MMRPG TCG: Undertale Set

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  3. Name: Sans
  4. Creator: Beta Man
  5. Core: Shadow
  6. Health: 300
  7. Power: Bad Time (Shadow/Empty)
  8. Power Description: If a Papyrus card in your deck has been defeated, Sans' attack will be doubled until A. The opponent's current card is defeated or B. Sans is switched out.
  9. Attack 2: Bone Attack (Shadow)
  10. Attack 2 Description: Sans attacks with a bone to deal 10 Damage. The target is now Poisoned.
  11. Attack 3: Gaster Blaser (Shadow/Laser)
  12. Attack 3 Description: Sans attacks with a giant skull that fires lasers. (A skull of what, exactly? I'm entirely unsure...) Flip 5 coins. For each heads, this attack deals 10 Damage. If there is at least ONE heads, the target is now Poisoned.
  13. Resistance: Space
  14. Weakness: Cutter
  16. Name: Papyrus
  17. Creator: Beta Man
  18. Core: Shadow
  19. Health: 150
  20. Attack 1: Fabled Blue Attack (Shadow/Crystal)
  21. Attack 1 Description: Papyrus attacks the target with blue bones. If the attack was Impact-Core, this does 80 Damage. Despite the core of the previous move, the target will take 10 More Damage until Papyrus is defeated.
  22. Attack 2: Bone Attack (Shadow)
  23. Attack 2 Description: Papyrus attacks with a bone to deal 30 Damage.
  24. Attack 3: Special Attack (Shadow)
  25. Attack 3 Description: Papyrus attacks with multiple bones. Flip 6 coins. For each heads, this attack does 20 Damage.
  26. Resistance: Freeze
  27. Weakness: Impact
  29. Name: Gaster
  30. Creator: Beta Man
  31. Core: Empty
  32. Health: 230
  33. Power: Void (Empty)
  34. Power Description: When Gaster reaches 100 health, a random Support Card from BOTH sides will be unusable until Gaster is defeated.
  35. Attack 2: Gaster Blaster (Shadow/Laser)
  36. Attack 2 Description: Gaster attacks with a Giant Skull that fires lasers. This attack deals 50 Damage.
  37. Attack 3: Space Distortion (Empty)
  38. Attack 3 Description: Roll a dice. Gaster does one of 6 attacks: 1. Gaster Blaster: See above. 2. Blue Attack: Summons a Blue Laser. If the next attack was Impact-core or Neutral-core, this attack does 30 Laser Damage. 3. Orange Attack: Summons an Orange Laser. Unless the next attack was Impact-core or Neutral-core, this attack does 30 Laser Damage. 4. Bone Attack: Attacks with a bone to deal 20 Shadow Damage. The target is now Poisoned. 5. SOUL Shield: Protects the user for a turn. This attack does not protect from Swift-core attack. 6. Laser Bullet: Flip 3 coins. For each heads, this attack deals 10 Laser Damage.
  39. Resistance: Space
  40. Weakness: Flame
  42. Name: Grillby
  43. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  44. Core: Flame
  45. Health: 200
  46. Power: I'll Serve You (Flame)
  47. Power Description: Every heal Item the opponent uses will only give half of what is expected
  48. Attack 1: Fire Chaser (Flame/Swift)
  49. Attack 1 Description: Grillby unleashes a powerful wave of fire that chases the target, inflicting twice as much damage on slower targets but half as much on faster ones, doing 40 Damage.
  50. Attack 2: Blaze of Glory (Flame)
  51. Attack 2 Description: The user makes large fireballs rain in the sky, doing 50 damage to each card
  52. Resistance: Explode
  53. Weakness: Water
  55. Name: Undyne
  56. Creator: Beta Man
  57. Core: Cutter and Water
  58. Health: 200
  59. Power: Clash (Cutter/Shield)
  60. Power Description: If attacked with a Cutter-Core attack, flip a coin. If heads, Undyne will block the attack, despite what the other core is.
  61. Attack 2: Energy Spear (Cutter)
  62. Attack 2 Description: Undyne attacks with a spear made of energy to deal 40 Damage.
  63. Attack 3: Suplex (Impact)
  64. Attack 3 Description: Undyne suplexes the target and deals 30 Damage, just because she can.
  65. Resistance: Cutter
  66. Weakness: Flame
  68. Name: Asgore
  69. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  70. Health: 240
  71. Core: Flame and Cutter
  72. Power: Determination (Electric)
  73. Power Description: Asgore feels Determined to avenge his sons, Taking an extra turn every five turns.
  74. Attack 2: Death Trident (Cutter/Shadow)
  75. Attack 2 Description: Asgore pulls out his staff and strikes at his opponent, doing 70 damage
  76. Attack 3: Fireballs Of Doom (Flame)
  77. Attack 3 Description: Asgore summons out fireballs similar to grillbys, doing 50 damage
  78. Weakness: None
  79. Resistance: Cutter
  81. Name: Toriel
  82. Creator: Beta Man
  83. Core: Flame
  84. Health: 210
  85. Power: A Mother's Love (Energy)
  86. Power Description: If the opponent is young (Pokemon, unless first-stage, and other species will be considered as adults.) and it's HP is at 30 or below, Toriel's attacks will miss for 10 turns.
  87. Attack 2: Toriel's Fireball (Flame)
  88. Attack 2 Description: Toriel will shoot out a fireball similar to Grillby's and Asgore's. This attack does 30 Damage.
  89. Attack 3: Fireball Storm (Flame)
  90. Attack 3 Description: Toriel summons multiple fireballs and launches them at the target. Flip 5 coins. For each heads, this attack does 20 Damage.
  91. Resistance: Flame
  92. Weakness: Cutter
  94. Name: Muffet
  95. Creator: Beta Man
  96. Core: Nature and Shadow
  97. Health: 180
  98. Power: Pay (Nature)
  99. Power Description: The opponent has an option to pay Muffet 5g to lower her attack by 30 for a turn. The opponent starts off with 10g and can earn more Gold by attacking her, earning 5g for each hit. Paying, however, unallows them to attack on that turn.
  100. Attack 2: Spider Pastries (Nature/Flame)
  101. Attack 2 Description: Roll a dice. The number it lands on effects which of these three attacks will be used on this turn. 1-2. Spiders- Spiders crawl towards the opponent. Unless the opponent is Flame-Core, this attack does 30 Nature Damage. 3-4. Spider Donuts- A spider donut will bounce around and ram into the opponent to deal 30 Shadow Damage. 5-6. Spider Croissants- Muffet throws a croissant like a boomerang. Flip two coins. For each set of heads, this attack deals 20 Shadow and Cutter Damage.
  102. Attack 3: Feeding Time (Nature/Shadow)
  103. Attack 3 Description: Muffet lets out her pet, which tries to eat the target! Flip 5 coins. For each heads, this attack does 20 Damage.
  104. Resistance: Shadow
  105. Weakness: Impact
  107. Name: Temmie
  108. Core: Nature
  109. Health: 150
  110. Power: u gota... Dog Residue!!! (Nature)
  111. Power Description: When the target tries to use a Dog Residue, the target has the chance to give Temmie the Dog Residue in exchange for Temmie returning to your deck. If so, however, you will get the Dog Residue card for the rest of the battle. If the player refuses, however, Temmie's attack will be increased by 20.
  112. Attack 2: Pet (Nature)
  113. Attack 2 Description: Temmie tries to pet the target... But the target is allergic, dealing 10 Damage!
  114. Attack 3: Temmie Walk (Nature/Impact)
  115. Attack 3 Description: Temmie attempts to walk on the target. Flip 5 coins. For each set of heads, this attack does 10 Damage.
  116. Resistance: Nature
  117. Weakness: Cutter
  119. Name: Napstablook
  120. Creator: MusicalKitty
  121. Core: Neutral
  122. Health: 220
  123. Power: Not Feeling Up to it Right Now, Sorry (Neutral)
  124. Power Description: Every other turn, Napstablook will be unable to use Tear Shower
  125. Attack 2: Dapper Blook (Neutral)
  126. Attack 2 Description: Flip a coin, if tails, Napstablook recovers 30 health, if heads, Napstablook inflicts 30 damage.
  127. Attack 3: Tear Shower (Neutral)
  128. Attack 3 Description: Napstablook showers the area in tears. Roll a die, and whatever number the user gets, multiply it by 10, and that will be the damage Napstablook inflicts.
  129. Resistance: None
  130. Weakness: None
  132. Name: Mettaton
  133. Creator: MusicalKitty
  134. Core: Shadow
  135. Health: 180
  136. Attack 1: MTT Quiz (Neutral)
  137. Attack Description: The user may ask the opponent a question that has to be multiple choice, with 2-6 options for the opponent to choose as the answer. At least one of the options have to be the right one, and the opponent can choose not to answer and automatically take damage. If the opponent is correct, nothing happens, if they are wrong, they lose 50% of their current health (rounded up).
  138. Attack 2: Explosive Performance (Explode)
  139. Attack 2 Description: Mettaton showers the battlefield with explosives, inflicting 50 Explode Damage on the opponent.
  140. Attack 3: Soul-to-Soul Talk (Crystal)
  141. Attack 3 Description: Mettaton attacks the opponent with his Soul, shooting beams of energy around the field and jumping around erratically. The attack will inflict 90 damage onto the opponent and 20 damage onto Mettaton.
  142. Resistance: Impact
  143. Weakness: Explode
  145. Name: Mad Dummy
  146. Creator: MusicalKitty
  147. Core: Impact
  148. Health: 220
  149. Power: idiot! Idiot! IDIOT! (Neutral)
  150. Power Description: Mad Dummy can attack thrice on the first turn he's out, then once per four turns. i.e using Knife once and Dummy Support twice when idiot! Idiot! IDIOT! activates.
  151. Attack 2: Knife (Cutter)
  152. Attack 2 Description: Mad Dummy throws his knife at the opponent to inflict 70 Cutter Damage however, Mad Dummy can only use this once per battle...
  153. Attack 3: Dummy Support (Laser)
  154. Attack 3 Description: Mad Dummy calls for support on the battlefield, inflicting 30 damage plus 10 Laser Damage.
  155. Resistance: Impact
  156. Weakness: Cutter
  158. Name: Mettaton EX
  159. Creator: Beta Man
  160. Core: Crystal
  161. Health: 200
  162. Attack 1: Kick of Glamour (Impact)
  163. Attack 2 Description: Mettaton EX kicks the target with his fabulously designed legs to deal 30 Damage. If hit by a Laser-Core on the opponent's previous turn, this attack will do 50 Damage instead.
  164. Attack 2: Explosive Performance (Explode)
  165. Attack 2 Description: Mettaton showers the battlefield with explosives, inflicting 50 Damage on the opponent.
  166. Attack 3: Soul-to-Soul Talk (Crystal)
  167. Attack 3 Description: Mettaton attacks the opponent with his Soul, shooting beams of energy around the field and jumping around erratically. The attack will inflict 90 damage onto the opponent and 20 recoil damage onto Mettaton.
  168. Resistance: Impact
  169. Weakness: Laser
  171. Name: Frisk
  172. Creator: Beta Man
  173. Core: Neutral
  174. Health: 100
  175. Power: Mercy (Crystal)
  176. Power Description: Since Frisk is a pacifist, if the target is defeated by one of Frisk's "attacks", they will be Spared instead, meaning the opponent's card will be sent back to the deck and, if sent back out, have half of it's max Health, rounded down. If the card is the opponent's last card, however, the user will win the battle instead.
  177. Attack 2: Act (Crystal)
  178. Attack 2 Description: Frisk will compliment the opponent, dealing 50 "Damage"
  179. Attack 3: Item (Neutral)
  180. Attack 3 Description: Frisk will eat an item. Roll the dice. Frisk will be healed by the number it landed on times 10.
  181. Resistance: Impact
  182. Weakness: Shadow
  184. Name: Flowey
  185. Creator: Beta Man
  186. Core: Nature and Shadow
  187. Health: 100
  188. Power: Kill or Be Killed (Attack)
  189. Power Description: If fighting against Frisk, Chara, or Mega Man, Flowey's attack will be increased by 10 for each turn they survive.
  190. Attack 2: Friendliness Pellet (Nature)
  191. Attack 2 Description: Flowey attacks the target with a bunch of bu- err, Friendliness Pellets, dealing 20 Damage.
  192. Attack 3: Vine Attack (Nature)
  193. Attack 3 Description: Flowey attacks the target with a vine to deal 50 Damage. If the target is classified as a Monster, Flowey absorbs a small bit of their SOUL, healing him by 30 Health.
  194. Resistance: Nature
  195. Weakness: Flame
  197. Name: Doggo
  198. Creator: RotomSlashBlast
  199. Core: Nature
  200. Health: 130
  201. Power: MOVING!? MOVING!? (Swift)
  202. Power Description: If Doggo hits, he gains 20 defense this turn!
  203. Attack 2: Cobalt Dagger (Freeze/Cutter)
  204. Attack 2 Description: Flip a coin. If it's heads, this attack does 40 damage! This will ALWAYS be super effective against Swift Types, and will ALWAYS get a heads against someone with evasion modifiers.
  205. Resistance: Swift
  206. Weakness: Time
  208. Name: Snowdrake
  209. Creator: RotomSlashBlast
  210. Core: Freeze
  211. Health: 100
  212. Power: Cold Shoulder (Freeze)
  213. Power Description: When hit by a Freeze-type move, flip a coin. If tails, the attack does nothing.
  214. Attack 2: Ice Breath (Freeze/Wind)
  215. Attack 2 Description: Snowdrake breathes cold air, "thawing" off 30 of their health!
  216. Resistance: Freeze
  217. Weakness: Shadow
  219. Name: Undyne the Undying
  220. Creator: Beta Man
  221. Core: Cutter and Shadow
  222. Health: 230
  223. Power: DETERMINATION (Electric)
  224. Power Description: Undyne the Undying is DETERMINED to avenge everyone who had fallen. Every five turns, Undyne's attack is increased by 10 times every RM Card that has been scraped (defeated)!
  225. Attack 2: Energy Spear (Cutter)
  226. Attack 2 Description: Undyne the Undying attacks with a spear made of energy to deal 70 Damage.
  227. Attack 3: Reverse Spear (Cutter)
  228. Attack 3 Description: Undyne the Undying summons a spear made of energy that tricks opponents and attack them from behind after being seen! This does 50 Damage while piercing all defenses, meaning it cancels resistances and shields!
  229. Resistance: Shadow
  230. Weakness: Cutter
  232. Name: Mettaton NEO
  233. Creator: Beta Man
  234. Core: Laser
  235. Health: 210
  236. Attack 1: NEO Cannon (Laser)
  237. Attack 1 Description: Mettaton NEO blasts the target with a powerful laser cannon to deal 50 Damage!
  238. Attack 2: Bolt Barrage (Electric)
  239. Attack 2 Description: Mettaton NEO attacks the target with multiple bolts of lightning. Flip 5 coins. For each set of heads, this attack does 20 Damage times the number of heads!
  240. Attack 3: Bomb Frenzy (Explode)
  241. Attack 3 Description: Mettaton NEO showers the battlefield with explosives to deal 70 Damage!
  242. Resistance: Impact
  243. Weakness: Explode
  245. Name: Chara
  246. Creator: Beta Man
  247. Core: Empty and Shadow
  248. Health: 250
  249. Power: DETERMINATION (Electric)
  250. Power Description: Chara is DETERMINED to ERASE the world. If facing against another Undertale character, Chara's attack is increased by +30 Damage. If Chara is facing the main hero of another series (for example, Mega Man), their attack is increased by +10 Damage.
  251. Attack 2: Real Knife (Cutter)
  252. Attack 2 Description: Chara attacks the target with a sharp knife, dealing 70 Damage!
  253. Attack 3: ERASE (Empty)
  254. Attack 3 Description: If the target is at 25% of it's health or lower, Chara will not only strike the target to deal 70 Damage, Chara ALSO absorbs it's SOUL to retrieve full health AND discards one of the target's Support or Field Cards. If used too early, however, this attack will only deal 10 Damage, and Chara will not heal or discard any of the opponent's Support of Field Cards.
  255. Resistance: Shadow
  256. Weakness: Cutter
  258. CORES
  260. Name: Shadow Core
  261. Boosts: Shadow Core
  262. Amount: 7
  264. Name: Empty Core
  265. Boosts: Shadow Core, Laser Core, Space Core, Shield Core
  266. Amount: 2
  268. Name: Flame Core
  269. Boosts: Flame Core
  270. Amount: 3
  272. Name: Cutter Core
  273. Boosts: Cutter Core
  274. Amount: 3
  276. Name: Water Core
  277. Boosts: Water Core
  278. Amount: 1
  280. Name: Nature Core
  281. Boosts: Nature Core
  282. Amount: 3
  284. Name: Neutral Core
  285. Boosts: Neutral Core
  286. Amount: 2
  288. Name: Impact Core
  289. Boosts: Impact Core
  290. Amount: 1
  292. Name: Crystal Core
  293. Boosts: Crystal Core
  294. Amount: 1
  296. Name: Freeze Core
  297. Boosts: Freeze Core
  298. Amount: 1
  300. Name: Laser Core
  301. Boosts: Laser Core
  302. Amount: 1
  304. Name: Swift Core
  305. Boosts: Swift Core
  306. Amount: 1
  310. Name: Green Soul
  311. Creator: Retro Pikachu
  312. Core: Shield
  313. Description: Whenever you take damage, flip 2 coins. If both are heads, the damage is reduced by 50 (but cannot go below 10). Effect lasts for 3 turns or until your robot is defeated.
  315. Name: Yellow Soul
  316. Creator: Retro Pikachu
  317. Core: Laser
  318. Description: Whenever you take damage, flip 2 coins. If both are heads, the opponent takes 30 neutral damage. Effect lasts for 3 turns or until your robot is defeated.
  320. Name: Red Soul
  321. Creator: Beta Man
  322. Core: Energy
  323. Description: Through the power of DETERMINATION, the user will be revived when defeated! However, the opponent will be fully healed as well!
  325. Name: Blue Soul
  326. Creator: Beta Man
  327. Core: Earth
  328. Description: If you have a Papyrus, Sans, and/or Gaster card in your deck, all flying/levitating RM Cards will be grounded until all Papyrus, Sans, and/or Gaster cards are defeated.
  330. Name: Purple Soul
  331. Creator: Beta Man
  332. Core: Nature
  333. Description: All RM Cards will be trapped in a purple web! All Nature- and Shadow-Core attacks will be increased for 5 turns!
  335. Name: Orange Soul
  336. Creator: Beta Man
  337. Core: Energy
  338. Description: For a turn, the opponent's attack will HEAL the user instead! If the opponent heals, it will be damaged instead! If it's attacks increase, it'll decrease instead, and vice versa! Also, if the opponent is hit with recoil, it will heal itself instead!
  340. Name: Light Blue Soul
  341. Creator: Beta Man
  342. Core: Crystal
  343. Description: The room darkens, making all attacks except Crystal- and Flame-Core attacks unseeable! This means that all attacks, unless it is a Crystal- and/or Flame-Core attack, will be unblockable/unavoidable by any means!
  345. Name: Six Human Souls
  346. Creator: Beta Man
  347. Core: Energy
  348. Description: The user absorbs the six human souls, healing to 250 HP! Their attack is also doubled for 3 turns!
  350. Name:Dog Residue
  351. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  352. Core:Nature
  353. Description: Flip a coin. If heads, 5 more dog residues will be put in the user's pack of cards. If tails, this will automatically heal all damage done to the user.
  355. Name: Butterscotch Pie
  356. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  357. Core: Recovery
  358. Description: The user of the Butterscotch Pie's health is maxed out.
  360. Name: Snowman Piece(s)
  361. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  362. Core: Recovery/Freeze
  363. Description: If used once, the user's current HP gains 40 and still has one Snowman Piece left. If used twice, the user's HP is gains 80, but all of the snowman pieces are gone.
  365. Name: Monster Candy
  366. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  367. Core: Recovery
  368. Description: The distinct, strange, flavor of the Monster candy heals the user by 10.
  370. Name: Glamburger
  371. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  372. Core: Recovery
  373. Description: If used on a regular RM, the user is healed by 20. But if used on Mettaton, It goes to 40.
  375. FIELDS
  377. Name: The Ruins
  378. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  379. Core: Earth
  380. Increases: Neutral +30, Energy +20
  381. Decreases: Cutter -20, Laser -10
  383. Name: Snowdin
  384. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  385. Core: Freeze and Nature
  386. Increases: Freeze +30, Shadow +10
  387. Decreases: Water -10
  389. Name: Waterfall
  390. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  391. Core: Water
  392. Increases: Laser +30, Swift +10, Shield +10
  393. Decreases: Earth -10
  395. Name: Hotland
  396. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  397. Core: Flame
  398. Increases: Flame +30, Explode +20
  399. Decreases: Water -10
  401. Name: CORE
  402. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  403. Core: Electric and Flame
  404. Increases: Shadow +30, Electric +20, Laser +10
  405. Decreases: Space -30
  407. Name: Asgore's Castle
  408. Creator: StupidStudiosN
  409. Core: Nature and Shield
  410. Increases: Laser +30, Nature +20, Shadow +10
  411. Decreases: Neutral -20, Empty -20
  413. Name: Grillby's
  414. Creator: CrimsonBomb
  415. Core: Flame
  416. Increases: Flame +30, Shadow +20
  417. Decreases: Water -30, Crystal -20
  419. Name: Judgement Hall
  420. Creator: CrimsonBomb (Modified by Beta Man)
  421. Core: Attack
  422. Increases: Shadow +30, Flame +30
  423. Decreases: Cutter -30, Crystal -30
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