Apr 19th, 2021
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  1. If protesters were not nearly as disruptive, I'm talking the actual protesting not the rioters, than I'd be more for them. But most protests now are flat out disruptive, which is the complete and utter WRONG point of them. The point of a protest is to have your voice heard, not annoy people to death and badger them and disrupt their day.
  3. I'm all for right to assembly and freedom of speech, but if I don't want to listen to you and you block my path you shouldn't be allowed to protest. Also the fact that we even have to entertain the thought of people holding the cities around the world hostage unless they get the result they want from a trial is so wrong I don't even know where to start. How is that any different than holding weapons to the back of the jurors heads and saying "Guilty or I pull the trigger."
  5. It's wrong and any protest that comes from that should not be supported, period. It goes against the very principles of a free and fair trial if you're options are get convicted, or watch the cities burn. Just my thoughts, not that they matter to much to the angry mob.
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