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  1. [20:09] Kregore Wroth: This, is literally why
  2. [20:09] Kregore Wroth: Like, unquestionably, without a doubt
  3. [20:09] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I'm the biggest asshole in the world.
  4. [20:09] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I know.
  5. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: I wasn't gonna give you that kind of credit
  6. [20:10] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Well give me something I'm at like, full mast.
  7. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: more than say "why you keep getting blockaded and don't know why"
  8. [20:10] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I mean - hey, if you want to continue a failed idea invented as a toxic means to kill SLMC groups.
  9. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: Like I've NEVER ever blockaded ANYONE. HELL I was in Dwitek.
  10. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: yes
  11. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: WE WANT YOU GONE
  12. [20:10] Kregore Wroth: You're literally cancer.
  13. [20:10] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): You should like
  14. [20:11] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Take a step back
  15. [20:11] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): And realize that you're bandwagoning right now.
  16. [20:11] Kregore Wroth: no like im just trying to tell you what nobody has got across to you
  17. [20:11] Kregore Wroth: that you literally can't attack an army without griefing in some way shape or form
  18. [20:11] Kregore Wroth: and to just, stop
  19. [20:11] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): We weren't griefing.
  20. [20:11] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Do you even know what griefing is anymore?
  21. [20:11] Kregore Wroth: Let me tell you what I saw
  22. [20:12] Kregore Wroth: I saw my two BRAND NEW dudes, and Crispus, helping me defend against a RELENTLESS assault with tech I've NEVER heard of, since I've been gone for 3 years, trying to kill teleporters DROP REZZED by my spawn, THAT HEALED THEMSELVES
  23. [20:12] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): That doesn't sound like griefing.
  24. [20:12] Kregore Wroth: and then they had a fuckin party in my spawn
  25. [20:12] Kregore Wroth: so uhh
  26. [20:13] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Yeah that's not griefing dude.
  27. [20:13] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): You should ask Hadet what griefing is.
  28. [20:13] Kregore Wroth: never come back, you're toxic, you talk about this "killin the community" you killed the community.
  29. [20:13] Kregore Wroth: with your absolute unending toxicity
  30. [20:13] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Blockades kill the community.
  31. [20:13] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): gg
  32. [20:13] Kregore Wroth: such a victim
  33. [20:14] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I like how 'bawwwkade' is not the kneejerk reaction to everything again.
  34. [20:14] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): *now
  35. [20:14] Kregore Wroth: no you're literally the only army I ever HAVE and ever WILL blockade
  36. [20:14] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I've heard that before.
  37. [20:14] Kregore Wroth: WOW
  38. [20:14] Kregore Wroth: and you don't do something about it?
  39. [20:14] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Because I already know what's going to happen.
  40. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: god forbid you TRY to change the absolute troll'd up toxic image you bring up
  41. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: as you post shit about me in the fray
  42. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: im having my soldiers telling me you're gossiping about me in some group
  43. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: like.. really dude..
  44. [20:15] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): 'Oh no the big mean man said something mean about me in his discord'
  45. [20:15] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Oh grow up.
  46. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: yeah
  47. [20:15] Kregore Wroth: lets be parrots
  48. [20:16] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): What's going to happen is this community will be become a SLMC of feelings and who hurt them, not combat, the balancing of combat, or anything actually productive.
  49. [20:16] Kregore Wroth: I'm more concerned about putting my soldiers through dealing with the bullshit yours do.
  50. [20:16] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): It will then stagnate. The same people fighting each other over and over while people steadily drop out or refuse to come back - because they don't want to deal with the drama.
  51. [20:17] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): And then it will open the flood gates to Griefing, Sim crashing, Alts, Spy ops, Sabotage, Doxxing, Etc
  52. [20:17] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Every single bad thing that you know you cannot prevent from happening by 'blockading' groups.
  53. [20:17] Kregore Wroth: You ARE the flood.
  54. [20:18] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Because what's going to happen when the people griefing you arn't a group
  55. [20:18] Kregore Wroth: its ALWAYS you
  56. [20:18] Kregore Wroth: How come I never hear about like
  57. [20:18] Kregore Wroth: Coercion doing this
  58. [20:18] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Because they're subtle.
  59. [20:18] Kregore Wroth: Coercion attacked my sim with 13 guys the other day, we didn't blockade them because they fuckin fought fair
  60. [20:18] Kregore Wroth: and if you would've CONTINUED fighting fair, you would've never left the spawn
  61. [20:18] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I mean everything you just complained about sounded like nothing.
  62. [20:19] Kregore Wroth: the combat I just experienced
  63. [20:19] Kregore Wroth: was absolutely and totally hilariously pathetic
  64. [20:19] Kregore Wroth: and I don't want it in my sim
  65. [20:19] Kregore Wroth: i dont even care about all the disrespect had it not been for that
  66. [20:20] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Like I said none of which you complained about sounded like anything bad. Besides, isn't this coming from the group who were killing us in the spawn - and didn't stop until we started bombing you?
  67. [20:21] Kregore Wroth: we had one bad eg
  68. [20:21] Kregore Wroth: egg*
  69. [20:21] Kregore Wroth: WHOM we got rid off
  70. [20:21] Kregore Wroth: of*
  71. [20:21] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Also - isn't this coming from the group who let a griefer go free willy all over Grand Fed on Gordon?
  72. [20:21] Kregore Wroth: yeah according to the Washington Post of SL news sources
  73. [20:21] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Isn't this coming from the group who thinks they're so tough but apparently seem to crumple and fail when faced against a more opposing force.
  74. [20:22] Kregore Wroth: what does more opposing force mean in english
  75. [20:22] Kregore Wroth: also
  76. [20:22] Kregore Wroth: eh forget it i just wanted to get the point across that you keep doing this to yourself and choose to remain salty instead of changing your culture
  77. [20:22] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Salty?
  78. [20:23] Kregore Wroth: under allllll that sugar
  79. [20:23] Kregore Wroth: is a lil angry boy
  80. [20:23] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): It's so easy to make assumptions when you're hiding behind your land powers after being beaten.
  81. [20:23] Kregore Wroth: beaten
  82. [20:23] Kregore Wroth: of cours
  83. [20:23] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): My whole group is laughing it up, but you're saying I'm salty. It's cute.
  84. [20:23] Kregore Wroth: LOL
  85. [20:24] Kregore Wroth: hide in your hugbox dude
  86. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): That's called delusion buddy lol
  87. [20:24] Kregore Wroth: nobody cares
  88. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Hugbox? My sims open dude.
  89. [20:24] Kregore Wroth: one day youll be attacking yourself in your warhammer RP sim
  90. [20:24] Kregore Wroth: "my guys are laughing it up"
  91. [20:24] Kregore Wroth: lol
  92. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): No we'll just play something else until the community becomes fun again.
  93. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Or attack the newest group.
  94. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Then again
  95. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I don't know why you're so focused on us.
  96. [20:24] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Tkoi still exists.
  97. [20:25] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): GF is.. Well Criss Ixtar's playground so have fun with that.
  98. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: tkoi is a jewel in comparison to the absolute degeneracy you churn out
  99. [20:25] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Coercion will just piss you off.
  100. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: coercion is a fun fight
  101. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: very good challenge
  102. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: Grand Fed refuses to fight us because of the humiliation we put them throuh
  103. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: Tkoi is meh-tier
  104. [20:25] Kregore Wroth: everyone is fine, except you
  105. [20:25] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Tough talk coming from someone who wants to ban an entire group.
  106. [20:26] Kregore Wroth: your group literally pushes the boundaries of trolling and combat
  107. [20:26] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I'm sorry we danced in your spawn, it must of been SO hurtful.
  108. [20:26] Kregore Wroth: all the drop rezzing and self healing teleporters and turrets got you blockaded
  109. [20:26] Kregore Wroth: you fucking retard
  110. [20:26] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Drop rezzing? Burden of proof is on you bucko.
  111. [20:27] Kregore Wroth: yeah
  112. [20:27] Kregore Wroth: dont need it
  113. [20:27] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Plus we removed the Tzeentch Altars dude.
  114. [20:27] Kregore Wroth: why did
  115. [20:27] Kregore Wroth: chris tell me
  116. [20:27] Kregore Wroth: melna never stopped
  117. [20:27] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I dunno I have Melna in here telling us he did. And nobody is contesting it.
  118. [20:27] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Lee's been trying to calm you down but you don't want to.
  119. [20:27] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Now you're here in my IM's
  120. [20:28] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): As if I'm suppose to feel sorry for you.
  121. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: k well any chance you had at combat in my sim can be made somewhere like.. coercion. go attack there
  122. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: oh wait..
  123. [20:28] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): I've already seen through all the bullshit dude, and I have recordings of it too - you don't really deserve any respect from me.
  124. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: k well
  125. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: attack somewhere else
  126. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: as the list thins..
  127. [20:28] Kregore Wroth: ill be talking to other armies, just because, you're being such a faggot
  128. [20:29] Kregore Wroth: me and Adonis on a warpath nao
  129. [20:29] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): We'll still be here. Imagine everyday sitting there brooding over the fact Chaos Decretum still exists.
  130. [20:29] Kregore Wroth: lol nobody will care
  131. [20:29] Kregore Wroth: because youll be in your containment sim
  132. [20:29] Kregore Wroth: wasting money
  133. [20:29] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Containment sim? Oh you mean the place people are scared of attacking?
  134. [20:29] Kregore Wroth: LOL
  135. [20:29] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Feels good dude.
  136. [20:29] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): CHAOS WINS THE SLMC GG
  137. [20:30] Kregore Wroth: oh geez rick
  138. [20:30] Kregore Wroth: tell em what they won
  139. [20:30] Kregore Wroth: "a community of people who hate you"
  140. [20:30] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Btw, our guys get payed extra Favor bonus for getting banned for nothing.
  141. [20:30] Kregore Wroth: youre the hated little brother of the community now
  142. [20:30] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Buddy I've been the hated everything of the community.
  143. [20:30] Kregore Wroth: so proud you must be of being a literal culture of ruin
  144. [20:31] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): My boy, I bring ruin so that something better comes out of the ashes.
  145. [20:31] Kregore Wroth: yet you keep returning
  146. [20:31] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): And I don't need to blockade people to do it.
  147. [20:32] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Blockades strengthen the resolve of Chaos; it's just historically proven fact my dude.
  148. [20:32] Kregore Wroth: ok take care
  149. [20:32] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): Have fun in your hugbox.
  150. [20:33] Kregore Wroth: ok take care
  151. [20:33] Lucius the Eternal (darksleepur): ok take care
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