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  1. Press Release
  3. WHAT: Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party!
WHEN: Tonight, Saturday January 21st, 2012

  5. WHERE: The Vogue Theatre (Granville Street), Coast Salish Territories
  7. Tonight, January 21st, queers and allies are coming together outside Dan Savage's live speaking event at the Vogue Theatre on Coast Salish Territories. Currently, dozens of us are outside this pricey event, shit-disturbing and making a ruckus! We are here to form an un-welcoming party for Dan Savage noted for his ableism, ageism, classism, misogyny, racism, rape-apologism, serophobia, sizism, transphobia and, oh yeah, that column.  
  9.         “We are here to express solidarity with glitter bombers in Eugene, Oregon and Irvine,         California. Dan Savage is GGG – Going to Get Glitter-bombed!” - Lavender Menace
  10.         “We refuse to band together behind a man or a movement that fails to acknowledge      the realities of poverty, racism, colonization, ableism, criminalization, transphobia, and      other forms of violence experienced by queer communities.” - Fister Limpwrist

  11. Examples of Dan Savage’s oppressive speech and behaviour are far too numerous to outline in their entirety, but here’s a few to mull over: 

Dan Savage has a shameful history of relying on abelist, transphobic and fat-phobic language. During the Proposition 8 debate Dan repeatedly placed blame on Black and Latino communities for the success of the homophobic legislation, despite being called out by queer people of colour for the racism underlying these claims. As well, Dan has described HIV positive people who have unprotected sex with HIV negative people as “deadbeat infectors,” advocating for mandatory drug-support payments from people who transmit the virus.

We seek to join our voices with all those calling out Dan Savage, his apologists, and a broader culture of oppression that legitimizes his words and actions.  
     “We're joining together to tell Mr. Savage that he's not welcome in our city, in our  hearts, or in our bedrooms.  We're fed up with him being held up as a spokesperson for  sex-postive, GLBTQ politics and we want to make it clear – to him and to everyone     else who will listen – that Dan Savage doesn't speak for us.” - Lotsa Sparkle
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  16. CONTACTS: 
Lavender Menace, 604-812-1304
For further information see: 
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