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AGKK Games SCP:SL Rules (English ver.)

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  1. "Rules."
  2. 1. Don't be an annoying player. (Ex. Micspamming or generally being a nuisance.) Loud isn't always funny.
  3.      1.2. This extend to the use of the radios and intercom. Or using voice chat when you're dead, in the pre-game phase, or the majority is telling you to stop.
  4. 2. We <b>DO NOT</b> condone ghosting and toxicity in our server. You'll be punish if you are found ghosting or being overly toxic.
  5. 3. No usage of any kind of cheats, hacks, or exploits to give yourself an advantage.
  6. 4. This is an international server hosted in Thailand. So expect a lot of thai players and please be respectful to us too.
  7. 5. Pretending to be someone else to get them in troubles or to be a moderators or admin can get you kicked or banned instantly.
  8. 6. Play according to your character roles and objectives realistically.
  9. 7. If you've committed suicide without reasonable explanation, you may be punished.
  10.      7.2. If you leave the game without explaining, you may be punished with harsher sentence.
  11. 8. Don't be a nuisance to other players or pushing them into a argument in the server.
  12. 9. Causing lag to the server or DDOSing us will result in perma ban.
  14. By playing in this server, you will accept all the rules, even if you didn't read them. And you'll accept all punishment you may receive from your unjustifiable behavior.
  16. "Punishments"
  17.      All of our punishments are judged by our operating staff, and they reserved the right to punish you at all times. Even if the things you've done isn't in the rules. But you have the rights to ask why was you punished, and you may ask the Owners in Discord or Steam group if you think you punishment is unjust.
  19. We have our own Discord server! If you're interested in joining, you can <link="https://discord.gg/xpfwPaE">Click Here</link> to join it!
  21. We also have a Steam Group! You can <link="http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AGKKServer">Click Here</link> to join it!
  23. For the rules of the server in Thai language<link="https://pastebin.com/HLE26u2F"> Click Here.</link> (Pastebin link)
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