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Calvin Alphonse Lacroix The Second

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  1. Here they finally were. Once again, Bryce joined the ranks of the Zhengese defenders, setting up amongst the other fighters to try and stave off a raid from Aetherius. The Bluecloak stood straight, staff in hand, ready as he ever could be.
  3. Eventually, they were here. The Dyserthian Knight moved in, singling out an opponent to take out. As luck would have it, he'd find an old "friend" amongst the enemy ranks, ready for battle.
  5. "Cal."
  7. He called out. The Bluecloak was moving in, staff at the ready.
  9. "I said I'd finish the job when we next met. I intend to make good on that promise."
  11. The familiar golden glow shimmered about him, strong as ever. His aura flared as he approached, and a bolt of fire formed on the tip of his staff.
  13. "Come."
  15. For better or worse, it was on.
  16. (Bryce Gartier)
  18. The male marched alongside his forces as was expected of the High Ordinator. Fortunately the male wasn't here to claim the lives of those below him he was only hunting the powerful magi this time around.
  20. Staff in hand and wrapped in his rather familiar garb it seemed as if both of them had seen each other at the same time. Both of them meeting up somewhere in the middle among the rest of the battling forces.
  22. "I don' know your name 'id"
  24. A short chuckle escaped his mouth as he got ready to fight since both of them knew where this was going.
  26. "Thas good. I said that I wouldn' be the one going down this time. Either way your good as shite kid. Fun to fight against although I think this is our last bout."
  28. The magma skin that he usually wore was already cloaked around him as he charged at the kid.
  29. (Calvin)
  31. "Bryce."
  33. He shouted a reply as he moved onwards. Though it might've been drowned out by the sound of flames bursting from the tip of his staff. Whatever the case, the battle was joined.
  35. The Dyserthian charged forth in an atypically aggressive manner. The sheer frustration and anger from two failed battles bubbled up to fuel him. Every flame burned brighter, singed harder.
  37. The first part of their bout went for him. The Bluecloak managed to roll through the magma and stone his opponent threw out, sending out his own blasts of flame, stone and holy energy.
  39. After a brief, but harsh fight, the two were separated for a moment. The Dyserthian pulled back, hoping to re-examine his approach and heal up a bit, but would soon engage once more.
  40. (Bryce Gartier)
  42. "Nice ta meet ya then Bryce"
  44. Both of them heading straight for each other each using the same element. Its actually funny how much alike and different the two were.
  46. Flames and the ground below them flew everywhere as both of them fought. Clash after clash flame after flame burning hotter and hotter and building up the propper pressure for their fight.
  48. A well placed blast of his combined magicks left Calvin a bit out of breath and off balance as he wasn't expecting the offensive play from him. Although the only thing that could be heard beneath that grunt was a chuckle.
  50. Calvin chuckled as he wiped the blood from his face getting ready to continue thier bout.
  52. He was clearly having fun.
  53. (Calvin)
  55. Unlike his opponent, the Dyserthian was deathly calm. He didn't laugh, he didn't speak. He almost didn't breathe, which was a miracle in and of itself due to the sheer strain of the battle.
  57. The pair fought in a similar manner, but the key differences were there. As the small area about them turned into a smoldering crater, Bryce returned to his usual tactics. His movements became more conservative, his attacks more cautious and precise. Calvin's own attacks were bearing down on him, and he needed to focus on his own healing and injuries to last.
  59. In other words, Bryce forced another battle of stamina - one in which he had a massive advantage.
  61. As time went on and both combatants grew weary, the Dyserthian rushed forth on one last opportunity, sending a rolling boulder against his opponent. Calvin couldn't avoid it, and would end up taking the full brunt of the impact - half a ton of stone crashed against him and shattered both legs.
  63. It was over.
  65. The Bluecloak trudged forward, his breathing intensifying to ragged gasps. There was no-one to interrupt them.
  67. Once he'd steadied himself, he spoke. His gaze was fixed on the fallen opponent, his staff was resting against the ground. Though he tried to hide it, Bryce was leaning against it for support.
  69. "All the people you killed, maimed in those caverns. All the people you've burned. Did they not weigh on your conscience? Even once?"
  71. He sighed, lifting up the staff and gripping it in both hands. A spike of stone formed on it's rear end. His glare intensified, if such a thing were even possible, and he continued.
  73. "Say what you have to say. Speak whatever words you have left. This is your end."
  74. (Bryce Gartier)
  76. Their fight was nothing short of greatness. Almost deathly silent if you didn't count the sounds of attacks hitting against each other or themselves. Neither uttered a word frankly you'd probably they were scared to even breathe because it might give away their next movement.
  78. Offensive clashing espically with Calvin's newest addition to the arsenal. Occultic magic powered his attacks as he fought against the holy mage. Filling the area around him along side of all of his other magics. Bryce just being a bit better at the healing aspect and keeping himself up at all the important moments where Calvin thought he had him.
  80. It wasn't long before the victor would be decided.
  82. Both of them slowly tiring out and reaching the edge of their ropes, cutting at the ends of each other just to make it there a bit faster. One last effort to dash towards his opponent on a wave of magma left him open for his opponent a dumb play indeed.
  84. His legs shattering under him as he tried to lessen the impact of the bolder running at and over him like some sort of cartoon character. For a moment he stood there on both broken legs swearing he could still fight to himself and whatever higher power there was above him to let him fight more just a little bit more.
  86. Both of them breathing heavily although Calvin's breathing was a bit shaky as his magma skin slowly cracked and fell away disintergrating as if it was made of some sort of sand.
  88. "Lord Bune... I failed you in the end huh?"
  90. A slight chuckle came from his mouth as he shook his head conjuring not a shield to protect him but a simply slab to keep him locked into place instead of falling on the ground.
  92. "I did what I had to do. Do ya know what you and ya people took from me and mine? Do you know how much we have suffered because of ya. Ask your folks if the death of my wife and kid mattered to them if it weighs on them. I think twice about everyone I killed! All of their lovely faces as I burnt them all to death! HAHAHA! It was lovely. Payback of somekind."
  94. He looked at Bryce for a moment before using what last bit of his mana to shift the earth around his bag over to him to get two cigars and a bottle of whiskey.
  96. "If ya gonna kill me at least grant me my last smoke and drink."
  98. There was a smile on his face as if he had come to peace with everything. A slight chuckle as the cigar was placed in his mouth and his cigar already lit so he could at least enjoy his death.
  99. (Calvin)
  101. The Dyserthian stared down at his fallen foeman and rival, waiting and listening to his final words. If they had any effect on him, it didn't show.
  103. A nod is given as to the request, and the man was allowed to light his smoke, drink his drink. He waited, staff held aloft, until he was done. The rest of the battle might've raged on, but he could grant that, at least.
  105. "Very well. May your journey burn away your sins and grant you peace in the next life."
  107. He stepped forward, finally. A boot was pressed on the downed man's chest, and he hefted the staff up once more, stone spike menacing from it's end.
  109. It was brought down in one swift motion, aimed at Calvin's skull. The spike would crash through, granting him a final death - hopefully swift and painless.
  111. He lingered there for a few more moments, before eventually pulling the staff away. The Dyserthian picks up his opponent's weapon, gives a final nod, and departs for his own lines.
  112. (Bryce Gartier)
  114. The male nodded at Bryce as he was given his final request. A glass of whiskey poured by rather shaky hands for both himself and Bryce although whether or not Bryce took the other cup was up to him.
  116. Slowly the male took a slow sip of the whiskey a refreshing "Ahh" Slipping out of his mouth as he waitied for the numbing effects of it to kick in. It was nothing Calvin wasn't used to. Although he was completely ready for this coming into it.
  118. "My name... My full name is Calvin Alphonse Lacroix. I think you deserve to know that as you'll be the last one to see me."
  120. Those were the last words he spoke as his drink was quickly downed and he continued to smoke. The cigar dropped right below him as he finished nodding once he was ready.
  122. His eyes didn't close. The male stared at Bryce the whole time with a smile on his face. One could tell he was already at peace with this almost as if he was already a dead man walking.
  124. Once impact was made a final twitch was made from his body. The remaining magma melting into his body and burning away at everything left since there wasn't any mana being produced to stop it. He'd probably melt away unless Bryce decided to stop it.
  125. (Calvin)
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