Deleted 17 Nov 16 ALA Press Release

Nov 20th, 2016
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  2. webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:BhWZu_zsTv0J:www.ala.org/news/press-releases/2016/11/libraries-bolster-opportunity-new-briefs-show-how-libraries-support-policy+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  4. Libraries bolster opportunity — new briefs show how libraries support policy priorities of new administration
  6. For Immediate Release
  8. Thu, 11/17/2016
  10. Contact:
  11. Shawnda Hines
  12. Press Officer
  13. ALA Washington Office
  14. Shawnda Hines
  15. 202-628-8410
  16. shines@alawash.org
  18. WASHINGTON, DC — Today the American Library Association (ALA) released three briefs highlighting how libraries can advance specific policy priorities of the incoming Trump administration in the areas of entrepreneurship, services to veterans and broadband adoption and use.
  20. “ALA is dedicated to helping all our nation’s elected leaders identify solutions to the challenges our country faces,” ALA President Julie Todaro said. “The briefs released today demonstrate the diverse range of programs and services provided by our nation’s 120,000 libraries, which together constitute a national infrastructure that can address some of the challenges identified by President-elect Trump.
  22. "Libraries are hubs of entrepreneurship and small business development,” she continued. “We help veterans and others access valuable benefits and services they are eligible for. And libraries spur broadband adoption by increasing awareness and confidence in using online resources and services."
  24. Each paper features numerous snapshots of programs around the country illustrating libraries’ contributions to vibrant communities, as well as “takeaway” points for decision-makers:
  26. One Small Business at a Time: Building Entrepreneurial Opportunity in America’s Communities (PDF)
  27. www.ala.org/news/sites/ala.org.news/files/content/ALA-SmallBizEntrep-2016Nov10.pdf
  28. Snapshot: A Maryland ice cream entrepreneur used library resources to write an award-winning business plan that led to $50,000 in seed money and the launch of her shop.
  29. Takeaway: Leverage libraries in new policy initiatives to grow entrepreneurship and small businesses.
  31. Libraries Help and Honor Our Veterans: Employment, Education and Community Connection (PDF)
  32. www.ala.org/news/sites/ala.org.news/files/content/ALA-Veterans-2016Nov10.pdf
  33. Snapshot: A California veteran said the referral he received at the library led to him receiving medical benefits and back pay he was unaware he earned.
  34. Takeaway: Libraries represent a proactive, cost-effective solution for extending outreach and services to veterans and their families.
  36. America’s Libraries: Powering Broadband Access, Adoption and Use (PDF)
  37. www.ala.org/news/sites/ala.org.news/files/content/Broadband_11-08-16_0.pdf
  38. Snapshot: Families in public housing with school-aged children receive digital literacy training and access to online homework resources and other digital services at libraries.
  39. Takeaway: Libraries bring a wealth of resources and expertise to partnerships like ConnectHome with the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  41. Release of the snapshots coincides with a major policy event (Here Comes Everybody) on the same day held jointly by ALA and the Internet Association, which represents America’s leading internet companies and their global community of users. Focused on how to harness the internet and U.S. libraries to increase economic opportunity for all, the event features speakers from Yelp, Google and the two associations, followed by a policy hackathon.
  43. “Virtually every community across the country is served by libraries,” said Todaro. “Given adequate resources and support, we can expand the scope and reach of the resources we offer.”
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