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Jan 6th, 2020
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  1. <color=green>Welcome to <b>gamer</b>, the most chaotic server on the east coast!</color>
  2. <color=red>Who are we?</color>
  3. <color=green>I ask that question every single day when I get out of bed as I look at myself in the mirror, but the answer usually goes along the lines of a dumb place for people to hang out at and be <i><b>gamers</b></i>. We have events from time to time, a few streamers that come on here to mess around with people, and staff members that Definitely don't abuse their powers to make the game a bit more interesting.</color>
  4. <color=red>What are the rules to this place?</color>
  5. <color=green>We have one rule on this special server
  6. 1. Only one rule on this server! It's an anarchy scp server after all so really all you have to do is don't hack and you should be fine. It is against the tos for the game after all.
  7. <color=red>Do you guys have a discord server or any other place that we could talk at?</color>
  8. <color=green>Hell yeah brother! We got a discord server that you can join by clicking</color> <u><link="">right here!</link></u> <color=green>The server links all of our gamer shit like minecraft, scp, other games that we play as well and possibly more servers to come as our community expands.
  10. Come on in and join the Fun! And yes, We have 100 slots. The server is stable with industry grade hardware and internet that can handle anything we blow at it (trust me, we have tested this thing and it is solid as fuck).
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