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  1. Server rules -
  2. -----------------------------
  3. -Custom rp is encouraged
  4. -No intentional team killing
  5. -No griefing
  6. -Teaming is tolerated, but cannot be excessive
  7. -Moderators are free to use their discretion to kick/ban
  8. -No macros
  9. -No harassment
  11. List of mods
  13. SCP-035
  14. -When a player picks up this item (which is randomized), they will die and a random spectator will be selected to play as SCP-035
  15. -2 items are rotated every 4 minutes to be scp-035
  16. -Only items affected are med kits, 05 cards, disarmers, weapon manager tables, frag grenades, and epsilon rifles.
  18. CIspy (beta)
  19. this adds a 15% chance a facility guard or MTF will spawn as a chaos insurgent undercover, this person's job is to kill all NTF guards and help Dclass escape. If the CIspy is the last left alive he will be revealed.
  21. Escape Items
  22. -All items you escape with remain on your purpose, default items will override any items in your inventory
  24. Laterjoin
  25. you have 30 seconds after the round starts to join!
  27. SCP-106 Reworked
  28. This makes 106 stronger. It utilizes his pocket ability to also work as a trap for unsuspecting victims
  30. Better disarm
  31. Players can no longer open doors or elevators when disarmed, when you escape the facility disarmed you are respawn as the opposite faction
  33. Custom loadouts
  34. Scientist's now spawn with flashlights
  35. NTF Scientist’s now spawn with Micros
  36. Chaos Insurgent now spawn with grenades
  38. Pro-079
  39. This plugin gives SCP-079 extra commands, such as faking SCP deaths or faking an MTF spawn wave. Open your console when you spawn as SCP-079 to view the extra commands.
  41. QOL
  42. NTF will no longer trigger tesla gates
  43. Nuke will automatically start after 20 mins, but can be turned off
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