Dead End

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  1. [20:50] Yu Heifang says, "I hope you don't mind I sit here."
  2. [20:52] Lea Elisheva says, "I don't mind."
  3. [20:52] Yu nods. "Thank you." He said before opening up a book.
  4. (Yu Heifang)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. [20:55] Lea Elisheva asks, "What're you reading?"
  8. [20:58] Yu shows her the book. It wasn't so thick. More like a diary with a fancy hard cover. But, he revealed it was empty. No words decorated the pages.
  9. (Yu Heifang)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [20:58] Yu Heifang says, "I know. I look crazy."
  13. [20:58] Lea Elisheva asks, "Are you filling it in with your own stories?"
  14. [20:58] Yu Heifang says, "Mhm. My mom gave it to me. She said my dad willed it."
  15. [20:59] Yu Heifang says, "But, I couldn't fill it with anything."
  16. [21:00] Lea Elisheva says, "I see."
  17. [21:01] Yu Heifang says, "Yeah."
  18. [21:02] Lea Elisheva asks, "What kinds of stories do you want to fill it in with? Anything?"
  19. [21:02] Yu Heifang asks, "I don't know yet. I don't even know why I'm keeping it. It's stupid, don't you think?"
  20. [21:03] Yu Heifang says, "She told me to write my most hated and most wonderful memories. So, I'll never forget where I started."
  21. [21:03] Yu Heifang says, "It's stupid."
  22. [21:04] Lea Elisheva says, "That's not stupid. That's the opposite of stupid."
  23. [21:05] Yu lifted an eyebrow, glacing to her direction. "You think so?"
  24. (Yu Heifang)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [21:07] Lea Elisheva says, "I think so, yes."
  27. [21:07] Lea Elisheva says, "I do a lot of reading."
  28. [21:07] Lea Elisheva says, "Writing is special. It's a kind of magic on its own."
  29. [21:09] Yu Heifang asks, "A magic on its own, I see. Have you ever written something?"
  30. [21:09] Lea Elisheva says, "No. I might later, but now, I just wanna read."
  31. [21:10] Yu Heifang asks, "I see. What do you like to read about?"
  32. [21:12] Lea Elisheva says, "It wouldn't be a stretch to say everything."
  33. [21:14] Yu Heifang asks, "What do you think of a tale about vengeance?"
  34. [21:14] Yu Heifang asks, "Do you think it's justifiable for someone to take revenge?"
  35. [21:15] Lea Elisheva says, "Yeah, but I wouldn't bother with it, probably."
  36. [21:15] Lea Elisheva says, "Not my place to judge."
  37. [21:16] Yu Heifang says, "I see. That's reassuring."
  38. [21:16] Yu Heifang asks, "Don't you think so, mister Taiga?"
  39. [21:17] Taiga Rowan says, "...Hm."
  40. [21:18] Yu Heifang says, "I've heard you're the son of Salvas. Slayer of Zeriel. My father. I've been looking for him at Dawn."
  41. [21:18] Ilui Elisheva whispers something.
  42. [21:18] Taiga just stares down Yu with a pair of eyes that rather quickly grow dead and cold.
  43. (Taiga Rowan)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [21:19] Yu stares back to the Rowan. His own eyes dead and cold. Yet not out of spite to the Dhampir.
  47. (Yu Heifang)
  48. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [21:19] Taiga Rowan says, "You should not go to Dawn, young man."
  50. [21:19] Yu Heifang asks, "Where is he?"
  51. [21:19] Taiga Rowan says, "In a grave."
  52. [21:20] Yu Heifang says, "That's not possible."
  53. [21:20] Taiga Rowan says, "I killed him."
  54. [21:21] Yu widened his eyes, pursing his lips. He felt his frame shake. His soul empty. He could not believe it. "And his sword?"
  55. (Yu Heifang)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [21:21] Taiga Rowan asks, "...Why do you ask?"
  58. [21:22] Yu Heifang says, "I'm referring to the blade of Zeriel. Normally, I would say it is to claim and return it to where it belongs. To Huangzhou. To the House of Heifang."
  59. [21:22] Yu Heifang says, "But it's not there. Not in Huangzhou."
  60. [21:22] Yu Heifang asks, "Do you know where it is, sir Taiga?"
  61. [21:24] Taiga slowly shakes his head.
  63. "He did not carry the sword of your father with him when we last met. I do not know where my fathers treasury lays. I'm sorry."
  64. (Taiga Rowan)
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. [21:28] Another dead end. Just like Reito. Just like Ren Shi. No one knew.
  68. Thus, he felt hopelessness and despair.
  70. "Thank you." He muttered softly under his lips. It was directed to the Rowan killing Salvas; he did not bother to explain. Though curiosity begged him to ask why Taiga did it, out of respect, he dared not to ask.
  72. "If you find any information about its whereabouts. I would pay for it, no matter how high the price."
  73. (Yu Heifang)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  75. [21:31] Taiga does not seem like a man who was very grateful to hear thank you right now. He stares down Yu, measuring him coldly. Finally, he turns away, relinquishing Yu from that intense pressure.
  77. "I wouldn't make you pay. ...I'll let you know.
  79. Goodbye."
  80. (Taiga Rowan)
  81. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. [21:33] He nodded his head, before closing his eyes, and tucking the small, empty book within his kimono.
  84. "Farewell, sir Taiga." He said before closing his eyes.
  85. (Yu Heifang)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [21:33] Lea Elisheva asks, "Are you okay...?"
  88. [21:33] Lea Elisheva says, "I'm Lea, by the way."
  89. [21:36] A small heave of breath escaped his lips as his body, previously shaking out of focused hatred, turned calm.
  91. He turned his gaze toward Lea, nodding his head.
  92. (Yu Heifang)
  93. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. [21:36] Agava whispers something.
  96. [21:36] Yu Heifang says, "I'm Yu. I'm sorry, Lea."
  97. [21:37] Lea Elisheva says, "Nice meeting you."
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