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Oct 12th, 2011
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  1. HA! HA! Mee thinks you haz no tweeters cuz you old farts can't put a dense idea in less than 160 characters. Boo-ho papatroll thinks blogging suits him better! C'mon we expect more from you! give tweeter a try one of these days troll Pops! It does not hurt with enough lube! We shall not disciminate your colostomy bag of bitterness!
  2. I haz to congratulate you, your crafty hi lexicon trolling almost looks like decent writing! Kudos 2 master granpatroll! We the troll mob salute you! We know our own stench and you do reek of it with class!
  4. PS
  5. Give Beckie you unalloyed RAGE in 160 or less ASAP, c'mon trollgranpa! join us on the tweeterz!
  6. Become what you were predestined to be! You already have your cuntKissinger you trollHitchens papatroll! You are the green papasmurf of us the trolls and she is your Cuntgarmel!
  9. Join the twetterz! You know you waaaaaaaant to! (beckie needz your cheezwiz rage sandwiches!)
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