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  1. Implementation 1: Village lookup delineates bonus stamina provided, which content it has access to.
  2. Implementation 2: Automatic kage drop from kaiju removed; second random drop implemented. Kage qualifies for random/T3 drops. With that 200% bonus damage, they're pretty much guaranteed the t3 on the first time the kai rolls through town if they're competent and put in some effort, and "putting in effort" is the crux of the issue, imo.
  3. Implementation 3: Make Ascension a combination Opening/Battle theme. You need Closing to put up a competent defense, but making it take the Battle slot makes you lose out on SBYN/Flip Out/28DRL, something a lot of people will be loath to give up if they're not dedicated to being a leader.
  4. Implementation 4: People without The Five Rings cannot under any circumstances be a kage, even in the instance of an idled-out leader.
  5. Implementation 5: IM requirements need to be changed to include a check for having Cipher as an ally. The IM should evolve as the game does: it is supposed to represent at least partial completion of the entire game.
  6. Implementation 6: Village merge option, village dissolution package.
  7. Implementation 7: Allow kaiju to join IRs. Retain that kaiju who do not run their own village are not allowed to attack or spy.
  8. Implementation 8: Kaiju maintenance check: are you active/powerful enough to remain a kaiju?
  9. Implementation 9: Uncouple villager count from upkeep, or invert it. Smaller villages have inherently higher upkeeps, to give incentive to be bigger. Having more villagers means more people to take care of village maintenance, while trying to run a village with 3 villagers should be nigh-impossible. Inclusive to this: alter upgrades to be worth upkeep reduction amounts: some, like Banker, should be a large fixed-value, but most should make the village EASIER to run and therefore require less upkeep.
  10. Implementation 10: Implement IR-Only 50+ Villager Required upgrades to incentivize collecting in larger, more established villages. "50+" because that means at a just-over-half-full village with full nonjas, you can meet their maintenance requirement.
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