Pocket Monsters Anime Soundtrack Rips

Mar 14th, 2015
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  2. SM Title Screen (NEW):
  3. Unknown Alolan Fanfare (NEW):
  6. An Adventure Is Beginning:
  7. An Eternal Prison (Full):
  8. An Eternal Prison (Short) / The Haircut:
  9. Battle Maison, Short:
  10. Battle Spot:
  11. — Old version:
  12. BW Title Screen – XY/XY&Z Version:
  13. — Music video:
  14. Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!:
  15. Firing the Ultimate Weapon – X Version:
  16. Kalos Elite Four Theme:
  17. Kalos Pokemon League:
  18. Kalos Region Theme:
  19. Laverre City:
  20. Laverre City – Alt. Version:
  21. Lumiose City, Short:
  22. Obtained a Gym Badge!/Title Card (NEW, HD/Stereo):
  23. Parfum Palace:
  24. Route 2:
  25. Route 4 / Citron's Inventions:
  26. Route 8:
  27. Secret Super Training, Short:
  28. Snowbelle City:
  29. Snowbelle City, Enhanced:
  30. Team Rocket Attacks (BW) – XY/XY&Z Version:
  31. Tower of Mastery:
  32. Trainer Defeated! (BW) – XY/XY&Z Version:
  33. Tripokalon Theme:
  34. Unity Tower (BW) – XY Version:
  35. Unknown Battle Music (Wobbuffet to the Rescue!), with explosions:
  36. Unknown Battle Music (BW) – XY/XY&Z Version:
  37. XY Gym Battle:
  38. XY Wild Pokémon Battle:
  41. Ending Credits / To Each Future:
  42. Unity Tower:
  43. Unova Pokemon League:
  46. Battle Subway (BW) - XY Version
  47. B/W Pokemon League – XY Version
  48. Cheren Encounter (BW)
  49. Friend Safari
  50. Gym Leader's Final Pokemon (Victory Is Right Before Your Eyes!) (BW) – XY Version
  51. Hurry Along 1
  52. Kalos Victory Road
  53. The Legendary Pokémon Awakens: May not yet have enough clean source material to make this work.
  54. Lumiose City (Longer): Want to make this happen, but not sure if it's doable yet given what I have.
  55. Pokémon Gym, Rock Version: May not yet have enough clean source material to make this work.
  56. Satoshi's Theme (BW) – XY Version
  57. Tile Puzzle
  58. Xerneas/Yveltal Theme (Legendary Pokemon Battle)
  59. X/Y Friend/Rival Battle
  60. X/Y Title Screen
  61. X/Y Trainer Battle
  62. X/Y Pokémon Center (Birthday Theme)
  65. Q: What's your release schedule?
  66. A: There is none. I release songs whenever I have the time to do it.
  68. Q: What software do you use to do your music rips?
  69. A: Audacity.
  71. Q: How did you learn how to rip songs?
  72. A: I learned the basics from the Internet back in late 2014. I learned the finer nuances through improvisation and trial-by-error.
  74. Q: What sources do you use for your audio?
  75. A: Every time an episode airs, I extract the audio from whatever raws are released following the episode. After that, I update my database that tracks various songs' appearances in the anime by episode. That database makes it easy for me to know which episode files I need to draw upon when I want to rip a song. The audio sources need to be as high in quality as possible; to understand why, see below.
  77. Q: How does the ripping process itself work?
  78. It starts with finding the episode in which the most complete version of the song plays (in most cases, only small excerpts play). I load this track into Audacity and use it as something of an anchor/skeleton for the rip.
  80. Then, I use a plugin that removes as much unwanted noise as possible. Most of the music is left- or right-panned, while vocals and foreground noise are panned to the center (appearing in both the left and right channels). It's a vocal-removal plugin that strips out most or all of this center-panned audio; it works by inverting one channel's waveform against the other channel's, and adding them together. The result is a mono file that should, in theory, contain only the music.
  82. Usually a small amount of instrumentation is lost in this process, but the most crucial instruments usually remain after the plugin is applied. Additionally, you can sometimes hear minor foreground noise artifacts in the resulting audio. This is due to the audio being compressed; the compression causes the center-panned audio to differ ever-so-slightly between the right and left channel, meaning that when one channel is added to the other, inverted channel, the center-panned audio isn't 100% canceled out (it's more like 99.9%). The remaining artifacts normally aren't too noticeable, and they can be minimized by using a source that is compressed at high quality.
  84. However, some bigger problems can occur along the way. Many sound effects — particularly echoing noises, battle explosions, running water, wind, and rain — are also left- or right-panned and thus remain fully intact after center-panned audio is removed. Most clips I work with have at least some of these unremovable background noises present. Additionally, even the most complete version of a song that has aired in the anime is sometimes still missing parts. And another problem is that there are differences in how a song sounds depending on which TV station plays it.
  86. As a result, I have look to other episodes to find any song segments that are missing from the anchor file and and/or that can replace segments in the anchor that have unremovable background noise. After finding these segments, I stitch them into the anchor file in the appropriate places, and make adjustments to equalize each segment's volume. And for each rip, I try as hard as possible to use audio samples from the same TV station to ensure a uniform sound.
  88. The result is usually a song that, while not as good in quality as an original might be and perhaps lacking texture/detail, is probably the closest you can get to hearing the original thing until the day when originals are officially released. Most of the time the rips are mono (a consequence of how the vocal-removal plugin works, as explained above), but I'm investigating a workaround for that.
  90. Q: Are any songs impossible to rip at a decent level of quality?
  91. A: Yes. A lot of techno songs in the anime have center-panned percussion and/or bass instrumentation. That makes it nearly impossible to remove foreground vocals/noises without also severely compromising the instrumentation of the song. Songs in XY for which this is a major problem include Lysandre Battle and the Tripokalon Performance Round Theme.
  93. In other cases, a song can't be ripped right now because it hasn't played enough times in the anime for me to be able to extract a version that is devoid of unremovable background noises. The main remedy for this problem is simply to wait until I have enough samples to work with. Songs for which this is a big problem include Vaniville Town, Xerneas/Yveltal Theme and XY Trainer Battle.
  95. Q: Can I make a request?
  96. A: Sure, but I can't guarantee that it's doable, and I also can't place an ETA on it or honor specific delivery dates. These rips take a lot of time.
  98. Q: So, how much time does each rip take?
  99. A: It varies, but anywhere from an hour to 15 or more hours for each song. It depends on how many audio files I need, how many segments I need to stitch into the anchor file, etc.
  101. Q: Can I reuse your rips anywhere?
  102. A: Sure, but it'd be great if you could give credit to Citronic Gear On.
  104. Q: Who else does rips of unreleased anime tracks?
  105. A: Try Felipo Depot, Furious Trainer and Brock Steel. I'll add others here if/when I think of them.
  107. Q: How do I contact you?
  108. A: Just ask for me in the thread. Or post something on one of the YouTube videos.
  111. – All those who provide high-quality sources of audio, especially SOFCJ and PM
  112. – All of you, for supporting me
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