Space Salad

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  1. [21:06:07] <Kaingaskhan> SALADIZE ME CAP'N
  2. [21:06:09] * Kaingaskhan is now known as Cael
  3. [21:06:15] * ~Giantree FIRES THE SALAD RAY
  4. [21:06:17] <~Giantree> OKAY!
  5. [21:08:08] <~Giantree> As you enter the Asura Gate - man that's a weird way to start, isn't it - you're overcome with feelings of nausea.  Unlike how it usually feels, it's like you've been deposited on a hard, metal floor... only that's exactly what it is, coupled with the sensation of being poked while chattery voices go off in the background.
  6. [21:08:19] <~Giantree> "... It's an alien, right?"
  7. [21:08:42] <~Giantree> Poke poke.  "No way, someone just missed a the coordinates transporting their food!"
  8. [21:09:11] <~Giantree> You're coming to while the voices get gradually louder and louder.
  9. [21:10:04] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Not too far away, but not within the chattery voices that are close by, there's the voice of a woman yelling, with some occasional whimpering from some others, presumably whoever she's yelling at.  You can't quite make out what she's saying, but you're able to glean something about "HEROES" and "cowards" and something about being disappointed.
  10. [21:10:47] <~Giantree> And in response there's a bored chorus of "okaaaaaaay."
  11. [21:11:26] * Cael groans, trying to pick himself off the floor. He's a humanoid sort for sure, with humanoid-ish features, but his skin is green and said features are decidedly plantlike. A leaf of his red hair tumbles in front of his eyes and he brushes it away before glancing up and trying to get his bearings.
  12. [21:11:54] <~Giantree> "Wait, food isn't supposed to GET UP!"
  13. [21:12:36] <~Giantree> The first thing you see is a slightly chubby, screeching person running away, dressed in some totally unfamiliar outfit.
  14. [21:12:49] <Cael> "What in the name of the Pale Tree have I gotten myself into now...?" he feels for a wall to gain some support.
  15. [21:13:27] <~Giantree> The first wall... stumble stumble.... there it is.  It's a glass pane, and looking at it produces both a mirror and a view of a large number of stars.
  16. [21:14:03] <~Giantree> .. Unfortunately in the former case most of the other people scream at the top of their lungs and start running until they're out of view.
  17. [21:14:28] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Now that you're more awake, her voice is easier to pick out.  "That sure didn't sound you like mean it! Honestly, you're all a bunch of greedyguts, cutting those people dry because they weren't able to afford you!  Real heroes would accept a job to help those in need even if it was for 1 Fol!"
  18. [21:15:17] <~Giantree> Some bored-looking gentlemen haven't looked over yet, but they start doing so.  "Yes, m'aaa- WHAT IS THAT"
  19. [21:15:47] * Cael blinks several times at the sight of the stars as he slowly recovers from his little trip. "By Ventari..." he whispers. "We're suspended in the night sky itself. Where DID they send me...?"
  20. [21:17:01] <Cael> Overcoming that initial shock, he notices the reflections and turns around to get a look at the people fleeing. That reaction makes him feel a bit uneasy. His eyes scan the room for danger.
  21. [21:17:37] <~Giantree> The room's pouring itself out now!  Or rather, it pretty much has already except for the people in suits next to a really loud woman.
  22. [21:17:57] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "What's what!?"  She turns to face what they're looking at.  "We're in space and you're freaked out over an alien species?  Weak."  She turns to glare at them.
  23. [21:18:24] <~Giantree> "B-B-But what if it's an INVADER?  I didn't even bring my weapons!"
  24. [21:18:34] <~Giantree> The others all raise their hands, each with a "yeah, me neither."
  25. [21:19:04] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She snorts, her face livid.  "GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"
  26. [21:19:26] <~Giantree> With the wimpiest screams imaginable, they all FLINCH and run the same way everybody else did.
  27. [21:21:00] <Cael> What was that she said earlier? Something about heroes? His mouth opens as if to speak, but his stomach hits him again with a wave of naseua. He would have to figure it out a bit later. For now he had a bit of a more pressing concern, if he didn't want to retch all over these people's bright metal floor. ...A metal floor. Curious. He stares at that for a bit longer. Usually you see that
  28. [21:21:00] <Cael> sort of thing in Charr settlements, and all grimy and soot-covered, but no, this looks quite well-pol-oh right, vomit. He stumbles forward a bit, approaching the woman.
  29. [21:21:23] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You're all on janitorial duty for a month, you got it!?"  She shakes her head as they leave.  Now that everyone's gone, you can get a good look at her.  She's got long blonde hair, a white headband, and a loose robe that looks out of place with the other people you've seen but wouldn't look out of place where you've come from.
  30. [21:21:43] <Cael> "Excuse me..." he begins. "Pardon the intrusion, but could you tell me where the water closet is?"
  31. [21:22:56] <Cael> "I'm terribly disoriented at the moment..."
  32. [21:24:05] <Cael> "I do believe that is the -last- time I agree to help an Asura with their experiments..."
  33. [21:24:06] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Coming closer, you realize that she has a pair of white wings upon her back.  Huh.  She turns to face you, her face turning to one of concern.  "You all right?  It'd be over there, do help yourself."  She points to some doors nearby, labeled "MALE", "FEMALE", and "OTHER", with appropriate pictures, the OTHER door having some strange kind of beast depicted.
  34. [21:25:22] <Cael> He does give a look of wonder at the wings, but right now the sensation of his stomach bids him give the lady a quick "Thank you" as he he approaches the door, fumbling for a knob or something.
  35. [21:25:47] <~Giantree> The door SLIDES open upon approaching it instead.
  36. [21:26:09] <Cael> He hesitates on seeing this, but doesn't stop to argue. In he goes! BLUUHHH
  37. [21:26:14] <~Giantree> ... And when it does the hall turns red, too.  Loud sirens start blaring.
  38. [21:26:29] <~Giantree> 4ALART ALART ALART
  39. [21:28:31] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The woman facepalms where she's at.  "Who turned that on without my approval?  I'm going to put them on janitor duty too..."
  40. [21:29:05] <Cael_> "..." he barely has time to pick himself up after relieving himself of the contents of his... stomach? His kind don't really have stomachs in the same way normal people do, but close enough. "What is that piercing noise?" he asks as he leaves the strange bathroom with its magic door. "...some kind of... warning siren?"
  41. [21:29:21] * Cael ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  42. [21:30:03] <~Giantree> Outside where the mysterious woman is, there's a sound of skittering coming from the nearby halls.
  43. [21:30:20] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "That would be correct.  Annnd...can you defend yourself?"
  44. [21:31:05] * Cael_ 's senses seem to sharpen, and he nods, drawing an antiquated looking flintlock pistol. "Of course. If there's trouble I'll be glad to assist."
  45. [21:31:20] <~Giantree> Skreeeeeeech skitter skitter skitter skitter
  46. [21:31:53] <Cael_> He flicks his other hand and vines grow along his arm and into his palm, forming a similar shape as the first pistol before becoming detached, the plant-like construct morphing and taking on a very similar appearance to his first gun.
  47. [21:32:49] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She gives out a loud "WAHAHAHA~!" at that.  "Well, if you got dropped here, and that all happened..."  She nodnods to herself.  "You must be a hero in training!  Dropped here as part of some greater fate for you!  Since you're going to need every bit of practice you can get, I'll..."  She looks you over, sizing you up.  "1/3rd strength should be appropriate!  Come!  We battle together!  
  48. [21:32:49] <&Aori_Radidjiu> There'll be time for names and introductions later!"
  49. [21:32:58] <Cael_> "This is all very peculiar, but there's no time to worry about it, yes."
  50. [21:33:04] <~Giantree> In the hallway ahead, two spider-like forms apparently made of metal tap their claws and creep along a wall, turning a corner!
  51. [21:33:08] <~Giantree> SKREEEEEEE
  52. [21:33:30] <Cael_> "Beasts of metal... I do believe I've heard of such creatures before, but I had never thought-"
  53. [21:33:35] <~Giantree> They creep closer and both stare a bit before plasma knives pop out.
  54. [21:33:37] <Cael_> "Well, no matter!"
  55. [21:33:47] * Cael_ gets ready!
  56. [21:33:51] <~Giantree> WHOOSH
  57. [21:34:28] <~Giantree> Two secu-droids BARE THEIR LASER-SCALPELS.  ... What ARE those?
  58. [21:34:30] * &Aori_Radidjiu pulls a blade from...was that out of nowhere? It sort of materialized in a burst of light! She jumps up, her wings flapping, as she gets into a flying battle stance!
  59. [21:34:38] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (woops not nicked)
  60. [21:34:46] <~Giantree> (>using /me without /nicking)
  61. [21:34:47] <&Aori_Radidjiu> *The woman
  62. [21:35:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (shhhh)
  63. [21:35:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (What would I nick to?  ????)
  64. [21:35:42] <~Giantree> Player turns first!  ... Or so it should be, the mysterious woman - I wouldn't ever condemn you to a fate of nicking to that though - gets initiative I think.
  65. [21:35:50] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (...that's "???" and a question mark after it, because that was what I was asking)
  66. [21:35:59] <Cael_> "Weapons of energy... well, let's see how they fare compared to -my- teeth and claws!"
  67. [21:36:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Real heroes know when to strike first!"  She swoops in and slices one of the robots!
  68. [21:36:40] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+5
  69. [21:36:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=4,2]
  70. [21:36:47] <~Giantree> Shing! Hits!
  71. [21:37:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 58 ARM damage!
  72. [21:37:40] * Cael_ Unloads on the other creature, concentrating as he sends out a high speed burst of bullets!
  73. [21:37:52] <Cael_> 2d6+6 KILLER MOVE
  74. [21:37:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, KILLER MOVE: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  75. [21:37:54] <~Giantree> (yesss I'm so glad people use these)
  76. [21:37:58] <~Giantree> SUCCESS
  77. [21:38:15] <Cael_> 97 arm damage!
  78. [21:38:34] <Cael_> He flicks his pistol under and over his hand, and lets off a shot at the one the lady attacked!
  79. [21:38:38] <Cael_> Quick Hit!
  80. [21:38:41] <Cael_> 2d6+6
  81. [21:38:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=1,6]
  82. [21:38:49] <Cael_> 1d6 Reroll that 6, I'm curious
  83. [21:38:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, Reroll that 6, I'm curious: 3 [1d6=3]
  84. [21:38:50] <Cael_> er
  85. [21:38:51] <Cael_> The 1
  86. [21:38:52] <Cael_> I meant
  87. [21:39:00] <~Giantree> Both droids take it hard!  This one especially so - ha, well that still hits.
  88. [21:39:01] <Cael_> You know which one I meant
  89. [21:39:29] <Cael_> 45 piercing damage to that one
  90. [21:39:36] <Cael_> er
  91. [21:39:36] <~Giantree> And that's pierci- ouch.
  92. [21:39:39] <Cael_> not 45
  93. [21:39:41] <Cael_> DERP
  94. [21:39:43] <~Giantree> yeah that didn't sound right
  95. [21:39:46] <Cael_> 27
  96. [21:39:47] <~Giantree> should be 29, shouldn't it?
  97. [21:39:58] <Cael_> Naaah, 27
  98. [21:40:03] <~Giantree> ha, okay
  99. [21:40:03] <Cael_> 27 piercing
  100. [21:40:05] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She smirks.  "Maybe I didn't need to help you out!  Good, good!"
  101. [21:40:31] <Cael_> "The help is still appreciated!"
  102. [21:41:27] <~Giantree> Knives drawn, they start moving buuuut...
  103. [21:42:13] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Right, well, let me show you how a hero fights!"  That's right, she had a surprise round earlier.  She swings her blade horizontally, a flurry of shockwaves erupting from the floor beneath the little bots.  "Shockwave Swirl!"
  104. [21:42:43] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+7 (flubbed the Acc Earlier)  both bots, it's a Killer Move after all!
  105. [21:42:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, (flubbed the Acc Earlier)  both bots, it's a Killer Move after all!: 15 [2d6=4,4]
  106. [21:43:00] <~Giantree> THAT sure doesn't flub, hits both easily!
  107. [21:43:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 47 Wind ARM damage
  108. [21:43:57] <Cael_> "Impressive! Are you a Guardian, perhaps?"
  109. [21:44:10] <~Giantree> They're both still standing, even though they took the hits PRETTY hard.
  110. [21:44:25] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Later!  Prepare yourself!"
  111. [21:44:27] <~Giantree> The first one recognizes the saladman as the reason the alarm was pulled and walks over to shank him midsentence.
  112. [21:44:42] <~Giantree> 2d6+3 like so
  113. [21:44:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, like so: 8 [2d6=3,2]
  114. [21:45:04] * Cael_ twists and dodges easily, using the momentum of the attack to spring over and behind the spiderbot.
  115. [21:45:13] <~Giantree> After it flubs the other one crawls on top of it and leaps at the same target!
  116. [21:45:17] <~Giantree> 2d6+3 these guys are kinda bad
  117. [21:45:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, these guys are kinda bad: 12 [2d6=6,3]
  118. [21:45:36] <Cael_> (How does tie work again)
  119. [21:45:40] <Cael_> (In favor of attacker?)
  120. [21:45:46] <~Giantree> (Yeah, it's always attacker)
  121. [21:45:50] <Cael_> (Won't use evasion then)
  122. [21:46:01] <Cael_> Hit!
  123. [21:46:06] <~Giantree> (Man, that is a GOOD thing to keep around though)
  124. [21:46:13] <~Giantree> It's only 59 ARM damage from that slice!
  125. [21:46:24] <~Giantree> The droid clumsily rolls on the ground and tries to pick its knife back up.
  126. [21:47:04] <~Giantree> Back to player turns!
  127. [21:47:31] <Cael_> He hisses, a bit wounded from that and the effort used to Unload, but he'll be fine if they can finish this quickly! And he takes the initiative!
  128. [21:48:03] * Plutonis is now known as Sleeplutonis
  129. [21:48:13] * Cael_ takes a seed from inside his jacket, and attempts to do a rebounding leap off the wall!
  130. [21:48:19] <Cael_> 2d6+5 Athletics
  131. [21:48:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, Athletics: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  132. [21:48:39] <Cael_> 12 good enough to touch the ceiling?
  133. [21:48:51] <~Giantree> Yeah, it's a pretty narrow corridor so the ceiling isn't too high.
  134. [21:49:40] * Cael_ slaps the seed against the ceiling, and flips midair, landing on his feet. Suddenly, the seed sprouts into a full-grown flower bulb of some kind, which begins spitting out countless seeds at the two spiderbots! Cael follows up, spinning and unloading both of his pistols at once!
  135. [21:49:49] <Cael_> Killer Move, Blinding Barrage!
  136. [21:50:11] <Cael_> 2d6+6 against both
  137. [21:50:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, against both: 13 [2d6=3,4]
  138. [21:50:30] <~Giantree> WHOA, that catches both by surprise!
  139. [21:50:41] <Cael_> 54 m.arm damage against both of the robots and an opposed check for Blind if they're still up!
  140. [21:50:54] <~Giantree> And even as mobile as they seem... yeah they're both still up.
  141. [21:51:00] <Cael_> The seeds explode into little showers of black clouds!
  142. [21:51:11] <Cael_> Is this...
  143. [21:51:14] <Cael_> force or finesse I forget
  144. [21:51:28] <~Giantree> The rule of thumb is that if it's physical it's force, if it's mental it's finesse
  145. [21:51:40] <Cael_> Blind is physical then?
  146. [21:51:45] <~Giantree> 2#2d6+3 think so!
  147. [21:51:45] <Cael_> 2d6+3
  148. [21:51:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, think so!: 7 [2d6=2,2], 8 [2d6=4,1]
  149. [21:51:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  150. [21:52:03] <Cael_> 2d6+6 and Quick Hit at the first one he Unloaded on last turn.
  151. [21:52:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, and Quick Hit at the first one he Unloaded on last turn.: 14 [2d6=2,6]
  152. [21:52:10] <~Giantree> Their circuits are FUCKED WITH as they scramble every direction!
  153. [21:52:20] <~Giantree> Hits and... 28?
  154. [21:52:27] <Cael_> 26
  155. [21:52:30] <Cael_> It's 18+8
  156. [21:52:34] <~Giantree> It explodes in a cute little shower of sparks.
  157. [21:52:37] <~Giantree> yeah whoops
  158. [21:52:40] <~Giantree> still down though
  159. [21:52:56] <~Giantree> weird, why WAS I think 20
  160. [21:52:56] <Cael_> The flower turret wilts and drops from the ceiling, dissolving into harmless spores that disperse in the air.
  161. [21:53:03] <~Giantree> whatever, MYSTERIOUS LADY!
  162. [21:53:39] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+7 The woman flaps up high, then glides down towards the machine that's still up, her blade coming alight with bright flames before slashing at it as she passes!  "Firestorm Blade!"
  163. [21:53:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, The woman flaps up high, then glides down towards the machine that's still up, her blade coming alight with bright flames before slashing at it as she passes!  "Firestorm Blade!": 16 [2d6=6,3]
  164. [21:53:54] <~Giantree> FWOOSH
  165. [21:54:05] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 61 Fire ARM damage
  166. [21:54:19] <Cael_> "Elementalist maybe." he murmurs, trying to figure it out. These spiders aren't much of a threat anyway.
  167. [21:54:21] <~Giantree> This one stops moving and goes out in an actual fireball.
  168. [21:55:04] <Cael_> "Good show there, miss. Are there more of those... things coming?"
  169. [21:55:06] <~Giantree> ... Also shamelessly awarding Cael 1 destiny because that was actual thought-out fluff, nobody does that
  170. [21:55:19] <~Giantree> But awarenesses if anyone's checking!
  171. [21:55:27] * &Aori_Radidjiu slowly lowers herself to the ground after that swoop, her wing flapping slowing down as she gently goes down to the ground. "Good job!"
  172. [21:55:34] <Cael_> 2d6 what am awareness
  173. [21:55:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael_, what am awareness: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  174. [21:55:39] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+2 Haha pretty dull sense here
  175. [21:55:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, Haha pretty dull sense here: 6 [2d6=2,2]
  176. [21:55:48] <~Giantree> NOBODY HEARS ANYTHING
  177. [21:56:32] <~Giantree> Well, over the blasting sirens that is.
  178. [21:56:51] * Cael_ still has his guns out, but he's none too perceptive. Still trying to keep an eye out at least.
  179. [21:57:45] <~Giantree> There's a hallway ahead splitting left and right, there isn't anything IMMEDIATELY apparent about either direction.
  180. [21:57:57] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "My name is Julienne Katherine Cumulus, and I'm the Captain of this ship!  And..."  She looks to her wrist at some device, a hologram coming up.  She presses a few images and then starts yelling at it. "WE'RE NOT UNDER ATTACK YOU IDIOTS!"
  181. [21:59:50] * Cael_ looks at the hologram with a bit of curiosity. Not in a "what is that" way, but more like 'hey I actually recognize that but usually only Asura have holograms' way. "We aren't? Then what were those things?"
  182. [22:00:39] <Cael_> "And I'm sorry, did you say we were aboard a 'ship', this high?"
  183. [22:00:40] <~Giantree> The hologram has a silver-haired girl's face.  "Oh um, y-yes ma'am!  We got a signal so..."  It blips off and the alarms slow down.
  184. [22:00:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Some people thought you were a threat.  Because they're dumb and jump to conclusions and obviously are cowards who won't risk trying to talk things out."
  185. [22:01:14] <Cael_> "Oh... oh! I suppose I did sort of... turn up suddenly. Which does beg the question."
  186. [22:01:18] <Cael_> "Where -am- I, exactly?"
  187. [22:01:38] <Cael_> He looks around, holstering his pistol. The replica sort of wilts and melts away like the turret did.
  188. [22:02:07] <Cael_> "I apologize for the scare, it's... just I have little idea where they sent me."
  189. [22:03:32] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She turns the holothing off, turning off her 'fuck I'm mad!' mode to go back to a more neutral expression.  "You're on the Exceliare, a ship sailing the stars, home of the Seekers, those who help people out that the Federation won't."  She drops her sword, it dissipating before hitting the ground.  "Do you have space travel from where you're from?"
  190. [22:03:44] <Cael_> "Erm... 'space' travel?"
  191. [22:04:10] <Cael_> "I... don't believe so. I don't think I've ever heard of the stars as being something you can sail as easily as the ocean."
  192. [22:04:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> *Exceliaire goddammit Tree
  193. [22:04:26] <~Giantree> (hahaha I love how nobody can spell it)
  194. [22:05:05] <Cael_> The confused plantman walks back to the window from before, staring out at the expanse.
  195. [22:05:34] <Cael_> "Oh!"
  196. [22:05:46] <~Giantree> Some more secu-droids walk along the walls but just stare curiously before skittering the opposite direction.
  197. [22:05:50] <Cael_> "More apologies are in order, I think." he turns back to the lady. "Where ARE my manners?"
  198. [22:06:13] <Cael_> "My name is Cael, a Sylvari from the Grove."
  199. [22:06:18] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She nods a bit.  "That's what I thought.  It happens from time to time, less developed societies experiment with warping and end up teleporting one of their own far, far away."  She grins.  "It's a good thing you ended up here, though.  Federation regulation would've been to memory wipe you and dump you back home."
  200. [22:07:04] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Sylvari, hm?  Iiiiinteresting."  Her grin widens, becoming slightly toothy.  "I love it when we find things that the Federation hasn't~!"
  201. [22:07:22] <Cael_> "Memory... wipe? Are you saying there is an entire civilization in the night sky that prevents others from joining them?" he scratches the leaves in his hair, pondering this.
  202. [22:08:05] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Well, I'll put it this way."
  203. [22:09:20] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "It's their policy to make sure that societies learn how to do space travel on their own before joining them.  Think of it as like..."  She thinks a bit, before flapping her wings a few times.  "It's like a bird leaving the nest!  They won't let you fly with them if you don't learn to fly yourself first!"
  204. [22:09:53] <Cael_> "Oh! I see. How intriguing... considering that it's a wonder the Asura -haven't- figured it out, they do seem to know everything... or at least they try to."
  205. [22:11:22] <Cael_> "Your assumption was correct, I was helping a group of Asura - another race on... our world... that feels so strange to say - help calibrate their 'asura gates', which provide instantaneous travel to locales around Tyria. They were trying a new set of coordinates and asked me to step through this time. ...I don't think they got it quite right."
  206. [22:12:08] <Cael_> "But to think there's so much beyond Tyria... that information is incredible! And more than a little frightening."
  207. [22:12:36] <Cael_> He ponders a moment. "Well, if you're not going to wipe my memory, then I can only wonder what you -will- do with me."
  208. [22:14:29] <Cael_> He thinks a bit more.
  209. [22:14:32] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She nods.  "I see...well...I will have to inform you that regretfully, it's really really hard to trace a random warp like that, so...tell you what.  I'll pull some strings here and there and get people to look into where exactly in the galaxy you're from, and when we find out we'll send you back!  Until then you can stay here as my personal guest!"  She smiles, before giving you a more
  210. [22:14:32] <&Aori_Radidjiu> serious look.  "Oh, but do know that you're going to have to pull your weight around here.  Everyone does!"
  211. [22:14:44] <Cael_> "You said your people, the 'Seekers' help others that some federation or another won't, correct?"
  212. [22:15:14] <Cael_> "Hmm..."
  213. [22:15:56] <Cael_> "While I would very much like to go home at some point, it may be that I was brought here for a purpose."
  214. [22:16:51] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Her eyes light up at this, her wings flapping dramatically behind her without her realizing!  "Ah, a fellow believer in Destiny, hm?"
  215. [22:17:27] <Cael_> "I would say our entire people are caught up in the concept, yes. Some Sylvari are charged with tasks before they are even born."
  216. [22:17:53] <Cael_> "I haven't been given a Wyld Hunt myself... yet, but perhaps... this is one in its own way."
  217. [22:19:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Your people sound great!  I wish more people had great purpose like that!  That's part of why I left the Federation, a lot of people there were only motivated by money or just going through the motions, so I went and made a place where people can carve out their own Destinies!  I figured that to become a true Hero I had to help other people become Heroes as well!"
  218. [22:19:49] <Cael_> He looks thoughtful. "Our people abide by tenants that a centaur named Ventari enscribed upon a tablet that he left with our mother, the Pale Tree. If I were to simply live here as your guest, I would be disrespecting the spirit of those tenants...If you'll give me the chance to recite a few of them..."
  219. [22:20:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Go ahead!"
  220. [22:22:38] <Cael_> "'Live life well, and fully, and waste nothing.' The worst thing I could probably waste here is the opportunity I've been given. "Do not fear difficulty. Hard ground makes strong roots." ...getting used to things here will probably be difficult, yes, but that challenge strengthens us, I believe. 'Act with wisdom, but act.' 'Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.' Those should
  221. [22:22:38] <Cael_> speak for themselves... and then there's 'From the smallest blade of grass, to the largest mountain, where life goes- so should you."
  222. [22:23:04] * Aori_Radidjiu is now known as CAPTAIN
  223. [22:23:40] <Cael_> "Captain Cumulus... I do not believe this encounter is by chance." he gives a bit of a salute. "If you'll permit it, I would like to join your Seekers and see what wonders lay beyond this ocean of stars, and help those in need."
  224. [22:25:51] * &CAPTAIN salutes back. "I'm delighted to accept you! There's some stuffy paperwork you'll have to do, but it's not that big of a deal, and I have secretaries to help with that. Soon you'll be helping those who need it in the Galaxy, including other undeveloped lands like yours! I look forward to your contribution, Cael!" Her wings occasionally flap excitedly as she says this.
  225. [22:26:09] <Cael_> "And... pardon me, but I must ask."
  226. [22:26:34] <&CAPTAIN> "Yes?"
  227. [22:26:48] <Cael_> "You resemble the winged humans they place on gravestones... 'angels'. I don't mean to be rude, but what manner of being are you?"
  228. [22:30:12] <&CAPTAIN> She grins, flapping one wing, then the other, then stretching them out so that their plumage is more visible.  "I'm a Featherfolk, as they're called!  We're often compared to Angels, yes.  We're made to be aerodynamic and thus are a bit frailer than normal humans, but we have a penchant for Symbology - what you probably know as magic - that's hard to match!  Personally though, my talent
  229. [22:30:12] <&CAPTAIN> for Symbols is a bit weak, so I usually use them to augment my sword techniques."
  230. [22:32:11] <Cael_> "I see... very fascinating! I have no talent for magic myself, apart from the few gifts of nature our people possess. In any case, yes! I think it will be a delight to serve aboard your Exceliaire." he smiles. "The paperwork sounds much less of a delight, but I understand."
  231. [22:33:22] <Cael_> He gives a bit of a bow. "Simply tell me where to go, Captain."
  232. [22:33:44] * castfromhp ( Quit (Quit: )
  233. [22:35:31] <&CAPTAIN> "Right!"  She starts heading down the corridors now, confidence in her stride.  "I'll have to introduce you to others, then!  You'll be paired up with other Seekers, it works better when people are put into groups, although there's plenty of flexibility in switching your group if you find your teammates to be unworkable."  Her eyes narrow.  "Like the cowards from earlier who are all going
  234. [22:35:31] <&CAPTAIN> to have their license suspended for a while."
  235. [22:35:50] <Cael_> He moves quickly behind her, listening.
  236. [22:37:39] <~Giantree> The corridors stretch out; every now and then some passerby greets the captain - as 'Captain' no less - before proceeding on their way.  Lots of them do have wings, or animal tails, or other weirdnesses.
  237. [22:37:54] <Cael_> "I don't blame them for being startled... my race is new to Tyria itself. The Sylvari have only been around for about 25 years. We were received... similarly poorly at first as I understand it."
  238. [22:39:05] * Cael_ keeps with her at a reasonable pace but he can't help but gawk just as some are probably gawking at him.
  239. [22:39:19] <~Giantree> They do stare.
  240. [22:41:13] <&CAPTAIN> "Mmmm, that's interesting!  I guess I'll have to inform you about the common races then.  There's humans, of course, they're everywhere, Fellpool, a genetic offshoot of humans that sport animal features, usually from cats, they're distinct by their tails, Featherfolk like me, intelligent machines of varying sorts, Space Bears, some rare Newmans, if you guys have elves they're like them,
  241. [22:41:13] <&CAPTAIN> if not they're genetically modified humans with pretty long ears, really good at Symbology, and there's a whole bunch of others, too!  I'll have to show you a race catalog after you're registered."
  242. [22:43:04] <Cael_> "I don't think I've ever heard of elves... but we do have humans, and large, human-like creatures that turn into bears- those are the Norn... and a race of cat-like creatures called Charr, and so many others... Asura, Kodan, Tengu, Largos, Krait... but I'm sure you don't wish to hear me ramble on."
  243. [22:43:26] <Cael_> "I think our world used to have short creatures called Dwarves at some point too."
  244. [22:44:28] <&CAPTAIN> "Dwarves are cool, pretty good at making things.  There's all sorts of them!  Usually short and bearded, though."
  245. [22:44:43] <Cael_> "Our vanished hundreds of years ago, as I'm told."
  246. [22:44:46] <Cael_> *ours
  247. [22:46:00] <Cael_> "Also, did you say 'intelligent machines'? Interesting."
  248. [22:46:23] <&CAPTAIN> "Happens!  The Federation lets genocide happen on undeveloped planets, but we Seekers try to preserve any endangered races the best we can!"
  249. [22:46:49] <Cael_> "Most autonomous machines I've seen were Asuran golems, crafted of stone and magic. And I had seen beasts of metal and steam in my Dream, a bit different from your metal spiders I think."
  250. [22:47:30] <&CAPTAIN> "There's a lot of them that look almost identical to humans! Those are refered to as 'androids', just so you know."
  251. [22:48:00] <Cael_> "Very curious... I think I will have to spend quite a lot of time learning..."
  252. [22:48:10] <Cael_> "Personally, I'm more of an 'acting' sort."
  253. [22:49:57] <~Giantree> The hall finally stops stretching out for what seems like forever, leading to a spacious room with a bunch of circular tables surrounded by circular chairs.  Curiously, all of those float- with the exception of a large desk in the back with a cheerful redhead opening and closing what appear to be holograms filled with text as she leans almost totally on top of it.
  254. [22:50:08] <&CAPTAIN> "As am I!  I can never sit still for long, myself!  People sometimes call me a bad Captain for not sitting around on the Bridge all the time, I tell them where they can stick it!"
  255. [22:50:23] * Cael_ peeks under the tables, looking for support or glowy magic asuran rocks
  256. [22:50:31] <~Giantree> A large pair of rings in each of her eyes expands as you two enter.  "4Oh, hi Cap'n!"
  257. [22:50:48] <~Giantree> There's no physical support at all, though they do glow a bit.  Any rocks?  ... Nope.
  258. [22:51:39] <Cael_> "I may have to start a journal to keep up with all of this..." he murmurs, standing back up and rejoining the captain.
  259. [22:52:26] <Cael_> He gives a pleasant gentleman's bow at the redhead. "Good, erm... evening? Miss."
  260. [22:52:44] <&CAPTAIN> "Hello!  This here is Cael, he came from an undeveloped planet through a warping accident!  He wants to become a Seeker, so why don't you help him out with that, Françoise?"  She whispers to Cael.  "She's an android, just so you know."
  261. [22:53:48] <~Giantree> "4All right!  Let me gaze deep into your eyes, mister..."  Her data-rings expand to a freakish degree.
  262. [22:53:56] <~Giantree> "4..."
  263. [22:54:02] <~Giantree> "4..."
  264. [22:54:04] <Cael_> "My word, you're right. They -do- look just like humans. Fantastic..." he whispers back, then speaks up louder. "Pleasant to meet you, miss Françoise."
  265. [22:54:05] <~Giantree> "4..."
  266. [22:54:09] <~Giantree> "4..."
  267. [22:54:14] <~Giantree> "4All done!"
  268. [22:54:14] * Cael_ stares into those freakish rings, trying not to blink
  269. [22:54:26] <Cael_> His eyes are a peculiar yellow, by the way.
  270. [22:54:53] <Cael_> "What... did you do, exactly?"
  271. [22:54:53] <~Giantree> "4Just kidding, you actually have to sign this!"  Terribly amused at her own joke she pulls out a file.  With the way she stared you'd think she wasn't even looking AT those yellow eyes.
  272. [22:55:01] <Cael_> "O-oh. I... see."
  273. [22:55:41] * Cael_ tries to cover up his embarassment with a bit of a laugh. "Just hand me a pen."
  274. [22:55:50] * &CAPTAIN smirks. "Good to see you have a sense of humor! I knew fixing you up was a good idea!"
  275. [22:56:26] <~Giantree> "4And then that line down there... and that consent form... and this one saying you won't torture members of unknown races or kill or eat them... oh!  You can just use your finger!"  She eventually pulls out a pen-like device.  "4This holopen works too if you think it's easier though..."
  276. [22:57:07] <~Giantree> And then the robodroid does a salute of her own.  "4Thanks, Cap'n!  I won't let you down!  It's nice to have you, Mr. Kill!"
  277. [22:57:10] <Cael_> "Torture? Mists no, I'm no member of the Nightmare Court... Of course, thank you." he takes the holopen and signs the hologram, adapting surprisingly well to the floating not-paper.
  278. [22:57:33] <Cael_> "Cael, miss. Like Kale, the cabbage."
  279. [22:57:44] <Cael_> "Do you even have cabbages in space?"
  280. [22:58:06] * Cael_ scratches the little plant fibers coming out of his chin thoughtfully.
  281. [22:58:07] <&CAPTAIN> "If you're wondering why you can read it like your own language...I don't know why either...and of course we have cabbage, who do you think we are, barbarians?"
  282. [22:58:34] * Cael_ signsignsignsign
  283. [22:58:51] <&CAPTAIN> "We even have a plot of farmland in the ship, for supplying everyone with food!"
  284. [22:59:09] <Cael_> "Oh, wonderful!"
  285. [22:59:13] <~Giantree> "4I'm sorry, Mr. Keel!  I'll try to get it right... and my databanks say it's due to the communicator devices this vessel is outfitted with and the similarities between languages common to underdeveloped planets in certain sectors..."
  286. [22:59:44] <Cael_> "I actually have a few seeds of some local flora from home... quite a few, actually, the Sylvari rarely travel unprepared..."
  287. [23:00:27] <&CAPTAIN> "I'm sure our agricultural specialists would be delighted to have something new to study~"
  288. [23:00:37] <Cael_> "Do you mind if I plant a few things here and there? I wouldn't dare disrupt your garden, of course, I can keep my plants in my quarters if you prefer."
  289. [23:00:53] * Cael_ nods.
  290. [23:01:22] <&CAPTAIN> "Of course you can!  The residential area has personal gardens too, for people with green thumbs.  Although most of them don't have them literally like you do."
  291. [23:01:26] <~Giantree> "4Quarters!!"  The robodroid LEAPS up in the middle of Cael's signing.  "4That's right!  All Seeker applicants get supplied a room as long as they're with the organization, since we still have plenty of extra space... um... let's see, yours should be..."
  292. [23:01:27] <Cael_> "Excellent. This is already turning out far better than the experience I -thought- I was getting into with the Asura..."
  293. [23:02:35] * Cael_ rubs the marks where the spider dug into his flesh with the energy knife earlier while he listens
  294. [23:03:32] <Cael_> The wounds are probably cauterized due to the nature of the weapons, but it's still damn painful.
  295. [23:04:18] <&CAPTAIN> "We pride ourselves on being accomodating!  Or...try to.  Françoise, could you look into getting some medics for him?  He's a little banged up from the security drones."
  296. [23:04:24] <~Giantree> It hurt a chunk!  It was sort of clear they weren't designed to kill, but it still wasn't nice.
  297. [23:05:13] <~Giantree> "4Oh, sure!  I'll see if Ms. Pr... ... what'sherface is in, and if not there's probably somebody on standby.  Should I bring the maps up, Cap'n?"
  298. [23:05:50] <Cael_> "Oh, yes. If it's important, our biology is a bit different from... other races in our experience. We're used to telling other races' medics how to heal Sylvari, but I suppose that might not be necessary here? Your people seem very advanced... might still be nice to know that we don't have internal organs for the most part, or a pulse..."
  299. [23:06:20] <~Giantree> "4Oh, I don't have those either!"
  300. [23:06:23] <~Giantree> Smiiiiiiiiiiiile.
  301. [23:07:29] <&CAPTAIN> "Who knew machines and plants had so much in common!?"
  302. [23:08:09] * Cael_ just opens and closes his mouth a moment, trying to form a response to that. It's not that he's terribly surprised, it's more like he doesn't get why she brought that up.
  303. [23:08:34] * Ephraim ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 15.0.1/20120905151427])
  304. [23:09:11] <~Giantree> She probably also doesn't!  ... Nor does she understand why she shouldn't've.
  305. [23:09:25] <Cael_> "Erm, indeed."
  306. [23:09:42] <Cael_> "We do eat, though!"
  307. [23:09:48] <Cael_> "So there's that."
  308. [23:10:20] <~Giantree> "4Oh..."  Franny looks dejected and just goes back to poutily typing stuff up.  A map does indeed get brought up, leading to the med bay.
  309. [23:10:54] <Cael_> Awkwaaaard. He didn't mean to offend her.
  310. [23:11:04] <~Giantree> Androids!
  311. [23:11:38] <~Giantree> "4Here you go.  Enjoy your stay, okay?"  The android flips the map over, handing it like an object.  Even though it's a hologram.
  312. [23:12:26] <&CAPTAIN> "I'm sure you two can be great friends!"  Trying to break the awkward.  "Françoise, why don't you escort him over there?  I'm sure one of the others can hold the slack while they're gone.  I'm probably going to get called over for something or other soon, I'm surpised I haven't already."
  313. [23:12:47] <Cael_> "Oh... thank you!" he fumbles for the light-made object, not as confident as he was with signing the paperwork.
  314. [23:13:17] <Cael_> "And thank you, captain. I look forward to serving with you." he waves her off with a smile.
  315. [23:13:20] <&CAPTAIN> (*you're)
  316. [23:13:47] <~Giantree> "4Oh, okay!  Who was I supposed to call to fill in again...?"  The robo's head tilts a bit, but she does an acrobatic flip over the desk!
  317. [23:13:55] <~Giantree> ... And lands flat on her face on the ground.
  318. [23:14:21] * &CAPTAIN salutes back, grinning. "I look forward to hearing about your exploi-" She blinks at the faceplanting droid. "Still feeling a bit down from before?"
  319. [23:15:16] <~Giantree> "4Sorryyyyy, my motor function programs are still corrupted.  Um, just some of them!  But I'll try... heave-ho, left foot, right foot..."  She gets up and starts marching.
  320. [23:16:09] * Tim (chatzilla@409DC3CB.EB4465F2.2F84C4C.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  321. [23:16:11] * Tim_ is now known as Tim
  322. [23:16:16] <~Giantree> But not before slamming on a button the desk!  Presumably to alert somebody to go, you know, sit there.
  323. [23:16:19] <&CAPTAIN> "Well, I'll be sure to get Horace or one of the other boys to give you another look over later.  We've had a lot of weird things happening lately, so people have been a bit scarce."
  324. [23:16:20] <~Giantree> +on
  325. [23:16:58] <~Giantree> "4Apologies, Cap'n!  I'll get fixed up right away!  Now let's see, the way you read a map is..."
  326. [23:17:33] <&CAPTAIN> "Later, you two!"  She gives another salute, before walking off into one of the corridors, bringing up her wrist holo as she does.
  327. [23:17:41] * Cael_ just watches a bit...
  328. [23:17:50] * Cael_ then follows the marching bot
  329. [23:18:21] <~Giantree> She proceeds to treat Cael like he doesn't know what a map is and run into every wall on the way there.
  330. [23:18:25] <~Giantree> -Every- wall.
  331. [23:19:11] <Cael_> "Are you sure-er, are you alright? ...but I think THAT was the way we're supposed to go... Oh dear."
  332. [23:19:37] <~Giantree> "4Of course that's right!  It says... oh, it's upside-down."
  333. [23:19:41] <Cael_> He follows along, trying not to groan. Androids are people too! The captain did say she was just fixed, maybe they forgot a few things.
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