AGKK Games SCP:SL Rules (English ver.)

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  1. <strong>Rules to follow when playing on our servers.</strong>
  2. 1. Don't be annoying (Ex. Micspamming) They're not funny when done excessively.
  3. 2. We <b>DO NOT</b> condone ghosting and toxicity in our server. You'll be punish if you are found ghosting or being overly toxic.
  4. 3. No usage of any kind of cheats and hacks.
  5. 4. This is an international server hosted in Thailand. So expect a lot of thai players.
  6. 5. An admin or moderator can punish you for doing things that are inappropriate in our server, even if you're not breaking any rules.
  7. 6. Sometimes there will be events by the admin if they feel like doing it.
  8. 7. If a player have been AFK for longer than 5 minutes, that player may be forced to spectate and someone else will take their place.
  9. 8. Pretending to be a moderator or admin can get you kicked or banned instantly.
  10. 9. Play according to your character roles realistically. For example, SCPs can't team with any of the human team.
  12. <strong>Punishment for breaking the rules</strong>
  13. 1.Warning
  14. 2.Another warning and 1-hour ban
  15. 3.Another warning and 1-day ban
  16. 4.Another warning and 1-month ban
  17. 5.Last warning and a Permanent ban
  18. (But if you break rule 2, you will get a permanent ban imminently without any warning)
  20. We also have our own Discord server! If you're interested in joining, you can <link="">Click Here</link> to join it!
  22. For the rules of the server in Thai language<link=""> Click Here.</link> (Pastebin link)
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