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  2. Chapter 269 – Truth in the Darkness
  4. Translator: darkstrolm
  5. Editor: Kookie (
  7. *Special thanks to readers [IamMe],[Rarstyak] and [rafutlio] who made various edits and suggestion.
  9. “Reason to live, you say……” (Naofumi)
  11. What kind of relationship do you have? It’s getting harder to understand. (TL: Between Sadina and Raphtalia)
  12. Chivalry or Bushido, it seems such a culture existed long ago in my world, but is it close to that?
  14. “During the first wave, I was unable to protect Raphtalia-chan’s parents. No, when the wave occurred, I was far away and did not rush over. Because it was too peaceful back then, I had let my guard down.” (Sadina)
  16. Sadina drinks her alcohol while muttering something that sounds like regret.
  17. This appearance is…… even if I’m wrong, it doesn’t seem like a prank.
  18. Putting the helplessly drunk Raphtalia to sleep in a plain bed, Sadina continues talking.
  20. If it’s a serious talk, there’s no reason to handle it cruelly.
  21. I’ll hear you out sincerely.
  23. “……But when I finally managed to return a few days later, there was no one left in the village.” (Sadina)
  25. Sadina continues talking.
  27. “I looked for her desperately, hoping she had surely survived. However, I was not able to approach the dark side of this country as a Beastman. That’s why I became a battle slave in Zeltbur, which specializes in slaves, and began looking. That place has many connections so I thought I would manage if I accumulated some money.” (Sadina)
  28. “You took quite a detour.” (Naofumi)
  30. In reality, Raphtalia was sold ridiculously cheaply.
  31. Although Sadina was looking frantically, Raphtalia was in the unlikeliest of places.
  33. “It took too much time trying to find a slave named Raphtalia with the appearance of the Raccoon species. I did find some children from the village though.” (Sadina)
  34. “Come to think of it, you were protecting slaves from the village.” (Naofumi)
  35. “Yes. And I was surprised when I found Raphtalia-chan. To think she was with Naofumi-chan, the Hero of the Shield.” (Sadina)
  36. “It’s full of drama. Raphtalia’s life is.” (Naofumi)
  38. If possible, I hope that Raphtalia can live in peace after the world has become peaceful.
  39. Precisely because this child believed in me, I want her to be happy.
  40. These feelings have not changed even now.
  41. Even though I think the world ought to be ruined, I will endeavor to make the world peaceful for Raphtalia’s sake. [TC: Naofumi hates the world but will save it so Raphtalia can live in it]
  43. “You say the appearance of the Raccoon species, but isn’t Raphtalia different?” (Naofumi)
  44. “Just like I may be mistaken for the Ruka species, she is similar to the Raccoon species but is still a different kind.” (Sadina) [TC: Ruka species = Dolphin species, but Sadina is an Orca]
  45. “Hmm…… well, Raphtalia is Raphtalia no matter what race she belongs to.” (Naofumi)
  47. I see.
  48. That explains why Raphtalia is a beautiful girl, despite supposedly being of the Raccoon species whose appearance is not valued very much.
  50. “……That’s the good thing about Naofumi-chan. Hey Naofumi-chan…… if you have no intention of taking care of Raphtalia-chan until the end…… why not make do with this Onee-san?” (Sadina)
  51. “What?” (Naofumi)
  52. “I hope you have the resolution to be in a relationship with Raphtalia-chan. If there is no resolution, please use Onee-san to let it out if you can no longer endure it.” (Sadina) [TC: ‘If you aren’t resolved then do it with Onee-san if you get horny’]
  53. “Do you think I am the Devil or something?”  (Naofumi)
  55. Oh, I am aware of that sort of thing. But even if I die, I don’t want any relations with women.
  56. If I consider what you are saying… I think you’re talking about a relationship with Raphtalia.
  57. Of course, I trust Raphtalia.
  58. If it’s a question of like or dislike, I would say I like her.
  59. This I can affirm. To the extent of being able to assent if I was told to say it to the person in question.
  61. But when it is the feeling of love that is called into question… I don’t know.
  62. For me Raphtalia is a reliable partner, she is the friend with whom I shared my joys and sorrows, and at the same time I think of her as something like a daughter.
  63. Meaning I think of myself as a foster father, like what Motoyasu has been saying.
  64. Raphtalia is prioritizing her mission until the world becomes peaceful, and she has parental affection for me rather than having an interest in romance.
  65. Hey, I’ll lose if I get caught up in Sadina’s pace.
  67. “What is Raphtalia’s race? I would like to ask for the time being.” (Naofumi)
  68. “Will you take responsibility since you want to know? Will you look after Raphtalia until the end?” (Sadina)
  70. When Sadina said until the end, she probably didn’t mean until the wave is over, but until the day Raphtalia dies.
  71. ……I think that I can’t take responsibility in that sense.
  72. When this world has become peaceful, I intend to return to my original world.
  74. “I understand. Then I wont ask.” (Naofumi)
  75. “Is that so… That’s disappointing~” (Sadina)
  77. Sadina’s numerous acts of interference after Raphtalia came back is probably done out of fear that will I lay a hand on Raphtalia, and she’s learning about my personality as well as making fun of me.
  78. Sadina’s repeated attack of annoying stories and harassment is probably so I don’t do anything to Raphtalia.
  79. This person usually plays around, but somehow she has developed the technique of calmly observing the behavior of people and guiding them.
  80. I’ve overlooked it because there’s no mischief that has been done to me, but I wouldn’t want to be her enemy.
  81. She said this in a playful tone, but her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.
  83. “You had a reason to say all this, right? Tell me about it a little, otherwise I won’t be able to protect her.” (Naofumi)
  84. “Oh, you’ve got a point. Then, just a little bit.” (Sadina)
  86. Sadina begins talking while lightly stroking Raphtalia’s hair.
  88. “You might not know, but Raphtalia-chan’s father was of a noble lineage, and I was the priestess who governed that lineage.” (Sadina)
  89. “Oh…… Silt Welt or Shirudo Furiden?” (Naofumi)
  90. “It was on the outskirts, but I can’t give you a specific location. Because even this is big service.” (Sadina)
  92. Was it not a Demi-human country?
  93. And what position did Sadina have?
  94. She did say it was a priestess just now……
  96. “To be honest Raphtalia’s father didn’t want to succeed his House so he eloped with Raphtalia’s mother. I wonder if he knew that I agreed with his thinking and escaped here?” (Sadina)
  97. “Did you Lv reset then?” (Naofumi)
  99. An image of the punishment for rebelling against the law comes to mind.
  101. “Yes, various things were lost, but there was no dissatisfaction because I had gained a lot of things. I was essentially banished.” (Sadina)
  102. “Did you get the divine protection of a water dragon by working as a priestess? And compared to the lineage of Raphtalia’s father, who was superior?” (Naofumi)
  103. “Raphtalia-chan’s father was the most admired in the area.” (Sadina)
  104. “More so than the Four Saint Heroes?” (Naofumi)
  105. “There is no folklore of the Heroes, but they have been described by visitors.” (Sadina)
  107. What kind of area is it?
  108. It’s lacking in credibility and is becoming dubious.
  109. But I feel like I have understood what kind of family Raphtalia came from.
  111. In a certain country she would be worshipped as a descendent, like a child of God.
  112. Let us deduce from the variety of material that has been provided until now.
  113. The atmosphere and the name of the knockdown technique Raphtalia invented by herself, the appearance of Sadina’s human form ……
  115. She’s a Japanese beauty. Sadina in her human form, that is.
  116. And she habitually uses a loincloth.
  117. So with ‘Japanese Style’ as a keyword, the eastern place that the Old Man from the weapon shop was talking about before comes to mind.
  119. “The country where Raphtalia father was born….. was it in seclusion?” (Naofumi) (TL: Sakoku or “locked country” was the foreign relations policy of Japan under which no foreigner could enter nor could any Japanese leave the country on penalty of death)
  120. “Wow, Naofumi-chan is amazing. It is so. It’s been that way since the past. There are many of such countries besides our country but it is a particularly exclusive area among those countries. ” (Sadina)
  122. When I look and think about it, it’s such rotten world.
  123. I have heard that there was also cases where some heroes were summoned in a peaceful time without waves.
  124. It’s not strange for those guys to escape from the countries that summoned them, and use their knowledge of the modern world to make a Hidden village-like country. [TC: So a larger scaled version where the whole country is secluded]
  125. That’s why it isn’t weird to have a Japanese country.
  127. Or rather, it’s weirder for civilization to be stuck in the middle ages despite heroes regularly being summoned from different worlds, especially if you include the super element of magic.
  128. ……Perhaps there is a reason for that, but it doesn’t really matter now.
  130. “Are you worried about that country?” (Naofumi)
  132. The country is secluded in the east.
  133. There is a country which looks like Japan, and Raphtalia has relatives with noble linage there.
  134. Does she feel like a pursuer will come to retrieve Raphtalia if it gets badly exposed?
  136. “You’re only half-correct, but that’s alright. I’ve been worried about Raphtalia’s own happiness.” (Sadina)
  137. “Uhh……” (Raphtalia)
  139. Sadina puts a cloth soaked in cold water on Raphtalia’s forehead when she hears her groan.
  141. “She will be waking up soon. Is there anything else you want to ask?” (Sadina)
  142. “Why don’t you speak to Raphtalia about this?” (Naofumi)
  143. “It’s the directive of Raphtalia-chan’s father.” (Sadina)
  145. Pardon me for being involved with Raphtalia’s family affairs like this though.
  146. Let’s deal with this after the world is at peace.
  147. But then the Church of the Three Heroes and the nobles are also like that.
  149. “Is it alright?” (Naofumi)
  150. “I think so. They won’t come unless you know too much.” (Sadina)
  151. “……About their domestic affairs?” (Naofumi)
  153. Sadina nods silently.
  154. Ah, so it comes to that, as I expected.
  155. So Raphtalia comes from a troublesome lineage.
  156. To me, an ordinary beauty of the Raccoon species would have been good.
  157. I see, so Sadina wants me to continue keeping it that way.
  159. Lets assume I got involved with Raphtalia and made a child with her.
  160. Then Raphtalia, pregnant with a child by me who is considered a God by some countries, might get targeted.
  161. Sadina is concerned about the possibility and is taking precaution.
  163. “If you really want a child with Raphtalia no matter what, do it after you stop worrying about the whole country being destroyed. It’s a promise with Onee-san. The current Naofumi-chan is capable of doing that.” (Sadina) [TC: ‘Stop worrying about the waves and focus 100% on Raphtalia’]
  164. “Aren’t you being too paranoid?” (Naofumi)
  166. She’s thinking too much about understanding the big picture.
  167. Of course it’s better to be a bit cautious.
  169. “That may be true but you must not underestimate a priestess or user of unique abilities. If someone like me is idling about, they may be aiming for Raphtalia’s life.” (Sadina)
  170. “I see.” (Naofumi)
  172. A country full of people with abilities like Sadina…… I would like to ask them to help save the world.
  173. Since Raphtalia is extremely strong, she won’t be killed easily.
  174. But even so, I won’t do something so irresponsible.
  176. “I wonder if Naofumi-chan has arrived at an actual decision. Onee-san doesn’t want you to do things that would make a girl cry. Though it’s fine because Onee-san is not a girl but an adult woman.” (Sadina)
  177. “Various reasons are being piled up now.” (Naofumi)
  178. “Nuu, Onee-san is troubled.” (Sadina) [TC: Nuu = no, but more colliquial-ish? Idk how to describe it]
  180. There was also the problem of Raphtalia’s parentage of course, but Sadina wanted to ask about my own feelings.
  181. That much was conveyed.
  183. “Uhh…… Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)
  185. Raphtalia, who has recovered consciousness, gets up.
  187. “Are you okay?” (Naofumi)
  188. “Ah, yes. I feel fine, strangely.” (Raphtalia)
  189. “That’s good.” (Sadina)
  190. “Did anything happen while I was passed out?” (Raphtalia)
  191. “……Not really.”  (Sadina)
  193. Sadina probably doesn’t want to tell her the truth.
  194. I also pretend I didn’t hear anything because I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.
  196. “That’s right. I just said that Raphtalia is like a daughter to me.” (Naofumi)
  197. “Right!?” (Raphtalia)
  198. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  199. “That’s right. I also mentioned that Raphtalia is something like a Fluffy-Tailed Waifu to me.” (Naofumi)*
  200. “Hai!?” (Raphtalia)
  202. *gag line by Rarstyak
  203. ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  205. Raphtalia, who raised her voice in surprise, tentatively nodded in agreement.
  206. ‘If I have come to like Raphtalia then show my resolution’…… it’s a troublesome topic.
  207. I won’t permanently reside in this world.
  208. I think so at least.
  210. “I was told by Sadina, with her noninterference policy, to protect Raphtalia as a parent.” (Naofumi)
  212. I say sarcastically and in an ostentatious way.
  213. Because despite wanting to protect you, I neglected you while you were out training.
  215. “Isn’t that called ‘If you love your children, send them out into the world’, Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina) [TC: Japanese idiom…. But Naofumi didn’t say that aloud, is Sadina reading his thoughts? o.0]
  217. Sadina murmurs absent mindlessly.
  219. “Naofumi-chan may not realize, but someone who becomes the slave of a Hero has an unnaturally good experience rate, and there’s also the growth of the status. To the extent that half-hearted opponents are no match for us.” (Sadina)
  220. “How good is it?” (Naofumi)
  221. “In my experience, it should have taken several years to reach the same Lv. Please keep that in mind.” (Sadina)
  223. I see, becoming a slave to a Hero can give you good experience gain.
  224. That reminds me, Fohl also said something similar.
  225. Moreover, there’s the influence of growth correction.
  227. “Then, getting a good Lv is possibly due to Naofumi-sama’s influence?” (Raphtalia)
  228. “That’s right. Onee-san has done many Lv resets and guarantees it.” (Sadina)
  229. “Now that you mentioned it, Teacher also said something similar. About Leveling quickly.” (Raphtalia)
  231. Somehow it seems as though the Hero correction thing also has some influence on companions.
  232. I have felt it a little bit though.
  234. “That’s why Onee-san has also become very strong.” (Sadina)
  235. “You couldn’t possibly have been going easy on me as an opponent?” (Raphtalia)
  236. “I couldn’t have done something like going easy on you. Raphtalia-chan has become very strong. Onee-san could have been defeated.” (Sadina)
  238. We finished chatting like this and returned to our respective homes to sleep.
  239. By the way, Gaelion enjoyed drinking the liquor he got from Sadina.
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