Cannon Fodder

Jun 9th, 2013
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  1. In infrared, you can see the flying forms of the pegasi guards swooping overhead.
  3. Even with the visor's sensory enhancement, you can hardly see the wasteland around you: it's choked with enough Mist to topple a man in seconds. In the beginning of the Realm War, most of the human soldiers had fallen this way. It had taken months to discover the exact nature of the Mist, and months more to develop an appropriate countermeasure.
  5. The countermeasure was the Shock Suit. Made possible by state-of-the-art servomotors and actuators, the Shock Suits completely enclosed their human wearers, sealing them from the Mist's magical fumes.
  7. You, as a Shock Trooper of the Earth Defense Collective, wear this suit with pride. It is as much a psychological tool as it is a practical one. Ponies have shown a distinct fear of the appearance of humans, and the Shock Suits magnify that fear a thousandfold. They transform their wearers into gods of war, covered in shimmering black nanometal and shaking the ground with their heavy footfall.
  9. When the first wave of pegasi guards goes in for a dive bombing run, you pay them little heed. Your objective is to neutralize the Steam Tank water depot.
  11. The damn machines are clumsy as hell, but their rainbow cannons can neutralize entire platoons with a blast of spicy liquid.
  13. So onward you march, contemptuously ignoring the flasks of magical potions that the guards desperately hurl down at you. They're just distractions, about as useless as the flyboys on your own side.
  15. As if on cue, you see a squadron of jetpack soldiers trailing after the pegasi, ineffectually trying to draw beads on them. You roll your eyes. Maybe there's something about flight that attracts idiots and cowards. True men fight the battle toe-to-toe on solid ground.
  17. Or perhaps toe-to-hoof is a better way to put it.
  19. You can't help but grin as your visor locks onto your mission objective: the water depot. The unicorn wizards had figured out a lot of ways to make the Steam Tanks hard targets—cloaking spells, shield spells, reflection spells—but they hadn't quite worked out the problem of how to make the Steam Tanks not need so much water for their boilers. Once this water depot goes down, the Equestrian forces will be deprived of heavy support.
  21. Typical for the style preferred by ponykind, the water depot looks like it belongs in the late 1800's. It's essentially a giant wooden barrel of water resting on a crude timber framework, with a swiveling iron spout to quickly refill the boilers.
  23. This will be satisfying. Ryder's squad got put out of action last week by those stupid it's payback time. You raise your missile gauntlet and lock onto a critical joint in the water tower's support frame.
  25. “Halt!”
  27. Without turning your head you glance over at the speaker; a brown-coated pegasus guard dressed in flamboyant gold centurion-style armor. His face is set in what he obviously hopes is an intimidating scowl, but you can clearly see how much he's trembling.
  29. You know you should just ignore him and blow up the depot, but something about this little pony annoys you. Throughout all your experience in the war, you've never encountered an Equestrian that held his ground alone against a mighty Shock Trooper. How stupid was this guy?
  31. You decide to teach him a lesson.
  33. Slowly, bringing your shoulder-plates up to their full height, you turn around and face the arrogant guard.
  35. “What did you say?” you ask, enjoying the way the suit deepens and amplifies your voice to a monstrous bellow.
  37. He's visibly shaken by your booming voice, but amazingly, he still stands reasonably firm.
  39. “I-I said, halt.”
  41. Despite the stutter, there's still some slight edge of confidence in his voice. Anger grips your mind, and you step closer, forcing him to take a step back. You turn up the glow settings on your visor, making you look like a yellow-eyed beast from Equestrian legend.
  43. He gulps...but still does not flee.
  45. This is getting downright infuriating. You raise your missile gauntlet again and lock onto him. If this doesn't scare him off, nothing will.
  47. “I don't think you know who you're up against, you little bitch,” you growl. “I'm a Shock Trooper. You wanna play soldier with me? Then your ass is mine.”
  49. “I am Cloud Nine, a faithful servant of Princess Celestia,” he shouts, his voice still containing that insufferable blend of fear and confidence. “And I will show you what we Equestrians can do!”
  51. Before you can shoot back a reply, you hear the sound of galloping hooves behind you. Damn it! How the hell did they not show up on the scanner. With a savage grunt, you turn around and start to train your gauntlet on the--
  53. It's too late. Soaring in hoof-first, the ambushing pegasus guard lands a mighty blow on your helmet. White stars flash in your vision before everything goes black.
  55. You drift in and out of consciousness as the guards slowly drag you away. Snippets of their conversations tease your brain before the world fades out again.
  57. “Perfect distraction, Cloud! You've earned yourself a promotion.”
  59. “You mean...-the- promotion?”
  61. “Of course! Just sit back and bask in the glory, Cloud—you're a war hero!”
  63. “I'm gonna miss you guys...”
  65. You try to summon enough strength to break free, but it's no use. Your head cries out for relief, making it almost impossible to get your thoughts together before the next blackout.
  67. Never before have you been afraid of these little creatures. What are they going to do to you? In the past few months they'd stopped giving up prisoners.
  69. But far worse is the knowledge that whatever happens to could have been prevented. If you were just a bit stronger, you might be able to break free. If you were just a bit smarter, you might have seen this coming. If you were just a bit luckier...
  71. It makes you want to scream in anger at yourself. You wallow in your impotent rage for however long your stuttering mind allows you to, waking and fading. Waking and fading. Waking...
  73. You wake up inside a brightly-lit white tent, its flapping canvas embroidered with golden sun patterns and decorations.
  75. Strangely, they've left your suit on you. You look around and realize you're lying spread-eagled on some sort of big metal pad, surrounded by archaic medical equipment.
  77. Shitshitshitshit! You can only barely suppress a scream at the realization of what your fate will be. They're gonna tear you apart, piece by piece. You'll be a goddam biopsy specimen!
  79. You struggle to stand up, only to find that your suit remains thoroughly bonded to the metal pad. Your heart races faster at this revelation, helping to flood your system with useless adrenaline. All those well-developed instincts and mechanisms to help humans survive...all worthless.
  81. “Greetings, human. There is no need to be afraid.”
  83. You crane your head to see a green unicorn stallion wearing a doctor's coat. He stands only a few feet away from you, regarding you with an expression devoid of emotion.
  85. A chill runs down your back. This guy is practically the living embodiment of the Creepy Enemy Doctor.
  87. “Get away from me, you son of a bitch!” you yell, suddenly realizing how that pegasus guard must have felt.
  89. “You humans are a fascinating species,” the doctor comments as a glow builds in his horn. “You're not evil, just a bit...aggressive. There's still much about you we don't understand.”
  91. You watch with growing fear as an ethereal, saw-like disc materializes in thin air, connected to the doctor's horn by thin strands of magic.
  93. “You sick bastard!” you yell as he sinks the magical saw into the left foot of your armor. Somehow he manages to perfectly avoid cutting into your skin.
  95. You scream yourself hoarse as he repeats the process on all the joints of your armor, eventually breaking down into tears. Why can't they just get this over with?
  97. At last the doctor finishes cutting into your armor. Your visor's display screams to you that your suit's pressure seal is compromised, and the nanofibers have formed a Stage One temporary seal. That isn't exactly comforting: Stage One nanofiber seals could easily be pulled apart with the slightest force.
  99. “Cloud Nine?” the doctor calls as he produces a flask from a small cabinet. “Are you ready to begin?”
  101. To your disgust and fear, the same guard emerges from a nearby flap door.
  103. Cloud Nine nods briskly. “Ready.”
  105. There's something especially horrible about the idea that this pony will be here to watch your slow demise. If only you could get free...
  107. You'd be doomed anyway, but at least you could die with a sliver of dignity.
  109. Without another word the doctor unstops the flask and sets it on the ground. Immediately a sickly cloud of Mist pours out from the bottle, quickly filling the tent with its signature haze.
  111. As far as you know, the Mist is some sort of magical anesthetic gas the ponies use to incapacitate humans. That's what makes it so baffling why they would use it—why would they knock you out only to knock you out again? What kind of torture-biopsy was this?
  113. “As I said,” the doctor explains, “I find your race very interesting. You're filled with all sorts of contradictions. Warlike one moment, peaceful the next. Undoubtedly we can learn much from each other. But first, we need to find a way to make you more...tractable.”
  115. Your stomach sinks as you realize what their plan must be. They won't be ravaging your body...they'll be ravaging your mind. You want to cry out in defiance again, but it hurts to speak. The sheer abuse you've put your throat through makes that out of the question.
  117. So what comes out is a whimper. A pathetic whimper that not even the suit's amplification can twist into something menacing. You sound like a wounded puppy, mewling for its mother to lick its wounds.
  119. The look of pity in Cloud Nine's eyes is a knife in your heart. “It will be all right,” he says gently as he tugs on your right gauntlet, breaking the nanoseal. “It will be all right.”
  121. Slowly he pulls the gauntlet off, letting the Mist kiss your bare hand. Strange pleasure rolls down your nerves as the Mist envelops your fingers.
  123. Like a flower closing its petals, your fingers involuntarily form a beak shape. At first you think it's just some strange nerve reaction....
  125. But then your fingers start to merge. To your horror, your flesh becomes like clay as your fingers and thumb become one thick, strong digit, muscles and bone rippling under your skin as they rearrange. You feel no pain, but that makes the process no less horrifying to experience.
  127. You whimper again, more loudly this time as Cloud Nine tenderly removes the vambrance protecting your forearm. Again your flesh tingles and reshapes, bulging and flaring like a bell to match with your rapidly widening ex-hand.
  129. It doesn't take a genius to realize what they're turning you into.
  131. One of -them.- Goddam it, why didn't you see this coming? Maybe this is how they always had such astounding numbers. They had a ready supply of reinforcements, right from their captured enemy soldiers.
  133. It was ingenious in how cruelly efficient it was.
  135. You vow that no matter what they do to your body, they'll never take your mind. Even if it's hopeless, you struggle with all your might against your bonds. You wave your new hoof back and forth, trying to land a blow on Cloud Nine.
  137. But your movements are too groggy and slow. He easily dodges them, quickly getting to work on pulling off your shoulder guard. You moan as your shoulder reshapes, giving a better socket for your foreleg.
  139. “It will be over soon,” he whispers earnestly. “Just let it go.”
  141. But you won't—no, you can't. As the pegasus repeats the process on your other arm, you desperately hope that someone will rescue you. Sergeant Jackson—Corporal Chen—dammit, you'd kiss Captain Anderson's boots all day long if you had to have that prick as your savior.
  143. But even as Cloud Nine starts to remove your boots, you still find no salvation.
  145. “I suppose I owe you a bit of an explanation,” the doctor says. “As I'm sure you're aware, ordinarily the Mist is just a simple psychomagical sedative. But after some experiments, we discovered it can also carry enchantments that...drastically alter its effects. One of them was a transformation enchantment.”
  147. You whimper and struggle again as you see your feet change into hooves. Cloud Nine caresses them for a moment before liberating your shins from their greaves, which shorten and flare much like your forearms. A wave of itchiness washes over you as tiny baby-blue hairs start to sprout from new follicles all over your skin.
  149. “Oh, it seems you're going to have quite a beautiful coat. Now, where was I? Ah, yes—the enchantment. One such enchantment was the Enchantment of Desire,” he explains as Cloud Nine removes the rest of the armor covering your legs.
  151. You barely hear him as you watch your newly-denuded knees and thighs reshape, shortening and broadening to resemble the typical stocky hind legs of the Equestrians.
  153. “So that gave us an interesting opportunity to solve several problems at once—for one, how to dispose of enemy prisoners. For another, how to find agreeable sources of knowledge on human civilization. And a third benefit? To provide--how shall I put it—rewards for our honored heroes.”
  155. “What the hell do you mean?” you croak as Cloud Nine begins to lift off your helmet. Only now have you finally found the strength to speak again.
  157. “What does a soldier want once he goes home?” asks the doctor. “Obviously, he wants a job. We can provide that. He wants stability. We can provide that, too. But if he doesn't already have one, odds are that he'll want to find a certain...special someone.”
  159. This is a nightmare you never could've imagined. Cloud Nine finishes breaking the seal on your helmet, swiftly pulling it off.
  161. This is the worst change yet. Although there is still no pain, the feeling of having your eyes enlarge is something that is so alien and bizarre that you can't even begin to describe it. You feel your ears travel to the top of your skull, becoming pointed and thick. Your hair lengthens into a silky white mane, spilling slightly over your eyes as your mouth and nose lengthen into a short snout. You moan in a voice hideously distorted by your shifting jaw and palate. Your neck creaks nauseatingly as it shifts and lengthens. Soon you're groaning in a voice that is strangely high-pitched and soft.
  163. Almost....feminine.
  165. “No,” you whimper. “ sick!”
  167. All that's left is your torso and groin armor. Quickly the pegasus sets to work on depriving you of your chest plate.
  169. “I admit, it isn't the most morally upstanding of solutions,” the doctor confesses. “To be honest, Celestia is unaware of this program's existence. But such is the nature of war. We all must do what we need to prevail.”
  171. That last phrase hits you in the gut. You'd heard your commanding officer use it way too many times in his speeches to not see the similarity.
  173. Goddammit...all this time, and you'd never had to worry about being someone on the wrong end of that philosophy...
  175. Just then Cloud Nine pulls the plates away from your torso, exposing your skin to the Mist's evil embrace. This time it starts to actually hurt. It feels like your chest is caught in a garbage compacter, getting crushed and constricted into something slim and supple.
  177. “Oh, dear. The anesthetic effect must be wearing off,” the doctor says as he pushes a button on the cabinet. Instantly metal bands shoot out from the table, binding each of your hooves in place now that you're regaining control of them. He trots over to you and stuffs a cloth into your mouth.
  179. “Bite down as hard as you can. You'll need to for this last step.”
  181. There is nothing you can do to stop the final stage of your transformation. You cannot stop Cloud Nine from gently removing your groin protector and pulling off your undershorts. You can only watch in agony as your pelvic region contorts, growing fur and reshaping to fit with the rest of your body.
  183. You can only scream through the cloth as your penis abruptly inverts into a vagina, dragging your testicles along with it. Horrific cramps seize your body as your plumbing rearranges, becoming the equipment of the gentler sex.
  185. You scream and scream again as your body finishes its changes, shrinking and reforming to reflect the final finishing touches. Just when you think it's over, a horrible new source of pain builds midway along your back. It feels like two creatures are trying to burst out of you.
  187. You writhe as two wings gradually emerge from your back, delicate and elegantly feathered.
  189. “A pegasus? Not surprising, I suppose,” the doctor says, nodding towards Cloud Nine. “You may proceed with the next step.”
  191. Smoothly the pegasus guard sheds his heavy gold armor, revealing him to be...surprisingly handsome. He has a rich golden mane that compliments his smooth brown fur, and gleaming green eyes that are hard to look away from.
  193. Wait, what the hell are you thinking? This damn pony was responsible for all this! You hated everything about him!
  195. Didn't you?
  197. Slowly he trots closer. “Do you want me?” he asks tenderly. You can't help but notice the throbbing rod that bobs stiffly between his hind legs.
  199. “No,” you spit, trying to ignore the way the fold between your legs is starting to feel wet and swollen. It's a disgusting feeling, it doesn't belong, it shouldn't be there, but--
  201. it feels fucking -amazing.-
  203. “Are you sure?” he asks. “I won't force this on you if you don't.”
  205. “I want it!” you gasp, your eyes going wide as you realize what you just said. It wasn't involuntary: it was from deep inside. A strange sense of longing is building in you...
  207. “I...” you say breathily, “I want it.”
  209. You just want the feeling to go away, that's all. You'll just get this over with, and it will go away.
  211. “Do you want to abandon your army?” asks Cloud Nine.
  213. “No,” you say abruptly. Of course you didn't.
  215. “Then we'll part,” he says, beginning to walk away.
  217. Fuck...why did you care so much? To hell with it. You'd just say what he wanted to say, there was nothing else behind it.
  219. Nothing else behind it.
  221. “No,” you call. “I'll give it up. I'll give it all up. Just please...”
  223. “Are you willing to spend your life with me?” he asks, drawing closer.
  225. “No! Wait, yes! Just don't leave me like this!” you shriek, feeling your hips begin to tremble violently. The heat is almost unbearable.
  227. He's close enough to rest his cheek on yours. You drink in his heavy, musky scent, finding it intoxicating.
  229. “Mm...I think you'll do.”
  231. Words can't describe the delight those words give you.
  233. Your desire and impatience is so immense that it seems to take years for him to finally enter you.
  235. But when he does...
  237. The first thrust is shocking, and your male mind protests at the thought of such an intrusion. But on the second thrust this part of you begins to wonder if it truly is an intrusion.
  239. No, it's a connection. A connection of two things that fit perfectly together. You and Cloud Nine.
  241. You scream his name on the third thrust, not caring how high-pitched and sultry your moans are. You see the way your armor is scattered around you in plain sight, but the painful reminder of your life as a powerful human male simply doesn't matter. Pleasure drowns out your objections and your fears, taking you to a world where misery and doubt simply cannot exist. Your wings flutter wildly as you build to a climax.
  243. You're not sure if you'd give up everything to stay with him...but then again, you're not sure what you want anymore.
  245. Right now, you just want to hit your peak. Using the tip of his left wing, Cloud Nine massages your teats, taking you even higher.
  247. “Are you mine?” Cloud Nine yells as you near the climax. The world is a blur of sight and sound now, and it's hard to focus on anything but the molten core of pleasure between your legs.
  249. Your half-moaned reply echoes through the tent as you finally reach the summit.
  251. “Yes!”
  254. Bathing in the warm afterglow, you let Cloud Nine lift you up and carry you onto one of the cots. You don't need to say anything—you just let him do what he wants.
  256. There's nothing you can do against him, anyway—not with what he just did to you.
  258. The doctor approaches, his horn lit with a faint blue glow. “Hm,” he says, a small tendril of light snaking towards your abdomen. “Triplets. I'd say this was quite a success. Good job, Cloud. Congratulations on finding your new wife.”
  260. You're not sure if they knew you're still awake, but somehow...the thought of being a mother doesn't seem all that bad, especially if you had a pony like Cloud Nine as a husband. He'd make a great father; strong and proud. Maybe one of your kids will grow up to join the Guard, too.
  262. You still remember your old life, and still have fears about the future...but does it really matter now?
  267. Captain Anderson stared through the binoculars at the small family of pegasi eagerly fluttering through the park. His camosuit made him appear as though he was made out of glass—not entirely invisible, but far too difficult for the ponies to notice.
  269. Deep infiltration led to a lot of odd situations like these, where en route to a command center he'd stumble across strangely serene scene. The mother looked particularly adorable, baby-blue and with a silky white mane that just barely fell over her azure eyes. Three small pegasus foals roughhoused about, moderated by the father's occasional interventions.
  271. After a few more minutes the family took to the sky, ascending to what he had been told was “Cloudsdale,” a city made from clouds.
  273. There was something that vaguely bothered him about the encounter, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Suppressing a sigh, he got up and continued on his way.
  275. “Halt,” said a nervous-looking guard.
  277. Anderson turned to face him, wearing a mocking grin behind his mask. How stupid was this guy?
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