand holding his sword in a defensive grip
  316. 01[22:36] <~Awry> 6There is another long, hollow knock.
  317. 01[22:37] <~Awry> 6One, two, three.
  318. 01[22:37] <~Awry> 6Silence.
  319. [22:38] <Fenria> Fenria nods.  "Yes, I came alone."
  320. [22:38] <Kellus> 6Kellus grins again, inserting the key, turning it, and darting to the side of the door as it opens. You want hardball, ghostie?
  321. 01[22:38] <~Awry> [Kellus, agility test.]
  322. 06[22:38] * Fenria raises her shield, expecting trouble, looking through the glassteel viewport
  323. 06[22:40] * Kael stands behind and slghtly next to the shield
  324. 01[22:41] <~Awry> 6Kellus swipes the door wide open.
  325. 01[22:41] <~Awry> 6She begins to dodge to the side --
  326. 01[22:43] <~Awry> 6Then the darkness within the cell flows outwards like a whip, making their clothing flutter as it took solid form, swirling around Kellus like arms or binds -- there is only half a second for her to scream before she is pulled inside the cell by the animate shadows, and the cell door smashes closed behind them. As soon as it does, the sound --
  327. 01[22:43] <~Awry> is cut off.
  328. 01[22:43] <~Awry> 6Silence.
  329. [22:44] <Alroth> "KELLUS!" He lifts his pistol, aiming to fire into the door, then realizes he might hit here, and instead, he rushes over, yanking at the cell door.
  330. 06[22:44] * Fenria tries to open the door
  331. [22:44] <Kael> 'KEL!!"
  332. [22:44] <CaptainCrunch> "Dah!" 6Crunch joined them in the door yanking venture.
  333. 06[22:45] * Kael rushed over and tries to help pry it open with the assisted strength of his comrads
  334. [22:46] <Kael> "Lascutter! do any of you have a lascutter!"
  335. 01[22:46] <~Awry> 6The door is sealed by some malign force.
  336. [22:47] <CaptainCrunch> "We might have to blow the door." 6Crunch gave up and stumbled backwards.
  337. [22:48] <Fenria> "OPEN, IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!"  Fenria gives the door an burst of strength.
  338. 06[22:48] * Kael opens his jacket and pulls out a large egg shaped bomb on a stick "TANK CRAKA!"
  339. [22:49] <Kael> "but not yet.."
  340. [22:49] <Kael> "i only have one..."
  341. [22:49] <Kael> "let's see if we can do anything!"
  342. [22:50] <Fenria> "We have no time.  The longer your friend is there, the greater she will be corrupted by Chaos."
  343. [22:50] <Kael> "Agreed, where do i put it!?"
  344. 06[22:51] * Alroth barks, actually -barks- "Las weapons! Aim for the hinges! If you're not firing, get out the way!" He quickly moves back. "Fire from as close as you can, and at an angle that won't go in!"
  345. 06[22:51] * Fenria stands back, draws her laspistol and fires at the hinges
  346. 06[22:52] * Kael joins in and shots aswell with his laspistol
  347. [22:55] <CaptainCrunch> 6...Tank craka? Crunch stared at his team mates.
  348. 01[22:55] <~Awry> 6Both Kael and Fenria blow the hinges off of the cell dor with their concentrated shots.
  349. 01[22:55] <~Awry> 6The white hot metal shrapnel falls to the ground.
  350. 06[22:56] * Fenria holsters her laspistol, hefts her shield and holds her bolter in a melee position, and advances through the door.
  351. 06[22:56] * Kael follows behind
  352. 06[22:56] * Alroth darts in as well, gun held forward, as he sweeps the room.
  353. 01[22:58] <~Awry> 6In the small cell, sitting on the cot with her eyes wide but conscious, blinking at them with blood pouring out of her right ear, was Kellus.
  354. [22:58] <Alroth> "KELLUS!" He shoots over, checking her over, making sure she's okay.
  355. [22:58] <Kellus> 6Kellus rubs her ear. "Bloody ghosts can't even corrupt my sould properly."
  356. 06[22:59] * Fenria looks around the room, checking for whatever malign presence grabbed Kellus.
  357. 06[22:59] * Kael assists the Sister of battle
  358. [22:59] <Kellus> soul*]
  359. [22:59] <CaptainCrunch> "Is that blood? Coming out of her EARS!?" 6Crunch yelled from outside.
  360. [23:00] <Fenria> "How badly are you hurt?"
  361. 01[23:00] <~Awry> 6The cell was cold and empty. Not even a curio or similar nonsense sat forgotten anywhere.
  362. [23:00] <Kellus> "I'm fine, Sister. Other than a bleeding ear, I'm fine."
  363. [23:01] <Fenria> "I am not the only one the Emperor has blessed today, then."
  364. [23:01] <Kellus> "Truly." 6Kellus grins again before looking around for her stuff.
  365. [23:01] <CaptainCrunch> "Your ears are BLEEDING!" 6Crunch cried in disbelief.
  366. 06[23:01] * Fenria exits the cell, and while waiting for the others murmurs the Litany of Protection.
  367. [23:01] <Alroth> "...Time to leave then. Secure the exit.
  368. [23:01] <Alroth> "*
  369. [23:02] <Kellus> 6Kellus winces. "Not so loud, Crunch. Honestly."6 She gets up, gathering her items (and checking on Pel) before also exiting the cell.
  370. [23:03] <Kael> "what happened..?"
  371. [23:03] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch took a few uncertain steps back and away from Kellus as she exited. 1"You were just dragged into a crazy house cell by a giant blanket of darkness and now your EARS and BLEEDING. This isn't okay!"
  372. 06[23:03] * Alroth makes himself the last one out of the cell. "We'll interrogate our leader -after- we get outta here, sound fair?" He grunts.
  373. 01[23:04] <~Awry> 6Kellus reaches into her pockets to warm her hands momentarily, and there is something there.
  374. [23:04] <Fenria> "I will lead."  Fenria continues the way they were going, murmuring the Litany of Protection as she goes.
  375. [23:04] <Kellus> "Well, whatever was in there knew my n-" 6 She picks whatever it is out of her pocket.
  376. 01[23:04] <~Awry> 6Something small, round.
  377. 01[23:04] <~Awry> 6A datacoin.
  378. 01[23:05] <~Awry> 6Within a few strides, they are leaving the asylum.
  379. [23:05] <CaptainCrunch> "That might be your BRAIN bleeding out your EARS." 6Crunch continued to whine as they found the exit.
  380. 01[23:05] <~Awry> 6Into the large drain. Presumably where the sororitas has ingloriously come from.
  381. [23:06] <Fenria> "This is how I came in."
  382. [23:06] <Kellus> 6 She examines it, turning it over in her hand. She takes out her data-slate, examining it for a slot that the coin would fit into. "No, I'm pretty sure my brain's still in there."
  383. [23:06] <Alroth> "...How far do you think it is to the car from here?"
  384. [23:06] <Fenria> "I walked."
  385. [23:06] <Alroth> "...I meant our car."
  386. [23:07] <Fenria> "I don't know where you left it, but if the Emperor's grace continues as it has today it won't be far."
  387. [23:07] <Fenria> "This pipe exits on a beach."
  388. [23:07] <Kael> "how long we've been walking? oh YEA, our electronics are going batshit insane!"
  389. [23:07] <Kellus> "...and we parked in a forest. Great."
  390. 06[23:08] * Kael says sarcasticly
  391. [23:08] <Alroth> "...Well, I'm not going through there again. Push on."
  392. 06[23:08] * Fenria leads the party through the pipe, and out onto the beach.
  393. 01[23:08] <~Awry> 6The data-coin is entered into her slate easily. When she tries to access it, however, it freezes the system for a few moments, and then displays a large "DATA-CLUSTER ENCRYPTION CORRUPTED" notification.
  394. 06[23:09] * Alroth looks around, trying to find solid land, and perhaps the place where they parked!
  395. [23:09] <Kellus> 6Kellus holds the pad out to Crunch. "Can you fix this?"
  396. 01[23:09] <~Awry> 6There seems to be a small cluster of activity nearby, almost like a park. There were even a couple of food stands.
  397. 01[23:10] <~Awry> 6There was at least one picnic that they could see from this distance. A nice breeze carried along the beach.
  398. [23:10] <Fenria> "Praise Him."  Fenria heads to the closest food stand.
  399. [23:10] <Kellus> "Perhaps we should try to be inconspicouous."6 Kellus stuffs Pel into her hood and follows Fenria.
  400. [23:10] <Kael> "let's just go home.., i can't wait for the day to end."
  401. [23:11] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch took the data slate and scowled at the error message. 1"Yeah, I have a few encryption programs that should be able to crack this. Just give me a moment., ah, found this in that cell?"
  402. [23:11] <Kellus> "I found it in my pocket."
  403. 06[23:11] * Alroth sighs quietly. "Go with her. I'll go get the car and come around." He tucks the Talon away, ducks his head in relief, disappointment, and 'Ah fuck" and begins to march around, keeping an eye on the Asylum if he can see it as a central point.
  404. [23:12] <Kael> "well this will sure be something to report.."
  405. [23:13] <CaptainCrunch> "Your pocket?" 6Crunch paused and began pounding on the touch keys of the dataslate for a moment then flipped it around and yanked out the data-coin with an angry jerk. He held it up to the sky and turned it back and forth. 1"This things busted. I need to use some of my toys back at the house."
  406. 01[23:14] <~Awry> 6A young girl stares up at Fenria from her place at the food stand. "...uh..."
  407. 01[23:14] <~Awry> "...can ... I help you?
  408. [23:14] <Fenria> "Two, please."
  409. [23:14] <Fenria> "I don't care what it is, I want two of them."
  410. [23:15] <Kellus> 6 Kellus frowns. "You can keep it. Work on it in your leisure time, or something." 6 She looks over at Fenria and facepalms. "Oh Emperor."
  411. [23:16] <CaptainCrunch> "I say we run away while her back is turned." 6Crunch whispered into Kellus' ear.
  412. 01[23:16] <~Awry> 6She stares back at her agape.
  413. 01[23:16] <~Awry> "...we serve ice cream."
  414. [23:17] <Kellus> "Do you know what a Sororitas is, you trollop?" 6 She walks over to the stand as well, checking her chrono on the way.
  415. 06[23:17] * Fenria frowns slightly. "Who sells real food?"
  416. 01[23:17] <~Awry> "You... want ice cream?" 6She stared incredulously at the sister in full Ecclesiarchal regalia.
  417. 06[23:17] * Kael flicks his NVG on and off, and checks his chrono, seeing Kellus try hers
  418. 01[23:17] <~Awry> "Y-yes! I'm not a trollop!" 6the girl cries defensively.
  419. [23:18] <CaptainCrunch> "That's why I'm saying we run away and leave not a trace!" 6Crunch hissed.
  420. 01[23:18] <~Awry> "...they sell hot dogs over there," 6she points sullenly.
  421. 01[23:19] <~Awry> "... they're kosher."
  422. [23:19] <Fenria> "May the Emperor bless you, child."
  423. 06[23:19] * Fenria goes to the hot dog stand, her stomach rumbling from the smells of food.
  424. [23:19] <Fenria> "Two, please."
  425. 01[23:21] <~Awry> 6The boy working the stand stares at the sister agape.
  426. [23:21] <Fenria> "Today."
  427. 01[23:22] <~Awry> ".......y-yes ma'am," 6he panicks, and begins fucking together two hot dogs for the sororitas.
  428. 01[23:22] <~Awry> [lol freudian slip. putting together*]
  429. [23:22] <Fenria> (yeah whatever)
  430. 06[23:24] * Fenria takes them when they are ready and leaves a throne on the counter. "May the Emperor bless you this day." She looks for a table or someplace to eat.
  431. 06[23:24] * Alroth is totally marching somewhere off in the distance. "How far is this car...?"
  432. [23:25] <Kael> "around this street im sure, we parked on the street"
  433. [23:25] <CaptainCrunch> Crunch settled down in a seat opposite of the Sororitas and let out a resigned sigh.
  434. 01[23:25] <~Awry> 6Kellus' chrono reads about 1 pm standard Terra time.
  435. 01[23:25] <~Awry> 6Just past noon, the sun drips from its zenith, still in the prime of its life and showering the beach with warmth.
  436. 01[23:25] <~Awry> 6Nearby there were several stands that sold beachware.
  437. 06[23:26] * Fenria eats the hot dogs with relish, while looking around the area. She seems to give the impression she's not seen many sights like this before.
  438. 01[23:26] <~Awry> [Beachwear*.]
  439. [23:26] <Kellus> 6 Kellus, meanwhile, has been looking at her chronometer. She sits down next to the sororitas.
  440. [23:27] <CaptainCrunch> "Ugh, it's hot out here, doesn't this planet have some sort of temperature controlling mechanism?" 6Crunch whined after a few moments under the hot noon light. His layers of armor and stacks of weapons weren't helping.
  441. [23:28] <Fenria> "Perhaps you should take your armor off, if you are too hot."
  442. [23:28] <Kellus> 6Kellus folds down her hood, picking the snake off her head and putting it back in her backpack. "It is warm, yes. Most planet's don't have temperature regulators though, Crunch."
  443. [23:29] <CaptainCrunch> "Huh?" 6Crunch looked over at Fenria like she had spouted a second head. His shoulders slumped and he stared at the table again until Kellus commented on planets not coming with air conditioning. He raised a fist dramatically into the air and shook it, 1"Well, WHY NOT!?"
  444. [23:30] <Fenria> "I am still tired.  Is this a safe place to rest?"
  445. [23:31] <Kellus> "Not really. We've rented some hotel rooms, though. I think there's even a spare room you could stay in."
  446. 01[23:31] <~Awry> 6Eventually, after an hour or two of hiking, Alroth and the others finally come upon their beaten vehicle.
  447. [23:31] <Fenria> "Thank you for your generosity."
  448. 06[23:32] * Alroth gets in without a word, starts up the car, and begins driving back.
  449. 01[23:33] <~Awry> 6Kellus notices that her watch seemed to be acting funny. The date must be off - it was reading as the same day they had went to the asylum, despite night having already given way to sunlight.
  450. 01[23:40] <~Awry> [Where to, those that want to roleplay?]
  451. [23:40] <Kellus> [Where is there?]
  452. [23:40] <Fenria> During the ride back, Fenria asks some questions. "It seems obvious to me that you are not natives of this planet, no more than I am. Why are you here?"
  453. [23:41] <Fenria> (back to the hotel? for rest and healing)
  454. 02[23:41] * CaptainCrunch ( Quit (Quit: )
  455. [23:41] <Kellus> [That, yes.]
  456. [23:42] <Kellus> "I told you underground. We are currently under the orders of His most holy Inquisition. We're trying to find a rogue magos."6 Kellus fills her in on what happened a year ago, and the events leading up to her introduction into their clique.
  457. [23:43] <Fenria> "Magos are of the Adeptus Mechanus, are they not?"
  458. [23:43] <Fenria> "The blind head of the Aquila."
  459. [23:44] <Kellus> "Yes, but this one is too far gone. He cannot be counted among their number any more."
  460. [23:45] <Fenria> "What has he done?
  461. [23:45] <Fenria> "
  462. [23:45] <Kellus> "He's making mutants, basically. Mashing humans and beasts together into..."6 She gestures vaguely. "
  463. [23:45] <Kellus> "Things."
  464. [23:46] <Fenria> "Mutants."  Fenria falls silent for a few minutes.
  465. [23:47] <Kellus> [Can we has get to apartments now?]
  466. 01[23:47] <~Awry> [You basically have free rein of where you go right now.]
  467. [23:48] <Kellus> ['Kay, we're at the hotel now. So we can get on with the medic-ing.]
  468. 06[23:48] * Alroth drives to....
  469. 06[23:48] * Alroth a cafe.
  470. 06[23:48] * Alroth to get the paper and a cup of coffee.
  471. 06[23:48] * Alroth and then to the flat.
  473. [23:50] <Kellus> 6Meanwhile, in the back seat. "Damnit Alroth."
  474. 01[23:50] <~Awry> 6The flat is just as they left it - comfy, traditional, older.
  475. 06[23:50] * Fenria cleanses herself in the shower/whatever, and then finds the flat's shrine and does her Ritual of Purification before resting.
  476. 01[23:51] <~Awry> 6The flat has a small outdoor shrine in the back, surrounded by a surprisingly pleasant ring of soft, pastel colored flowers. A cool breeze blows over the shrine, and the chirping of distant birds and the scarce distant cries of some majestic eagle only seem to enhance the experience of praying at such a site.
  477. 06[23:51] * Alroth sits at the table sipping his coffee and reading the paper.
  478. [23:51] <Kellus> 6Kellus has retrieved some delicious starch-based fried snacks from the pantry of the flat. "So. Kael. Have you re-thought my offer of assistance."
  479. [23:52] <Kael> "Nope, i'm not going to wait a few months to go without a symbolic crutch"
  480. [23:53] <Kellus> "Right then." 6 Kellus reaches out and clasps Kael's shoulder, her eyes closing.
  481. 01[23:53] <~Awry> 6The paper tells only relatively local stories, and, as censored and edited as it was by the Administratum to be fed to the masses, it only contained information of great victories and relatively optimistic or 'good times' news, of military victories and economic improvements and how the government was helping the quality of life in Vespera rise.
  482. 06[23:54] * Alroth skims the paper in whole, looking for anything that might be related to libraries. He also looks around for the dog!
  483. 01[23:54] <~Awry> 6There is a soft green glow from Kellus' hands as she places her palms upon Kael's shoulder.
  484. 01[23:56] <~Awry> 6Tiny motes of light stream out from under her touch, and Kael's muscles undergo a soothing coolness as his wounds knit and his flesh mends. Perhaps a scar or two remain, but it's good enough. Maybe thankfully, the sororitas does not see the psyker using her power, being outside praying at the small outdoor shrine. 
  485. 01[23:57] <~Awry> 6As Fenria prays at the shrine, a large, brown-spotted dalmatian walks up.
  486. 06[23:57] * Fenria finishes her prayer, and regards the dalmation thoughtfully.
  487. [23:58] <Fenria> "What are you?"
  488. [23:58] <Kellus> "Feel better, Kael?"
  489. [23:58] <Kael> "Definatly.."
  490. 06[23:59] * Kael says as he climbs up and then stumbles to his bed before collapsing to sleep
  491. 06[23:59] * Fenria pets the dog some, and then goes back inside.
  492. 01[23:59] <~Awry> 6It barks at her, sits down, and wags its tail.
  493. 01[23:59] <~Awry> 6And then gets up and follows her in, probably to the delight of Alroth.
  494. Session Time: Fri Jun 11 00:00:00 2010
  495. [00:00] <Fenria> "Alroth, you said your name was?"
  496. 01[00:00] <~Awry> 6Crunch has retired early, wanting to study the datacoin and try to fix its encryption problems.
  497. 01[00:00] <~Awry> 6So thankfully the dalmatian has no ardent detractors at the moment.
  498. 06[00:01] * Alroth grins, setting down the paper and turning to view the dog and Sister. "Yep! Here boy!" He claps his hands on his knees.
  499. [00:01] <Fenria> "What manner of creature is that?"
  500. [00:01] <Alroth> "T-The dog?"
  501. 06[00:01] * Fenria watches Alroth and the dalmation interact with something like amusement.
  502. [00:02] <Fenria> "A dog.  I have heard about them but never seen one before."
  503. [00:02] <Kellus> 6Kellus is lying down on the couch, playing with Pel. "It found its way here yesterday. Before we left, actually."
  504. [00:02] <Kael> [NAMED KAEL]
  505. 02[00:02] * Constantine-[Assassin] (chatzilla@A8FACAAF.92A142E4.D407F61D.IP) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.3/20100401080539])
  506. 06[00:03] * Alroth grins, and pulls out the chewbone for the dalmatian, offering it!
  507. 01[00:03] <~Awry> The dog barks and sits before Alroth.
  508. 01[00:03] <~Awry> And then snapping immediately at the chewtoy.
  509. 06[00:03] * Alroth laughs in glee as the dog takes it, petting him vigorously!
  510. 01[00:04] <~Awry> 6It chomps down perfectly and takes it the first time.
  511. 02[00:04] * Kael (Kalminos@F302D62E.FE911BB5.FCDDD628.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  512. [00:04] <Kellus> 6'Playing with Pelé' meaning 'let him derp around inside your robes'. She looks over towards the dog.
  513. 06[00:04] * Fenria turns serious. "What did you find in the Asylum?"
  514. 01[00:04] <~Awry> 6The dog falls to its belly, omnomnom'ing on the chewbone.
  515. 06[00:05] * Alroth RUBS TEH BELLEH!
  516. 06[00:09] * Fenria turns serious. "What did you find in the Asylum?"
  517. [00:10] <Kellus> "Nothing much. This key-" 6 She fishes it out and hands it to the Sororitas. "And you.
  518. [00:10] <Kellus> "
  519. 06[00:10] * Alroth promptly ignores Fen, not wanting to discuss it clearly.
  520. 06[00:10] * Fenria examines the key.
  521. [00:11] <Fenria> "Why do you believe the Magos has come to this planet?"
  522. [00:12] <Kellus> "I don't think he's left this planet."
  523. [00:12] <Kellus> "He was probably here to start with, I mean."
  524. [00:13] <Fenria> "You have found these - mutants on this planet?"
  525. [00:14] <Kellus> 6Kellus pauses again, straightening up."A year ago, yes. I-and my companions, excluding Alroth there-were called into service by the Inquisition at that time, as well." 6kellus tactfully leaves out the bit where they were going to let her get shot while she was a hostage.
  526. [00:14] <Kellus> Kellus* stupid shiftkey]
  527. [00:15] <Fenria> "What planet is this, anyway?  The freighter that dropped me here left before I could ask."
  528. [00:17] <Kellus> "It's Vespera IV."6 She removes Pel from a sleeve and deposits him on the couch. "You came here by yourself?"
  529. [00:18] <Fenria> "Yes.  We separated after we left Iocanthus."
  530. [00:20] <Kellus> 6 Kellus nods. "I don't know what our Inquisitor will say about, er, 'recruiting' a Sister of Battle."
  531. [00:20] <Fenria> "I haven't said I'd work for the Inquisition."
  532. [00:21] <Kellus> "That's what I mean. You know about our mission here, though-" 6 She frows and scratches her ear. "-that might not go down well."
  533. [00:22] <Kellus> "That's what I mean. You know about our mission here, though-" 6 She frows and scratches her ear. "-that might not go down well."
  534. [00:22] <Kellus> *]
  535. [00:23] <Fenria> "My mission is to end Chaos and Heresy were I find it, as well to find the man Helbrecht Lecointe.  I shall accomplish this with or without the permission of the Inquisition."
  536. [00:24] <Fenria> "The Emperor willing, I shall find him first."
  537. [00:25] <Kellus> "There is plenty of chaos and heresy here, sister. Your aid would be appreciated."
  538. [00:25] <Fenria> "Then I shall assist your group while I continue to gather information."
  539. [00:26] <Kellus> 6Kellus pauses to extract Pel from her sleeve again. "This will probably sound foolhardy and presumptuous, but what skills do you possess, Sister?"
  540. 01[00:27] <~Awry> 6The windows are burning red as the sun goes down over the horizon.
  541. [00:27] <Fenria> "I can sing.  My voice is a wonderful instrument of the Emperor's praise, I have been told."
  542. 01[00:27] <~Awry> 6The red of the flames sweeps over the clouds, burning them from their beautiful pastel colors to eventual white against a blacklit sky, ash in a dead hearth.
  543. 06[00:27] * Alroth looks up at this. "Y-Yes. Y-Your voice i-is what guided m-me to you.."
  544. 01[00:28] <~Awry> [WP test or Alroth gets an awkwardly-timed boner.]
  545. [00:28] <Fenria> [lol]
  546. [00:29] <Alroth> [u srs]
  547. [00:29] <Fenria> "It was the Emperor that lifted my voice to your ears."
  548. [00:29] <Fenria> [do it fgt]
  549. [00:29] <Kellus> 6 Kellus is resisting the urge to make a romantically-coloured Torch just to annoy Alroth.
  550. [00:30] <Fenria> "I am also a skilled copyist and illuminator."
  551. [00:30] <Fenria> "I spent many hours at the Abbey copying and illuminating holy texts."
  552. 06[00:32] * Alroth stares at her. Just -stares-, even stopping the belleh rubbinz.
  553. [00:33] <Kellus> "Do you know anything relating to the art of combat, Sister? We will probably be getting shot at soon enough."
  554. 06[00:33] * Fenria becomes self-conscious with the staring. "It's something nearly all Sororitas can do, Adept."
  555. 06[00:33] * Alroth 's eyes widen slowly. He then stiffly stands up, and walks awkwardly to the restroom.
  556. [00:33] <Fenria> "Combat, of course.  I have been trained with many types of melee weapons and firearms.  I don't carry the Emperor's holy bolts for show."
  557. 02[00:34] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  558. 03[00:34] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  559. 01[00:35] <~Awry> [00:33] * Fenria becomes self-conscious with the staring. "It's something nearly all Sororitas can do, Adept."
  560. 01[00:35] <~Awry> [00:33] * Alroth 's eyes widen slowly. He then stiffly stands up, and walks awkwardly to the restroom.
  561. 01[00:35] <~Awry> [00:33] <Fenria> "Combat, of course.  I have been trained with many types of melee weapons and firearms.  I don't carry the Emperor's holy bolts for show."
  562. [00:36] <Kellus> "May I have a look at your weapon, Sister?" 6 She indicates the boltgun.
  563. 01[00:37] <~Awry> 6There is a scream outside! A woman! From the main road!
  564. 06[00:37] * Alroth bursts out of the bathroom. "W-Who screamed!?"
  565. 01[00:37] <~Awry> [pants around his legs]
  566. [00:37] <Kellus> 6Kellus winces again. Damnit. She moves to the front window and looks outside.
  567. [00:37] <Alroth> [No, face is wet.]
  568. 06[00:37] * Fenria snatches up her bolter, and heads out the door
  569. [00:37] <Alroth> [INTERPRET THAT AS YOU WILL]
  570. [00:37] <Fenria> [fucking lol Awry]
  571. 01[00:38] <~Awry> 6On the ground outside, some meters away on the main road, there were three figures. Two were standing, and a third was on the ground in what looked to be a slowly spreading pool of blood.
  572. 06[00:39] * Alroth runs over quickly, wiping his face. "W-What's going o-on here!?"
  574. 01[00:39] <~Awry> 6There was one woman who went to her knees next to the corpse, screaming and sobbing hysterically, clutching at the bloodied man on the pavement, her blonde hair shaking out of place. She was young, perhaps around Kellus' age or so.
  575. 06[00:40] * Fenria levels her bolter at them, and slowly walks up to them.
  576. [00:40] <Kellus> "A mugging or something." 6 Kellus goes to open the door, finding that the Sororitas had already flown the coop. She walks outside as well, hands in her pockets.
  577. 01[00:41] <~Awry> 6The woman that was now looking towards Fenria was a little younger looking. She was in a black bodyglove as opposed to the woman's summer dress - the front was somewhat splattered with blood. Her face was pale, smooth, her eyes half-lidded and gray, and her hair in a black bobcut. --
  578. [00:41] <Fenria> A red dot will appear first on one suspect, and then on the other, going back and forth as Fenria gets to melee range.
  579. 06[00:41] * Alroth draws his Talon as he stops, leveling it at the blood-covered woman. "Don't move!"
  580. 01[00:42] <~Awry> 6She looked towards them as if she was trying to figure out who they were as they approached. In her hands, were two long, inwardly curved kukris, both stained red and still dripping. The man on the ground, motionless except for the woman who was shaking his while sobbing, had multiple, wide gouges carved into his chest and neck areas.
  581. [00:44] <Fenria> "You."  Fenria aims at the alleged assassin.  "Explain yourself.  Now."
  582. 01[00:44] <~Awry> 6Her eyes dart from black haired woman to blonde boy to blonde woman, obviously assessing her chances.
  583. [00:44] <Fenria> "Drop the knives.  You will not survive."
  584. [00:45] <Kellus> 6 Kellus blinks a few times.
  585. [00:45] <Kellus> 6 She points at the ground next to the assassiny-person with the knives.
  586. 01[00:49] <~Awry> 6The woman stares back at her.
  587. [00:49] <Kellus> 6 Kellus points at the lady, makes a grabby guesture with her hand, and throws the imaginary object at the spot she indicated.
  588. 01[00:52] <~Awry> 6Kellus directs the flow of force with her mind. She switched over to her psyker-sight, and saw the rippling flow of energy through the air, how the air swam around it, and with massive force directed it into the black-gloved woman. --
  589. 01[00:52] <~Awry> 6It disappears.
  590. 01[00:53] <~Awry> 6It blinks out, completely. Kellus looks at the woman with her psyker-sight.
  591. [00:54] <Fenria> "I said drop the knives, if you wish the Emperor to bless you with another day!"
  592. 01[00:55] <~Awry> 6There is a woman-shaped hole in the warp in front of Kellus.
  593. 06[00:56] * Fenria switches to High Gothic and says the same thing, thinking there may be a language barrier involved.
  594. 01[00:56] <~Awry> 6Staring into the warp was frightening. No human mind could fathom it, nor could any stare into it for too long without breaking. But this was simply nothing - the oblivion between pieces of the warp. Far-reaching emptiness, cracks into some other level of being. Kellus knew immediately what she was.
  595. 02[00:57] * Rakiel ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  596. [00:57] <Kellus> 6Kellus squints at the woman. "Oho. An Untouchable assassin?"
  597. 01[00:58] <~Awry> 6The young woman looks tense for a moment.
  598. 01[00:59] <~Awry> 6She speaks a simple word, but they can already tell she has a strange tone. "Why?"
  599. [00:59] <Kellus> "Because you will die if you don't. That's probably a good enough reason, yes?" 6 Kellus takes this opportunity to draw her autopistol and flick off the safety.
  600. 01[01:01] <~Awry> "..." 6After a few more seconds of staring at them, she drops her knives.
  601. 06[01:02] * Alroth moves over quickly, gun still trained on her, to collect the weapons.  He then moves to confirm the man's status.
  602. 01[01:02] <~Awry> 6The woman on the ground promptly lifts herself to a crouch, and, with a scream and a sob, runs at the woman.
  603. 01[01:02] <~Awry> 6-- runs at the bodygloved woman.
  604. 03[01:02] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@51F5E2A9.CE4B458B.BDF48298.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  605. 02[01:03] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  606. 03[01:04] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  607. 01[01:04] <~Awry> 6She pulls a knife as she closes.
  608. 06[01:04] * Alroth 's eyes widen, and he lifts his weapon, trying to cop off a shot before someone else gets stabbed!
  609. [01:05] <Fenria> [I asked in the other channel if I could make a check to stop her and that was before she pulled the knife}
  610. 06[01:11] * Fenria moves to intercept the woman, attempting to grab her and hold her back from the dangerous assassin.
  611. 01[01:12] <~Awry> "NO! NO!" 6she screams. "SHE KILLED HIM! RELEASE ME! LET ME GO!" 6The girl is grabbed by the sororitas, but the sister underestimates the woman's wild strength, and she tears free. But she stumbles for a moment when out, Fenria tripping her up --
  612. 01[01:13] <~Awry> 6The assassin's eyes flash down, and she seems to open her mouth a little in resignation. Her arm becomes a blur, a lightning palm slamming straight into the woman's face, and there is an audible thudding crack as the dress goes limp with a pained moan.
  613. 01[01:14] <~Awry> 6The woman in her dress falls to the ground. The black-haired woman glances at the three of you.
  614. [01:14] <Kellus> 6Kellus is covering the woman with her autopistol still. "Now why'd you do that?"
  615. 06[01:14] * Alroth levels his weapon at the woman once more with a dark glare. "D-Don't d-do -anything- e-else."
  616. 01[01:15] <~Awry> "What -" 6said the woman slowly, with a strange dialect and awkward pauses, as if it was new to her, uncomfortable to enunciate. "- do you want. From me."
  617. 06[01:15] * Fenria moves closer to Kellus, but keeps the assassin under her barrel. "What do you know about about them?"
  618. [01:16] <Fenria> She asks in a low voice.
  619. [01:16] <Kellus> "Yes. And who are you?"
  620. [01:16] <Alroth> "...Why did you kill him?"
  621. [01:16] <Fenria> ..."Who is your master?"
  622. 01[01:17] <~Awry> 6She looks at Kellus, and she purses her lips. She looks to Alroth. "Ordered." 6She looks towards Fenria and stares at her for a few seconds, and then looks back towards Kellus. "I am Moritat."
  623. [01:18] <Alroth> "O-Ordered by who?"
  624. 01[01:18] <~Awry> "Moritat," 6she says simply.
  625. 01[01:18] <~Awry> [If any of you have any relevant rolls to what could be assassin lore, roll in ooc.]
  626. [01:19] <Kellus> "Ordered by the Moritat. So you were just following intructions."
  627. 01[01:20] <~Awry> "I am a tool. I am Moritat," 6she says, opening her hands, palms up.
  628. [01:21] <Fenria> "You are now our prisoner."
  629. 01[01:23] <~Awry> "No," 6she replied simply.
  630. [01:23] <Fenria> "Why not?
  631. [01:23] <Fenria> "
  632. [01:24] <Kellus> 6Kellus reaches out her hand at the two dropped blades, willing them into position in the air infront of her. "Think about it, Sister, what would we do with her? We wouldn't be able to keep her as a prisoner."
  633. 01[01:24] <~Awry> 6Alroth finds that the man is quite dead, and quite gore-ridden.
  634. [01:25] <Fenria> "No, but I imagine this place has a security force that would be ideal for that."
  635. [01:25] <Fenria> "Although from what I've seen this planet is very soft."
  636. 06[01:26] * Alroth stands once more. "...S-She likely w-wouldn't give t-them much if a-any info...b-but unless w-we want to b-babysit her...."
  637. [01:26] <Kellus> "May I suggest granting her the Emperor's mercy, rather than imprisoning her?" 6 Kellus smiles a small smile.
  638. [01:27] <Fenria> "As you will."  Fenria makes sure she's not in between Kellus and the assassin.
  639. 01[01:28] <~Awry> "You would kill me? Emperor's work," 6she says, motioning to the corpse. Her eyes show disdain. "You dress in icons, but you carry no faith," 6she points accusingly at the sister.
  640. [01:28] <Fenria> "How is this the Emperor's work?"
  641. [01:28] <Fenria> "HOW CAN YOU QUESTION MY FAITH?"
  642. 06[01:29] * Alroth kneels quietly, placing the barrel of his gun to the ground, focusing to rack his brain for any scrap of info that might give him a clue to her identity.
  643. 01[01:29] <~Awry> "All Moritat work, is the Emperor's work," 6she says. There is a touch of reverence to her voice, but is is interrupted by Fenria raising hers. She stares daggers back at the sister, disarmed even as she was. "Just as you can question mine," 6she says, curling her lip.
  644. [01:31] <Fenria> "Which brings us" Fenria lowers her voice.  "Back to the beginning.  What is Moriat?"
  645. [01:31] <Kellus> "If you do the work of the Emperor, then you will gladly accept a Sister of Battle's judgement. Or at least give us a good reason for your actions."
  646. [01:31] <Kellus> 6 Kellus lifts the blades into her backpack with her mind, cutting the power as soon as they're secure.
  647. 01[01:34] <~Awry> "Moritat is Moritat," 6she says slowly. She is watching Kellus lifting the blades into her backpack carefully.
  648. [01:34] <Alroth> "Hold." He speaks in a strange, monotone voice now, as he looks up. "You said...Moritat?"
  649. 01[01:34] <~Awry> "... I will not speak," 6she says simply.
  650. 01[01:35] <~Awry> 6She glances at Alroth, and simply nods once.
  651. [01:35] <Kellus> "But you're speaking now."
  652. [01:35] <Kellus> 6 Kellus feels guilty pointing this out.
  653. 01[01:35] <~Awry> 6She quirks an eyebrow at the psyker. She does not answer.
  654. 06[01:37] * Alroth stands slowly, his eyes distant. "Moritat is a death cult. Broadly tolerated, and some suspect it may even be sponsored by the Imperium. They hold the Emperor in reverence, as well as blades. They disdain ranged weapons, and hold blood as a holy thing. They consider themselves loyal to the Imperium."
  655. [01:38] <Fenria> "In that case..."  Fenria lowers her weapon.  "Give her back her blades."
  656. 01[01:38] <~Awry> 6The assassin merely eyes Alroth as he spoke, but made a "Tch," 6noise at the last one.
  657. [01:40] <Kellus> "Anyone can say they are loyal." 6 Kellus takes out one of the weapons. "But, considering what she just did to that woman, I am hesitant about returning these."
  658. 06[01:40] * Alroth blinks, then offers a small, conflicted smile. "I-In your own w-way y-you are...t-the Emperor's w-will is the w-will of m-mankind. B-But that s-still brings up the q-question of w-why you killed him.."
  659. [01:40] <Fenria> "The woman was self-defense.  The man was obviously an enemy of the Emperor."
  660. 06[01:41] * Fenria looks at the assassin. "What is your name?"
  661. 01[01:41] <~Awry> "It would not matter." 6She stares at Kellus, then looked over at Alroth, then Fenria. "No. I struck first."
  662. 01[01:42] <~Awry> 6She looked at Fenria, and pursed her lips again. Already short-spoken and prone to silence, after a few moments it seemed like she was just ignoring her again. But then she spoke a single word. "Nepenthe."
  663. [01:42] <Kellus> "What'd that man do, ah, Nepenthe? Were you privy to that information?"
  664. [01:43] <Fenria> "Nepenthe, I am through.  Consider it the Emperor's mercy."
  665. 01[01:44] <~Awry> 6Nepenthe opens her mouth slightly, and then looks upon Fenria. Her face twists slightly in annoyance. "No."
  666. [01:44] <Kellus> 6 Kellus puts the knife back in her backpack, watching the exchange.
  667. [01:44] <Fenria> "No, what?"
  668. [01:45] <Fenria> "Do you wish me to execute you?"
  669. 06[01:45] * Alroth frowns quietly, rubbing the back of his head, not sure which side he would stand on in this little standoff...though it was unlikely the assassin would attempt to appeal to him of all people, let alone anyone at all.
  670. 01[01:45] <~Awry> "No mercy." 6She stares back. "I did nothing wrong. Mercy is unneeded."
  671. [01:45] <Alroth> "W-What did h-he do wrong?"
  672. 06[01:45] * Alroth points to the dead man.
  673. [01:46] <Fenria> "As you will."
  674. [01:46] <Kellus> "Brilliant. You're using articles now." 6 Kellus looks over at Alroth.
  675. 01[01:46] <~Awry> 6She stares back at her, speaking no words until Alroth asks yet again. She looks at him, and purses her lips. She says nothing for several moments - then: "Criminal."
  676. [01:47] <Alroth> "W-What was h-his crime?"
  677. [01:47] <Kellus> "Specify."
  678. 06[01:47] * Alroth offers Kellus a frown.
  679. 01[01:49] <~Awry> 6She stares. One second. Two. Five."No authority to know," 6she comments of them.
  680. 01[01:50] <~Awry> 6She walks up to Kellus.
  681. 01[01:50] <~Awry> "My tools."
  682. [01:51] <Kellus> 6 Kellus takes them out of her backpack and offers them hilt-first, frowning mightily.
  683. 01[01:51] <~Awry> 6The woman takes a hold of both hilts.
  684. 01[01:52] <~Awry> 6Her eyes half-closed like she was bored or tired or melancholic, she stares at Kellus, not moving her weapons from the air.
  685. [01:52] <Kellus> "Why here? We've just had a very trying day."6 she lets her hand drop and backs off.
  686. 01[01:54] <~Awry> 6Nepenthe gives a look of disdain mixed with curiosity. She glanced around, and it wasn't hard to tell that she was wondering how one could have a trying day on such a vacation island.
  687. 01[01:54] <~Awry> 6She steps away.
  688. [01:54] <Kellus> "If I told you you would not believe me."
  689. [01:54] <Fenria> "May the blessings of the Emperor fall upon you, Nepenthe."  Fenria walks back to the flat.
  690. 01[01:55] <~Awry> 6Nepenthe's eyes fell down to the woman still lying on the ground.
  691. [01:55] <Kellus> 6 Kellus nods to Nepenthe before indicating the corpses. "Are you coing to take care of that or are we going to have arbites all over tomorrow?"
  692. 06[01:55] * Alroth sighs. "T-Try...n-not to be s-so public a-about it i-if you m-must kill s-someone next time..." He then waves a hand to the woman, and heads back in, head hung.
  693. 01[01:56] <~Awry> 6Nepenthe stares at Alroth from a distance.
  694. 01[01:57] <~Awry> 6And then looks down again, at the woman.
  695. 01[01:57] <~Awry> 6She kneels.
  696. [01:58] <Kellus> 6Kellus stands, watches.
  697. 01[01:58] <~Awry> 6She pulls out the woman's purse from her bag, and produces a cognomen from it.
  698. 01[01:59] <~Awry> 6She reads the name upon it, gives it a flick and examines the back, and then places it back into the purse.
  699. 01[01:59] <~Awry> 6She puts the purse back into the bag, and sets the bag a few feet away.
  700. 01[01:59] <~Awry> 6A meter away is a manhole which she effortlessly pulls open.
  701. [02:00] <Kellus> 6Kellus turns and returns to the flat.
  702. 01[02:00] <~Awry> 6The door closes behind Kellus.
  703. 06[02:02] * Fenria unloads her bolter, and offers it to Kellus. "You wanted to take a look at this? Be careful, it's heavy."
  704. [02:03] <Kellus> 6 Kellus is caught slightly off-guard by the whole 'Welp just saw three people die and met the killer' segue into bolter examination, but looks it over anyway. Interesting.
  705. 06[02:04] * Fenria takes the bolter back when Kellus and reloads it, then disappears into her bedroom to sleep.
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