Crimeworld Redux: Impetus

Falconis Jul 1st, 2017 35 Never
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  1. //The opening fanfare to Soliel News plays. A smiling news anchor looks at the camera, wearing a crisp lavender business suit//
  2. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Soliel News Hour. I'm Serena Hart, our top stories.
  4. The Launch of the Soliel Reigon Pokemon League 2017 Season is just around the corner, bringing with it new rules and regulations introduced by Regional Officials.
  6. //The camera cuts to the scene of a press conference where a middle aged man wearing a sky blue suit stands at a podium, speaking to a gaggle of reporters. His early greying hair and crows feet showing the stress of his profession, though he maintains a charming smile. The information bar helpfully states "Michael Waltson. Head organizer,Soleil Region Pokemon League."//
  8. “Unlike the last few years, the duration of the League challenge has been reduced.” He says, looking at the crowd. “From the customary eight months to a mere four, and the number of badges required to enter the tournament will be dropped from the standard eight to only six.”
  10. Dozens of voices all start speaking at once, filling the air with questions- “Can you explain why-” “What does this mean for trainers who can’t-” “Is it true you hate the Abra li-”.
  12. //Questioning continues for a period of time, Michael explaining the reasons for the League's decisions and how this will affect the overall tournament, citing issues such as decreasing revenue from match recordings last season and the burden of trainers on the local flora and fauna//
  14. “But, Mister Waltson… What’s going to encourage more competitors? Over the last three years, entries have dropped by more than thirty percent. Is there a new marketing plan in place to counter that?” Another reporter says, hand shooting up.
  16. Michael pauses.
  18. “A very good question,” He continues, looking around for any other journalists with questions to ask. “And the last one I’ll be taking today.”
  20. “In addition to the usual entry in the Hall of Fame and rewards for collection of badges, we’re now offering a cash prize, of five million d-”
  22. The room erupts into a cacophony, and the  League spokesman nods, saying something inaudible into the microphone, and starting to head offstage.
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