Into the Earth ( MGE )

Aug 30th, 2016
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  1. Regret. Michael was filled to the brim with regret. It was cold, damp, his phone was dead, and his roommate Beck had been constantly calling out all the little shits he had caught on his new phone game ‘Monmosu GO’, or whatever it was. He was covered in dirt and grime and was also drenched in sweat. Beck said it was only going to be an hour or so, and that shakes and smoothies were on him once it was over, only to reveal he didn’t even bring any cash when Michael tried to shake him down for his car keys. Everything was dark, and the forest was also filled with flies and other insects trying to constantly bite at him. Also; they were being chased by Ushi-Onis.
  3. What was once a calm, if not a miserable night, was ruined by Beck exploring a few feet too far in a nesting cave while blindly following his phone, waking up the slumbering Ushis who had lied dormant inside. Beck entered a mad dash while ducking between the trees outside while shouting “Mike! We got Ushis on our tail!”
  5. Michael’s unnaturally sturdy trust in Beck was the reason he wasn’t instantly caught by the demonic spiders, as he entered a sprint the moment the words left his friends mouth. They quickly found each other in the forest and began to sprint deeper into the woods.
  7. “The fuck did you do?” Michael shouted at his friend as he struggled to keep pace with him, bumping into the trees, twigs, and stumps that Beck all too easily managed to slip around. Beck turned back to Michael, and then cocked his head a little farther back to view what was behind them. Whatever Beck saw was enough to force his open jaw shut and put his legs into overdrive. Beck twisted through thicker and thicker sections of the woods, while slowly leaving Michael’s sight.
  9. The chase continued for several minutes, until they entered a large clearing next to a short cliff, which jutted out before one of the lakes that littered these woods. Beck took a sharp turn while ahead and ran straight towards the cliff, who then pointed one of his hands at the edge of the clearing nearest to Michael, before jumping off the Cliff towards the lake. Michael considered following him over, but two giant black spider-like women, clad in furs and runes, four or five times the size of any Arachne he had ever seen followed him off the ledge as well. So, he changed directions and began running towards the edge of the clearing instead, the skittering of giant spider-like legs getting closer and louder.
  11. His heart was going to burst out of his chest it was beating so hard, he was certain of it. His legs were in agonizing pain as he was forced to keep them from resting, while constantly being bombarded with trees and branches and rocks that pierced into and hit against his body while running. He knew he wasn’t going to last any longer than a few minutes, and needed to find an escape fast if he wanted to ever see the light of day again. Eyes scanning for an escape route, the only potential candidate he found was another cave entrance. Its size was smaller than the one Ushis had come from, about seven or eight feet tall, but he knew if it got smaller on the inside Michael would be safe if he could reach the depths before he could be caught.
  13. Michael prepped himself for one last stretch, took in the biggest breath he had even taken, and booked it like a librarian on coke. He could hear the Ushis needing to break past the clutter of trees around him and hoped it would be enough to give him the advantage he needed once it was a straight rush inside the cave. He was scared that the darkness in the cave would be his undoing, but was quick to discover it was covered with bio-luminescent fungal growths. He followed the path illuminated by the growths to the best of his abilities. As he ran down the path, the fungus grew less and less dense as the cave began to slowly shrink in size. The skittering grew silent, and Michael turned his head while running to see if they had given up. To his relief, they had! Two Ushi-Onis were stuck in the walls they had tried to push their way through, struggling to break away from each other and the tight spot they forced themselves in. His relief gave in to fear however, as he felt his foot fall past where the ground should have been. The once flat surface quickly gave way to a steep fall, one he had failed to notice while staring at the women stuck behind him. Michael brought his hands to his head and brought his legs up to his chest, forming a ball-like position as he tumbled downwards into the earthen darkness.
  15. He was continually bombarded with heavy blows to his body as he fell down the cavern. His arms, legs, and back both sore and now openly bleeding. The jagged wall he fell against continually force his body open as he descended. Quickly the steep-edge curved out slightly, allowing his body chance to slow down before impacting the ground. Michael hit the ground with a thud, and heard a high-pitched yelp when it happened. His consciousness faded , but not before seeing a clay pot fall to the ground near his face. It was small, and had a teddy bear etched on outside, he saw a small hand reach toward him as the pain overtook him. Then, his eyes slid shut and his mind was enveloped by a terrible and dreary sleep.
  17. - - -
  19. The ‘young’ lady, after taking in a few breaths and recovering from this twisted jump scare, was quick to inspect the man who had fallen directly in front of her during the weekly visit to the bisque room. Pushing aside the thought that he was just her type, she saw he was covered in blood, bruises, cuts, and the likes. She thought it might have been done by the Ushi-Oni neighbors, but dismissed it. They never bothered anyone who didn’t bother them after all, and even the most foolhardy of pranksters often left a sleeping Ushi alone. She then tugged on his body to get a grasp of how much he weighed. He wasn’t too heavy, but it certainly was going to be a long walk home with this guy in tow. She squeezed herself underneath his torso, stuck her arms around his torso, and very slowly took him home. For once she was grateful that the tanuki she knew occasionally bartered in healing salves and herbs instead of cash.
  21. - - -
  24. The moment consciousness returned to Michael he flew forward, trying to stand up as quickly as possible. His body disagreed with him, and he could only lean up off of the bed slightly before being afflicted with jolts of pain across all of his body. His eyes, once blurry, now began to clear as he tried to gather information on his surroundings. Smooth stone walls surrounded him, the ‘bed’ he found himself in was rather archaic, looking like it had been stolen from a museum. There was an ornamented canopy sprawl across the top of the bedframe covered in small ceramic trinkets and bobbles, each smaller than a child’s palm. A small light bulb dangled from the ceiling, contrasting with the outdated architecture that surrounded it. Next to the bed was a stand about a foot tall that had a small cup of water and two pills laid across a post-it note. ‘Take your medicine and meet me in the kitchen!’ follow by a crudely drawn smiley face and a heart.
  26. Michael sat at the bedside and considered if it was a safe bet to take the pills now cradled in his hands. He took a minute to go over his body, now covered in bandages that were poorly applied to his wounds. He wasn’t bleeding and any major gashes or bruises that should have been leaking or aching weren’t nearly as bad as they should’ve been. Although moving his legs still made him wince, and his left arm felt nearly useless, although nothing was broken. Michael decided to make a leap of faith, and trust whoever saved him from a certain slow and agonizing end, and downed the pills. Quickly washing them back with the child-sized cup of water, rinsing down the pills as well as some of the blood left behind in his mouth from the tumble. When attempting to leave the bed and test his legs, he was happy to discover that despite the pain in his left leg whenever he used it, he could walk! Well, it was more of a soft limp, he certainly wasn't bedbound.
  28. He found it was now time to go visit whoever it was that found him, and search for the kitchen. The room he had been tucked away in had two doors, one directly ahead of the bed and one towards the right of it. He limped his way over to the door ahead of the bed, popped the door open, and stuck his head in to see what was inside. It was the bathroom, which had a much more modern look too it then then his waking chambers. Stone walls were covered with, and at other points completely replaced with ceramic tiles and plaster to make the room usable. The room had a small toilet and a shower, both smaller then what he was accustomed too. He gave both the toilet a flush and the shower a turn to satisfy his curiosity, and both of them worked as they should have. He quickly pondered how much of a pain it’d have to be to add plumbing to such an old place before leaving to test out the other door.
  30. This one lead into a straight hallway that went on for about thirty feet, before ending with another door placed in a section of carved out stone. The sounds of running water and dishes could now be heard echoing throughout the hallway. Michael limped through to the center of the walkway, it was now clear the sounds originated from the end of the hallway. However, both of the other walls each had three doors also carved from the earth, some of them closed shut while others lay ajar. Michael attempted to resist the urge to explore before finding the owner of the house, and then failed as he propped one of the doors to the left open to see inside. He could barely stifle a gasp as his eyes gazed upon the insides of the room, filled with racks covered from top to bottom of beautiful ceramic pieces. A third of them being fine silverwares and decorative plates, pots, and bowls; others being a collection of small clay animals, trinkets, and other fanciful bobbles. Many of them painted over with purples and gold while some of them being painted appear as closely as possible to what they were shaped to be, some with breathtaking accuracy. As he explored the treasury of clay he tripped on his weaker leg, and fell straight onto the wall closest to him. Luck was on his side, as it was the one of the two empty cabinets. He took this as his one sign to leave before causing any major damage. He quickly left the room and gently shut the door behind him, then went on towards the door leading to the kitchen. He hesitated as he gripped the knob, but then pushed forward inside to see whatever awaited him.
  32. The kitchen looked quite nice, with almost the same layout of one of his old friend’s houses really. Although it also suffered from some of the issues the other rooms had, like the clashing of archaic architecture with modern furnishings. It also smelled quite nice, the room filled with the aroma of bacon, eggs, butter, and toast. As for the sounds, the first thing he heard was a feminine gasp. He turned towards the sound to see a young girl, who looked to be about as old as preschooler at most. Her hair was a vibrant orange that lightened slightly towards the bottom, and was put into twin tails that fell down her back and was long enough to reach the end of her legs. She wore a mesh of leather straps that, although could be called clothing, left her stomach, some of her arms, and her legs quite visible. He felt the devil crawling on his back when the first thing he thought about was how delicious she looked. Embarrassing and inappropriate thoughts filled his head as he looked her over.
  34. Her face started out agape in shock, but then was quickly overcome with a wide, child-like smile as she quickly put the pan she was holding on the counter next to her and ran directly towards Michael, jumping towards his chest while laughing. Michael’s reflexes took hold before he could even digest his confusion, as he caught her after she leaped up to him and brought her close to his chest. “Yer ok! Haha! Yer ok!” she laughed and repeated as she nuzzled face into his neck and wrapped her arms and legs around him. “I was so worried ya wouldn’t be ok!” Even after Michael had let go of her she remain glued to his torso, despite having a small frame the young girl was rather strong.
  36. “Yeah, yeah I’m ok. What’s your name? Are your parents around here somewhere? I need to thank them for helping me.” Her face’s expression darkened slightly, but then turned into an understanding smile. It made her look much more mature then anyone her age had the right to be before she spoke up, resting the side of her face on his neck instead of nuzzling straight into it.
  38. “My name’s Dell, and it’s only me in ‘ere. They moved out twenty or so years ago and bought a mobile home so they could see the world. And that was me who helped ya!”
  40. “Twenty years ago?” Michael turned to the young girl. Some of the guilty he had towards wanting a taste of her body slipping away. One she one of those weird Sabbath Cultists?
  42. “Yeah!” She said, and then paused. “Oh, I’m forty two if that’s what you’re wondering. You haven’t met a Dwarf before have ya?” Only then did she let go of Michael, and walked back over to the counter next to the stove and began adding a few finishing touches to the meal she had prepared. “I’m sure ya' got more to ask, but now, let’s eat!”
  44. Dell quickly served Michael and herself a few servings of bacon, eggs, and toast; the plates having a massive difference in size and food prepared. She directed Michael to the table on the edge of the room, and put two stools directly next to each other so she could sit next to him when they ate. Breakfast flew by without a hitch; both Michael and Dell flew through their meals quickly, completely disregarding common table etiquette while eating in silence. Dell was first to finish, and spent the remainder of the time at the table watching Michael with a rather pleased look. Once Michael was finished, Dell opened up with a “I’ll get that for ya!” She grabbed his plate, then hers, and swiftly brought them over to her fun-sized sink, put them in, then ran back to Michael and jumped onto his lap.
  46. “So, anything ya wanna talk about?” Dell put her face back into his Chest once she had asked.
  48. “Are you usually this affectionate with your visitors?” Was the first thing that popped into his head.
  50. “I don’t have visitors too often, and none of the people I’ve meet have been as cute or smell as nice as you!”
  52. Michael was going to say she had some weird standards, but decided against it and instead relished her touch, bringing her a little closer to him. She was started when he brought his arms around her but quickly grew comfortable. “Well, thanks again for taking care of me. Name’s Michael by the way, although feel free to call me Mike.”
  54. “It’s Nice to meet ya Mike!”
  56. “By the way, how’d you take care of me? I thought I was going to be a goner after that fall I took, are my wounds ok?” She let go of her and she leaned away from him before answering.
  58. “I had some leftover medicine from an encounter with a tanuki. Oh, and while we’re on this topic I guess I should say ya will need to stay here with me for a little bit. Three days! After that we’ll know if you healed up alright!That’s how long she said everything should take to fix up any major wounds when she gave it to me. If you’re fine after that, ya getta go home.”
  60. “You sure I need to be here that long? I feel completely fine.” He picked up Dell by the hips and put her back on her stool, then got up himself and attempted to walk around and show his health off. He limped across the room and back, and then sat himself on his chair. “See? I got a little limp, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
  62. “No buts! Doctor’s orders are that you stay here with me until we’re sure your fine!” She shouted, while pointing both of thumbs towards herself. “Sides, once your pain medication wears off you’ll feel like hell trying to get out of here by yourself. We gotta wait till the healing salves take full effect and we know you’ll be ok! Wouldn’t wanna run into anything above while you’re running with a limp either, right?”
  64. Michael flinched a little bit at the thought, she was right after all. He wouldn’t want to run into any more Ushi-Onis while he was partially disabled. Silence filled the room as Michael turned over her orders in his head; he knew it was the better idea to spend the couple days with Dell. His boss would certainly be pissed for missing a day of work unannounced before the weekend, but maybe he’d be ok with it if he explained it after he returned? He was also worried about his friend Beck, but he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to be of any help even if he knew where he was…
  66. “Alright, you got me. I’ll stay with you for a while.”
  68. “I knew ya' would be ok with it! But I won’t be letting you sit around the entire time, ya gotta be my assistant! I’ve always wanted someone to help me out around the house. But don’t worry, I won’t make you do any really heavy duty work, I’ll do all of the heavy liftin! Come on, I’ll show you to where I blow glass!”
  70. And just like that, Michael was strung along by Dell and shown around her home below the earth. She was quick to talk about herself, and couldn’t be found not making conversation with Michael about something often. He learned that she both blew glass and threw clay for a living, making hundreds of ceramic and glass ornaments that he found sold for quite the nice chunk of change. Every two weeks a trader would come down through a hidden path on the mountain and buy from her in bulk, and also gave her a handsome bonus so long as Dell only sold to her. He also learned that her home has been in her family for multiple generations. Her grandmother’s grandmother helped a crow tengu who had lived atop the mountain from drowning, and was granted permission to stay inside the mountain and live there so they could harvest the clays and minerals within it. He also learned that her family had some pretty dumb people in it, because the nearest mountain was quite a few miles away. She also went into detail about how she used online shopping to order all of her foods and clothes. She was very detailed about her struggle to find her favorite style of underwear and how she hunted for lingerie. Needless to say, she opened up to Mike quite a bit. By the time the three days were up he felt he knew more about Dell then he did about himself.
  72. One important thing he quickly learned about Dell was she was also a giant tease, as well as the most physically affectionate person he had ever met. He couldn’t count the number of times she would put away a piece she had made and then instantly trip and fall face first into his crotch, and how she would always nuzzle it a little bit before pulling away. Every meal she would demand to sit on his lap, and would constantly fidget while eating; grinding into him in the process. She’d never make a move on him during the three days though, no matter how much Mike wished she would. Despite talking about lingerie and her sisters’ love lives above ground she never mentioned the act itself.
  74. Three days passed in a tease-filled flash, and the dawn of the fourth morning had begun. Michael thought back on them, and despite feeling a little blue-balled, he did have a lot of fun working with Dell and helping her out around the house. He was oddly satisfied with the work he had done with her. As for Dell, she was doing her usual morning routine once the food was served, which was continuously fidget in Michael’s lap while eating, bobbing up and down making small-talk about a set of Glass Dragons she had to make. They ate peacefully, and till they were full. Once both of them had ate their plates clean and put them down, Dell told Michael to stay seated. She lay on her knees, while atop his thighs and brought herself face to face with Michael.
  76. “I appreciate all the help you’ve given me these past few days! Plus, your body looks and moves like it’s all been healed up, so I won’t keep ya here any longer. As thanks, if there’s anythin' you want to keep from my little stash or do before you head out, feel free to do it!” Michael sat in silence as she brought her head closer to his and as she leaned in, he hesitated for a second, then looped his arms around her back and brought her in as close as possible to him. He pushed his mouth against hers and put his tongue against her lips, she was quick to open up and do the same. Their tongues became interlocked and swam around in each other’s mouths; exploring, prodding, and tasting what there was to taste. After multiple minutes of them exploring each other’s insides and swapping spit, Michael brought his mouth away from hers and pressed it against her neck and began to work down until he reached the straps of leather that covered her body.
  78. “I was hopin' you’d do that!” Dell spoke before draping herself around his neck and chest, before whispering into his ear “Let’s take this to my bedroom, yes?”
  80. Michael was quick to oblige. He used one arm to hold Dell up and another to start unbuttoning his shirt and pants, dropping them on the floor behind them as they moved closer to Dell’s chambers. Dell did the same, unstrapping the leather across her body and letting the individual scraps fall to the floor.
  82. As they entered the room, Michael noticed a small bowl of hard candy on the chest that sat at the foot of her abnormally large bed. Dell reached down with one hand to grab a fist-full of them, and put them all in her mouth. She brought herself back up to Michael and kissed him, feeding half of it to him in the process. By the time they actually reached the bed, both of them had left a trail of clothes behind them and were entirely in the nude. Michael sat himself and Dell onto her bed, when Dell pushed him onto his back and sat herself on his thighs. He felt his body pulsing already, the candy she had given him already in effect. He laid back and watch as Dell put both of her little hands into her mouth and rubbed her tongue against each of her digits, before pulling them all back out. Each of them left a trail of saliva as they moved from her mouth to the head of his cock. While she had a smile that screamed arrogant and smug earlier, now it was a gentle, motherly smile she bore as she rested her saliva coated hands against his manhood. “It’s time we got started.” She licked her lips as she got began to rub his cock.
  84. With one hand she held his dick in place while gently stroke it, the other furiously coaxing the tip and around the edge of the head. She harassed his glans and giggled, before opening her mouth and letting saliva pour down onto his cock. Michael couldn’t let out a peep, he was so entranced by the feeling. It took every fiber in his being to hold back from shooting out early, he never expected her hands to feel this good. His hips buckled and he thrashed against the sheets he had to try so hard to hold it back. Dell passed him a knowing glance that nearly screamed ‘We’ll have none of that’, she stroked him faster and harder while drawing her face closer to the head of his dick, by the time she was face to ‘face’ with it, Michael was at the edge of breaking. She gave the head a light kiss and opened her mouth, Michael came all over the inside of her mouth while thrusting weakly upwards.
  86. As his hips buckled and move about, Dell continued to lower her mouth onto his cock. Her lips wrapped around the head as she suckled on it, trying to draw out the rest of the cum stuck inside his partially-soft penis. As she suckled, he felt his body heat up and his dick hardened. He heard Dell giggle as she felt it stiffen again, and then drew her mouth closer to the base. However, she couldn’t even reach half-way before she began to struggle, so she just bobbed her head up and down on the tip and teased the head with her tongue, continuously drawing circle around it and occasionally prodding it.
  88. This went on, and Michael could barely contain himself. Her mouth was amazing, but whenever he was close to finishing she would slow down or relax slightly. After feeling he could be teased no longer without going insane, he grabbed Dell by her pigtails. She looked up towards her face with a look of anticipation. He then forced himself down her throat. He brought her up to his base and kept her there few a few seconds, she let off a low gurgle as she struggled slightly to breath, but gave no indication of wanting him to stop. Michael then, wrapping his hands properly around the base of her pigtails and the sides of her head, began to force Dell up and down on his dick; he brought her down to the base of his cock every time and listened to the sloshing and involuntary struggles produced by Dell’s body. He quickly reached climax again, he grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down as far as possible. He could see her eyes roll back a little as he unloaded himself directly into her throat. The moment he finished, he let go of her.
  90. Dell quickly brought her head back up and brought it over to Michael’s, he was about to apologize and ask if she was ok, but then saw she had a wide smile across her face. “Ya sure knows what a Dwarf likes! I’ve heard most men are too scared to even touch any of my sisters when they go down on him, but you, they’d love to hear about ya!” She giggled again before bringing her face down to his cock a third time. However, Michael picked her up by the waist and brought her womanhood towards his face. He rolled over on the bed so it was now Dell who’se back was on the sheets and Michael on top, he then stuffed his face into her cunt and licked her clit all over. He formed a little hook with his index and middle finger on his left hand and began to explore her insides, searching for the place that would make her shake the most. Michael wasn’t at all experienced, but he’d like to think he could make up for it with effort and time. He forced Dell down and ate her out for nearly half an hour, savoring her taste and getting very acquainted with her insides, both with tongue and hand. By the time he had finished, Dell had been thrashing about and turning over sheets, and left a small puddle in the middle of the bed. The stench of sweat and juices now stuffed the air, but both of them were still ready to continue.
  92. Michael stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling over Dell with him and gently picking her up. He rested the entrance of her cunt against the tip of his dick. He thought for sure this was going to be very painful, for both of them potentially. However Dell looked excited and was filled with anticipation waiting for him to put it in. “Even if I could put it in, are you sure it’s a good idea? It looks like it would hurt, a lot.”
  94. Dell brought her face to his one last time and gave him a quick peck on the lips, then said, “I wanna be limpin' for a week!” She forced herself down onto his dick, a small trickle of blood rolling down the inside of her left thigh. Michael was felt reassured knowing it wasn’t just his first time. He also felt they should have waited a little bit, and then took it slow. Dell had different plans, and furiously, almost viciously began forcing herself up and down on his cock. Her belly visibly bulged and made it visible whenever his dick moved. The more she bobbed up and down on him, the more Michael wanted to take control himself. After a few minutes of her weakly moving her hips back and forth, he grabbed her by the hips as if she was just a sex Doll, and forced her to move faster and go deeper. Dell’s composure fell to pieces quickly, first she just started to cry out, then she started to go a litte limp and let Michael do all the work, but by the time he had really gotten into it, she could barely move at all she was so immersed in the pleasure. Her body leaned towards his and she drooled and whimpered as Michael used her body to ‘make love’, eyes rolled back and a euphoric smile across her face. Occasionally she was clamp down on him harder, and for the most part she could barely be considered conscious. As the night went on and Michael continued to use her, he made sure to tease her and caress her as much as possible so they could both enjoy the day to the fullest. The two of them would immerse themselves in a drug-fueled fuck session for the rest of the day, where later on dell would be fucked unconscious after Michael would screw pick her up and screw her standing and as fast as his arms could manage; she wouldn’t touch ground again until she was a slobbering and unconscious mess. He would continue until both of them were passed out, last memory had being him feeding them both some more of the candy at the end of the bed before laying Dell’s front side on the bedand weakly thrusting into rear as he fell asleep.
  96. When Michael awoke, he was laying on his back on the bed, having been turned over. He felt a soft sensation on his thighs and as if his nether regions had been enveloped by something. He looked down, and saw Dell half-awake sleepily suckling on his dick. Michael had wanted to ask her something the day before but figured this to be the best time, while they were both basking in the afterglow.
  98. “Dell, you think you still want an assistant?”
  100. Her face lit up, and although she wouldn’t say anything immediately he already knew her answer was going to make him as happy as the question made her.
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