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  1. sets = [
  2.     {species: "Klefki", moves: ["Spikes", "Thunder Wave", "Toxic", "Play Rough"]},
  3.     {species: "Zekrom", moves: ["Bolt Strike", "Outrage", "Dragon Claw", "Volt Switch"]},
  4.     {species: "Zekrom", moves: ["Bolt Strike", "Volt Switch", "Draco Meteor", "Outrage"]},
  5.     {species: "Zekrom", moves: ["Bolt Strike", "Volt Switch", "Sleep Talk", "Outrage"]},
  6.     {species: "Zekrom", moves: ["Bolt Strike", "Draco Meteor", "Dragon Claw", "Tailwind"]},
  7.     {species: "Zekrom", moves: ["Substitute", "Hone Claws", "Bolt Strike", "Dragon Claw"]},
  8.     {species: "Yveltal", moves: ["Dark Pulse", "Oblivion Wing", "Foul Play", "U-turn"]},
  9.     {species: "Yveltal", moves: ["Dark Pulse", "Oblivion Wing", "Sucker Punch", "Heat Wave"]},
  10.     {species: "Yveltal", moves: ["Foul Play", "Taunt", "Sucker Punch", "Roost"]},
  11.     {species: "Yveltal", moves: ["Foul Play", "Taunt", "Toxic", "Roost"]},
  12.     {species: "Xerneas", moves: ["Moonblast", "Close Combat", "Rock Slide", "Aromatherapy"]},
  13.     {species: "Xerneas", moves: ["Moonblast", "Sleep Talk", "Close Combat", "Rock Slide"]},
  14.     {species: "Xerneas", moves: ["Aromatherapy", "Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Moonblast"]},
  15.     {species: "Xerneas", moves: ["Geomancy", "Moonblast", "Focus Blast", "Thunder"]},
  16.     {species: "Xerneas", moves: ["Geomancy", "Moonblast", "Hidden Power Ground", "Thunder"]},
  17.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Pursuit", "Rock Slide", "Thunder Wave"]},
  18.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Low Kick", "Rock Slide", "Thunder Wave"]},
  19.     {species: "Shaymin-Sky", moves: ["Seed Flare", "Air Slash", "Earth Power", "Healing Wish"]},
  20.     {species: "Shaymin-Sky", moves: ["Substitute", "Leech Seed", "Seed Flare", "Air Slash"]},
  21.     {species: "Salamence", moves: ["Double-Edge", "Refresh", "Roost", "Dragon Dance"]},
  22.     {species: "Salamence", moves: ["Return", "Refresh", "Roost", "Dragon Dance"]},
  23.     {species: "Salamence", moves: ["Return", "Earthquake", "Roost", "Dragon Dance"]},
  24.     {species: "Sableye", moves: ["Foul Play", "Protect", "Will-O-Wisp", "Recover"]},
  25.     {species: "Reshiram", moves: ["Blue Flare", "Draco Meteor", "Sleep Talk", "Stone Edge"]},
  26.     {species: "Reshiram", moves: ["Flame Charge", "Blue Flare", "Draco Meteor", "Stone Edge"]},
  27.     {species: "Reshiram", moves: ["Blue Flare", "Draco Meteor", "Toxic", "Roost"]},
  28.     {species: "Rayquaza", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Dragon Ascent", "Earthquake", "Extreme Speed"]},
  29.     {species: "Rayquaza", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Dragon Ascent", "Extreme Speed", "Earthquake"]},
  30.     {species: "Rayquaza", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Dragon Ascent", "Earthquake", "Extreme Speed"]},
  31.     {species: "Palkia", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Draco Meteor", "Spacial Rend", "Fire Blast"]},
  32.     {species: "Palkia", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Spacial Rend", "Fire Blast", "Thunder Wave"]},
  33.     {species: "Palkia", moves: ["Surf", "Toxic", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  34.     {species: "Palkia", moves: ["Rest", "Toxic", "Hydro Pump", "Spacial Rend"]},
  35.     {species: "Mewtwo", moves: ["Ice Beam", "Low Kick", "Earthquake", "Rock Slide"]},
  36.     {species: "Mewtwo", moves: ["Low Kick", "Taunt", "Earthquake", "Ice Beam"]},
  37.     {species: "Mewtwo", moves: ["Psystrike", "Calm Mind", "Ice Beam", "Focus Blast"]},
  38.     {species: "Mewtwo", moves: ["Psystrike", "Calm Mind", "Ice Beam", "Focus Blast"]},
  39.     {species: "Mawile", moves: ["Iron Head", "Play Rough", "Sucker Punch", "Baton Pass"]},
  40.     {species: "Lugia", moves: ["Roost", "Ice Beam", "Whirlwind", "Toxic"]},
  41.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Close Combat", "Bullet Punch", "Stone Edge", "Iron Tail"]},
  42.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Defog", "Memento"]},
  43.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Defog", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  44.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Calm Mind", "Memento"]},
  45.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Calm Mind", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  46.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Defog", "Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Recover"]},
  47.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Recover"]},
  48.     {species: "Kyurem-White", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Ice Beam", "Fusion Flare", "Earth Power"]},
  49.     {species: "Kyurem-White", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Ice Beam", "Fusion Flare", "Stone Edge"]},
  50.     {species: "Kyogre", moves: ["Origin Pulse", "Thunder", "Ice Beam", "Calm Mind"]},
  51.     {species: "Kyogre", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Scald", "Ice Beam"]},
  52.     {species: "Kyogre", moves: ["Origin Pulse", "Thunder", "Ice Beam", "Calm Mind"]},
  53.     {species: "Kyogre", moves: ["Water Spout", "Origin Pulse", "Ice Beam", "Thunder"]},
  54.     {species: "Kyogre", moves: ["Water Spout", "Ice Beam", "Origin Pulse", "Thunder"]},
  55.     {species: "Kangaskhan", moves: ["Return", "Fake Out", "Power-Up Punch", "Crunch"]},
  56.     {species: "Kangaskhan", moves: ["Double-Edge", "Fake Out", "Sucker Punch", "Low Kick"]},
  57.     {species: "Kangaskhan", moves: ["Return", "Fake Out", "Sucker Punch", "Low Kick"]},
  58.     {species: "Ho-Oh", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Sacred Fire", "Earthquake", "Sleep Talk"]},
  59.     {species: "Ho-Oh", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Sacred Fire", "Recover", "Thunder Wave"]},
  60.     {species: "Groudon", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Precipice Blades", "Stone Edge", "Swords Dance"]},
  61.     {species: "Groudon", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Precipice Blades", "Lava Plume", "Thunder Wave"]},
  62.     {species: "Groudon", moves: ["Lava Plume", "Roar", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  63.     {species: "Groudon", moves: ["Precipice Blades", "Stealth Rock", "Stone Edge", "Dragon Tail"]},
  64.     {species: "Greninja", moves: ["Toxic Spikes", "Spikes", "Taunt", "Shadow Sneak"]},
  65.     {species: "Greninja", moves: ["Toxic Spikes", "Scald", "Taunt", "Shadow Sneak"]},
  66.     {species: "Giratina", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Will-O-Wisp", "Roar"]},
  67.     {species: "Giratina", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Will-O-Wisp", "Roar"]},
  68.     {species: "Giratina-Origin", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Shadow Sneak", "Dragon Tail", "Defog"]},
  69.     {species: "Giratina-Origin", moves: ["Defog", "Shadow Sneak", "Dragon Tail", "Shadow Force"]},
  70.     {species: "Gengar", moves: ["Taunt", "Destiny Bond", "Sludge Wave", "Focus Blast"]},
  71.     {species: "Gengar", moves: ["Perish Song", "Taunt", "Protect", "Disable"]},
  72.     {species: "Genesect", moves: ["U-turn", "Iron Head", "Explosion", "Ice Beam"]},
  73.     {species: "Ferrothorn", moves: ["Leech Seed", "Spikes", "Power Whip", "Protect"]},
  74.     {species: "Ferrothorn", moves: ["Leech Seed", "Spikes", "Power Whip", "Protect"]},
  75.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Iron Head", "Earthquake", "Rock Slide", "Rapid Spin"]},
  76.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Iron Head", "Earthquake", "Swords Dance", "Rapid Spin"]},
  77.     {species: "Dialga", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Toxic", "Draco Meteor", "Fire Blast"]},
  78.     {species: "Dialga", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Flash Cannon", "Fire Blast", "Stealth Rock"]},
  79.     {species: "Deoxys", moves: ["Psycho Boost", "Stealth Rock", "Spikes", "Taunt"]},
  80.     {species: "Deoxys-Attack", moves: ["Psycho Boost", "Low Kick", "Ice Beam", "Extreme Speed"]},
  81.     {species: "Deoxys-Attack", moves: ["Spikes", "Psycho Boost", "Knock Off", "Extreme Speed"]},
  82.     {species: "Deoxys-Defense", moves: ["Recover", "Spikes", "Skill Swap", "Toxic"]},
  83.     {species: "Deoxys-Speed", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Spikes", "Knock Off"]},
  84.     {species: "Deoxys-Speed", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Reflect", "Light Screen"]},
  85.     {species: "Darkrai", moves: ["Dark Void", "Dark Pulse", "Nasty Plot", "Sludge Bomb"]},
  86.     {species: "Blissey", moves: ["Ice Beam", "Toxic", "Soft-Boiled", "Heal Bell"]},
  87.     {species: "Blissey", moves: ["Toxic", "Seismic Toss", "Soft-Boiled", "Heal Bell"]},
  88.     {species: "Blaziken", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Protect", "Swords Dance", "Flare Blitz"]},
  89.     {species: "Blaziken", moves: ["Low Kick", "Flare Blitz", "Protect", "Stone Edge"]},
  90.     {species: "Blaziken", moves: ["Low Kick", "Flare Blitz", "Protect", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  91.     {species: "Blaziken", moves: ["Low Kick", "Flare Blitz", "Protect", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  92.     {species: "Blaziken", moves: ["Low Kick", "Flare Blitz", "Protect", "Stone Edge"]},
  93.     {species: "Arceus", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Extreme Speed", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge"]},
  94.     {species: "Arceus", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Extreme Speed", "Earthquake", "Refresh"]},
  95.     {species: "Aegislash", moves: ["King's Shield", "Toxic", "Gyro Ball", "Pursuit"]},
  96.     {species: "Scizor", moves: ["Toxic", "Roost", "Defog", "Bullet Punch"]},
  97.     {species: "Diancie", moves: ["Diamond Storm", "Moonblast", "Earth Power", "Stealth Rock"]},
  98.     {species: "Diancie", moves: ["Diamond Storm", "Moonblast", "Earth Power", "Protect"]},
  99.     {species: "Landorus", moves: ["Knock Off", "Earth Power", "Rock Slide", "Sludge Wave"]},
  100.     {species: "Landorus", moves: ["Knock Off", "Earth Power", "Rock Slide", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  101.     {species: "Diancie", moves: ["Moonblast", "Diamond Storm", "Earth Power", "Rock Polish"]},
  102.     {species: "Diancie", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Moonblast", "Earth Power", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  103.     {species: "Diancie", moves: ["Diamond Storm", "Moonblast", "Earth Power", "Protect"]},
  104.     {species: "Hippowdon", moves: ["Slack Off", "Stealth Rock", "Stone Edge", "Earthquake"]},
  105.     {species: "Hippowdon", moves: ["Slack Off", "Stealth Rock", "Stone Edge", "Earthquake"]},
  106.     {species: "Hippowdon", moves: ["Slack Off", "Stealth Rock", "Whirlwind", "Earthquake"]},
  107.     {species: "Jirachi", moves: ["Iron Head", "Fire Punch", "Substitute", "Toxic"]},
  108.     {species: "Jirachi", moves: ["Wish", "Protect", "Iron Head", "Body Slam"]},
  109.     {species: "Jirachi", moves: ["U-turn", "Iron Head", "Ice Punch", "Fire Punch"]},
  110.     {species: "Celebi", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Nasty Plot", "Giga Drain", "Recover"]},
  111.     {species: "Celebi", moves: ["Thunder Wave", "Recover", "Giga Drain", "Stealth Rock"]},
  112.     {species: "Zygarde", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Earthquake", "Outrage", "Extreme Speed"]},
  113.     {species: "Zygarde", moves: ["Substitute", "Coil", "Earthquake", "Dragon Tail"]},
  114.     {species: "Weavile", moves: ["Ice Punch", "Knock Off", "Ice Shard", "Low Kick"]},
  115.     {species: "Weavile", moves: ["Pursuit", "Knock Off", "Ice Shard", "Icicle Crash"]},
  116.     {species: "Volcarona", moves: ["Quiver Dance", "Fiery Dance", "Giga Drain", "Roost"]},
  117.     {species: "Volcarona", moves: ["Quiver Dance", "Fire Blast", "Giga Drain", "Bug Buzz"]},
  118.     {species: "Victini", moves: ["V-create", "Bolt Strike", "Brick Break", "U-turn"]},
  119.     {species: "Victini", moves: ["V-create", "Bolt Strike", "U-turn", "Final Gambit"]},
  120.     {species: "Victini", moves: ["Blue Flare", "Thunder", "Glaciate", "Focus Blast"]},
  121.     {species: "Victini", moves: ["Taunt", "V-create", "Will-O-Wisp", "Bolt Strike"]},
  122.     {species: "Victini", moves: ["Substitute", "V-create", "Bolt Strike", "Power-Up Punch"]},
  123.     {species: "Tornadus-Therian", moves: ["Hurricane", "Focus Blast", "Knock Off", "U-turn"]},
  124.     {species: "Tornadus-Therian", moves: ["Hurricane", "Superpower", "U-turn", "Taunt"]},
  125.     {species: "Togekiss", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Air Slash", "Aura Sphere", "Roost"]},
  126.     {species: "Togekiss", moves: ["Thunder Wave", "Air Slash", "Defog", "Roost"]},
  127.     {species: "Staraptor", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Close Combat", "U-turn", "Double-Edge"]},
  128.     {species: "Staraptor", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Double-Edge", "Close Combat", "U-turn"]},
  129.     {species: "Thundurus-Therian", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice", "Focus Blast"]},
  130.     {species: "Thundurus-Therian", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice", "Focus Blast", "U-turn"]},
  131.     {species: "Thundurus-Therian", moves: ["Agility", "Nasty Plot", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  132.     {species: "Smeargle", moves: ["Sticky Web", "Stealth Rock", "Dark Void", "Magic Coat"]},
  133.     {species: "Scolipede", moves: ["Megahorn", "Earthquake", "Poison Jab", "Protect"]},
  134.     {species: "Medicham", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Zen Headbutt", "Fake Out", "Ice Punch"]},
  135.     {species: "Manaphy", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Rest", "Rain Dance", "Scald"]},
  136.     {species: "Manaphy", moves: ["Tail Glow", "Surf", "Ice Beam", "Energy Ball"]},
  137.     {species: "Manaphy", moves: ["Tail Glow", "Rain Dance", "Scald", "Psychic"]},
  138.     {species: "Klefki", moves: ["Reflect", "Light Screen", "Fairy Lock", "Foul Play"]},
  139.     {species: "Klefki", moves: ["Thunder Wave", "Magnet Rise", "Spikes", "Play Rough"]},
  140.     {species: "Hawlucha", moves: ["Substitute", "Swords Dance", "High Jump Kick", "Acrobatics"]},
  141.     {species: "Hawlucha", moves: ["Sky Attack", "Swords Dance", "High Jump Kick", "Acrobatics"]},
  142.     {species: "Diggersby", moves: ["Return", "Earthquake", "Fire Punch", "U-turn"]},
  143.     {species: "Diggersby", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Earthquake", "Return", "Quick Attack"]},
  144.     {species: "Diggersby", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Earthquake", "Return", "Quick Attack"]},
  145.     {species: "Diggersby", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Earthquake", "Return", "Fire Punch"]},
  146.     {species: "Crawdaunt", moves: ["Crabhammer", "Knock Off", "Aqua Jet", "Swords Dance"]},
  147.     {species: "Crawdaunt", moves: ["Crabhammer", "Knock Off", "Aqua Jet", "Crunch"]},
  148.     {species: "Alakazam", moves: ["Psychic", "Shadow Ball", "Hidden Power Ice", "Thunder Wave"]},
  149.     {species: "Alakazam", moves: ["Psychic", "Shadow Ball", "Focus Blast", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  150.     {species: "Alakazam", moves: ["Psychic", "Shadow Ball", "Focus Blast", "Encore"]},
  151.     {species: "Zapdos", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Roost", "Defog", "Heat Wave"]},
  152.     {species: "Venusaur", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Synthesis", "Leech Seed"]},
  153.     {species: "Venusaur", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Hidden Power Fire", "Synthesis"]},
  154.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Pursuit", "Crunch", "Stone Edge", "Superpower"]},
  155.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Stone Edge", "Superpower", "Ice Punch"]},
  156.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Stone Edge", "Ice Beam", "Pursuit"]},
  157.     {species: "Tyranitar", moves: ["Pursuit", "Crunch", "Stone Edge", "Superpower"]},
  158.     {species: "Thundurus", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Knock Off", "Superpower", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  159.     {species: "Thundurus", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice", "Focus Blast"]},
  160.     {species: "Thundurus", moves: ["Thunder Wave", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice", "Focus Blast"]},
  161.     {species: "Terrakion", moves: ["Close Combat", "Stone Edge", "X-Scissor", "Rock Slide"]},
  162.     {species: "Terrakion", moves: ["Close Combat", "Stone Edge", "Swords Dance", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  163.     {species: "Terrakion", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Close Combat", "Stone Edge", "Taunt"]},
  164.     {species: "Terrakion", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Rock Polish", "Stone Edge", "Close Combat"]},
  165.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Bulk Up", "Acrobatics", "Roost", "Taunt"]},
  166.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Flare Blitz", "U-turn", "Steel Wing"]},
  167.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Acrobatics", "Taunt", "Roost", "Will-O-Wisp"]},
  168.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Brave Bird", "Flare Blitz", "Roost"]},
  169.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Natural Gift", "Brave Bird", "Flare Blitz"]},
  170.     {species: "Talonflame", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Brave Bird", "Will-O-Wisp", "Roost"]},
  171.     {species: "Sylveon", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Psyshock", "Shadow Ball", "Baton Pass"]},
  172.     {species: "Sylveon", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Wish", "Protect", "Heal Bell"]},
  173.     {species: "Sylveon", moves: ["Wish", "Protect", "Heal Bell", "Hyper Voice"]},
  174.     {species: "Slowbro", moves: ["Scald", "Calm Mind", "Slack Off", "Psyshock"]},
  175.     {species: "Slowbro", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Scald", "Psyshock", "Slack Off"]},
  176.     {species: "Slowbro", moves: ["Scald", "Psyshock", "Thunder Wave", "Slack Off"]},
  177.     {species: "Skarmory", moves: ["Iron Head", "Spikes", "Roost", "Whirlwind"]},
  178.     {species: "Skarmory", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Brave Bird", "Whirlwind"]},
  179.     {species: "Skarmory", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Spikes", "Taunt", "Stealth Rock"]},
  180.     {species: "Scizor", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Roost", "Bullet Punch", "Knock Off"]},
  181.     {species: "Scizor", moves: ["U-turn", "Bullet Punch", "Knock Off", "Superpower"]},
  182.     {species: "Scizor", moves: ["Defog", "Roost", "Bullet Punch", "Knock Off"]},
  183.     {species: "Scizor", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Bullet Punch", "Bug Bite", "Superpower"]},
  184.     {species: "Sableye", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Recover", "Shadow Ball", "Will-O-Wisp"]},
  185.     {species: "Sableye", moves: ["Knock Off", "Recover", "Will-O-Wisp", "Foul Play"]},
  186.     {species: "Rotom-Wash", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Hydro Pump", "Will-O-Wisp", "Pain Split"]},
  187.     {species: "Pinsir", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Return", "Close Combat", "Quick Attack"]},
  188.     {species: "Pinsir", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Return", "Earthquake", "Quick Attack"]},
  189.     {species: "Mew", moves: ["Defog", "Soft-Boiled", "Will-O-Wisp", "Knock Off"]},
  190.     {species: "Mew", moves: ["Taunt", "Soft-Boiled", "Will-O-Wisp", "Knock Off"]},
  191.     {species: "Metagross", moves: ["Meteor Mash", "Zen Headbutt", "Hammer Arm", "Grass Knot"]},
  192.     {species: "Metagross", moves: ["Meteor Mash", "Zen Headbutt", "Hammer Arm", "Pursuit"]},
  193.     {species: "Metagross", moves: ["Meteor Mash", "Zen Headbutt", "Earthquake", "Agility"]},
  194.     {species: "Manectric", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Volt Switch", "Overheat", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  195.     {species: "Manectric", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Volt Switch", "Flamethrower", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  196.     {species: "Mandibuzz", moves: ["Foul Play", "Roost", "Taunt", "Defog"]},
  197.     {species: "Mamoswine", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Endeavor", "Ice Shard", "Earthquake"]},
  198.     {species: "Mamoswine", moves: ["Earthquake", "Ice Shard", "Icicle Crash", "Freeze-Dry"]},
  199.     {species: "Magnezone", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Hidden Power Fire", "Flash Cannon", "Thunderbolt"]},
  200.     {species: "Magnezone", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Hidden Power Fire", "Flash Cannon", "Thunderbolt"]},
  201.     {species: "Lopunny", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Return", "Fake Out", "Ice Punch"]},
  202.     {species: "Lopunny", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Return", "Fake Out", "Power-Up Punch"]},
  203.     {species: "Lopunny", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Return", "Substitute", "Encore"]},
  204.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Defog", "Trick"]},
  205.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Earthquake", "Defog"]},
  206.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Roost", "Defog"]},
  207.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Hidden Power Fire", "Defog"]},
  208.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Calm Mind", "Roost"]},
  209.     {species: "Latios", moves: ["Psyshock", "Draco Meteor", "Earthquake", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  210.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Defog", "Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Healing Wish"]},
  211.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Defog", "Draco Meteor", "Psyshock", "Roost"]},
  212.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Roost", "Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Stored Power"]},
  213.     {species: "Latias", moves: ["Thunder Wave", "Roar", "Recover", "Dragon Pulse"]},
  214.     {species: "Landorus-Therian", moves: ["Earthquake", "U-turn", "Explosion", "Stone Edge"]},
  215.     {species: "Landorus-Therian", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "U-turn", "Stone Edge"]},
  216.     {species: "Landorus-Therian", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Rock Polish", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge"]},
  217.     {species: "Landorus-Therian", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "U-turn"]},
  218.     {species: "Kyurem-Black", moves: ["Outrage", "Dragon Claw", "Fusion Bolt", "Ice Beam"]},
  219.     {species: "Kyurem-Black", moves: ["Dragon Claw", "Fusion Bolt", "Ice Beam", "Iron Head"]},
  220.     {species: "Kyurem-Black", moves: ["Ice Beam", "Fusion Bolt", "Earth Power", "Outrage"]},
  221.     {species: "Kyurem-Black", moves: ["Substitute", "Ice Beam", "Fusion Bolt", "Earth Power"]},
  222.     {species: "Keldeo", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Secret Sword", "Scald", "Icy Wind"]},
  223.     {species: "Keldeo", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Secret Sword", "Scald", "Hidden Power Electric"]},
  224.     {species: "Keldeo", moves: ["Scald", "Secret Sword", "Substitute", "Calm Mind"]},
  225.     {species: "Keldeo", moves: ["Endeavor", "Substitute", "Hydro Pump", "Secret Sword"]},
  226.     {species: "Heracross", moves: ["Close Combat", "Pin Missile", "Rock Blast", "Swords Dance"]},
  227.     {species: "Heracross", moves: ["Close Combat", "Megahorn", "Facade", "Swords Dance"]},
  228.     {species: "Heatran", moves: ["Overheat", "Flash Cannon", "Earth Power", "Stone Edge"]},
  229.     {species: "Heatran", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Fire Blast", "Taunt", "Earth Power"]},
  230.     {species: "Heatran", moves: ["Lava Plume", "Toxic", "Taunt", "Stealth Rock"]},
  231.     {species: "Gyarados", moves: ["Substitute", "Dragon Dance", "Waterfall", "Bounce"]},
  232.     {species: "Gyarados", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Waterfall", "Crunch", "Earthquake"]},
  233.     {species: "Gothitelle", moves: ["Psyshock", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Fire", "Trick"]},
  234.     {species: "Gothitelle", moves: ["Psyshock", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Fire", "Trick"]},
  235.     {species: "Gallade", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Zen Headbutt"]},
  236.     {species: "Gallade", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Close Combat", "Ice Punch", "Zen Headbutt"]},
  237.     {species: "Gliscor", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Roost", "Knock Off", "Earthquake"]},
  238.     {species: "Gliscor", moves: ["Taunt", "Roost", "Knock Off", "Earthquake"]},
  239.     {species: "Gliscor", moves: ["Taunt", "Roost", "Toxic", "Earthquake"]},
  240.     {species: "Gliscor", moves: ["Substitute", "Toxic", "Protect", "Earthquake"]},
  241.     {species: "Gengar", moves: ["Hex", "Taunt", "Will-O-Wisp", "Sludge Wave"]},
  242.     {species: "Gengar", moves: ["Shadow Ball", "Sludge Wave", "Focus Blast", "Taunt"]},
  243.     {species: "Gengar", moves: ["Substitute", "Pain Split", "Shadow Ball", "Focus Blast"]},
  244.     {species: "Gardevoir", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Hyper Voice", "Psyshock", "Focus Blast"]},
  245.     {species: "Gardevoir", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Psyshock", "Focus Blast", "Taunt"]},
  246.     {species: "Gardevoir", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Psyshock", "Focus Blast", "Will-O-Wisp"]},
  247.     {species: "Garchomp", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Dragon Tail", "Fire Blast"]},
  248.     {species: "Garchomp", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Dragon Claw", "Fire Blast"]},
  249.     {species: "Garchomp", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Outrage", "Swords Dance"]},
  250.     {species: "Garchomp", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Earthquake", "Fire Blast", "Stone Edge"]},
  251.     {species: "Garchomp", moves: ["Earthquake", "Outrage", "Stone Edge", "Dragon Claw"]},
  252.     {species: "Ferrothorn", moves: ["Spikes", "Leech Seed", "Gyro Ball", "Power Whip"]},
  253.     {species: "Ferrothorn", moves: ["Spikes", "Leech Seed", "Gyro Ball", "Protect"]},
  254.     {species: "Ferrothorn", moves: ["Protect", "Leech Seed", "Gyro Ball", "Stealth Rock"]},
  255.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Earthquake", "Iron Head", "Rock Slide", "Rapid Spin"]},
  256.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Earthquake", "Iron Head", "Rock Slide", "Swords Dance"]},
  257.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Earthquake", "Iron Head", "Rock Slide", "Rapid Spin"]},
  258.     {species: "Excadrill", moves: ["Earthquake", "Iron Head", "Rapid Spin", "Toxic"]},
  259.     {species: "Dragonite", moves: ["Outrage", "Extreme Speed", "Thunder Punch", "Superpower"]},
  260.     {species: "Dragonite", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Outrage", "Extreme Speed", "Earthquake"]},
  261.     {species: "Dragonite", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Outrage", "Extreme Speed", "Fire Punch"]},
  262.     {species: "Conkeldurr", moves: ["Drain Punch", "Mach Punch", "Ice Punch", "Poison Jab"]},
  263.     {species: "Conkeldurr", moves: ["Drain Punch", "Mach Punch", "Ice Punch", "Thunder Punch"]},
  264.     {species: "Clefable", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Moonblast", "Soft-Boiled", "Flamethrower"]},
  265.     {species: "Clefable", moves: ["Moonblast", "Wish", "Protect", "Heal Bell"]},
  266.     {species: "Clefable", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Moonblast", "Thunder Wave", "Soft-Boiled"]},
  267.     {species: "Charizard", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Dragon Claw", "Flare Blitz", "Roost"]},
  268.     {species: "Charizard", moves: ["Earthquake", "Dragon Claw", "Will-O-Wisp", "Roost"]},
  269.     {species: "Charizard", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Dragon Claw", "Flare Blitz", "Earthquake"]},
  270.     {species: "Charizard", moves: ["Tailwind", "Outrage", "Flare Blitz", "Swords Dance"]},
  271.     {species: "Charizard", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Solar Beam", "Focus Blast", "Roost"]},
  272.     {species: "Chansey", moves: ["Soft-Boiled", "Heal Bell", "Stealth Rock", "Seismic Toss"]},
  273.     {species: "Chansey", moves: ["Wish", "Soft-Boiled", "Seismic Toss", "Toxic"]},
  274.     {species: "Breloom", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Superpower", "Seed Bomb", "Facade"]},
  275.     {species: "Breloom", moves: ["Spore", "Bullet Seed", "Mach Punch", "Rock Tomb"]},
  276.     {species: "Breloom", moves: ["Spore", "Bullet Seed", "Mach Punch", "Swords Dance"]},
  277.     {species: "Bisharp", moves: ["Knock Off", "Iron Head", "Sucker Punch", "Pursuit"]},
  278.     {species: "Bisharp", moves: ["Knock Off", "Swords Dance", "Iron Head", "Sucker Punch"]},
  279.     {species: "Bisharp", moves: ["Knock Off", "Low Kick", "Iron Head", "Sucker Punch"]},
  280.     {species: "Bisharp", moves: ["Knock Off", "Low Kick", "Iron Head", "Sucker Punch"]},
  281.     {species: "Azumarill", moves: ["Play Rough", "Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Knock Off"]},
  282.     {species: "Azumarill", moves: ["Belly Drum", "Aqua Jet", "Play Rough", "Knock Off"]},
  283.     {species: "Azumarill", moves: ["Play Rough", "Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Superpower"]},
  284.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Roost", "Return", "Earthquake"]},
  285.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Roost", "Return", "Substitute"]},
  286.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Roost", "Return", "Heal Bell"]},
  287.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Fire Blast", "Roost", "Earthquake"]},
  288.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Roost", "Heal Bell", "Flamethrower"]},
  289.     {species: "Altaria", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Return", "Earthquake", "Fire Blast"]},
  290.     {species: "Serperior", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Fire", "Glare"]},
  291.     {species: "Serperior", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Fire", "Taunt"]},
  292.     {species: "Serperior", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Ground", "Substitute"]},
  293.     {species: "Serperior", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Fire", "Giga Drain"]},
  294.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Waterfall", "Ice Punch", "Superpower", "Dragon Dance"]},
  295.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Waterfall", "Ice Punch", "Crunch", "Dragon Dance"]},
  296.     {species: "Raikou", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  297.     {species: "Raikou", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Shadow Ball", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  298.     {species: "Raikou", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Shadow Ball", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  299.     {species: "Crobat", moves: ["Sleep Talk", "Brave Bird", "Cross Poison", "U-turn"]},
  300.     {species: "Crobat", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Taunt", "Brave Bird"]},
  301.     {species: "Entei", moves: ["Extreme Speed", "Sacred Fire", "Stone Edge", "Bulldoze"]},
  302.     {species: "Entei", moves: ["Extreme Speed", "Sacred Fire", "Stone Edge", "Bulldoze"]},
  303.     {species: "Entei", moves: ["Extreme Speed", "Sacred Fire", "Stone Edge", "Bulldoze"]},
  304.     {species: "Suicune", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Calm Mind", "Scald"]},
  305.     {species: "Suicune", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Roar", "Scald"]},
  306.     {species: "Suicune", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam"]},
  307.     {species: "Suicune", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  308.     {species: "Aerodactyl", moves: ["Hone Claws", "Stone Edge", "Aerial Ace", "Aqua Tail"]},
  309.     {species: "Aerodactyl", moves: ["Roost", "Taunt", "Stone Edge", "Aerial Ace"]},
  310.     {species: "Hydreigon", moves: ["Roost", "Draco Meteor", "Dark Pulse", "Fire Blast"]},
  311.     {species: "Hydreigon", moves: ["Roost", "Draco Meteor", "Fire Blast", "Superpower"]},
  312.     {species: "Hydreigon", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Dark Pulse", "Focus Blast", "Flash Cannon"]},
  313.     {species: "Hydreigon", moves: ["U-turn", "Draco Meteor", "Dark Pulse", "Focus Blast"]},
  314.     {species: "Machamp", moves: ["Bullet Punch", "Dynamic Punch", "Knock Off", "Ice Punch"]},
  315.     {species: "Machamp", moves: ["Bullet Punch", "Dynamic Punch", "Knock Off", "Ice Punch"]},
  316.     {species: "Machamp", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Dynamic Punch", "Knock Off"]},
  317.     {species: "Machamp", moves: ["Bulk Up", "Dynamic Punch", "Stone Edge", "Ice Punch"]},
  318.     {species: "Mienshao", moves: ["Fake Out", "High Jump Kick", "Knock Off", "U-turn"]},
  319.     {species: "Mienshao", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Knock Off", "Poison Jab", "U-turn"]},
  320.     {species: "Mienshao", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Substitute", "High Jump Kick", "Knock Off"]},
  321.     {species: "Absol", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Sucker Punch", "Knock Off", "Superpower"]},
  322.     {species: "Absol", moves: ["Sucker Punch", "Knock Off", "Ice Beam", "Fire Blast"]},
  323.     {species: "Aggron", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Heavy Slam", "Earthquake"]},
  324.     {species: "Aggron", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Roar", "Heavy Slam", "Earthquake"]},
  325.     {species: "Beedrill", moves: ["Protect", "U-turn", "Poison Jab", "Drill Run"]},
  326.     {species: "Blastoise", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Aura Sphere", "Dark Pulse"]},
  327.     {species: "Blastoise", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Scald", "Ice Beam", "Dark Pulse"]},
  328.     {species: "Empoleon", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Defog", "Roar", "Scald"]},
  329.     {species: "Empoleon", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Flash Cannon", "Ice Beam", "Grass Knot"]},
  330.     {species: "Empoleon", moves: ["Agility", "Substitute", "Surf", "Ice Beam"]},
  331.     {species: "Krookodile", moves: ["Pursuit", "Earthquake", "Knock Off", "Superpower"]},
  332.     {species: "Krookodile", moves: ["Earthquake", "Knock Off", "Stone Edge", "Superpower"]},
  333.     {species: "Krookodile", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Earthquake", "Knock Off"]},
  334.     {species: "Nidoqueen", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Sludge Wave", "Earth Power", "Ice Beam"]},
  335.     {species: "Nidoqueen", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Roar", "Earth Power", "Ice Beam"]},
  336.     {species: "Shaymin", moves: ["Substitute", "Leech Seed", "Seed Flare", "Air Slash"]},
  337.     {species: "Shaymin", moves: ["Rest", "Seed Flare", "Earth Power", "Air Slash"]},
  338.     {species: "Swampert", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Roar", "Earthquake", "Scald"]},
  339.     {species: "Swampert", moves: ["Waterfall", "Earthquake", "Ice Beam", "Superpower"]},
  340.     {species: "Swampert", moves: ["Rest", "Curse", "Earthquake", "Ice Beam"]},
  341.     {species: "Swampert", moves: ["Rain Dance", "Waterfall", "Earthquake", "Ice Punch"]},
  342.     {species: "Ampharos", moves: ["Agility", "Dragon Pulse", "Thunderbolt", "Focus Blast"]},
  343.     {species: "Ampharos", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Dragon Pulse", "Focus Blast"]},
  344.     {species: "Ampharos", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Volt Switch", "Dragon Pulse"]},
  345.     {species: "Ampharos", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Volt Switch", "Dragon Pulse"]},
  346.     {species: "Arcanine", moves: ["Morning Sun", "Will-O-Wisp", "Extreme Speed", "Flare Blitz"]},
  347.     {species: "Arcanine", moves: ["Extreme Speed", "Flare Blitz", "Close Combat", "Wild Charge"]},
  348.     {species: "Arcanine", moves: ["Extreme Speed", "Flare Blitz", "Close Combat", "Wild Charge"]},
  349.     {species: "Azelf", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Knock Off", "Explosion"]},
  350.     {species: "Azelf", moves: ["Taunt", "Reflect", "Light Screen", "Explosion"]},
  351.     {species: "Azelf", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Psyshock", "Fire Blast", "Dazzling Gleam"]},
  352.     {species: "Blissey", moves: ["Soft-Boiled", "Wish", "Toxic", "Seismic Toss"]},
  353.     {species: "Blissey", moves: ["Soft-Boiled", "Heal Bell", "Toxic", "Seismic Toss"]},
  354.     {species: "Blissey", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Heal Bell", "Seismic Toss"]},
  355.     {species: "Chandelure", moves: ["Trick", "Fire Blast", "Shadow Ball", "Energy Ball"]},
  356.     {species: "Chandelure", moves: ["Trick", "Overheat", "Shadow Ball", "Energy Ball"]},
  357.     {species: "Chandelure", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Substitute", "Flamethrower", "Shadow Ball"]},
  358.     {species: "Chesnaught", moves: ["Spiky Shield", "Spikes", "Leech Seed", "Drain Punch"]},
  359.     {species: "Chesnaught", moves: ["Spiky Shield", "Spikes", "Leech Seed", "Drain Punch"]},
  360.     {species: "Cloyster", moves: ["Shell Smash", "Icicle Spear", "Rock Blast", "Ice Shard"]},
  361.     {species: "Cloyster", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Spikes", "Icicle Spear", "Explosion"]},
  362.     {species: "Darmanitan", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Rock Slide", "Superpower", "U-turn"]},
  363.     {species: "Darmanitan", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Rock Slide", "Superpower", "U-turn"]},
  364.     {species: "Darmanitan", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Rock Slide", "Superpower", "U-turn"]},
  365.     {species: "Donphan", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Rapid Spin", "Ice Shard", "Earthquake"]},
  366.     {species: "Donphan", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Ice Shard", "Earthquake", "Knock Off"]},
  367.     {species: "Espeon", moves: ["Morning Sun", "Reflect", "Light Screen", "Psyshock"]},
  368.     {species: "Espeon", moves: ["Trick", "Psyshock", "Shadow Ball", "Hidden Power Fighting"]},
  369.     {species: "Espeon", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Psyshock", "Signal Beam", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  370.     {species: "Espeon", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Calm Mind", "Stored Power", "Hidden Power Fighting"]},
  371.     {species: "Espeon", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Calm Mind", "Stored Power", "Hidden Power Fighting"]},
  372.     {species: "Florges", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Aromatherapy", "Moonblast"]},
  373.     {species: "Florges", moves: ["Synthesis", "Aromatherapy", "Calm Mind", "Moonblast"]},
  374.     {species: "Flygon", moves: ["Defog", "Outrage", "Earthquake", "U-turn"]},
  375.     {species: "Flygon", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Earthquake", "U-turn"]},
  376.     {species: "Forretress", moves: ["Spikes", "Rapid Spin", "Gyro Ball", "Volt Switch"]},
  377.     {species: "Galvantula", moves: ["Sticky Web", "Thunder", "Bug Buzz", "Energy Ball"]},
  378.     {species: "Galvantula", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunder", "Bug Buzz", "Energy Ball"]},
  379.     {species: "Galvantula", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunder", "Bug Buzz", "Energy Ball"]},
  380.     {species: "Goodra", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Fire Blast", "Sludge Bomb", "Dragon Tail"]},
  381.     {species: "Goodra", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Fire Blast", "Sludge Bomb", "Ice Beam"]},
  382.     {species: "Haxorus", moves: ["Sleep Talk", "Outrage", "Earthquake", "Poison Jab"]},
  383.     {species: "Haxorus", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Taunt", "Outrage", "Earthquake"]},
  384.     {species: "Haxorus", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Outrage", "Earthquake", "Poison Jab"]},
  385.     {species: "Haxorus", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Taunt", "Outrage", "Earthquake"]},
  386.     {species: "Heliolisk", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Grass Knot", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  387.     {species: "Heliolisk", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Grass Knot", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  388.     {species: "Honchkrow", moves: ["Roost", "Sucker Punch", "Brave Bird", "Superpower"]},
  389.     {species: "Honchkrow", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Night Slash", "Superpower", "Heat Wave"]},
  390.     {species: "Infernape", moves: ["Fake Out", "Stealth Rock", "Close Combat", "Overheat"]},
  391.     {species: "Infernape", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Close Combat", "Stone Edge", "U-turn"]},
  392.     {species: "Infernape", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Close Combat", "Stone Edge", "U-turn"]},
  393.     {species: "Infernape", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Vacuum Wave", "Fire Blast", "Grass Knot"]},
  394.     {species: "Kingdra", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Outrage", "Waterfall", "Iron Head"]},
  395.     {species: "Kingdra", moves: ["Iron Head", "Dragon Dance", "Outrage", "Waterfall"]},
  396.     {species: "Kingdra", moves: ["Agility", "Focus Energy", "Draco Meteor", "Waterfall"]},
  397.     {species: "Kingdra", moves: ["Rain Dance", "Hydro Pump", "Draco Meteor", "Waterfall"]},
  398.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Bullet Punch", "Close Combat", "Crunch"]},
  399.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Extreme Speed", "Close Combat", "Ice Punch"]},
  400.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Bullet Punch", "Close Combat", "Ice Punch"]},
  401.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Extreme Speed", "Close Combat", "Crunch"]},
  402.     {species: "Lucario", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Vacuum Wave", "Aura Sphere", "Flash Cannon"]},
  403.     {species: "Milotic", moves: ["Recover", "Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  404.     {species: "Milotic", moves: ["Recover", "Haze", "Scald", "Ice Beam"]},
  405.     {species: "Milotic", moves: ["Recover", "Haze", "Scald", "Ice Beam"]},
  406.     {species: "Noivern", moves: ["Switcheroo", "Draco Meteor", "Hurricane", "Flamethrower"]},
  407.     {species: "Noivern", moves: ["Roost", "Draco Meteor", "Hurricane", "Flamethrower"]},
  408.     {species: "Noivern", moves: ["Roost", "Taunt", "Draco Meteor", "Air Slash"]},
  409.     {species: "Porygon-Z", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Tri Attack", "Dark Pulse", "Hidden Power Fighting"]},
  410.     {species: "Porygon-Z", moves: ["Trick", "Tri Attack", "Thunderbolt", "Ice Beam"]},
  411.     {species: "Porygon-Z", moves: ["Trick", "Tri Attack", "Thunderbolt", "Ice Beam"]},
  412.     {species: "Porygon2", moves: ["Recover", "Thunder Wave", "Thunderbolt", "Ice Beam"]},
  413.     {species: "Porygon2", moves: ["Recover", "Thunder Wave", "Thunderbolt", "Ice Beam"]},
  414.     {species: "Quagsire", moves: ["Recover", "Toxic", "Scald", "Earthquake"]},
  415.     {species: "Quagsire", moves: ["Recover", "Curse", "Toxic", "Earthquake"]},
  416.     {species: "Quagsire", moves: ["Recover", "Stockpile", "Toxic", "Earthquake"]},
  417.     {species: "Rotom-Heat", moves: ["Trick", "Overheat", "Volt Switch", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  418.     {species: "Rotom-Heat", moves: ["Trick", "Overheat", "Volt Switch", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  419.     {species: "Rotom-Heat", moves: ["Pain Split", "Will-O-Wisp", "Overheat", "Volt Switch"]},
  420.     {species: "Scrafty", moves: ["Rest", "Bulk Up", "Drain Punch", "Knock Off"]},
  421.     {species: "Scrafty", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Drain Punch", "Knock Off", "Zen Headbutt"]},
  422.     {species: "Snorlax", moves: ["Pursuit", "Body Slam", "Earthquake", "Fire Punch"]},
  423.     {species: "Snorlax", moves: ["Pursuit", "Body Slam", "Earthquake", "Fire Blast"]},
  424.     {species: "Snorlax", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Curse", "Body Slam"]},
  425.     {species: "Tentacruel", moves: ["Toxic Spikes", "Rapid Spin", "Scald", "Knock Off"]},
  426.     {species: "Toxicroak", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Sucker Punch", "Gunk Shot", "Drain Punch"]},
  427.     {species: "Toxicroak", moves: ["Substitute", "Bulk Up", "Sucker Punch", "Drain Punch"]},
  428.     {species: "Trevenant", moves: ["Rest", "Will-O-Wisp", "Leech Seed", "Horn Leech"]},
  429.     {species: "Trevenant", moves: ["Substitute", "Will-O-Wisp", "Leech Seed", "Phantom Force"]},
  430.     {species: "Umbreon", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Heal Bell", "Foul Play"]},
  431.     {species: "Umbreon", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Heal Bell", "Foul Play"]},
  432.     {species: "Vaporeon", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Heal Bell", "Scald"]},
  433.     {species: "Froslass", moves: ["Destiny Bond", "Spikes", "Taunt", "Icy Wind"]},
  434.     {species: "Houndoom", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Taunt", "Fire Blast", "Dark Pulse"]},
  435.     {species: "Houndoom", moves: ["Sunny Day", "Fire Blast", "Dark Pulse", "Solar Beam"]},
  436.     {species: "Kyurem", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Ice Beam", "Earth Power", "Outrage"]},
  437.     {species: "Kyurem", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Ice Beam", "Earth Power", "Flash Cannon"]},
  438.     {species: "Kyurem", moves: ["Roost", "Draco Meteor", "Ice Beam", "Earth Power"]},
  439.     {species: "Kyurem", moves: ["Roost", "Substitute", "Ice Beam", "Earth Power"]},
  440.     {species: "Shuckle", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Sticky Web", "Encore", "Knock Off"]},
  441.     {species: "Tornadus", moves: ["Acrobatics", "Knock Off", "Superpower", "U-turn"]},
  442.     {species: "Tornadus", moves: ["Tailwind", "Hurricane", "Heat Wave", "Grass Knot"]},
  443.     {species: "Yanmega", moves: ["Sleep Talk", "Bug Buzz", "Air Slash", "Giga Drain"]},
  444.     {species: "Yanmega", moves: ["Protect", "Bug Buzz", "Air Slash", "Giga Drain"]},
  445.     {species: "Zoroark", moves: ["Trick", "Night Daze", "Focus Blast", "Flamethrower"]},
  446.     {species: "Zoroark", moves: ["Sucker Punch", "Knock Off", "Flamethrower", "Grass Knot"]},
  447.     {species: "Zoroark", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Night Daze", "Focus Blast", "Flamethrower"]},
  448.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Moonlight", "Thunder Wave", "Psyshock", "Moonblast"]},
  449.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Lunar Dance", "Reflect", "Light Screen", "Moonblast"]},
  450.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Moonlight", "Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Psyshock"]},
  451.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Reflect", "Light Screen", "Lunar Dance", "Psyshock"]},
  452.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Moonblast", "Moonlight"]},
  453.     {species: "Cresselia", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Psyshock", "Moonblast"]},
  454.     {species: "Gligar", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Toxic", "Earthquake"]},
  455.     {species: "Gligar", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Stealth Rock", "Earthquake"]},
  456.     {species: "Gligar", moves: ["Roost", "Defog", "Toxic", "Earthquake"]},
  457.     {species: "Gligar", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Baton Pass", "Roost", "Earthquake"]},
  458.     {species: "Aromatisse", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Aromatherapy", "Moonblast"]},
  459.     {species: "Aromatisse", moves: ["Protect", "Wish", "Aromatherapy", "Moonblast"]},
  460.     {species: "Roserade", moves: ["Spikes", "Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Synthesis"]},
  461.     {species: "Roserade", moves: ["Rest", "Spikes", "Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb"]},
  462.     {species: "Cobalion", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Focus Blast", "Flash Cannon", "Hidden Power Ghost"]},
  463.     {species: "Cobalion", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Close Combat", "Iron Head", "Stone Edge"]},
  464.     {species: "Cobalion", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Close Combat", "Iron Head"]},
  465.     {species: "Dragalge", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Sludge Wave", "Hidden Power Fire", "Focus Blast"]},
  466.     {species: "Dragalge", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Sludge Wave", "Scald", "Focus Blast"]},
  467.     {species: "Dragalge", moves: ["Toxic Spikes", "Dragon Tail", "Sludge Bomb", "Scald"]},
  468.     {species: "Dragalge", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Sludge Bomb", "Focus Blast", "Dragon Pulse"]},
  469.     {species: "Dragalge", moves: ["Draco Meteor", "Dragon Pulse", "Sludge Wave", "Focus Blast"]},
  470.     {species: "Reuniclus", moves: ["Recover", "Calm Mind", "Psyshock", "Focus Blast"]},
  471.     {species: "Reuniclus", moves: ["Recover", "Calm Mind", "Psyshock", "Focus Blast"]},
  472.     {species: "Whimsicott", moves: ["Encore", "Giga Drain", "Moonblast", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  473.     {species: "Whimsicott", moves: ["Encore", "Taunt", "Leech Seed", "Moonblast"]},
  474.     {species: "Whimsicott", moves: ["Moonblast", "Giga Drain", "Hidden Power Fire", "Encore"]},
  475.     {species: "Whimsicott", moves: ["Encore", "U-turn", "Stun Spore", "Moonblast"]},
  476.     {species: "Sharpedo", moves: ["Protect", "Waterfall", "Crunch", "Ice Fang"]},
  477.     {species: "Sharpedo", moves: ["Protect", "Crunch", "Ice Fang", "Hydro Pump"]},
  478.     {species: "Sharpedo", moves: ["Protect", "Destiny Bond", "Waterfall", "Crunch"]},
  479.     {species: "Sharpedo", moves: ["Protect", "Destiny Bond", "Waterfall", "Crunch"]},
  480.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Substitute", "Giga Drain", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  481.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Giga Drain", "Dragon Pulse", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  482.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Dragon Pulse", "Giga Drain", "Focus Blast", "Substitute"]},
  483.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Dragon Pulse", "Focus Blast", "Leaf Storm"]},
  484.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Leaf Blade", "Outrage", "Earthquake"]},
  485.     {species: "Sceptile", moves: ["Dragon Pulse", "Giga Drain", "Focus Blast", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  486.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Stone Edge", "Earthquake", "Megahorn", "Aqua Tail"]},
  487.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Rock Blast", "Megahorn"]},
  488.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Rock Blast", "Megahorn"]},
  489.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Reflect", "Light Screen", "Explosion"]},
  490.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Toxic", "Gyro Ball", "Earthquake"]},
  491.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Toxic", "Gyro Ball", "Earthquake"]},
  492.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Waterfall", "Ice Punch", "Crunch"]},
  493.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Aqua Jet", "Waterfall", "Crunch"]},
  494.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Waterfall", "Superpower", "Aqua Jet", "Swords Dance"]},
  495.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Waterfall", "Ice Punch", "Superpower", "Dragon Dance"]},
  496.     {species: "Feraligatr", moves: ["Waterfall", "Ice Punch", "Crunch", "Dragon Dance"]},
  497.     {species: "Slurpuff", moves: ["Belly Drum", "Play Rough", "Drain Punch", "Return"]},
  498.     {species: "Slurpuff", moves: ["Rest", "Calm Mind", "Draining Kiss", "Flamethrower"]},
  499.     {species: "Slurpuff", moves: ["Belly Drum", "Play Rough", "Return", "Aromatherapy"]},
  500.     {species: "Pangoro", moves: ["Knock Off", "Superpower", "Gunk Shot", "Ice Punch"]},
  501.     {species: "Pangoro", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Drain Punch", "Knock Off", "Gunk Shot"]},
  502.     {species: "Pangoro", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Drain Punch", "Knock Off", "Gunk Shot"]},
  503.     {species: "Banette", moves: ["Destiny Bond", "Knock Off", "Sucker Punch", "Shadow Claw"]},
  504.     {species: "Banette", moves: ["Taunt", "Thunder Wave", "Knock Off", "Destiny Bond"]},
  505.     {species: "Jellicent", moves: ["Scald", "Will-O-Wisp", "Recover", "Taunt"]},
  506.     {species: "Sigilyph", moves: ["Psyshock", "Heat Wave", "Roost", "Calm Mind"]},
  507.     {species: "Sigilyph", moves: ["Cosmic Power", "Roost", "Psycho Shift", "Stored Power"]},
  508.     {species: "Gastrodon", moves: ["Scald", "Recover", "Clear Smog", "Earth Power"]},
  509.     {species: "Delphox", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Psychic", "Grass Knot", "Switcheroo"]},
  510.     {species: "Delphox", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Psychic", "Grass Knot", "Switcheroo"]},
  511.     {species: "Delphox", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Fire Blast", "Psyshock", "Grass Knot"]},
  512.     {species: "Delphox", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Fire Blast", "Psychic"]},
  513.     {species: "Clawitzer", moves: ["Water Pulse", "Dark Pulse", "Ice Beam", "Aura Sphere"]},
  514.     {species: "Skuntank", moves: ["Defog", "Sucker Punch", "Poison Jab", "Taunt"]},
  515.     {species: "Rotom-Mow", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Trick"]},
  516.     {species: "Rotom-Mow", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Trick"]},
  517.     {species: "Rotom-Mow", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Volt Switch", "Pain Split", "Thunder Wave"]},
  518.     {species: "Hitmontop", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Close Combat", "Foresight", "Toxic"]},
  519.     {species: "Braviary", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Return", "Superpower", "U-turn"]},
  520.     {species: "Braviary", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Return", "Superpower", "Roost"]},
  521.     {species: "Braviary", moves: ["Substitute", "Bulk Up", "Roost", "Brave Bird"]},
  522.     {species: "Amoonguss", moves: ["Spore", "Giga Drain", "Clear Smog", "Foul Play"]},
  523.     {species: "Shiftry", moves: ["Defog", "Knock Off", "Sucker Punch", "Leaf Storm"]},
  524.     {species: "Shiftry", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Knock Off", "Sucker Punch", "Seed Bomb"]},
  525.     {species: "Tyrantrum", moves: ["Stone Edge", "Earthquake", "Ice Fang", "Fire Fang"]},
  526.     {species: "Tyrantrum", moves: ["Dragon Dance", "Stone Edge", "Earthquake", "Ice Fang"]},
  527.     {species: "Tyrantrum", moves: ["Stone Edge", "Earthquake", "Ice Fang", "Fire Fang"]},
  528.     {species: "Registeel", moves: ["Curse", "Iron Head", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  529.     {species: "Registeel", moves: ["Seismic Toss", "Protect", "Thunder Wave", "Stealth Rock"]},
  530.     {species: "Omastar", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Spikes", "Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam"]},
  531.     {species: "Omastar", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Scald", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  532.     {species: "Magneton", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunderbolt", "Flash Cannon", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  533.     {species: "Magneton", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Volt Switch", "Flash Cannon", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  534.     {species: "Jolteon", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Signal Beam", "Hidden Power Water", "Volt Switch"]},
  535.     {species: "Jolteon", moves: ["Substitute", "Baton Pass", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  536.     {species: "Jolteon", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Signal Beam", "Hidden Power Water", "Volt Switch"]},
  537.     {species: "Jolteon", moves: ["Thunderbolt", "Signal Beam", "Hidden Power Water", "Volt Switch"]},
  538.     {species: "Golbat", moves: ["Defog", "Roost", "Brave Bird", "Super Fang"]},
  539.     {species: "Golbat", moves: ["Defog", "Roost", "Brave Bird", "Super Fang"]},
  540.     {species: "Exploud", moves: ["Boomburst", "Fire Blast", "Surf", "Focus Blast"]},
  541.     {species: "Exploud", moves: ["Boomburst", "Fire Blast", "Surf", "Focus Blast"]},
  542.     {species: "Eelektross", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Giga Drain", "Flamethrower", "Knock Off"]},
  543.     {species: "Eelektross", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Giga Drain", "Flamethrower", "Knock Off"]},
  544.     {species: "Dugtrio", moves: ["Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Sucker Punch", "Memento"]},
  545.     {species: "Dugtrio", moves: ["Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Sucker Punch", "Memento"]},
  546.     {species: "Dugtrio", moves: ["Earthquake", "Reversal", "Memento", "Stealth Rock"]},
  547.     {species: "Druddigon", moves: ["Dragon Claw", "Sucker Punch", "Fire Punch", "Gunk Shot"]},
  548.     {species: "Druddigon", moves: ["Dragon Claw", "Sucker Punch", "Fire Punch", "Gunk Shot"]},
  549.     {species: "Druddigon", moves: ["Dragon Claw", "Sucker Punch", "Fire Punch", "Gunk Shot"]},
  550.     {species: "Druddigon", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Dragon Claw", "Sucker Punch", "Fire Punch"]},
  551.     {species: "Druddigon", moves: ["Glare", "Dragon Claw", "Rest", "Fire Punch"]},
  552.     {species: "Accelgor", moves: ["Spikes", "Final Gambit", "Encore", "Bug Buzz"]},
  553.     {species: "Spiritomb", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Dark Pulse", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  554.     {species: "Spiritomb", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Foul Play", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  555.     {species: "Spiritomb", moves: ["Sucker Punch", "Pursuit", "Will-O-Wisp", "Foul Play"]},
  556.     {species: "Drapion", moves: ["Knock Off", "Taunt", "Toxic Spikes", "Poison Jab"]},
  557.     {species: "Drapion", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Knock Off", "Aqua Tail", "Poison Jab"]},
  558.     {species: "Drapion", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Knock Off", "Agility", "Poison Jab"]},
  559.     {species: "Camerupt", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Earth Power", "Ancient Power", "Stealth Rock"]},
  560.     {species: "Camerupt", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Earth Power", "Ancient Power", "Will-O-Wisp"]},
  561.     {species: "Camerupt", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Earth Power", "Ancient Power", "Stealth Rock"]},
  562.     {species: "Camerupt", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earth Power", "Lava Plume", "Stone Edge"]},
  563.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Trick Room", "Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Explosion"]},
  564.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Protect", "Gyro Ball", "Earthquake", "Toxic"]},
  565.     {species: "Bronzong", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Gyro Ball", "Earthquake", "Toxic"]},
  566.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Ice Punch", "Megahorn"]},
  567.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Ice Punch"]},
  568.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Rock Blast", "Protect"]},
  569.     {species: "Rhyperior", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Swords Dance"]},
  570.     {species: "Hitmonlee", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Knock Off", "Stone Edge", "Close Combat"]},
  571.     {species: "Hitmonlee", moves: ["High Jump Kick", "Knock Off", "Mach Punch", "Rapid Spin"]},
  572.     {species: "Hitmonlee", moves: ["Endure", "Reversal", "Knock Off", "Mach Punch"]},
  573.     {species: "Hitmonlee", moves: ["Fake Out", "High Jump Kick", "Knock Off", "Poison Jab"]},
  574.     {species: "Glalie", moves: ["Spikes", "Double-Edge", "Explosion", "Ice Shard"]},
  575.     {species: "Glalie", moves: ["Explosion", "Double-Edge", "Earthquake", "Freeze-Dry"]},
  576.     {species: "Glalie", moves: ["Double-Edge", "Freeze-Dry", "Earthquake", "Explosion"]},
  577.     {species: "Fletchinder", moves: ["Acrobatics", "Swords Dance", "Will-O-Wisp", "Roost"]},
  578.     {species: "Escavalier", moves: ["Megahorn", "Iron Head", "Knock Off", "Drill Run"]},
  579.     {species: "Escavalier", moves: ["Megahorn", "Iron Head", "Knock Off", "Drill Run"]},
  580.     {species: "Aromatisse", moves: ["Wish", "Protect", "Moonblast", "Aromatherapy"]},
  581.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Psyshock", "Hyper Voice", "Focus Blast", "Shadow Ball"]},
  582.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Psyshock", "Shadow Ball", "Trick"]},
  583.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Psychic", "Shadow Ball", "U-turn"]},
  584.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Relic Song", "Return", "Close Combat", "Knock Off"]},
  585.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Hyper Voice", "Shadow Ball", "Focus Blast"]},
  586.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Perish Song", "Knock Off", "Heal Bell", "Thunder Wave"]},
  587.     {species: "Meloetta", moves: ["Substitute", "Calm Mind", "Hyper Voice", "Shadow Ball"]},
  588.     {species: "Alomomola", moves: ["Scald", "Wish", "Protect", "Toxic"]},
  589.     {species: "Steelix", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Roar", "Heavy Slam", "Earthquake"]},
  590.     {species: "Emboar", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Superpower", "Wild Charge", "Sucker Punch"]},
  591.     {species: "Emboar", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Superpower", "Wild Charge", "Sleep Talk"]},
  592.     {species: "Emboar", moves: ["Flare Blitz", "Superpower", "Wild Charge", "Sleep Talk"]},
  593.     {species: "Seismitoad", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Scald", "Earthquake", "Knock Off"]},
  594.     {species: "Seismitoad", moves: ["Rain Dance", "Hydro Pump", "Earth Power", "Sludge Bomb"]},
  595.     {species: "Seismitoad", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Hydro Pump", "Earth Power", "Grass Knot"]},
  596.     {species: "Qwilfish", moves: ["Spikes", "Pain Split", "Scald", "Taunt"]},
  597.     {species: "Qwilfish", moves: ["Spikes", "Taunt", "Toxic Spikes", "Explosion"]},
  598.     {species: "Dodrio", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Return", "Knock Off", "Quick Attack"]},
  599.     {species: "Dodrio", moves: ["Brave Bird", "Return", "Knock Off", "Quick Attack"]},
  600.     {species: "Chatot", moves: ["Boomburst", "Chatter", "U-turn", "Hidden Power Ground"]},
  601.     {species: "Chatot", moves: ["Boomburst", "Chatter", "Nasty Plot", "Encore"]},
  602.     {species: "Carracosta", moves: ["Shell Smash", "Waterfall", "Stone Edge", "Aqua Jet"]},
  603.     {species: "Carracosta", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Scald", "Rock Slide", "Knock Off"]},
  604.     {species: "Carbink", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Moonblast"]},
  605.     {species: "Carbink", moves: ["Explosion", "Trick Room", "Stealth Rock", "Magic Coat"]},
  606.     {species: "Beheeyem", moves: ["Trick Room", "Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Fighting"]},
  607.     {species: "Beheeyem", moves: ["Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "Signal Beam", "Trick"]},
  608.     {species: "Basculin", moves: ["Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Zen Headbutt", "Superpower"]},
  609.     {species: "Basculin", moves: ["Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Double-Edge", "Superpower"]},
  610.     {species: "Barbaracle", moves: ["Shell Smash", "Razor Shell", "Return", "Earthquake"]},
  611.     {species: "Avalugg", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Recover", "Avalanche", "Earthquake"]},
  612.     {species: "Aurorus", moves: ["Hyper Voice", "Freeze-Dry", "Frost Breath", "Earth Power"]},
  613.     {species: "Aurorus", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Freeze-Dry", "Hyper Voice", "Earth Power"]},
  614.     {species: "Articuno", moves: ["Hidden Power Fire", "Roost", "Hurricane", "Freeze-Dry"]},
  615.     {species: "Articuno", moves: ["Substitute", "Roost", "Hurricane", "Freeze-Dry"]},
  616.     {species: "Arbok", moves: ["Coil", "Rest", "Gunk Shot", "Earthquake"]},
  617.     {species: "Arbok", moves: ["Coil", "Sucker Punch", "Gunk Shot", "Earthquake"]},
  618.     {species: "Zangoose", moves: ["Facade", "Knock Off", "Quick Attack", "Close Combat"]},
  619.     {species: "Xatu", moves: ["Roost", "Psychic", "U-turn", "Heat Wave"]},
  620.     {species: "Xatu", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Psychic", "Roost", "Signal Beam"]},
  621.     {species: "Weezing", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Sludge Bomb", "Pain Split", "Flamethrower"]},
  622.     {species: "Vivillon", moves: ["Quiver Dance", "Sleep Powder", "Hurricane", "Hidden Power Ground"]},
  623.     {species: "Vivillon", moves: ["Sleep Powder", "Quiver Dance", "Hurricane", "Bug Buzz"]},
  624.     {species: "Vivillon", moves: ["Sleep Powder", "Quiver Dance", "Hurricane", "Bug Buzz"]},
  625.     {species: "Vileplume", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Synthesis", "Sleep Powder"]},
  626.     {species: "Vileplume", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Synthesis", "Hidden Power Ground"]},
  627.     {species: "Vileplume", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Hidden Power Ground", "Synthesis"]},
  628.     {species: "Vileplume", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Sludge Bomb", "Hidden Power Fire", "Synthesis"]},
  629.     {species: "Torkoal", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Lava Plume", "Stealth Rock", "Yawn"]},
  630.     {species: "Torkoal", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Lava Plume", "Stealth Rock", "Yawn"]},
  631.     {species: "Swellow", moves: ["Boomburst", "U-turn", "Heat Wave", "Sleep Talk"]},
  632.     {species: "Swellow", moves: ["Facade", "Brave Bird", "U-turn", "Quick Attack"]},
  633.     {species: "Sawk", moves: ["Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Zen Headbutt", "Stone Edge"]},
  634.     {species: "Sawk", moves: ["Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Ice Punch", "Poison Jab"]},
  635.     {species: "Sawk", moves: ["Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Ice Punch", "Poison Jab"]},
  636.     {species: "Sandslash", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Earthquake", "Knock Off", "Stealth Rock"]},
  637.     {species: "Sandslash", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Knock Off", "Earthquake", "Stealth Rock"]},
  638.     {species: "Samurott", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Grass Knot", "Aqua Jet"]},
  639.     {species: "Samurott", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Megahorn"]},
  640.     {species: "Samurott", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Waterfall", "Aqua Jet", "Megahorn"]},
  641.     {species: "Rotom-Fan", moves: ["Air Slash", "Volt Switch", "Trick", "Thunderbolt"]},
  642.     {species: "Rotom-Fan", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Thunderbolt", "Air Slash", "Pain Split"]},
  643.     {species: "Rotom-Fan", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Air Slash", "Hidden Power Grass", "Will-O-Wisp"]},
  644.     {species: "Rotom", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Shadow Ball", "Thunderbolt", "Trick"]},
  645.     {species: "Rotom", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Shadow Ball", "Thunderbolt", "Trick"]},
  646.     {species: "Rotom", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Shadow Ball", "Volt Switch", "Pain Split"]},
  647.     {species: "Rotom", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Hex", "Shadow Ball", "Thunderbolt"]},
  648.     {species: "Rhydon", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Rock Polish"]},
  649.     {species: "Rhydon", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge", "Megahorn"]},
  650.     {species: "Rhydon", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Rock Blast", "Megahorn"]},
  651.     {species: "Regirock", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Stone Edge", "Thunder Wave", "Drain Punch"]},
  652.     {species: "Pyroar", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Hyper Voice", "Hidden Power Grass", "Overheat"]},
  653.     {species: "Probopass", moves: ["Volt Switch", "Thunder Wave", "Flash Cannon", "Earth Power"]},
  654.     {species: "Probopass", moves: ["Earth Power", "Volt Switch", "Flash Cannon", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  655.     {species: "Probopass", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Volt Switch", "Flash Cannon", "Thunder Wave"]},
  656.     {species: "Primeape", moves: ["Close Combat", "U-turn", "Stone Edge", "Gunk Shot"]},
  657.     {species: "Primeape", moves: ["Close Combat", "U-turn", "Stone Edge", "Encore"]},
  658.     {species: "Pawniard", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Knock Off", "Iron Head", "Sucker Punch"]},
  659.     {species: "Musharna", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Psychic", "Baton Pass", "Moonlight"]},
  660.     {species: "Musharna", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Psyshock", "Heal Bell", "Moonlight"]},
  661.     {species: "Musharna", moves: ["Trick Room", "Psychic", "Healing Wish", "Signal Beam"]},
  662.     {species: "Musharna", moves: ["Baton Pass", "Moonlight", "Thunder Wave", "Psychic"]},
  663.     {species: "Muk", moves: ["Poison Jab", "Shadow Sneak", "Giga Drain", "Fire Punch"]},
  664.     {species: "Muk", moves: ["Poison Jab", "Curse", "Shadow Sneak", "Fire Punch"]},
  665.     {species: "Mismagius", moves: ["Taunt", "Shadow Ball", "Dazzling Gleam", "Destiny Bond"]},
  666.     {species: "Mismagius", moves: ["Taunt", "Shadow Ball", "Dazzling Gleam", "Nasty Plot"]},
  667.     {species: "Mismagius", moves: ["Taunt", "Will-O-Wisp", "Hex", "Pain Split"]},
  668.     {species: "Miltank", moves: ["Curse", "Body Slam", "Milk Drink", "Heal Bell"]},
  669.     {species: "Miltank", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Seismic Toss", "Toxic", "Milk Drink"]},
  670.     {species: "Mesprit", moves: ["Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "U-turn", "Healing Wish"]},
  671.     {species: "Mesprit", moves: ["Zen Headbutt", "U-turn", "Knock Off", "Healing Wish"]},
  672.     {species: "Mesprit", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "Healing Wish"]},
  673.     {species: "Mesprit", moves: ["Psychic", "Energy Ball", "Signal Beam", "Healing Wish"]},
  674.     {species: "Mesprit", moves: ["Psychic", "Energy Ball", "Hidden Power Fire", "Healing Wish"]},
  675.     {species: "Mantine", moves: ["Defog", "Scald", "Air Slash", "Toxic"]},
  676.     {species: "Mantine", moves: ["Air Slash", "Hydro Pump", "Ice Beam", "Rain Dance"]},
  677.     {species: "Malamar", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Superpower", "Knock Off"]},
  678.     {species: "Malamar", moves: ["Superpower", "Knock Off", "Psycho Cut", "Switcheroo"]},
  679.     {species: "Magmortar", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "Focus Blast"]},
  680.     {species: "Magmortar", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Psychic", "Thunderbolt", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  681.     {species: "Magmortar", moves: ["Fire Blast", "Thunderbolt", "Earthquake", "Focus Blast"]},
  682.     {species: "Ludicolo", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Giga Drain", "Ice Beam", "Rain Dance"]},
  683.     {species: "Lilligant", moves: ["Quiver Dance", "Sleep Powder", "Giga Drain", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  684.     {species: "Lilligant", moves: ["Quiver Dance", "Sleep Powder", "Giga Drain", "Hidden Power Ice"]},
  685.     {species: "Lilligant", moves: ["Sleep Powder", "Leaf Storm", "Giga Drain", "Healing Wish"]},
  686.     {species: "Lilligant", moves: ["Sleep Powder", "Leaf Storm", "Hidden Power Fire", "Healing Wish"]},
  687.     {species: "Liepard", moves: ["Nasty Plot", "Dark Pulse", "Copycat", "Encore"]},
  688.     {species: "Liepard", moves: ["Knock Off", "Encore", "Sucker Punch", "U-turn"]},
  689.     {species: "Lanturn", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Volt Switch", "Ice Beam", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  690.     {species: "Lanturn", moves: ["Scald", "Volt Switch", "Heal Bell", "Thunder Wave"]},
  691.     {species: "Klinklang", moves: ["Shift Gear", "Gear Grind", "Return", "Substitute"]},
  692.     {species: "Kangaskhan", moves: ["Return", "Drain Punch", "Fake Out", "Sucker Punch"]},
  693.     {species: "Kangaskhan", moves: ["Fake Out", "Double-Edge", "Sucker Punch", "Earthquake"]},
  694.     {species: "Kabutops", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Stone Edge", "Aqua Jet", "Waterfall"]},
  695.     {species: "Kabutops", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Stone Edge", "Aqua Jet", "Superpower"]},
  696.     {species: "Jynx", moves: ["Ice Beam", "Psychic", "Focus Blast", "Trick"]},
  697.     {species: "Jynx", moves: ["Lovely Kiss", "Ice Beam", "Psychic", "Focus Blast"]},
  698.     {species: "Jynx", moves: ["Lovely Kiss", "Nasty Plot", "Psychic", "Ice Beam"]},
  699.     {species: "Hariyama", moves: ["Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Bullet Punch", "Fake Out"]},
  700.     {species: "Hariyama", moves: ["Close Combat", "Knock Off", "Earthquake", "Bullet Punch"]},
  701.     {species: "Gurdurr", moves: ["Drain Punch", "Mach Punch", "Knock Off", "Bulk Up"]},
  702.     {species: "Granbull", moves: ["Play Rough", "Earthquake", "Heal Bell", "Roar"]},
  703.     {species: "Granbull", moves: ["Play Rough", "Fire Punch", "Thunder Wave", "Earthquake"]},
  704.     {species: "Golurk", moves: ["Shadow Punch", "Earthquake", "Ice Punch", "Zen Headbutt"]},
  705.     {species: "Golurk", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Earthquake", "Shadow Punch", "Dynamic Punch"]},
  706.     {species: "Golurk", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Earthquake", "Shadow Punch", "Ice Punch"]},
  707.     {species: "Garbodor", moves: ["Spikes", "Gunk Shot", "Drain Punch", "Toxic Spikes"]},
  708.     {species: "Garbodor", moves: ["Spikes", "Gunk Shot", "Drain Punch", "Seed Bomb"]},
  709.     {species: "Ferroseed", moves: ["Spikes", "Gyro Ball", "Leech Seed", "Protect"]},
  710.     {species: "Ferroseed", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Seed Bomb", "Leech Seed", "Thunder Wave"]},
  711.     {species: "Exeggutor", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Psychic", "Hidden Power Fire", "Sleep Powder"]},
  712.     {species: "Exeggutor", moves: ["Psychic", "Leaf Storm", "Giga Drain", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  713.     {species: "Exeggutor", moves: ["Sleep Powder", "Giga Drain", "Psychic", "Rest"]},
  714.     {species: "Electivire", moves: ["Wild Charge", "Earthquake", "Ice Punch", "Hidden Power Grass"]},
  715.     {species: "Cryogonal", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Freeze-Dry", "Recover", "Haze"]},
  716.     {species: "Cryogonal", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Freeze-Dry", "Ice Beam", "Recover"]},
  717.     {species: "Cryogonal", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Freeze-Dry", "Hidden Power Ground", "Recover"]},
  718.     {species: "Crustle", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Spikes", "Rock Blast", "Knock Off"]},
  719.     {species: "Crustle", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Spikes", "Rock Blast", "Knock Off"]},
  720.     {species: "Crustle", moves: ["Shell Smash", "Rock Blast", "Stealth Rock", "Earthquake"]},
  721.     {species: "Cacturne", moves: ["Dark Pulse", "Giga Drain", "Sucker Punch", "Destiny Bond"]},
  722.     {species: "Cacturne", moves: ["Spikes", "Seed Bomb", "Sucker Punch", "Destiny Bond"]},
  723.     {species: "Cacturne", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Sucker Punch", "Seed Bomb", "Drain Punch"]},
  724.     {species: "Audino", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Dazzling Gleam", "Rest", "Sleep Talk"]},
  725.     {species: "Audino", moves: ["Calm Mind", "Dazzling Gleam", "Fire Blast", "Psychic"]},
  726.     {species: "Audino", moves: ["Wish", "Protect", "Heal Bell", "Knock Off"]},
  727.     {species: "Archeops", moves: ["Taunt", "Roost", "Acrobatics", "Defog"]},
  728.     {species: "Archeops", moves: ["Stealth Rock", "Taunt", "Endeavor", "Head Smash"]},
  729.     {species: "Archeops", moves: ["Acrobatics", "Earthquake", "Knock Off", "Aqua Tail"]},
  730.     {species: "Claydol", moves: ["Rapid Spin", "Earth Power", "Shadow Ball", "Psychic"]},
  731.     {species: "Quagsire", moves: ["Scald", "Earthquake", "Recover", "Curse"]},
  732.     {species: "Tauros", moves: ["Rock Climb", "Earthquake", "Fire Blast", "Zen Headbutt"]},
  733.     {species: "Mawile", moves: ["Play Rough", "Iron Head", "Swords Dance", "Sucker Punch"]},
  734.     {species: "Mawile", moves: ["Play Rough", "Stealth Rock", "Baton Pass", "Super Fang"]},
  735.     {species: "Scyther", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Aerial Ace", "U-turn", "Roost"]},
  736.     {species: "Scyther", moves: ["U-turn", "Aerial Ace", "Knock Off", "Quick Attack"]},
  737.     {species: "Torterra", moves: ["Wood Hammer", "Earthquake", "Stealth Rock", "Synthesis"]},
  738.     {species: "Torterra", moves: ["Rock Polish", "Wood Hammer", "Earthquake", "Stone Edge"]},
  739.     {species: "Haunter", moves: ["Shadow Ball", "Sludge Bomb", "Destiny Bond", "Trick"]},
  740.     {species: "Haunter", moves: ["Shadow Ball", "Sludge Bomb", "Taunt", "Destiny Bond"]},
  741.     {species: "Prinplup", moves: ["Defog", "Scald", "Stealth Rock", "Toxic"]},
  742.     {species: "Tangela", moves: ["Leaf Storm", "Giga Drain", "Sleep Powder", "Hidden Power Fire"]},
  743.     {species: "Tangela", moves: ["Giga Drain", "Hidden Power Fire", "Sleep Powder", "Leech Seed"]},
  744.     {species: "Pelipper", moves: ["Defog", "Scald", "Roost", "Toxic"]},
  745.     {species: "Piloswine", moves: ["Earthquake", "Stealth Rock", "Icicle Crash", "Ice Shard"]},
  746.     {species: "Poliwrath", moves: ["Hydro Pump", "Focus Blast", "Ice Beam", "Vacuum Wave"]},
  747.     {species: "Poliwrath", moves: ["Rest", "Sleep Talk", "Circle Throw", "Scald"]},
  748.     {species: "Misdreavus", moves: ["Will-O-Wisp", "Hex", "Taunt", "Pain Split"]},
  749.     {species: "Shiftry", moves: ["Knock Off", "Extrasensory", "Sucker Punch", "Leaf Storm"]},
  750.     {species: "Shiftry", moves: ["Knock Off", "Defog", "Sucker Punch", "Leaf Storm"]},
  751.     {species: "Shiftry", moves: ["Swords Dance", "Knock Off", "Leaf Blade", "Sucker Punch"]}
  752. ];
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